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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Oct 27 1920, Page 1

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - October 27, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor a9 Isu. 43 Tell song Wittl i Ein-�ert�-<1underthi> pm it a word for hrs in amp ertl it. Word a Hereasie 1. Of. Advert Tae a Timnit the Ord i for Sale i. Dry Block Wood. F. Iras Bur. Tel. 146-22, or-42-43barton, Vermont wednesday october 27, 1920 single copies 5 cents. Stolen goods Worth $1000 be Ayers shareware store entered monday Niht and burglarized a entity of Vatable hardware was taken from h. T. Seavers store in Barton monday night the value of the go taken being at least a thousand dollars and including rifles a re knives flashlights and other articles. Or. Seavers desk was ransacked. Practically every fire Arm in the store with quantities of ammunition was taken. Only one or two Rose comb Rhode is razors were left and All Jack knives in orals. George e. John al put were stolen. These knives had. Ii Leston. Box 47. 42-45. Jar seavers name etched on the Judes which the burglars probably it \ let two Nice yearling know. Only a very few Flash Wadsemneek iras Bur i were left. 36tf Entrance was made through the j front doors which were pried in Orke Fox hound pups also a in with considerable Force and court which opened Friday adjournment Jud Frank l. Fish went to his Home in Vergennes to spend the weekend and miss Mabel Spencer court stenographer returned to her Home in St. Johnsbury. Judge fish and miss Spencer Are in Guildhall this week attending theft la term of court in Essex county. The last Case coming up at this term was the divorce Case of Mabel Leith is. Thomas Leith which was contested the court awarding mrs. Leith All of the personal property on the Leith farm m the town of Charleston. A Large part of this term was spent in hearing divorce cases of which there was an unusual Large number. The term would have been much longer had pot the parties in the criminal cases plead guilty. The jurors which were not called until sept 21st had but Little work to do and were excused Early in the term. Sheriff e. Hill and Deputy sheriff Solon e. Gray of Derby took Russell g. Bancroft William Philips and Joseph Rosseau to Windsor to serve out their sentences and Fred Daniels was committed the the House of correction. One of the important sessions of court last week was when Bailey alias Bancroft and others were sentenced. Bancroft was the promoter of i Camp Westmore on Willoughby Lake miss Retta Lane and Clyde Wal and during the season of 1919 of Cottar Fri Tow employees at the Monitor trained several sums of Money from office. Various people in Orleans county sup a a Stock aggregating Over $200,000 and or. And sirs. Guy Sawyer of Lyn on the strength of this representation to Cook stoves one Donville spent sunday with his Moth and to Aid a local business project a a a Prate. Guaran or Here. See red Many thousands dollars. The Rabbit dog one trained Govro. Barton. Twp Ai re on Gray Mare weight did Exchange for would Gilman Orleans. Twp work horse lb5. M. Owen bar 38 to Foffa Ehigh Grade Guemes in re. A a Duroc Jersey pig. Orleans. R. D. 41t&Quot al k Young Jersey last of this month. S. Or. 40tf \ l or. For Shropshire deck. Re. a half old. Fine Anita , Irasburg r. D. 1 for r. �?.31x4 second hand tube. A bar a High str twp m plam sight of the entire Post offices it la Are a which is lighted All night. No clue As to the guilty parties is known but it is thought the act is one of outside parties though some indications Point to local operators. Barton local notes the weather continues warm and summer like. Carl Hamblet spent sunday at his Home Here. Horace Cook of Orleans recently visited friends in town. Ernest Davenport has finished work in the sea ver hardware store county court or Eon. E. Sockol Brick work has begun the Wessell Nickle amp Gross nearly new Delaval water Street. It. Alms and and mrs. Bernard Lee o. Mues bar her Mother in. For several Days. �?��?�5. Heifers and one Bull calf. 5 months for appendicitis. At Cleasby a Hospi a Smith. West Gloy Pital Orleans monday. In Lamast of heaviest contributor being the nation Ross Tant on a his City. Thi banking House being the loser by $6.0d>. States attorney Thompson run this Barrows makes statement to voters or. Editor allow me space for a few words to the voters of the Tom of Barton. Since the democratic nominee for town representative has Given the voters his Creed which consists of at least 14 Points and therefore runs True to his party a Leader some of my friends have urged me to give my platform. This i am glad to do. It consists of my record As a resident and business Man among you for 20 years my record in those offices with which you have entrusted me my service to the Republican party and my Promise to give careful consideration to All legislation. I believe such Laws As will tend to Lessen the present excessive Burden of taxation Are More vital to the individual voter than Many Distant and visionary planks concerning National and International affairs yet i have no hesitancy in saying that i believe in the principles As set Forth in the progressive Republican state platforms with which i Trust every voter is familiar and for which i shall work. If elected to the High Honor which i seek from the of the voters of this town i do not expect to become a Leader in the legislative Halls of Vermont i do not consider myself Radical or a conservative a Refo mov pres. Aitkin Sec. Houghton and prof. Rider present or a corruption St but merely a Plain representative of the people and Der the oath of office which i seek will if elected give my Best Effort and consideration to such legislation As comes before me. Voting for appears to a for the Best interests of my constituents and my state. More i cannot do. Respectfully. A. Barrows. Red Cross rally. Inability to put the report in Type makes it necessary to to to press breeders at Barton a very enthusiastic meeting of the Holstein breeders of the county was held at Barton Friday evening october 22. The meeting opened at 8.15, president bean of the county Holstein club presiding. Sec. Houghton of the Holstein friesian association of America the first speaker of the evening outlined the work of the association saying that the organization was in Good condition financially having a Reserve fund of $365,000 with an annual budget of $400,000 for administrative and Extension purposes. At the present time 70,000 people Are doing business with the Holstein friesian association which has a membership of 19,000. There was an increased membership last year of 4,000 members and new members Are signing up this year to the extent of 300 monthly. The organization has grown to the extent that 170 people Are regularly employed at the Home office at Brattleboro. In closing or. Houghton expressed then of cooperation to extend still further the praises of the Black and White Breed. Pres. Aitkin the next speaker on the program devoted his remarks chiefly to the High value of milk As a food and emphasized the great Nesity of educating the people of the country to this fact. Through this process of education the Dairy Industry of the country will realize greater consumption and a correspondingly greater demand. Much educational work is being done by the Nati offal Dairy Council to which the Holstein friesian association the extent of $500 Calls on Barrows for platform or. Editor we Are in receipt of or. Jenkins very excellent statement As to a the planks of his platform in the office of town representative. Would it be out of order for the a a fledglings to request that our Republican nominee for representative also present us an outline of his views on state and town government some of us having had the ballot thrust into our hands at the eleventh hour feel a bit on the Fence and Are perhaps still undecided to which party to pledge our allegiance. Will you not help us out or. Barrows by presenting a statement of your a a platform As or. Jenkins has done it seems to us he has handed you a direct Challenge to disprove if you can that you Are of the a hand picked variety. Of course some of us who were theoretically if not actively interested in the suffrage amendment a few years ago and who have a Good memory know what your views on the topic were then so it will not be necessary to spend too Many Embarrass ing moments on the subject. We shall be anxiously a waiting your declaration. A would be conscientious voter. Barton vt., oct. 19, 1920. Candidates for state of and Congress will give interesting talk correction bearding mention of to whom it May concern a i wish to Correct a statement published in your paper november 24, 1918, concerning Francis a. Guild. Francis a. Guild was bom Gebru contributes to j Ary 14, 1895, at 18 Sullivan Street monthly. The i Charlestown mass., and was raised american Jersey cattle club Contri and lived with his parents or. And. Bytes a like amount. Aside from a mrs. Ernest Guild tin til november 5 without a report of the Hie red Cross hese two associations no other Breed 1913, and was not brought up by i rally held at Orleans tuesday after j organization contributes to this Edu an parents As stated in your pub noon and evening. National work. Pres. Aitkin Emp a location. a sized the necessity of educating Ever he went to Vermont to visit he or. And mrs. R. M. Cowles visited to it in Farmers on the value of their grandparents m March 1914, and re he brother Clarence Cowles of Bur Dairy products. Especially butter Maine with them up to the time he w has been visit a lilt gentleman a rth and sic re Upton last thursday and attended the since a Large Nurnberg Are using old engsted of by , me. at Montpelier in . Mrs. Ruth Griffin was operated on sheriff Hill brought him Back to it i ver the Community was saddened and where the is re a ooh Litto go a versus with the 26tr. A Quot a it it. I shocked to hear of the tragic depth from the farm comes from the division but went overseas septem Bancroft was brought into court a of mrs. Will Utton. Which occurred Uylese better machines her 29, 1918, with 57th Pioneer in mrs Laura Rochelle of the Barrows week and. Plead not guilty to the f at her Home in Newport saturday education on the value of infantry. A. Stem i a a Uon a a evening she was the youngest Daugh �3 products less difficulty will be he had been transferred from al. It. Holstein for hot Jur it had been empanelled he Chang Ter of or. Campbell and a a ask a keeping the boys on the Camp Green n. A the due to freshen in Hardwick. J is plea to guilty. Bancroft was the bom and brought up in this Village. I y. R a. Mcdonald box25c. Miss Lillian Robinson of Brattle j first to come up for sentence. States so cd i desire to thank the neigh the next speaker or. R. Pollock 41-43pit. Twp Boro spent the week end with her 1 attorney Thompson reviewed the Case friends who so quickly came i one of the executive officers of the a Mother mrs. Lucy Robinson. J and asked for a sentence. Bancroft assistance in my great trouble association outlined the work act to exr rktvin1ievi4>ri for s.all�?1317 Model Ford our in car a h body in Good run Korder a nearly new rope Seaver s.7, j non a piano in excellent con All interested will be welcomed. I Toon. . Jenkins Orlean. Of there will be work at the regular and Ott 1 to 1 meeting of Keystone chapter no. 16, Sale my puce on High r. A. A. Monday evening at masonic Feo. Two tenement House Large Gar Hall a j i plot building lot at Rea Wab e Price. Address mrs. P. Or. And mrs. O. B. Willard motor fat Keti 140 Belmont Avenue de to Burlington saturday to visit apr afield mass., until november 1. Their daughter Frances who is at u. 40tf v. M. In Green n. C., to Camp Wadsworth Spartansburg n. C thence to Camp Merritt. N. J., in september 1918, then sailing for France. You will kindly oblige me by Cor �511 asked if he had anything to say Ain Row in the tragic Tleatha of my come listed by Holstein Extension men erecting the misstatement which had Altrus her tue Siy nor a a a statement of his talk Lach and even in other parts of the country and pm in published even at this late Date. 3 an in Sti l Waco showing he was a person of Quot Norfor kind deeds and Flowers emphasized the need of such a Man in this is a Correct statement from his. T the afternoon study club will a Younng or Hanson thurs a Iodel. Mechanical Condi _. For Tell gence and Well informed on Bank a Valley band May god 1 new England where there is such a ing Laws and methods stocks invest them All a Large percentage of Holstein cattle ments and business in general. He 1 Edith Miles. At the close of or. Pollocks remarks reviewed his Case taking up the conditions of his health and asking clemency of the court on the ground of continued on Page six. A a Quot a if with relatives Here returning Home events and might easily be tues i ight. Ice into Fine business property. In mrs. Mcdougall or w. M. For it 160. Or. And mrs. Burpee and or. And 43tf mrs. Wark of Lyndonville motored to town sunday to attend Church and Sale or rent farm hear their former pastor. W. Edwards who has been Tak-�?�<1 by a House 3 vacation with friends in Cana i geos s3 friends Here Enro Ute and pasture. M. I or. And mrs. Cuthbert Salt Are moving from a tenement in Twil wanted pastry Cook. Orleans. 39tf Liams House recently sold to can Arles Webster to a House on Elm Street. Want a mrs. Mary Baxter of Concord n. T to work on farm. H., who has been the guest of her 43tf aunt mrs. Jennie Blake has retyped Home accompanied by mrs. Blake. The last Chance to get names on the Check list is saturday. Uen and a Komps milk and Cream women who Are entitled to the vote Barton. 43-44pshould see that their names Are on ted a d Rte to work a a Cie Vood. Or. Morrill. I j j of. Glover. 42tf and mrs. Emma Sylvster for pullets and a of Coventry were callers at the me s Kelly a Orleans of the latter Tor. Mrs. P. L. Web 42tf i Ster recently. Kit ted live poultry. Elrick i once laundry i by Machii at a ieedf.7 it Cen competent 1 w i charge of a Reirden. Rar a 43f a an tei it. Misc Ell a nexus Cash paid for furs hides my junk. Telephone 58-11. Daniel Zabawsky. Barton. Insurance and real estate Best Stock and Mutual com Ralph Mathews underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Home of Anh or Zytt Var Woer 28. Subject a Timmi miss Austin on sunday or. M. ,kration.�?� Allen of St. Johnsbury performing extra tir a Imre right or. Bissell who recently purchased be operation. Grout. Newport it. 44-45 a House of Noah Brooks on High 1 a miss Mildred Lang was called to a Street was Here on business this �3,. Charleston the first of the week j real estate in bar week. To assist in the Home of her aunt a Cetla Fin two Resi c. B. Webster of Springfield mass., mrs. A. Blo who has blood Poi bar a v has been spending several Days song m her hand. An Garden. One House a her. Ret Nina hem. A Panew table will be one of the novelties at the woman a Alliance Sale which will be held in the methodist Church november 12. Buy some of your Christmas gifts at this table. Or. And mrs. Clyde Thompson and two children and two friends spent the week end at the Home of their parents or. And mrs. D. Huntington. They motored from their Home in Plainfield. Mrs. Net a m. Ford wishes to express her very deep appreciation to her friends who sent her letters and postcards of cheer while she was in Bright look Hospital St. Johnsbury the past few weeks. Charles Webster has sold his residents near the fair ground to William Uttin of Newport who expects to move Here with his family and Brig several horses Here for training at the roaring Brook Park track. E. L. Graves recently sold to p. W. Baird the High Grade Black Percheron filly that won the Blue ribbon at Barton fair and to William Cameron a pure bred Black Percheron filly. Or. Graves has purchased a Black Percheron Mare weighing nearly 1700, which was imported from France and probably the Best registered draft Mare Ever owned in Orleans county. The woman a literary club met. A it w a Opportunity was Given All present to East Albany a become members of the new England master Victor Daniels suffered an Holstein club the membership fee be attack of appendicitis Friday. I in $1 per head for registered Stock or. And my. To. E Duran and Jon visited friends in Craftsbury Sun. Blanks. Prof. Rider reday. J ported that the men present had sign mrs. A. Daniels is on the sick j Edun to the extent of about $200. The list mrs. Guy Courser is caring for sneakers of the evening expressed respectfully yours mrs. Margaret Guild. Her. I Harry Hughes left wednesday for Boston where he will spend the Winter. A son was born to or and mrs. Leonel Blanchette Friday. Congratulations. Next sunday morning will be the topic at the social service i the evening will be a finding ones Rev. And mrs. John Kimball attended the Institute of Memphra Magog themselves As Bein Well pleased with 1 District in Newport sunday after the attendance and interest shown. Or. And mrs. Walter Richardson were i Craftsbury saturday to attend the funeral of Gilman Hodgdon. Oney e. Rowell visited at the Home a a of his grandmother mrs. Abbie n. William ans bore who he been i of West Burke last week seriously ill for the past week is re a a Cove Rine slowly. A Little son Earl Howard was Welt it a j i 1. Y a Omed at the Home of or. And Are. Pet a Reindeau who has in Wor Kanderson last week. Mrs. Ing in Pawtucket r. A has come Jug Home for the Winter. A Box party is to be held at John miss Edna Anderson of Craftsbury coders for the Benefit of their spent the week end with misses a. Bel and Ruth Walker. Several ladies of the altar society Church on saturday evening october 30. Everyone invited. 2>everai Hui of we �.w�. Thomas Calderwood of Hardwick assembled saturday for the purpose \ has come to Board at the Home of or. Of cleaning the Church. Or. And mrs. Joseph Mullaney and family of St. Johnsbury were guests at John Muu Aneya a sunday. Mrs. John Morley is spend tog the week with her parents or. And mrs. P. W. Kilgallen of Barton. John and Thomas Ansboro of West Derby were in town thursday to see their father who is quite ill. Miss Agnes Hughes is i Joying a two weeks vacation in Sal mass., with her brother. Or. F. O. Hughes. Or and mrs. John Morley have finished work for James Waters and have rented the farm of John Morley or. And mrs. James Calderwood. Announcement i think it expedient at this time to say that As i have been persistently urged to enter the Field As a candidate for town represent Twe and that i appreciate the sentiment but deemed it inconsistent to alter a Here to fore custom of alteration which brings it at this time to the West division with or. Carter having been mentioned before franchise was granted women. Appreciably yours mrs. O. M. Rowell South Albany. Layers at pcs a construction co., bar-1 a 42tf panics. Surety Bonds All kinds of Vil to Veri Lage real estate. Any one having Vil j history of Lage real estate they wish to sell m11piano sol Glover remember that saturday is the last or. And mrs. F. E. Daniels and or. It Jay for women voters to get their and mrs. Sinon visited or. And 1 names on the Check list. Mrs. L. Beauregard in St. Johns woman a Union will serve Bury sunday. A their annual Harvest dinner and hash _ _ _ Leroy Geehreng of new York who supper tuesday november 2. Ladies Buswell wednesday even a has been spending a month at a. A not solicited please bring pie or cake ing. October 20. Twenty Daniels returned Home inv eau and two visitors were present. Sub Beatrice will remain for a few weeks 3 a Glover thursday v6rinont/ readings lib Ariy longer. I a to Lage on f. W. Baldwin. Barton. Vermont a mrs. Blake miss Rosalind Buswell noon. The meeting of the Mission Circle will be deferred one week the regular Day being election Day. There was a Large attendance at the demonstration at the Community Church last tuesday under the auspices of the farm Boireau. West Glover or. And mrs. F. T. Miles visited in East Hardwick sunday. Ralph Matthews was operated on for appendicitis at Barton monday. Or. And mrs p. Skinner have returned from their visit in Boston. Or. And mrs. O. B. Dodge of Orleans visited at m. Lyman a sunday. Miss Stella Stowe from Newport Center visited at Guy Bates Over the week end. Miss Ruth bean was operated on for appendicitis at the Orleans Hospital monday or and mrs. Frank Laclair of East Hardwick visited at will a goons sunday or. And mrs. W. A King took an Auto trip through Montpelier and Waterbury sunday. Much sympathy is extended to or and mrs. Vernon Ticehurst on the loss of their infant daughter. Remember that saturday is the last Day for women voters to get their names on the Check list. Or. And mrs. W. O. King have returned from their trip to Canada and Are occupying their new Home. Day and family from coven a. Jenkins and family and or. And mrs. B. Smith of Orleans called on friends in town recently. There will be a farm Bureau meeting at the Hall thursday evening. Or Rasmussen of Burlington will be pres Sibb Quot a no cooking. Mrs. Dodge Orleans. Barton. 3�,tf t evening. Important business that m. And mrs. A. Mcguire or. A will interest every Farmer will be cd. ,.�1. J o and mrs. Amos Lafont or. And mrs. Brought up. 39tf i Reading a amount Mansfield and smug a p p Daniels John and Frank sinon _ _______1 go Erst mrs. Seaver poems. Ere in be Ort the first of the week j is. W. Mathie. Rot a Winst at the w p a to visit county court. The Many friends of mrs. Helen their farm account books. Matters no Ric get yur sawdust at tote p Dowe a Vermont by in la p. J Baird miss Sibyl Coch i de Laffi Mathie were shocked at a of importance to every Larmer will Farrell and Ingalls Case. There will be a Box Benefit of the r. Ita a Home of or. And mrs. John Climer arg of 16. She taught in in Rover aim i Quot., held a Hafer an to. him to take by or rent Small j-�?---77 w k. I we. . Man. Myron Wessex Nichol amp Gross Mill Stafford mrs. Baldwin. The hostess 267, Barton. 35tf a at $1 per Cord it lasts. W. Delicious candies and a social 1 Hanson was enjoyed. Ondov and Poul i i is tuesdays at or i notice car of cows wan at i station. E. S. Kelley Stock Yards monday novel a a 1, 1 17tf 15 Bologna. 10 cows to freshen m of Tober or november. Telephone at hard cd. I girl for general work once and i jul come and see them Whitcher Hara Albany mrs. Delia Honey is visiting ent to assist any who need help with a a English Conquest of Ireland. The Conquest of Ireland by the eng democratic rally at Orleans october 2g democratic state committee for Orleans county Henry w. Bernard Haa called a Rainy for the county at Orleans on thursday at 8 o clock up voters Are especially urged to come out and hear state and National issues discussed. The speakers Are a a. Quartin of Benning ton non Iee Lor governor George if. Koot of Newport nominee for lieutenant governor. Harry Witters of St. Johnsbury and Tnomas h. Browne of Cut and nominees for Congress. Orleans band will be in attendance. These live True hearted vermonters Are democratic Standard bearers firm in their convictions and honest m tha declaration of their political principles. Refused Entrance to u. S. I Aming Tunac he had purchased a South an farm of 00 acres inn 4u Man cows Wiki a modern agricultural machinery ukr Liuding a Factor a Taymond jux Oine a Iii my , Xiii cry of duet Xuxa Gaines wins dec envy us Porchea i Gay Nitea Taus immig Axam uric Iris As an Ana in Aesir Amie Cuzen. Ai Nouga be processed to de a xxx an 01 Savoux Quai Xii cans ail to of the owner of a age touring car a Netora in Xmas nos Xinis Wix not sex ancient to convex Nice the Vigo want and shrewd governia Keiit on Cias and Noi Ohe was Lorceus to Aoa Nuon of ice a pams stamping ground. In spite of s Piea that is wide could read Ana write and ,f there was a scan of teacher ii Xii ii Ana that Nis Young in Numen were an provided with such education As Fie came Toneu ears on account of is own Lamenta Oie i sanity to decipher the ring Xian language or any outer language the fuck less immigrant must return to the place whence is came. Xxx car of Stock in transit by Freig it from her Brooke True to a Newton. Intended to Supply al the s new farm m Albany was set out at Beetie Junction awaiting the outcome of Xum inquiry into his desirability As an american citizen. Hut the Olf Ciais have declared that the car of Stock also must be sent Back to Canaria. Home economics specialist spends week in county miss Lydia m. Potter Home economics specialist from Burlington been very Busy the past week conducting demonstrations in different communities of the county where the most interest has been shown in tto woman a department of farm Bureau work. On monday evening october 18, miss Potter talked at a Community a meeting in Morgan her subject being a Home equipment for saving time Steps and this same subject was discussed on wednesday afternoon before the ladies Lite Rair club of Orleans. On tuesday afternoon miss Potter was at Glover where she gave a demonstration on a Edresa forms a and a making Over Gay Mentse before a very enthusiastic gathering. Another demonstration am. Dress forms a was Given at Bro wife in ton Village thursday afternoon october 21, with a Good attendance. The same demonstration was Given at Greensboro thursday evening and Barton Friday evening with Smau attendance at both places. The reports from these demons tip tons Are very encouraging. The Toul attendance for six meetings was 231l showing an average attendance of 38.5 people. In Many communities the women Are planning on of Stonze meetings at which they will continue the work outlined by miss Potter and thus make use of the valuable assist Ance Given the ladies of the county by the Extension service even though it Isnit possible at present to have m regular Home demonstration agent it is hoped that the interest in this work will increase until the women of the county realize the necessity of org izing the Home department of the farm Bureau. The4th. 1864, on the Day of the Battle r.riw�?Tx.s-? the first a Box party for the of the wilderness. She taught school j Henry ii who is r. Church at they Ith great Success beginning at the 1 Taen by. Id mrs. John Comer age of 16. She taught in Glover and said to have of tatted a Buh from to ,., to with saturday evening. Everybody invite the surrounding to Quot was and held Hadrian to. Path Nelzine my 10 Lake or females. In Ethan Cutler has j de. Ladies please bring boxes. I life certificate. She had hosts of Possession of the country. Nic to each animals will he Ond moved there. A policy of i Sale and any a j Calfskin 1. Found found Black and White female l Ter St., Barton. Both. Hound with Collar marked a a a. R. i �?�?___43tf october 12. Almond Ducharme iras i t a Ibur Box 99. 43tf press Quot lost 1 Levis Gil. F Beede Block. Or _ 43-44 lost lady sold fashioned Gold 1?7- ted_9� t. Watch on the Willoughby Road Satur and lumbermen for j3 october 26. Finder rewarded i if i nurse Bradford. Care h. M. Whipple. <1-1166 a Mountain Orleans. I Quot l a we 1 a Ito rent Quot to. A men women service $125 unnecessary. For examination write �?T87 civil ervice exam d. A a Tifental bldg., Wash twp to rent furnished room. Mrs. W. R. Powney High Streel 40-43p to rent tenement. A. Nute Barton. 41tf in Beautiful and Good she loved lading land from the chiefs and 1 shown Ai a. I.�?1,0,. Al Wora were her in. Man taking the trip is claimed on january i 1801. Miles farm and moved there. A to Dav mrs Carrie Brooks Friend so so he a oved everything that a Dors steadily pursued Joe Berry of Newport has moved a a Jues Lay is else in was Beautiful and Ood he loved onto the Andrew Rogers farm. A but 24 of her friends and neigh her Home and her Flowers were her Willie Kittredge of Walden visited a Bors met to Reni ind her of her 75th a a Quot Bisband a Mother and at Charles Davidson a last week i birthday a ladies cared for and it a 34. 4 it the a funeral service were held octo pleasant afternoon. Home conducted by Rev. South Albany John Kimball and the House was fill Elf a a Martin Tane it the Vil i de with those who knew and loved urls ?,n. J,-.trhel or. And mrs. James Calderwood i time the words of mrs. Browning visited at Dean Mitchells sunday. Came to us a the liveth his beloved mrs. O. E. Rowell and miss Maude the congregational Church note. Rev. Hutchinson pastor. Prayer meeting on thursday evening at 7.30. Bible study. Sunday october 31 10.30 worship. All seats free. Subject of Sermon. A god laughing a us. Who Why 11.45 Bible school. 6.00 Christian Endeavor. 7.00 song service and a talk on a practical subject. Better acquaintance Holstein tour a better acquaintance Holstein tour will be conducted by the Fara Bureau saturday Octor 30th, Ste Ine from Glover Village at of clock in the morning. The tour a include most of the Holstein Berd the county the route being from Glover to Greensboro to West or to Albany to Irasburg Bai everyone is invited to loin the to and a specially Purchase a pure bred Holstein sire or Emolo. S every the methodist ladies Rece 60 from the Harvest dinner last wednesday. Or Gilbert invited the g. A. R. Men and their wives to a Chicken dinner last saturday. Miss Eveline Griffith had a successful operation for the removal of tonsils at Orleans recently. All those interested in the Library Are requested to meet at c. D. Mcguire a Friday evening october 29. Mrs. Mina Elfrido e has gone to Hardwick where she will keep House for mrs. Onie Rowell who is soon to go to California for the Winter. Anderson visited in West Burke thursday. The children of or. And mrs. Clarence Urie Are the owners of a Fine Shetland Pony. A. D. Patterson who has been visiting relatives and friends Here has returned to his Home in Orleans. Glover Community a thur cd pastor. Rev. John Kimball. Morning worship 11 a. M. Sunday school at la m. Evening service at 7.30 p. M. The theme of the pastors Sermon giving it to English settlers. The final r Tonch Roi Erth the test pos.1-act of the Union was passed and prot lost at noon. It a oped that a similar our for the Frey men May be arranged m the near future. The potato in its native country on the Motin talks of Chile and in eni lean Henri Fabre. In Field Forest and farm. Jie in Ato in i a state is a poor diminutive tuber about As Large of a hazelnut. Man takes the worthies Vid fort into her re Den plants it in Rich soil tends it it and behold from year to year the potato thrives More and More gaining in size and in nutritive properties and finally becomes a Farinace Ous tuber As Large As your two fists. Methodist episcopal Church not Rev. M. A. Turner pastor Calendar for october. Preaching service 10.30. Sunday school 11.45. Epworth league 6.00 p. A Prea ing 7,00 p. M. Prayer meeting on thursday Eveo Ings. October 29, e. L. Halloween social october 81, Junior league and King s heralds meet my. By quota f "1. N i

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