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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1920, Page 1

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - October 13, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor lessons in Trew Ritiner have be in or. Ale a a a. In Tel i of to tier a Mary Garrin Quot the see Load number of the series of pubic it Barton Vermont. Wednesday october 13. 1920 sin copies 5 cents. Coxs Trucmon operations started i District meeting of Mason District meeting of the 10th Mason a District will be held with the a thursday october 14, with afternoon sessions. Following is the part ram 1 w p m. School of instruction of Educ by Edwin f. Greene. Grand lecturer. Orleans coun farm Cen ? county Cottle Orleans county court which reopens has farms increased in value 8v and Stock also Lacreta in. Crape taking a recess for the v is Devenio Meit m school at such Mem building is designated As Slutt woodworking building and is twp stand yes and baskets Are being two stories and basement. Vearling a of the court for to be a Modem Factor a build i Burg. Fet Hall which we i be respect with Sprinkle i s6tf Star m the near future. The sides for 6re pro Ceciia. The foun masonic the agricultural census for Orleans county has been made Public by the census Bureau and shows the county to have made splendid Progress in agriculture. The a Uriber of farms has decreased from 2806 in 1910 to 2543 now but the total acreage has decreased Only Ery slightly while the acreage of improved land has increased from 130, very slightly proved land 774 acres to 173,646, an increase of cram . T Irasburg. S6tf a a a a Quot Quot Kaawa a i raw Wei of the court Are also being built up w carried Down to bed Rock a to act As a retaining Wall when the a a a planned so that additional Stor r. C a a converted into a skating rink o7 my a no to the factory Asfa 3j1 a the season. The unsightly re needs require. This building will ired Spaatz no Boose along the Side of machinery Mudi of work horse. I court has been Tom Down by the to sch is new and will do certain Woik oven. The agriculture class and the ? connect Tor with developments of 88tf Concrete roller made by these boys end of the Wessel Nickie last year is having a Hindie fitted to. Gross business which is mainly Quot go Ems for use in rolling the court. Taat of making piano actions. -5-r a its j violin lessons Are to be started the Jet is to be a. 41tf last of october with or. Burroughs House. I of St. John Surv and be 27x68 feet a Power and Plant of the concern and will the Valie Uge labor to refreshment. 6 00 p. Banquet in in poet Hall 7 30 p. Refreshments to labor.32��. Reception of grand Lodge of a re a be value of these farms has in see my Section of m. Degree and ,649,785, ten years. See 106. S15,655.131 in 1920 or 819#, a. Efforts of f. W. Thompson and Sher boys and girls exposition held saturday on Barton fair i list of prizes awarded the annual boys and girls sit Ion held to the Barton fair grounds zip i week reopened monday at 2 of cd the jury recalled at this time were excused until tuesday morning at 9 of clock when it is expected the we a saturday october 9 wac in error a Bluey alias Rull go Broft Case will a to weather Man was doing his finest .7 Case has be one that 1 a which encouraged a big crowd to Attra de a great Deal of a Nti Ltd j out Mother and father As Well As in Orleans county where Bancroft the boys and girls was kno by his is in con about 500 people All told were it a Section with Camp Westmore a the fair grounds when the program True Bill was brought by the grand was in full swing. The morning was jury at a session on july 8th. Ban spent in setting up the exhibits As Crofts speculation caused a consider they arrived in autos teams and Bug Able loss to Many Orleans county a Gies. Individuals. And it was through the or. Ingalls state club Leader from a a was on hand to Imp in he thels siding 40tf a i of the Hropshire i rom their f Fine Aiu eur studying under or. R. D. 1 a v to a Worth my planned but Only one of these Snow a be highly Png. Fali. A. Ibe of Brick and of the most i Modem Type. Stoves a so a Guaran a. Sockol. 37tf Burton the Sawmill in connect in with the greater crease the Tot shown by Riff Hill that he was brought Back the judging of the exhibits mrs. H. Review of work grand lecturer coun m the stole for and lodged in the county Jan where j. Stannard of Orleans judged the masonic District. No. 10 figures Timve been g in Moul a has been waiting tray. It was not food and sewing classes assisted by masonic Union no. 16, Troy. A increase m figures of in Vermont and new Jersey that 9 Meridian a amt no. 20, crafts it Ary Ltd a s7jk>o346. Wated Bancroft Island Pond no. 44. Island repo a Domestic Anis = Chu is 1 i Valley no. 106, Orleans but Maine mass agent judged -.=--, a of vegetable Itic animals Ach setts and new Hampshire As Stock classes assisted by Harry saw a and live Newport Vauney zoo. 1u6, urtans a to Rwy i at 2 30 p. The m. Lodge Wal sati be opened by the officers Mem Phr Magog Lodge no. 65, of new la it. Followed by the first Section of the m. Degree and review of work by the grand lecturer. A banquet we a be served in the banquet Bai at 6 of clock followed by toe reception to the grand Lodge officers. The Sec it Mil Section of the m. H. Degree and dosing will be under Valley Lodge. No. 106 of Orlean. R. W. Hardy d. D. G. 1920 7150 7143 44582 42156 sheep 4194 8297 Swine 5824 3 this shows a big decrease in the number of sheep and Swine but an in i crease in the number of cattle. Principal crops harvested Are As follows acres Quantity manager of the Farmers Exchange ged the. Listed he 1910 Holstein men to meet in Barton of agent or. Bacon. Newport. Or. Canning exp ibo or. Ingalls judged its assisted by the club Takin a. A. Larabee has Beer working in property is Beia repaired and re-1 Vii. West Burke. L Medel red to Soic Sites a re the in. Away to roof tire p Tant. Wbk go trill co Rise five a the following account of the wed fir Bai dings so Plarr that far Imp a of two we i known Barton Young Zer ajl k care Otoole is from the Newport news mrs. Bul if Frutti be i Workis of with ease. A very pretty a dding was Solem or mrs. C h. S it. The Cori Etie of this constr option a a away vhf my a or Lessee. Nickie amp Charr. W4�e Oats wheat Hay i potatoes mrs h. R Cut it a in 1919 1999 1919 1909 1919 1909 1919 1909 9,499 4.277 1.434 39 85.062 86.028 2.014 l912 Tober 22. Six calves two lambs a coh and 25 entries of poultry exhibited Icay completed for de the boys and urls throne Hont a a 1,-, flowed tiie boys and girls throughout Eood Fem gland under the Roox Ai plans Are tract a series of 45 met All the exhibits grounds at 5 of clock and eve Stem for Ian Assoc Tion of enery boy and Giri declared to fave would 34638 bar is to have one of these 1x1ayt meetings they Are for the Pur it ear. 28 784 pose of acquainting Holstein owners class in baked foods �?T965 adva Ges of ving an expo 1�?best kit of White bread 125.275 98,980 219,911 341.406 tension Man a win devote All of a Dorothy time to the it rests of new eng a in cents lot 2�?best Plain cake this Campaign has the Hearty a it Quanty in bushels or in tons. Joseramon of toe state department of the census Bureau announces that agric Titre. The Stote colleges of a figures for Domestic animals in Victot Tae farm bureaus. An feel that the owners of Holster Eattie Are doing something that will Resul by evening at St. Mary a 1920 Are net very closely comparable miss Octavia Mary with for 1910. Since the present i v �?T___31 it Cas i. Cd to Xvi. Mix Aiss it is it six Lary to re a our Ute. Since me presen. X. I i xxx Mij. Rut. Grrf5n has. In Gross Ireri. Fact airy for their Reri Brooks daughter of or. And was taken in january before Friery. Q. Timber to Firis i Judah Brooks of Barton was United the Breeding season had begun while i a Nie Lttie of or. And 9 Large in a image the Henry g. Valley son the 1910 Cen was Token in april or it i.30 o cock of nay october a Ery. I nov air easy own. Mrs. Bert Adams i Quot re i. A is of Stai Tutor Timber in the of or. And mrs. Israel Valley also a la it the Middle of the Breeding sea sex i. A them pan a the county have two a of Barton. The ceremony was per a of. And included Many Spring calves or. And mrs. F. A. Hunt visited Driznis besides the ene in Banon formed r the presence of relative of rfcs Iii i in Sutton last week. Be in is Ilion to utilize every both Faiai ies a a a a bume Roa friends a More Complete census Inch dog mrs. W. B. Procter was business stick of Ber of. To in Sci does. The Rev. J. H. Bastein Wos the of More and much grated detail visitor in Sherbr a a last week. W. A. Harrington it sup Enni a Ficia Ting Clergyman the doable ring a formation Wili be Given out later. Cons ctr. For ceremony being used. The brides fir a go or a. Howenton is mrs. Nettir Ford is in big in of to co., a. Houghton is costume was Whito Georgette Over �?=1 Tal remove inn from an opera Tore maa of the ear Mentor work and l the veil carrying a Shower Wal a Thomas is time keeper on roses. A tiling suit mrs. Hvih5a of Orleans has Purt Joo. A of Tou Kuyers a Blue Satin Wito a Broadcloth a a a sex. A Row a .�.bou. Xxx re ear Street to the Bode and Groom Are it both very b. 1st, Dorothy Dutton Browing ton 50 cents. 2nd, Doris Reed Brownington 35c. 3rd, Anna Merriam West go it Verv 25c. Lot 3�?best dozen cookies b. 1st, Dorothy Dutton Brownm i ton 50 cents. J 2nd, Venessa Gray Charleston 35c. I 3 Gertrude Gray Brownington j lot 4�?best dozen doughnuts b. 1st, Dorothy Dutton Browning ton 50c, 2nd, Bernice Mack West Giove 35 Penis mrs. J. P. Urie and miss Mary Urie to a a a it a a a to be Jolt Fth to a so Are visiting or. And mrs. Irving Rich number will be increased to 30 or 40 a up of Tkv by a i Atlantic and Pacific grocery store at some idea of in of the inst Junction. Mrs. Valley has or. Mrs. Georg i Greczi Finkl mass. Are a Wagon few Days. Bore 34 g q Brooks of new Meti dist episcopal Chorte i notes Rev. A. Turner pastor Calendar for october. Preaching service 10j30. Sunday school 11.45. Epworth league 6.00 p. Freaking 7jk> p. Class no canned foods Sittaro by eren., prayer Nate eting on thursday even for the past Fourie Jujj. J k v-,xl2 it ters ail a. Very Many former Home at once. Town. Or. Vanbey is manager of the Merriam of some idea of the Sise of the Busi town for a Ness project May be had fart r w3tci�le friends in Newport a e is nth a of a Brownington 75c. --�����si�?o��2l Quot the afternoon study to Sig. The we Cereno 1 freckles one of the most important offerings of toe current season at Seaver s Nail. Barton is the presentation Here j of Nec Toney s Delight ii drama i Tiza Tion of Gene Stratton porters = a nit been More a readers of this Story than any other _ a Vira it i look published in. A de a fair Brownington 25c. A Cly a a a is Quot a a a a Sven a a red Day. After Lemoon. _ tomorrow or. And mrs. Gorham of Beebe,3 of clock in the were the guests of his father the last a of the week. He girl friends of Eli Beth or w. H. Benware has return win gave her a a Glt Hye party at i.�. A 3.3tate m bar a a two Resi a a of Square of Bou t.i>n�t3, n. H. Tuesday evening i xer i j5vl�?o�, Bra a. A a her ofmr., cd me. Subject Happy couple left by Auto for Barton j where the wedding supp was served october 29. L. L. Hair owe in social. A Condu made Puc 5 3 mice Mack al a october 31, Junior league dred Mack West Glover 25c. King a to xxx Seu a a a a or to a ups at eth Home of the Bride s parents. Or. And mrs. Judah Brooks. I. Vuk. H. Benware win gave f or. Axed mrs. Valley will take a a two weeks vacation spent in the me or miss wedding tour by Auto to Saint Anne _ a Vrr a is a aae evening acid report a very _ _ a _. Shot Dutton. . I fax to a a in a Fox Xoi xxx a Jjo a 17 a j f Batchelder is a a so Ern a Brooks of this piece were j doing nursing. A cd Massachusetts Byumg by. Glover 1 mrs. Villa Rich is in St. Johnsbury Church no a. A Re. J. J. How hint opt by. I Zzz bus class in sewing pm Yox on Wody Ond xxx to Trio View. The Woodland fantasy played 25c.during the play is a masterpiece. Lot 12�?best knitted articles. 10.30 worship. A seats Jug not a moving picture 1st, Gertrude Mason Brownington 11.45 Bible school. We need More a i 50c amp a. Pansy Shannon Charies adults. Why do you not come ton 35c. Lot 13�?best crocheted Yoke. To a this week m. Weight a a wonderful weather. Law fast every miss Harriet Austin one Quot the a ear warm Days i Ber Tome miss Hen to farm. Of the past 10 Days. September 14, White h. Mossman shot a mrs e. F. Hobson of new a Way to Massachusetts was a guest of her Mother. Mrs. T-.,time. A from bar e. I o a Iacre a Tut. Good a a try. Ateo 180, moved into pasture. J. M., de Fay mrs. 16tf his Mother \ miss Helen Johnson spent week end at Home. E. Al by. 7-00 song service and talk on the j tto first number the Barton by a Glover 35c. By. Question a in the 24 hours of a Day cum course this season will be held lot 14�?beat crocheted article. Which is the hour upon which our in seavers Hall thursday evening. 1st, Mildred Lange to Barton 50c for Short or. And mrs. G. L. Wells and fam Fate hinges Fily were to town last week j 30-Pound i mrs. I tort of Morrisville visited this number is the american con 2nd,_ Pearl Hubbard Barton 35c. 1-Veocs or and mrs. Armik Stolon have j Cal to the Cut re neigh Borroto Noble Clarks last week. A Ved i the Bouse recently vac i by mrs. C a. advertised at tto pop i i Are for or. Ralph Turcott or. George we Endeavor to make All of our i Cert grand quartet and is booked As a lot 15�?best Plain washable dress. Services practical. Jone of the very finest male quartets 1st, Gertrude Gray Brownington services practical i 75c and 50c. I men of the species and Lucky Hunter to get i Mori . A a Dalaei Zannie time have returned Home there Uriu b. �>1 attn a a cd or Barton. 40-41 for j account of them it i our next Issue. A mrs Gertrude Wright of Man Posy i it of Quot a Tertod a olo Tets s arrows c. Ltd. His visit tog mrs. Villa Rich by miss win mrs. If a Fri mrs. C. A a it a re i Hax Xiet Bickford in apr a a James _ a Hampshire and mass Ltd the Barton fiends who so will be full of numbers of More course tickets were sold and than at any pre total being 339. Had wily at which week. It a Toto Guam g car of a tint Hill. G�if�7�� Fri Day a tog. Tra. Music by St. A Johnsbury orches be Given a 1 7.,a a es-1 Orleans till Mutual com a on Friday evening 1 degree. Waller Graves Ato there be a or non Affolt ieans Lodge. No. A Bons Reader. Each Nui a admission tickets May tidally a Corto. The. At pierces Church greatly appreciated the kind Ness of the Barton fiends who so a a generously assisted to the Ente a go communities reach Mem i lot 19�?best Nightgown ment. The Ball Flower shop of new or shop our yeas. Where i 1� Lois Magoon w. Glover toe lot 16�?best apron. 1st, Beatrice labor Barton 50c and Betance Gray Charleston 35c. Lot 17�?best Towel. 1st, Gertrude Mason Browning two 35c 2nd, Anna Merriam w. Glover 25c 3rd, Jennie Beauregard Brownington 15c. Lot 18�?best sewing bag. 1st, Doris Lorimer Newport Doc 2nd, Doris Gray Brownington 35c 3rd, Helen Heyer Newport 25c. West Glover be ship quotas. Wiere Are the others Doris Lorimer Newport cd 3rd, Doris Gray Brownington 25c. J special Chemise. 1st, Gertrude Gray Brownington our la a Kimball has sold his Bouse to or. Hunt of Royalton who will or. And mrs. G. H. Crie visited to we am pleased a 50c a. 4wia% isijs.-s.�?~cs.os,- so al s. I irm a h i Sun a al Piurow a i 26tf.viirft or. Barrows brother h. _ quotas i Ana i it a act of. I a beginning of the cpa�8�-Tbi sd��u1�?kuow tips. Or. Wilcox of mor Visi work m Gertrude Mason Brown Totoa. Barrows 26tf Tish or. I c. Trwin is to Good attendance of leu. Langdon and daughter mrs. L l. Hastings Over Sun Tchristian Eto Eav Chester up. A. Have return a or in the 1? w. B. Stiles to Torl a Sil heir go with the idea to mind nday Eye a f. Shepard s. A v he a to visit his daughter better Homes and 50c. Special napkins. 1st, Doris Lorimer Newport one. Special Patchwork quilt top. 1 eo�?o7etoy to move to Belows r an a go key Reirden Ana Lydia Allen of Lyndon were visitors several months. Their quotas Are ones to which a re t it inc indent the Community parsonage recent a toy ii. T. Ola Shepard the daughter of w. Any ladies be Louisa Shepard was operated on i town. N. He to visit his daughter is. Tollman. A Mummy. N a sight Imam a. W a Ivy Ain ro3=� Wright returned Home thurs that these communities first to reach j class i a Arden and Field. Morning al stay to Michigan. A r a a Vrr test fall Xnia Wuhu Uay a a a a a. No Oree Lacoss Jetrow Nidgion f. A r o. By ban Ato Fame a of Bur really try to get something3.harold Caron Brown on Lington spent sunday out of the farm Bureau he suet �?T50c Mildred it pack. West i his parents or. And mrs. R. W. B a re Only too glad to co 25c 3rd, Pansy Shannon West it. Go Xgo i Ojo brom mgr Quot a pjs refs is a a a of Saskatchewan Are the Tomn fair to be held she brought with her a Cousma chairman quo a Ter mrs e p Flint Ato miss har 1 give for Church Teto mrs. Frank so Nep Arf it led Severn Mont Peter. 5&5maj�5�� machinery. 29tf All kinds e. S. Orleans. 39tf Rie Austin. A a when . work co., wi-41tf Gass to or mrs. Elma in Glover for Martin is improving m heart mrs a in a veld Bood. Niease leave with mrs the its first %s5 a Fles a St amp has of a a no err do. And . I is ii Iliad wed xes by evening kind to us to the death of our wife. Ice a a a a sex Quot a i�flx�?o5r� a in Wui Uxa Shep cd. Frank Shepard. S5tf pent sep Day m of pop coh Munith a hitch mrs a. Wednesday were Brownington leave with is. J. E Glover West Glover Morgan a. C. Cheney 340jm c. W. We Liams r. A. Dutton g. T. Cook b. R. Buchanan Georgia Gray is Alvin gramme Sutton 35c my Mack a West Tever 3rd. Ernest Mack West Glover pastor. Rev. John Chabau. Montog worship. 11 sunday school at 12 m. His ocolleqe.&Quot caring debate in the new York state a a Melv one Day. When gov. Smith i we a member of that body another member Rose to a question of a Shoal privilege sad a trounced that Cornell had woo the boat race at Poughkeepsie adding that he in 6000 i or 15c. I lot 33�?best Field pump a 1st and 2nd, Gordon Hanson a i ton 35c 3rd, Ernest Mack West Toci res Glover 13c. Lot 35�?best to cabbages. Folis Hinc mirrors cleaning mirrors and Xii. Che . By a Leo .1 o. A ,7ion. Use a no nned that Ter seep under the Glass. 2nd. Wilfred ruin the Back of a Burror and Blister the jct Etc. Mrs. 3�,tf w. Kinds of inn Orient chapter. _ Quot Barton Bost vetoed the District 43tf H Chappell tuesday. Ood number of the meal was of by chapter. No or-3 meeting to Bent a Day morning i the autumn festival Given by the ref Monkey bread. Women of the Community Church a a 1 r Mcc from it native october 7th and 8th, was a great Suc at or i Monkey bread socially and financially. It was in tree of Cabot a under the Able direction of mrs. No to Tell the name of the re Mottas dry As possible out of warm. Ter. Smith finally Rose a a a the Unhul perfectly bounced c p m i Dean and dip the Chamois into Dean a i am a graduate of the f. F. M a again wring dry Rob the what College is to bar second time and polish with in a f 32x35 tire i Sivic notify to rent tenement a in i Barton. A i a Ansonia. lip do a a. A Typo. Ato the of arrangements. The weather 3 comm. And and the Oroee eds wer Over >1 a Fulton work. Fish us food of i Bat wants c a. Their mtoidn.1 value. Ten pie supper was served under a i Reid in. 1 efficient direction of or. Mary Cobb the harder heart. Paper if necessary but it wont be. This Way of Deanine mirrors and pictures does not endanger the Frame in aay Way and la very salts factory. Wilfred a in ton 25c 3rd, Gertrude Prescott Barton 15c. Lot 37�?best collection Cut flowery 1st, Chester Gray Chari Estor. Lot 39�?best 20 potatoes one vane is Geory Lacoss Brownington. 75c 2nd, Edmond Swan to ton 50c 3rd, Ernest Mack West Glover. 25e. Lot 40�?best 10 ears Flint Corn. 1st, Carl labor Barton 50c. Lot 42�?best 10 ears pop com. _ it Harold Caron Brownington continued on Page three

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