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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - October 6, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor vol. A a a no. 40 Bartow it wifi Kitt in a son thu \ tire Ritger for i ale in and heifers. 32tf in a Rock Pul Barton. 40tf Alt Nice yearling a a Eek Irasburg 36tf Academy notes. The a boat ride Given last thu attended in held at Barton fair grounds spite of the rain. Students Saturn no n Barton Vermont. Wednesday. October 6. 1920 boys and girls exposition Sinai be copies 5 students teachers and paints vrho had made pre of reservations received their tickets at saturday october 9. Achi s i vibe he rats sent the Bride and streamers were 1 Newport a talk to the boys parents by Thomli fourth also pension director from a to game s a were an addres7ty a in played in the Serent Cabins and Vuk Newport High 1 contests Htwa Aoa re a a a skins and Ere were several contests Between it i the six passes. A suitcase Raro woe i boyv"3 _j5ale-k. A is ale. A ales a a a re re Quot Quot -3ri,ya3.si3 Quot in str a boy a Cornish and Ward Mudgett. Of by a mums amount k i red Here ments of Sandwich a Anllo to met a punch were served. A 39 �?�6 10-30. Gram sep. Orleans r. R. 40-44 work horse j. Owen bar s8tt i. Alz a Damon jr., mor i and Register to Over. 2ctf \ lung Jersey month. S. 40tf Shropshire Fine Ani i save Quot Ere dismissed for Shore Mission charged. All those intere�?ost-10.30 when All the boys and girls at a mass meeting of the school on monday Afteu a. Barton Academe athletic association was formed. The purpose of the association is to promote the Best interests of the school in athletics. Or. Merrill gave a talk on the advantages of athletics to individual students and to the school As a whole. This was followed by elec Tion of officers and the decision As to a a cd w.,. 1 _ Luvi ted to attend. The exhibits will be set up for judging by own and no exhibits allowed to be taken away before 3 of clock k Garden vegetables for exhibits be sure that All the individual products included in one exhibit How 7unr"ho�?od be Quot is. �?~7h Eifu egg officers a a ted Are the following so a a tors re a a a a no feta a a a How to select products for the boys and girls exhibition president Leigh Comstock vice pres the above characteristics is one of s5.jsai�?�ssfeta is less i a that All vegetables Are be sure free from a Lourton. Quot a Bisret order rec a re a a a a a in a a a a a a a a a % a Quot Quot a Quot Clarence Werbich Are the most e. Sock. Seat drawing and first number next week. The seat drawing for the lecture urse ticket holders will take Pace Ever if a a Quot Quot sat the schoolhouse. Every person who has signed for a seat should see to it that someone is there to draw his seat or see to it that another person is authorized to do so. Let it be remembered that the first number in the course comes thursday evening of next week and it is the american concert grand quartet said to be the finest singing male quartet in America. Bear in mind the seat drawing monday night and the great opening concert thursday evening of next week. Barton democratic caucus a caucus of democratic voters of the t in of Barton is called to be held at 8 p. M., thursday october 7, at alumni Hall. Barton for the purpose of electing a town committee. It is especially requested that the women voters of the democratic party attend this meeting. Democratic town committee. B. A. Trims North Troy twice. The Barton Academy baseball team triumphed Over North Troy High 6 to 4, on the fair grounds saturday. Carter pitched Well for Barton and he and Smith were the Star litters of the contest. Hanson and Comstock played Well in the Field. For North Troy Par Seifter pitched a Good game but received poor support. The score Barton Buchanan of Hanson is Carter p Smith la Valley c a r by to a a .3-f amount to $150 for. O,r�?~ca7mt�?~f dal,v., a he amp rom a a offi a Cwm a hand coct the expenses of athletics in fair Bles Unace of vegetal i Wakeman 3b a bar How. Bisidas these soneral Points which a 3<tf some discus=.?r has been under refer to All vegetables there Are Ai Quot Way starting a fund to re few hints which May be helpful in i a a Troa Jersey Model alumni Hall for the purpose of picking out those prize winning to a i 3 i Neon. A gymnasium. The girls Are think Matoes the Best ones have smooth a a a no it a2i of beginning Basket Ball with Light Brown or russet skins with no of T let. 3b-40p games a tween the classes but no blemishes or deep eyes or hollow a a Ime with oui5-d. Teams. Mass Dut they Are medium in ail uni motor Gas ton will have charge of the ath form in size and shape. The 83rm a. Postpaid j Fetics. Metrical potatoes with rounded ends a notices have been sent out this Are tier than those which Are Long 39-41p parents concerning excellent and Flat or med at the ends. It tour students and backward students. Corn which is sent to a fair should a a. 1n Ood Ren a the work of arranging the Library be Well ripened and a fans cd Rovelt has been practically completed under a Quot a ont a Vav Barton con the direction of is a Sib Urve them not it to Troy fare still a few books to be located or Traio it. Two base 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 a 2 2 1 2 3 0 2 10 0 10 0 0 1 0 0 3 .0 0 farm Bureau annual meet ing will be held at Glover wednesday october 13. Business meeting at 10.00 a. Dinner at noon served by the Glover Grange. Afternoon meeting at 1.330 p. The business meeting of the farm Bureau in the Forenoon will include reports of officers and agents reports Jaf project leaders and adoption of program of work and election of officers for the coming year. Addresses win be made in the afternoon by E. D. Rummel representing the american farm Bureau federation and by miss Florence e. Ward of the Washington office who has charge of the Home demonstration work in the Northern and Western states. Surely no one can afford to miss hearing these interesting speak county court mrs. J. Elliott the whole Community was saddened the trial of Albert Lumbra is. Harry Locke was resumed monday at 2 of clock the following witnesses were placed on the stand by the plaintiff Fred bumps Oliver Mcewen Viola Mcewen Harry Connor Alma Vallee Alvin Tripp Fred Comstock Pearl Bickford and or. Lumbra. This closed the Indence for the plaintiff. Tuesday and wednesday the defendant placed the following witnesses on the stand Orlo Vance mrs. Levi Lapete mrs. Deuparo Maude Lumbra wife of the plaintiff Josie Potter George Willis Levi Lapete Harry Locke the defendant Laura Clifford or. F. R. Hastings James re voir. Several witnesses were re called and this closed the evidence for the defense. W. W. Reirden opened the argument for the plaintiff followed by Aaron Grout and f. Thompson for the defendant. The closing argument and final Summit up was made by e. A. Cook. The Judy on sunday morning september 25th, j gave his charge and the jury Quot took the the Leam of the death of mrs. Melvin Case at 5 15 wednesday of Elliott which took place saturday night september 25, after a Long illness of diabetes. Grace Murkland Elliott was the daughter of John And Philena Murkland and was born in Lowell mass., August 14, 1863, and coming to Barton to live in october 1875. She was married to Melvin Elliott july 6, 1896. Two children were born to them Leslie and Hortense. Mrs. Elliott made a Brave fight for life with remarkable patience and cheerfulness. She had Many admirable qualities and was a woman of Strong convictions. When duty was clearly marked out that was the path she took. She was a Loyal member of the Odd girls a ladies society in the. E. Church and when this society was merged into the woman a Alliance she was helpful in that so far As her. Wednesday afternoon. After four hours deliberation the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff to recover $1250 and costs. Thursday the court took up the divorce cases. The jury was not discharged and other cases May come up for trial next week. County court was Busy Friday and saturday with the trial of divorce cases. Of the 42 cases on the docket several have been continued and settled. The following have been tried. Mildred e. Hill is. Jerry a. Hili decision not rendered. E. J. Smith appeared for mrs. Hill. Homer s. Curtis is. Eula May Curtis Bill granted for wilful desertion. A. Grout attorney Foi or. Curtis. Nellie Moore is. Mitcheli.2�xossa the marriage in this Case Vas de r by to a 0 10 2 6 0 1 -.21 123456789 42000000 x�?6 10000012 0�?4 two base hits Carter Zundman 0 0 0 0 1. 0 strength would permit. She was al. A a _ 0 i 80 a member of the afternoon study dared null and void Mossa having a e i club and the o. E. S. She was Bap i wife at the time of the second Mav it ised by immersion when Rev. F. W. Ridge. W. Cleary appeared for 0 Lewis was pastor of the. E. Church mrs. Moore. O there and who officiated at her Fune i Etta a. Webster is. Arthur web-2 ral assisted by Rev. A. Turner. Ster. This Case was contested. 0 besides her husband and children she a j. Doyle of Boston appeared for 1 i leaves one sister mrs. Homer Smith Webster and f. Thompson for o of St. Johnsbury who is the last of or. Webster. The Case was Dis of the family a Cousin mrs. Cora missed. 0 White a member of her fathers fam j Perl bean is. Lora p. Bean Bill 0 ily for Many yrs other relative granted for wilful desertion. W. 1 and a Host of friends Here and else j a a a. Reirden attorney for Perl bean. Where to mourn her death. Bertha j. Bishop is. We. Of a. J Bishop. E. A. Cook attorney for mrs. Heavy Rains do much damage. A Bishop lesion rendered. Arthur Tift is. Ethel. Tift. Bleat re u. Be made i a a he a is trite off. , off if cd and he a a. On High i cases a re Vul be i aug. .1 tows the buts and tins of the a olt Quarter. 1, on i Armenter let men cd Miniea the a tie prison Large Gar the members of the High school Obs should be Well covered with Ker out by Carter 10. By Parmenter 7 is not conf is Isi Tion b. Cleary attorney for Petitioner. It. At Rea faculty Are attending teachers con a Els passed balls. Valley 2, Gilbert 2. Urn Vav ont or Ven the re the Powers is. Floyd Powers. Bill mrs. P. J. Mention at Burlington wednesday. Would the girls like to know a few ire. Dubois. .1 of the new England states suffered for into Rable severity. The a a Avenue thursday and Friday of this we. A is help them win the b. A. Baseball team again beat a a storm which caused much a by children Given novel a 1. The grades Are in session As usual. Prices in Canning North Trey High this time 3 to 1, in. To mrs Powers. E. J. Smith a of the first Public speaker of the year be very careful about your labels a a fast Well played game at North Montpelier the basements of Powers. _ a cite or to a appeared at Chapel on tuesday mom have them Small and very neatly let Troy tuesday. Carter pitch i about 30 business blocks were flooded Kaj Roond Money is. Carrie Teon ale a. Norse a agon 3 Stone 21, gave tired with the name of the product. Tifful game. Stock out 12 Bat damage to goods is estimated i �7� Bill panted for wilful desertion. 1 on. One Lyrse j lambs a dissertation on a put them on tha smooth Side of the ters and allowed but four to fully $10 000 streams Rose very b. Cleary attorney for or. Moon a roast can rather near the Bottom and be scattered hits. The real feature rapidly and Crystal Lake in Barton is i by. »5rv. R. G. Barton. Al Merrill will receive orders a sure that the labels on All the can of his work was his Row of six Conse a reported to have risen 13 inches in 24 j a Nie h. Colberth is. Willie h. Tickets in the lyceum one exhibit Are paced the same. The Cutie stake out in the Middle of the i Colberth known also As Willie Lee. For season tic every Stu cans should also be absolutely clean game Folio wed by four con utile Bridges in different towns of the Bill was granted for intolerable be. X in i he last of the contest. St site Are reported washed out and the a Verity. Mrs. Colberth to resume her the score a a. A o state fair ground at White River Maiden name. W. Cleary appear Barton _ ? Junction was a veritable Lake of mud j de for mrs. Colberth. Ters and allowed but w Widel of be scattered hits. The real of Crystal Lake in Barton is a of a reported to have risen 13 inches in 24 j or rent my or tet a Monif next. Every Stu cans a a a a Village known As the. Dent should Endeavor to see and hear and if Syible All of the same sue a a a equipped with electric the splendid Talent engaged for this and ,.m Clit Spring or. Season. The special rate to students other things which will North Troy 001000000 1 of Jale splendid 10-year-ow 1200 lbs. Sound Good i purposes. Will sell a Waterman Willoughby. A cent years. O. The C t. A Fez a a. To Tri Lav Athis tour Barton local notes or 1 Albert Scott and family Are Stop-1 in judging baked foods the general House Orleans a Day and Safor real estate in bar a father James Scott. Appearance including size shape May october 8-9. All foot troubles of two Resl a Lauie Rappe texture moisture corrected without pain. Adv Eva he Wen Karden. One House and might easily several Days saturday. October 9th, has been. 1 a i is of of double tenement with or. Isabelle Cameron of Boston fat Joan a appointed by president Wilson recent guest of mrs. J. I quest. Protection Day. Everyone your products to exhibit is should take advantage of this and see t Terrt Dettt w h a Wren plot All Modem. Was. A a thoroughly built and Blake. Weil located in bar treasurer will be at the Quot form what let a is a Valley House to receive taxes All Day a Lucas a in Ijar i ire of Wright. Or rent farm 1aud Apple or Good House Miles from bar Road. Good i -zdfn7 also 180 16tf Furnace with a a a rooms. We can farm but this t Alio l a reason for. Size round Oak ranges. John a Newport. 38tf feet of lumber lit Quot 8 a a i Doop i a a Bunches of casings. This a pills oppt is Good con a Quot a a a Hardwood floor Barton. 34tf ��?2baneous that their chimneys Are Safe for the Winter. Many of the out of town High Friday october 8th. J a Fia Oree a. Katen has gone to i -. 4.v7�. Recently vacated by 1. A. My n. Y.a teachers convention. The grades con mrs. W. Wright is of Huntington is at work for has session. Or. And mrs. Stanley Archib a Creamery left monday for Ashland n. H., Ujj y. Drown and Lamity a re Rushford a As where they expect to spend the win the Lang House he Bur . Gently vacated by Homer Rushfo. Or. Rushford has moved his family i into the Burnham House on Church Quot fee to one of the Keating houses on recently purchased. Mrs. C. E. Hooker of Haverhill place affix a a a the Doria Hovey Ana Vivian a a a or Sevell Days Taat we. Holbrooke on sooth Bara a of a or a j mrs. Chauncey Smith. Family of North Troy were guests wanted i miss Ruby Campbell who has in there the first of the we Etc Antku unending a month with her sister Nichols who has been. A pastry Cook mrs. F. A. Hunk re Raea monday to Periou Aly ill. Of Jou. For her ily from of mrs. Street. And water. Notice. On account of necessary repairs to the electric line the current will be shut off from 12 to one noon on a few pleasant Days soon. 39-40 Barton Village. The court took a recess saturday noon until monday october 11, when it will i reconvene and resume the trial of jury cases. Rally sunday splendid Success. Rally sunday at the congregational Church sunday was a Success. The i sunday morning service Drew a crowd which nearly filled the Church and the local Modem Woodman Camp a a services were especially pleasing. Is to have a special time Friday rendered an Anthem in night when supreme natio a Lee by Merrill Sang the Solo Turer Charles e. Whalan of Madison a p Webster Sang an wis., will speak. Or. Whalan is offertory. Rev. L speaker of a Nusim interest and state a preached a powerful Deputy germ f. Baldwin will to the people to parts and mrs. L. A. Sermon Appeal in to the people to get Back to god. The size of the Church school was re work Quot to new a Yirk Quot a 3arton. At. Be i no in Chratian wanted woman work a Valley House Orleans. A a wanted pullets of All especially White Borns done by inc Bine. Is. A. Land. Mrs. Clara Brown has been quite sick the past week with neuralgia of the stomach. Rote weeks accompanied her. A mrs. Lena _ a some wee woman so Home from mrs. Downs where she has the been staying for two weeks. Kate Haskins has returned a pfc be present. This Means a meet full of enthusiasm and interest and j a Early doubled and the children of tiie warrants a special Effort by everyone Junior department were promoted to be present. ,. There will be a regular meeting Crystal Lake Camp no. 11068, m. W. Of a., Friday night october 8. There will be with us state Deputy George f. Baldwin also our supreme National lecturer Charles e. Whelan of Madison wis. We have two members to take in at this meeting also lunch will be served. We Hope there will be a Good attendance to help make this a Banner night for the Camp. Greensboro Bend mrs. L. Hutchins is working at the hotel. Albert Mercier was at Home Over sunday from his work in Barre. Mrs. Edith Nemick is visiting her parents or. And mrs. D. G. Car Lar i giving examples of the work they of have accomplished during the year. The Christian Endeavor service showed an increased attendance. The Union evening service was Well attended though not As largely in proportion As were the other services of the Day. Rev. A. Turner preached a Short Sermon and miss sessions told the Story of Kurn Hatten Homes for which a collection taken. Withall the Day was a splendid Success with every Prospect that the efforts of the Day will extend into the future services and work of the Church. Lery. Mrs. A. A. I Araucz so. Mrs. J. J Hutchinson to mrs. Kate Tlarkins Nas returned 20tf at the Home of her the con a a Flat october 6. A stunts will be Home from St. Johnsbury where she title a p. A. On account of the con night act Over u of a a nov 1,0= a ring for her daughter. Wat lev p. Q., on account of kinds tinted illness of her Mother. Acted on this wednesday night funny and serious tragic and Light. Has been caring for her daughter. Drowns in pail of water year old Lowell child loses life in strange manner. The year old son of or. And mrs. Hercule Cotnoir was Dro Ned Friday in a pail of water. The child had been playing in the House where there were other members of the family when about 12 of clock the attention of the family was attracted by the quiet. Search was made and the child was found head first in a pail of a Quot or. W. A. Young was summoned 9tf j Black or. A co. Of Park Street and the West a 40-4j Quot Whei a Barton i Smith. Steady la for re g and is moving in. The family expects a a tenement in mrs. Bucks House on. In ill while the guest her Ece a Are. A. A there was a Large Redington Barton. Monday. There was in your leans express station. E. S. Kebe e woman Sal maw of the world series Ball Orleans. Real is toe and real kinds of Vil having Vil Call _ a Barton. 39tf vein at the Mill. Barton lasts. W. E. 26tf world series Ball a a be Leofra j Fri big of Quot Quot is s mlle a tick. A Ood i a 1� Sast Street. Mrs. 40-41p a. Restaurant. No Belle Kibby Barton. 36tf phones. Ance is desired. I �"ries3l%e&Quot played Ove Many times or. And mrs. John 1 during the coming Winter. The latter i sister mrs J Poole do Quot but. Will be at bar of Tbs. A a no a i . And other a hotel thursday october 14th, for the Day Only. No pain no after of Wright of Park Street friends in the Vicinity. A Golf course has been started on found one of pair of a a to Rke Raffi to quote Spring. Lost j hoped a Knes ave the c Paw Foi this do. 3 son. Clifford. Monitor office. Fleets. No cocain. A Barton sept. 23 1920. I did not feel any of the 32 Teeth you pulled for me today. Don o. other patients who Are Well pleased mrs. Charles Tatro h w Bliss mrs. E. Labounty. Mrs. Julia Blair. Parents Evansville f. S. Foster went to Pike n. H., on business the last of the week. C. C. Mcdowell was confined to the House several Days last week with a sore . E. Carpenter visited her sister mrs. Harry Webb of Hanover n. H., recently. Mrs. L. A. Drown is caring for mrs. Geo. Gilman and infant daughter of Westmore. R mrs. Ida Martin and son Homer City were recent guests parents and 15 Brothers and Sisters. The funeral was held sunday morn or. And mrs. W. R. Devereaux and e. Carpenter attended the state fair one Day last week. Mrs. Annie Perkins who has been spending the summer with her daughter in Hanover n. H., is Home. There will be a social dance at the A. Hall Friday evening october 8th. Refreshments of ice Cream and cake will be served. Everyone invited. Due to the heavy rain of thursday night about 50 feet of the Wing of the Pike mfg. Company a dam was washed away causing the factory to be shut Down for an indefinite period while expensive repairs Are being made. West Charleston of Newport a i or a. J i a at the track Home. Aloha Portland Cement and Gyp or and mrs. U. W. Spencer and sum pulp per now be found at family visited at b. A. Wilson a in the store of Derby line sunday. A Island Pond it. Phone 46-4. Adv another open letter. Or. Editor May i ask the Courtesy of the columns of the Monitor once More on the Point of the gambling at the Orleans county fair. This gambling was up open and flagrant that any of us who cherished Hopes for its abatement have no reason for any illusion. Certain questions of Law and order arise. When i say gambling i doing so with reference to that Section of the Public statutes of the state of Vermont Section 7093, which reads As follows a a person who wins or loses Money or other valuable thing by play or Hazard at any game or by betting on such play or Hazard or sharing in a stake wagered by others on such play or Hazard shall be fined not More than two Hundred dollars nor less than ten dollars.? and also Section 7089 which reads a a per plays at cards Dice tables billiards or other game for Mone or othe valuable thing shall be fined not More than five the sort of gambling defined in these two sections of the Public statutes was going on All Day Long the second and third Days of the fair and anybody who walked through the Midway without a a blinders on could see it. What happened on the first Day i do not know for i was not there. It is easy enough to run in or run off a few of the ten cent Monzis who filter into Vermont from new York and Quebec at fair time but to do that alone unless it leads to the closing of the fair grounds altogether against this Bunch of Petty roughnecks is Mere grandstand play and is not serious enough for sober men to Raste their time on. The fair association has control of the grounds. Its authorized agents let the grounds to the men and women who turn the wheels and throw the Dice. Are they ignorant of the purpose for which the ground is let if they Are they ? is it the practice to Grant the privilege of the grounds for unknown purposes or is it the practice to Grant concessions for gambling purposes and then Wink at the violation of the Law against gambling in this connection Section 7078 of the Public statutes makes interesting Reading a a person who sets up or promotes a lottery for Money or other property or disposes of Money or property by a lottery and a person aiding or concerned in so doing or who knowingly allows premises owned or occupied by him or under his control to be used for that purpose or by persons raffling or using a game of Chance for Money or property shall be fined not More than two Hundred if the fair association thinks it can continue indefinitely its present policy and then Clear itself before the Public conscience by burying its head in the Sand somewhere or by making a Goat of some subordinate official or by hiding behind the skirts of the Petty criminal Bunch which plied its Trade on the Midway this year it has another guess coming. The patrons and lovers of a real fair in Orleans county May Long suffering but they Are not fools. Sincerely r. A. Hamilton. Orleans ., sept. 28. 1920. Final polio Dinic at Barton october 16. With the completion of the fall clinics the poliomyelitis department of the state Board of health will have finished the clinical work for the year 1920. These will be held for the purpose of supervising treatment that has been prescribed and to see All apparatus that is now being worn. The apparatus for which measurements were taken during the summer will be fitted at this time. These clinics Are open to All people who Are crippled whether caused by poliomyelitis or work of this department is steadily increasing 352 patients having been seen this year. Forty of these had had poliomyelitis during previous years but had never come into a clinic before. There Are Many patients who will be greatly benefited by operations. In order to accomplish these operations a Small Hospital that is a part of the new England Hospital for women and children in Boston mass., has been rented. The Hospital will be under the direction of or. Lovett and or. Ober who will do the operating. It will be opened the 15th of november for a period of five or six months. During this last summer 26 patients have been operated on and 16 have returned to their Homes. The clinics in this part of Vermont Are As follows St. Johnsbury Bright look Hospital Friday october 15, 12.30 to 5 p. Barton. Hotel Barton saturday october 16. 12. To 1 p. These clinics will be held by miss Bertha e. Weisbrod assisted by miss Marjorie Hickok. Methodist episcopal Church notes Rev. A. Turner pastor Calendar for october. Preaching service 10.30. Sunday school 11.45. Epworth league 6.00 p. Preaching 7.00 p. Prayer meeting on thursday evenings. October 7, e. L. Business meeting after prayer meeting. A october 8, woman a Alliance hash supper. October 9, bunday school picnic in Miles Grove weather Perii sitting. October 10, promotion sunday in sunday school october 29, e. L. Halloween social. October 31, Junior league and King s heralds meeting. Congregational Church notes. Rev. J. J. Hutchinson pastor. 10.30 worship. All seats free. 11.45 Bible school. We need More adults. Why do you not come 6.00 Christian Endeavor. You know Bible verses that have helped you. Come and Tell us. We need them. 7.00 Bong service with Short practical talk. You miss it if you do not come. Subject of the talk. Did Columbus discover America

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