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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives May 19 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - May 19, 1920, Barton, VermontPage three the Monitor May 19, 1920 it september 1, 1919.Barton, a mar Werc Caledonia county it 1t a it a a air a a a aatto my menus " Barton. I had rheumatism Soagia rear get out of bed Orth i full bed. I took the after you eat always Tak even we rheumatic remedy Etta less than a week i was out of so attending to my farm ferret Sav that i Haven t atomic Slat s diary superintendent of the health and her Edity department of the w. C. T. U.,became vice president at larg e for the Wisconsin w. C. T. And state superintendent of social purity and legislative work. She became president resident of the Wisconsin w. C. . Home and Here she accomplished a wonderful work for unfortunate girls and found Good Homes for Mora than 600 waifs often taking one or two on a train to be placed in the new Home and then preaching from a Pul pit Here and there to interest people to befriend the Little ones. During the past few years she has been living in her Home at Greenfield mass. She leaves a Niece miss Winifred Keht living near Boston and Fred Kent of Yonkers n. Y. Lulu rheumatism since years and at 21 years of age began her College work at st. Lawrence University Canton n. Y. She be came instructor in greek in her Alma mater and took a theological course at the same time. She was ordained and served two parishes one in ver Mont and one in Illinois and was very successful and much beloved As a pastor. After serving As a uni Versal is minister for eight years a serious Throat trouble was developed which compelled her to rest and she fitted herself to practice Medicine and went to Eauclaire Wisconsin. She could easily have Given her time exclusively to her profession but Fol lowing her conscience she gave her self to a grand philanthropic three years she served As National Arland Labay and children of Lyn Don recently visited her daughter mrs. Charles Dopp. Oscar Miles father has come to live with him or. Miles having rented a o. Gray s farm. Or. S. A. Jones was called to Lyn Don Center last week to attend Hollis Welch who had a slight Shock. Alex Drake has sold his cow to Harry Davis and John Holtom has sold his horses to Dean Mcdowell. Alonzo Simpson who is living att. Johnsbury brought the body of an infant Here for burial last week. Mrs. Lute Chesley was called to Thedford n. H the first of the week on account of. The illness of her c tor tour add Stoma cell Souiad or Ltd that has the terrible ? pm about the a. J. P. A fire damage of $6000 was recently sustained in the building occupied by o. V. Hooker & son at st. Johns Bur y. The population of Barnet is 1,685,a decrease of 22, or 1.3 per cent according to announcement by the Cen sus Bureau. Over 400 employees of the fair Banks factory at st. Johnsbury have signed a paper saying they will Wear two piece Khaki suits overalls an jumpers to protest against the High Price of men s clothes. Disease. Barton adv. De 3n in to instantly relieves heartburn bloat Edge Isy feeling. Stops food souring repeating and All stomach digestion and appetite. Keeps stomach Sweetland Etzo fir. Increases vitality and the Best remedy. Tens of Thoo san a wonderfully benefited. Only costs a Centor two a Day to use it. Positively guarantee to please or we will refund Money get Able Box today Yoa will sea Fred d. Pierce. Barton. Vermont fsddpie5rce and c. A. Nute. Barton lust m s pharmacy origin s p. G. A Rowington g. H.b0tlr Triue j. T. Drew Glov for d h. Hackett Albany Sears & Bussell Irasburg. At the Brentwood Adelphia. Or. John m air o 5n5 xxxix Xii x Oil 3ua i Sixx xxx six x Xix i a xxx Xix i it i a Johnsbury surgeon sold a six Mont Xix Dod Fri uni Xio siem a onesian calf for $2,800and six other head of cattle for $4970making a total of $7,770 for his wrist watches for commencement Liu 1 a Friday As we was marching out of the Stool room Tonitte Jane Alki Dent by happened to get by my looked at 1 a nother & i Kinda smiled & so did she to. & then i squeezed her hand & she ditled. O boy it give me a thrill like Wen urea setting in a 2nd hand Ford we the engine running Etc. I guess me Byi aint solid with her. I Emagine she will be a awful Good Cook Wen Sheds groan up. Bet i never sleep to Nite. We wooden never have no or the second annual Chas. Cluce of Lyndon made a Short visit at Rufus Carter s last week. Or. Carter has been confined to the bed with Grippe. Sutton North Ridge mrs. Ardelle Miles visited at a. H. Clarke s recently. Arthur Mcfarland was Home from East Haven sunday. X a a Sis pm a a Between Lyndon inst into a Johnsbury Academy was held in st. Everything in gifts that last i Jonns Dury May 12 and the Lyndon Institute team was an easy Winner scoring 69 Points to their opponents31. The feature of the afternoon waste throwing of the discus by mors of the Lyndon Institute 94 feet and eight inches. Mrs. Elizabeth Ash and son. Gar elements on politics. I Wood vote Sixx Tif x i5 Xix six Xix a a to 2s ifs cos s5xx yksi5 ence visited at g. H. Mcfarland s re just As she. Like a does. Why not. Gently. Whats the different about a Ole pres to a if to or r to ident Enny Way. Home life is the Bier Sis x is a a Sis x Wijt is s Xix Barton Vermont. Main. Street de a party of five from Lyndonville 1 1qe sunday. Saturday they Are a lot of wed West Burk Epaul Ford is clerking in the Taylor amps happening now. A not Ere. R. Mcshane who has been very Hrisho & vot kit. Torri pc 0ct,i in x i a t " i ill seems 10 be gaming a. Stuie i. Ring. Mrs. Triggs was there & she airs. Alice Huntley of Stanstead p. Present. Stopped to Tell a & a Whitch was awas m town last thursday. Mrs Ida int Ralls is Snen diner the waiting at the Gate. She sed it was a Percy Hall has been suffering from Xii x Xix Yiv or xxxix Xix Xix Xix x x in fix x a Xix x x j.5 j x re in Barton with her Friend mrs. Very sad. A said surely surely Alton Marsh a Iye him a look full of Tempa an attack of Grippe but is improving. I ensure & he shrunk into the Mcshane came Home tues i of t a a k a. Komi de. Parker of Brantford. P. Of. We appreciate More than we can Tell you the Many Calls Vou Are making on us for fencing and barbed wire. We Haven t a Rod of fencing or a reel of f barbed wire. Fencing v e May get and May not. We re doing All we can. Barbed wire we have promised and Only Hope it will come along soon but there s Only a Small lot of it and Well piece it out the Best be can. We have about 15 reels of wire without barbs though and maybe you could use some of that. We also have poultry netting nearly All sizes and More coming. We have for the present plenty of wire screen cloth screen doors and window screens. Yes we really have a lot of stuff but we again repeat if you need any goods we have buy now and Don t get left. Nails never have we known such a shortage on nails. From the big places in Massachusetts and Connecticut they Are beg Ging for nails and will pay a lot More than we Are asking you. What would you do in our place if you really needed the $3500 we have tied up in nails Well what we re doing is to save them for our customers Here but under the circumstances we Don t want you to ask us to sell them at less than we can get spot Cash and Trust you it does t matter How Good you Are financially. A. Roofing too from Cambridge mass., to spend like everything but the Grum visited at Henry Bugbee s this Pas week. Some time Wim ins caicuts. Went ahead & married her enav was or. And mrs. Leo Blake went to i sunday a was called to an mrs. D. C. Howard took an Auto Willoughby sunday to get their emmies House Whitch she is sick wit trip to Boston the latter Nart of last week. Daughter Esther who has been i nervous Prosperity. So a & me did just a few of the new things at the Hutchins store spending a week with her Grana s Dent go to s. Stool nor Chirch. Daughter. Monday tried to Dodge Stool. Nothing doing a is almost bad Asma Wen he gets cont Rairie. I Herd him saying to Jakes a he had went & lost 7$ of Money. If lie lost it Why dont he look for it instead of getting a grouch. Men is queer. Tuesday had to stay in Tonitte for miss Susie Saunders was at Home from her school in Sheffield Over last sunday. S. D. Bugbee has been seriously ill during the past week but is slowly improving. Or. And mrs. W. W. Gallagher have been spending a few weeks with relatives in Stanhope p. Q. Or. And mrs. F. H. Frasier of or leans were the guests of a. C. Way and family Over sunday. Alpha Quimby who has been living on the Forbes farm has gone to Sut ton to work for s. K. Huse. Faffing at pug Stevens. Teecher ast him what acts on the Fud Wen it hits the Stu Mick. He replied & sed theim Nastic juice. He was watering for me Wen i cum out but i seen him 1st. Gordon Lille gloves Black White and colors both Long and Hasette gloves two Button in the new slate color Gord on hosiery in All the new shades. Shirt Waist sin the new Slort sleeves. Poplin skirts. White skirts. And Many other new things at mrs. C. L. Hutchins $1.40 to $5.00 for prepared roofing and $9.50 for galvanized wednesday a still gone the and $9.00 for american twin shingles but after our Stock is cooking is not Mutch Weener wort for dinner. & , goodness Only knows what you 11 have to pay. Thursday a still gone. Ant emmy better wieners Agen. Washed All the dishes in the House. Albert Mears was called to Marsh Fiel d the latter part of the week to attend the funeral of a Niece. Mrs. H. C. Colby mrs. M. E. Fair Annette j. Shaw m. and miss Alice Ames were the following is printed by request wrong id of the Square visitors in st. Johnsbury on Satur news of the death of a Friend of Day. Many Vermont people was recently mrs. E. B Smith is very Low but announced in the lire Enheld Vermon Tartonis conscious most of the time and is Gazette and courier. The above name d person died april 28, aged 72 to take a very Little liquid nourishment. Her career was unusually Iii of a fooo0000kk0000ra a Tausca snarls for Liz Day Antic of Luiz dealer s name Here. One Pip e furnaces Here s another problem. These furnaces have advanced another 107c came like a Bolt out of the sky. We be Given everyone a Chance to buy at the old Price Many have done so. Our Stock is greatly reduced but even now we will take orders at the old Price for any on Han however after june 1st, our Price will be what to be today so Don t blame us if you order too late. Bicycles splendid line of bicycles prices reasonable very reasonable. Who wants a Dandy new wheel. Garden seeds Ivity. She began teaching at lathe ladies Aid cleared $21.75 at their dinner last thursday and eight new members joined the society at the afternoon meeting. Mrs. Charles Coburn state presi Dent of the d. Of r. Is in Burlington m b l e b s 8this week attending the state Assembly which is holding its annual ses Sion in that City. I Loren Jenkins has Erone to new famous for its marvelous Moto York to qualify for a clerical position i in the office of the vice president of one of the divisions of the Western Union Telegraph company ims wine a splendid opening for him and we wish him All Success. Or and mrs. W. G. Hinerer and s. E. Teach and daughter Ruth who i Searles & co. Jewellers and International Garden fertilizer. For Small gardens this is just what people need. No odor but contains All necessary ingredients for Plant growth. Comes 5 10 25- and 50-l . Try it. Every car should be fitted with a spot Light and a Bryce Mot Ometer. They Are not Only Handy but necessary. Don forget about the free service at our Battery station on Nort Avenue. They re just keeping us hustling and everyone displeased with this new service. Right on the Street. Use it May save you a Battery. How about plumbing heating or Eav spouting new lot milk coolers. $10., $12.50, $15.00. Every farm Vermont have been in California during the late fall and Winter months reached Home last wednesday. Vermont looks Good to them and we Are very glad to have them Back. Mrs. Fanny Sargeant and mrs. Abby Humphrey were called to Lyn Donvil Leon Friday by the death of actor mrs. Nancv Silsby who Newport Tell ecu del j l t Toi Lnor m health for the 5iglias Uccell j As Oon rear. Titta a cuties anger needs one. Or and mrs. B. D. Quetgles Atte Naea the funeral on sunday afternoon. 3csheffieldfrank Pearl has gone to Lyndon & Blanchard co., phone277- 2 to work. Fred Carter is quite sick with the that is just what Miracle influenza. V Grifton Niles has gone to Lyndon to work. Zenas Blake of Boston is visiting at John Blake s. Harley Bailey and wife visited i Sutton recently. Mrs. Frank Wilkie recently visited her sister in Orleans. Harry Lyon was recently in Strat Ford n. Aon business. The Orleans orchestra will be Here Friday night for the dance. Lillie Simpson of Orleans visited at Onie Simpson s last week. A daughter was. Recently born to or. And mrs. Onie Simpson. Moter a s Means Miracle motor a s will positively increase mileage 15 to 40 per cent. This we guarantee. It Al so will eliminate All Trace of car Bon. It Means gored by e Carbon while Miracle motor Gas in actual test has increased mileage 50 per cent think what it would mean to you to get 33 1- 3 per cent More mileage. It Means that 100 Gallons of gasoline plus 100 Miracle motor a s tablets would equal 133 Gallons of Gaso line at a Cost of $1.00 or 3 1- 3 cents per gallon for the additional 33 Gallons. Many Burlington a twists Are using Miracle motor a s with these " results. Order a package today $1.00 will do it. After using 25 tablets one to each Gal lon of gasoline and adjusting your Carburettor to reduce gasoline flow if it does not increase mileage 15 to 40 per cent and eliminate present and Stop accumulations of Carbon return unused portion and get your Money. $1.00 postpaid 4. Why tie Chandler hold sits leadership handler car has attained and held its place of leadership the All Sixes by steadfast pursuance of worthy policies. J Here is but one Chandler car one Chandler Chassis. To that Chassis for seven years have been devoted the ambitions and the engineering ability and the sincere purposes of its builders. Featuring this sturdy Chassis is the famous Chandler motor brought to a plane approximating perfection through these years of refinement and development. F. Nearly eighty thousand Chandler owners know the excellence of this motor. They know its Power and the flexibility of its Power. They know its endurance. They know its Economy. They know it affords Al the Speed that any responsible Driver would Ever wish or dare to use. The know that on Mountain roads it leads the Way up. On this one Chassis Are mounted six handsome and comfortable types of body built by America s Best body builders and splendidly finished and cushioned. Yogi will be delighted with a Chandler six splendid body types seven passenger touring car Sims four passenger roadster s199s four passenger dispatch car 12075 seven passenger Sedan s299? four passenger Coupe s2s95 limousine s3495callrrictf.o.b. Cleveland. Ohio Grace Niles visited her sister mrs. Ray Jenness in Lyndon last week. Henry Lyon recently enjoyed a visit from his sister mrs. Young. There is a new daughter at the Home of or. And mrs. Oscar Miles. The Universal car the Ford Sedan with electric self starting and lighting system and Demountable rims with 3j-in cd tires front and rear is a family car of class and Comfort both in summer Andin touring it is a most comfortable car. The Large plate Glass windows make it an open a Arishen desired while in Case of rain and All inclement weather it can be made a most delightful closed car in a few minutes. Rain proof dust " proof Fine upholstering Broad Roomy seats. Simple in operation. Anybody can safely drive it. While it has All the distinctive and econom ical merits of the Ford car i operation and maintenance. Won t you come in and look it Over hit to Nero up s of Lyndon is with her a few Days mrs. Mina Wilson of Orleans re satisfaction or Money backs entry visited her Ittner a Viv. N t to sep wort exchanged Pul mail orders to nil Nils sunday with Rev. Or. Gould. Miracle Listor Gas dist Riblen Thomas is at Caspian Lake looking after the fish and game Busi a Torso. W. Lawson Newport. It. T1pss. T i of in o has returned from Arthur j. Cayo Burlington atm Sass and working for Harry ? returned from Auto Exchange Kana cum the results of classified Advertis ing in this Pap Art often beyond expectations. Many " times a expenditure of a few cents win Meu Many dollars Worth of property or Chandler motor car company Cleveland Ohio Lyndon to her Home Here for of of weeks. Orie Niles has rented his farm to Isaac Marcou and gone to Groveton n. He to work. Mrs. Sumner Eastman daughter mrs. Ray Jenness in Lyra Don last week. Locate the very article you want to j tray. Don t or Eriex be Cias Iaea

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