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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives May 19 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - May 19, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor May 19, 1920 to. I i i business dive Mont note Gibson also in congressional race. Suffered since to factory or. And mrs. Alvia Tich out of Gilpin Hunt & company inc printers and publishers Barre times of the Republican Cau i have just re Cei Medcus in Brattleboro in instructing the Montpelier both died in Vergenne last week As the result of an Auto Mobile Accident. V j. M. Blake mdhoodch1ltown s delegation m the state convention in Montpelier to use their Jervah & Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Corkins 153- 2 f. A. Jervah 18 or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilr Rian Block Newport it. Complete or a equipment Hospital. Unit to a a to he a possibility of 1u,Barton, a test efforts in the convention to our ther the candidacy of Ernest w. Gib Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont iacued every wednesday and entered t the Post office in Barton As second Cla a matter special attention Given t .7e2.fj Eye. Eav. Nose placing the new state Normal school at Rutland. A site in Middlebury is also being looked Over likewise in Burlington Montpelier and st. Johns Bury also Barre. Son As a candidate for to Dale s seat in the lower with chronic constipation and headaches. Completely relieved Truit a Tives masses to defective m Edoffice Hooks 11 a m and by to Pecini of House of Congress is the first positive move so far As the disc knows a a Toto of Ira Allen the founder favor of the canal Macy i i Leboro Man for the position tor r. It i. Heen talked Here Ana North Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield a. E. Sawyer local manager. North Troy Vermont c. A. Cramton m Cleo palist. Eye. Eye v of the University of Vermont will be presented to the College by j. B. Wil Bur of Manchester it was announced at the founder s Day exercises last week. The value of the statue will be there that Gibson was to be a Candi Resit Ion but no formal lasted every thursday and entered at the Post office in North Troy As of face once hours. 9.nn a nisv0 0rvr Pappo moments for examination a can to made in of of several thousand s matter. Announcement was made by or. Gib son or in his behalf. This More or less formal entry makes three Candi dates already for it is taken Forti Isit Dale will auce by or Venn the Twenty second vice l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by mail or phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses " optical supplies of All kinds and re Dairs made. Phone 332- 2 president of the United states the running mate of Benjamin Harrison Carload of engines a Carload of farm wagons a Carload of tillage implements. Peg toot h harrows Spring toot h harrows wheel harrows cultivators weeders Corn planters seeders the prices Are right. Harry Dickens the Newport news e. F. Humphrey local manager 57 Blain Street Newport Vermont seek and besides him there is Raymond Trainor of White to. Remains to de in 1888 died in Roagni Peepsie x. Friday at the age of 96 years. At 71 years of age he rounded his political life As i v Vernor of new York state. Although Haiti tli2 son of a Cherry Renihan Block Newport and entered at seen whether the list is completed. The Post office in Newport As second class matter. A. C. V. in poor circumstances in Shore a met. In 1824. He forced his Way soldiers Bonus Rutland Herald subscriptions to the front in the business and Finan veterinarian general insurance office phone 53- 2 Yesid Lect Orleans Vermont c. S. Courser licensed auctioneer umber estimate South Albany Vermont n. H. Drew so. Walden it licensed auctioneer Otis m. Bry Antany paper $2.00 per year 6 months until the committee on ways and Means of the House finally and for thu to wir1ps in what to do with the office at Newport. Vermont Cial world until he became one of the Money Powers of the country. He had the blood of a financier in his veins dependent As he was of George Buck s feed Stab Leall subscriptions payable in Advance and All rangers discontinued when myriad suggestions before it for sol Diers Aid it is probably the part of sense to Reserve judgment. Settime expires Morton of York lng., no raised funds to Send the pilgrims to America Daisy White teacher of violin an d expression on the Mayflower. Eral things however Are Public prop part Vin that connection advertising satisfaction plans proposed contemplate 49 Anderson st.,Portland, Maine. I was troubled with constipation Ever since i can remember As a result was subject to distressing Ilea dailies and pain in my left Side. I would go for two or three Days without any movement of the chanced tor cad about fruit a Tives in one four local papers and began their use about four months graduate of mount Ida school of. S. Whitcher Barton it. Cards of thanks 50c resolutions 11.00. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. Newton mass expenditures of from two to six dii Linns to he raised by taxation studio 783 East main Newport f. R. Hastings . Barton rates apply to any any this Money cannot be taken fro i existing revenues As the governments running into a deficit every month for 1920 the United states will have expended s263.968.993 in behalf display advertising rates paper upon application. The democratic state convention will be held in Rutland june 2, com mencing at 11 o clock in the states District attorney a a. Bullard of Burlington will be chair Man of the convention. Announce ment has also been sent out by the state committee that the democratic Cauca will be held throughout the state to elect delegates and alternates to the state i convention. Representation in the state convention will be on the basis of one Delegate from each e. H. How Ewe pay top prices for returned from medical service Over seas september 1stasro. Since them i have been free successor to Howe & Stowe calf skins of world a r veterans. The estimate tar 1921 is already $458,440,000 real estate Newport tel. 175 Root s Block insurance of All kin sat the close of the civil War the cow hides horse hides National debt was about 2,7 5,000,-00-0. Or ss0 per capita City and town and one Delegate forthe present National debt is about May s insurance Agency Barton vermont24,700,000,000, or about 225 per mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing modern dancing a for adults each 50 voters. Four delegates and four alternates to the National demo cratic convention to be held at san from headaches my bowels Havo been regular and from the use of several boxes of fruit a Tive is feel that Tho great Benefit i have derived justifies main pronouncing them a remedy of True and exceptional Merit. Otis m. Bryant. Coc. A Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. At dealers or from fruit a Tive s limited of Bensburg n. Y. Sheep pelts Ana raw capita in the civil War there were about Francisco june 28, will be elected to2.800.000 Union soldiers furs in season Chalif and Vestoff methods of is the state convention. Re i. 1 a. Jos1ah a. Sakson the Edward g. French of thetic and interpretive dancing for juveniles office 0barton. It dentist , was elected president of the this paper has secured for Publica Tion three sermons recently preached by Rev. J. J. Hutchinson of Barton upon three topics which will be of interest to a much larger Circle of people than was privileged to hear them in his Church. He terms the general theme of these three sunday evening sermons habits to be avoided the topics being pro Fanity tobacco and card play the publication of these ser Mons will be begun within a week or two and ought to create much inter est the topics being decidedly modern of Universal interest and handled in a vigorous but not offensive manner. Whether one indulges in these things or not the discussion of the topics will be a wholesome thing for the pub Lic. Watch for these sermons. C. E. Jenkins Public Market congregational state conference at wednesday s session of the annual convention. Judge Frank l. Fish of avoiding kidney ills Orleans. Vermont or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary ver Crennes was elected vice president the Rev. Charles c. Merrill of m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue telno.44- 4 Barton it. Burl Kiffton. Secretary John Xvi. Com in the Wona War Mere were a our 4,800,000 americans in the civil War the base pay of a private was about $13in the world War the base pay of a private was $30in the civil War there was no ser vice Bonus paid in the world War there has been a Bonus of $60 paid in the second year after the civil War we paid out a total of $21,000,000for pensions Hospital treatment and administration for the veterans in the Twenty Fourt h year $92,000,000 and last year $223,000,000. In the second year after the civil War we make life miserable for Many bar Colleg Estock of Chelsea statistical Secretary. Ton people. Phone 138-1 1 Davis livery stable and f. W. Baldwin of Barton treas Delco Ligh 1 the Complete electric Light an Power Plant brings City conveniences and Ern benefits to the farm Home. User. It was voted to hold the next convention in Vergennes. All officers there s nothing More annoying than kidney weakness or inability to arc Merle control the kidney Secre of the Vermont Domestic missionary society of which Nathan g. Williams of Bellows Falls is president were metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard . Cleon w. Seaver agent. Tons. Night and Day alike the suf Ferer is tormented and what with the reelected. The Rev. George a. But the Sale of the Newport express paid in Soldier benefits an average of burning and scalding the attendant backache headache and dizziness life is indeed a Burden. Doan s kid be v pills have Given peace and com Harry e. Drown agent Lane s blk. Trick of Rutland was chosen to preach the annual Sermon. The Rev. Or. Merrill reported the pledges of $116r-co toward the quota of $130,000 in the congregational world movement fund. Recommendations for improved sunday Observance and mar Iacre and Standard by d. W. Hildreth is j Ujj tuition note d with interest. For nearly 16 j Caf after the acrid years the writer has lived As a neigh rat wet a paying in Soldier Bene a or editor to or. Hildreth and i fits exclusive of any contemplated probate courts special sessions of the probate court willbe held at the office of f. W. Baldwins. In Barton on the second and fourth Friday of each month in t he afternoon and at the office of e. A. Cook in Orleans in the afternoon of the third Friday of each month. Parties desiring to transact Prola business at Barton or Orleans should notify the judge in Advance that he May take the necessary papers. The probate office at Newport will j Day sundays and holidays open every except but those coming from a distance afar As possible should make special appointments with the court in Advance. E. J. Smith. Judge. Fort to Manv Barton people. Profit by this Barton resident s experience. E. Brunning Park Street Rufus a. Spear general insurance Agency has always found him a courteous Bonus an average of $ per Soldier or Over $4 per capita of Popula m. L. Forte North Troy were adopted. The Rev. Pauld Moody of new York and the Rev. Assistance in probate matters in says i had been troubled More or less with kidney complaint since childhood. I had Little control Over my Tion. The traditions of the United states Cornelius 11. Patton of Boston were clouding preparation of probate accounts among the speakers. I kidneys they acted. Involuntarily and accommodating brother publisher. Or. Hildreth s editorial style is Force Ful often vitriolic and the support of his paper has been eagerly sought while its opposition has always been feared. Or. Hildreth s spirit of pro demand generous treatment for the men who wore the Khaki just As it de now is the Timeto have Yourman ded generous treatment for the men who wore the Blue. No Veteran if men would plow and Plant and Hoe harnesses repaired and women Weed and Cook and sew if congressmen would act like men Gress has been shown in the erection the future would look brighter Newport of the splendid Home of and oiled if there were no More express and Standard in the establishment of the Orleans. Signal there d. Be More smiles and fewer have harnesses blankets tears if All would cultivate real Worth. Once again we have plenty of Atlas Portland Cement in cloth or paper which he published As an edition for the Village of Orleans for four years in the publication of the Island Pond we d have a taste of heaven on Earth. Of any War authorized by Congress should Ever be allowed to suffer while this Republic exists but it is a ques Tion whether a sort of Bonus Joy rid e will be doing the world War veterans Good or harm. The Herald for one sincerely Hopes that if such a Bonus plan comes out of committee it will be coupled with provisions for Homeak in a homesteading or Aid in Perma nent Enterprise rather than providing a Mere Melon cutting " which will not permanently Benefit the problem of the returned Soldier but rather still further complicate it. Robes whips halters and Al kinds of strap. for a time and in Otter Busi Ness moves. The Newport Field has the Best Way to discourage divorce work team be to make it been considered one of the Best in the state and the express and or. Leisure s veterinary remedies for Sale by Standard one of the prosperous papers of Vermont. If the new pub causing me annoyance and making it very disagreeable. Doan s kidney pills were brought to my attention and i tried them. Three boxes were enough to relieve me and i certainly Praise them for the Good they have done Price 60c. At All dealers. Don t simply a for a kidney remedy get Doan s kidney pills the same Thater. Brunning had. Foster Milburn co., mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y. Developing printing and enlarging for amateurs everything photographic photo Craft shop 37 main Street Newport Vermont m. W. Johnson Lisher of the Newport contemporary better look after that barrel of gives Newport the kind of paper the successor to a. B. Speir town deserves he will find Loyal sup Glover Vermont port and room for advancement. Flour regular awhile the departure of or. Hildret from the newspaper Field is not with r. J. Beeman licensed auctioneer How to meet the situation. It does no Good to fume and fret it s better far to just forget that times Are hard and things Are High it will not last for Bye and Bethe world we Hope will mend its ways and we shall see some better Days. If everyone would do their Best work hard and Long with Little rest would try to smooth instead of tangle life s Bells would chime instead of jangle. Out a feeling of regret the new pub Lisher is welcomed. Gar of fertilizer due in press cupping earning and saving. Bennington Banner More Money is paid out in Ray p. Webster this country daily for soda and ice Cream Barton it. East Hardwick. Vermont he stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles a mail orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main st. Newport it. Or. E. H. Fills veterinary office and Hospital East main Street tel 43, Newport notice inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-1 2. P. J. Guertin comparative prices paid by h. P. Hood and another Large buyer in Maine july 1, 1919, to december 31, 1919 last six months per hundredweight koxx00o0xk0oo0x0xx00 than of r automobiles and gasoline according to the collector of internal Revenue of new York City. It is also said that More Money is spent for chewing gum than for diamonds and More for Candy than for Silks an furs. Nearly All people spend a considerable part of their income for luxuries and the percentage so spent by people of Small income is undoubtedly greater than that of the Rich or Well to a o. All americans nowadays who Are not loafers and Are blessed with Good health earn Money enough in their lifetime to become Well to do but most of them spend it As they go Ain of .0nly a few people have the ability to save patiently from year to year until they get a Start which helps them to Success. Our banking service if you have an Edison Standard paid by paid the Otha flav z fid is to test outside of h. P. Hood & son. Other Large Buyei Heteu Ouie Larse buyer mip?u., in maid in chm Csor con an do 2 3 4 5 6 2 of $3,569 $3,400 $3,142. $0,094 $3,2383 3.609 3.461. 303 .0963.7 3.649 3.522 3.265 1097 ajii3 3.689 3.584 3.327 .0993.9 3.729 3.645 3388 Al 34s9 3.769 3.707 3.450 .1033.809 3.7683.512 " il05 a Llyial 3-8 3.829. 3.573 .107 3 6809 3.891 3.635 .109 3744ttt 3-9 3.952 3.697 .ho3.969 414 3.758112 3j7o enables you to transact your business quickly convey by and with every degree of safety and satisfaction. Cod we extend you a cordial invitation to use of plete service to your business needs. Home or Triumph where did the difference go Springfield reporter if any great orm Atit phonograph Farmers like those of Johnson sold their emm f t n i and the purchasers of the same paid third party $3.75 a gallon it is tim that some kind of an introduction committee made producers and Consumers m this state a Little better acquainted with each Ether. It might be quite As much to the i r n example if your milk tested 4 and you were a Maine producer you Over pc per quart More Cash from h. P. Hood & sons and about per quart More Cash from h. P. Hood & sons than theother Irge buyer paid you in Cash and Stock certificates. If you produced milk elsewhere than in Maine you received nearly per quart More Cash from a p. Hood & sons than from the other Large buyer in Cash and Stock certificates. In Ether lines of barter and Exchange to dispense with a to Phr Anh Barton savings Bank & Trust co. Barton Vermont capital $50,000 surplus $100,000 since they both speak English and understand the same numerical system. That will not play the a wonderful four minute Blue Amberos records Call or write and we will explain How a simple attachment will make your machine to a so that you May enjoy All of the latest dance music pop ular songs and instrumental Agency Wright s shoe store 37 main Street Newport Vermont they could conduct trading negotiations without the assistance of an interpreter if they were on speaking terms. In the above mentioned mat difference Between the $1.75 and $3.75ter of syrup they could have split theand each would be sweeter ten reared h. P. Hood & sons Dairy experts " o maximum service to the consumer through co operation with oar Abl Esafe Deposit boxes to rent at Reasonover the result than they Are at pres rates. J

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