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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives May 5 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - May 5, 1920, Barton, VermontA Etwo the Monitor May 5, 1920 Opio Hunt amp company he. Printers Gnu publishers Orleans county Monh in Barton Termont Moed every wednesday and entered a i the Post office in Barton As second class matter North Troy palladium leased of a h. Batterfield w. R Sawyer. Local manager North Troy Vermont iwed every thursday and entered �4 the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. Then Export news e. F. Humphrey local manager 7 main Street Newport Vermont inked every Friday and entered at Post office in Newport As second class matter. Press cupping s any paper $2.00 per year months $1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance Community. But when it comes to a question of pulling somebody s chestnuts out of the fire or of increasing the gain of some individual organization or what not that a different and the newspaper must draw the line or suffer itself to go into decline. For it must be borne in mind that every line of Type which a newspaper sets up costs just so much and every much of Good White space utilized costs the newspaper just so much and the Cost is rapidly advancing too. Why should the newspaper be asked to pay out its Money to Aid some person or some organization to make financial gain it has wares to sell just As the merchant has wares and its wares Are its advertising space largely although the circulation of the paper May a recognized in the same Dassi fic it on. Sometimes a person express Surprise that an advertising Reading notice in the so called news Type should be charged for that Nerson having failed to understand lat the workmanship and the space and tar re �?T-7 a he newspaper something. You dont go where shall we get Beer and wine Bellows Falls times occasionally a Man is heard to remark that he does not want saloons re established but he does want the volstead enforcement act so amended that he can Purchase wine and Beer. Generally he we a add that he does t want the wine and Beer for him of but he has a feeling that his neighbors Are suffering. H there Are no saloons Pray How is the average Man with too Little Money to buy a Keg going to get his wine and Beer there must be distributing quarters and to be to ular the distribution must be by the Glass. A the consistency of Clement. Burlington free press ?.he�?T�?~Man kind Ysa Pugh Shehad heart disease Truro a Yves made completo cure i stomach trouble notice inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guertin r. J. Beeman licensed auctioneer Hardwick Vermont a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles .4/i fair Orrum attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main St. Newport it he now expect to it in. Vermont Public Are due More to Lack of understanding advertising a Motsa on aos to Savi a a the be a kor than to in cards of thanks 50c, Resolution. Pm a . Reading notices 15c per line a pie see the situation clearly they Are per insertion. Classified advertising a a Tjit a courts to the United a a a a business basis. It at top of Olgaa Ifird col Nam. See that the Fos is on the Hope of such an understand Cates apply to. Any. Papee. Over Venn onto Constitution. District for Public betterment but asking some returns Agan. Clement Trainer the Herald when private gain is sought by the person seeking publicity. These. Display advertising rates for any paper upon application. Hiu Egas talks to 500 teachers. Or. Milo b. Hillegas in speaking before 500 teachers at the Rutland a Clity teachers association meeting last week at the High school announced that Vermont is to have Bennington Banner candidate Agan for _ governor and candidate Trainor for Congress Are both trying to make it emphatic that they Are not Mere feathers on the tray King testis us a Ion Quot of a hich cd the state win be proud. He said that thl he could not make definite announce i a vement conc Ming this Normal school is that the two men have in yet except that it will be ready for 5� i endly and closely As rated in teachers who wish to take the train a a course next year. A swayed by or. Clements opinion. He in speaking on the question of Sal 1 nor a ties he urged the teachers to give Herald to act As his sponsor better value for the increased salaries a and chief spokesman. His first which they Are receiving. He said a al is to those who want to resume that in proportion Vermont had done a commercial liquor a business it More in the matter of increases than him some votes hut \ eito ont most other states and that in proper i As other and More important meter Tion to the assessed valuation of the a is to consider. State no state was making such Sacri j aces to provide teachers As is ver women used to go to Paris for the styles Row they seem to have gone to Africa. A Man gets Blue Over losing a lot of Money a woman Over gaining a lot of flesh. A women May dress for other women or men but she paints for herself. He gave the teachers Many valuable a a a tons concerning their work for Sog Gesti another year. He advised them to Legal contracts and to keep those contracts if they wish to continue to teach in Vermont. Already feral teachers have lost their state our Industrial growth noted. Barre times Northern Vermont appears to be in fair Way to make distinct gains through Industrial development. Fol i lowing the announcement of new in a destries secured for Barton comes the i statement that a $250,000 addition to Motif Cates for breaking contracts an existing Plant in Derby line is to Mueth school committees. Be constructed making the tap and finally he announced that the a die Industry there one of great in a Tankard of certification in the state a Ortance. Then there is the Hustle to be raised next fall no permits i ing bustling City of Newport which is tech beg granted to High school j constantly showing signs of being Grade Tea. Of 60 High school very much alive. Those three places Paduanes receiving these permits As Well As Orleans and North Troy u september Only about 20 St a hold Are reported to be in need of housing their positions. Nant methodist conference. The Vermont methodist conference accommodations in order to take care of the growing number of people who Are being attracted there by reason of the Industrial development. So it seems that Industrial development taken into consideration. Fiauu cuu Fin to the Southern Sutton of to Bishop Homer cd St of Omaha Means Northern web. Was the presiding officer and was i a a to be reckoned with when Given a Hea Welcome on his first Vermont Industrial conditions Are Yearance in a Vermont conference Aiace his election to the Episcopacy. There was a Large attendance of ministers and their wives from All parts of the St. Albans and St. Johnsbury districts making up the area of the Vermont conference which does not i chide the West Side of the state South of Essex Junction. Tuesday evening the first Public event of the conference was the anniversary of the Board of Home mis better dead Ife is a Burden Whan the body a racked with pain. Everything worries and the victim becomes respondent and downhearted. To ring Back the Sunshine take cold medal t5� National remedy of for Ovar o years it a an enemy of ail pains rating from kidney liver and Aric and a it Isles. A dregits. Three sires. A am cold of a Rory has a Rel of irrit3ioa Babbitt throws sop to minority Azote a Stanstead journal candidate Babbitt appeared in a after Yoa eat always take Atonic instantly relieves Hai Era. Bloat mrs. Frank w. Wallace Moutton Ville Carroll co., n. H. An account i read about a fruit a Tives or fruit liver tablets in one of our newspapers prompted me to try this remedy. I was All run Down and work was burdensome owing to indigestion and fullness due to Gas on my stomach which caused me to belch a Good Deal. My heart seemed to to affected. It was two year ago that i was in this condition and began the use of fruit a Tives. Even though the trouble had been of a few years standing the use of a fruit a Tives proved the very remedy i required. I was freed of the indigestion which i attributed to my heart and i can conscientiously recommend Truit a ii Csc As a remedy of Merit. Mrs. Frank w. Wallace. Sec. Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. At dealers or from fruit a to a is limited Ogdensburg n. Y. Or. E. H. Nills veterinary office and Hospital main Street Tel 43, Newport liberation notice of his Deb Stanley fated at Sutton. It. This a a a april. 1�0 now is the time to have your harnesses repaired and oiled have harnesses blankets Robes whips halters and All kinds of strap work the a m belts. Or. Leisure a veterinary remedies for Sale by m. W. Johnson Success a to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont instead of White Wash and disinfected its use car Bola disinfecting germ killing White paint. Paints and disinfects in one operation. It is an excellent Louse powder keeps pig pens sanitary. Prevents contagious disease kills lice and mites sterilized and kills bacteria. It is a better paint than Whitewash. It will not Blister Flake or Peel and has no disagree Able odor. Why not have a Stewart Clipper then you can clip your horses and cows and Shear your sheep. I have a Large Stock of Gray Lawn Louse Chase Crel Oil american horse tonic Kow kure bag Balm and the old reliable Balsam myrrh. Why not paint your car and make it look like new i can furnish you the paint at Small Cost. United states and Delaval separators repairs and Oil kept in Stock at All times. . Whitcher Barton it. Purported interview by a Burlin on free press Man stating his position on the volstead act. Or. Babbitt takes the same position As All others who Are inconvenienced by the act. . Stope food souring repeating and a stomach miseries. Aisi it bsh twin Iep Petite. A a Eph Toaimah i a a cetane a troops. Lac Maes a Hasty a of per. 1 remedy. Tene of thoe Lions. The great organization charged Temperance Law abiding with the annual expenditure of about i fault with the Art the $10.000.000. The speaker was prof. T William s. Mitchell of Boston uni a Ity j a Rule the Fellows who like a a a Nipper a feature of the wednesdays pro a a Quot la of Quot a feedings was the Montpelier Seminary a a a it a its they May meet the open door on the Edge trying to get in and at the same time itch principal of the Seminary a a evidently this candidate a d Bishop Homer c. Stuntz As a governor a Iam Quet attended by about 200 peo following the collation j. W. Votary Rev. Fao Dureda by a a hop Homer a for the element toastmaster. The latter presided and they Are sorely depressed by presented several speakers include i deprived of Well doing As they big Rev. W. R. Davenport of Spring please about the liquor evil regard eld. Rev. E. W. Sharp of St. Johns a a a a of the Large major Hary and Rev. C. W. Kelley of new >6 humbly born of Good port Center. A Stock of he happens to strike a a pay the conference completed its Organ Streak develop a a yellow Streak nation at its first business session a a a they seem to travel in pairs. A wednesday morning by electing Rev a it it Bank balance should be an oppor a a for Good not a License to con fuse right and a clean life. It is to be re ted that any Man should come before the electorate of the state and insult the Large majority of patriotic Law abiding citizens by casting a sop to the Small element who stand for the open Saloon. There is no Middle ground on this question. Begging of the newspapers. Barre times a great Deal of truth was crowded into one Brief sentence by the a a a Foj a fee Brattleboro reformer As h a. Mandigo of Island fond Sec to Quot Rood not a License to con in. C. D. Pierce of Orleans j _ 1 assurer Rev j. A Hazelton of Brownsville statistician Rev. Joseph Hamilton of Randolph biographical Secretary and Rev. F. W. Lewis of Highgate honorary Secretary. Revs. W. H. Davenport superintend Jupt of the St. Albans District and e. W. Sharp superintendent of the St. Jolin Bury District read their annual reports and the effective elders of in districts passed in character and imely reported their years work. A to the great Centenary drive of offerings for , As payment made to largest Ever known probably toe times larger than Ever before Ime to the same movement a con a durable increase in membership is indicated. Bishop Homer c. Stuntz delivered remarkable lecture on a keys of far Elaste at the methodist Church Friday evening. Judge Frank Plum Ley of Northfield presided and mrs. Mason. Sharp Sang her husband acres paying her on the violin. The Lay electoral conference Friday chose As delegates to the general inference at Des Moines May 1, v. A. Irish of Enosburg Falls and s. A. Daniels of Brattleboro. The ministers chose Rev. W. R. Davenport of Springfield and Rev. Arthur w. Hewitt of Plainfield. The conference voted to assess upon the churches the full amounts needed to pay the Ann ties to retired ministers of the conference which in the Ortw Fred d. Pierc. Burton. Tinnat Barton evidence for Barton people the statements of Barton residents Are surely More reliable than those of utter strangers. The for All the free advertising which it now contributes to one -2use and another the outlay would be sufficient to startle the average this demand is due to two causes one of which is that by its very nature the newspaper is the medium of conveyance of thought Between people and the other is that people do not understand that the newspaper has to sell space in order to live. The newspaper is the natural publicity agent of the town or the District in which it circulates and it expects therefore to have its columns utilized to Aid in the Public betterment As Well As in the furtherance of plans for private Gam. A newspaper May advocate the installation 1 of a new sewer system for its town or May Point out the advantages of having motorized fire fighting equipment that a Public betterment and the news a Home testimony is real proof. Public statements of Barton people Arry real weight. What a Friend or neighbor says compels respect. The word of one whose Home is far a a invites your doubts. Here a a Barton statement. And its for Barton Peoples Benefit. Such evidence is convincing. That a the kind of proof that backs Doans kidney Pius. C. F. Cutler Farmer. Park St., says a i suffered from Lumbago and with rheumatic pains in my shoulders. This bothered me a lot and made me miserable. I heard of Doans kidney pills and decided to use them. They relieved me and i can say Doans kidney pills Are a Good reliable kidney Price 60c, at All dealers. Done to simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doans kidney pills the same that or. Cutler had. Foster Milburn co. Mfrs. Buffalo n. Y. Save 15% to 40% of gasoline Money your Miracle motor Gas will do this you should get All the Power your car and gasoline can give you a smooth running engine free from Carbon powerful noiseless and full of Pep. Miracle motor Gas a guaranteed Gas enriched and Carbon remover will make motoring a pleasure give you Power smoothness a make your engine respond to your every wish. Increases Power from so to Miracle motor Gas is a chemical put up in Tablet form soluble in gasoline without residue containing no Ether picnic acid chloroform camphor alcohol or anything injurious to any portion of a motor. It compels 100 per cent gasoline explosion that a Why it is successful eliminates Carbon makes engine run smoother and pick up easier. Three Cento Worth of Miracle motor Gas equals one gallon of gasoline. Sold Only one Way satisfaction or your Dollar Back mail orders to Miracle motor Gas distributors Arthar j. And f. P. Caya. Burington. It. Richards the tire Man 187 Church Street Addison Contr a a. A. And w. I Dairymple. Vergennes. Franklin county h s. Holme s Wanton. Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of a kinds a phones j. J. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit j m. Blair re or Barton it special attention. Diseases of the Eye ear the tit Tang of kla8sr� Orrick Hocks 11 r m to sunday and by Specula up in a l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by mail or phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport it. A a a c. A. Cramton m n no. Can be made in Telephone. A Vanoe by a. C. Farmer. D. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bucko a feed stable Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of mount Ida school Newton mass studio 783 main St., Newport Quot e. H. Howe successor to Howe amp Stowe real estate Newport Tel. 175 roots blk mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing modern dancing a for adults Chalif and Vestoff methods of aesthetic and interpretive dancing few juveniles or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis very stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. A Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts Harry Dickens neral insurance and office phone 53-2 Reaide a. Orleans. Vermont g. S. Courser Censed auctioneer Huber eat imm South Albany Vermont . Drew so. Walden to licensed auctioneer statist action guaranteed f. R. Hastings . Barton it. Returned from medical a Errice or a was september 1st insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont . M. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44.4 Barton it probate courts special sessions of the probate court will be held at the office of f. W. Barton on the second and fourth Fri Dpi of each month in the afternoon and at the office of k. A. Look. In Orletha u the afternoon of the third Friday of month. Parties desiring to transact Prohart business at Barton or Orleans should not the judge in Advance that he May Tabeth �?ofsrp7og2? at Newport us open every Day. Except sundays and holidays but those coming from a dl8tanee.u far a possible should make special appointments with the court in Advance. E. J. 8mitb. Judy. Our line of seeds is As follows Timothy Pine tree red Clover alike re top Jap Millet common Millet hungarian wheat Oats Barley buckwheat India wheat Minn. No. 13 com Field peas Ray p. Webster Barton it. i in Stock for immediate delivery \ i new passenger is 3 Nash seven passenger Nash five passenger Nash four passenger sport Oakland Sedan f. B. Chevrolet its 490 Chevrolet Sisters of the conference which in the the newspaper Reamy expects to per Gast have Only been paid in the part. A form that duty without remuneration be. Laymen enamoured this action on a other than the consciousness of hav part of the ministers. J ing done something to help along its we pay top prices for Ca skins cow hides horse hides sheep pelts and raw furs in season c. E. Jet mrs pubic Market Orleans ver Ronol new trucks Nash two ton Nash one ton Chevrolet one ton Commerce two ton 490 Light delivery prices of All will be higher. The Barton savings Bank amp Trust co., will clo saturday afternoons beginning May 1st. A a j Barton Auto Exchange Barton savings Bank amp Trust co. Barton Vermont capital $50,000 surplus $100,000 Safe Deposit boxes to rent at reasonable rates.

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