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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - March 24, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans c Mounty Nitor l1 vol. 49 no. 12 Barton Vermont wednesday March 24, 1920 single copies 5 cents. Young Mother held for manslaughter liabilities of $81,801classified advertising Cowles announces candidacy for four License towns under thin pm v. I. v official vote shows Irasburg Lowell Brownington and Jay go wet. Publishers of this paper launch drive for county boys and girls n Noru order. Avo Adreth to furn Penny Uta than Tenenty Jio e Senate. M. Cowles of Albany announce that he will be a candidate for county senator in the following letter to the people of the county. Notwithstanding the fact that he has written some friends who urged him to enter the race that he would not be a candidate he has decided to let his name be used. Official returns of the yes and no vote in the various towns of Orleans county show that four towns vote for License at the March meetings miss Jice Stone a Young we Manof 19, was arrested in Barton "march17th on the charge of killing Heri Fant child. The baby was born at. E. Proctor s House where the girl roomed mar. 14. Its body which had been thrown Down an embankment was discovered by Proctor s Little boy and a playmate. Miss Stone claim the child was dead when born. She was arrested at the Peerless Factor where she was is understood that the finding sat the state Laboratory indicate that for sale1 i though of course the vote is Annulledto j i i business men educators religious workers and fathers and mothers recognize in boys and girls club work needed achievement goals for inspiration of youth by in Terai constitutional . Jay has previously voted License but Brownington and Lowell have Al ways turned out a Large no vote. Only about half the usual vote waste Mia Aiea 01 exposure. For Sale Drew shop on water crypt Vithor machinery without. It ech Oppell 12-14 a for Sale 300 cords of Wood dirt 100 of it . Tel. 128-1 2. Harry Merrill Orleans. Lotf foil Sale storehouse on Lake vie w Avenue. Two stories High 24x-3-0 feet. . Hoy. 12-1 4 " Fop Sale four lots on Glover cast. Regular License yes no druggist License yes no v Barton local notes Rev. A. B. Blake is quite sick with i i county club Leader Paramount Nee Albany 19 34influenza. T. Seaver is assisting i . Bank. Camp Westmore has assets of $11 578with which to pay debts. A schedule of assets. And liabilities was filed tuesday in the office of the clerk of the United states court in Burlington in the involuntary Bank Ruth Case of Camp Westmore he assets Given As $11,57830and the liabilities $81,801.23.the secured claims of Ava of 46 North Broadway Yon kers a. Y., who has a mortgage for?32,842 26 c. Stone & sons inc.,of Middletown conn., who have a mechanics Lien for $25,000 on the cottages and buildings and Carrolle. Jenkins of Orleans who has an attachment for $950.the unsecured creditors b. F. And h. L. Jackman of Barton $568.-7 5miss Laura Joll of Campton p.q., $850 George a. Lang of Barton,$79.92 Charles e. Pierce of West Burke $150 Joseph Mills of Orleans,$120 True & Blanchard co. Of new port $3,500 Merandi proct com Pany of Washington Street Boston,mass., $2,500 National Bank of new port $6,000 Charles h. Dudley inc. Of Hanover n. H., $6,751.70 Charlesh. Dudley Hanover a. H., $454, and others. Outside the buildings the assets consist of All kinds of Camp equip ments including Row boats 125 cots and mattresses dishes cooking utensils and equipment furniture and everything which goes into furnish ing a girls Camp on a Large scale such As this was intended to be until Dis Aster overtook the promoters. Street. A. R renin Carton or ,8tf thoroughly believing in the work the publishers of this paper will devote space and influence for month of april to pushing Campaign for needs of work kin. 21 70 15 35 25 55 46 55 34 14 27 1 40 12 66 21 35 22 16 9 22 4 11 18 16 52 . S. B. Cowles is nursing in East Craftsbury. . C. F. Shores has been quite ill the past week. Barton 58 75 Brownington 19 15charleston. 12 37 Coventry x 22 33 Craftsbury 19 48 Derby 11 50glover .25 59orvvpnboro 7 34 Holland 11 14 Irasburg 32 29 Jay .28,2lowell 53 39 Morean no vote i Doris Whitcher visited Friend West Glover recently. Shall we do something Worth while to the voters of Orleans county i have at the urgent request of Sev eral of my friends decided to be come a candidate for the state Senate at the fall election and if elected pledge myself to serve the county and state to the Best of my ability. Sincerely. M. Cowles Barton Academy definite plans being made by the Academy to publish a Booklet. Init there is to be a history of the school from the time it started until the present there also to be Pic Tures showing the different stages of Progress. A Section is to be Given to the alumni department of which Mae Batchelder is editor. Another feature is a picture of each senior with a Short write a p accompanying it one part is Given to literary work which will consist of stories jokes and sketches by the pupils. For the Best Story joke sketch the Pupil is Given a free copy of the books in the Back of the Booklet there is to be placed advertising which will help pay for the Cost of Cost of this Booklet is estimated at about $300. The Board of publication is As Fol lows editor in chief Frances Willard. editor Ralph editors Charlena Clough and Mary Shedd. Alumni . Batchelder. Athletic editor Clarence Hazen. No vote for Sale seed Grain wheat Barley and buckwheat. Price reasonable. N. F. Jacques phone 24- 4, Newport 43-4 4 for Sale seed gain wheat Barley and buckwheat. Price reasonable. N. F. Jacques phone 24- 4, Newport 12-1 3 for Sale fresh ground meat and Bone for poultry. $2.50 per Hundred. Cash with order. J. W. Powers Newport it. 11-1 4 wanted to show that people interested. Why not put this thing across in half the time planned. It can be done if everyone will take hold. For the youth of Orleans county to Day that they May be larger and bet Ter and More efficient men and women tomorrow shall we neglect to offer Newport City 64 Newport town 10 92 36 26 6 15 61 6 8 0 5 15 97 40 33 6 16 Troy encouragement and help to our boys and girls and Reward for achieve05westfieldwestmore total ment As a county we giving Aid to the promotion of better farm -410 661 384 .613 inst. Better Stock raising and better Home making but where do the children come a what inducement . F a son was born to or. And Grondin thursday. W. Pawnee has been ill for Sev eral Days but is improving. . W. Benware is in Woods Ville n. H., for a few Days. Miss Clio going is in st. Johnsbury helping in the family of a relative. . F. E. Hitchins of Browning Tonis with her daughter . Carl Haga r. . E. A. Titus has finished work at Newark and is in town for a few Days. . Junius e. Meadow Plattsburg a. Y., is visiting her father o. . Or. And . Will Hawkins and baby have returned to Thetford with there for them to learn to do things what has been done Al ready in club work in this county due to the enthusiasm and splendid work of a few local people there five live clubs at present in this county. One of the clubs is on the Lake Road in Newport two in Brownington Village one in Evansville and one in Brownington Center. Poultry Gar Den sewing Canning cooking and calf projects being taken up by the various members of these clubs. And do them Well our Best educators business and for Sale one pair horses weighing 2900 lbs., one pair weigh in j 3100 lbs. Fred Ingalls Barton.11 13p for Sale fresh ground meat and Bone for poultry. $2.50 per Hundred. Cash with order. J. W. Powers Newport it. 31-3 4 religious leaders believe much of the trouble with present conditions has Arisen from a Lack of practical Ana Augustus Fordyce French was one of the 12 children eight sons and four daughters of the late Rev. Lyndon And Annie e. Farnham French and was born february 7, 1828 in he grew up and Learned the Cabinet making business in his own Home. In Early manhood he went to Side with his Uncle Fordyce s., who lived on a farm on East Hill crafts tangible goals of achievement for the Young people. In cooking contests handicrafts contests crop raising and this past year Philomene Beaure for Sale seed Grain wheat Barley and buckwheat. Price reason Stock raising contests this Lack is sup Gard a member of the Brownington lied. And when strife for leadership Able. N. F. Jacques phone 24--4, county red Cross meeting. Miss Marion e. Rowe who has recently been appointed the general representative of the new England division office for our chapter and who represents not Only Home service but All departments of red Cross activities will be present at the March executive meeting of the Orleans county chapter of the american red Cross in the Goodrich memorial Library on Friday afternoon March 26, at one thirty o clock and is open to Village club took the state first prize in cooking and thereby becomes . 32-3 3 manager Harold Carter his Mother. . A. M. Vercoe who has been nursing in Coventry returned to her assistants Roy Valley and Mildred fan a to West Glover. Augustus be a " ling in poor health spent three Yeasas yet the name of the Booklet has Kerai fishing and after returning state cooking club Champion. She also won third prize in sewing while Dorothy Dutton took the state second prize in cooking and Gertrude Gray of Brownington Center received a special prize in sewing. This work was made possible in these various Home a few Days ago. Miss Julia King has returned from not been decided upon and the Stu from the i song trip he married Han Den stare to hand in names and a nah j Sawyer of Highgate at the vote taken to decide which will be congregational Church in Franklin used. Trua a a of Viot Arti e and Ner Burlington where she spent a Short i i f i 1 1 1 vacation with friends. Communities because of the interest the following the students who Nama ,0 in Mew March 18. 1855. In these things is guided then is ambition developed adapt Brlity an initiative invited. This great need is being answer Din boys and girls club work under competent leadership. While the plan is not new it is comparatively new to Orleans county. The government cognized this great work in a sub Stantial manner and the publishers believe so thoroughly in it and learn ing that the work was failing of development Here because of Lack of funds has undertaken to inform the people of the county of the work its needs and benefits and ask them to see the work started at once. We therefore proposed to the farm Bureau executive committee that we rank highest in their respective inn Valand Alaee at All red Cross workers m the is this representative s responsibility to assist us in organizing our chapter and branches for carrying on a unified program and to help establish the forms of service found advis Able in the various communities in classes for the present school year. The four Corners so called from the one names not riven in the order ref to a hand and Las Durst for Sale second Han d Ford 1 second Han d Chevrolet 1 motorcycle. Would Exchange for cows. Charle3 Bellway Orleans. 38tf for Sale Hay and Wood. New Cedar tub. Three Holstein heifers All freshened. Also Meadow land. Tel. 15111. Alfred Brown Orleans. 10 of for Sale dark r. I. Red cock reels from Owen farm Vineyard Haven mass. One of these Birds won first and special it. State Poul to show prizes. Elrick Barton. 12-1 4 for Sale three two year old heifers to freshen in Early Spring an ten yearling heifers All holsteins and Well marked. Tuberculin tested. P. D. Walker Barton. 41tf of their standing but arranged roads known then As the Ralph skin i i t i i 1 .1 t i. I i. Shown by the local people and the leaders of these clubs. The Exten Sion service also furnished specialists to assist these local club leaders in making up programs for these such a beginning already made in club work without a county Leader How much could be accomplished with a. Leader it is work which every boy girl Between the Ages of eight and 19 years can get into in this county whether they be . Iney Ner far if not far from West love seniors Ada Drew Marion Seav Viii age All the furniture with which by Mary Shedd Frances Willard the Youns people started House keep Floy Taylor the furniture shop e. D. Alger is moving into the Home he purchased of f. E. Nelson on South Church Street. Miss Avis Spaulding of Newport was the week in d guest of her Cou sin miss Grace Proctor. Miss Glen Lang spent a few Day last week at West Glover assisting in the Home of l. Young. There will be a special meeting of Crescent Lodge no. 41, i. on monday evening. Work. There will be a special meeting of Crescent Lodge no. 41 i. F. On monday evening. Work. Juniors Harold Jarter i reign Franklin by himself and Brothers Viia father established a Ca Comstock Clarence. Hazen Leona our chapter s jurisdiction. A thorough Survey of chapter and ranch communities is necessary to determine which of the activities suggested by the division office is Desira ble to undertake and miss Rowe will assist us in this we wish the help of specialists in any one line such As nursing Junior membership Home service first Aid we can arrange through this general visitor to have them come to us from be allowed to present the matter squarely to the Public and ask for gift for the work. This is a new plan never before tried out in the county Moulton Clyde Walcott. Sophomores Marion Sears Char Lena Clough. Hal Carpenter Ursula Wakeman Doris Beatrice labor Edna Rowell Stanley Holbrook Bertha inet making shop to keep his eight sons employed. The shop is still standing and was visited by the old est son on a recent trip to attend the funeral of an aunt in Highgate. sold that farm and bought the farm known As the Borland place where his family resided some time after Long to a club not. As rapidly As possible clubs will be formed in the various towns and communities but boys and girls May work on these projects whether not there is a club in their Community. There is Noth but has the approval of the farm Bureau leading educators and citizens and is undertaken with a full appreciation of the size of the task and it similar departments in the division 1 office. For Sale 50 cords about three cars four foot Wood at r. Sid ing 14 Miles North of Newport. $8.50per Cord f. B. Cars. Guy Cour ser West Glover. 7tf responsibility. Nevertheless Gilpin ing that has been devised in Lathis return 17xissic to in co. Of 15th Hunt & co. Inc., stand ready to give years which so develops and fits boys Carpenter Amherst year Jessie Moulton Flora Webster Frederick Baldwin Doris goad Corabelle Clark. First year Marion Baldwin Amelia Cornish Ruth Gilpin " Ger Trude Kilgallen Marie Browning. Oder of its time Ana Money 10 Inis wont Ai stands ready to devote valuable space wanted housekeeper in Small Home with All conveniences. Young people no invalids no Cook and take full charge. Per manent position and Good pay if satisfactory. C. F. Hersey st. Johns Bury it. 1-2 for Sale Small Village farm j the meeting to be held on March 26, at Newport is then the most import ant meeting Ever called by the Orleans county chapter and it is imperative that every Branch should be represented by its president Secretary treasurer and chairman of All committees As Well As by others who interested in the peace program m of the american red Cross. Vermont a it put. 16th, 1862 to August 5th, 1863. was one of six sons of the Rev. Lyndon French who served in the Union army War of the rebellion their United terms of service aggie in its three papers to the project and by reason of the thorough manner in which its diapers the Orleans county Monitor North Troy palladium an news reach every Nook and Corner of the county has every Ana gins to of real men Ana Komenas club work. Going hand in hand with our Public school work it pares them for their life work by teaching them the Best principles in agriculture in Home making and in Industry. It teaches them conserva Tion and Thrift they become acquainted with the problems that confront ---?2 acres. Good buildings electric lights Village water. Will sell cows horses tools. Located in Irasburg Village. Joseph Gero Irasburg vt.,Box 119. 11-1 4tj wanted at once lady Typefive children were Dorn to Ivor. Auu a i j.1 a. I i it i setter to help set ads and assist with make up do distribution and Correct Linotype matter and be generally use French Only two sur . Augustus a detailed statement o the farm cirt rat. 17" rvs Horatio l. French oldest son of the Fate a. F. French and wife came from their Home in Bridgeport conn., to assist in caring for their father in his last Days attend the funeral. The following Leters remain uncalled for at the Post office. Please say advertised when calling for these let 1 1 1 a 1 a 1 my. M melt i in not. Conn., Neeata Doaget win be presented tour readers next week. Miss Clemma Seaver and miss Pat Terson of North Craftsbury were in town saturday and sunday., a vot of Myiow continuing through the month of e. Buskett of Lyndonville agent Ful m composing room of country once printing three weekly papers and doing Job work Good pay 50 hours the week saturday afternoons off year round Opportunity to right party. Gilpin Hunt & co., inc., bar ton. It. Of where . French died december 7, 1881. then moved to Brooklyn n. V Nurt later married the sister of his Ter. Miss Ethel Simpson . Elizabeth Bonneau . Lottie Jacobs Best farms in this Section known a Kennison farm one and one half Mil Sirom Orleans 30 head of cattle All farming tools. Would consider Trad for smaller place. E. Wells leans 11 15p for Sale one three tenement Louse on main Street --1 three Beneme nuthouse on Sheffield Street , one Organ one talking Marine 1 Cook stove 1 baby s crib 1 wring machine 1 Broad axe 1 adz. J. F. Preston first wife Jav Martna , m Charles j. Clogston has purchased mass apr miscellaneous xes a a a Cusp on High Street and a Axt of a i a. A the Campaign will be m full in Orleans county is asked to come in. City Village and county All want to be represented in this work. Club work will take in the boys and girls from the Southern Point of Greensboro to the most Northern Point of Holland. It is county will take in the youngsters of the towns and villages As Well As those in the Rural districts. No one can say club work won t affect my boy for the Indian motorcycle was in town the first of the week. Roger Wright spent several Day last week at the Home of Walter an Derson near South Albany. E. D. Alger has purchased of f. E. Nelson the South tenement and barn on Glover Street and has taken pos session. To Liao the that. Of Lam underwent a plans to move there soon. Or. Bilio l.0? Tillich Eldeau will move his family from to Tom u?9? ssh a the Community and the county an learn thereby How to become better and More efficient citizens. The possibilities of this work unlimited. The farm Bureau never tackled a bigger More vital prob Lem and Given the funds to do with this organization is bound to show tremendous results. It is easy to see from the foregoing Pust How county wide club work will affect Orleans county. Instead of one club Leader we could use three four in this county but let s everyone get behind this Campaign and do their bit to Ward raising enough funds to insure having one full tim e club Leader for this year. To get a live Wideawake club Leader funds enough to cover a Good salary will be necessary besides expenses for Cusce travel postage supplies and the Many incidental expenses that arise. Limited funds will Only mean limited accomplishments la club work at the end of the year. Bank tenement on main get to the uni ski Crit hmm which both died . Farmers notice if you want More Money for carcasses than for your Calfskin sell to i. Solomon water st. Barton. Both phones. L-1 7p French March 13, 1910, or. French Muravi 17. 1920 Cash paid forums hides and successful operation for appendicitis plans already under Way to Daniel a junk. Telephone 58-1 1. Lester House vacated by or. Clogston. Dean Mclellan recently resigned his position As local manager of the Bradford clothes shop and Isadore Kugler formerly manager has turned to the position. It is hoped or. Mclellan s people will not leave town. At a recent special meeting of Theberton improvement club it was vot 9tfbaasky, Barton. Or. Trench was a faithful Comrade of the g. A. R., of Orleans Lodge no. 55, f. And a. M. Or. French did credit to his Honor Able lineage always interested in Ligion educational and current events and kept himself Well informed by daily papers of the leading topics of Man Brooks Barton. 11-1 2 for Sale a Village Home. Anne Home for someone in Evansville. House and barn in Good condition also Henhouse 17 acres of land with some $700 Worth of lumber and Wood f m11 easily carry three cows and Amorse. J. Trescott Orleans r. D. 10-1 5p wanted at Bright look Hospital st. Johnsbury saturday. . J. J. Neagle and daughter Kathryn of Lyndonville spent Sev eral Days last week with or. An . Peter Cota. Give every boy girl in the county a big Opportunity to achieve some thing this year and win some Liberal prizes. A county boys and girls fair exhibit trips for boys and girls de notice to sugar makers i am in a position to buy your sugar either in syrup packages. Barrels furnished if desired. Prices Guaran teed. J. F. Batchelder Barton. 8tf Mon stration teams to the state fair at White River and to the easter interest. gave Lide Rany to me tips Cross and other to buy the four acres of land owns. Hill has rented the a. I. A renin House and moved his family there Jed by f. W. Comstock and located just to top a wife Emited with the co French North of the Village on which the from Park Street. Evelyn improvement club notes let s get acquainted. Get better states exposition at Springfield All these activities now being plan Ned by the farm Bureau for our boys and girls in this county. Full details will be Given beginning in the next Fairbanks red eld Woolen Mill swill reside in the Home ranted live poultry. Elrick.18tf mens Wool socks rebooted 50 cents per pair. Legs knit Down two cents per Inch each sock Cash with order. Work must be clean ready for Needles. Returned . F. Louks Orleans r. D. 3. 3wp acquainted with your neighbor Youj might like . E. J. Rutter optometrist will be y at o. Mossman s Friday april 2 George Koenig of Wessel Nickle & until 3.00 o clock p. M. Call and have j Grots to new work was m town last your eyes examined. Adv. Wec i Nankin further plans and a Range cents for establishing the firm that s a pretty Eood motto for a wanted Good tenement for8an family. Inquire at this office.9tf Community like ours in t it Gregat ional Church by letter irom a Brooklyn n. Y., Church on july 2, 1893, after which he always attended when Able to do so. At the e last Church Roll Call his response was read by Dea. Baldwin. The faults of my life have been Many the sins of my heart have been More. But i Knock at the open How soon he entered the open door. The funeral was held on saturday afternoon after a prayer at the House at the conure National Church. His townspeople should get better a Civet. Ana . X. A Jurci , 1 for general housework. Small family. . A. Robinson. Bar the wedding of their Niece miss Ida quainter with country folks. The merchants should get to know thew rip it to Maurice Leland on Satton insurance and. Real estate Best Stock and Mutual companies. Surety Bonds All kinds of Vil Lage real estate. Any one having Vil Lage real estate they wish to sell Call on f. W. Baldwin Barton. 39tf 6tf Farmers and How they farming he reports the firm s plans As Well developed for the Barton Plant and says things More and More favourable for a Large development Here. Most sugar makers have started and the obstacles that the Farmer has to overcome to make a Success of his Nastor. Rev. J. J. Hutchinson con operations in their Orchards but very acting the service and the choir Sang urday evening at her Home in West Glover. " or. And . F. D. Pierce returned sunday from Boston where or. Pierce arrived from his Western trip the Day before. reports a very enjoy Able trip. G. Sheehan of Newport visited at Armour Urie s sunday. . Shee Han and daughter who have been i tue sugar u cd Maue us appropriate selections Viany masons Trees do not a3 yet seem to run As Well As they should. Following the storm of saturday when about two inches of Snow fell the weather has woman for general housework. . Lyman Mason bar wanted Calfskin and All kinds " junk. E. Sockol Barton. Tel.tz2 42tf wanted woman to work in family of three. Middle age d prefer sons p 7 Alvin m Wood clip Ervay Ted me n to work with experience , Boxt Woodsville n. 11-1 3 i have the Agency for the Racine stockings the Hose that ready to Send orders for Spring and summer hosiery will gladly Send circulars with Leo prices upon request will Call with Sam Ples. . A. D. Merriam West Glover Independent phone 10-61 1.lwp Mark your Maple sugar products this year. We can furnish youth Law. Printed in been Bright and warm the Snow Settle work. The Man in business Lias stretches of Hill Road while on his Way to m year s Success. Why not get together Man to Man and talk Over your Aims and ambitions with the Man with whom Yondo business. Get together get acquainted Yon might like each other. New boosters for this week a zen Clark John Frechette j. F. Muj Lave cd. A. Wakefield a. A. Larabee Cornelius Buckley Chas. D. Morse. Spending a week Here returned with. Ing to Newport and u. A. A. Comrades were eur there were Beautiful Floral emblems from g. A .r., his family and Masoni Brethren. Car10 to comrades of g. A. K., masonic fraternity the Church quartet miss Batchelder and Mother at cottage Hospital and All neighbors and friends who assisted during the illness of our father and at the funeral we extend sincere . And . L. French Evelyn French. A letter from Charles Brooks to regular meeting of Orient Chap his people Here states that he was next Issue the opener we want to open this Campaign with a Rush a lot of contributions for a starter will give this a tremendous boost. So everyone is urged to get in Early. Get credit As one of the first ones to Send your name and contribution to this Fundjurt write a Check pin the Money to a slip of paper on which you have written your name and address and Send to this office. Make All checks payable to Gilpin. Hunt & work at Barton Vermont. Every cent received will be acknowledged in these column. The Young people wanted also in this Campaign. They can Send in ten Twenty five fifty cents what Ever they can give. It is for the boys and girls that this Campaign is run they should have a Chance to Contri Bute. In the next Issue will be printed the names of each contributor and amount contributed. We have Good reason to believe that some very sub Stantial contributions will appear Inthis opening Issue. We know definitely about two three we pretty sure of a lot More. But Don thav because of Small Little and big will All go to make up the whole and a whole lot f Small and medium sized contributions Ter Iso. To j. C. O., cui6 at 7.30. Work. Several Grana of Sers and the do put expected to colors containing the state Seal name j of Tot and address As follows 1000 j be present. I Taal act served at con sign Kiili 3 . Me the following letters remain Unkall breaking in the freight train which met in the Headon collision on the rut land Railroad near Bellows Falls last week when ten persons were killed. escaped without injury but Sayse experience was one never to be Lor Cotten. The Mosher Marsh co., open ing a grocery store according to announcement in the advertising col order May Call for All sugar All j the annual meeting of the ladies society was held in the Church Par lors March 17th. There was a Good attendance 30 ladies being the report of the Secretary and t p girl woman for gen-v-a0rk m restaurant. No cooking Rpy to right party. Normandy Barton. 8tff ugh i res wanted in the mar to i o and quarries by Vermont Uia up any Proctor Vermont Wrork Good wages. 5- 17 Yed Calfskin carcass Tkv t. To All kinds onto Sjoman. Water us bar both phones. 4zti congregational Church notes. Rev. J. J. Hutchinson. Pastor 10.30, morning service. Subject of Sermon Why paint sunday special seats free. 11.45, sunday school. 6.00 p. A. Christian Endeavor. Subject of even in Sermon at t picture will be Given at the Gem theatre tuesday evening for the Benefit of the Barton Post of the Ameri can legion. Admission Only 25c and 15c or. And . George Gorham or. And . W. L. White and . M. J. Wright were in Coventry March 18 to attend the Golden wedding anniversary of or. And . Amos mor urns of this paper in the Mosher building on main Street formerly of treasurer were read and accepted the syrup part of Ooton. Winum delivered free where Cash accompanies the order. Gilpin Hunt & co. Inc Barton. " lost lost bundle of clothing and Nair of rubber boots on Glover Road. Finder please notify w. E. Hanson Barton. In it Init he or. Mosher As a lunch room. I Falln win officers were elected to the place has been remodeler into serve for the ensuing year presi a splendid store end the new concern Dent . W. B. Proctor vice pres Loo a Forward to a generous Patron ident . A p. Underwood Secre age. J continued on Page eight. O clock

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