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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - March 10, 1920, Barton, VermontA e two the Monitor March 10, 1920 Gilpin. Hunt amp company inc printers and publishers Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont tend every wednesday and entered office in Bartoi class matter press cupping Clement defeats Vermont Progress Brattleboro Phoenix p. Believe Emery in Lead the following dated at White River Junction March 3, and appearing in the Brattleboro reformer a Babbitt paper is the latest political gossip. A being at a gathering place for travellers from All parts of Vermont this Village is admirably located As a political gossiping Center and one class matter Republican party of Vermont the candidacies. The political gos sipers party that elected him to office in re a trying to figure out the chances of fusing to Call a special session of to i recess of the three candidates for inces of North Troy palladium i fusing to Call a special session of the it Quot of a the Quot three Ca pleased of a. H. Butterfield i legislature to act upon the pop sea Frederick h. Babbitt of w. E. Sawyer local manager Federal constitutional amendment a James m. Hartness of North Troy Vermont i granting women the right to vote not g Curtis s. Emery of North Lyon Vermont with Venont i a up it and the consensus of pm issued eve Thi Day and entered he endangers the National at the latter has the at the pos Toffic North Troy second class three states have ratified a was one go3 North the sentiment ithe amendment and Only three More j for mayor Emy grows and As one the Newport news i ratifications Are necessary to put the turns to the Sou. I 1 finds the gossip amendment in Force. Lus far no i Gas Talkin about Babbitt and Hart e. F. Humphrey local manag Republican legislature has failed to j Ness. Gone should attempt to invent 57 main Street Newport Vermont a tiny the amendment but several j tory the. A reissued every Friday and entered at a democratic states have. Therefore i dates he would be inclined to co Acuri the Post office in Newport As second i it becomes something of a party ques j Windham Bennington Rutland and to fitter a Tion and the republicans Are anxious Addison counties to Babbitt. Hartness secure ratification by three More a would naturally be credited with the i Republican states to show to the worn support of Windsor county where he subscriptions Ien it is ready to do them Justice. The lives and possibly Chittenden. Emery i states which might ratify in time to is said to be reasonably sure of or any paper $-.00 pm year 6 month women to vote in the coming leans county where he makes his. A presidential election Are Delaware Home also Orange county for Many All subscriptions payable in Advance Washington and connect a years his Home. He should be Strong and All papers discontinued when Vermont might if the governor j in his native co duty Esse a and get his Home expires Quad Call a special session. The share of the votes in Washington a a governor of Connecticut like the gov county. His friends claim he will get and it Ert Ising error of Vermont is. Opposed to Call i a big slice of the votes in Franklin j cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions ing the legislature in special Mission and grand Isle co ties. Lamoille �?�1.00. Reading notices 15c per line a Florida quite Likely would refuse to county would naturally be Strong for per insertion. Classified advertising ratify so action by Vermont is Abs Emery and Caledonia is credited As terms at top of classified column lately necessary to put the Amend. Being favourably disposed toward the these rates apply to and paper. Ment in Force in time for the women be Ort candidate. Rising rates for and to vote this year. J a this sort of figuring puts Emery display advertising rates for and to vote this year. Pap a upon application. J governor Clement in refusing to the former collector of customs at Call a special session made the follow a Newport Well Ahe of the other two Ling specious excuses the people have candidate but the friends of Hartness Agan of Ludlow has no Sopor Tunita to express them and Babbitt declare that both men Are How i Newport Well ahead of the other two m of Iuanow Nas Opportunity to express them Ano is Aooie acciare Inai Ooin men Are for the nomination selves on the question and the adopt bound to show increase my strength As Frank w. Entered the race for the nomination a selves on the question Anc for Quot governor against c. S. Emery of upon of this Federal amendment we Ould the Campaign progresses. Hartness of shrine about a condition contrary to or. Hartness because of his Tram Newport James Hartness of Spring papers of the state that have Uig in big business As the head of the Field and f. H. Babbitt of Bellows Vermont state Constitution. None nationally know Jones and Lamson Falls. Frank Agan was a running. Commented on his reasons accept machine company and from his prom mate of Clemens in the famous Toem As 11 option of 190 and be aps Federal Constitution to the i France As an expert in aviation mat holds Many of the present governor s a 1. Ratification by ters is said to Appeal to the business views. It is fairly Well known that a the Legislatures of three fourths of i interests of the state to a greater de Agana sentiments Are in opposition the states is expressly required. Habbitt who is to prohibition in general and to the a therefore Calm a and. ¿3 not violate in any Yantak of or. Hartness in he fact j undoubtedly or. Agan interprets the state Constitution. Should that he has a much wider Circle of 1ieans tha March meeting vote which in the Legislatures of three fourths of the acquaintance. Hat Oitt and Hartnest theory put More towns in Vermont states ratify this Federal suffrage Are adopted sons of Vermont the for Thi Over before into the wet Elumn it amendment the women of Vermont=>.-t be of Keene and the sick headaches for jars nothing Givs relis until heti Isi �?ofryr�-ml�3s�?� 160 Cathouse a vc., oct a c a n to. A i a y to with cd Quot a tried doctors ote Bruni it mss took nit kinds of remedies but nothing did me any Good until i used Truit a Tive so or fruit Laer tablets. Tuey Reade me Well and keep me cell and i am always glad to Tell Popio tilings i have Many friends in Ogu in spurs now using a fruit a Tives on a recon. In Dation. in a 50c. A Box 6for $2,50, trial is. At dealers or from fruit a i Quot limited Ogden by Rainy. Attention poultry raisers Are you ready for those Chicks ? disinfect that Henhouse with reefers powerful disinfectant. To those who have not used reefers More egg tonic i am making the following ten Day offer two packages of reefers More egg tonic for one Dollar. Done task me to repeat this offer or extend the time. Order now. The sooner you Start using a More egg tonic the quicker you la be getting More egg profit. A the stitching Daisy White i .1, teacher of violin and expression out Ida school a a Newton mass misses Trudeau and the 783 East main St., Newport 77 main St. Newport it. E. H. Howe or. E. H. Hill5 i successor to Howe amp Stowe. Real estate Newport veterinary roots Block office and Hou pita. East main Street i business directory j. M. Blake m. D. Barton it special attention even. Tel. 43, k. J. Licensed a at Hardwick Newport j. i auctioneer Vermont we buy Himics end skis the year around mrs. D. R. Puffer t a or of r modern danc incr for adults Chalif and Vestoff methods of is to Metic and interpretive dancing for juveniles or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis livery stable c a. Cramton m. By to. Office. Office Houis 9.00 a m to appointments for exam nation of a a a a. Can be made in Advas a a a a. Telephone. A a a Ace by in Stef we Are not Here today and gone tomorrow. Vve buy regardless of whether the Market is favourable or unfavourable. Metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. ,. Gleon w. Seaver agent. We pm a hat the stocks vat e. Drown. Agent. Lane s blk. We want your hides and skins a it regularly. We can to afford to use you ant Way but right. Calf skins our specially. C. E. Jenkins Public Market Orleans Vermont now is the time to have your Dollar guarantee to refund the Money if you Are not satisfied. E. Pearl Dudley Vermont would have the right to ote because latter of Schenectady n. . A As a protest in this state against the Jug Federal Constitution prevails Over la Ery is a native of Bloomfield and a present prohibition legislation. How any state Constitution. Because Thisbe of fris service has Prol ably i far or. Agan can get on this Issue is True and the governor is opposed Dreen Teni Oid that of or. Babbitt and in a que Stem to be a etude later. But to Equa Sun Fra he Acta in Desance s a buc vow this paper believes the non tier of a Ofey ont. Ers who will support a a wet Guber Natoria candidate As such Are comparatively few and that unless or. Agan can give the voters something More tangible definite and constructive than a Mere Campaign of protest against prohibition and its enforce name the License vote in Vermont Barre times state. I the gubernatorial Campaign will i interlock to a considerable degree a with the election of congressmen this a year As the local of zionists who Are in address i Terestea m or. Benoitt Are not going ask Coupon it e. Pearl Dudley Orleans it. Derr sir a i accept your offer. Enclosed please find one Dollar for two a cd sees of reefers More eggs. One of. These packages Are free. repaired and oiled Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including prep action of probate accounts a. C. Farmer d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bucko a feed stable we Are unable to see in the largely i he candid of have harnesses blankets Robes whips halters and al kinds of strap is Ork team Bells. Or. Leisure a veterinary remedies for Sale by m. W. Johnson inc Cessor to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds a phones a j. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit Fecit fee a Dws Quot Offe ment. Hia Campaign will fail a a it Lse a a a a a Straat Sibu on a Cong Wiafe since or. Babbitt holds a similar of Brighton. With the expectation View to that of or. Agan with regard Cen sad liquor sell Iii profess to see. I a two to the volstead enforcement act a for nearly a score of years the cities i would Apo car to this paper that hi3�? towns of Vermont have Boot Vot-1 a a j j governor Stone is said to entry into the Campaign would Toke w it a a a it whether i a incenses snout of More from or. Babbitts strength legalizing the Sale of liquor than from that of Emery or Hartness i in the first year of such a vote More whom Are generally known to be in than one third of the towns voted yes sympathy with prohibition As it now a be sold legally there a a owe a cd a Law. A we a after cum amp sudden drop in the num stands and Smice Agan comes Fromi a. Town and year after the South end of the state where a year since then there was maintained Babbitt and Hartness both live his about the usual number of to was entry would also take from Hartness Bich favored licensing the Sale of More strength than from Emen. Buquor. It was to right up to a. Year Nusl in each making plans for a Long residence Blodgett a candidate ago when the Prospect came that National constitutional prohibition a would come into effect before the end of i of the License year and wartime be in Force even Bai in Washington it being his expectation that two years hence congressman Frank l. Greene of the first District will seek and secure the seat of the United states senator Carroll s. Page thus leavin Quot the election of a congressman a state wide proposition. A it is claimed by or. Stoners friends that he cannot be pried away from Hia seat if he secures the place now held by congressman Dale of the second District nor beaten As a candidate for congressman at Large when the time comes for Vermont to so choose its representative. Or Stone is credited with a wider and More intimate authorizes statement that he will seek county senator ship. I wartime prohibition would Mem few i among both men and 1 saloons in Vermont even though the j a tit r from the Newport news to a should vote in favor of License service As a a the head of the state educational in a recent Issue of the news an the advocates of no License let Down the state Educato geared an editorial commenting on the their vigilance and the number of j kno to a , . If the number Dur again this prohibition al Morth end senators in situation. This 1 a a yes towns. Article stated that it had been the Cus a Ost double the ave Tom in past years to a re this Honor big the preding go to the to was along the Northern year with Nat Border alternately. In 1915 the town a ready in Force and licensed liquor t a it too non of Derby sent m. A. Adams in 1018selling practically out of the ques livestock Worth $47,703,000. Troy presented h. H. Lewis and this a a Ion. The voters of the a a not Issue let year quite naturally Newport lays Down still More and refused in la Stone to go to Congress is to be killed it must be done this year say the local the february number of the monthly crop reporter published by the claim to the right to Send a Man. J proportion to vote on the Issue at bit department of agriculture at Wash xxxi.,>� a i i a i Lington which has just come out shows at the time the article appeared while the advocates of licensed liquor the Only name that had been mention Selling decided to put in their protested was we w. Blodgett and since the against National prohibition although article appeared or. Blodgett has they believed it would be of no Avail received Many words of commendation j and cast their votes with Undi minish from his friends in Newport As Well a a ranks sometimes with increase As nearby towns. In an interview numbers. So there you have the sit with or. Blodgett on the matter he at Ion one Side satisfied with the i gives the news authority to state i coming of National prohibition and that he has decided to be a candidate willing to let it go at that without for senator and will have something further electoral Effort on their part further to say on the matter in the and the other Side dissatisfied and Bear future. With the usual persistence of the Dis j satisfied Side deciding to voice that a a of. F. X., i feeling of disapproval. The result wet candidate for governor i was that the number of nominal License towns was very largely in Frank w. Agan Well known As Woolen manufacturer and As a candidate for lieutenant governor in the famous local option Cam will announce through per the Ludlow Tribune this week that he is to be a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor this year. While or. Agan is himself in California at present and will make no platform statement until he returns it is understood that his entry in the gubernatorial race was brought about us to Bel largely through the influence of gov. 1 situation p. W. Clement. A believe i creased. In such a ease we fail to note a real Ign of 1902 i protest against National prohibition Home a of the part of Vermont As a whole but rather a display of pure unadulterated laziness on the part of a con durable percentage of the voters. That analysis of the Case May of Cour be wrong but a study of the Small size of the vote cast on the Issue n most of the towns on tue Day leads a a a Ieve the interpretation of the to be fairly accurate. We. Moreover that were the 247 or. Agan is known to be strongly l cities and towns of the state to vote opposed to the manner in which pro i Derain on the Issue with the firm con Hibi Tion was brought about and is i fiction that their vote would decide Likely to make prohibition one of the the course of action of liquor Selling principal planks in his platform. Al for a year there would be a return to by he is termed the a a wet can j about the number of towns which Didato of the Campaign. Or. Agan voted year after year in favor of i has lived in Ludlow practical All i sensing the Sale of liquor his i be and has been extremely sue yes Sui in the manufacture of Woolen goods. A Friend recommended them a re a on a a to do-8 More Pood than he Rea izes a Hen h tells a a of Ferine fiend How to pet Well. J n. To. Clerk Louie hotel eran svy be. Ind. Wires a for week i inf tired constantly liberation notice this is to give Public notice that i have this Day Given my son. Calvin a. San Bora his time and will claim nor pay any of his of Menduina of a Riend i tried Foley kidney los and bean to pet Relief Alm to -.mepi.iely. Go Lor a Kache rheumatic Daius stiff bold err where. . Inn., _ ,. A Sanuy Wito pains none of has wages n top it ills after this Date. E. G. Sanborn Irasburg vt., March 10, 1920. 10-12p commissioners notice. Stalc of Thos. G. Crandall Tiik in Der Sienki. Have psf been appoint Oil by the honorable Norl for the District of Orleans to receive examine and adjust the claims an demands of All per onsan list the estate of Thos Crandall late of Brorn Linton. In a a Aid District . And All claims exhibited in Oliet thereto hereby rive notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid. At the office of Central Sav Lars rank amp Trust co. In the tillage of Orleans. In said of clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six months from the Soth Day of february. A. I it. 1920 is the time limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. A Latex at or Leatoa. Day of february a. 1. A a. Roy bean. J. B. Flint. A a commissioners women Mads a cig Bright Eyck a Clear Shin in cd y. Holy full of a Otth Audi Heah May by yours if Yow Viil in up to or Liya Teir in order by Rugui Arlo Tudini that on january 1, 1920, Vermont had 85,000 horses valued at $11,985,000, which is a steady increase from the i year 1917, and there Are 278,000 Milch cows in the state with a value i of $24,742,000, making Vermont rank 27th in the number of these cows. This number however is far in excess \ a tto world s Standard remedy for i Rodney liver bladder and eced to cuties the enemies of like and looks. In use since 1695. All druggists three Sircus. Look for the Azeno Geld me Rica a Wery Box end Aoee to in a i commissioners notice estate of Emily Good win the unvers lined line Lar been appointed let it the honorable prox Joe court for theuil tract. Of . Commissioners to receive Lexani Lenand adjust Theolai Nisan demands of All persons aral St the of Nilly Goodwin late of Glover. In said District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby rive notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the town clerks office. In the town of Glover in said District on the Seth Day of March and 31st Day of july . Froais 2 o clock p. log cock p. M. On each of said Days and that six months from the 3rd Day of february a. I. I820is the time limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for and allowance. Dat ii at Glover this 24th Day of february a. A i9p. George Anderson Mark Johnson ill cd omits stoners desertion notice m whereas my wife. Dora Deore Enla has left my bed and Board without just cause of provocation. I hereby forbid anyone har born a or trus Lufe her on Mya count after this Date. Charles Degreenia. I it ated at Barton vt., this 1st Day of March. 19a. 9-Llp commissioners notice estate of Zefer Hannah the unders lined. Lift Vine been appointed by the honorable probate court for the of Orleans. A it a missioner to receive examine and adjust the claims and Der Saiid a of All persons against the estate Hannah late of Barton. In claims exhibited ill offset thereto hereby rive notice purpose aforesaid a a in Imu Trust co. In , in said District on the 25th Day of m Arch and 12th Day of August next. From 10 o clock a. A. Until 3 o clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six months from Day of february a. D. I�20, is limited by a creditors to present their claims to us ii the of file said court for said examination and allowance. Clarence s. Webster Oliver Frechette commissioners of any other state in the new England states. There has been a slight decrease in the past three or four years in Dairy cows but the total value of those in the Stote at the present time is higher than in any previous year. Of other cattle Vermont has 190,000 out ranking any other state in new England again. These Are valued at $7,068,000. There Are 105,000 sheep in Vermont valued at $1,208,000. While this is a slight decrease from 1919, it is a considerable increase from 1917, when there were Only 100,000 in the state. Only one new England i state exceeds this number and that is j Maine. In Swine there Are 120,000 in the state and they Are valued at $2,. 700,000. This number is the same As i last year but larger than 1917 and a 1918. One new England state. Mass i Ach setts exceeds this number. Itie total value of All livestock in the state according to this report is $47,703, How a this we offer one Hundred Duars Reward for any care of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh Medicine. Halls Catarrh Medicine has been taken by Catarrh sufferers for the past thirty Fly be years and has become known As the most reliable a feed for Catarrh. Catarrh Medicine acts thru the blood on the mucous surfaces expelling the Poison from the blood and Bealing the Dot eased portion. After you have taken Halls Catarrh Medicine for a Short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Halls Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of Catarrh. Send for testimonials free. Lii Essex fertilizers we have a Carload of Essex fertilizer coming soon. Please let us have your order now for what need and we will notify you when the car comes in. You know what the Essex is nothing better and can furnish it for any crop if we can have the order in you we now. H. T. Seaver the hardware Man Barton Vermont l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments Oan be made by mail or a phone for the examination of the eyes for Glasser. Optical Sun ies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Neu port al Harry Dickens general insurance and office phone 53-2 Orleans. Vermont g. S. Couk sek licensed auctioneer Timber estimated South Albany Vermont n. H. Drew so. Waldea. It licensed auctioneer satisfaction guaranteed. F. R. Hastings . Barton it. Returned from medical service or seas september 1st insurance of All kinds Barton Vermont j08iah a.peab80s, m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44-4 Barton it. Probate courts special sessions of the probate oort will be held at the Offit a of f. W. ,in Barton on the second and fourth Fridan of each month in the afternoon and at the office of k. A. Look. In Orleans in the afternoon of the third trip no of ecu month. it protege business at Barton or Orleans should notify the judge in Advance that he May take the Oigt in every Day except sundays Days but those coming from a Dutan a far As possible should make special appointments with the oort in Advance. E. J. Smith. Judge. Important to the Farmers of Orleans county Lake we have purchased a solid car of spirit Canadian government seed Oats. Owing to the condition of Canadian Exchange and to the fact that we Are taking a full Carload in bulk we can offer $1.85 per Bushel canvassers would ask you $5.00. We believe this car of Oats will be a real Benefit to our Farmer friends. P. Webster Vermont to have the equip ment. Staff and resources thata modern banking institution should possess and on the strength of those qualifications invite your business. Barton saving. Bank amp Trust co. Barton Vermont capital $50.000 surplus $100,000 inspect our Safe Deposit Box equipment mini a rates for maximum Protection

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