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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - March 3, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor March 3, 1920pa e two " ". N gov. Clement refuses press clippings or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary Colleg phone 138-1 1 Davis. Livery stable metropolitan life ins. Co. S Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon. Sekavec agent Harry e. Drown agent Lane s blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts a. C. Farmer d. V. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Buck s feed stable m. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue tel. No. 44- 4 Barton it. Jervah Cor Kins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Corkins 153- 2 A. Jervah 18 or. Harry Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete or a equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by Mailor phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and re pairs made. Phone 332- 2 Renihan Block Newport it. He stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles a mail orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main st. Newport it. Or. E. H. Hills veterinary office and Hospital East main Street tel. 43, Newport bus mess i in a n Opo Cial attention sin. 11a.m. To c. A. Sypko palist. Eye p 1 Throat. Office a Sot office office hours appointments for m Tolchan he Maria e3?.inlnatiobnf Telephone. Aava by general insurance and a. Wince none 53- 2 reside g. S. Court i licensed auctioneer Thubet to n. H. Drew. , licensed auctioned satisfaction guaranteed. Barton it. Returned from medical service 0 seas september lit insurance of All Mays insurance Ageng Barton Vermont Josiah a a. Pearson of dentist Barton. It. Off Amr Owen i blocs. R. J. Beeman licensed auctioneer East Hardwick vend e. H. Howe successor to Howe & st real estate Newport tel. 175 Boot s Block mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing modern Dancine for hit Chalif and Vestoff methods if h thetic and enter Trenye vow for juveniles Vermont thought is had heart disease fruit a Tyves mate co Rambla cure of stomach trouble. 4 i v y a to Whf n a fsr h. Lip-"--14 mrs. Frank w. Vallace moult Onville Carroll co., n. H. An account i read about fruit a Tive s or fruit liver tablets in Ono of our newspapers prompted me to try this remedy. I was All run Down and c.1z was burdensome Ovri a to indigestion and fullness duo to Gai of my stomach which caused me to belch a Good Deal. 2ly heart seemed to to affected. It was two years ago that i was in this condition and began the use of fruit fives. Uvea though Tho trouble had Teca of a few years standing the use of fruit a Tive s proved the very remedy i required. I was freed of the indigestion which i attributed to my heart and i can conscientiously recommend fruit a Tive s As a remedy of Rachit a. Mrs. Frank w. Wallace. 50c. A Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. At dealers or from fruit a Tive s limited n. Y. After you cat always take for your acid Stoma g instantly relieves heartburn bloated Gassy feeling. Stops food souring repeating and All stomach miseries. Aids digestion and appetite. Keeps Sto Roach Sweet and Strong. Increases vitality Pep. Eato Nicia thebe it remedy. Tens of Thoo san a wonderfully Benen Ted. Only costs a cent or Twa Day to use it. Positively Pleasa or we will refund Latoney. Get a Bis has today. Ycu Willais. Fred d. Pierce. Barton. Vermont Man s Best age a Man is As old As his organs he can be As vigorous and healthy at70 As at 35 if he aids his organs in performing their functions. Keep your vital organs healthy with Gold medal the world s Standard remedy for kidney liver bladder and uric acid troubles since 1696 corrects disorders stimulates vital organs. All druggists three sizes. Mic for that name cold Madal on vary bos and a cups to imitation sheriff s Sale taken on execute onto favor of the knit re Freer near Lor company and i Flat in Nir Biz Ai cows and one pm Parr Mukiri Public auction for Cash to the bldg a v e. Loth Day of March. A. Twain the Forenoon. Wafd execution As the Law direct. In the Ehe Bull i on the Brewster farm in it Irv Surg on the 23rd Day of february a. U. Is2i.h. T. Chaffee. Deputy sheriff. Lost pass Bonk. Cd co. Bryon. Vevmontr"158 Ank tru8t one used in Hunt & company inc printers and publishers Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont issued every wednesday and entered the Post office in Barton As second class matter North Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont issued every thursday and entered at the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. The Newport news e. F. Humphrey local manager 57 main Street Newport Vermont issued every Friday and entered at the Post office in Newport As second Clas matter. Subscriptions any paper $2.00 per year 6 months$1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires advertising card3 of thanks 50c. Resolutions $1.00. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates for any paper upon application. Emery for governor this paper takes unusual satisfaction in endorsing the candidacy of c. S. Emery of Newport for the Republican nomination for governor of ver Mont. From the first mention of his name we have seen in him the Man Best fitted for this High office. By training and experience or. Emery would enter the chief executive once of Vermont with a knowledge of Public affairs few men have been privileged to enjoy. His three terms in the House of representatives once As a Young Man and two terms after reaching More Mattire years his ser vice in the Senate his position on the staff of a former governor his place in Washington As Secretary to senator Procter his experience As collector of customs his service in the Republican state committee his experience in town and county office his term As mayor of Newport positions held by him where he came in direct Contact with the Public and his Pri vate business have Given into his hands a wealth of training Many governors have lacked. In All these places of Trust or. Emery has acquitted himself with marked esteem. We have every reason to believe that the candidacy of or. Emery will receive a warm Welcome in All parts of Vermont and that the primaries will see him Lead All other candidates on the ticket by a wide margin. Vermonters Are giving r Springfield is the first town to approach last year s quota in the drive for funds for the suffering Peoples of the near East. Vermont is responding to Statel airman Roland e. Stevens Appe Alto vermonters to be As generous wit their contributions this year As the were last Buti several sections of the state Are slow in making res Ponse and again they Are urged to do their duty to the suffering humanity at the stricken countries across theseas. Or. Stevens has received the Fol lowing Telegram from the near East Headquarters in new York Relief worker murdered m Hist u my food supplies to the starving people. Bandit attacks Are frequent. Any make lives in hand owing to unstable Noliti r in near East. But t Desner Taion of starving people Minoli carry on the work. We must not let them starve. Heroic workers fee they owe not Only humanitarian Dutto starving armenians but also to american people whose generosity makes possible saving of thousands Dren 3 men women and Hittle Chil miss Maud j. Marshall of 20 Pearl so by is a member of thes i?1 party for constant february 27th finl chairman Stevens Appeal Forto Vermont owners i5ujhmobhes Askin them to Iya tax 10 cents for each horse Power of their oar contribution to the near East fund he wishes it to be known that by asked to contribute i Sorimar do or do not own an. In towns where there is no solicit ing organization and there Are Many the people Are requested to make their of mail to Roland e Beyens. State chairman. Near East belief White River Junction. If a Check is to be sent make it payable Toner East Relief. Massachusetts is. Vermont Winters or. Editor1 pm t 11 a few lines to Tell you 1 left Vermont last november to spend the Winter in Massachusetts because 1 thought it Ivy air u Tito it Twe get your paper every week and Titelis of a hard Winter inf t a 4. Republican state committee ask governor to Call special session Basing his action on the same grounds As those which dictated his former disapproval of the woman suf Frage Bill governor Percival has refused to Call a special session of the Vermont legislature for the purpose of ratifying the suf Frage amendment addressing his refusal to the head of the Republican state committee which committee asked him to Call a special session to ratify the suffrage amendment As reported below. The t publican state committee held a meeting in Burlington last week the principal business transacted be ing the adoption of a Resolution Cal ling on Cov. P. W. Clement for the summoning of an extra session of the t National woman suffrage Amend to. R1"n a a a Resolution which unanimously Iao de the ratification of the amendment. Miss b. J. Edwards of Indiana re presenting the woman s division of the Republican National committee mrs. Edward Curtis Smith of st. Al bans and mrs. A. L. Bailey of st. Johnsbury appeared before the com Mittee in behalf of a special committee also decided to Call the state convention for the election of delegates to the Republican National convention on wednesday May 26.caucauses to elect delegates to this convention will be held on saturday May 22. It was voted to make the basis of representation in the state convention the same As for the presidential state convention four years ago. The place of holding the con vent in was left with the executive committee. Col. J. E. Piddock of Bellows Falls was elected chairman of the state committee and Collins n. Graves of Bennington Secretary. Leonard Wing of Rutland was elected As rut land county member of the state com Mittee to succeed b. L. Stafford who has Resolution requesting gov. Cle ment to Call a special session of the legislature follows resolved that the Vermont state Republican committee Are of the unanimous opinion in View of the declaration of both the Republican an democratic National favor of the right of Suff race for women and in View of the wider Arpad recognition of the merits of this Mea sure of political Justice that should promptly Call an extra session of the Vermont legislature for the purpose of ratifying the pro posed amendment to the Federal con st Tut on providing therefore. We hold that the women of ver Mont Are entitled to the same and risk hts of citizenship As Arete women of other states particularly in View of glorious part taken by them in carrying on manifold War activities and the splendid sacrifices made by the motherhood and woman Hood of Vermont Durins the world War. We Are further of the opinion that the legislature should be requested to consider no acts of general legis action at the extra session m addition to ratification of the amendment under that Brandon school trouble As a result of the trouble Over the Reading of the Bible in the Thierh school at Brandon principal Walker upon being reinstated and Given absolute control and auth onto. Runph slips to be Given to All students Askine parents or. Guardians to sign these Quaca in Mey Aesir a students to de absent from Chapel exercise. There. E. F. Crap. Who started Trio me by requesting that the Reading of vice Izidie de stopped announced that the parents would not write the excuses and that the children will not Ong the the intimation was Given that the catholics would Luciy x pm Cipani Waiker. Since the above was put into Type a me Junior Seni or nigh school have been suspended a Veprin it Nebo. T j. I Jour not on Nging their parents written excuses stating that sir cd Uriu not attend morning exercises at which the tit Halo Ioalla the pupils suspended were catholics. Fifteen or 20 Catholic student brought statements from their parents that they did not object to hav ing their children attend morning Xit action wince take by the parents of those expelled is no known but it is understood some action will be taken. Nine Vermont creameries to unite representatives of nine creameries in the Northern Dart of vim together at the Sheid i hotel last week and. After Otto associate themselves with theurner system of the state of Maine fss2? Arti cos asst on for Vermont creameries under the name of the Vermont cooperative creameries inc., to have a Capi tal Stock of $200,600, and with the principal place of busies t a meeting will be March 18 for the purpose of adopting by la and completing the Organiza this matter of organizing the creameries of this Section has been under con3,Lder?Tion for some time has been much talk about federating with the Turner Center pm Holch now controls the major Ity of the creameries in Maine. But the Creamery men decided that they id not want to tie in i of Butr referred to have an Organ their . Number of representatives Ofcar Amerea could not be present on res of Rad editions have been Revous meetings and it rate0wn by Are ready to Fede commissioner of agriculture elber Brigham of Montpelier was present and addressed the Creamery me giving his advice. No acts of general leg should h considered at the Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of mount Ida school Newton mass studio 783 East main st., Newport probate courts special sessions of the probate court willbe held at the office of W. Baldwin la Barton on the second and fourth fridays of each month in the afternoon and at the office of k. A. Cook. In of kans. In the afternoon of the third Friday of each month. Parties Desi Liik to transact probate business at Barton or Orleans should notify the judge in Advance that he May take the necessary probate office it new port will Bei la. A. from Auis Miu a afar As possible should make special appoint ments with the court in Advance. K. J. Smith. Judge. Order of publication Virginia e. Lama Ohk Ernest we Arras Virginia e. Lamarche of w r i t x win inf 0-l s. In the to huot v i , Wihs i u in office of the clerk of the county court for said county her libel for divorce against Rnest I Marche. Setting Forth in sub stance that she was on the 6th Day of october 1916. Lawfully married to the said Rnest f., and that she and said libel Lee lived together As husband and wife in the county of Orleans that the lib Ellant has resided in the county of Orleans for the past year and has faithfully performed Al the marriage obligations incumbent upon her that on or about the first Day of May 1w8, the said la Bailee did commit the crime of adultery with one. Zelma Lumson and at divers other Days and times during the year 1918. With other persons that since said marriage said Ernest f., treated said Petitioner with intolerable severity and neglected and refused to provide suitable maintenance for her. And praying that the Bonds of Matrimony Between her and said lab Eileene dissolved and that she be granted a Bill of divorce. And it appearing that the Saidlo Bailee is without this state and that no summons can be served on is ordered that the lib Ellant notify the la Bailee of the Pendency of said petition and summon him to appear at the term of the county court to be held anew port within and for the county of Orleans on the second tuesday in septem ber 1920. On the first Day thereof an answer to same by causing the substance of said petition and this order to be published three weeks successively in the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper printed at Barton in said county the last publication to be at least six weeks previous to the commencement of said term. Dated at Newport in said county this lit Day of february. 1920.h. B. Cushman clerk. Commissioners notice estate of Etta Tripp the undersigned having been appointed by the honorable probate court for the District of Orleans commissioners to. Receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of Etta Tripp late of Barton in said District deceased and Al claims exhibited in offset thereto we will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the House of Frank Andrus in the Village of Orleans in said District on the Ltd Day of March and 27th Day of july next from 2 o clock p. A. Until4 o clock p. M., on each of said Days and that six months from the 2nd Day of februarya.d.1920, time limited by said court Foresaid creditors to present their claims to us for examination and at Barton this 18th Day of feb Albert a. Andrus. 8- commissioners Trust estate of William w. Tiffany state of Vermont District of Orleans honorable probate court District aforesaid to All persons interested in Theof William w. Tiffany. Late of Orient Boro. In said District deceased. ?,eu8, sad court h?s55ed the next for examining an allowing the account of the trustee of stat the said deceased an Public notice thereof be Given to to in Znuj kjere8ied ajl Ald Testate by pufc.trom5.,i, the e weeks ?7l?nj0 Dat ass Ned. M the Orleans ,, pub shed said District at two p. On the Day assigned then and there to contest Thesa a count " j see cause. Febrvua1ry"nid20r. My crud this uth a 7 9 e. J. Smith. I ire. Estate of Charles w. Dustan state of Vermont District or Orleans is. red pr0bate urt or the to All persons interested in the est Tot i Haries said District deceased of Ura Kdury. La Cort has Gss today of March next for allowing the account of the administrator of the estate of said deceased and tor a cwmln7.8lofethsald a state to lawful and Nair i .1. Th265ihree weeks excess their previous to Monitor Newsic t of untying said District us Ubu 81 Ron. Re att Wou a he Riby a aed to apse a Iii , y hand this a Day of Phi i j Page. Sugar Rin Eaner Means to woman wearing them out. It make to u is hyic.c5sn?v me 8weet and it weighs Only 10 lbs., and can be easily carried about. No frequent oiling necessary Ope rats i construction and makes it Safe for your children to play othe floor because tithe dust and disease gems in " Vermont better than consolidation Morrisville messenger in another column will be found a very carefully thought out and Well considered article from the Barton Monitor on the Small town problem. We Are inclined to favor the idea As being the most practicable yet advanced. It is surely worthy of the most care Ful consideration by everyone inter ested in Vermont. Has anyone a better. Plan st. Johnsbury Republican the Barton Monitor has made a careful study of the problems con fronting the smaller towns in ver Mont with special reference to the towns of Orleans county. As the same conditions obtain in Caledonia and other Vermont counties we re produce the Monitor s article in full for the careful consideration of Republican readers. Perhaps someone has a better Solu Tion to offer. If so the Republican would be glad to hear about it. The Small town problem Bellows Falls times Vermont is full of Small towns and the situation confronting those towns constitutes a real Small town problem. Decreasing population and an increasing tax rate makes the problem. Take the Good old town of Grafton As an illustration. The census of 1900 crave a population of 804 the census of 1910 72y, and a Grafton Man states that the census of 1920 gives Only about500, a shrinkage of a third in about ten years. This is the Story in Many. Man of the so called Back towns. Meaning towns Remote from a rail Road. These towns each year assume a larger Burden of taxation but few of them can raise the tax rate As fast As the Cost of running the schools and town government increases. Is it any wonder that the Young what few there Are move to the More promis ing Fields of Endeavor is it any wonder that the old and others tie to the soil in these towns Are discouraged is the Nunn latin in vow Ninf to be confined in the valleys and Aloni the railroads and leave the towns inthe Foothills to Crow us thistles and Bushes. I has elements of commendation Randolph Herald thee Barton Monitor has a plan for remedying the ills of the Small poor towns without Widiner out their Iden Tity by consolidating them with other towns. It proposes a county unit and uniform tax rate in respect to control of highways and schools and assess ment of no Perth for taxation pur poses which it thinks would equalize burdens promote the welfare uniformly and not be too great a wrench upon conditions Long a scheme has elements that com mend it above the present situation but is not Ideal. The county in our opinion would not often be a workable unit. Several of the Vermont coun ties Lack geographic and economic coherence and could not Well serve the interests of the individual towns. Such a plan for the entire state As the Monitor suggests for the counties might reworked out to advantage certainly to the advantage of the suffering towns. The whole question is rather academic than practical however for no town would give up its identity and i i Reanea an Adso l ibf.-. Vuk void i 1 Viiu . Me. Leg i cianic Wuriu Aoud Tiess Loos unkindly upon any plan looking toward dismemberment and centralization. Vermont farms Boston Herald a big farm Agency with offices incites scattered Over the whole coun try announces that More buyers Are acquiring farms in Vermont than in any other state. During the year ending with the last Day of Jan uary the Agency sold 252 Vermont farms All but 38 to buyers outside the state and of the 3416 farms sold in other states Only 19 buyers were residents of Vermont. The figures show that persons from other states1 pur chasing Vermont farms outnumber More than eleven to one the Vermont wave their Home state fitere.,to a reports of other agencies Are said to show about the same ratios. Inthe list of buyers of Green Mountain other states one note that Massachusetts furnished 37 far buying families new Hampshire 15,Rhode Island 8, and that others came from As far away As Montana new Mexico North Carolina and Wisconsin. I we Trust. That this is a Token of me Umes. Ine Dack to the soil move ment ought to the encouraged and every new England state offers Good bargains and prospects to those who have Pluck tenacity and a fair endow ment of Enterprise. A special session st. Albans messenger to r. K a Sujie committee isto be commended for having a font in unanimously the two resolutions re my Yoman suffrage the Oneto Call q special session of the legislature to consider ripped ame dment to the Federal and the other setting nothing but Plain political commonsense is necessary to justify Thi s action. Woman suffrage is All but Hereit is inevitable. Vermont autto stand in the Way making it necessary for Large numbers to wait for another four years before they can exercise Persia entail Sun messenger a naps kit a. N t ment will listen to the advice i venom do the responsible cent Rel rom s. A special session in ff0,.or expensive. T v. Kin Ciai get your feed Home now to cover your Soring needs our present Stock is Complete but arrivals will be scarce As the railroads Are badly blocked and prices will not be lower. If $ of Ray p. Webster ii Barton 0ooo0oo0oooooo0o0o0oo0h 00 i 14"? try papa for. Heater and smoke outfit for $100, Good Trade. The Bee electric vacuum cleaned $48.50 nothing better made Ueha be the equip a v ment staff and re sources thata modern b a skin g institution should possess and on the strength of those qualifications invite your business. What this vacuum i it takes the Drudge out saves moving rugs and furniture saves dusting off after makes housework " lighter and makes it easier to keep Good renovates As Well As gives your rugs and car pets an air7bath.it Renews them instead of Barton savings Bank & Trust & it conserves woman s labor Barton Vermont think it beats this place. We have , of his party. The whole Situ Sno w Over the fences and it is cod All a has changed so much in recent the time. Months that the governor won to surplus in. Capital $50,000t. Seavfp1 ours As Ever a. Freehart. Arlington mass. Session. It s hav Tho to e hardware Manth inspect our Safe Deposit Box equipment Barton a Tolz lur put it Bof subscription promptly. Its the Vermont Fonow out he belief of thee this to the Riffat rates for maximum Protection

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