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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Barton, VermontA e two the Monitor june 23, 1920 dip in Hunt amp company inc. Printers and publishers Orleans co Tinty Monitor Barton Vermont fasted every wednesday and entered at the Poa Toffice in Barton As second class matter North Trot palladium leased of a. H. But Erfie a w. E. Sawyer local manner n a Troy Vermont used every thursday and entered a the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. Press cupping the Newport news e. F. Humphrey local manager i7 main Street Newport Vermont issued every Friday and entered at a Small Stote Vermont has Nev the Post office in Newport As second had the distinction of having one of its residents elected either president or vice president. Vermont and the vice presidency. Barre times if Calvin Coolidge should be elected vice president of the United Stetes it would be the third time in the history of the nation that such an Honor has fallen to a native of Vermont. The other two instances were when Chester a. Rthur and Levi Parsons Morton were elected. Both these men had left Vermont Long before they were elevated to that High position having cast their lots in new York state while Coolidge remained in Vermont during the years up to his graduation from Amherst College. In the Case of Chester a. Arthur Vermont had the presidency of the United states in Pete Day thrust upon it through the death of James a. Garfield in 1881. Class matter. Subscriptions any paper $2.00 per year 6 months $1.00 All subscriptions parable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires Tobago going in Ludlow. Rutland news Frank w. Agan gubernatorial aspirant according to an interview with him published in or. Clements advertising newspaper finds that his opponents cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions in the governorship race have gather-$1.00. Reading notices 15c per line de up All the a Aback room Type of Job per insertion. Classified advertising Ticiano. It is to be assumed ther terms at top of classified column. A fore that or. Agan has approached these rates apply to any paper. Some of them hence his Knowledg display advertising rates for any on the subject. It is the belief of the paper upon application. J Rutland news however that a glance i at some of the characters supporting ,__1. The Agan candidacy in Rutland will it s mighty weak Timber some of the a a average person that the Babbitt papers Are using to bolster up opponents of or. Agan have not a their candidates Campaign. Some of Complete monopoly of the a Aback them say Emery has held too Many room a gentlemen of the county. To to a a Noibe sure or. Agan has Many support offices and some say Hartness has highest Char held too few. It is supposed Fred Acter but the Martyr like tone which Babbitt has held just the right num the candidate affects in the last anal Ber and right kind of offices. Seems a bit overdrawn _ or. Agan has few issues left. His a sure cure for parched throats the Rutland Herald says this a Pink has been badly splintered and per accuses a every candidate in every it no longer plays the leading role de primary since 1902 of improper exp signed for it. Pend iture of this statement a Peru inure us. Who a a feel As he does on something is absolutely untrue. In the course of a 0 Ich he can do nothing. He the same Short paragraph from which j mentions in this connection the pro the above quotation is made the her Hibi Tion amendment to the Federal Aid a. This paper a Plica Tion a accused every candidate and go a received by Isaac the jew in every newspaper in Vermont of break Ivanhoe. Ing the this is another absolute i or. Agana a cruise around the state untruth and the Herald knows it. The a a if a keenly i pointing to him. A a. A i. To 1j 1 Xvi i outside of Rutland county his Candi fact is the Herald knows this paper a a a favor. His is right in its stand for a real Cor a support therefore is confined to his Tut practices act in Vermont and is Many warm personal friends and the taking every method known to its influence they Wield in this Section. Or. Agan is a delightful gentleman and an excellent Golf player but he is not Well enough known he is believed to have the Clement Ball and Chain around his ankle and he Hasni to any real live state issues. Frage for women instead of allowing himself to be driven from pillar to Post on alternatives in connection with the proposition for an extra session of the legislature. To say he would Call a special session if the National convention would favor a referendum was a Case of pure bargaining. If it is right to Call a special session it was not right to exact pay from any source for performing a Public duty. If it would be wrong As a Vermont policy to Call an extra session of the legislature nothing the National convention could do in some other direction As to the future would make it right. In the Light of the facts the governors cry a let the people rules sounds like the new converts testimony at prayer Meef is that invariably began a i Kne w i done to do As i Ort to a but he was always confident he was a Christian. Every method known to its Crafty political methods to befuddle the Issue and Bluff and be fool the people the Herald sidesteps every question asked it by this paper with reference to the Issue of Money expenditures in Vermont campaigns. The Herald knows it is treading on thin ice when it opens its columns for discussion of this Issue and dares not come out in the open with it. It will a Tiu she the matter All it can and As this Majier said at the Nore the Point altogether if necessary a parable. Rutland Herald one or two Vermont newspapers conclude that a Pagan is slipping because he refuses to a do business with the $2,50 weekly paper. Start a will in and Back room Type of a politician. One of them has the of citizens of of say Somerset or Sears the men Cheeter Roumel the Bel of cd Wes Ity lows Falls times and the Springfield Tain not so respectable citizens who. Reporter Are All charging $2.50 per i a Large consideration in Cash pro. Posed to of year for subscriptions. That three Vermont weeklies have found it Neces Denver the town. Suppose that the offer was in detail that in some cases it ran to the sary to get $2.50 per year for their j county with a Price set on each and paper Only foreshadows what must a Quot a accompanied a is to a pars Una con a a los editions in the pubs hmm business the word a grab bitty is of change. Speaking of the change the a course symbolical Bellows Falls contemporary says that perhaps in some cases the Afore Hote wat modest margin was j s Matt it a then made m the country newspaper tied those Fellows up a month it business. Now it is a constant Strug might have been added that a Grabbitt ble to break even. The Cost of labor says he will spend $50,000 to get this has advanced greatly and justly. Sup xxi. Plies for a Cluney have gone up Sooja. _ _ these thugs had been put up and 400 per cent and the jump in a pm has been equally great. Beginning january 1 there have been three advances to this office in the Price of to you. Gentle Reader would you or would you not ? _ it is said that there Are also some interesting documents that shed some news print the three aggregating and a of How this or. Grabbitt a does increase in Cost of Over 75 per cent newspapers All of if this Speed keeps up it Means the if a Quot Hile perhaps not constituting doubling of the Price of newspaper in f hence would be interesting exhibits _. Newspaper a single year. A this explanation is made so that readers May understand that we Are m Case a certain candidate carries out his repeated threats and Calls for judicial investigation of his opponents not trying to Nike More Money out of a sign methods their subscriptions. It is merely a a an Hile in the interest of a Hal main Effort to keep up with those Noah foul summer a May we whom we Are obliged to Purchase i suggest that some delicate Cir what goes into the production of the a a a Quot Ces not unconnected with re a paper. The Bills necessary to conduct z transfers might bet any business must be paid out of new Mien made in the business or there must be an endowment fund. Lacking profits or if there Are no profits lacking an endowment fund is a sure Call for the sheriff. A we wish we could say that we believe Itiat a year from now the sub a be used to the old Price of but alas we see no such Prospect. We done to anticipate that those tech eng wages Are going to petition to have them reduced. We done Tex to receive any such notice As this a the International paper co. Are pleased to inform you that of use our employees have voluntarily accepted a Cut of 50 per cent in their rages because Wood pulp is seeing at told once and because our Stock How Are ready to accept former my tends we Are ready to furnish you a paper at pre War Price to wit $2�0 per Hundred pounds delivered at your nothing like this is exported on the contrary we Are cd tinally frightened by rumours of pm Nutly mounting charges until by Nev papers will have to sell for 6 cents per copy and 10 cents in ten years or _ Kincid totally How much would such interesting financial arrangements Square with Vermont a corrupt practices act extracts from which a pea m these columns a few Days ago More inconsistency. Brattleboro reformer the Herald prefers the slogan a let the people Rule a no matter How hackneyed to a let the Bosses Rule a no tier How her in View of the fact that governor Clement owner of the Herald refuses to heed the Peoples demand that the legislature of Vermont be called in special session to act upon the ratification of the suffrage amendment the be statement has a queer sound. The state committee the state convention and the National committee of the party to which the governor claims allegiance have requested him to act in this matter but this Champion of the people refuses to comply with a i Surmont notes Montpelier has a population of 7,125 and Barry 10,008, according to announcement by the census Bureau. The population of Montpelier in 1910 was 7,856, which shows a loss of 726. The whereabouts of Chauncey Sharp an aged resident of fair Haven has been unknown since last week and a posse of 25 men has been scouring the Woods but is said to have found no Trace. Sharp is 86. Rufus e. Brown of Burlington aged years one of the Best known attorneys in the state died last week following a Brief illness although he had been in failing health for some time. He was states attorney of Chittenden county from 1894 to 1900, a member of the Vermont Senate in 1900, and attorney general of the state from 1912 until 1914. Following the closing of the Woolen Mill in North Montpelier the Mills of the american Woolen company at Winooski Are laying off Many hands. The pay Roll has dim shed one third. The principal reason for this slackening of business is that the manufacturers Connot get the Price for their goods which it would Cost under present conditions to produce them and therefore they Are letting Down. As the result of a shooting affair on june 17, Henry Adams a farm hand in Fletcher is dead and Louise Garrett his stepdaughter is at Fanny Allen Hospital Burlington with Bullet holes in her right leg and left . Although the wounds Are serious she will Likely recover. Adams who did the shooting and then turned the weapon on himself is said to have been jealous of attention a Young Man was paying to the girl. The shooting followed a quarrel Between the two. Information has been received that the Worms which destroyed a Field of com on miss Mary Andrews farm in Putney and which caused much uneasiness among the Farmers there were not the feared com borers but were a native species. The identity of the pest was secured through Sendig specimens to the United states Bureau of entomology in Arlington mass. As the Worms principal food is smart Weed the Bureau suggests the elimination of All smart Weed in the Vicinity of the Andrews farm. Although no announcement has yet been made Middlebury College is to music courses Given anywhere in the country. The season will open november 1 with a concert by the philharmonic orchestra of new York Josef Stransky conducting. The orchestra will receive $2,000 for coming to Middlebury. Later will come the flon Aley string quartet now ranked As the finest organization of its kind in the country. Another engagement is that of Reinald Werrenrath the famous american baritone. A two piano concert is to be Given by Guy Maier and i a Pattison two Young men who have won High standing for their unique recitals. Frank Whittemore of Eden committed suicide wednesday of last week about noon by drowning himself in the Stream near there. He had been living with his brother up to a Short time ago when his daughter Freeda who has been attending the Boston conservatory of music returned. Last week they went to their old Home to live. Before noon or. Whittemore. Who had been sitting on the porch All morning left and was later missed by his daughter. After searching for some time a party started out and conducted a thorough search. Shortly after or. Whittemore a crutches were found on the Bank of the Brook and his body was found a Short distance Down Stream. Maj. E. W. Gibson sent out the Fol lowing hat of service men in Vermont who sent their discharge certificates to Washington in order to obtain the $60 Bonus. The discharges Are still there with a Check. The addresses of the men should be furnished at once to the zone finance officer Bonus Sec Uon 18th and c streets Washington p. C. The names Are Fred m. Davio Henry c. Williams Hurt w. Williams Edgar a. Cook Cesone. Howard. Thore a. Johnson William e. Kendall Wilfred Limo the Mark a. Mcclosky Dominico Mantello Michael Patrick Noonan John e. Smith Lee a Soucie. Tell an excitable Man to use his head and hell proceed to Fly out of his head. The world moves and till move far if you put your own crowbar under it. Their requests. It is hard to conceive greater inconsistency than that be. Tween the above statement and the realizes the inconsistency of the gov it says in part the publishing business and woe w who Falls too far be Emor. We Lieve governor Clement Wouldhave in stronger with the people. Affif folks think half a loaf it would be nearer the fact As better than none. Ill weak if he had taken a position squarely against suf cd a Neal Deal Dess cd ingot be cured tie a a Tacil a tube. We Quot no a a tue to unfixed you have a dumb inc Aoud or Imd Ineata la Ute Reault. Uale a uie est tvs weak Khu Feys made siring Aoa a Dominie stopped after a Ort a a with a fruit a a Vest a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles a May orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main St. Newport it. Or. E. H. Nills veterinary office and to ital last main Street Tel 43, Newport Jervah amp Corkins build inst construction remodelling and repair work of All i kinds phones j. J. Corkins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 notice inside and outside paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guertin Moses Murphy Moretown Termont March 27th 1918. I am warranted in having the strongest Faith in a fruit a Tives after receiving such wonderful benefits from them. For years i was a sufferer with kidney and liver complaints. My Back ached my liver was sluggish and my whole system seemed out of order. Fruit a Tives was the Only remedy to help me. They strengthened the kidneys made my bowels mover ulary and freed me of All the distress caused from the kidney trouble constipation and indigestion. A few weeks treatment with fruit a Tives made me feel As if i had a new lease on life Ondl of glad to make known the great value of these fruit liver tablets. Moses Murphy. Fico. A Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. At dealers or from fruit a Trees limited n. Y. R. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Vei vi3 a we pay top prices for Calfskin cow hides horse hides sheep pelts and raw furs in season c. E. Jet Ikins pubic Market Orleans Vermont in pc Mew York City Errn l i l Ney Troy Bis in i year. Done to allow Yogi self to become a victim by Negi Ecung r go arc d�5ciii3t this to Publ t by taking the to ride a Standard Ramey for Kij Aey Over Blanc Ter and uric acid troubles hound a a National remedy since inti a drug lists three sizes. In Arante it wok for the Home goal Medid in or aadaccitptw�r.1 renewed testimony no one in Barton who suffers backache headaches or distressing urinary ills can afford to ignore this Barton Many a twice told Story. It is confirmed testimony that no Barton resident can doubt. F. F. Sawyer livery Man. Main St., Barton says a i wish As Many suf Fering men and women As i can reach through this testimonial to know the excellence of Doans kidney pills. I was greatly benefited by the use of this remedy and i have known several persons who have been cured by Doans who had kidney trouble very badly and were suffering As i did with pains in the Back head and across the loins. I am glad to say Doans kidney pills completely relieved me of All these distressing conditions. I am always glad to recommend such a deserving statement Given sept. 4, 1908. On May 14, 1920, or. Sawyer said a i still think Doans kidney pills Are very Good although i Haven to had to use them for some time. Doans made my cure a permanent one and i am again glad to say a few words of Praise for them. I gladly renew my statement of a few years Price 60c, at All dealers. Done to simply ask for a kidney remedy Gret Doans kidney pills the same that or. Sawyer had. Foster Mil bum cd mfrs., Buffalo n. Y. For Sale harnesses whips blankets halters strap work of All kinds. Carriage lamps sponges Chamois sloans liniment tuttles elixir or. Lesure a medicines Cura Box perfection Fly killer guaranteed to kill the flies. Some second hand farm machinery one Cream separator nearly new. Good time to have your harnesses repaired and oiled at the Glover harness shop. M. W. Johnson successor to a b. Speir Glover Vermont or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. A the Ciao fit in optometry appointments can be made by mail or a phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport it. A. C. , d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport Vermont Bucko a feed stable Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of mount Ida school Newton mass studio 783 East main St., Newport e. H. Howe successor to Hove amp Stowe real estate Newport Tel. 175 roots Block mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing modern dancing a for adults Chalif and Vestoff methods of aesthetic and interpretive dancing for juveniles or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis livery stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes blk. 25 men wanted for steady work in veneer Mill Good living conditions schools and churches. Saturday afternoons o without loss of pay. Fred d. Pierce. Ear Tuk. Barton Vermont state or Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate oort for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of George Henry Chasse and doru g. Chasse minors of omit Bury. A whereas application in writing Bath been made to this court by the guardian of George Henry and Dorle g. Robasse. For License to sell the real estate of said Ward Viz being the wards interest in the we Ood Bory place so called situated in said Craftsbury and being decreed to said wards from the estate of g. G. Chasse representing that the Sale thereof for the purpose of putting the proceeds of such Sale at interest or investing the same in stocks or other real estate or using the avails thereof for the Benefit of said Ward As directs would be beneficial for said whereupon the said court appointed and assigned the a the Day of july Luary at the probate office in Newport la said District. At ten of clock . To hear and decide upon said apply in Quot Public notice thereof to be Given to All persons interested therein by publishing this order three weeks a ice sylvely in the Orleans county Mon-1?. Published at Barton in circulates in the those persons interested therein a al ,21 publications shall be previous the rpm a Quot Kre pore. Yon Are hereby notified to appear before said cd it Urt. At them in b. My Poona. Register b Richard Mann factoring co. Richford al estate of Aime Bouthillier state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid. To All persons interested in the estate of Aime Bouthillier. Late of Brownington in said District deceased. Upton. Whereas said court has assigned the 8th Day of july next for examining and allowing the account of the administrator of the estate of said deceased and for a Dree of the residue of said estate to the lawful claimants of the same and ordered that Public notice thereof be Given to All sons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively Nevlous Toth Day assigned in the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper published at Barton in said District. Therefore you Are hereby notified to api Ratthe probate office in said District on the Day assigned then and there to contest the allowance of said account if you see establish your right As heirs i due lawful claimants to said b. M. Spooner. Register Rufus w. Spear general ins Virance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts j Barton it the fitting of office Hopes ii sunday and by Spenlau no a a a Quot Harry Dickens insurance and office a phone 33-4. Reid tvs Orleans. Vermont g. S. Courser licensed auctioneer Limber get Ian South Albany Vermy it n. H. Drew. So. Waldo licensed a to need satisfaction guaranteed f. R. Hastings Barton it. Rehired from medical service Oil a seas september it insurance of All Kinin s insurance age Barton Vermont Josiah a. Pearson. D m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lake vie w Avenue to. No. 44.4 Barton. probate courts special sessions of the probate be held at the office of f. W. Baluyu Barton on the second Sandfo Orth of each month in the a if office of e. A. Look. 1 1 Orleas amp a the afternoon of the third month. Parties desiring to Tranco. Business at Barton or Orleans show the judge in Advance that he May my. Quot a a open every Day except Sunc Psi Days but Tho second Nefro a far As possible should makes Peaua ments with the court in Advance. E. J. Smith. H our assortment of autos changes daily Dae to arrive Carload of Standard 8�?Ts a a a Oakland Nash a a Paige a for immediate def Chandler dispatch Nash 7 passenger Oakland Sedan Chevrolet Barton Auto Exchange Barton Vermont cd a 9 notice estate of Lewis c. Loomis a a Vang been appointed court for the District Orleans commissioners to receive if Remde Neof Frances r. Loomis in the town a of Craftsbury. In said District on the and Day i of Aust and 2nd Day of dec. Next Frois i o clock . Until 6 of clock p. M. Of mid is and that six months from to 2iid Day of june a d. Iwo is the time Umit creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance . Hadley 25.-7 k. R. Bishop. thu u the thine to a ave your Money and banking connection with this institution a Ore you of Good treatment ample and the incentive to build up a Good depot notice estate of Blanche c Young the undersigned having been annoy need will meet for the purpose aforesaid at Tho residence of n. M. A shard a he t?4n the 8th Day of Iless Lilli a a a 4�r or Jone. Commissioners. Rred future needs. Barton savings Bank amp w Barton Vermont Caputd $50,000 surplus $1�� Safe Deposit boxes to rent at reason rates

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