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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - June 16, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor june 16, 1920 Delpin Hunt amp company inc. Printers and publishers Cit leans county Monitor Barton Yermont Lafaed every wednesday and entered the Post office in Barton As second class matter North Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont every thursday and entered at fee Post office in North Troy As second class matter. Ivin of native of Vermont will make a protect themselves and their Strong Appeal to the voters of the a a dependents against possible aggravation As candidates for president and Tion of the trouble hereafter vice president respectively. Harding j state entomologist Harold l. Bail May be a Little conservative for theby of Bradford has sent to the Federal radio ale element of the nation but a Bureau of investigation of insects at Coolidge is of the younger and damage progressive Type of Man who com Putney about half of a two acre a Field of com on the farm owned by miss Mary t. Andrews having been the Newport news e. F. Humphrey local manager m main Street Newport Vermont taxed every Friday and entered at the Post office in Newport As second class matter. Subscriptions ally paper $2.00 per year 6 months $1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance All papers discontinued when time expires men who travel about to a considerable extent state that there is from one third to one half less acreage under cultivation in this part of Vermont than in former years. If this Story is duplicated in other parts of the state and in the nation the food problem of another Winter May be very serious indeed. Farm labor is a crying need but it can never be secured so Long As industries turning out non essential products and Allied materials can out bid the food produced for labor. Ada Timsing cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions be. Reading notices 15c per line insertion. Classified advertising at top of classified column rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates for any r upon application. Church sur a one phase of the inter Church world movement which on account of the great financial Campaign has slipped somewhat into the background is the National Rural Church Survey. The world wide program which the a movement projected was based upon a United scientific Survey both of the actual conditions and needs in the world wide Field of the Church and of the abilities and resources of american protestantism to meet these prob fms which the Field Survey would re Ueal in this country the Survey is now a aug carried on county by county with special provision for the study of the City and particular group problems. Up to now on account of the a Eal City of time and the necessity of fitting All the energies of the people an the matter of financial drive the work of the Rural Survey has percept-2ily slowed Down so that Only a Small met of the state of Vermont has been a a cred by the canvassers. Here in Orleans county for instance Only mands the Confidence and respect of everyone. Why the Low Price paid for Maple sugar who has an answer is it monopoly on the buying end ? is it the Lack of organization on the producers end is there a lessened demand for Maple products ? was there on Over production this season someone must know the answer or think he knows the answer and this paper will be glad to publish signed statements from anyone bearing on this subject. It is strange indeed that Maple sugar this year which Cost More to produce than it did last season brings no greater if As Good a Price As it brought a year ago. And this in the face of a tremendously increased Cost of other sugars. There must be something wrong somewhere. Destroyed. Through a High Power Microscope they Are Able to identify the pest but they think it is not the european Corn Borer warning concerning which was received at the farm Bureau office some time ago. Ine Field will be kept under observation by the state d Arment of agriculture and if any further trouble occurs eradication of it will be adopted. The National potato Magazine for May gives a summary of potato seed certify Tion work in the United states and . Vermont stands third in the list in number of fur certification being led Only by Minnesota and Wisconsin. Vermont also stands third in the number of Fields certified As suitable for seed purses under the standards adopted missioner Brigham is receiving a much larger number of applications for potato seed inspection than in previous years. Several seed potato growers associations have been formed and it is expected that Vermont will have a Large acreage which will qualify for seed purposes. Last year a potato grower in Orange county raised about 2000 bushels of certified seed potatoes which he advertised widely in the agricultural papers of the country. He reports that he had orders for 50,000 bushels. T one third of the towns have been completed. Rev. C. O. Gill of Hartland the state director for new Hampshire and a Vermont is very anxious to Complete Mie work of the Survey within the immediate future and he has called to us Aid. Rev. F. E. Davison of Derby who had. Charge of the publicity department of the state for the Denom martians of the inter Church people Dur my the first months of the year. Or. Davison will get in touch with the canvassers in every town in this county at the earliest possible Date. In the meantime it is hoped that All those Wiio have any of the material on hand will communicate with him immediate or. The Rural Church Survey is not a Loase to House canvass it does not in i any Way correspond to the United ,.,Terri-pj3edt? with tory outside of incorporated towns of j out winning a Victory More than 5000 population. It is a prominent Vermont Farmer recently said in substance a what in the name of goodness is this Man Hart Ness thinking of when he advocates building up industries in every Community in Vermont ? Industry is a great and glowing thing but Industry in these Days in any degree As this Man would have us believe was possible would put the Vermont Farmer and therefore the foundation Stone of Vermont out of business even As he is. Now forced to Lessen his production of crops. In the name of common sense what do we want of More Industry in Vermont now Industry has drained the Banks of Money and the farms of labor and Many an Industrial Plant is turning out pleasure products w hich the nation would be better off without. What we want of a governor these times is someone who will help solve the food problem who has a program for the farm and the Farmer. Industry production can never bring Down the Cost of living but agriculture and agricultural production can and will. What candidate for governor offers us the Best program in this respect a one must admit there is some truth in this Contention. More food production is imperative now Industry or no Industry and Industry appears to be Able to take care of itself. Food production does not. Shall we legislate and govern for essential or for nonessential things ? a terrible affliction govt. Concrete inspector saved by a Froit a Tives 89 North Union St., Rochester . A for five Long years i was afflicted with stomach liver and kidney trouble which developed into serious bladder trouble. I saw a testimonial of a Truit a Tives and concluded to make one More trial. By the time the Sample Box and a 50c. Box were finished there was grand improvement. To make a Long Story Short i believe fruit a Tives or fruit liver tablets the Best stomach liver and bladder Medicine the Thorld has Ever produced. R. B. Of Flynn. 60c. A Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c. At dealers or from Fr�oit-a-tive3 limited. Ogdensburg. N. Y. I press clippings Wardner a questions Bennington Banner Henry s. Wardner of Windsor who appears to look at Public question from the office of a Board of directors of some corporation has addressed a series of questions to the four candidates for governor of Vermont. Some of the questions Are of interest and importance and a few Are simply pest Ferous attempts to draw the candidates into profitless controversy. Or. Wardner misses the most important a a issues before the state of Vermont this year while devoting much space to the particular axes he would like to have ground. Sale of cigarettes to boys. St. Albans messenger complaints received by states attorney e. W. Gibson of Windham county have caused that official to Start a crusade against violates of Vermont a cigarette Law As regards Sale to minors. While their harmfulness to the mature Man when not smoked to excess is doubtful yet the cigarette is recognized in the medical profession As detrimental to the proper physical and mental growth of the boy or youth. It is therefore proper that merchants should observe to the letter the state Laws with regard to the Sale of cigarettes to minors. It can generally be observed that Windham county is not Jafim All Stom a Mia Ejea. Vat a 25 men wanted for steady work in veneer Mill Good living conditions so tools and Church ties. Saturday afternoons o without loss of pay. re co. Richford it. Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work All kinds phones j. J. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit for Sale harnesses whips blankets halters strap work of All kinds. Carriage lamps sponges Chamois sloans liniment tuttles elixir or. Lesure a medicines Cura Box perfection Fly killer guaranteed to kill the flies. Some second hand farm machinery one Cream separator nearly new. Good time to have your harnesses repaired and oiled at the Glover harness shop. M. W. Johnson successor to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont l. H. Mclver d. O. S. Special Fitt in optometry appointments can be made by mail or phone Fot the examination of the eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport it. We pay top prices for i calf skins cow hides Erwa Day to told Sec tax today. Fred d. Pierce Barton. Vermont watch the big 4 Sto Nach Icid ttys Pieart i Over Keap the vital organs Hee thy by regularly taking the worlds Standard remedy for kidney liver bladder and uric acid troubles Ccu old medal the National remedy of Holland for centum a and endorsed by Queen Wilbel Mina. At All druggists three Sites. Cold medal of Grerr Boa Law. Vermont notes Tion in Vermont today is its Industrial development. That is just about like chasing skyrockets visionary. Here is what Hartness would do. He would make every town an Industrial the Only Section suffering from this Bee hive. But h fails to Tell How it evasion or perhaps disregard of the would be done. The Industrial plants perhaps a checkup have already robbed the farms of All the labor yet the Hartness prop ram Calls for still More labor. Where is Clements foolishness. Industrial growth is to be desired Brattleboro reformer but it cannot be done by any new if the Republican party sees fit to methods. Practical hard sense and adopt the Resolution providing for a common every Day business ability popular vote on All future amendments will do More for Vermont than All the to the Federal Constitution i shall be visionary theories advanced by this justified in calling a special session a wonder from Springfield. a a cigarette _ might be timely All around. Friar ii Rural in import. The task of the county men is to map the county locating among other things every Terch and parsonage. The circuits of ministers will also be indicated. Especially important it is that Over Faz ached and neglected territories Are a Aca Vered. Outstanding social conditions and Community relationships that affect religious conditions and Bear upon the program of the Church Are to he noted in a special schedule birr Camm nity at Large. On the basis of these facts the t leaders of the comity will be r to assemble e constructive Proto conserve Money and men atop waste of Good material and do a Siuess on business principles a mat a Ier which is of vital importance these Days of fierce Competition in religion is in everything else. And on the bams of these facts again there will be built up a state program and so on and up to a National program. Already in this state sectarianism is slowly being asphyxiated so that Kotry and self sufficiency is growing a slower by degrees and beautifully some 40 federations of churches Quot Whicha once held their lonely Way turn och the wilderness of sin have been formed and they Are making the a byte places to Bloom and Blossom As the Case. The More people know of each other the More they come to face can Mon problems and understand that the tasks of one Are the tasks of Afi. It is a foregone conclusion that in Ler to meet our obligations we must r what they Are and in order to r what they Are they must be investigated. Hence the need of the for the third time within a year. Porter Green of Morrisville has broken his right Arm this time while cranking a car. Beginning _ _ re the Bellows Falls times is to be raised july 1 the Price of from $2 a year to $2.50 on account of the rising Cost of paper. 1. Newcomb passed her 101st birthday anniversary at her Home in Thetford May 21. She was Able to receive her friends and enjoy the Day. The Little we Olen company of North Montpelier has closed its Man fact ing put because of the congested woolens. It employs about 100 persons. So far there Are three candidates for the office of state senator from Frankyn county a. S. Howard of Fairfax s. Carl Carpenter of Richford and w. J. Chaffee of Enosburg. And will do w. Clement governor of Vermont. In making this position the governor of Vermont false the Agan followers Are pursuing a proposition the governor of Vermont false god if they think e governor can has eliminated the last Shadow of an kelp to bring Back local option. If a excuse for not calling a special session governor has such an influence where of the legislature to act upon the pro was the Hon. Percival w. Clement posed woman suffrage amendment to during the past two years ? it was the Federal Constitution. His propose during his term that the National pro Tion is an impossible one because it re Hibi Tion amendment was ratified quires the suppression of the will of the Vermont was one of the states. Then majority to the terms of a minority of was during gov Clements term one and if an impossible condition is fat Congress passed the volstead act. The Only obstacle to a justification for where was the Hon. P. W. C. During calling a special session there is no that time ? Agan can do no More to justification in not calling one. Hav bring Back local option than a Monkey ing Given away his Case it is hoped Africa. The. Governor will go ahead and per-1 a a t form his duty to his party and to the Here a another Plank that Hartness Public. Ought to put into his platform a i be solving Vermont a housing problem. St. Albans messenger Lieve that Vermont should raise More another idol of the Agan Campaign the Lack of housing accommodations in Vermont cities and larger towns has been growing More and More acute. The High Price of labor and enforcement act Pai material has put More or less of a Congress to be constitutional camper on building operations for Assed at Windsor in the strict court several Days several years past and the situation continues with Little Hope of betterment in sight. An a own your own Home movement has been gaining ground in several communities in the states Dis state the latest places to enter being last week Randolph and Newport City. Articles the Federal grand jury a. A Lys last week Randolph and Newport reopened with a total of 43 True Bills of association have been Fil with the Many of which Are said to be for pro Secretary Fite ering. Cooperate of state by the Randolph catarrhal deafness cannot be cured log is applicant la a. They cannot Talob the dial Aasu a it Ortlon of the ear. There la Only one Way to cure catarrhal deafness. That la by a remedy Tarreal idea Freaa la eau aed by an interned Condlon of the mucosa Linins of the a Natachia tube. When Thia tube la interned you Baye a dumb Lens found or imperfect bearing. And when it la entirely closed. Zika Freaa a the Reault. Una eat the can be ruled and Thea horse hides sheep pelts and raw furs in season c. A cask kens pubic Market Orleans. Vermont a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles mail orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main St Newport it. Or. E. H. Nills veterinary office and Hospital East main Street Tel 43, Newport notice inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guertin r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Vermont c. Farmer d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bucko a feed stable Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of mount Ida school Newton mass studio 783 East main so Newport e. H. Howe successor to Hove amp Sto ave real estate Newport Tel. 175 roots Block business dire j m. Blake gtd Barton it special attention Cimon. A a 418668 of the a a a a a a a win j the fitting of glasses to Offick hours n a Ever sunday and by 8peciara�i��>-ta c. A. Cramton Harry Dickens neral insurance and an. Office a phone 33-4. Reside Orleans. A Ermont . Drew so. Waldo in licensed aug Moneeb satisfaction guaranteed. Mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing Modem a dancing a for adults Chalif and Vestoff methods of is thetic and interpretive dancing for juveniles or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary phone 138-11 College Davis livery stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport al Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts f. R. Hastings . Barton it. Returned from medical service c a was september let insurance of and Kii May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont j08iah a. Peae90k, orm m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44-4 Barton v probate courts Gyer a it Aux via air a a a. A a. Barton on the second Andlor thu of each month in the afternoon a Nijiu office of e. A. Look of Leal the afternoon of the third Friday month. pro business at Barton or Orleans Snow Iii the judge in Advance that he May necessary papers. The probate office at new port open every Day. Except sunday Days but those coming from a far As . Should makespeclau5l< ments with the court in Advance. E. J. Smith. Attend the Albany business College Send for catalogue carnell5.h0it Albany. . Inspection and repair Day for u. S. Cream separators. Tuesday june 22, 1920 at f. S. Whitcher a store Barton Vermont Miracle motor Gas tonic saves gasoline and climates All Carbon trouble. Regular Price while they last 75 cents Fud line of accessories including Boyce motor meter Stewart search lights and pyrene fire extinguishers a few bags Dos in slightly used tires Call and look our Stock Over a we Rou Uvea Cuba will Cloe cooperative savings and loan Asso a it a Normal Condi Uon. Hearing mom. A a it �lr5if,s�9�?oi a a a is. A a a a. A a group of Massachusetts Cai its has purchased the Green Moun Quot i a i y 77�?� Tain and Hemlock Island Waterpower can be More in the Lamoille River near East geor la a a purpose sort pc. Gia of f. H. Dewart and John Rey to build Homes and urge Sav no of Bolington and x. A Hogan i cd Ife Dicine Quot acts Thra the blood on the mucous surfaces of the of St. Albans. The Price paid is estimated to be in the Vicinity of $100,-000. The first Case of infantile paralysis free. All drug leu. 7sc. F. J. Chi by a co. Toi Dob o. More than 40 persons signed the a i pers. The Newport City building Asso i citation has organized with a capital Barton vt., september 1, 1919. Of $50,000 and the sole purpose Quot i Quot a friends and neighbors of that has been reported this season has purpose been discovered in Orange the report w l having been made to or. C. H. Burr Newport City. J after an examination by or. J. H. In v i.,. Friend Barton. A year ago i had rheumatism so these movements and similar ones that i could not get out of bed or _ a decidedly worthy and will go a even turn myself in bed. I took the tory officers Friday afternoon. The leu amp Way toward solving the housing famous a. J. P. Rheumatic remedy patient is Melvin Tucker who has a bless of Verai ont if pushed to a of less than a week i was out of passed the acute stage of the disease. Conclusion. Incidentally bed and attending to my farm work. The Home where he lives has been a a will keep native vermonters ver 1 would further say that i Haven to quarantined. By adoption and vermonters bad any rheumatism since. If you a j 1. To k ,7 inclination where they belong in have a Friend that has the terrible annoy my ent is made by director Vermont. Disease Tell him about the a. J p. Brr a a c cer Barton a a. .1� a to breath Hartness say that a of a so Darren g. Harding of Ohio a one a Reata a artness says that erf sin in a a a sir a go g a ease was of a minor character should his to a i a Lugo Resford to see that every y. S. Cream Jia Rator gives the satisfactory service that this make of machine is always capable of giving. To this end there has been planned an inspection and free service Day we urgently invite every u. S user to bring his Complete separator for a careful inspection which will made free of charge. If any part Ira i Accident needs replacing there will be no further charge than the Price of the new parts used. The service will be free and valuable advice will be rendered on the care and operation of your separator. Don t miss this Chance. 1.��?o�- up a a tentative expert in this line will be present to assist in this important work. The earlier you come the quicker you will 1� mrs. Kindly inform All who Are i skely to be interested in this free service. We have cultivators weeders and horse hoes for Sale cheap. F. S. Whilchez agent Barton al Barton Auto Exchange Barton Vermont this is the time to save your Money 8�?o banking connection with this institution sure you of Good treatment ample Proteno and the incentive to build up a Good depot a future needs. Barton savings Bank amp Trust Barton Vermont surplus. Capital $50,000 Safe Deposit boxes to rent at rates. Reason

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