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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - July 21, 1920, Barton, Vermont9the Monitor july 21, 1920 a two estate of Martha b. La Monda state of web Mosuch program As this on top of Day a it in Vito and other food Laws commissioners notice it Tate of James a. Batten the under signed having or been appointed business honorable probate court the Dis would double and treble the prices by the honorable probate court the simians. Ine Auw Muuro lessens the distance from patient to doctor but in Winter the Rural town is certainly removed from medical Aid. The Story of the Devotion of or. Strict aforesaid. To All persons interested in the estate of Martha b. Lamonda late of of a nuns cum m a Ivo Rpp Lvpl. Examina. And adjust the claims f kit r. In said District a cease. demands of All persons Asra inst the 6ipib,Hunt & company inc. Printers and publisher Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont issued every wednesday and entered is the Postance in Barton As second Cla a matter or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College Rhone 138-1 1 Davis livery stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent Lane s blk. J l Ai. A 1 i i i a a . Fiort Bolden at Newport within in raid District on the 6th Day of july. 1920 an instrument purporting to be. Barton a special attention it to. To t. -. Estate or James a. Batten late Orreen snort in said District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet the purpose aforesaid at the store of b. O. Davis and son in the town of Greensboro in said District on the80th Day of july and 24th Day of december the last will Ana xes amen Uit. Man i Lato of Greensboro in said Dis the Flung of strict deceased was presented to the court aforesaid it is ordered by said ourt that the 23rd Day of july 1920 at f. W. Baldwin s sunday and by Ernext from 1 o clock p. Natii 4 o cock on each of nned Davs. And that Bix Flagg to his patients a Devotion which undoubtedly Cost him his life is one that fills the heart with the old time Confidence in the physician. Or. Flagg must have taken his professional duty As a sacred Trust and the profession is better having had such a Man among its numbers. Press clippings months from the 25th Day of june a. D., 1820, is the time limited by said court Usu cd 111 bb1u inn. Oci Irenah non vans said instrument Ana c. A. Cramt0n that notice thereof be Given to All person said creditors to present their claims 10 us examination and allowance. Concerned by Audi inning mis order to Mac weeks successively in the Orleans count dated at Greensboro. It. This 9th Day 01 Consumers have to pay Lor Yoou uni what of it if Consumers balk at the Price then following labors right to strike Farmers might strike and withhold the entire food Supply until Consumers Are starved into paying whatever Price Farmers need in order to follow the federa Tion s schedule of hours and wages. It is a poor Rule which does not work both ways. All of which shows the Folly of labor or of Farmers set ting themselves up As Independent of other folks. The lesson we All need to learn is that of our Mutual inter dependence. It looks As though the new demands of the federation of labor increased pay and fewer hours of work give the wheel another spin in its vicious Circle. Yet truths mighty and ultimately will pre Vail. When everyone 16 years old and Over works hard and intelligently 10 hours each Day the same reasonable return that the average Farmer has netted during the past two years there will be plenty All at reasonable prices. June. A. V 1920. I Avilor. Eye wit Monitor a newspaper circulating in Vicinity in said District previous to the a Throat. Office 29 main. A office. Off co a . O. Chas Ewesley k. Cole. . I Nii dii i Upu Iron a hereby no Tinea to. 28-8-0 commissioners appointments Evansa 10can be made in of m appear before said court at the time and Korth Troy palladium pleased of a. H. Butter iced w. E. Sawyer local manage North Troy Vermont to every thursday and entered i the Poa Toffice in North Troy As second class matter. The Newport news is. F. Humphrey local manager e7 Uain Strait Newport Vermont issued every Friday and entered at she Post office to Newport As second Clofis it matter. Advance bytes Penone. Letter place Bonteai. But v. Said will if you have under my hand this 6tn Day or Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Commissioners9 notice estate of Elizabeth Brownlie the undersigned have nor been appointed july. 1920. Harry Dickens 27-2 9 b. Spooned Register Clement most unpopular governor Vermont Ever had. Stanstead p. A journal. The fight governor in Vermont is gradually settling Down to a wet by the honorable probate court the District of Orleans. Commissioners to re estate of Eliza s. Eaton state of Vermont 5 a a turn chive examine and adjust the claims an demands of All persons against the estate of Vermonta a a fast. The Dresen Gover District of Orleans is. Elizabeth Brownlie. Late of Greensboro inti l i strict deceased and All claims exp in the honorable probate court the District of Orleans. Item in offset thereto hereby solve notice that g. S. Course we will meet the purpose aforesaid at the nor has recent w refused to Call an extra session of the legislature to ratify the suffrage amendment doubtless fearing the vote of the women would assure of Emery with the to All persons interested in duo by Eliza s. Eaton late of Barton in said District ouse of j a. Ken dries in the. Town of Complete or a equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry licked auctioneer ber Esti Greensboro in said District on the 24th deceased. Cwm tynday of july and 21st Day of Pec. Next from 2 o lock p. A. Until 4 o clock p. M., on a. Porn inf o nonet. Holden at Newport. J22my Vermont largest majority Ever Given by District on the 3rd Day of each of Saia Days and that six months fro the 25th Day of june a. 1920. Is the time nor in one state. July. 1920 an instrument purporting to Bethe Las Willand testament of Eliza s. Eaton. H. Us jew. So. Limited by said court said creditors to present their claims to us examination q 1 subscriptions Abt paper $2.00 per year 6 months$1.00 and subscriptions payable in Advance All papers discontinued when time expires advertising cards of thanks 50c resolutions Fudo. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. These rates apply to any paper. A splay advertising rates any Peper upon application. And allowance. Late of Barton in Saia uis Inci a cease was presented to the court aforesaid dated at greens bore this 3rd Day of in lar appointments can be made by mail or phone the examination of the eyes glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and re pairs made. Phone 332- 2 Lenihan Block Newport it. it. Is ordered by said court that the Slat s Howard Findla Armour Babcook 23rd Day of july 1920, at e. A. Cook office in said Orleans at 1 o clock p. M., be assigned proving said instrument and licensed aucti0neeb satisfaction guaranteed . Hastings . Barton it 27-2 9 commissioners that notice the Reni be Given to an jar us concerned by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Orleans county t Niada commissioners notice estate of Luther k. Witham Monitor a weekly newspaper Poi Isneau this action of the governor one Wuhu a n will vote governor in novem ber As Tennessee will ratify As the 36th state at a special session called to meet August 10th. This will in crease the total vote at Lea st 50 per cent. The action of Tennessee May be Early enough women to vote at the september primary election. I he comments of the state press would indicate that governor Dement will re tire from office As the most unpopular governor since Vermont s admission to the Union As the 14th state. No whiskey Safe now. St. Albans messenger a. C. Farmer d. V. Veterinarian in said District previous p be time a i. I c i. Cucu irom medical server few the undersigned having anointed seas september Utby the honorable probate court the Iheke Rulli you Are Peru us Sunun appear before said court at the time and Olace aforesaid and to contest the probate District of Orleans. Commissioners to office at Newport. Vermont Buck s feed stable receive adjust the claims and of said will if you have cans?.Given under my hand at Export. In . This 3rd Day of july. 1920. Insurance of All kinds the snug sum of ?31,000 paid the state by automobile owners in ot-3e? is county registration fees would not indicate that the owners of the cars were As poor As they would have you believe when it comes to paying local taxes. Aen Ianus or All persons against the estate of Luther k. Witham late of said District. Deceased and All claims exhibited in often thereto hereby 27-2 9 b. Spoon Elk give notice that we will meet the pur Friday a is going to try to Horn Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of. Mount Ida school May s insurance Agency Barton Vermont Rof tit Hevel oddments m Montreal Rose Ai Orsaia. At the Omee of the town clerk. In the town of Leasburg in said District on the 80th Day of july and loth Day of , from 10 o clock a. A. Until 8 o clock p. Estate of Thomas Durkin state of Vermont District of Orleans honorable probate court the 1 strict aforesaid to the heirs and All persons interested in will come As a Snock 10 Muse a going to run Mair of the town Newton mass. Havo inn pro Sidon us exec As a Wie k. A i a studio 783 East main st Newport m on each of said Days and that six months from the loth Day of my. A dive. Is the time limited by said court Foresaid creditors to present their claims to us source from which to replenish their Start him i guess it u be or liquor supplies provided the internal webby a bad finnish. We was Dow Tinna Hun dark line could be Nego. A 1 a a. The estate of Thomas Durkin. Late of Alba Yin said District deceased. Josiah a. Peaes0n,Lor examination and at Leasburg. Vt., this 8th Day of july office dentist , vitiated without a clash with Uncle n Babie & of coarse we hot Sam s watchful officers. It has been to gee new Babie Whitch revealed that there Are Crooks in que a Meg to town big j Cudden Tolk f. . C. Carpenter. E. H. Howe successor to Howe & Stowe real estate Newport. Tel 175 Root s Block by the Way has anybody heard recently of a congressional contest in the second District of Vermont ? pos Sibly the Early contestants have decided to let congressman Dale realize is ambition by serving on his three important House committees under a real Republican administration. Bur Lington free fress. Opponents of Dale May not con sent to his return but some of them Are said to conceded it. 2s-3-0 no Are Send a gauge Imus Cucu. Cd of. A. A deadly concoction importation m minit he tug out a u Fokes Giae Usu cd. To the Umstea states of f. L. Batchelde cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue commissioners notice state of Richard Neilly Rousu a Tulc. Bouse it has been shown that there have re been extensive forgeries of Register saturday since a has entered de labels of Well known Canadian Polatis he tasks about the Tare & brands and that spurious and even taxis & pro Bishun and Munney Wen tel no. 44--4 Barton it. The undersigned having been appointed by the honorable probate court the District of Orleans. Commissioners to receive examine and adjust the claims an demands of All persons against the estate of 1 a 1 Al 1 Virt f n v. V. A. N maw i 1 Jervah & Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Corkins 153- 2 f. A. Jervah 18 democratic papers admit that the it ice tit Ltd Shin him also to was Fht i. To Al Klc Bard a still late of Albany in said District deceased and All claims exhibited probate courts publicans have a Good National ment 0f potatoes was stopped on & also a. She sed the Pirc Hassing in offset thereto. Hereby give notice that we will meet the purpose aforesaid at the residence of a. O. Cheney. In the to of uzbek Tialii whereas application hath been made to this court in writing by the administrator praying License and authority to sell All of real estate of said deceased to wit being the northerly half of the southerly half of lot numbered eight of it of land in said town of Albany As described in a Dee to Thomas Durkin. From Enoch o. Rowell and Henry Somers. Dated february 21. 18s2, representing to said court that it would be beneficial to the heirs and All persons interested in the estate of said deceased to sell said real estate and convert the Sam into Money. And bringing into court the co went and approbation in writing of ill he heirs to said estate residing in this state and setting Forth the situation of the real whereupon the said court appointed and assigned the 15th Day of july. 120. Attn probate office in Newport in said District to hear and decide upon said application and petition and ordered Public notice thereof to be Given to All persons interested therein by publishing said order together with the time and place of hearing three weeks successively in the Orleans count Monitor a newspaper which circulates inthe neighbourhood of those persons interest Esteli n said estate All of which publications shall be previous to the Day assigned , you Are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place assigned. Then and there in said court to make your objection to the granting of such License. If you see under my hand at Newport in said District this 28th Day of june. 120. Lfft-2 8 b.m.8pooner. Register. Ticket and one hard to beat and the its Way from Montreal to Detroit and Power of a $ is growing smaller and Jle publican press makes Little ado was discovered to consist of 500 cases less All the time he replied & sed t. A. Of what seemed to be Walker s Rye Well webby so but believe me Yures Albany it. In Bald District on the 12th Day special sessions of the probate court willbe Beld at the office of f. W. Barton on the second and fourth Fridan of each month in the afternoon and at tie office of e. A. Cook u 0kleaks, i the afternoon of the third Friday of acl month. Parties desiring to transact Prokott " is whiskey. Upon examination it was meeting a is increasing More & or july. Ana Luton aay or nov. Next from11 o clock a. A. Until 2 o clock . On each of said Days and that six months from the a uni ecu eur Ticu ii pie Cucui found the labels and traae mar k Naa More an the r j 4. I i. j. I e i notice16th Day of Maya. A. 1920 is the time Lime 8 Tutti a c1cc" Ftp More an a i sunday after we went Home from Ltd by Bald court said creditors to pre sent their claims to us examination and business at Barton or Orleans Sno Uio a Ourthe judge in Advance that he May uus Iau we not de a wait Over of cities Conan my " it s. Stool it rated in sted of Rankin when both parties make any such and contained a poisonous Quantity before Jake & me & Cuzzen emmy Sussky it must be that to Mol snarl Wwod alcohol. Played Stool. Emmy was Teecher & tvo. Prnto Fol. At n r wp0kt w1h dated at Albany. It. This 8th Day of july inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-1 2.a. Ij., a Vzum. O. . C. Cheney. Open every Day except sundays and h Days but those coming from a distance As possible should make special is scheduled the White House to there st de Kandon j ssh sol 2&-3 0 commissioners p. J. Guert Inid succeed Whon. For Canadian whiskey. The reforest fee pm Tov Mil to let met halve to ments with Ine Donn in . J. Smith. Jadw 4 Xiv Wai n m acs 0 Rob uni Dahs renders my u Xuy 1 went in and Dis ast her in Tria cinc his liquors. The i state of Vermont District of Orleans Vermont is enjoying i Trade Marks and labels of legitimate monday went to a Chirch so shul. Some in redid Haschall inst. Now on pot Perns. And do mrs his death dealing which costed 10 cts & had a quark the honorable probate court the District aforesaid to All Persona interested in the estate Fannie Agnes Wail Man of Glover , application in writing hath sheriff. Sale of real estate h. B. Marshall doing business under the firm name and style of Wil immediate delivery new cars used cars been made to this court by the guardian Fannie Agnes Wallman License to sell prospects the remainder of Thi concoction into the underground Chan with Jane. Because i set on her i Cerf Gler he gets Good Cream. She called me a id Yut an season Are Bright. There is a Tenden Money. What happens to the pur sed if my branes was Sope they Wood to o expensive teams which Means Chaser troubles him not. If it be ent lather a flee. She is getting Awe too Many hired players but we sup death he is not concerned he does t full ind Pendt & Ruff Here of lately with Tetie a pita a Spe Shully with me. That pose those who dance must pay ven pleasure 1 up sofa s whole i Curie Sass physical sense ters & Jake Glim & tickle & Meome sport like baseball Little can be anybody anywhere. Went in & ast the Gipsy woman Toad. Keep betting from baseball and War i Reed the c my Bana she look the real estate of said Ward Viz being the interest of said Ward in the Bur Stock food company v. W. deeded to James Wallman by f. by warranty deed dated october11. 1910. And recorded in the land records of said Glover in Book 17. Page 401. Said land and premise situated in said Glover. Rep resenting that the Sale thereof the pur Sheddan Julian is hereby Given that i Holdan execution against you the above named defendants in favor of h. of putting the proceeds of such Sale at j Marshall Doinoff business under Thetie game will never Hurt anyone. I More Vermont hotels de & sed i see you own some reel a live rabbi or investing Ine same in stoc a la bar Stock Ood Tomother real the or using avails there m. L state of non Diack Aire live me zen Timon of Refl press 1 leu. A t n it. I Uin in. X Mil Ulii Juu w Iii c Lulli Coventry s experience with trucks m. T?00 pro has so night Var in lots of in Nev. T by Vin toll to directs would be beneficial Bald Ward. At the september term 1919, of whereupon. The said court appointed tote county Courland assigned the 6th Day of August. 1920. I Urieal a mat the probate office in Newport in said sum of two Hundred Standard 8 Chandler dispatch Paige Coupe Cleveland f. B. 50 Chevrolet 490 Chevrolet Nash truck 2 ton District at 10 o clock a. to Bear and de 1 and 89 100 dollars s237.89 dam Ciao upon Saia & p Pii Ca won an a a a to intr twist a we $1750 750 700 60 325 800 700 800 100 425 325 525 550 $3650 8 Cyl Standard 8 at 6 " Overland 7 pass. 2355 u c4 " " 5 "3000 4 4 " 5 " 1695 4 Buick 5 " " " 5 "1450 4 Dodge 5 925 Oakland roadster 490 touring 490 Reo Empire touring ordered that Public notice thereof to be together with fifty cents $.50 cos Given to All Persona interested therein. In Road work Points the Way to great that Vermont has several Large new 1st then i will go and. Give you the or Speed less expense and More mile Orchards coming into bearing this Munney. Was ran out. Age in Road improvement. Every Gsg ewoxrds7 wednesday a run me upstate phase of this news will be welcomed of sport set Are rss Fng is us Erly Tonitte he sed he wanted to ready the travelling Public by Road with More Orchards receiving care and a st about cob & that i Mek to facials and the tax payer. The Fig fewer old neglected Orchards left. Nch noise. I Dent no Whitch cob. Of be Meens wether it is Ervin or to Orne new England crop Given would indicate a saving on so Strtt f tel a two had Tribue " with Euse in the Vermont Corn acreage is Given Man Higgins taking sum of his by publishing this order three weeks of execution and that said execution been levied and extended Heltor. A newspaper published at Barton upon which circulates in the neighbourhood of the following described parcel of h8h Hajj they h. A ski and i situated in the town of Lowell time appointed hearing. Jin the county of Orleans m the state therefore Yon Are notified to appear of Vermont owned by the said w. said court at the time and place Shedd with the appurtenances there aforesaid then and there in said court to Aii the Rie a t title object to the granting of such License if you v1 and upon. Ana see cause. Interest of the said w. T. Shedd in the country this kind of work will As 45,000 acres slightly less than the apples he cot me in the tree. I tried he watched with interest. 1919 figure of 46,000 acres. The ver to explant that his apples was the Mont acreage is about 98 per cent of Best apples in the country & i am Only Chevrolet truck 1 Tonthat of 1919. Humin. He sed Humin the Dik Kensit was an unusually Fine comply Given under my hand at Newport in said said land and premises and upon his District this 12th Day of july 1020, 1 i Rulif a Vhay conditions Are Lor casted a3 8b that not Humin its the Devil in cent of Normal As against 104 men dont seem to understand us kids. B. Spoon or Register .29--31x&dlt Taid inn tits Offir Fla in tco it v t. Into i on i per cent in Laia Anu an average i obey last week in connection with the 04. Eva Stu estate of Elijah a. Norton state of vj5rmombailey extradition Case. Withal it of the state the report says was Toonie Man wl10 cant Trust himself Las been a rather unusually difficult dry Hay. Pasture is declared to always imagines that other people As the property of the said defendant a. T. Shedd and bounded As follows to wit being All of lot no. Six 6 in the second 2 Range of lots in the town of Lowell Vermont and being All an the same land and premises conveyed Barton Auto Exchange Barton it. District of Orleans excellent with the exception of ought t0 Trust my Esse to handle in every respect and the honorable probate court Lor the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of state s attorney Thompson is to be govt Dement s proclamation congratulated upon the result. Thomp reduced to its lowest terms if the Elijah Norton late of Glover. In said District deceased. Sale has had an unusual number of i Constitution of the United states con whereas said court has As Larned thex ajor cases to Cope with since he has flicks the the Vermont Constitution 20th Day of i july next examining and allowing the account of the executor harnesses. Whips. Blankets. Of the estate of sail deceased and a Des is agreed that he has handled them i to a. a Ittel prs Rora a nov of nil Mission Vermont to the Union i lrinr1s Jarri Ftp Tramna. A tinny. To the said w. T. Shedd by a. by his warranty deed record Din Book 13, Page 196 of the land rec ords of said town of Lowell and be ing All of the real estate of the said. T. Shedd with his right in equity to redeem the same situated in said town of Lowell and bounded As said town is bounded. Notice is hereby further Given that by virtue of said execution and bythe direction of Frank d. Thompson attorney the creditor in said Cree of the residue of said estate to the Law Ful claimants of the same and ordered that Public Otloe thereof be Given to All person interested in said estate by publishing this under the Federal Constitution. What Loo Ronan f order three weeks Mcce Shively previous tolf tattle s elixir or. Lesure Mountain the Day assigned in the Orleans count Monitor a newspaper published at said , Cura to x perfection wets through Agan govern free press. Fly killer guaranteed to kill the therefore you Are hereby notified tor is revealed in its highest Type through governor Clement also an advocate of personal rights. In the labor is More plentiful. Nies borne Belona uan a x Arm an this is the time to save your Money banking connection with this institution will1 sure you of Good treatment ample Protection and the incentive to baud up a Good Deposit o future needs. Appear at f. W. Baldwin s office in Bartonia said District at 2 p. M., the Day assigned then and there to contest the allowance of said account if Yon see cause and to establish your right As heirs legatees and lawful new England Homestead. Macau fiery one Cream a Para cause unless said amount of said execution costs and interest together with my fett and Legal charges there on shall in the meantime be Naid and face of the desire of the Republican the shutting Down of More Mills tor nearly new claimants to said of his state and of the nation and factories last week throughout Good time to have tout Holt Given under my hand thls8th Day of june.1w0.me refuses to can the Vermont legis Jne Niazie Ana new Jimsiana states Nesses repaired and oiled at the 28-8-0 b. 8pooner. Register?tlz2 it Sis Hof Tesho Plover Harney shop. T satisfied i shall sell the real estate above described with the thereof with All the said defendant s right in equity to redeem the same or so much thereof As May estate of Edwin Huse state of Vermont the Federal Constitution because Weeh. Textile mrs Puin bit 1v5 a. Johnson Wen alter everything is said and adders Ana Wanoi Saiers Are slow Tostock up the Wool Supply seems to successor to a. B. Speir District of honorable probate court the r one. Execution interest and All the Glover Vermont Rich aforesaid costs thereon at Public auction to th9&. I be Large at chaotic prices some oth met to do so. This personal Liberty it ,0i Appeal of the wets has just As much j because of freight embargoes Bute round Sun Nort As Clement has labor is not striking As much As it to All persons interested in the estate of highest same Edwin Huse late of Miami. Fla to wit bar Rit Ulver Ine at Theton. In said District deceased. Qew Ellirio House and upon the door greeting j step thereof on the above described whereas said court has assign it Tho premises in said town of Lowell on s. Barton savings Bank & Trust co. Jsn his present stand. Id immigration into the United oui ies Utji inures la increase Ujj. Linese we Jay top prices calf Slons. Cow elides factory hands Are willing to work at 12nd Day of july next examining the e 23d Day of july 1920, at on and allowing the account of the admin of the estate of said deceased and to afternoon decree of the residue of said estate to the Snoie or in part. Said amount of said it is. A sad Story told in this 1 Hainer and Harvestine a few Davs lawful claimants of the same and he Ipoh Barton Vermont capital $50,000 surplus $10 00horse hides Fern of the need of physicians in the a week let them help out the nearby comi ties of Vermont. Our ssfu&is1 readers Are More or less familiar with wet Spring and equally wet june file territory spoken of As lying be in spite of these present conditions Guti Whitt Morrisville hide Park and the american federation of labor took execution costs and interest with my fees and Legal charges thereon As directed in said execution. Dated at Lowell in the county of Orleans this 21st Day of May 1920.attest, g. E. Jennings,27-2 9 Deputy sheriff. Sheep pelts and raw furs in . And my of attn a nah . I a More arbitrary stand than Ever at that Public notice thereof be riven to Al persons interested in said estate by pub Lishing this order three weeks successively previous to the Day assigned in the or leans county Monitor a newspaper published at Barton in said District. Therefore you Are hereby notified to appear at the probate office in Newport in said District at two . On the Day As signed then and there to contest the Al Lowance of said account if you see Caus and to establish your right As heirs legatees and lawful claimants to said residue. To Nunder 017 hand this la Day of july. Vile Safe Deposit boxes to rent at reason rates. Its annual meeting last week. If3rt where Only one physician is said Farmers should adopt its program to reside. Or. Young of Lowell must they would work Only six hours a Dayto the one physician in this vast Terri and not very hard then. They would find. Or Tutt Menna a Naano do no chores or other overtime unless c. E. Jell hrs pubic Market r. J. Beema licensed auctioneer. Paia outer cent extra. In chars and Orleans a s Vermont axe pay holidays double time. Of course any j7 b. Spooned Register to Nard Wick Vermont

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