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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - January 21, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor january 21, 1920 Pace two business desertion notice state Vermont clippings dairymen and Suga Maers held important meeting in Burlingto last week m. Blake the proper Way to keep a fire saying it should be kept very hot. He said that a tall Chimney will create a Strong suction draft and that will waste fuel. .,.xsi. my wife. Mildred Benoit. Haslet my bed and Board without just cause or provocation. I hereby forbid anyone Trust ing or harbouring her on my account after this Date. Edward Benoit. Dated at Orleans vt., this 6th Day of january 1920. A invention of the com or Ormsbee Tola of Gilpin Hunt & company inc printers and publishers Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont issued every wednesday and entered the Post office in Barton As second Clas matter and sugar Leal Wood telling what held in Bui Jav Davs last week Barton special attention Given t diseases of Nti. "tnim,.the it Tang of glad Sefton k tivv1office hours h a m to sundays and by special no a. Cra Nitu it Cleo palist. Ete. Ear Throat. Office 29 it Ivo office. Office hours. Pm & e. H. Howe successor to Howe & Stowe real estate Newport tel. 175 Root s Block also spoke saying that although those who have used it Are enthusiastic the Cost of the Plant which is necessary is prohibitive unless it can be used other purposes during the remainder of the year. Another scheme he described was loses probate court the in the estate of Marjorie k. Hinkley. Minor of Glover in said v District. Greeting whereas application la writing hat to this court by the Buard an of Matjorie k. Hinkley. For License to sell the real estate of said Ward Viz being to interest of said Ward in the late Home place of Albert f. Hinkley. Late of said Glover deceased situated in said Glover the Sale thereof the purpose of Putin of such Sale at inter est or investing the same in stocks or other Aprl or us intr the avails thereof he in int of said Ward As the Law directs would be Benen Cial said . The said court appointed and assigned the 22nd Day of january. Wirt. At the probate office in Newport in said Dis Ric hear and decide upon said application and ordered that Public thereof to be riven to All persons inter ested therein by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper pub shed Albarton in said District which circulates in the neighbourhood of those persons interested therein All of which publications shall be previous to the time appointed the1. appointments examination be of can made in Vance by Telephone. North Troy palladium leased Ofa. H. w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont issued every thursday and entered at the Post office in North Troy As second Clas s matter. Mrs. D. R. Puffer teacher of dancing modern dancer is adults Chalif and Vestoff methods of is Theta c and interpretive dancing juveniles or. Bachand s aspirations i st. Johnsbury caledonian the Barton Monitor hears that or. J d. Bachand of st. Johnsbury is a candidate Delegate to the next Republican National convention. I. Bachand has been an Active party worker and if sent to the convention would support gov. Coolidge first with gen. Leonard Wood As second Choice. Thinks they Are willing Bennington Banner of the dozen or so men who have been mentioned As candidates governor of Vermont next year there Are three who give some signs of being willing. They Are Mason s. Stone former superintendent of education Curtis s. Emery former mayor of Newport and Frank v. Agan manufacturer of is too Early to open up the Campaign but not too Early to consider the men whose names have been Harry Dickens Daisy White teacher of violin and expression therefore Yoi rare hereby notified Toat the time and ear before said court Ichi then and there in said graduate of mount Ida school Many important speakers addressed the convention. One important fact developed and that is the ver Mont cow is falling behind in her milk production an d now ranks below that of some other states. President f. H. Bickford of the Dairyman s association said in part Vermont farms Are. Best adapted to Dairying and whatever our personal feelings Are in the matter i believe the ship ping of whole milk is to continue to increase until the greater part of the milk produced in the state will be sold As whole milk. Certainly the milk made nearest the railroads will be shipped and the creameries fart Herback will be used As feeders or the manufacture of commercial Sweet Cream. The time will come when Vermont will be an importer of but Ter. This will be determined some what by the amount of Ole Margerine the Farmers use in their own Fame Grovernor Clement in his Addris urged the necessity of the strictest econ oui in. The conduct of the state s affairs in s m of the smaller places would not be actually bankrupt. He said that the slogan something to tax had been used to the limit and something to do without should be substituted. Take the town of Belvidere instance with a grand list of about $2,500 and 105 taxable polls. The t 4. F frill k i r.,-,f Ninart general insurance phone 53- 2 Reid its Orleans a Ermyr g. S. Course. Licensed auctioneer umber estimate South Albany Lymm H. Drew Glover Al licensed satisfaction guaranteed. Court to. Object in the Kiik Sun Newton mass studio 783 East main Newpor Toiven under my hand at Newport in said boiling Tho sap in a partial vacuum. He said that this was very Good but in his opinion the evaporator of the near future will be a Flat bottomed pan divided by partitions into various compartments and operated by conclusion he told How it would be Ros Ibl e o produce a syrup by Freez ing the water out of the sap and thus produce the finest product possible. Boston Auto show March 1? i the greatest Boom in the a i the automobile and motor is now on. No better barometer of this condition is to be obtained n than the extraordinary demand space the Boston automobile show which is to open in mechanics building much. 13 to 20. A month before this the first Public announcement of the show dates every Inch of available floor space has been allotted and even a greater amount of space could be sold to Over a Hundred manufacturers who want to show their wares. Every year at this time manager Chester i. Campbell is confronted with the Job of finding space the Trade District this 6th Day of january Izu. The Newport news e. F. Humphrey local manager 57 main Street Newport Vermont issued every Friday and entered at the Post office in Newport As second Clas matter. " subscriptions any paper $2.00 per year 6 months$1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires b. M. Spoon Kkt. Register.8 or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman bloc k Newport it. Complete or a equipment Hospital unit . Hastings . Barton it. Returned from medical service or areas september it l h. Mciver d. S. O. Specialist in optometry Avcoin tibents can be made by mail commercial clubs exist by spurts Stanstead . Journal Newport City is reviving its Cham ber of Commerce. Charles a. Brown has been made Secretary and a new member Campaign is on. The pub Lic usually fail to respond to the efforts of such organizations and they exist by spurts like some water sys tems. Nearly everybody seems to be too Busy about their own affairs to or phone the examination of the eyes glasses. Advertising cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions $1.00. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. These rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates any paper upon application. Optical supplies of an Kinas Ana Reat the Boston show. This season pairs made non Eula. Lilly us us this also applies to Wardsboro with however the demand is record break Renihan Block Newport it. Insurance of All kind May s insurance Agency Barton Vermont my. It is not exaggeration to Siaifa grand list of less tha n $2,300 an do any boosting of or their town doubtless reasoning after the follow ing my business Success depends he stitching upon personal Effort and my business 112 polls and a present tax rate oi$4.60 and Concord with a grand list of less than $6,000, and 2? 3 polls will probably find its enormous tax of Emery and roads the Barton Monitor thinks that c. We Hemstitch in All the popular style Sis one of the units of the town u estate of Archibald f. Mcdougall state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate court the District of Orleans. To All persons interested in the estate of Archibald v. Mcdougall. Late of Barton in said District deceased. Greeting at a probate court Holden at Newport it bin and a d District on the 81st Day of december 19iv. An instrument pur porting to be t he last will and testament of Archibald f. Mcl Hugall late of Barton in said District deceased was presented to the court aforesaid it is ordered by said court that the33rd Day of january is Rio. At f. W. Baldwin office in said Barton at 2 o clock p. A. Be assigned proving said instrument an thai notice thereof be Given to ail persons concerned by publishing this order three Weeres successively in the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper circulating in that Vicinity in said District previous to the time , you Are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time a and place aforesaid and contest the probate of said will if you have under my hand at Newport in said District this Slot Dayrol december. 1919. 8 b. M. Spoon or. Register. Commissioners notice estate of John Lawrence the undersigned having Leen appointed by the honorable probate court the do Triet of Orleans commissioners to receive examine and adjust the claims an demands of All persons against the estate of John Jiw retire lat of Barton in snid District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset hereto hereby give notice that Weill meet the purpose aforesaid at the House of a. A. Patten in the Villas of a mail orders attended to promptly attention proves to cause Success Josiah a. do business on. Misses Trudeau and Wheeler a my Case scores of examples which it. Or Hui my neighbors pursue the conclusion would be the i j Reis j might cite dentist blocs. same from the records cd the 77 main st. Newport whole, the town would this Good reasoning or. E. H. Hills Ritchie & Colb Yrea l estate the Canadian Border that the applications that Are now on file would fill a building twice As Large As mechanics building with its 125,000 Square feet of greater number of new makes of cars trucks and accessories will make their appearance on the Market this Spring than at any period in the his tory of the motor car. The Industry is worked up to a High pitch of enthusiasm and expects the greatest Selling season on history. To take care of this new crop of cars and trucks manager Campbell is endeavouring to secure a Large armory within a few Hundred feet of mechanics building and in this he will stage a show nearly As Large As the one in mechanics. I have never seen anything to compare with the Boom that is now on declares or. Campbell. If we had a building Large enough we could display More than 130 different makes of cars and fully a Hundred Albert e. Laing in the Vermont Greensboro Bend Issue. The old Davs when line houses veterinary office and Hospital East main Street. Tel. 43, Newport were in style Nave largely passed away but the Boundary remains. The J. Beeman eighteenth amendment can been a. C. Farmer d. V. M. Auctioneer ven not licensed est Hardwick forced right up to this line but be Vond that old John still lives in tax commissioner but in a general Way i cannot impress upon you too strongly the necessity first of honest grand lists setting the value of property at its lawful figure Sec Ond the need of absolute Economy in the conduct of not Only the town affairs but All state affairs. You should impress upon your rep Lee it Tives in the legislature of 1921 the fact that probably three fifth s of the towns in the state will be in financial difficulties before the end of the year and that the state Revenue from known sources will probably Beless rather than greater. Absolute Economy must be observed if our towns Are to continue As solvent units of a great new officers of Tbs Dairyman s association Are president s. L. Hairis of Proctor first vice presi Dent e. C. Lillis of Wirth Montpe Iier second vice president George h. Veterinarian Montreal and several other wet spots s. Emery of Newport is the Man governor of Vermont. Some people would like to know How he stands on the Good roads question. This is an important Issue in the state and to say that i m Good roads is not enough. Verizon to needs a governor who is Strong enough Good roads to favor a Concrete proposition that will give the state a Road system that is not full of ruts and spotted with puddles after every Little rain. Something much better is demanded than what the state is now getting. Burlington Clipper. Does it prove out that the election of a governor with a Concrete Road proposition n in his head is Paramount governor Clement was elected with a Concrete Road proposition behind . One that would have Given Vermont Good roads minor prob lems like expense not considered. But he could t work his Road proposition nor the Concrete because the legislature and the people were not behind . The election of a Man governor who senses the sentiment of the state and who can make his plans workable through the the province of Quebec. He is office at Newport. Vermont Buck s feed stable Worth watching. 1 Orle ins. In snid District on thei7th Davour of our counties and 13 of our it is the most won t of Jan. And 8th Day of june next from 1makes of touch the Canadian Border in Kerful Era in the motor car Industry stretch of about 100 Miles from rouses Point to Beecher Falls. In m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue this distance six lines of Railroad Don t o cock p. A. Until 4 o clock p. In. On each of said Days and that six month from the 19th Day of december a. D. 1519. Isth time 1 United by said court said Credi tors to present their claims to us examination and at Orleans this 5th Day of . L. 1920. Jerre m Arston a. A. Patten. 8 commissioners pass from Vermont into Canada or probate courts special sessions of the probate court urbe held at the office of f. W. Bal Pix. Is Barton on the second and fourth Friday of each month in the afternoon and a tin office of k. A. Cook in Okle ass. U one afternoon of the month. Parties desiring to transact Protza business at Barton or Orleans Shou Ano a the judge in Advance that he May Teke the necessary probate office at Newport Wijma open every Day except sundays and h holidays but those coming from a distance. Far As possible should make special appointments with the court in Advance. E. J. . V f you prefer fro i Sunda into or Mont. Tel. No. 44- 4 jts Aki Uin , of Ornsville this Frontier Are lakes and Bays. De Orlando e. Martin of Plain eld re elected treasurer Walter h. Har Foley kidney pills ringtone of North Romfret auditor Rivers and streams mountains and valleys farms and forests highways and byways and in Essex county Long stretches of wild unsettled coun try. In fact Northern Vermont is a backache kidneys and bladder the j in. Davis of Hartford. Among the resolutions is the Fol lowing legislature is fully As essential As the Myron a. Adams of Derby if you Are trouble Vith pain3 or aches feel tired face he Adeeb indigestion insomnia painful Pysz a e of or Iii you will find Relief in Gold medal Merly president of the dairymen s selection of a Man because he has an j our sales Oso citation Long time its treasurer creator from Orleans county Farmer Creamery manager a quiet a Noburu 1 11 a i j a f estate of George h. Hawkins state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate court the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of George h. Hawkins late of Barton in said District deceased x Ork eting whereas said court has assigned Teeth Clay of jux Narv next examining and allowing the account of the adminis Trator of t he estate of said deceased and or dered that Public notice thereof Berlien to All persons interested in said estate by pub Lishing this order three weeks successively previous to the Day assigned. In the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper published Albarton in said District. Therefore you Are hereby notified to appear at the probate office in Newport inlaid District at 2 o clock p. M. On the Day assigned then and there to contest the Al Lowance of said account if you see cause. Sive a inuit Genteman Uisu. At shome last summer. For More than a score of years he has been a constant attendant at our n be tags. He did notable service 20 or More years ago my Good place to tempt smugglers. Many have already tried it and Sev i a have been caught. Many More will try to bring can Adian whiskey into Vermont la willbe a Long hard Job to clean it All up but it must be done. We will stand bail of the Law. Congratulations Are due the officers. They have been doing splendid work i am sure every Temperance Man and woman wants the Law enforced. We must encourage prosecution and help to the limit to keep Vermont free from Canadian you live in the North and have reason to suspect something wrong at any time or place get in touch with your officials it once. Do your part to help the men who have the enforcement the Law in idea no matter How advanced that idea any be. But As c. S. Emery and Good roads. He is them both in Gener Al and specifically. No better answer to the question could possibly be found than col. Emery a deficit e and aggressive attitude toward the Street Prown in Newport to More than to any other Man is Newport obligated what is probably the finest Street in any City or town in Vermont. And because the Street happens to be Concrete is beside the question. Should or. Emery become a candidate governor and announce his Road beliefs in the loudest the world s Standard remedy kidney liver bladder and uric acid troubles and National remedy of Holland since 2696. Three sizes All druggists. Guaranteed. Look the bum cold medal pm Rory Box Aad accept do imitation we Are paying in harmonizing an unhappy Divisi Orin our ranks which some time threatened to split the Nirso citation As Sund episode has been gotten by Many of us indeed the younger generation hardly knows about it. It was a real service that he rendered and the Weld he then made has stood the test of the result of the butter scoring Olven under my hand this 7th Day of a Nuiry. Itj.2- 4 b. M. Spooner. Register. V Ray s ready ration Are breaking All records the Price of $75 per ton in sacks or $73 in bulk is Low and we will Guarante e the Price against decline until grass grows. Estate of Mary Ingalls state of Vermont District of Orleans hands. Be 100 60c la. For no. 1 Calfskin the honorable probate court the District Ai Orsaia to All persons interested in the estate Ofir Mua is late of Las Burg in said District deceased. . City politics Newport news whereas said court has assigned theas the time draws near the a of january next examining annual City meeting and the selecting we pay top Market prices cow hides horse hides sheep pelts and raw furs. Jiuu Tux Lurenc Czuni 01 me administrator of the estate of said deceased and a de Cree of the residue of said estate to the Law Ful claimants of the same and ordered that Public notice thereof he Orivs of the several of ricers to serve new port another year the thought comes to the minds of Many who terms words could not be As convincing or As conclusive As his attitude and policy toward the question in Newport. On the problem of the betterment of Vermont highways sex May or Emery is safely and sanely progressive. In fact when the problems of the state Are enumerated and the Meas ure of a Man to solve them taken that measure fits c. S. Emery lure closely than any other Man Mentine t the High Vilice of governor Dur no these years of reconstruction. Was read by o. L. Martin. The win Ner of the association Golc medal and Creamery sweepstakes cup was the Green Mountain Creamery of North Craftsbury with a score of 98 an the Dairy sweepstakes cup went to . Lee of Windsor with a score of976. The officers of the sugar makers Are As follows president. C. of East Montpelier first Vic president v. I Spear of Randolph second vice president c. F. Colon of Danby Secretary. Merrill j. Corliss of Berlin treasurer l l. Story feast Fairfield executive committee a. N. Hopkinson of Cuttingsville ands. H. Strong of Fayston auditor. . B. Northrup of of the papers before the sugar makers was by Trank Teer of rut land who gave an account of the use of the direct piping system collecting . Teer said he had been using the direct pining system since 1q1r interested in said estate in t 11 vol itt Hartor t i Ashall we elect As mayor quite Tuiuri Tuccel Siviy previous tothe Day assigned in the Orionna n., with a City Only two years Monitor a newspaper published at there Are to be found within its Green Cut Bone poultry3c Many men qualified to fill these responsible positions who would therefore you Are hereby notified tape i atthe probate office in Newport. Inlaid District at 2 In the to. Webster Vermont Ray p. Barton gladly receive the Honor of being then and there to contest the allowance of said account if you see cause and to Stab cauda Iua Yor. C. E. Jenkins ii Nii or Agni As Neirs. Legatees and lawful claimants to said under my hand this 12th Day owe have not heard a name mentioned As yet this important place except the present mayor. Several of the business men of our City who Orleans Vermont 2 4 b. M. Spooner. Register. Are in position to know of the great amount of hard work that has noon in his address before the dairymen at Burlington last week gov. Clem ent touches upon the subject this a per has commented upon with rela Tion to the financial condition Many of our towns Are in. Conditions have been growing worse with half the towns in Orleans county five years and the end is not yet. The system consists in running the pipe lines from the Trees to the sugar House and the sap is made to run easily by putting Small holes in the b Mcpipe a intervals to let the a in the pipe is made of tin leaded Over and Oomes in two in. Neth re Inch forthe Branch lines my three quarters if you have not already Jorge p j Christmas savings go you had better do so at this to deodorant Dis the powerful sterilizer infect ant Antiseptic. Jor main describing the installation of the Best thing done the past year by mayor Gardner Are strongly in favor of his reelect Ion another term. It is Well known that a big task has been Laun Ched on the causeway in cleaning up that Section of our City and when completed will be the a greatest improve ment that has been accomplished Many years. The removing of the houses and trading and making Cit Park will require a Large amount of work and time from someone and the manner of accomplishing this work by filling with Only the natural Amo unt of refuse from the City would the qui re several years to Complete. It Nast a e done on a larger Gardner has worked hard on this great improvement and has Laid plans which if there were More time before his term expires in old i in system i. Leer Taid that in Tho fall of the st s out it in e in the Dairy. It bottles $1.00.the pipes. Where wire is used to Hane Gal. Bottles $2.50me posts Are set two or three rods apart sometimes ten rods der name on the pitch. On All the main lines wire is used on which to hang the pipe. The wire has to be stretched very tight so As to avoid sagging. The pipe comes in lengths of four feet seven inches and has one main line which brings this is one of the most popular methods the saving of Money one Man interested in game has written the editor his opinion As to Why fewer Deer Are killed in Orleans county than in other counties. What do the rest of our sportsmen say the editor does not believe the difference Between the number of Deer killed in Orleans and Caledonia counties example can possibly be traced to the conditions mentioned in the let Ter because Many Caledonia county men go out of that county to Hunt and there is no reason to believe there is More out of f season killing Inthis county than in others. The writer is co indent that the vital reason the Scarcity of Deer in Orleans county has not yet been named. Wonderful chanae s in this Cut a n maket and this year we hop Newport. Can the City afford tomake a change this year we be Lieve not. While behave to two or Naruo together and which is1,500 Lect in length. All along these main lines Branch lines Are attached and to these in turn Are attached oth batteries Seq. 6 Columbia igniter 45c dust Bane by the la. Or bbl. Matches 5c Box. 12 boxes 50c whips Good assortment 25c to $2.00team whips whip stocks and lashes the club the Best to comment on the question from the mayor yet we believe that Mould the City Honor or. Gardner with a reelection he would accept and give the City another year of aggressive administration. Barton savings Bank & Trust co. Or Branch lines making a net work of pipe. The Branch lines Are connected to the main lines by Gooe necks a they Are called. By the use of the gooseneck and two foot lengths of pipe a tree can be tapped at . Ctr said that he had found by of Crien e that it is advisable to Havethe lines run on the East and South sides of the Trees so when the Sun comes up in the morning it will strike he pipes and prevent them from arc ezme Or. Ormsbee told of experiments infilling sap. He Dilt at length on h. T. Seaver the hard Ware Man he feels like a new Han rheumatic pains backache. Pain in sides sore Muscles Stis Jents or an Alma. Third beeline Are usually Sam Piunt of disordered kidneys w Wells in mich., writes i am on feet most. Like anew Man. I recommend them ? dldj1t prompt inc trouble and Bradd Izz a. Demand first Cotton Bale. The appearance of the firt Liale of Cotton is mde in occasion in Irany markets old at auction. Buy ers compete the privilege of pur hear in g the first Bale on account of the advertising or st be often run the Price to o very High figure. Barton Vermont a Strong Bank of dependable service capital surplus. And undivided profi Barton Vermont

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