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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1920, Page 2

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - January 21, 1920, Barton, VermontT ,. V it Orleans county Monitor. 1 vol 49 no. 3 Barton Vermont wednesday january 21, 1920 single copies 5 cents. W w Why Deer Are scarce i Altai Bukmus Jhu Albany pos mistress county Cour Barton Academy the Sophomore class had charge editor in regard to Deer in executive committed meets. Plans took u. Funds for boys and girls Cuc Hapel Friday and surprised the Orleans county. There Are As Man Deer As for several years. Ave i be 1 inserted under t sisal a to per word for Orst insertion rent Porod thereafter Cash gets year for embezzling $3500 of travelled Over most of the county for Tho order. To Oder Rte several years. Of course a Good at a recent meet incr of the exec i t in l 1 Iii Post office Money. Newport Man jailed. Is n i u i Many Deer Are killed out of season. Jive committee of the farm bureaus of the september term of Orleans county court which has been taking recess reconvened tuesday morn ing january 13. Judge Sherman . Presiding. As no cases were ready for trial the jury were excused until 2 o clock in the after noon at which time the state Case is Venon Gervais Oliver Boucher and m. Bergeron residents of the town of Derby came up for trial. The i 1 improvement club notes by the events of the past twelve months we have shown that the Only Road to Community Well Bein g is that of intelligent unselfish cooperation and individual generosity. Our new industries the great work on the Willoughby Lake Road our Ball team and Tennis courts and the planned new mercantile ventures in this Village Are the direct result of a get together spirit coupled with generosity Strong in everyone s being to Day. When we All begin to take the some Are lured to old orc Naras Ana it was act that no attempt should be shot from a Back window some Are made to finance a boys and girls mrs. Katherine i. Dow 28 year for Sale school with something unusual. They opened the exercises by the school singing the lord is my Shepherd and repeating the lord s Charlena Clough gave an excellent piano Solo and after that Lisle bean with the help of Merle Calkins tried three important first was that of a Young lad for breaking the peace and was joke on the seniors. The second was a Case of robbery and was aimed atm. Merrill. The third was a chars re old and a former school teacher was lured to a Salt lick put out in Spring club Leader until the time of the an an others Are caught in snares. Misi farm Turpan membership Cam sentenced in United states court Ini a Sale Cedar posts All sizes. by Irasburg. 51tf the meanest Man is the one who Nairn in june. At a recent Meetin Burlington january 15, by judge Harland b. Howe to serve a year and kills a poor Deer in Winter. If i of the executive committee of the could make the Law to it him 1 would Newport chamber of Commerce an Fine him $1,000 and costs and give him Hank representatives the feel in Wasa Day for embezzlement while Post mistress at Albany. Another Case fou Bobbin Wood $10 for 160 feet. E. D. Alger Barton. 49tf above parties were charged with not sending their children to school against the Vermont statutes. Not less Man one year in prison rur expressed that business and Wanking was disposed of when William Fol several Winters we Nave Nau i tue interests of the county will do their for Sale four Good cows one of intoxication which was a joke on som of Newport a conductor on the user Nave worked out among Dart toward Han Amer such a move to Boston & Maine Railroad and two Wanter. Airs. -. Xvong i another senior. The exercises close Dor a Community Point of View we can have no ambitions too High no de sires too great Foi the town in which we live. One of the above parties lived nearer Derby line and the Chil Dren were sent to that place and the other two parties hereto Send their children to Derby of but on the brakeman Frank Stone and Harold farm umut Anu by. secure mis of Lyndonville were sentence from four to 20 Fine Deer together. 1 the executive committee Felt that de to serve four months in the Wash know today where there Are several in june a budget of expenses Shoa lecture and pictures by the lots wintering. Another reason Why be Lna be up for the coming year tal Center. All three defendants claim in ton county jail for stealing a Roll 1 ladies fur line d coat size 38. I extra Fine coat and sold Low. Mrs. A. R Robinson Barton it. 50tf i l 7t--, " of leather from a freight car. All of Arctic explorer Donald Macmillan Given by the school were Well attend the respondents pleaded guilty. More Beer Are not Kuiyea nere is of include the employment of a Joys cause the red blooded sports go out of and girls club Leader that Esch com the e county to Hunt. Unity b5 apportioned a certain part perhaps very few people in or of this budget according to Prepula leans county know How so Many Deer Tolu xhi3 will allow All new Mem com Eto be on the West Side of the Bers As Well As renewals the contribute in the Case of mrs. Dow judge Howe stated in pronouncing sentence de. Or. Macmillan proved an inter Esting speaker and the topic was Well Worth while. The school made about get together then go to it. Odd Fellows and Rebekah install Sunbeam Rebekah Lodge no. 17, and Crescent Lodge no. 41, i. O. O. F., held a special meeting at their Hall thursday evening for the pur pose of installing officers for the com ing term. The work was done in a leasing manner by the installing officers. Mrs. Lizzie m. Maxwell d. D. That it was one of the Saddest cases with which he had come in Contact. De that the distance was too far and they were Short of farm help an did not have the time to carry their children to and from school the Dis Tance varying from two to three Miles and that the state should have provided a school appeared that at one time there was a school in their Vicinity before the Derby graded school building was $32. Barton basketball team played the state. More than 40 years ago the As much As they wish As their Mem fair ban a family of st. Johnsbury be ship fee with a mini Uuro of $2had a Fine Park of very Large Deer for men Ani i ror women. This some 35 or 40 in All and they let win mean raising approximately them go Over on the West Side of the $3000 in this membership Campaign game at Derby tuesday evening Al though they went without two of Thebes players Harold Carter and Mer for Sale two Sie Igns three wagons three harnesses one double with pole Wolf Buffalo Robes. Art Hur Drew Barton. 2tf for Sale Block Wood Hay and Straw excl new Cedar tub. Telep hone 151-1 1. Alfred Brown Orl eans. 1p for Sale farm of 400 acres on state Road and much lumber Wood and pulp. Sirs. Matilda e. Hanson runaway Pond Glover. A 3p Hanson. The score was 45- 3 m p., of Island Pond mrs. Lilla Bur Dick As acting o. --m., and Marti Friday evening Barton will play state Ana Mey were Proi Cieu Xor if the new part of the farm Hureau quite a Long time. There is plenty of work is to be put on a solid financial fish and game in this grand old coun basis and the other work married to of Orleans. Along As usual. Brunning d. D. And suite. On Newport Here. The admission is Only of the pleasant features of the even15c, so All ought to come and. Help mrs. Dow came up to Albany a num ber of years ago As a school married a Man who has not seemed to have the earning capacity to take care of even himself. They now have two Young children one two and one five years of age. has All along been the main sup port of the family. In order to pay debts which were incurred through sickness and other causes she embezzled Money from the Post office. This Money she intended to repay but continually got in deeper until Shehad taken a total of about $3,500. With a part of it she purchased an automobile so that her husband could ing was the gift of a Beautiful Silver the boys win. There will be a dance j. C. Houston. Orleans. I Williams and Root the two men the Case was completed in the afternoon Only a Small number of witnesses being used with the Brief pleas of the attorneys and the judges charge. The Case went to the jury for settlement which after being output a Short time brought in a verdict of guilty for All parties. Sentences have not yet been pronounced casserole., to mrs. Alice Jarvis After the game. For 15 years fish and game Warden who ree purchased the Cream -g., presented by mrs. Laura Mcgarci y j w Ticu v or j Yuxiu Al Suiwu a i monday afternoon or. Macmillan for Sale a Ford three quart Erton truck in Pood condition. Apply and. N. Lr., for. The coming term Village carried off first place for the at the office of h. Hood & son mrs. Maxwell then gave a Short address with advice and suggestions gave a lecture to the High school and grades in the Assembly Hall. It was much appreciated by the school an Newport. 38tf state s attorney Thompson a Best Sample of Crean Ery butter atthe dairymen s n meeting held in Bur Lington the past week. Pretty Good showing for Orleans county. We that will prove helpful to everyone in looking Over the books it wa3 a speared for the state and Farman Sale second Han d Ford 1 second Han d Chevrolet. 1 motorcycle. Prouty for the defendants. Covered that january 15th, was the school closes wednesday and Des ship a lot of milk from this county methodist episcopal Church notes Rev. A. Turner pastor sunday january 25th morning worship 10.30. Sunday school at 11.45 o clock. Epworth league 6.00. Evening service 7 . There have Beer several complaints 28th anniversary of the order an would Exchange for cows. Charles not resume until monday. The teach of late of people refusing to comply but we have not yet forgotten How to make Good . Lilla Burdick is the Only re Bellway Orleans. 38tf earn something hacking. This Pla Alid not work out Well and the Money stolen from the government was unpaid until recently when mrs. Dow succeeded in paying Back about with the state Laws in regard to cheers will attend the teachers Conven Tion in Orleans thursday and Friday. Maing charter member. A Bounty it is to be regretted that More for Sale three two year old Farmers from this county did of awful supper was served earlier in the evening and members from both seifers to freshen in Early Spring and tend the dairymen s meeting m bar--$1700.in sentencing mrs. Dow. Judge lodges enjoyed the repast. It is the sincere wish of the new officers that the regular mid wee k prayer meet Lington Thi Wea. As Farmers Voeten yearling heifers All holsteins a dwell marked. Tuberculin tested. Schooling of their children and the state s attorney decided to make this a test Case. The second Case up for trial was the state is. Albert Larabee. Or. Larabee lives in Newport Center and appeared for trial for breach of peace and assault. It appeared that he and Are Busy All the time but we need going thursday evening at 7.30howe said that he realized the temp everyone who is interested in the Weld. Walker Barton. 41tf lift our noses from the Grindstone a fare of the Lodge attend the meetings she "ndtf,,7ai everybody cordially government regularly and help to make the new times and see what the Ether Fellows doing. It is hard to get. Help but Mort of us can make arrangements to year a most successful one. For Sale new and second Kan d electric motors 1 h. To 5 h. P., immediate delivery new Eden washing machines $110 electric get away for a Day or two if we congregational Church notes. Rev. J. J. Hutchinson pastor Sunay january 25th and by the Public or she would not have had such a position. She had betrayed the Trust. He realized that if her husband had been of her equal this condition would not have Arisen and she would not have yielded to really know it is Worth while. Ana such a meeting As this one ought to Bel Arrons $4.p0 electric toasters Graham on trial Horace f. Graham former state auditor and also former governor of $5.90. E. Nichols Barton it. Barton local notes Harold Carter is sick with Toafili to s. Mrs j. J. Hut Vinson is ill with the mumps. W. J. Pawnee has been working in the Woods at Willoughby. Evelyn Thorp who has been sick with the measles is convalescing. Mrs. W. A. Warner of Peacham has been in town Lor a few Days. Charles Stevens of Lyndonville visited or. And mrs. Hutchinson Sun Day. Miss Bernice Ray entertained her Cousin miss Mcmullen of Orleans on sunday. An annual vacation i for the dairymen non mar inc service both phones. 2tf we meet other farm temptation. Of Cerminn. " Mync the i i tins Coli Hwy v r. I i i. R i1 1 i i in t Vermont went on trial in washing " i J 1 1 4--the Case of the Railroad men arises 1 Ert Litas juju Taiton county court tuesday on charges his neighbor s. J. Smith had trouble which led up to a Point where words did not count and Larabee quite roughly. There we rebut few witnesses in this Case and the Case went to the jury about 2 o clock wednesday and after being out about one half hour they returned with a verdict of guilty. Thompson appeared for the state and Walter a. Cleary for jury was then empanelled to try the state Case is. Charles Blair for assault on Ward Prouty. The wit he practical Side of farm lii a Knaw anted wanted live poultry. Elrick. Of embezzlement and larceny irom the state of Venont during his term As auditor there were 151 counts of the indictment returned by the grandeur a in Wash Nerton county in 1918. 11.45, sunday school 6.00 M., Christian Endeavor. Evening service at 7 o clock. All seats free. A re a Chance Tov look Over an Lin Vox exhibits which have to do nit h 6ur Larm business. Better sire better Stock Blanks out of the or a Roll of leather near Morrisville last september. Folsom Stone and Carter compose the entire Crew. With the exception of the Engineer and fireman they swathe leather and threw it into one of their cars. It was harness leather hat the outset the respondent pleaded being sent out Bible study on thursday evening Blanks Are Oei in sent out to the various in it 7.30.an eight Poun d daughter was born j Barton. 18tf wanted 25 Good woodsmen. Taplin & Bates Orleans. 2w wanted Kitchen help wanted at once. Wiley House Orlea is. 51tf three inc h Rock Maple Airdrie d. Apply Chaster la Hue Barton. The woman s missionary society to be filled out by the Farmers who meets tuesday Jan. 27, with mrs. Own or plan to 3wn pure bred sires not guilty the motion of the stat that his former plea in bar be stricken out having been granted by the court. Judge. Butler is pre state claims that $24,755 was taken by Graham while $19,882.48has been repaid since or. Graham left the office. All kinds of livestock. A Farmer Nesses in this Case were Ward Prouty Charles Blair Ora Swett or. Longe and a. W. Farman. The Case began late in the afternoon wednes Day and went to the jury about 10 a. Thursday and at 2.45 the jury came in with a verdict of guilty. Thompson appeared for the state and j. R. Searles of st. Johnsbury for Blair. Sentence has not been a u t w Rwm Ott to will Rowit with who fills out one of the Blanks states sunday to or. Ana Jurs. V. . The children of or. And mrs. Har old Jenness who Are sick with scar let fever Are improving. Or. And mrs. Carroll Brooks and de. Skinner of Orleans were guests at o. Mossman s sunday. Mrs. D. Pierce for a social after consigned to Boston. They after wards Cut what they wanted up and sent the rest along. The amount stolen together with the damage done to Tho g ods was fixed at $123. The men were discharged from the rail Road As soon As they were discovered to be the thieves. All had previously borne excellent reputations. Judge Howe said that there was Al together too much stealing on the railroads and would not consent to. A Fine in sentencing them. Attorney Leary in pleading their Case told of noon Friday. Given.1 re Rte a wanted hard and softwood s at the Lawrence Mill at . E. Hanson Barton. 3tf wanted Calfskin and All kind junk e. Sockol. Barton. Tel. 24-1 1. 42tf and next Case was the opiate High Grade photographs or mite for breach of peace an frames at reasonable prices go w this Mother in la w. Mrs. The number of animals of each kind of livestock he owns cows sheep pigs hens v etc., and then agrees to run Only registered sires in the future. This Blank is then turned in to the farm Bureau office being Fin ally sent to the u. Department of agriculture at Washington where an Emblem is issued to the Man signing the Blank. This is bound to be an excellent move for every livestock owner who believes in better Stock. If a Large number of Blanks Are turned in from Orleans county the attention of buy Bishop s studio Renihan Block new the standing of the men in the com predicted " an open Winter to Date the Winter has been severe so far As cold is concerned and the past ten Days hold the record for the Winter culminating in below Zer o mornings All this week and tuesday morning telling the tale of Over 30 below. Sat urday a Snow storm of eight or ten does advertising pay there Are still some business men who question the value of advertising but they Are always Mer. Who have never Given advertising a fair specific cases of where Busi Ness men Are convinced that Advertis ing does pay have come to the Atten Tion of the v Monitor this week. The first Case is that of a. R. Rob port. Unity previous to the theft and said that they already had been punished wanted i Sivc Mason who makes her teacher. Inquire h. D. Beebe bar j Home with her sen E. Mason re severely. The court thought that jail sentence should be imposed Whereon. Tel. 28-2 2. Gently fell injuring herself quite47tf inches fell and this was very Welcome an entire Crew United to steal from Blair. The jury found him guilty of the next cases were concerning Greensboro parties. Will Bedell plead guilty of stealing goods from the Cuthbertson store and Moody Belk nap pled guilty to having received stolen property and to attempting to conceal the property but the jury brought in a verdict of not guilty in the Case of Elmer Hill who was charged with having received stolen their employer. These men were in Inson of Barton a grocery dealer. Is is bound to be called to this parture. to Rigi voice a err o with goods of an immense value and instead of watching Over adv Tispa business. He decided to i of the state As a place to buy High miss Evaline Mcdonald was called to her Home in Earle Friday by the serious illness of her father who died saturday. Att q will Davidson and sons Grade or registered Stock. In Ether them and guarding them were steal ing. The sentence of four months do some advertising in the Monitor ranted two first class Stone Carters on Bottom bases. Steady Vonc and Good pay. Macdon co so. Ryegate it. Law wanted an experienced teach Miu Bra school. Address a Calkins Orleans r. D. 2. Words we get a lot of valuable Admerand used what seemed like a Liberal was less than any other respondents Tising and in t that what we want a space by comparison with some oth a county Clyde and Delbert of three Hills property. Would receive m the future. He took into consideration the circumstances in imposing a Light sentence. Since there had been no really Good a weighing before. Lumbermen Are Row taking advantage of the n. Many farm water systems have Frozen up and some Public sys tems Are having trouble As Well be cause of the deep Frost. Brownington miss Gertrude Chandler is visiting at Homer Cullen s. Or. And mrs. Day have Lee i Al with colds the Rast week. There were no services sunday on account of the weather and mumps. Jer merchants. During 1919 Merob Jinso n states that his business nearly every Man who believes m Thi Salberta Canada Are visiting at h. I the Case of the state is. Williamg. Perley s. Phillips of Newport for receiving and move is urged to get in touch with49tf the Dairy committeeman in his Comise. J. Rutter optometrist will be at a now on trial. Conceal sen s Unity. Not All committeemen Aso. Mossman s thursday Ana in Call an wanted Calfskin carcass Ltd horse hides also All kinds oink. I. Solomon water st., Bart on. Tel. 56--3. 43tf Day the 29th and your eyes examined. Adv. Doubled in Gross receipts Over what he had expected the business would do and so for 1920 he has engaged a still larger second specific Case of unsolicited acknowledgement of merchants who find advertising pays is that of b. O. Smith of Orleans. Attached to the copy for his advertisement this week we find this note. If anyone tells you that these ads do not pay us Send them to Daniel Zabarski of Chesley mass., v Nikirk a i. A. Chad Burns Phillips is accused of receiving goods stolen in Newport and Barton by Hormidas and Alcide Bolduc Brothers who pled not guilty to the charge in court last Case of mrs. Phillips for the same offence is understood to have been nol Pross de. Yet have these Blanks As Only a Small Supply has been received at the far Bureau office. In the near future there will be plenty for everyone Soin the meantime give your name to your Community Dairy Leadar o that he will furnish Yoa with a Blank As soon As he receives his hard and softwood or at the House on Glover Street and will take Pillsbury Baldwi n5 a14 Grant 500,000 feet of a i Possession the first of february. I a vessel Nickel & Gross for m eth it wishes to thank 1i la of Yaw i can pay a fancy Price. W. All her friends and neighbors for the Voni in l drifts and cards tha Bauson Carton. 3tl mrs. L. N. Lund attended the installation of officers of Brownington Grange Jan. 13th. The annual donation and Oyster supper will be held at the town Hall thursday evening Jan. 29. There willbe. A Good literary program. All come and help a worthy cause. Proceeds for the Benefit of the Church. Ladies please furnish for the tables As usual. On the evening of Jan. 14th, Mollie Stark Council no. 7, s. & d. Of l., in stalled the following officers a . Leland a. A t. Crandall , e. Porter a. V. A Rose Stone r. S., Ola Lund a. R. S., . Stone f. S., Addie Porter treas.,Viola Crandall guide Alice Leland i. G., j. C. Clough o. G s. Ii. Clough. Evansville were sent her recently on her birth mrs. Jennie vedetto aged 46 years who has been very ill wit heart trouble died monday at the miscellaneous Day. of Orient chapter mrs. Homer Cullen is at the Cleas a y Hospital in Orleans for treatment. Robert Marsh is in or leans and boarding with mr3. Arthur Coolbeth. Mrs. Eya Chandler of Barton is caring for mrs. Callen s family while she is away. The following officers were elected wednesday evening for the year 1920 trustees o. A. Grow George Burroughs finance committee we. Davies Glenn Newton Hale Clark George going treasurer mrs. Geo. Going organist mrs. Harriet Dut to n. Assistant organist mrs. W. A. Wiggin Ushers f. V. Swanson r. Home of her brother Dana Laclair in Sutton. Funeral services were held in st. Paul s Church and burial Chester Whit boar for service. . Glover. 51 of no. 13, o. E. S., Friday evening at7.30 o clock. Work. There will be a rehearsal thursday evening at eight mrs. Frank Berwick and two Chil Dren from Lyndon Center Are Visitin at u. I. Switser Charlie Cole has been working for t. Knight the past week putting up ice for miss Patton. Millard Gray of Brownington is hauling lumber for a. E. French and boarding at Charles Tatro s. Was in the Catholic cemetery Ivy nearly 75 masons were present Ato . Painting Hazel Abbott 2- 3p lessons Barton. The regular meeting at masonic Hal Roger Cammett and sister mrs. Hayes of Wells a Friday evening when the visitation of District Deputy o. W. Locke of Lowell Steve Sheltra s Little boy has pneumonia. Mrs. Lester Hoadley is sick with measles. Or. And mrs. Alex Deblois Are very ill with Grippe. Guy Kinsle y and s. B. Gelo Are in Newport a jury men. Mrs. W. A. Young visited Friend sin Morrisville recently. Rev. E. Howard was a business caller in Newport monday. Marshall Benware and Eddie do la n Are entertaining the measles. Or. And mrs. Will Gonyaw were very ill the past week but Are som better at present. Lorav it tit 1. Vermonter c w w Aiton s friends in town Lac . Peter Cote has been quite ill Orleans took place and there was. 1 1 to the the Irskay evening prayer. Hers now m . At tvs once. Work in the third degree. A Light for several Days. Meeting Thi week will the at a. E.45c. Unch was enjoyed following the re a t Ric i thank my friends for Nch s. Evi Ryene is cordially i View of the work. neighbors who so kindly assisted me during the sickness and death of the afternoon study club met a. Jutton 11. Claris Yum. Isavier. Brownington Center Joseph Benoit has moved from or leans Back to his farm. Miss Ruth Robinson is teaching school in the Powers District. J a Byman Ltd i thu Rance and real is Stock and Mutual com i surety Bonds a kinds of Vil Hll Rea estate any one having Vil -1 m estate they wish to sell Calli w Baldwin Barton. 39tf mrs. W. Baldwin thursday Jan. My husband. Twi 15. Nine members answered to Rol Call subject of the program poor Boston papers carry the news of Leslie White has the mumps. Will Stevens is on the sick list. Mrs. Edmund has been sick with a cold. Mrs. Archie Davis of Island Pond is sick at the Home of Edmund Davis. Thomas Smith was in Browning to n Center the first of the week help ing care for t. Crandall who is very ill. Those who wish to give worn out rows who became Aper William Lloyd Garrison Wolfgang the death of w. U. Ria Nuclo a a to at. Mozart written by mrs. Keiren and read by mrs. E. R. Cook read ing it. Gen. Sheridan Ole Bull mrs. Florence Pierce Reading Partirck Tak monday Jan. 26. George Nutt no of Barton has been stopping at Charles Inger of s an Marshall Calkins while taking the census of this town. The social at George Gilman s was postponed to Friday evening Jan. 23, on account of the severe cold weather. Come and bring sandwiches or doughnuts. Officers in the ladies Aid society were elected As Fallows mrs. Mary e. Calkins president mrs. Lula to tro Secretary mrs. E a Knight treasurer mrs. Villa Clad per vice president. Mis. Marv e. Calkins was elected collector of the Church Nashua n. H., known As in of several merry go round s. Or. Flanders was born in Barton and was 64 years old. The body of Emma Barstow a fun a been an inmate of the state p barrels ready for Deli Fern Beall pay highest Market prices Able of screens and shows mrs. In n r a a syrup the coming Ida Cutler. Instead of a reception a social afternoon will be held wit Dors Ferreis furnished for syrup. Or one i several children in the Lafoe neighbourhood Are having measles. The Little son of Adelard Cabana was in with pneumonia last wee c Adelard Bessette of st. Johns Was a recent guest of Adelard Cabana. T. Crandall suffered a severe Shock saturday morning and is quite ill at the present writing. About 60 were present at the oys Ter supper Given by the or. O. U. Am. On the night of their Public install Waterbury for Many mrs. Barrows on thursday Jan. 29. Donald Macmillan. The famous arc ears was brought Here tuesday night. Mrs. Barstow was 72 years of age and burial will be in Albany. I03.1 f 75 in in tic explorer spoke before a Good staff sorry patronized Byj v1 of Trici an leading surgeons and of to j i 4. Piece audience Ai Cue urm by Cabic Antn Prav even incr. And shewed no mrs. Blanchard is visiting her Mother mrs. We. Hodges of North Hyde Park. Miss Katherine Ansboro was called to Waterbury tuesday on account of the severe illness of her Mother. Henry Adams of Eden is working for the Valley lumber co. is working for L. Cross. Julius Sheltra s family Are sick with Grippe and measles and threatened with pneumonia. On account of sickness in so Many families the Oyster supper of the Woodmen has been postponed until tuesday evening Jan. 27th. Philinda Recor of Westfield was brought Here for burial in the Catho Lic cemetery saturday. The funeral services were held in st. Ignatius Church. Rev. J c Leblane of Chat miscellaneous serous coloured slides taken by him a a pm Terr notice if you clothing that can be made Over or shoes kindly leave same at Hunt s store As the red Cross plan to sew for the Stevens family. Donald Larock proved to be Thebes speller in school and will com Pete with the Best spellers of the other town schools for a Chance to enter the county spelling contest to be he Din Orleans thursday. Westmore m. E. Clapper was Home from Newport Over sunday. Miss Kathryn sinon returned Tost. Johnsbury wednesday. The heavy snowstorm and wind prevented services at the Church on Money for carcasses than for your Calfskin sell to i. Solomon water st., Isar on. In. R Don t choose the is Well for Young people to choose the re work which accords with their tas and qualifications but never make the mistake of supposing that any work will be altogether pleasant. There is no occupation without some Drudgery. There is no Success without sacrifice. Too will never do anything tal a Collis Huntington Hospi sch i Arvard University medical new we Bellevue Hospital ofe Veoni City thereby insuring an Onuf Nal Opportunity for a Thor no preparation in All branches of three f its graduates offers a Omer is c5urpe to healthy Young tation appearance and rep Tion a, a High school Educa lar s. ? bivalent. For Partick Norw App to superintendent of in the Frozen North As Well As 3uuu feet of moving pictures taken by him. He spoke very interestingly of Arctic expeditions of their use and hard ships p eau is and lec Tuic was a Liberal education in the animal life Plant life climate and habitat of the natives of the far North. Those who missed the lec Ture missed a most instructive and fascinating lecture. Farmers notice will take action. Mrs. Jane Armstrong has close her House for the Winter and is at the Home of her brother in Law Hor Ace Whitehill mrs. Alice Chapman and her son in Law Howard Spaulding of Glover visited har Mother mrs. Amanda Powers recently. Or. And lira. T. Crandall and Stock monday the 26th. Have a car of syrup Drums at the vary House ready for delivery. Well pay of consequence without doing a highest Market Price Lor Susy Ruythe coming season. W. Sunday. Til no too do not like. us the weather Prophet who if ".orei""6 Hospital 95 a Hanson wow Ama v

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