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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1920, Page 1

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - December 29, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor vol. 49 no. 52barton, Vermont wednesday december 29, 1920 single copies 5 cents. Tiv Iii Ilsung c ail or this to to a Sec 1 cd for Sale six time list ep�c4�pal Cru cd i no to a Rev. A. Turner. Pastor preach King serried 10.30. Sunday school 11.45. Epworth league s.00 As. Union service at this Church at 7.00. Prayer meeting on thursday Many Farmers sold watered milk. Slate s att by Frank d. Thomp sob is conducting a Campai against urged with Selling Ladye i mrs. Thursday. Deec ser 30. Third it Joar a int. 140 bags Terly conference and sunday school i. Glover. Of Board meeting. Banners who arc Cha _ the Nulk. Already eleven a been brought into court and paid fines of $50 each. The offenders Are All canadians and heed on farms in the Newport Center and North Troy. At a ses of of the municipal court held monday dec. 13, three men t j _ a trere brought before judge Wright. 4 Wossman s a sign mis i charged with Selling watered milk to Sioni a Jety meeting. Hostess an a h. P. Hood and is on november cult h. Society m John Labeau Brown counted six Day. �9th, they were h. Ai Messier and m. Demere. Urf it a a cd 16-Tacl. Maktos a Wert Heri it a. Devereaux Mest Nichols is Wery ill with Bron peace before tre court charged with Petty larceny of veneer seats pliers a a Wiak. Tto y Congre Akmal Church Noum Rev. J. J. Hutchinson pastor. Bible study and prayer meeting thursday at 7.30 Sunday. January 2. 10.30 worship. Reception of new members. Communion service. Bap. Tim. And Short Sermon on Harvest except american Aid. 11.45 Bible school a for months these most helpless suf 6.00 Christian Endeavor meeting. Fevers in the tracks of War have been 7.00 Union service in the Metho americ feeding Sta dist Chueh. Received medical Aid ,.v 1. Ottly when threatened by death from on account of to in funeral of g. A. Coundrie Emery Heads Vermont work. America that saved the 6,000,000 european children during the Winter two years i is again being appealed to for Aid from Eastern and Central Europe where three and one half million children have no alternative but disaster Between now and the next g. A. Drew. Gardner a. Drew a Long time resident of Barton and Active in business for about 30 years died in his sleep at his Home on water Street on Christmas night. He had been usually Well during the Day enjoying a family gathering and retired As usual that night. Gardner a. Drew was bom in Stan Stead Q., on september 9, 1838, and letters from the people sunday Observance and both Evist or. Editor i note the growing interest in the question of sunday Observance. As i understand it the question is will our state in hold our National Sabbath or will we join hands with the Bol Shevicka and i. W. A s and Kindred organizations which Are trying to was therefore 82 years of age. He break Down Good government every received his education in the Public where. Now if they can succeed in i schools and at Derby Academy. In destroying our Sabbath making it a i 1862 he married Edna e. Camp of Der Day of sports and merchandising they j by who survives Jim. For some have gained one big Point towards years he resided in Newport where he their object. Was manager of the Prouty and Mil Jap 1______ tory teaches us that the nation that 47 years ago he entered into the door continually Breaks gods commands Sash and Blind business a which he a vase a Cerca Iii Visier Siim Yucai. Uni to Oes Down. Let us a is citizens of engaged until 1908. When coming to vet re afternoon next in Vest. No child can grow to health this great Republic stand firm for Barton he purchased a factory on e very. A a a sanity under the terrible Condi those principles which tend to water Street which he occupied for an Offe go be taken next Bun tons that exists in that country to strengthen and build up our nation his business and which he Only sold i t of i chitin. 1 shores of High Street cuttings from the Frost veneer three a Siel j is very in. Seating co., where he was recently sleds. A perfect Fox hound _ $25. G. A. Govro p., phone Orleans 59 id Chris us Heath spent Christmas he was fined $15 and i in Gardner. which he paid. P. W Cowles of new York cite Mon a. Det 20, eight More spent Christmas in town. Mrs. Is a guest r ale nearly new Delava it also second hands. V. O. Miles bar-g4-14. 3ttf la a Jane hatched s. C. Re kernels from Ferris ? rain Stock direct $3. A a a 50tf to Sass in of Canadian fairs using in Newport St mrs. Ladue. Entered a plea of nolo contender and w. Eimess Sint Cliris Mas were Given the same fines of the Trio at the Home of his son. . A the week previous. The Fine were al. Or. Aed mrs. A g. Gorham of St. Time were John Thibodeau Joseph j hrs Bury visited at j. G. Gorham s Ledeau e. Sicord a. Girard e. I feel Niy. It Harben Nean. Frank Lepage and a the Bank will be closed saturday. Casavant and a. Ducharme. H. Har .�?T.ie�?1917 Mode Ford Vout new body in Good in nearly new Roppelt re in excellent con Akins Orleans. Of a a Ftp Quot Quot Quot a i a it Quot by it a Down. Let us a a m citizens of eng red. Day for the a near East Relief a and the a european Relief Council of oort nity will be Given for designating your gift. Bring or Send Yout offering but if impossible to do so hand same to the pastor or Church treasurer. The vestry was Well filled Friday night to Bear the exercises by tiie Hildren of the Junior a garment of the Sun May school the Little ones Iid Well and All enjoyed the evening notice the members of the first Congre a Ati Onai Church and also the society a said Church of Barton Are Here Newyl exr s Day. North Iroy charged with the miss Alice can Don is spending entered a plea of not Christmas at her Home in connect i a ise was con cot a and placed Undag Bai or. And mrs. Frod Bilodeau enter t Arrea to meet at their vestry on a party of re Tives Over a or Day. January 6. 1921 at t. Oris Mas. Re Reprez a by heir annual meet Nir Charlea Currier of Phil Adele by. Hits if a a re so a la a �?~5 a a to i on the Holiday win. His cd stut Lart tease Quot Quot a a pc Burgh a Lwy a���tfciia�2on�?~m5 i Strong in in fave the Quot or to the in Austria school at ver re nned for the of h s i Day. There would be no tragedy in and bring blessings to the common within a few years history so sweeping or so destructive a wealth and let us Hope that our rep a or. Drew was a Resolute Man of of those who in deserve no evil recent natives will give the matter a sturdy character whose ability and the european Relief Council with i careful thought and take no Back j hard work brought him a competence Herbert hover chairman and Frank-1 Ward step. In his business. A Monument to his in k. Lane treasurer which in-1 e. L. Clark. Thoroughness his Good judgement and eludes the following organizations Glover vt., december 17, 1920. His knowledge of building materials a american Relief administrations a the barn Academy and graded joint distribute on committee. Federal 1�?T Council of churches of Christ of will you kindly Pant the Folio _ _. America knights of Columbus be m. Ing communication with regard to t a a. And y. W. A. A a have pledged great co it m the world be themselves that the plight of these night and wrong. I think it is no Hildren should have Complete priority entered m theocracy a Democrat n overtus Charity until Tea veni ment of immediate c am a nere. V Vul c. H. Smith Spert new double Home by people in Ayer s. R g association. Inc. 3 p q a a a a he Sia a or. No a mra. V. L War. In a Quot Richford relatives for the canst the District acting As chairman of the building committee and overseer of the entire construction. The building is one of which every citizen of Barton is proud and is recognized As one of he finest in architecture and materials in this part of the state. Or. Drew was a Republican in and has led a retired life in the Oast few years. A private funeral was held at the Louse tuesday afternoon at which Rev. J. J. Hutchinson officiated and he body was placed in the Tomb of Lye come o. Brown cemetery to await. Bath electric o. W. I fast it is Ilgra Orleans. 4stf orb lieu. Who has been to with a top Grid Fevo several weeks is Iez four foot Wood at Rcv. I 16-Inch stove Wood at. Or. And mrs. Demarais Barton son spent c 51 52 irs. J. C Klinc 2. To hear report of missionary _ committee. Stebbins fund a i i = a duty. 1. _ to elect clerk two deacons pc 3aaag Mhz Tecc Many Are t cd pm read of pro Bariou a a i <s2�oi?�?T to Romietta Thomas co cum and missionary a a i Stit a for severe penalty and it was a _ Linie a l was drawn. The lad hav a of Cihiy g Cook of a respectable Frauly Ini 1 to hear report of last and a father announced it a Nir meetings Stees. Treas America has never failed in the past a town or Ste by _ a i in her great hearted Ness and she never j Thoo a ii a it on god directs is tight Tea Refore Theo All the right kind of go Emmen this. Air work is being organi All government or the United states branches a re democracy being established in every state in the a wrong kind of government be burial in the family lot in the Spring. On. Or. Hoover has appoint a cause it puts another wrong kind of or. Drew leaves a widow and one Ader of the work in each state. Hon. Government Down by Force. A son a. S. Drew of this place. Curtis s. Emery who a in i Bui Idin Pertant part m the food a Duimstra character with both feet on a son j r n work during to War has been foundation the republicans Are nor red by being placed at the head building character with one foot or. It the state work. A meeting was Sand found nation and caused by col Emery for Organiza on the solid Rock found al tin and was held on Friday. Dec. It mrs. James Labounty. Mrs. James Labounty died at her theocrat will build character wit and the other Foo. Home on Burton Hill december 23, of bundalion and the Ter a few Days illness of Brights Dis ild character with ease. Mrs. Labounty was miss Julia. Hotel Verry ont in Burlington. The Bol i foot Ori solid Rock foundation. Bowen and was born in Albany july Mittee on con organization effected at that gather i think Jesus Christ was an idea. A 3, 1854. On August 4, 1872, she was Victoria site qw., was no doubt Stivi Tion and by Las and act on ing was As follows chairman c. S. Theocrat because he adhered to Mamed to or. Labounty and Olwe ,. W tithe cause of the Judee giving the Bov same. ,2, Emery publicity manager John t. Theocracy a government by the in Isons and three daughters have been or. And Lars. A. L. Urie entertain. Chance to make Good a elect presi it. Cirk five Cushing editor of the St. Albans mediate direction of god. He also ube fruits of the marriage. Or. And r a a a go to a by it relatives on. Treasurer. A xr�?z______-3 a. David Well Nunilo of the 4th executive committee treasurer a a Messen a executive committee Hon. Kept saturday the last Day of the mrs. Law unto came to this town from i Are it of to. Ira a Kew Tibt editors choir commit tote. James har Ineas governor elect r. E. Week As his Sabbath and i wish to j Lowell in years ago. T of r j a to r v4. Folla Xvi la i m Kali a. a a Isth pie a a a a "7 �?o57. Up or Tel Muht a or a res re a the Tow a Blanchard co. Burington a j. Holden of sunday a set up As Sabbath by Cool tether business property. Into a a Blyus pharmacy was Baxtom Bennington Sron n. Clars. Mcdougl is . S. A. Hunt clerk. W. 43 Christmas Day with or. People in North Troy. Reirden s Clark of Bur papal authority about 300 a. D., and her marriage and was a woman who Lington Rev. Cd. Merrul of Burtung i think the legislature of our Steies res a ton e. J. Howard of Bellows Falls that passed a Law a Keg it a crime de of. Rent farm Lizzie May Eveleth of Chi Ktal Eago. Who tothe Fnu Ranlof River Rook. 5.ele or r u a my w. Crr. Only two Miles from bar afternoon study West Hore Road. Good with mrs. Jemie cute on proper. Also Tein of this farm was pleasantly Remc bared on and pasture f m. Miss Mary Hil re of spin Pfiel Ltd her birthday. December 26di. By cards a mass., is a ing her parents or. And from her sister Direh Mem a a a a a a mrs. C. E. Hibbard. Hers and Many old Ariemia. Wanted mrs. Margaret Powers of fit Dale a and daughters Are guests of her sister poultry. Areri a of Orleans is those of the immediate family left husband interested to know of her marriage to on his a Law "2. Farm. Their Friend wish tymm a life of Prosperity and Happ mess. West gloat a a. Wilson is on the sick the past mrs. List. Joseph Labounty has bought a it. Menam or Telfer Bouse on Park a a a a store suet Christ Street of or. And mrs. A l. Meir its. Skinner. Cameron is Home from Christmas Vlot Zivy first and second cuts e e id Bindi logs. W. H. Chap in birr 52-2 to mourn her lose Are the two Sisters mrs. Joseph Labount Irasburg and mrs. Reynolds of of last Rte a for Glt a a of inert i a bad Ner free Brottem Jilm. Who al Bank which has been a ignited As Colorado and Andy and Law or. Bowen of Albany three sons James John and Frank of this place three daughters mrs. Lavoie of Orleans Sarah Maloney and miss Katherine of this place. Burial was from St. Paul a Church monday Forenoon and burial was in the Catholic cemetery. Or. And mrs. Wilmer Daniels spent Howard Wilson of Belfast me., min Gla -55 in it pud her Vaca the week end in St. Johnsbury with came Friday to visit his Mother mrs. Attleboro mass., to spen his sister. Mrs. Levi wills. Blanche Wilson. They spent Chest Tiou. A a a miss Hala Shedd has returned from Mas at her Home in Chi Eston a it j a by Hraban is a Springfield mass., and jul spend Aje now spend ii a week with rela or. And mrs. Guy h. Bates on in elem. X a a lives m Montreal a a wanted position doing House a Glover Orleans. Box 51-52p some time at her Home Here. The following letters Are advertised. A a in a to a by Roth Portr tic in to Evirtt to to Sabbath it it .1 if saturday the god made Sabbath cards and Are to be sold from 10c to it the re air $1.00 or any Ament the people a Section of my Savior master and to pay. Upon Taos Rerd api a the �35 services should be held each year on Sun lighted Candle and the following woj a aim appear a not it vre i but. I Ope and Pray that my Belov what we share for the gift without go nation a have nothing to do with the giver is Bare Yvio give Himml a the league of nations a which is with his Ali feeds three Hilf his working to make the world Safe for a hungry neighbor and miss mar wrong kind of government. Theo Ion Gary of Rutland was appointed Cracy will put democracy Down by the executive Secretary for the ver the theocrat using the sword which Mont Branch and has <5ces in the. Jesus came to Send into the 21. J y. C. A. Building in Burlington and that sword is not made of steel at a recent meeting of the Amer or. And mrs. Clarence Wils obese cards May be secured at the of but is the sword of the spirit a which follow a a relatives on c. T a 1�? a a a a tax a a Marie Mayo mrs. Nuton Hall or. And mrs. E. W. Fisk of Lucera i pertained 34 of their relatives r. In to Christmas Day. Fice of c. S. Emery. Letters will be is the word of god. That weapon is read in All the churches on sunday carried in a theocrat a heart and i _ a a a 1_____7- a knt wanted experienced teacher j a. G. Owen. Cobol apply to l e a a Lone 28-2. Clifton Dunham spent the Hobday he pest week and several be 48tf a season with his parents or. And mrs. Have made possible a. Dun Hortn. Of Gardner. Maea of isl to who Avi not been the therome is View Sci my apply Saxo. Bari of r. F. L that Derywo vice commander b. J. Lee = Clyde l. Bather spent Christmas and the drive will be on. This is an think love is the explosive that sends adjutant a Cowles finance offi a his sister mrs. Guy game of without politics and without a words from a theocrat a heart a the cer a. G. A. 1 _ 1 a a so Johnsbury. Miss Floy Webster is spending a few Days with her aunt mrs. E. A. Slack of Newport. ,, hire or rent a Nail rust to to Lang returned Moxi Quot a sch he a of by is to a a a no Naan 1 of the Orleans a Locien Pellma _ who is attend my or. And mrs. Maurice Smith spent the in nne meeting of the Orleans wanted fresh eggs and Poul Chr Innas in Gardner mass., with her county fair company will be held at my r. Days at Orleans express Sta parents or. And mrs. A. Der hotel Barton tuesday next when of e. S. Kelley. Orleans. 17tf Ham. Filers will be elected and Seizu a. J. Berstein of new York City songs event Mided upon the a anted a kinds of raw fur a own the first of the week in tors reports is a a we la rss is a it into Ort of the Bradford clothe a a a a Collins miss Esther Brunning of Spring the to t phone 1.14 sow in Elroid. Fold mix a tent a Rixta. With Boron school in Sherbrooke is spending his holidays Here at Home. N. C. Stevens and family and j. T. Stevens and family spent Christmas Day with r. C. Stevens. Misses Florence and Hazel Miles of Groveton n. A. Spent a of Days with their aunt. Mrs. H. S. Bates recently. The Christmas exercises held at the Church Friday evening were Well at anted a Calfskin or. Hides also All Ednd Union. Water St., Barton. 49-52 parents my. And mrs. H. Bran the our it of May boo to ining. Saturday night about Mito Gnu now in urn r Riuz a and mrs r j the fire started or. Burnham do it tended and the children Render to supt. And mrs. C. J. Batch elect barely escaped with his arts nicely. The tree a Well filled with of a or. Hides also All Jends of junk i several Days Witt a 3e pm of a a Burtis elders people m us Johnsbury lat emr. Burnham miscellaneous. Cash life suffering Burm on is nothing was saved and or. Burnham was forced to escape without Amos the Riverside school closed Decem spam Lam. Spent inst weeks vacation. A with his parents or. And mrs. Appropriate exercises were held thursday Evenmo Reb Giros lines. Or. And a a Sheehan and Bugh parents and Frie a or Barton. 9t� �7��?T Mei to Burlington invited. Master Clifford a. Arron. Vul spend some time with or. A i Sheehan. By Inifi vis was said to be the Star of evening. Mrs. L. Jarvy fax nor s Jersey cow. Owner miss Etta Litchfield who has been the audience with two select Iotis which at miss austins for some months has much in enjoyed. Manster con notice came into my enclosure Are same by let Rovton property a miss austins for some months. Has were much enjoyed. Ting charge s. A. Rich go it one to the Home of Ralph Ware in famous Harry 52-lp Coventry. Evicted Slayer of policeman reister of or. And mrs. E. G. Freeman return Boston who escaped from the Mas a i ice Village and farm real ted to Springfield. Mass., tuesday states prison some months at to 1�t,t to. _. It it it san fax. Any r be real person wishing to buy night after spending the Holiday sea ago was taken in Chicago a i relates Call on w. B., son in town. Detectives have been in Barb i Este agent Bavol mrs. Stella Heath of Orleans was eral times in Conn us to but it of a guest last week of her Granddad a Sterns Case As a Post Konces will Hoy guest last week of her a a Ter mrs. Maurice Smith and relatives Here. Sunday. Ron Sev with Man mailed Anges which he presented to the children. Westmore Little Dale Conley has been quite Ier Oral or written. I think the Kai i ser was Delusio nary by thinking that Coventry a be was serving god when really he c. E Gorham is Home from Clare serving mammon so is toe Ltd exit inf Ibi it ing Democrat of our nation delusion Vor a to Ary. I Trust that All who become theocrat forming a theocratic Par a a to a party with a Good Nama Good mrs. I. Trudeau has been on the name is rather to be chosen than sick list toe past week. Great riches will be going upward James Chapman has been on the in the Way of Prosperity Hap Pine sick list for the past few Days. A and eternal life while democrats will mrs. Clarissa Metcalf a Home from a be going downward in the Way of and Hudson. Mass., accompanied by a varsity. Misery and eternal do the. Friend 11 exhort the people of All our state vex j this a a nov a Rory re and of All countries to make a break i amp of is rend suss Aye a Toug missive Young of stans do of Quot a jux and to who has been visiting her sister mrs. Saturday the right Sabbath and to Taylor returned Home sunday. Other ten commandments As Carl Noyes of Bon is a guest at i Well As the fourth commandment. Yours very truly a a Anson c. Mar. And mrs. De. Lanou and or. A North wifi Fosbury december and mrs. Ork it Goss and Little Dang to the sex service men do you men know that to receive a copy of toe a american legion weekly Magazine a for toe coming year your subscription has to be at National Headquarters january 1, 1921. The paper costs Only $1.00 a year and there Are two ways of obtaining this join some legion Post or Send your name address and $1.00 to either National Headquarters or state Headquarters. For the past year our Post a Barton Post no. 76,�?� has had 33 members in Good standing out of a possible 55 or "0. The dues for the Post Are Only $3 per year one of toe cheapest posts to belong to in the state. This $3 Ives you one years subscription to he american legion weekly and Good standing with National Headquarters the state department and the local Post. Let us All Send $3.00 this week to Alden g. Owen finance of Lacer Post no. 76., Barton and be Square with the american legion for the coming signed n. R. Underwood Post commander. Ito gifts and Many thanks Are sex i Bert wares. Or. Shepard so family need to or. Hutchinson for the or. Gre also guests at or. Ware a Ter Edna of Irasburg spent cd Mas at the Home of Henry Goss. Christ Brownington for summer people. In i Ige on Butis tto s Christmas gatherings were held at i or. Editor. Tois to Homes of Clayton Brooks. Homer i in a the columns Oft a Turt a i w or Wrights George Corrown a Pliny read an article concerning summer it. Metcalfe a c. E. Gorhams and j. I Homes and summer hotels. I also i that Hul towns were More Desir and mrs. E. Up a. Litchfield has been mov Able than those perhaps in the Vil Horace Beebe of the Darling Faim to toe Home of mrs. Ralph Ware a lager therefore i thought Why in East Burke spent a few Days at his where she is to be cared for. Her Brownington Village be an Home Here the past week Many friends Hope she May gain a Yeai locution for a summer hotel mrs Maurice Pickle and two Chil rapidly. A it is situated in about the Center of a ecu x�ax4mxa a leasing Christmas exercises were a Orleans county and at quite an Alti visiting in Lowell the past week. Held in the schoolhouse thursday of tude. From the Pii Macle beyond the do not forget the social at h. G. A Ter noon. The teachers or. Titus and Church one can look into every town knights Friday night. Everybody miss Currier have gone to their in Orleans county also into Essex i Siet a = . Collection for electric lights Homes for a weeks vacation. A Caledonia Lamoille and t Ranklin r from Here to chums of his m ston., Church. It was toe general opinion of every counties of Vermont and into Stan i armers _ a in i Oivo toe marriage of min a my to t frevh�?o7�e nt�?oah7bma �rt4es&Quot in the town Hall Friday even Quot a my and Dos Peari Robinson of this place will be a $1000 re i at the Home of Ira Lyon at East ing that everything went off exec now items we in toe Sutton North Ridge 1< 2 apr session. Charleston. Tonally Well. To get following Little to Burke in. G. S. Dodge. Orleans. Law Cai in this in be. To . In my irom Neil a a id in urn. It was toe general opinion of every Cou Ulics a a _ Toroid la also in jul and the notch hat same i everyone is invited to Call any. Of armed so notice we will take time before january 10th and see me ,. A a Ock tuesday Forenoon Unta 11 1922 Calendar a Miles on display at Gilbert Gray a. Will car january 4, and eve Fletcher amp co. S office. Adv. Buck v7 two weeks after that Date unto or. And mrs. James Scott enter the congregational denomination. If this can be of any information to anyone please print it and any party or parties interested enough to think of purchasing any residence Here for such or land to build a hotel on please get in touch with me either by mail or in person and i win assist All that i possibly can. Yours truly a Arthur w. Davies. Brownington. December 24. 1920. Orleans r. F. 3. Worlds oldest canal. A farm near Roswell n. M., has an irrigation ditch or canal which is thought to have been Huilt centuries before the time of Columbua the Walls of the canal Are in let of a Clay he material now As hard As Stone which is Supik ised to have been sediment from a nearby Spring. Idea of Saucer lamp is old. The form or Saucer lamp la thought to be of semitic origin. The grf it eks and romans developed this Ernest Buck of East Haven is at Toie. T. W. And j. Sil Tain a family party of on Christ at Home from 13. Lateer Sboro Bend. 52-1 Day. At Vetoich a their Chu Dreu r.and mrs. E. R. Mcshane and Howard spent Christmas in new Arety Bonds All kids of Vul cutlet a armday afternoon at a of clock port. Xxx 1 j Liy Wen. Nav xviii win i fat i t Lanh Sutton North Ridob a Pix Foru. Arc Frt in to a a a. Lurvey is Workmo at the selves credit All of those part of the county and in the extreme \ covered lamp except for a Small air to Bert Stock Ard ladies society with mrs. C. F. Son. H w.5 surety Bonds All kids of Thor slav afternoon at 2 of clock port. briton. Lost i miss Gladys Hinton who is attend pertained a party of 12 at christinas f ing in a business College in Meriden . Has been spending two miss Millicent Richardson and miss with her parents or. And mrs a a a Jug Richardson visited at e. F. George Hinton Richardson a recently i a a a mrs. E. F. Richardson invited to rent friends saturday evening to a Christ Mas tree. The evening was spent m to rent tenement. C. A. Nute music games and refreshments. 41tf i miss Pearl m. Robinson and Dur Ward Mcshane were married at the the county Riiho Quot rare r�?~ecltatl7�� did a we a that Southwest it. Mans irid los up Toie. With figures on top and much min Theo Hendra is Spe no la a impossible to say which above All other j became. Indeed an Excel vacation at her Home m Westfield go celled. The Drill by the boys was the lower and Dere mount oms handsome ornament a visiting Hirter mrs. Eva Jene Eluted As was also the Drill by and Jay Peak and then along to themins of West Charleston. The Young ladies. There was a pleas North by ear Mountain. Owls head there was a peas North near my Aix we xxx a a. Ing violin Solo by master Clyde bar mount Elepha utus f Low and the Solo by miss m 3rion Toms of Stanstead co to. Tie City Cleveland was enjoyed by All. Little Newport and Law Etc Fathis. Tinker recited in her usual ii very plainly to be seen therefore writer. First prayer in Congress. Jacob Cui he. A Clergyman and on september 7. 1774. Made the a Black and Tan hound White and is. Slit in lower part of Arthur Dow at will lockers Albany phone Albany 7-6. wrist watch so Metis Barton. W xxx it Amo b. Bomb a a the Young _ mrs. E. A. Wheeler and daughter Jjo a violin Solo Mae visited her grandmother mrs. A a a a Betsey Clough and brother Arthur a scr in us a a of ,.boright at West Burke monday. Beatrice tinker reared in her usual 7,�?~�?o�?Thk7v"�id. In Long Ninver a the Continental three months p ea5vu xxxix Vojt . Xxx it my a a a a i aider Rne i or Sci it or Flench Pai of extended Ray Wilder who fifteen Mii Tuto run with a car to one helped in Many ways. Paul Wells. Of the most Hustle my Railroad villages a me�s/nfa/en.x1x mad dance of molecules. J houses in Brownington Church and ladies Aid society will Large Are. Gertrude War j be held As usual at f mesday january 5th. Will serve dinner. Be held As usual at the Church wed Horace Wilder who put so much work tic a a into the entertainment must feel Over towns that Are chaps Cortner for the Well pleased with the results. Thanks by from the Railroad. A after the Obj la ration of to i a the l. A. Vatican s Fine Pant re plan the Vatican pop so i be of the finest printing eur Blis ments in the world. It was f m Lel in 1926 a gtd Only a re year afterwards a it read in possessed to Chara it ters of 23 d offer vol languages. move at a Spee Ltd of ave Liht a with electricity. Do eral Hundred meters a second and 5�?z away with the kerosene Oil lamps. 1. Each Lias several Hundred c>iiisl��n8 a 1 there is a first class Gentrel store in 1 a l to no to. A. Be to it a i there l. A town and a Beautiful i ,11 Church of concentration wins. The weakest living creature by conc a Strating his Flowers on a single of impish something the or his Over Many ish anything. A Chyne

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