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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - December 22, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor december 22, 1920 Page three letters from the people Caledonia county. I. Xia a at xxx a. Xii Iii i Xii x it x i .42f?5nought sue had heart i Sease fruit a no is made of stomach trouble t1 Aqueduct that Cut in the face of the Moun Tain and which conducted it to a very Fertile part of the Valley where could be used for raising Corn and vegetables. When we asked How Nethat Aqueduct was we were told three hours on ,14?t is the use in the face of the1s r e t e Oidest monasteries in x4 m a m Bringa happiness to others Stix ssx5 the Christian Sabbath Day. Continued from Page one those who fail to catch the supreme meaning of the gospel. It is further More noted that the gospels refer frequently to the jewish Sabbath after the resurrection of Jesus. The acts of the apostles Speaks of the first Day As the Day of Public Wor the epistles mention the jew ish Sabbath chiefly to furnish an argument for its abolition. In the prophetic Book of the new testament the lord s Day alone is mentioned. The magic which makes Christmas a pleasure and Christ y 5mas giving a Joy is the honest Heartfelt love of Christmas and ?5 friends and the wish to bring happiness of the one into the s jj5 hearts of the others. Only so shall your Christmas be a Happy w six x55 ill watch our windows thursday & Friday i no specific command is Given forthe change of Days yet the fact of the disciples meeting on the first Dav of the week and Jesus dedicating that Day is More important than a verbal command. No rules were Given forts Observance because the Earl christians loved their lord so much that for them Laws were Paul finds it necessary toward them in hebrews 10 25. This the beginning of Laws for the Protection of the lot s Day that Day Given for Man yet which is so abuse that the desecrate or fails to secure it benefits. J. J. Hutchinson. Barton it. K4 Pari of lne world. Is called st George s. It is approach Able Only by a narrow path that Lle a of the Cliff. Very lit a l visible but several openings could be seen. The Rock i called Limestone and contains pocket Sand veins of almost pure Lime. I these places it is easy to work. I contains some natural caves As of this Rock hardens if Cut into Small pieces and exposed to the air and Sun. Our trip Home was very saw several caravans. Several of the camels were bashful on meet ing our Ford. Perhaps the fact that the exhaust pipe had become detached from the Muser had something to do with it. Someone dared insinuate that it was the face of one of the secretaries that caused the , we were As careful As we could be and our bedouin friends seemed always to regard the matters a joke and gave us Friendly look Sand trip was one of the compensations i think Emerson would Call then Many difficulties can be overcome Only with a greetings to All the friends 15, 1920. And see How Little it takes to make your friends Happy. Xhu j 55 by Many friends for the one who had stepped across the great from out of town to attend the services were Royal j. Smith feast Longmeadow Humphrey of Barton Wallace Bow Man of Orleans miss Florence Oram of st. Johnsbury mrs. E. H. Shepherd of Passumpsic and miss Carrie mar shall of Lyndonville. Slavs Tiv a Friday a was sent for to go serve on the Jurie yesterday to find out if a Man stole a cow or never got Home till Tonitte. He sed they was Hung up & shut Ort to of got Home Las Nite if they assent 11of the contrary est men he Ever seen Witch Woodnut try to agree with him. Saturday i have begun my Cris mas shopping All Reddy i purchased Little Book named what to get the boy. I am giving it to a & a incas hey mite Over Luk me. Went to carry a note to mrs. Rapp & Wile it was ranking she ast me to step inside pretty soon she hollered to be to be careful of her floor that she had jus had waxed. I replied & sed i was sent scared of it because i had on my spiked shews she looked like she Wood of fainted but did Dent. Sunday went a visiting to Are Rel shuns Witch lives in the City whence got Home mrs. Gillem cum around to see if a had any new gossip she ast a if the City was As Hospit Bleas Fokes say it is. A sed he Gess some counted 1 of them. Monday had to stay in at shoo Leonite Witch May not help my Crismas presence Enny to Speek about Mahato no Why and Etc. It was on was picking my Teeth & the teacher seen me & she sed Why do you pick Yure Teeth in the Stool room & i re played & Tole her i was the Only 1 Witch new wich tooth to pick. Tuesday Wen the Teecher ast Jake who was Hannibal he sed to her it was a Man wich eat Yuman beings & Mishun Arys before they was civilised got electric Lites and ottos & wis be y and Etc wednesday a is worried about his Job. They Are laying men off eve s x is set Iasi in 5i v.x55 the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square Sutton George Gordon has been confined to the House with a severe cold. Ella Gray who is teaching in Man Chester is at Home for the Christ mas vacation a Community Christmas tree and exercises Are to be held at the Church Friday Brown is spending the Christ mas vacation with her sister Craig. George drown has moved from Concord on the farm he recently pur chased of mrs. Hussey. Mrs. Ralph Turnbull is very sick Atbright look Hospital. Her Many friends Hope for her speedy recovery. Mrs. D. F. Laclair was called to st Johnsbury last saturday by the ser ious illness of her daughter mrs. Car Roll Brooks. Rev. Kenneth Macleod preached atthe Baptist Church last sunday. Heis Here for four weeks with a View to locating Here for the present. Joseph Laclair returned from Cam Bridge mass., last week where he has been since the first of october helping to care for a daughter who is sick. Mrs. Allen gave her scholars Christmas entertainment at the schoolhouse and treated them to Candy and walnuts grown on the Allenfarm at Vergennes. Sheffield there will be a Christmas tree atthe Hall Friday night. Mrs. Searles of Newport is visiting her sister mrs. Minnie Sheldon. John Fountain has bought the House on the Corner and moved in. Mrs. Sumner Eastman visited her daughter in Lyndon the last of the week. Harry Williams is on the sick Sheldon is gaining very slowly. John Simpson was recently Hurt by a falling limb while working in the Woods. The Stone boy who enlisted in the Navy six months ago is at Home for a few Days. Or. And mrs. Amasa Chase of Len 1 Barton Vermont 5 a xxx a Yyi my we nyx Yix Xix Rex vex jux six jux j j six Jinx six Yix x six a six Xix Xix six my xi5 x Xix 55 Xix Xix Xix Xix Xix Xix Xix Xix it via a a Xii Xia Xia Xia Xix x Umu Hobss Flash lights great trades for Ujj Carroll co., x. H. An ice uni i real about Fraise it is or fruit liver Tablet in c or it ropers prompted a to Iii run Down was1 22 oing to duo to Goi my 5 a i Illch caused Rae to belch a 1 . My heart seemed to be Tecie. I is a s Trio yrs thai i was in tils can Dilia a and began the use of to i tit is. Tzoc inc turn the tro Lle lad a in f a few yearsr7 the use of t lit proved the very remedy i required. I i freed of the indigestion to cd i a Beu to my heart and i can recommend fruit a. 3 a remedy of Merit. He. Flank w. Tallace. Be. S. Tor 6 for $2.w, trial sire 25c a cd i ers or from of Tuit a Tiye s Laz he Ogden Bueg n. T. Kow a few Days letter from Egypt. The following interesting letter is written by Walter Harlow of iras Bur a a brother of a. E. Harlow who has been in foreign y. M. C a. Ser vice for a Long time. Cairo brother for Many Moons it has been in my thoughts to write you letters that would give some idea of what the country and the life Are like in this part of the world. As you probably know my period of service with they. I. C a. Was twice extended and you will not be surprised to know that am quite ready for a Complete part of this rest is being spent quietly in Cairo. However the past eleven months were for the most part spent in Palestine nearly six of i Hose were spent in Southern the Plain of Esdrelon joins the Hills of Northern Samaria the rest of the time in Judea in and about Jerusa Lem. The last account you saw was a British estimate somewhat Over drawn i think of the y. Work in that City so we will pass that. I Wool like to Tell you of some of the lighter bits of duty that were in reality pleasurable bits of recreation. In this class should be placed the trip Leav ing the hut at 5 o clock in the morn in Soffor the mount of olives and including beside the Garden of Geth u u h n h he ii Iii 13 ii m h to h Nimit m Iii Fth n m n n Canadian Snow shoes cheap safety razors 1.00 pocket knives 25, 50, 75, 1,00 1.75 Sleigh warm is 2.50 a h by Day & cutting their wages. A i h used she was abrade his wages Woodget Cut & she wooden get her firsthi3 Vear. A sed Thev did Dent Nee helpful word from a Barton citizen. A to offer to Cut his wages because he i wooden except it. He sed he Wood r a w7t Zyer Al i leave there and go to Wirk 1st is sore at me q. ,. J incur say Jane was Headquarters for pyrex Ware Peter Simpson of Canada i beat her in a Rit Metick Shis sister Lydia Blake the first of test she sed to me if Yure hed was Faas big As you think it is it Wood take i Lydia Blake is gaining the week very slowly. All Day to get your Hare Cut off. An b to r n to Titan h r m n m h h. T. Seaver 1 your Back lame and painful it it ache especially after exer c a i trere a soreness in the kidney reon 1 156 symptoms suggest weak kid if so there is danger in delay. Weak kidneys get weaker fast. Give your trouble prompt Atten Dean kidney pills Are for weak kid res. A car neighbors use and recommend Tern. Ask your this Barton testimony. Jernest Valley Lake Street Barten says about a year ago i wa3troubled with my Back and kidneys Tze to kidney trouble which i had Wrhen i was Young. My kidneys were 5 reak and Irres lar and the Cercre h h b n a n Are bachelors funny a a Chi May be Legal but there is Alwn something funny about him. In the Case of an old maid there is Al ways the possible excuse that her Lover died but if a Man wanted to set married he would t pay any attention to thing like that. E. W. Howe monthly. Barton it. Semans Ahey of Jeso Phat and a walk completely around the City Wall before breakfast. It had to be done carefully to be completed in two and one half hours. That trip and one to the Temple area or to Solomon quarries i never grew tired of Mak ing. The View from the top of the mount of olives is one of the most Beautiful in Palestine. The mount is Ore of the highest Hills in its general Vicinity and is surmounted by two High towers. From the ground How Ever one gets a View of Many Miles to it ral pm. The dead sea and ke3ee3&ebeesbesb2seseesssebee2sbs8s&e&ebebbebsbssa housewife May make Heli work More Atti Active. How to make household work More attractive is so serious a problem that it. Is delightful to hear that the operation of Wash ing clothes is a kind of greek so at least a lady who is used to greek danc ing declares. 1 he same authority says that she engages in rhythmic move meats for every household duty and finds her la Bors surprisingly lightened. Thus ent re y can to e conserved in the lifting of a Kettle if one Stor with on s whole body Stead of simply leaning Forward a Little. The the or is plausible pm Norli to deserve a careful woe kin ? out. It is one of the principles of modern education that Tuduy must be Matt play for the child. How much More should work become one Sweet song for the housewife Many might find the combination of washboard and greek dance perplexing. Probably the Ordi nary worker might resent the inner Ference with Eer ways no matk r How much help she might Durive from it. But we have one resource unknown to the ancient in canned music put in the record and turn the Crank and the rhythmic move ment is easy. In this untrodden Field of Domestic Art or shall we say science the first adventurers will have to walk warily. Only Long and careful Experiment can determine the exact kind of music for each particular task. It would not do to employ jazz if slow Waltz time were required. If a bed were made up to jazz the sheets would probably not be tucked in properly at the Bottom. A Little comic opera music might suit a Hasty luncheon whereas for a deliberate and formal Din Ner an adagio from a symphony might blend More harmoniously with the occasion. Since the Domestic problem is one of the gravest the Modem woman has to face it is obviously of the highest importance that the connection Between the family Wash and the greek dance be carefully investigated and fur ther researches undertaken. New York Tribune. Tion3 pained in passage. When i stooped Over my Back was sore and it Felt As though someone were sticking a knife through me. I surely was Rabid shape. I read of Dean s and not a Box at the e. W. Bar 1 run co., and the Relief was wonder Ful. I used three More boxes and they cured me. I am glad to recon Cen Odoan s kidney pills for they certainly Are 60c, at All dealers. Don t e p y ask for a kidney remedy get Dean s kidney Pius the same that ill. Valley had. Foster Milbut m fours Piquitt Anil West Burke Earl Fyler s condition remains about the same. Mrs. Emma Way has returned fro her visit in Island Pond. Ernest Smith of White River Junction spent sunday in town. Mrs. Nellie Brockway is quite sick with an attack of. The jaundice. Mrs. Nettie Mccoy is at Home from Woodsville n. Ii., for the holidays. Derwood Newman is at Home from College for the Christmas vacation. Miss Marjorie Hall is at Home from Simmons College for the Holiday vacation. Bert Dean is in Boston for treat ment and expects to be away about three weeks. Clyde Batchelder has rented the restaurant and mrs. Lilla bean is working for him. Miss Celia Spencer is expected Home from Waltham mass on Fri Day of this week. Bert Hawley has rented the Tene ment in the Litchfield House and took Possession last week. Miss Maude Smith is visiting her sister mrs. Humphrey in st. Johns Bury until the first of the year when she will go to Newport to teach. J. B. Watchie is at Home again after three month s serious illness in Bright look Hospital he is still in very poor health but seems to be improving. Or. And mrs. L. O. Sleeper or. And mrs. R. R. Chase or. And mrs. John Duval and daughter Lizzie and or. And mrs. Frank cd and son Gil Man went to st. Johnsbury last week to attend the state Grange. S. E. Leach and daughter Ruth Are to spend Christmas with friends in Providence r. A after which miss Leach will return Home with her father and remain during the Many friends of Clair hitch cock of Springfield mass., will be very glad to learn that he is much better and is Able to sit up several hours a Day and to walk about his room. Co mfrs Buffalo. N. T. Our Christmas Wishe m p l requires not the occasion of the Hills of Moab beyond that is to Ward the East. He can see Many Hills to the North and the South As Well one Day it was a part of my duty to take an Indian Secretary to a Camp of his countrymen in the Jordan Val Ley. We passed the Northern Shore of the dead sea and while the motor cooled bathed in its Waters. The water is so Salt that it feels oily. Be tween Jerusalem and the Valley is a difference of Elevation of about 8900 feet. The Road leads through Barren country though some of the Hills Are Green in Spring during the Rainy sea son. The water of the dead sea is so heavy that one begins to float whence has waded in a Little More than Waist Dee p. The difficulty is one must be careful that his heels do not go in and his head go Down. Some of the party said that this phenomenon was due to the heaviness of the Gray mat Ter in the upper others repudiated this idea saying something about the thickness of the Ivory in the but of course such peo a re not to be listened to. The Jordan Valley is like a Broad Plain when one is in it. It is walled in on the East and West by Hight Hills. The Valley is probably ten to Twenty Miles wide. The River is a Small nar Row Muddy Stream. There had been no rain in six months yet the water was As Muddy As any Little Brook you Ever saw during a heavy objective bras an outpost near a Bridge. In places the weeds were High enough to conceal a mounted Man. In others there were scattered Tufts of weeds or shrubbery. I have never seen so Many Partridge and Quail in so Small an area As we flushed that Day. We had no real adventures Butone of them one or two problems. Was to get the Ford across the dry and very Rocky bed of a Stream where a Bridge had been left out. By Dis mounting the passengers the trip was Coitt Asp though there was a be Risemas with its Joys cheer and Preva Atn Tot area a fit i y m 1 xa7 e o n to the Smi Levite school Almatri it. Edwin Smith ill Edwin Smith who had been Eck Wrt foot once Toab Eun to savr to Tbs to of itch , Tetter or Akin Umeca 5 Clit Bax at our risk. Red d. Pierce Barton Vermont Culiar mixture of lantern equipment chauffeur phonograph games books Ett when it reached the other Side but no real damage done. After delivering the goods including the Indian Secretary the three intr run Elf proceeded to Jericho. Bees production of Honey How the transition from nectar to the he Fehly delectable compound is accomplished. When a Bee arrives in the hive with a Load of Honey she searches until she finds a cell to her liking and then enters the cell with feet upward. Her mandibles touch the cell where the Load is to be deposited. Then the Mouth and mandibles open and a drop of nectar appears. With the Mandi Bles constantly in motion while quite Likely some secretion is added to the nectar the head is moved from Side to Side and the nectar spread Over the upper cell Wall. When this Honey is first stored it is quite thin but later the bees evaporate or Ripen it until it contains less than 25 per cent of water. The work is done mostly at night the bees standing on the Combs with head3 upward and then forcing a drop of nectar to the Mouth and mandibles where it gently pulsates for about ten minutes when it is Swal Lowed and another drop appears. This work continues sometimes for nearly half the night anyone entering the Apiary at this time will note the pleas ant odor of the new Honey and will also enjoy the drowsy sound of the millions at work ripening the Honey. Dotted Al Lent Good will to arouse in us a sense of the appreciation due patrons of this paper. In our hearts and minds Are gratitude and Good thoughts for you during every Day of the year but Christmas hallows our sentiments and makes their expression fitting and timely. Such As we have accomplished and such Good As May be traceable to our efforts would not have been possible without your sustaining Power and co operation. If in any sense we have upheld a Beacon you have supplied Oil for the lamp. If ours has been a Chariot yours has been the motive element which has kept it on its Way. All characters appealing to or endeavouring to entertain the Public must be Given a certain Meed of applause or they cannot exist. With those engaged in publishing a newspaper the applause comes in the interest which readers Manifest in its columns and in an occasional word of approval. The practical help of sub scribers and advertisers has enabled us to maintain a publication Standard their encouragement has furnished the degree of pleasure necessary As an incentive to our daily tasks. May the spirit of Christmas work for you the full degree of its Bountiful Ness. May you be enabled to get the same amount of pleasure arid Benefit from these columns that we have it is most picture5que3 As to situation. It is located near the West Side of the Valley High precipitous Barren Hills shut it m on the West. Vaxer mas life possible there. We stopped Only Long enough to replenish our Supply As we wished to get Back before Nightfall. For this reason we also aaa tal a twin retain Road that n Cut off seven Miles of travel. It is an old roman Road Cut out of solid Rock built when the romans were occupy Vii inv air wished for the past five months died on sat urday december 11. He was born in Newport and spent his boyhood in that town. In August 1858, he mar ried Lovisa c. Bowman and the first years of their wedded life were spent near Lake Memphra Magog. Eight children came to bless their Home thereof whom died in infancy Royal j of East Longmeadow mass., Edwin a Courtland b., and Maude of Burke and Mabel mrs. Frank Humphrey of st. Johnsbury survive them. When the civil War broke out m. I Smith enlisted As a private but was soon made a Sargeant and on january 21st, 1864, he was commissioned As a second lieutenant of Battery of in the first regiment of artillery 11th, Vermont volunteers. In the latter part of the summer of 1864 he was taken prisoner and spent nine weary months in the prison pens of the South. He was discharged from the service May loth 1865. Soon after his return North he moved his family to Eure where they lived for several years later he pur chased a farm in Newark which was their Home for Over 30- years no vember 3, 1905, they moved to w est Burke where or. And mr3. Smith spent their declining years he was the first commander of v Battery. Post no. 9, a past master of caledonian Lodge no. 08, f. & am. And was a faithful and efficient Mem ber of both orders. On May 20th, mrs Smith was taken from him after 13 years of continued ill health. During the last few years of her life she was almost helpless and was a great care. The Loving Devotion of her husband through these years of suffering can never be known to any but the fam ily but the memory of hi3 unfailing patience and tenderness will be cherished by their children. The funeral took place tuesday afternoon. Rev. F. B. Richards of st. Johnsbury officiating and the inter ment was in Hillside cemetery in charge of the masonic order. The Floral tributes were very Beautiful and spoke of the respect and love Felt ing Palestine much As the in tin Are today. Of course they did not take Fords and Pierce arrows into consideration and if they had i question whether they would Ever have built that Road. Our second problem occurred on a very Steep curve. The Driver decided that one Cylinder was not working. So the passengers dutifully hopped out and walked and be fore the engine was shut off blocked the wheels with Large stones to pre vent the car the Trou ble was not difficult to find. One spark plug had disappeared we found it Down the Road about a Hun dred Yards or so and when it was re placed everything was All right again. One of the party took a picture of that Ford but to really appreciate it one should have a phonograph rec Ord of the sounds of it travelling As Well. The View from that Hill was wonderful. We were climbing for the most part into the face of the Sun which had not yet set in the first Hill was probably More than a thousand feet vertical height. Sev eral of the loops brought us to the Edge of a Gorge that wa3 hundreds offset Deen. The main part of the Stream that had worn that Gorge had been tamed and civilized until it very have pains abet and pains seem to be the lot Ordinary mortal. However these to Sid be taken simply As Astare s Ruiz signals that some part of the 3 machine is out of order. It is costale to resign one s self to physical artire Vurben the cause by removed. Weak inactive sluggish ldd---1 end help rid the blood of Poison ast e matter that cases aches and a ams and legs backache Rheo cac pains sore Muscles sea of. Joints. T 5 eased a a great cd troop for v7.t-e r 2 st Tottie condition of w Kushey City of the City of san Salvador capital of the Republic of Salvador May be called a City of earthquakes for it has seen disaster As a result of Many eruptions and even today the Many volcanoes that surround the Little City which has been shattered so Many times again threaten it. Rumblings and grumblings Are heard coming. It is supposed from he Zalo Volcano. This cinder cover d Peak nearly 5.000 feet High has Grado Aliy built itself up from what was a level Plain at the base of the Santa Ana Volcano. It has Long periods of inactivity throw ing up Clouds of smoke and steam in great puffs and at times belching names. Sometimes a flashing effect can be seen far oat at sea and the vol Cano has become known along the coast As the Lighthouse of Central America. Derived from making them. The publishers Corris tos a Cicery Rutta stains left nay blk 1 recon

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