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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - December 1, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor december 1920 Page three Vermont notes ?5 it Raj i 5 r is is 2?Iri or r??5 r r or Jim i Xia aia Al at Aix Xix Xix Xix Xuy Xix Xix Xia a Xix Xix Xix Xix Xix Xiuxia open Winter. J Caledonia countyfamoit5 ?ve7no5vs the Walter g. Davis farm in Dan Tesk Ville has been sold for $20,000 oct sex .w0? saw m Sicar Stowe. It is one of . In that Section of the Xuxa Christmas x5vivsix xxx u a. I t r id it a tar. Bentley said recently that he 7 Vic univ .ju.cs.aicx, to. I a us xxx a Xvi. The pleasure we take in assisting you to choose approx Xix among the appropriations called or in the Harbor and Waterways improvement budget of the Federal government amounting to Over $78,000,-oo os$100,000 for the Burlington a total of 2,067 accidents report share come to the Secretary of state office this year As the result of carelessness on the part of some persons for the most part automobile accidents were contributory to1 deaths. Owing to a Lack of Frei Erht traffic private and useful gifts adds to your pleasure in selecting them i5 and to the enjoyment of those who receive them at you hands. Would do no More lecturing this win Ter because of the danger of missing some wonder that he might photo graph if he remained at Home and some will not accept any More dates until Spring. Through or. Bentley s marvelous photographs Vermont has recently pleading guilty to stealing $2 from his Roommate at Fairbanks inn was fined $25 and costs in st. Johnsbury municipal court the other Day. The total for the $2 theft came to $36.45. St. Johnsbury faces the most Seri Ous Coal shortage Ever known by the local dealers and with Little Prospect of immediate Relief. Many families we Nave taken great care in collecting assortments Oasis to a non just said t so he Ifould not think of leaving heme without a package of Lane s cold tablets in his bag and every Cue who has used these tablets creaks just As highly of attractive gift articles. If you see our goods you la Trade with us simply because 5 you can t duplicate the goods or the great publicity leading newspapers throughout the country have absolutely no Coal while hundreds of others Are supplied in 500nave run special articles with photo graphs on his. Or. Bentley s work. Pound lots by the dealers who Are Al the new York Tribune of september cooperating to distribute the Supply 5is--o a voila Nan a Page to air. Ent Ley and the sunday Boston Herald last month had a feature article. The As widely As possible. Institutions Are fairly Well supplied though the Public school and some of the churches will soon need More hard Coal. The Holiday messenger is being distributed in Barton and surrounding towns and we shall be pleased to mail one to anyone that we might miss. Telephone or write and one will be sent by first mail. They Are devoted to the selection of Holiday gifts and Are Gilman service of new York is now supplying hundreds of newspapers and magazines with articles. Thees Gold i fillets Boyd publishing company of Chica go which owns the Chicago Ledger has recently closed a contract with Beautiful interest i especially attractive to the children containings5 Santa Claus pictures and children s funny sayings. Caused by the closing of Mills an factories throughout the country an the consequent falling off of ship ments the Force at the Rutland rail Road freight House in Burlington has been put on half time. Application has been made electric manufacturing company for the appointment of a receiver for the Barre and Montpelier traction and Power company to straighten out the financial affairs of the company but not to close the Road. The transient and permanent guests numbering 67, at the Vanness House Burlington found them selves suddenly placed in quarantine thursday owing to a Case of Small pox which was discovered at the hotel. Vaccination of the guests was immediately started the quests who had been vaccinated were allowed to leave the patient was removed from the hotel and the place Fumi or. Bentley for articles and wig and instructive to old and Young the Pink tablets in the yellow Box. Leroy n. Y. Sutton mrs. Anna s. Allen teacher of the Highland school was the guest of school director and mrs. W. N. Rob Inson Over thanksgiving. With the family mrs. Allen attended the play at West Burke. Appropriate thanksgiving exercises were held at the Highland school after which lunch was prepared and served by the teacher mrs. Or. Bentley said that he did not expect to be Able to make Many photographs this Winter As he Antici the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square Viv six 5i5 Sis rated an open Winter. Of late win ters he has not made Many photo graphs because of conditions though he has made some every Winter with Anna s. Allen. Every Pupil was Barton. Vermont present to enjoy it the lunch Conte exception of the season 1912-1 3 then the absence of sunspots seemed listed of creamed pudding Jelly cake hot Cocoa and pop Corn. J?5wximcimtnowwrim c my my six xxx Jim Are xxx six j six x3 to interfere. Gated Ana the guests were allowed their Freedom on saturday. Because he pointed a revolver at one of his neighbors c n. Nicholson of Sandgate was fined $25 and state treasurer has mailed to the town treasurers the Money which each town will receive from its Dis Sutton North Ridge miss Bertha Quimby was at g. s last week or. And mrs. A. P. Sias have been quite ill with a stomach trouble. Or. And mrs. H. M. Curtis entertained friends thanksgiving Day. G. H. Mcfarland and family were at s. T. Gray s for thanksgiving. Ernest Miles and family of Lexington mass., visited in town recent Buck who is working in East Haven spent the week in d at Home. Or. And mrs. Erwin Clark also another Royal suggestion griddle cakes and waffles from the new Royal Cook Book to Button of the permanent school funds a total of 5351 a19.52. Which is new talc 3iill at Johnson. The new Mill of the american min eral company of Johnson costing approximately $75,000, and producing125 tons per Day will greatly increase the production of talc in Vermont rhe company broke ground for its sew Milf last May. It is 250 feet rest of the present Mill which has Las been producing for several Yearsin shed product at the rate of 70 tons or Day. Both Mills will have a daily Otal production of about 2c0 tons or n increase from 20,0co tons per year o Over 50.000 tons and places the Merican Mineral company As one of he largest talc companies in this country. Rfcs new Mill is constructed on the subdivided a3 follows advanced de faithful performance of every duty makes the service of the Central Sav Ings Bank & Trust com Pany useful and appreciate d by even customer. Checking accounts Are invited cation 5 o4.334.67 ,ss3.231.21 trained teachers $121,073.-3 0junior High schools $22,000 Domestic science $9,400 manual trains sing ii agriculture a o a Rev pairs to building $21,373.19 current Clifton Clark spent thanksgiving Ini expenses $31,692.15. a Hoar for Many years a e. R. Mcshane has moved to West prominent attorney in was Nigton Burke and has let his farm to Dur War , died at his Home in Barre last 11week. He was born in 1&64. Came to Barre from Houston Mich in mrs. O. W. In jrall5 has not Bee Well of late. Her friends Hope for ai3 Isio and for a time was in the Gran speedy . He then studied a i of an having six Suos a capacity of 00 tons each or 1.s00 tons storage of finished product. In addition storage or Rock bin capacity of 3.000 tons making a total storage of 5,000 tons. The Mill is equipped with the latest Rock Crusher. Burr Mill and roller Mill machinery together with Een Vegors. Separators Etc. Both Mills Are electric driven. Arrange ments have been .Ade for an Addi t a to Bovce Joyce. Lie was or. And mrs. George Dunton an family. Irvin and Mary Blake spent thursday at Leo Baker s. U i Raiff j a gulp state s attorney from Psi to 1904.during the time he prepared for trial244 cases ranging from breach of the peace to murder winning All of the entertainment and Box supper Central same Psi no and Trust company these except 11, and in three Otte tonal 240 h. P. With the Morns Vule Lam Glatter disagreements of the jury of or j powr . He is survived by Bis we the american Mineral company has and several children among Wom is own Dine covering about 500miss Ellen Hoar a practising actor of fest talc produced in6 Orleans it. Fwi0ei is an Art inhere Flapjack pan cakes griddle cakes or cheats Call them what you will. But it is an Art very easily and quickly acquired if you follow the right recipes. The secret of course is Royal baking pow der. Griddle cakes 11 cups flour h Teaspoon Salt 3 Teaspoons Royal baking powder 2 egg s i cups milk 1 Tablespoon shortening Yir and sift dry ingredients add beaten i to and melted shorten ing mix veil. Bake immediately in hot griddle. Waffles 2 cups flour 4 Teaspoons Royal baking powder l Teaspoon Salt 15i cup3 milk.2 eggs 1 Tablespoon melted shortening sift Cour baking pow der and Salt together add milk to Yolks of eggs mix thoroughly and add to dry ingredients add melted shortening and mix unbeaten Whites of in Well Gre a de hot Waffle Iron until hot with Maple Ery a it should take about it minutes to bake each Waffle. Or. And mrs. William s. Jackson of Burlington were both found dead at their rooms when firemen broke 1 into the rooms in response to. An absolutely pure made from Cream of tartar derived from that cold with at the schoolhouse last week thurs Day was a decided Success. Sheffield Henry Newell is quite ill with bronchitis. R Virtula Chesley has moved to his father s for the Winter. Clyde Brooks of Lyndonville visited his Mother thursday. Margaret Ruggles was at her Home in Lyndon the first of the week. May Sherburne of Lyndonville was at Wei Ladd s thanksgiving Day. Ruby Ash recently went to st. Johnsbury for an operation on he Throat. Or. And mrs. Jones spent thanks giving at st. Johnsbury with their son Clinton. Or. Brown operated for Throat trouble on ten school children sat urday at the town Hall or. And mrs. A. J. Griffin had thanks giving dinner with George Griffin in st. Johns airy. Fanny Griffin has gone to Maiden mass., for the Winter to stay with her grandchild Doris English. Or. And mrs. Sumner Eastman also Alden Eastman were called to new port saturday to attend the funeral of a grandchild. Alarm. The theory is that the were asphyxiated by smoke caused by the explosion of an Oil Heater while they slept. A brisk fire wa3 in pro Gress and a Rug and other furnishings As a part of the mattress of the bed were burned. The woman was found lying on the bed and the Man on the floor his position Indi Cating that he had been awakened and had fallen while trying to get to the door. The Jackson were a Middle age d couple who went to Burlingto from Greensboro about a year ago and have occupied the room since. Rev. Joseph Hamilton of White River Junction has announced hi3 can Dida cd for re election a3 chaplain in free Cascara pc quinine for and colds cools la Grippe Koyal Cook Bock con Taining tvs e and scores to other Deimit fun recipes. Writ for it to a y. Royal baki5g powder co. 115 Fulton Street. 3ew York City. W Rusi Jerk As is j i him in s552 is v its i i i 11 a1 1t i t t. I i 4 2 5 act ?5 the House at the coming session of the i this country and Supply considered inexhaustible. Mining is done much on the plan of Coal mining and in the Case of the talc the deeper the better. Wonderful clock at state House the Large clock which gov. P. W. Clement bought a couple of year3 again England was set in motion in the executive office in the state Bouse Montpelier Friday evening striking9 o clock for the first hour after it was set going. During the evening i became apparent that governor Clem ent intends to deed the clock to the state with conditions attached so that it will be Likely to remain in the executive office. The clock set3 where & Radiator was for years and the Pic Ture of the late governor Fairbanks a been removed to provide room for the clock. It adds to o the Beauty of the room breaking the sameness of the Many pictures in the stands about 12 feet High and is about four feet Square at the base. With each hour the clock plays a tune. Friday evening it played Jenny it plays a different Tun for each Day in the week. Sunday it is old it Chimes the Quarter hours shows tie Day of the week month of the year position of the Moon and gives other information. At 10 o clock it automatically stops strik ing and begins again at 7.00 in the morning. It Steps ver one Day when there Are Only 30 Days in the month and february is also taken care of by the mechanical arrangement. The works have been in Boston for six weeks being cleaned arriving Here Friday. James Thompson of the Bigelow and canard company of bos ton set up the clock. It will be Avail Able to the Public to look at. As soon As the history comes from England that will be published. Neglected adds re dangerous Tike co chances. Keep this Standard Rennedy Hay for the first is Rexfe. Breaks up a cold in 24 Beers relieves Grippe in z der z exc Rottert for headache c in rare in this form does not aspect the head Cascara is Best topic legislature. He has been for 50 years a methodist preacher in ver Mont and for six years was presiding elder of the st. Johnsbury District. While coasting Down on a Side Hill at the Hodges place at North Hyde Park sunday Clifford Lanpher. Aged 13 years and Woodrow o Kane collided on the main Road with an Auto Mobile driven by Leon Shufelt of in no opiate in hi3"s. All druggists sell it simicilasir"e5rrjtnir Nils Lowell the Lanpher boy was in stantly killed to the Crane boy s Skull wa3 fractured so badly that he lived Only a few hours. No blame is attached to the Driver of the car. Federal Revenue men seized several thousand dollars Worth of liquor in Burlington and Winooski recently and arrested four men on the charge of furnishing liquor. The most Success Ful raid of the Day was made in win All grades est on the Market Trevisi Tedorski when the agents store of Philip Mongeon. In the wholesale and retail the Barton savings Bank & Trust co. Cordially invites you store and in several storehouses in the immediate Vicinity was found be tween $5,000 and $6,000 Worth of whiskey Gin and alcohol Cecil v. Clifford of Pittsford the University of Vermont freshman who disappeared wednesday of last week was located at a hotel in Montreal Friday. He called his father by Ana told where he was. Friday they is Kite a Good Eal of tawk about a co. Of building a inc Ana Silt pm Here in town a i a crr Vrowl tvptlit5r for a it 1-Batoet atet3td exam beige f us Rucj a pc 1barton, it. S3epnone edit Witk n of that kind a room d Here he gave no further account of his it before the last Leck Sham actions recently. His father asked 4him if he was enough to to a cat Dayton the we went Down Toad he replied that he was but that a hons to sit a while As he was Unab e to Waric. In then end Foj t out a Bench of no the Telephone receiver. It a be if. Null had Tuk last sum sieved the Young Man was Menguy b the summer col Tii balanced temporarily when he went Mer Wien. A Vas Tho join Christmas savings club away. He had no Money with him bathing suit then she Hadst far As known. A fue Tuk without her bathing sail los. Gladys Gray 23, was found on sae had on a organdy dress or numb with cold on the Banks of the a ape machine or sum thing a Connecticut one Day last week of Sei it made her tired it did me too. Ter she had made an attempt at Sui Only a sed he had a pheasant even cide confessed to being the Mother of the new born babe whose dead sunday when a was Makein body was found the week before Nam tit this morning she swing de the Man in the Case Edward Macie prot uni & guilt it on a s silk sox & 50, and both were sentenced t on Jet qut a Neil like As Tho they w25 and a half to five years in the state one3 had. He got to stay prison for adultery. Mrs. Gray de Tome from Birch saw Jane in Nied deliberate intentions to murder circa & when she looked at me her the babe. Macie was also fined $100 twinkled & i wanted to smut and costs. But did Dent because i had for got to abolition of the state Board of de 1 Wash my death this morn my. Cd atom and the present system of monday a fell c of a sea supervision elimination of the trans Tea he was painting & when we Ion system of carrying school Cegred him at Home he was ail cover children to centralized schools a i a the mud. He was also Currea ointment or election of the commis wit h Insu rants a Cuppie More Las dior of education by the Legisla 1 & we will be Able to by a new i Oro. Ture the distracting of the state into i tuesday i saw a old gentleman1. To i i with 9 tit. .1- or r Smi it the Universal car the Forti Sedan is the favorite family car seats five comfortably. While an enclosed car with permanent top it has Large windows and May in a or minute be changed to a most delightful pea car with always a top protecting f to tits in her Volt Wrath it it is z which opens rims with 3? Inch tires front and rear. A real family car. Won t Voa come in and lock at it 12 h i str. Trvle2t m Cross Pic " visor assist eur t Otto is i wonder knee mfr a t the schools and and 1 a 1 a Aat no but 11 they r1 a i to. Err Ufim. I m. Minister Eti Ocan ii at. To. K -h2.fl went Uwe a. 1 r. M t. 1 a " ". T t a ins deugn.t3 i me exec in car with the Economy of the Ford. P. W. Lawson Newport it 13 Thiec Moeri fit i 3.-? 1 i cation and restoration i a schoolhouse Are recommendations Csc. A Stearns of Johnson former lieu tenant governor and representative elect from Johnson. Or. Steams Wuu carry his fight for the retention and the reorganization of the state educational system along the lines out lined into the coming legislature him Enny help. Wednesday ill. Hiie jus past the Houe & his Arm was rapped up in a Sling & his Eye was Sweet shuts i reckon his bed was bandaged. He has been Lerning his wife to drive the Otto Mabeel thursday Esa got sore at a today she sed she was going to Tae a coarse in sum thing soze she Cut tawk More on sum subjects a sed the sly Way she cud tawk More Woodbe to stay up later at cite. Vij pts j i y n i i j get ready for next Christmas 4 itch. Eczema. Folh Gwill Zettek it far it bar tsar or a 33 pc at oar Aik. Lost a e k so . U to its urto a Bank a Trail co Barton d. Fierce Barton Vermont

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