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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - December 1, 1920, Barton, VermontPage two the Monitor december 1, 1920 Gippin him amp company inc. Prior do and publishers Market and let his contract custom it takes Severid factors to me ers whistle and wheedle exc Osine a suede Ful school of any cheers Winisue Ana is the teach. His practice because a the cannot Man i it Here has occurred a great facture sufficient to cover j change from former times in respect this practice is apparently the Pray to the Appeal made to the Rural teach Orleans county Monitor Barons too a dealer or by his Job to put it bluntly. Com Vermont april is is Vang class matter North Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont issued every thursday and entered at the Post office in North Troy As second class matter ago the avenues it a Start of them can go into the open Market pay Sev entered College where thousands sup eral dollars a ton More than his con pod by wealthy parents now do and very often those who did were sued every wednesday and entered a i. Xi.�. Two generation ago that the Post office in Barton As second get de veries at the for Able Young men to get class matter stipulated once but the same dealer the world were few. Few tract Price and get the Coal. This j practice May be according to Trade compelled to teach betimes. Ditto those who sought the old fashioned the Newport news e f. Humphrey local manager 57 main Street Newport Vermont issued every tuesday and entered at the Post office in Newport As second class matter subscriptions custom but it is not honest dealing methods of entering the professions if such is the Case. And just now there was no insatiable demand As american commercial concerns of by business for Young men and_., j i. Women As soon As they learn the Large affairs Are being charged with Ter keyboard rather questionable business methods. In fact teaching of necessity be a has an agreement come to be nothing came the Avenue up through which but a a scrap of paper with gamer journeyed a Host of Young men who left a splendid Mark behind. Of ican business concerns ? press cupping any paper $2.00 per year 6 months $1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires advertising cards of thanks 50c, re $1.00. Reading Notie 15c per line these the schools especially Rural Are now bereft. The same Type of Young men doubtless exists but Rural school teaching has no attractions for them. They done to have to teach. Dad can foot the Bills for their life preparation or if not they can choose from a wide selection of opportunities More to their taste and the Rural schoolmaster is almost a species extinct. Enter the Young lady school teach the Cohoe Huhl fruit Medicine eni Home in this state needs a Ifni it a to Vest to those suffering with ingest Ian torpid liver constipation Sidt or nervous headaches neuralgia kidney Troub Ter rheumatism pain in the Back eczema and other skin affections a fruit a Tives gives prompt Relief and assures a speedy recovery when the treatment is faithfully followed. Fruit a Tives is the Only Medicine made from fruit a containing the medicinal principles of apples oranges figs and prunes combined with valuable tonics and antiseptics. 50c. A Box 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c, at All dealers or sent postpaid by fruit a Tives limited. . A Edison Blue Amberos sheep skin lined records and Ambrolas Edison Agency at Coats Hunting season opens next week. Are you ready for it we Are going to help you by reducing the Price on our sheep skin lined Coats. Be sure to come in and see them. Have you seen our Letz feed Mill do you know that with one you can grind your own feed and thus profit on ground feed without relying on the various commercial feeds on the mar Jos Laii Kakac. Quot Quot Quot a i i j m. Blake m. D Barton it a j Wrights shoe store �7 main Street kurd ride Vermont when you grind your own feeds Koi Alist. Kyd Newport Vermon i x to it Uttin c. A. Cramton m n . \ r Vermont matters a touched up Quot Stanstead Jouamai now the farm Bureau movement has struck a real boost in charging an annual fee sufficient to comma by for the it he act it re in for Peg a a a of taps. Two impression. And . Xxxx.= n whole situation has changed from per insertion. Classified advertising was is it times. Developing printing and enlarging for amateurs n Ninual Lee sum client to coi Jno perhaps just As Well qualified _ _ yes thu Douala instead two a holistically even better trained 1 a at9q its for be gang a pair of taps. Iwo a w every Long photographic Best age photo Craft shop you know what you Are putting into a a a a a to. Your Ferm animals. With this same up it my its for o m. Mill you can grind your Home grown Teie Hoire. A a and Vautor by wheat into flour for baking. Come in and see the one we have and let a us Tell you about it. Remember we Are Headquarters for clip inner machines extra plates and for grinding your Dull plates. Done to forgot to Blanket your horses Early. Our line of blankets is Complete. F. S. Whitcher Barton it. Tending the Bureau meetings. Or. Newell Dwight Hillist visit to the Groton times is one of the in or i of the fact pers if finished in a restricted District that Vermont a influence is far reach Faich has so far weathered the diff a ing. In his lecture at Barton he re a tilt years of the immediate past and tied his audience that Hei m. Leland the for nost citizen m Deis now a readable paper. Perhaps of the state of Michigan was bom in Barton and persons who disregard the was the inventor and builder of the Sabbath May be surprised to know cad a car and the Liberty motor that there is a song sentiment or is is act eloping in Washington to make fed timely engaged in business although eral Laws which will make of Sun he is 76 years old having been bom Day the Day our founders believed i 1844. Was Ess Mitial to a prosperous nation. Highway commissioner s. B. The american sunday is just As much Bates spoke before the Massachusetts an american institution As the puh state Highway association at bos us a a Kyi anti shop id by so re by revered a president of this association and he a a said not Long ago in an address a i a whatever pm View on the a a it re deft my a shool question or upon any oth Hartford to Eden it. 37 main Street Falls to her she lacks that sense of keen interest in her work needed to up build an institution none too flourishing at Best. It is for her too often merely a Job at so much per week endured until she can better herself. The quietude the loneliness the depressing dullness of it revolt to one suddenly and almost completely removed from the Modem life in town. There Are actual hardships to be met. In Many Rural communities a comfortable boarding place for the teacher is not available. What some of these girls encounter in occasional cases does not tend to stimulate their courage or interest. Generally however the perseverance of the sex helps them through. But they Are Apt to seek a change either a in location or in work and Are soon lost to Rural schools. X Xvi 1-x xxx x problem of the Oral school. Eden vt., that teacher is perhaps the greatest one or Educ nation problem in vent a careful Readmo of an editorial from of \ Ermont gravel by v Ermont work qualified for the task imbued the Randolph Herald and news found men Are coming to their own. Sufficient enthusiasm to produce in this Issue is decidedly Worth who a. Try Whitehall editor of the a results and adequate in num a to it is the most careful study of the re Ter Bury record for managing the scowls already open is tax ral school and the problems sumo in a end of be and ssh Tio sing i that has yet seen and she is to offer a scale of wages some Light upon the reason any the. As collector of Cus Rural school is not what it Formerio Vermont Distri. T at a was. Someone recently said that the al re of a it a a. A a a fell it fur Hruz hat it i a Vrh. Cd or in mind and olten out of touch Ano i. ,. At i in Newport. Vermont peril Midg their . Keep your vital Organis healthy with estate of Herbert h. Bailey Colo medal Sta Bof Vermont the Woride a i r fort Idnay. Madder and uric add a 1696 a a Laeta dior do adm in druggist Thrata i ithe name l prot acts Isi. You Igi Bali distr let of Orleans u. The honorable probate court for the Dos i Triet of Orleans. To All persons interested in the estate of i Herbert a Bailey late of Greensboro in said i greeting at a probate oort. Holden at Export within and for said District on the 18th Day of november Laoan instrument Pur port Linsto be the last will and testament of Herbert h. Bailey late of Reeni bore in said District deceased was presented to the court aforesaid for probate. And it is ordered by said court that the 17th Day of dec. 1��. At s of clock p. A. At k. A. Cook s office in said Orleans be assigned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be riven to All persons school problem a really the Home problem. No More pre Hensy statement of the we Uncle problem could be made. The w a Quot thrown in or unfortunate. It to _ quite beyond that of the present even a a a a a hit recent material Advance Sec g a d a stimulate a desire for Sert ice a Here Quot ervice in mc3t needed third to enc Urage a kids a attitude toward a he teacher and a plies al Ommul Rural and Urban in Ruth. A h some Thea a a Enci. Quot a a a it a All that a. H -1. Help. X. N t. 1 a the my done to take a Chance i h colds in the Chest sore Terrat and Sinai he infirm Matins. Kim bad a eos get it hold Balm a win uni rely relieve the Tio Ohle from the sur fact a Woad Fri Pew Strat a a. A can itt in timid a lats it. For Smiala Lar Laws. A tag k it 3 fit to h�suts3s�iirr.w�?os.s a a tap sly my Fey All Kimball Bros. A co. Inc. A nos Burn Faua. It. Vicinity. In time appointed. Therk Foke. Yon Are Herel Monitor a newspaper circa Latina in that said District previous to the hereby Noull appear before said court at the time and n the kv.1i school t r noted to lost place aforesaid. And to contest the probate of said will. If Yon have cans. Given under my hand at Newport. In said a strict. Thip 18th Day of november. 1820. 48.60 b. Al. Spooner. Register. Women give out a nth a Salve �ai1 of itch i orm the l Fred fails in tit al Eizema re a a worm tit tier o Ottar itching skin Dise Apea try a 75 Chat Boa at our risk Barton Vermont is. Housework is hard enough when j healthy. Eve. Barton woman who is hav ing backache Blue and nervous i spells fizzy he adv. And kidney or a a ��?T7 by Ufa a to us. Be glad to a a h heed this Bart woman a experience a a a �?o1 3 mrs. V h. , High Street i a St i suffered by her May severe Bacum he which was Brou Trot men a he to i Ink by overworking at my he r. A teach or Are on duties. I suffered with a a Sci 5y cannot re Pona Sharp nans when i would Bend Over spot a othe. Might Kerdiy if Tley acc Ved or straighten i heard of the Richt Trec or. At Home. The Good Doans kidney pills had done a ind the a Eacher . Quot d<�-4t for a lot of people and i started to Home i Icse modern j,.ys. Use them. 1 used several boxes of the do qty it formerly a a or a Doans and am glad to say i was cur i Ranu Oliph Herald and news i formed and which so Wen supple de of the trouble. I am glad to rec wiil not equal the dollars lost outside Here is an insistent demand for i the work of the a Little red j commend such a reliable keen better schools in the farm Given october 10, 1916 the state in ponzi schemes. Keep communities. Any politician or other things being equal a Good a on May 15, 1920, mrs. Alexander your Money in v Ermont and Vermont propaganda is who for 3ny purpose. A a cd school will outstrip one few in said a i still have the same High i enterprises. A a c hive any ulterior object cries tical. Of course i opinion of Doans kidney pills that a if Quot a tse Many r we h re needed. There is ii try visibility however that any one of the a a a a res will lose anything in the end. The occasion should no shake the Confidence of the put in institutions. The cents in Vermont institutions of any Natur. A 5-Rh--i. He is against a ctn ii no the near by a. To com rpm a a work has his support. The Rural school the official count shows that Harry a Vav. Witters of St. Johnsbury who ran against Porter h. Dal for con Gres 5 n this District fared rather the worst of any of the democrats of the entire state. Porter h. Dale a a dry from Start to finish and was not afraid to say so. Witters was a wet from Start to finish and was not afraid to make his stand known. Therefore it must be recognized that the Issue was rather closely drawn. Quot Witters received Only just Over 9000 a otes while Dale received Well Over 33,000. Durick a congressional candidate in the first District against congressman Green Rece vied Oyer 2000 votes More than Witters. The result would indicate that the Issue was a dead one in Eastern Vermont at least. A the a Littie red 3c.ai>ibouse,&Quot Ini Uench of mind upon mind. Here l a had a few Vears ago. The curd a i -3 generally zets a where the Rural school of our fore me and the cure has been permanent j to ver had an immense advantage i am again glad to say a Good word country j a a the typical present one. A of Praise for Doans As i did in. The larger families the greater re 1916.�?� v prevails that in the pro ral population the older age of up Price 60c, at All dealers. Done to f, of education generally the run All combined to make the Large Zimni a a a Rai communities have not shared As ind Active school. The tide of Immi kidney remedy get condition is not it Culiar it it a a it new it exists the Nve. More emphasis say the animal husbandry men of the state Rouege of agriculture should be placed by the average Dairyman on the importance of the use of a Well bred Bull he will pay $25 for a single service from a Good stallion and think nothing of it. He considers it a investment and feels Well repaid when he has raised a Nice Coll yet the same Man seems to feel that he can afford to use anything that comes Handy when he wants a sire to head his Herd of Dairy cattle. The shortsightedness of the use of a scrub Bull is too evident when one stops to consider this Over 70 per cent of the states agricultural income comes from her dairies. Dependent upon the Dairy cow for a living As he is the Vermont Farmer must give More serious consideration to the improvement of his Herd. Gds dealers state that they can get an the Coal they want on the open Boaz Ket but the Price will be from $5 to $8 per ton More than they Are Char ii for Coal bought under contract providing they can get the contract Coal. Coal operators and paper makers Are apparently playing the same game. Squeezing their customers on Advance orders that they May have More a spot Market material. For example when contract paper is sold for $7.40 per Hundred a spot Market paper is perhaps $10, or even $15 per Hundred. It is much Quot Rof Itallie therefor for the they should. A a x -versit.c3 can Hardy r their Elors wide enough the Thror. Of Young men and women who would enter. Business and technical schools Are crowded the High schools that almost every sizeable Village maintains have Large and growing enrolments. The graded and elementary schools likewise. But when we turn to the Rural school what a difference a few pupils of All Ages from first primary to eighth Grade gathered in from a wide area a teacher generally a beginner in the work often discouraged and homesick a none too comfortable school building measured by. Modem standards of Comfort a meager school equipment compared to that of the Village school a general air of lonesome Ness and depression. As to the Quality of the work done it surpasses what might be expected. The mind involuntarily goes Backo the old Days. It sees a hive Well filled with youngsters some As Large f not so old. As the a a master that worthy a Bright Alert Young Man on is Way to the achievement of some profession a Plant and equipment a Ery modest but on a Par with Aca i emits of the period wherein the Best scholars hoped to round out their Edn station with a term or two As the a a master did. There was in addition a his distinct difference from the present the District school stood As the ration has changed this. The town Doans kidney pills the same that school As profited but the Rural school mrs. Alexander had. Foster Milburn has suf Ffield. Co., mfrs., Buffalo n. Y. We hear a great Deal about Restor ing the Rural school. If we could a Only restore the Rural population. There would be no difficulty on that score. The Rural school has such a hold that it will almost always continue until a Community disintegrates. And it will revive with half a Chance of i usefulness. Whenever economic conditions change the people flock Back to theft rms As they have fled from them. The Rural school will move on ahead j of the procession. I like the Rural Church it is now weakened. By every natural and sensible Means it should be aided to carry on for the Sake of the Young yet remaining who must depend upon it i for their needed elementary Educa Tion. So Long As the number and location Delco a Cit the go Piete electric Light and Power Piant the safest surest and most economical form of Light and Power. A Why so Par Huculak a asked a woman recency Whdeh we were examining her eyes. A because failure to be particular and careful May mean More eyestrain and More discomfort instead of the Relief and easy a Ision that result from Wear it ing the right glasses lightly made and Fitte it la c we have the latest instruments for doing careful skillful particular work and the disposition to do it. A january 1, 180s Commisa toners notice estate of Grace Tel. Eiliott the unders Raed having been appointed by the honorable probate Tourt for the District of ore�n8. Oom missioners. To receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons a inst the estate of Grace of Barton in said i istric., delt ased. And All claims exhibited in thereto hereby Grove notice that we will infect for the purpose aforesaid at the f. S. Wiltcher store in the town of Barton in said District of the 1 Ith Day a f dec. And 21st Day of april next from 1 o clock p a. Until 4 o clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six months from the a eth Day of nov., a. D., Iitto 1? the time lined by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Barton. It. This 28rd Day of nov my it or a. It. A a a a. K. A. Tevhit Cukr. A. G. Williams posted this is to notify the Public that i will pay no Bills contracted by my life. Hazel Ingalls after this Date and All persons Are hereby warned not to Trust or Harbor her on my account. P. O. Ingalls. Orleans vt., november 24, 1920. 47-49p Harry Dickens office Phosy ass or Iden a a Orle axes. Vermont 62-2. F. R. Hastings m. D Barton al returned from medical a ervice Over. A a. September i Courser licensed auctioneer Nambe. Est mate South Albany Vermont m. A Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue telno.44-1 Barton it. A the stitching Quot we Hemstitch in All the popular it Jim a a May orders attended to prompt misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main so Newport it r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Vermont Daisy White teacher of violin and expression graduate of mount Ida school. Newton mass studio 783 East main St Newport e. H. Howe successor to Hove amp Stowe real estate Newport Tel. 175 roots b ,.ck n. H. Drew so. Waiden it licensed aug Tkv Eer satisfaction Guarard Leo. L. H. Mclver d o. S. Optometrist Aud optician Newport Vermont of l. Porter North Troy. Al Holland mrs. A. George is doing House of the Public schools Are left with to a for mrs. H. Harvey of Rock is the local authorities we May be sure land. That the Mort re possible agencies mrs. F. W. Perking spent the past will look out for the welfare of their week with her daughter mrs. John several communities. Hall. I present miss Roxie and Thelma Hall were lo57 Rural schools in operation m in Newark for their thanksgiving v Ermont an average of about seven holidays to each town not including the cities re t or n x x. I Lix i Lormi 5cu001 3100u As Xoe of a towns without Rural schools. 9 repro tentative. Hub and Center of the Community and shows that the state is Well served in Vida Ezeil a Crow t about it circled a Large part of the respect to their number and Dis Tribu / owning. A Large crowd at Community a current and t and a Good tune wag enjoyed j Erest. Rhe closing of Rural schools and i those were the Halcyon Days of the transporting of pupils to Central Arthur e. Bryant son a ittle red it did the schools is not general but exception or and mrs. Arthur Bryant was al. And in most cases where it is done brought Here for burial on Quot wednes conditions make it necessary. The me was sixteen years of age a i be sums expended for transports acc Dently shot while Hunt Tion Are mostly for carrying pupils.,.who reside at a distance from the what is the ultimate Hope ahead for schools they naturally attend. The Rural Hool j not every problem in this life can Catarrh cannot be cure some lung for the Mel be Bly and satisfactorily solved. Local applications As they i own period we the whoops of our to prevent the Rural school will never Aua he or whatever they were sur again be the same relative Factor in is directly upon passed those of the present. We did education that it once was but it mucous a tiffan Halls ?n?�a��t7"p highly then but Atill Hafa Lle and a Assn not a prese in Quot looking Back we do now. The pres be filled by any other Agency. No out ears and is ittle red schoolhouse xxx Xuc work of Public education and for the a period did it Well. Quot Why the change to pre Seuk conditions Are we bet or or worse off can the a of Little red schoolhouse Ever come Back and frills in education and mourning a for a return of the Rood when al there was to i master s big stick a Good would be the first to cry out if by some magicians Wand the old school should be restored and their offspring Ould be translated to it As pupils. Cd it is composed of. Combined with the acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients 1 what pro i in _ r. And educational system or ices such wonder if a ii Uil to d old a a administrators that disregard . And for leh Timonia. Free. Quot it a 4.z teis Manifest duty cannot be dispense f. J. Chi nor amp co. Props. Ii eds. O a Btu a its a s.�"ke/�5�.7 .o.�?z�?z, manufacturer to Well i. Ood. A a a the a it. Thot Hoffe a Yon capt have your owe Way you i t t. Of if pm o or can always have to nobody Elees. Oither Hopr i resp appear Prood of his a k Appio de in love or her hot a Pas he has never had a dark past. A us probate courts special sessions of the probate court wit he held at the office of f. W. Aldo ii. L a i of n. On the second and fourth of each month in the afternoon and at of k. A. Look oklans n in afternoon of the third Friday of ear month. Parties Doser no to transact probate Ness at Barton or Orleans should Noil. The judge la Advance that he take a. A necessary papers. The probate office at Newport will to it a Peu every Day. Except Tsun it lays and Hoh Days but those coming from a distance far As possible should make spot Cial appoint ments with the court in Advance. K. J. Smith. Judg. L. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by Naii or phone for the examination of the r jes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport it. A c. , d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bucko a feed stable insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont Jervah amp Hopkins building construction remodelling and repair Vork of and kinds a phones j. J. Corkis a. 15d-2 f. A. Jervah is or. E. H. Hills veterinary ic5 al h Jap it a a St a Itilia Street Tel. 43, Newport or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary cd allege phone 138-11 Davis very Stabb metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes bit Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate a a eluding preparation of Probas accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Guman Block Newport v Complete a Ray equipment Hospi Good will great Good will is one of the greatest assets of a business. It is a real personal Factor which must be earned. Good will with the Barton savings Bank amp Trust company is co operative. Make this Bank your depositary Barton saving Bank amp this Tai a

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