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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - August 25, 1920, Barton, VermontFail and Winter millinery hats just arrived from new York fall hats to Wear right now. Silk hats in All new wanted Winter get Lor i Cim Nej with Ostrich Cheville and silk some with Jaunt in tassels some a wet Davelyn combinations. Opening Friday and saturday mrs. Fred n. Bilodeau Barton Monitor August 18, Laio a a pfc a Fca pc it a a i s5 15 Slars Mary Caledonia county axe trip Las Home it Boston after spend info two months with her aunt mrs. Oliver a. Dwyer. I Sutton Olson Ruth Butterfield is Workin for Johnsbury. Was mrs. T. J. Mite hell Over by an automobile driven by Lewis Cheney of East Barnet thursday night and died 20 afterwards. The child was Daying and ran in of car. No flame is attached to the Driver of the Auto Obue. Tier Henry hold. Uncle oldest employee in the St. Hns i Post office is the first to. Or. And or Niles and youngest Agiert dark has sold his farm to the Parker Young co. Of Lisbon n. H. Or. And mrs. F. B Jorris visited at John Kenway a in Lyndonville sunday. Mrs. Hazel Diebl of Somerv ale. Mass., is spending a two weeks a at g. L. Cordon i j. Friday a tarted on _ _ a a by Well for a new Bich time he has kept the same. A a a i. Oln in a Pic Linan. Be had a route except for a Short time. In All. Dau Ter North 1? v rest in the a Bis years of service or. Holder has. A if. Of in St. Attorney of Caledonia county and mrs. Carroll Lafoe and son of m i Quot Fang was a candidate for the St. John Dikiy spent sunday at a e. I Ter of North Bennington a a a Centy visited at Dana Laclair a. From his route once i or. And mrs. G. L. Gordon and mrs. Diehl of Somerville mass. Visited at k. Darling jr., of hard a Tulon cries Ley a in Sheffield Sun or. And mrs. E. A. Lafoe also or. A Nib Fly off Jbf i Diamond Poinsetta Cut Glass Cut like a Diamond looks like a Diamond new line just received. See it in our window this week we have left from our summer Stock about 5 Dor. Hats that we have divided into two lots for Friday saturday and monday. The Price for these Days will be $2 00 each Fot 3 Doz. Of them and .00 each for the other lot. Not much More than half their value. A few shirt waists and skirts slightly soiled to close at $1.50 each. Summer Flowers at big reductions. J. A a a a a ii bub rank w. Agan his views on state highways Sriry tie in the state of Vermont is in favor r. A s. But hardly two men agree As to the them. Merely talking about Good 5 w help things much. Who a got a real s prepared to give us a a new deals in r roads Slio a running for governor to r o ii ruling the a critical Road machine in the Vermont no or. Emery whose District has the Best roads in i a Luciuse the present Road Commissi it tier lives there no or. Babbitt who Merdy proposes to extend the 575 it Azid re a Pant the present i Way com no or. Hartnuss whose Campaign centers about is Tew idd pastries for Vermont centers about est 0�r Lre f themes h Iii tir us speeches 31r. Agan has pointed out 3i roads Wear out Standard cars 9 per cent fast �?�22 Rood roads that the difference in the Cost of Gasn a s a Untz. Per cent to say nothing about tires. A ver Mcmo cars at Sizoo each this into something like $2,000,000 a year. Pri Wisn it in Agan plan its told in two words i a face and , n it tag re about that you say True enough a a i roads of the Gas saving Upkeep saving 2 French Good roads helped to win the War. A Aai favors the French plan. A he French plan merely deep ditches and with As Good a surface As your Money can fed if possible. That plans Good for Stone travel roads and dirt roads. Its Good for selected a minty highways Cross state highways and it tells the whole Story of bad roads is. And How to get them. Re you say True again but we be got the Cleod and can As much More if we need it a new something in the Way of improve Ait owners could save any part of that a is Ouiden t they be willing to pay More tax be glad to have More Money spent for town Cress roads we re not of Iii and the Boniey we 3 causes. There is More Money now than the Highway de is what to do with. C paying and the taxes they can stand a a Bat a a our tax system is not the Lack of but the one Oal Way that taxes Are t in a $6000 House and is assessed say on the grand list the on his House a a Man buys a $6000 car and he pays prob Power tax for the first year with a sliding anything right about that in taker the Light car. Which costs Leas than a horse Power tax of $20. The big heavy sex Highway to i times As much pays perhaps $40. Mistri Butym of the Burden owns a heavy car and he says no much costs More than five times As much and Ere a a program Betto roads by better More tax if necessary by readjusting the no bonded debt no heavier Burden on of Inary tax Payo any one else a better plan any other candidate any definite plan w Yon change vote for Agan. K yen a the same sort of roads Yong to got now vote i his opponents. Agan club of Ludlow Ala by d. Baix say. 1-� Aai us i 1 was to six up Jim amp Hotd to Cabage i mind. M m lore shelf when the via tetik away the ladder we Chun in on a a a a a air user he got mad a sed How in Tennier we Coburn s. Ronna go Down Agen having a Rood a a opposing j b. Or. And mrs. Dana Laclair rectum incumbent red Home with or. And mrs Arthur j. J. There is Lac air to North Bennington the past. A a the Domenig car May title fee Hng that Mas much As the week for a Short visit started ordering like she was Reading a it to seat and the North end of the is is is is new goods arriving in each department the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square Barton. Vermont a advertisement a a got the ing from the Rong Side _ _ right hand Side a when ets look Over a see if you the it pm to have been represented in the office for years the turn could in fair sed Wate a minute Yure it a read Down the to another Section. See 25 i it. _ _ a complimentary banquet was give g up Cit i let 5s= s. T Franks a co. To All the employees a Adays had a Fine time on the it. We went up a incline a a got Hister Cal a a was nervous a week 1 wms sent cared but my toes rot a Karap like when Yure in swimming a my Stu Mick Felt wobbly we cum Down in a Auto Whitch set a Back six $ got on the Trane Agen after a q Uit stuff lick with his close he of scale factory who had been in the corporation s employ s Vears or More. One Hundred and twelve qualified including five who had a record of fifty years or Over. All received from or. Fuller solid Gold medals suitably inscribed and Heary e. Byron who beads the list of Veteran Era Pioves with a service of 53 years re to quiet a a called up a sad Areu Pom for the you up there still a a answered a presented by or. Fuller. Sed i am up Here but 1 Mit Stuffl. Fifty a were pre read Eon neet ted with the corporation or affiliated monday a new or Leos is a Fine corporations including Charles h. Place where molasses grows taks Morse. Sri a of Chicago who had been walk threw the old Frendin quarters i in the scale business 70 years and a Seo a coloured Man arguing Arith who founded the corporation of the a lady Whitch a sed was his wife. Fairbanks Morse a co a of Chicago she sed she was Gonna bust his bed or. Morse gave Many interesting wide Opo if he did Dot go a bed a reminiscences of his Long years of Hunt a Job. T service which began in his native a a. A. Town of St. John jury when he was today a Stid a a in Fokes a a out 16 years old. The banquet was in Fuder to commemorate o a to some Fote ave 25th anniversary of his Entrance m the count a keeps 2 Hildro a a to the scale company of which he cows a a hired Man. President. Wedam Diye met a no a Little girl my age a Mitch Pritty. She seems to wac or it Dow Litls. A i 4 bit. Film p. Amp w to. 0 both in Enra on of the plea hot a there a of a i gum. Every thug i a a i the season was held thursday. A she Wood Sande because she a a Woodlawn Bungalow sit dimple m her Che we i pm backed near Sutton station surrounded a by 5h vegetable and Loiver gardens list owned and occupied by or. And Simeon who has been in Montreal the past year attending it school recently spent several Days at her Home Here. A Dale has served his District quite As a efficiently As the average congressman and quite As efficiently As either of the present aspirants could serve it. That being so it is undo flite a going to be a bit difficult to convince the majority of the voters in this Dis Side lines that congressman Dale has strict that there is any vast necessity no re Sou for displacing Dale. Burlington news it does t occur to a Man on the a very much to worry about in the com for a Chang ing primaries. The Issue Over there is very Clear Cut two men with aspirations to get somewhere poetically want Dales Job and that is a there is to it. Up to this time neither Man has shown any particular reason Why he should have it. A Survey of the situation should seem to indicate that poor Pussy Lai. The restless Curt in the end of a alb tends tall is attributed by French peasants to a us worm. It is a common practice of theirs to chop off the end of the Tail to save the a stir i suffering. Apparent mental . Not a great while ago a Young no told us that he was thinking Serion it of getting married. Shortly Altai Ward he did sane people have it Conception at All of what Serlo thinking really s. A. C. Brown Bull. Air lines and Lanea i a do Yon keep Aln Lane sup Hess a everything for the i want a Road map of new he Itai St 16t99 died occupied by 3 mrs. F. O. Berry who kindly opened their doors and invited 15 of the j Young old people of their Acquam-1 Tance to come and take dinner with a it them and Surix a dinner the menu i consisted of Chicken fricassee with biscuit Toast egg sandwiches Piea cakes doughnuts Tern and Coffee with 1 other a mall things thrown in. On i the West Side of this cottage you a a Large Garden fixed with All kinds j of vegetables and and the p acting and = nearly a the hoeing of which was done by mrs. Berry Tim ugh quite s i frail woman. Among be present i were prank Drew of Orl is. Aged 1 88.w. R. Roundy. West Burke. 66 m., a. Taft. 86 c. So ton 85 j l. Parker Sutton 87 c. Mckowam Sutton. 82 f. Barker Suttom f. O Berry. Sutton 69 Albert so Rhode Island. 79 e. M. Thayer Meredith. N. A. 75 mrs. L. Dudley. Ran Doh it a 85 mrs. C. Mccowan Sutton 85 Mary Taft Sutton 78 came. Round. Burke 78 Sophia Watson a Sutton 78 mrs. C. Parker. 73 or s. Chesley mrs. F o. A Short poem was read by mrs. Tap a a f. O Berry. The rems Der of item. M new York City Aiose rom he . Act amp i Oev to Beccac a victim by to a clix pais a a a be go asset this trouble by to Kirg cold be it al a -. As or Sci icer _ re=3cjy ence Flea d. Seree. To in Day was spent m let a Keg oct. The ranch and a social Chal a Small sum of Money was present mrs. Berry in appreciation of Kmon and soon it was me to year from the Date and bade Good Bye to and. _ she Ffield Mary Philips has returned to her work in Holyoke. Several from this to att embed the Chautauqua at Lyndonville. Or. And mrs. D. C Green of Lyn Dot Ivide visited St o. A. Gray a Sam ids. I diaries b Dwyer is spending this week with Nathan Barry m Brown i inf ton. Rrok i Percy Barber and family Enjo i a recoil visit from their to som from i Newport a Ter. I May Chesley has returned to he Home after spending several weeks in Boston and Vicinity. Or. And mrs. S. Jones Are a Boston for s Tun Jones wid remain for several weeks. Or and mrs Amasa Chase of Lyndon ted St Jsmes Mcdo Weun a and other friends Over sunday. E Foster returned to her Mary make the appointment of an Els client manager of your estate beyond doubt a by naming the Central savings Bank amp Trust company in your will to act in the capacity of executor. Consult us freely general sayings Bisk and Trust comb any Flash Mutik Burgh n. A Here at the close of the american revolution Washington issued the i proclamation of i it each and disbanded the old Continental army every motor Highway and by Way throughout picturesque new England and new York is a part of the Long a Socony dealers who sell Socony gasoline Newport Field Albany Miles. Glen Barton Barton garage Barron co., e. W. Barrows c. A. A son Crystal Lake garage Larabee a. A. Seaver h. T. Grid garage Coren try Benware Geo. J. Derby Derby garage Kimball a. W. So Francis a. Derby Une Ames Kir Agre Hunt j. A. Youngs garage Etas vice Hunt g. H. Glover Lakott a Lyos Irasburg Sears a Russell Winget William i it Weil Parker c. N. Newport Buck f Arm. Lane a son. E. Lawson p. W. Lindsay garage . F. E. Moore c. R. Orleans motor co. Tripp w. E. True a Blanchard dim garage Newport Cmich Turnbull a co., j. G. North Troy Jacobs garage Parkhurst a b. Toof A Orieana Orleans garage Park View garage twombly a Colton South Albany Martin j. G. South Troy Bryants garage Brock w. A Worsthorne. B. L. Wet fold Hitchcock h. B. Went Charleston Holton a Weymouth Wost Glover Webster. A. A. St. Johnsbury Field Gilchrist Bros. Goodrich. J. A Bowe Brothers Walker a Brock Bennett r. J. Lonnie d. J. A Lavulo Morri irs garage East Barnet Galbraith. A. G. Healey h. A. East pc Cham Esden g. W. East so joins Biry lock. I. M. Mil a Pond Fuller Bros. North Concord Rich w. M. North Danvie Sanborn a. C. Pastu Mopie Badger we. Bruce. M. H. So Johnsbury Center Farnham. B. A Mongeon f. A. So Johnsbury Brunelle Para tag a decorating Arr is Palmer Corner Farage. Inc. Chamberlain. G. F. Counsell a son a. E. Healey a Allen. Richards Vulcanizing company Woodbury a Benoit Silsby garage. C. E. Lyndonville Field East Borko Frazier. Carl e. Webster a Kelley East Haven Bruce g. L. Lyndon Guild. A. L. Morse w. T. Thompson e. G. Lyndon Center Hubbard c. W. Lyndon Iuo Allen h. O. Eaton a co. J. C. Leach f. H. Bundy. O. B. West Borko Cobleigh h w. Fair Orother B. Woke lock Roberts. G. A

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