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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - August 25, 1920, Barton, VermontPage two the Monitor. August 85, 1820 pin Hunt amp company inc. Pirden and publishers oblians a to Mon Tob Bartok yen ont every wednesday and entered la tvs Post office in Barton As second Russ matter Forth boy palladium Leoma of a. H. Butterfield w. E. Sawyer. Local maa North Troy yer meet taxed every thursday and entered a i the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. The Newport news b f. Humphrey. Local manager 17 Maia Street Newport very of used every Friday and entered a1 i pus Toffice in Newport As second Elas i matter subscriptions Abs paper 12.00 per year 6 months 1.00 All subscriptions payable in Wall papers discontinued when time expires cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions Reading a insertion. Tanks at top of classify a rates apply to any paper. Sin by Quot advert sve rates paper upon application. For any h Vermont is going to select a governor according to his Campai a Renses the state would get a pretty eap Man in either Agan or in Emery. Quot to Lington Clipper. On the other hand using the same a Hean twaddle put out by the Qipei a deet Babbitt or Hartness and get a mighty expensive Man. Mittee on Publ health and also served on the committees on Public institutions and Public education. In visiting the Massachusetts institutions housing the insane feeble minded criminal and pauper classes of that state. Or. Clark in his official capacity asked the keepers of these institutions which Cost the state 25,-000,000 annually to support the reason Why the inmates were there As shown by the records and or. Clark states that the superintendents of these great institutions where human derelicts of a great state Are cared told him that two thirds of the inmates were there As the result of the use of alcoholic liquors. Or. Clark strongly endorses Cong. Dale Congress believing him to be Man who has faithfully and efficiently served the people of his District. Or. Clarks keen insight into affairs his years of practice his touch with the larger things of state and his deep conviction upon things of Public interest tit Asp his opinions of More than passing interest. Press cupping Searles naive of Orleans county St. Albans messenger among those who filed pm petitions with the clerk of Caledonia county the nomination to the office of state senator one finds the name of j. Rolfe Searles. While this is distinctly a matter Caledonia county to decide Foi itself still it would seem that there is no impropriety in saying that inasmuch As or. Searles is widely known throughout the state some unusual interest attaches to his candidacy accompanied by the wish on the part of those who cited wit c. R. Powell of is fend Pond states a Twomey Essex county is a can a Date senator against l. A. Cobb of Island Pond president of the a to total Bank of that place. Or. Pow to a is a native of Barton and or. Cobb b Well known in this county making a contest one that will be watched with interest or. Powell attacks Ife Hanking interests with some vigor it his platform and Calls attention to the fact which has already been noted m the state that there is an unusual a umber of Bank men who Are Candi ates the Vermont Senate and Louse of representatives. Have been associated with him that he meet with Success in his Canvas. Or. Searles is one of the leading republicans of the state and served As chairman of the Republican state committee. He has an unusual knowledge of conditions in the Commonwealth and there can be no question that he would bring to Montpelier an experience and an acquaintance with men and affairs that would be of great value. Caledonia county will be making no mistake to include or. Searles among those who Are Success Ful at the primaries. Ii the Rutland heralds editorial a a titled a Babbitt close trader a copied elsewhere in this paper the Herald might also have asked Why of Waterbury contemporary did not explain that Babbitt was dry enough air the endorsement of w. B. Glynn president of the Vermont sunday school association and wet enough a a Jim Kelley of Burlington one of the wettest of the wet men in ver a Robt. And proud of it. Verily this ban Babbitt is a shrewd trader. Babbitt close trader. Rutland Herald Here is a very curious Little paragraph from the Waterbury record which like most of the Babbitt enthusiasts would try to make Black White if the Hon. Fred said so Hon. Fred Babbitt has proved himself the Best buyer of Campaign but buyer of Campaign tons. He took his own Takeoff. Did not have to turn them through any advertising agent. This was not part of the Deal. Why done to admirers of Babbitt continue along this line and show that his native shrewdness led him to have a Nephew who bought a paper and immediate chg its policy to a Sun a support a Uncle Fred a Why done to they show the sighted sagacity which induced him to emas the time the primaries draws near it is More and More a Parent that All is not Harmony in the a a wet Camp in Vermont. Agan the so attest of the wet candidates finds Flat Babbitt is wet enough to get the rapport of some of the very wettest Ben Vermont has men who Aganad a bits ought to be in their Camp. So the fear that Agan will be elected because the wet vote will concentrate a Pon him is fast fading. No one knows How wet or How dry Hartness is because he has not found room in amp a various volumes of myth and Bys Fery which have been sent out with his Sanction to mention the sub jct so the fact remains that things Laok More and More like Emery from whatever standpoint one views the a station. Pipe the son of another newspaper Man As publicity agent thereby securing a splendid original Artel every Little while in fathers news a done to they enlarge upon his celebrated straddle whereby he became moderately dry in the company if Deacon w. C. Belknap hereby securing the priceless support of the Bellows Falls times the Windsor journal and their various editions. A terrible affliction m. Concrete inspector stood by a fit a tins 89 North amok sr., ,. For five Long years i was afflicted Mich smack liver and Kidner trouble which developed into serious bladder trome. I saw a testimonial of fruit a Tives and concluded to make one mors trial. By the time the Sample Box and a 50c. Box were finished there was grand improvement. To make a Long Story Short i believe fruit a Tives or fruit liver tablets the Best stomach user Aad bladder medicate the world has Eser produced. R b. 0flynn. 50e. A Box 6 $2.50, trial Sise 25c. 1 fruit a times at dealers or from limited. Ogdensburg. N. T. Be careful How you judge her truer words were never spoken or written than these. A judge not that be be not by whom by him who know eth the secrets of your inmost heart and mind and before whom you must one Day answer deeds of commission and omission. The Loafer who is living off some one else is the hardest kicker against the High Cost of living. Candidate will sweep the country eventually by Ronning on a platform favouring a two hour we Lay and no work durig the two hours. Insurance of All icings May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont protect your cows by spraying them with Cura bos perfection Fly Kier Guary teed to kill the flies or Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile greases Axle grease. Binding twine or. Lesure a and or. Lawyers vet Inary remedies North Star woo fat Royal Gall cure harnesses whips blankets and All kinds of strap work Sale at the Glover harness shop m. W. Johnson prop., soc comor to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont liberation notice this is to certify that i have this Day Given my son Rupert e. Tate his time during his minority. I will not claim any of his wages or pay any of his debts after this Date. J. W. Tate. Witness p. G. Stone. Brownington vt., August 9, 1920. 33-35p we have Binder twine lots of it the Standard Deering twine. Start your gasoline engine with a Columbia hot shot Battery if you Long and reliable want service. Jervah amp Workins Burdine construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds a phones j. J. Workins 163-2 f. A. Jervah. 18 or. E. H. Hill5 veterinary off a be Aad Hospital East main strut Tel 43, Newport j. M blast Modt Barton it. Dishes of the a Eye be a a no the fitting of glasses to of Pios hours ii a a a be Eye. Sunday and by spec j red Seal batteries .40 let me sell you a horse Fork it will pay itself in time and labor saved during the harvesting season. F. S. Whitcher Barton it. Itch treat met of itch. By Zama. Ring work. Tit tar or other itching Sun disc area. Try a 79 eco bos at our trek. Fred d. Pierce Barton Vermont without being stopped from being a wet As he likes in Burlington or rut a iffy once a year the Best product it skill Industry invention and culture Are assembled at our fairs. These Eod limits display the Best fruits it the son the highest standards of Ite Eding of Stock the most useful tools and appliances made in the shop bid factory. They Are All gathered b one place and they show the Best blown and made by the most Penlight a red and advanced minds. The fairs Kolc and great Are schools to teach the Young and the old the quickest had easiest Way to acquire the Bene is provided. They show the fan Pawn cents made in Many lines the Prev on 12 months. They place us an on the Road to better things. Fairs assemble the people from had wide social Intercourse a location relaxation and entertainment. Thev furnish the Best san Means of stimulating the peo land or wherever the wetness is Why done to they note with adoring admiration the convenient arrangement with a Burlington newspaper Man whose articles properly Carbon copied were offered Here and there and finally published As original editorial matter Why done to they explain the excellence of the a a trades consummated with certain distinguished gentlemen in Rutland Addison Chittenden Franklin and other counties who purely As a matter of love and affection agreed to a a delivery their respective counties Babbitt As a trader May have been shrewd and Thrifty when a matter of Campaign buttons was involved but in these larger More statesmanlike transactions has he displayed the same native Economy and Good judgment report runs strongly to the contrary. Pie to greater Effort to acquire that which will bring about the Best in to culture Stock Breeding and Manu pictures. Or. E. W. Chark of Brockton mass., a native of Orleans county who has wed five years in the Massachusetts Senate three years in the House bid Cinco years in the constitutional a a even Tim of the same state was a a event visitor in the county and made be very interesting and pointed re barks regarding Vermont politics Sadi politicians which Are worthy of Nep Titian. And of careful consider fian. He said he kept in close touch with a fairs in Vermont As did Many a ther former Green Mountain men sad won deeply interested in All we my. He stated that governor Cle debt has been a Man of whom former Ion Bers Are ashamed. A the wages of so Are death. Morrisvale messenger a Sermonetti inspired by the terrible Johnson tragedy. Shonio Case it is not directed at the poor victim. She has paid the penalty. It is not aimed at the guilty parties who murdered her or enticed her to walk in forbidden paths. They will be punished. It is an indictment of the entire Community. Not alone of Johnson but Morris to Hyde Park c Ambridge Stowe and the state of Vermont. A thou Art the How have you been bringing up your children have you done your Plain duty told them things they ought to know their safety Here and future beyond this Vale of tears where do your children spend their evenings ? in whose company do they spend their evening a the that is without sin cast the first Stone at the poor girl and her mixers morally and Sidauy. Every citizen who has not done his full duty As a citizen every Man and woman in Vermont who has not led a pure clean life in thought word or a deed is a diced before the great tribunal this crime. I a Are we too Good to Gur Chil Dren was the subject that an Mel nent judge would have spoken upon Meewo in it it Lle a few Waters ago had he been Able to come. I before he was a judge he was a get criminal lawyer. It was out of his Price out of the things that defending his client a that led him to ask this question in All seriousness. But be c. 8. A Mery wms a a a or a a Ysidera still vitally wifi act moist affairs would he told us of innumerable instances where the parents were More it lame than the a Young men and Young be bad retained to defend. As governor. While serving Inland search your heart Thia poor girl bad a tue. The Best roofing Baclit be of building every building new or old has a roofing problem the problem of getting the right roof that particular building. it Lamatta. We will show ,00 How. Venal roofing Trade mme he mend u amp a atm Ocoe 1 insured 10 years 2-fdy, 15 years 3-ply, 20 years. Win give you an to shred roof film building garage India trial plants and a wide variety of other Type of Etui Odinga. We will determine whether i ply 2-ply or 3-ply will be Best your particular purpose. We will help you figure the pitch of your roo6, the number of Square feet to be covered and answer the numerous other questions certain to arise when a roofs to be Laid. Many contractors owners and architects in this Community Are finding this service valuable May we not serve h. T. Sewer a a a Barton it. Seventy four years Young it has been said that a the greatest of a to teachers is exp picture 2,000,000 people in a great City looking Forward each morning to their daily my a Supply. Picture the suffering and sadness the it Mary babies should it Fau to appear. Delivery of hundreds and thousands of units a and you get a faint idea of the problems of h. P. Hood amp sons. Such an organization can Only be managed in the Light of accumulated experience and with the most careful business judgment. Consider the problem of perfecting an organization great enough to serve the needs of Soch a Community. Think of the task of procuring such a milk Supply the great plants a the him dress of horses teams and trucks a the Book keeping and co Section of a cd nats the superintendents foremen solicit the aim of h. P. Hood amp sons to give the utmost in service to the Public requires an army of Loyal men and women inspired by a leadership of the highest idealism. Toes rot Etc salesmen order clerks clerical few a Laborera a the purchasing of sup seventy four years have been spent in baud tag this organization the distribution of the product of the milk producer. With these years of experience h. P. Hood a sons is the oldest milk business in the the constant Check and re Check of Community a is one of the youngest and to a it Unity to give Sar Voca. Probate courts c. A. Craft onto St. Johnsbury. It. On the second and on Rob fridays Lithe of. John spurt it month. Tartlet business at Barton or or Lei b should not the Jendze in Advance that he May take the Inse Rosato of Floe at Newport will be open every Day except sundays and hoi 1-�--- Romadin Days Bat those Oomens from a distance As As possible should make special appointments with the oort in Advance. K. J. Smith. Judge. Or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis very stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray Uip Mentz Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry business director i Arry i cml to Orl bams Vermont . Hastings . Barton it Retamal from medical service of a was september it. S. Courser Iee used auctioneer Jhn Ber Esti Siut South Albany Ven noot notice inside and. Outside pain Tim paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guerti d j081ah a peas80n, bnt18t, Baboon it office Owens Block. M. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44-4 Barton v appointments can be made by mail or a phone the examination of the eyes Lassee. Snap us of a kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport it. A. C. Farmer d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bucko a feed stable commissioners notice estate of Martha b. Lamonda the Anders lined. Bavins been appointed Oette. Examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of Martha b. Ija Monda late of Greensboro in said District deceased and All claims exp in a ate residence of Martha b. Lamonda in the town of Greensboro in said dust diet the so Day of september and tend Day of january next from i o clock p. A. Until 4 o clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six months from the we Day of july a. D. Lotto. Is the time limited by said court said ered4u>t9 to present their claims to of 1 allo inst a. 1 a. , j. H. Barrington. Commissioners. A them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular style a mail orders attended to prompt misses Trudeau and Wheeli 77 main St. Newport it r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Daisy White teacher of violin and exp Casio graduate of mount Ida Scha Newton mass studio 783 East main St new i e. H. Howe successor to Lovire amp Stos Beal estate Newport Tel. 175 roots Block n. H. Drew a so. Walden 1 licensed aug Moneeb satisfaction guaranteed. All feeds amp Ciri in Are cheaper we think still lower Price will be seen your immediate needs we offer a Complete assortment 2 cart of pure bran due can you use a Load out of the car Ray p. Webster Barton it. Ovit us tevet ice achieved by handling Many and varied period of Many years works continually a Tage of our customers. You Are invited to Avail yourself of our your own Benefit and that of others in whose we Are interested. Barton savings Bank amp Trust co Barton Vermont new Deposit boxes to rent it moderate rate and inspect them

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