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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - August 11, 1920, Barton, VermontI u to ram. Page August 11, 1c20 tortured 01 Cal Edom co Tuffy i r jul. A w w n m wow Wijus Aldose the Tom her Pended is that of Tea Corner of Sijohn Bury. The new fall millinery on display now just the thing for the fair new goods arriving every Day Kaaa m a e3 a direct shipment of handler Auto Molness Senger touring $2275 delivered u n u nun n nats t the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square the Young people will present the play entitled daddy monday even ing followed by a dance. Or. And mrs. George Dyer Are enjoying a visit from or. Dwyer s Sis ters and brother Carl from Massachusetts. Sutton North it dub or. Harvey of Peacham was at . Fairbank s recently. Mrs. Clyde Sleeper has been spend ing some time at b. H. Fairbank s. Morrill Edwin Arthur and Roger Curtis went to Island Pond Satur Day. The misses Belle and Louise fair Banks returned from Burlington. Mon Day. Mrs. H. J. Cahill and daughter Margaret of new Bedford mass. Are visiting at g. H. Mcfarland s. Harley drown who has been work ing for George Mcfarland for More than three years went to b. M. Bun a s monday. L. T. Gray c. A Batchelder o. E. Mcfarland Ray l. Gray and g. H. Mcfarland went to Island Pond sat urday Blueberry ing returning Sun a s Barton Vermont dispatch $2355 n filler ten years sh3 Foci Neh of la fruit a tra in s307 Sago ave Stu Alcsno cd i had Laoc Troia pc jar ten Yean Shieh Becala so bad that i Gosto Nach Cra Sipa tro or Threa tis Teaa week. Ter years of terrible torture read about Reniva Tite s or fruit liver tablets an seat for a trial Takia tie to Ryzl Box i Felt better so left a to Lins thu Totive sol an to animal to s3j for Ruit a Tiye s saved my . F. S. Stolz. 50c a Box 6 for 20, trial axe 25c,m dealers or from Fecit a Tiye s limited. 2f. Y. Xia Julhsia they Are excellent values Day. The Marion rotary pump co of hard Wick has certified to tie Secre tary of state that it proposes to is sue the rest of its Stock 6,954 . H Norcross of Hardwik recently appeared before judge Fry on the charge of operating an automobile alter Nia License had been revoked and that he had been fined $25 and costs Rikh he paid. Supt. A Dinsmore of the to. hatchery of st. Johnsbury has gone to Yellowstone National Par for his fifth summer. With three other investigators he will take 20horses and explore the More Remote parts of the Park. Both the Chautauqua people an the guarantors lost Money on the series of entertainments Given in this year but it was plan Ned to be again on the itinerary next year. The expense of the Chautauqua people for the week there was said to be $1,600. This is the second year the guarantors have had to Paya deficit. William c Mckenzie a labourer recently died from injuries receive Dat the eve Gate paper Mill when befell ten feet from a platform upon the Cement floor of the Coal bin and Frac tured his Skull he was unmarried and was 50 years old. The Mill authorities Are trying to locate his Unel a a brother and a sister who live somewhere in new England. Swift work has resulted in the re covery of Harry Dolgin of st. Johns Bury of tires stolen from his garage Early one morning last week. The next Day the tires were located i Boston and identified by of the theft was sent broadcast and word came of a truck with a Load of tires partial la concealed having passed through Plymouth n. H. A r Ayer s Cliff fair ang. 25, 26, & 27, wednesday thursday & Friday horses cattle sheep and poultry fancy work Flowers and vegetables. Races band and orchestra merry go Roun d and Midway. The Holiday and Good time fair. Baseball thursday and Friday. Everyone Welcome. Admission 35c autos. 50c, parked free Jas. W. Mcnally h. A Curtis Stanstead president Sec a tree e. It Barton Auto Exchange Barton Vermont slow Vermont notes the statement of the transactions in customs District of Vermont no. 2, at st. Albans shows the largest business done through the local port since the consolidation of the Eastern District six years ago. Importation for the past so Days were As follows free merchandise $5,268,164.00 dutiable merchandise $2,128,032.00 total imports $7,396,196.00 duties collected $165,683.31. The exportation a were Domestic merchandise 3,965-951.0 0 foreign merchandise $563,452.00 total exports $9,522,-403.0-0. Manrow blanched. Formerly of death aches pains nervousness difficulty in urinating often mean eriou3 disorders. The world s Standard remedy for kidney liver bladder end uric add troubles cold medal Frank w. Agan his Campaign be or. Agan began his speaking Cam Joston detective was out on the iob1pi political Stock has gone up by leaps i 4, j when he made his first import Lac a Nick ref and often Wirtl o5cm. It Ca. Known As tic a Ltd of Howand for Tzipora than 2m Newport bag been appointed by governor Clement to audit the accounts of the state treasurer in place of professor Gray who did the Job last rear. Prof. Gray recommended or. Blanc hard who is a graduate of the tuck school of administration in Dartmouth of the class of 1914 and who has held a Good position in new York and is a certified Public cd coun Tant but now located in Hart Ford Conn. The population of Springfield Al is 5s3, an increase of 2,033, or 62.6 per cent according to statistics Given out by the census Bureau. The popu lation of Hartford. It i3 4,739, an increase of 560, or 13.4 per cent. Lamoille county has a population of Joli Cal speech in Felchville last month and found the loot in Boston. Howard Boyce sustained two broken legs a broken wrist and an injury to his head when he ran into Fred s automobile a Short distance from is. Johnsbury. The Impact was so great that Boyce struck on the Radiator of the car some moments be fore he fell off. The occupants of the Walker car Are uninjured but Boyce s motorcycle is completely wrecked. Boyce met the automobile on a Sharp curve and could not pass it As another car was coming and he could not the Universal car Jujj the Ford one ton track is serving business j jul just As faithfully and economically As does the Ford touring car serve All the people faithfully j ii and economically. The Ford truck is a Neces j 1 1 sity to the grocer both in delivering goods and i in bringing goods from the stations docks and i i from the country. It is an Ideal motor car j because there in t a want of the Farmer or i business Man that it does t Supply in the Way j i of Quick transportation at a minimum expense come in examine the truck and let us talk i Over the subject. 1n lie vet candidate and i stand Here on two feet helpful words from a Barton citizen. Font i am not advocating Thonon t years ago to do something Lor Temperance i v ?5 in p Iarj Ftp hrs term Law Tria Rex t 4omtwr. For t the Villarte of Brattleboro has v go Between toe two cars. Mrs. Holly Dodge wife of a jeweler at Swampscott mass is looking for a Diamond necklace valued at s 00 j. C v 1 1 Aai i it a. Or. K l a is your Back lame and painful does it ache especially after exertion is there a soreness in the kidney 7,324 people an increase of 807, or 12.4 per cent in ten years. A permanent Landing Field for air Craft will be established for Barre 4.i.rs like a Man who stands up and frankly nazi cir tells what he stands for. Even if they p. In. Lauson Newport it. Horses in is or juice a d. Inv know were to Una which she lost in a department store in st. Johnsbury while leaving the hotel she place the necklace containing three Large diamonds set in Platinum in an envelope in her hand bag. A piece of the envelope was later found in the store and she thinks the necklace was either stolen or dropped out and picked up by someone who either pur ii7 try he will do As he agrees. Before August 30, the aviation com a Mittee of the Barre Board of Trade has decided and thi3 Field will be at the Wilson farm on the Webster file Road a distance of two and a third Miles from Barre s Post office by Auto Mobile. It will be number 54, the official number Given to Barre by the greater Vermont associations Aerial committee. Afsa today is the leading candidate for gov of that faculty for telling the truth telling pos Ely kept it or who has it and does not know its real trs tailing it in his own words and with Harold a. Higgins of hard Wick i to whether it is Good politics or just Plain Region these symptoms suggest weak kid so there is danger in kidneys get weaker your trouble prompt Atten Tion. Doan kidney pills Are for weak kid neighbors use and recommend them. Ask your this Barton Valley Lake Street. Bar ton says about a year ago i was troubled with my Back and kidneys due to kidney trouble which i had when i was Young. My kidneys were weak and irregular and the secretions pained. In passage. When i stooped Over my Back was sore and it Felt As though someone were sticking a knife through me. I surely was sinbad shape. I read of Doan s kidney pills and got a Box at the e. W. Bar Ron co., and the Relief was wonder Ful. I used three More boxes and Thev cured me. I am glad to recon committed suicide recently by shoot search is being made for Phyliss Lake the 15-Vear- old daughter of or. And mrs. F. C. Lake of st. Al bans Hill who left Early one morning recently while her family according to her to ran nerf Prland what ing myself with a Fie. The act was undoubtedly due. To despondency Over the death of his wife on june 5th, last leaving him with five children the youngest at the time of the death . I. Parents there was no reason for Heri a a Soma rm5js she might have admits being a wet candidate or. Agan of mrs. Higgins. Being about two2 3 tie record of the local option Law its enforce made up her mind to secure a left the House she wore weeks. Or. Higgins had not ?5zt. Frt Las a ref Onri Ivy work for tem very Well for the last few Days pre . . . Ii. H. I. M ,.jig. M Blue skirt and Gray coat with Patent leather Belt and Light Pink doth hat i j a Clynder. About Vious to Nis Ceaton Ana Caa moved most of his household goods to sir tie old prohibitory Law there were at least 100 five feet tall with dark hair and Gray Seyes. " m Craftsbury going Back to hard Wick and probably going about taking his life with some premeditation because he was not known to have owned a 5 a Vilch liquor was sold contrary to Law. In the bed option 92 towns voted for License. In the Srof isl r it a 19 Mia yes and licenses ri2e and the fact that he fastened the 50 car As can learn cd ent the shutdown of the american Woolen company s Mills at Mooski will be of considerable duration. According to a statement by officials of. J m. In Eitt lii v How does your representative or senator stand on the suffrage Issue doors and windows also show pre meditation. It was thought that mend Dato s Sidney inns for Iney certainly Are 60c, at All dealers. Dont simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan s kidney pills the same that or. Valley had. Foster Milburn Comers Buffalo n. Y. When found the Man had been dead from six to ten hours. Or. Higginsb2ed b Only nine towns. We say that was Good so work. Of o 0fders and i can see non and family went to Hardwick froma in. Craftsbury about two years ago and favourable. The Mooski mils which in Normal times employ around 2,000 people and pay in salaries to their worker about $250,000 per month he was employed by j. Leo Johnson As Cream truck Driver in the summer months and drove & Cream team Dur does the Constitution of Vermont mean anything to 153 voters voted away our rights to control the5 i our own Way the people of Vermont a Stock. They had not consented to National ther had not Given their representatives any tet it the firt Branca Thuv cot. They Reudi Youing the Winter months was a steady. Are now employing Only about a score Burns w. Spear adm. Of George Hawkins estate a Henry Hawkins. Industrious Man and was 39 years of age next month. Funeral services were held at the grave in the Ceme of men who Are Worang on samples and finishing jobs which have been started. According to present Indi or cations these conditions will continue Tery at East Craftsbury were his re Mains were placed beside his late for several . Tot 13 Toms voting yes in 1917. 136 towns a chancery Orleans county 1920. Notice to the creditors of the late firm of Henry a Hawkins of Barton in said county and the late George Hawkins late of said Barton Tes hot March As a protest against the 18th West Burke mrs. Emma Way has been spending build your future in six months Start september 1- 15 s a u e Istead act. V Erra oni Puri Kiwi we or t. M. I. 11 ton it you Are hereby notified that the a few Days with friends in Orleans. 11 ii 5 111 f 111 it my it aav of in acc Raj Fttie of for the of Rinrin a Little son was born to or. An undersigned c e. Ham b let was on the 27th Day of july a. D. 1920, duly mrs. W. R. Thurber Friday july so. Appointed receiver in said cause by e Fritz Johnson of Athol mass haste Horn. Fred 1l Butler. Chancellor and it was ordered by said Chancellor been a visitor in town during the of the Sheress of the Affan Campa Isu that the said c e. Hamblet procure a list of creditors of said late firm Sofr x Aid receiver is Able and tor ment Havine anything put Over on d tvs Vul i. Wmk intr. They notify All persons. Firms and Corpora l lao men to Sav that the state of v Ermont tons forthwith to file with the clerk of the court an itemized statement. Mrs. Ida Powers has been visiting her Nephew Carl Way in Island Pond. Mrs. Credo of of Charlotte x. A is the guest of her cousins or. And Bruce. Mrs. Bert Bishop of South Lancas Ter and son Carl visited relatives in town recently. A Meetin g in Felchville or Agan had some Are you willing that amendments should be adopted that violate its express provisions do you believe that the fathers of the state knew what they were doing when they provided that the legislature shall have no Power to add to alter abolish or infringe any part of this Constitution do you propose to turn Over to 150 men the right to overthrow what the builders of Vermont set up for the organic Law if not find out where candidates stand who seek to represent you in Montpelier next january. Ask them if they will submit All future proposals of amendment to the people whether they come from Vermont or Washington. V. Tell them you want to be consulted about your own business. It is proposed to ratify an amendment to the Federal Constitution providing for woman suffrage without consulting the people of Vermont. That amendment strikes squarely at Vermont s right to regulate the suffrage which is the very source of popu lar government. Ask your would be representative or senator where he stands on woman suffrage. Ask him where he stands on supporting the Constitution of Vermont. Ask him whether he will join in a memorial to con Gress demanding for the people the right to vote on All future amendments to the Federal Constitution. Duly verified by oath of their respective rip against said late partner ship and against the individual Mem Bers thereof and the surviving part Ner thereof accruing since the death of said George Hawkins within 60from july 27. 1920, or they a t i mrs. William Wallace visited her sister. Mrs. W. Mosher in. Barton o to cider a the cider Issue the speaker said that if a is der at a my he has to certify to a govern and give a Bond that the cider will be made cac Tover the week in d. Should be forever barred from prose it or Tiv Flatin against said firm mrs. Emma Tuttin had an operation at the Hospital in st. Johnsbury last week and is very ill. I or either of the late partners for any that disposition is made of it when to 1 a a1? a further ordered by said miss Myrtie Aldrich and Mother visited relatives in Newport the e lat o the school5? i any time the government inspector May court that notice be Given by mailing. Elf tit to tit till i matter part of the week. Alb aft. in cays irom Weij a each creditor so far As known at has mrs. M. E. Fairbrother and mrs 4 Island the right to inspect the product. Her Vune the der shows Over i of 1 per cent to farm or a 4w of the Law. A. C Way have been taking a Short Outing at Lake Willoughby. Delco Ligh t a i 1 1 i. C9v last known Post once a Oress pos i age prepaid a copy of the foregoing order in respect to creditors of said firm and also by publishing a the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper published in Barton. Vermont and circulated in that Vicinity at least three weeks successively beginning with the first week in August a. . Notice of this order i you like a government inspector caning t0 How der sort " de makes possible a modern Bath room. More Comfort Bette r health. Or. And mrs. Victor Heath of Lex Vil be notch visited or. And mrs. Al e. Orcutt at Lake Willoughby recently. Mrs. Melvin Mann of Woodsville n. Was tre guest of mrs. E. E. Orcutt at her cottage at Willoughby Lake saturday and sunday. Mrs. C e. Strawn of Coaticook p. Q and her daughter mrs. E. M. Griffin of Medford mass were re cent visitors at William Wallace s. Nti if u a respect to creditors of said firm. Therefore you Are hereby further notified to file with h. B. Cushman of the housewife who takes the juice of be berries or any other fruit and adds sugar Moonshiner. Newport Vermont toe the drama. The camouflage of Shirley Given by the Young people last week was a court an i Mucu verified by ath of your respective claim or claims against said partner ship and against the individual m. L. Potek North Troy it. Wife is caught on the Street with a package ivc uting the volstead act and is subject to Rem Jovet go were Tak thereof and the surviving vein declared. If he does t answer to suit you vote against my. U there is no candidate who suits you get one to run. If no one else thinks enough of Vermont to defend her Constitution run yourself. Don t let a Man represent your town or county who in t pledged on this Issue one Way or another. Give your representative your personal mandate at the polls. If women want to vote let them get the suffrage thereof accruing me and mrs. Johnner with &0 the Frena Sof said grew Fri a d. C will Belays from july 27, 1520. Or to be j to learn that another Little stringing this filth amendment and the vol Tiv a How do you ear Home fellow voter s. K.0 like the notion of having your Homes. 1 1 j. A talk Tot tout pc. Wie y v. 1t Civ Varia be anyhow after Yoa est always Taka ship debt of Saia Nam. Citver of a Rexville. P. A. And Vornn in said county i squarely fairly and in the orderly process of Imai those 155 men Aid to you i Orleans this 2nd Day of August a . We Don t believe they want it any other Way Kathleen Wallace of Barford. Pm were the guests of or. And mrs. Wm.1920. Tox1, r. A receiver. Wallace curing uie past wee. 1 National association opposed to woman is at he the for Frank w. Agan. U Yoa cafe of his opponents. Agan will voice your Jle you a Good governor. Relieves or Bra us trip Iii y. M a Deb Randall has been enjoying visit from his brother. Tating. And All stomach a Senea. 3 suffrage mrs. Wayne m. Reed executive chairman. Montpelier it. Or. And mrs. Frank Barber in com Pany with their son visited i sunday. Tow Hujcs of Lulu Vav mrs. Harry Davis is very ill at . Tit Ballen d. Ball sect 5 breakdown. Fred d. Pierce cart a. Term est Fred d. Pierce

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