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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - August 11, 1920, Barton, VermontFace two the Mon item. August 11, 1910 a a i a h t i i Hunt amp company inc. Print and pah Shen ans county Monitor Barias. Tergast a my every wednesday and amp Ter 1postaffice in Barton As second class matter Kouth Troy palladium Laad of a. H. Batter Iau w. B. Sawyer. Laeal a aah or Norik tray very dirt a a and every thursday and entered a i the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. The Newport news b. F. Haap Krey. Laeal mama later m maim Street. Newport. Teim Wmk Musaed every Friday and entered at Ike Postof fica to Newport As second Ella i matter. Taken of on highways and that by comparison we Are finding Vermont highways quite satisfactory. A piece of new Hampshire Mcadam Road for which the Sute bonded some few years ago and which was in Fine condition five years ago is today Bei rebuilt from the foundation up while Vermont roads during that time have been Safe and comfortable to travel upon and have been paid for in the meantime. Other states May have better roads but such states also have to remondous Road debts. Press cupping subscriptions Iov paper $2.00 per year 6 months $l00 my subscriptions payable in a a i All papers discontinued when time expires advertising cards of thanks 50c. Resoluti film. Reading Rotky. 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising tests at top of classified co hymn. These rates apply to any papa. Duplay advertising rates for any paper upon application. Dale should and will succeed his self Waterbury record congressman Poitr h. A has the courage to defend the Olstead act and in so doing he is displaying Good Polit Kat sense. The voters Titis District certainly Admire him for his stand and will show their approval at election time. This act can be called a sort of a Purohi lotion or what you like but just the same it is so satisfactory to a sufficient number of voters that if this is their Only Gre a that can be found against congressman Dale he will Surty Sucre himself and As far As this paper is concerned we Hope this is just what will Happl the direct primary. Randolph Herald and news the direct primary has had a direct influence in Vermont in pm actg county offices in the Large towns and preventing the towns from getting a Chautauqua fairs and the open fair share. Taking the last Vermont Kig of schools is upon is where Senate fifteen of the members or Kas the summer gone preventing the towns from getting a air share. Tax where Senate fifteen a one half the membership came from the big to was of the counties. Bennington furnished both senators for Bennington county Burlington two 1 Chittenden commission end Notke Tate of Louella l. Eldrid a the under stand. He ten been appoint to the honorable probate oort for the data tract of Orleans. Commissioner to re elate. Examine and adjust the and demand of All persons a Arnst the estate of u old a. Late of Albany. In said do tract. Deceased and All claims exhibited in of Het thereto hereby Dee not tee to we will meet for the Parpoe aforesaid at the reel Dence of Henry al cooler a a a a a a Albany in said District on the us tiday of Posust and tend Day of december next fan Stock a. M until s on Ilock each of said Days and that six months from Ltd by said court for sad or Elk present their Ltd . This so a Day of july a. D.1w0. Estate of Joseph m. Valley state of Vermont a strict of Orleans is. _ a. The honorable probate oort Tor the la Triet to All person interested to the estate of Joseph m. Valley late of Barton in said at a probate court Homen at whorl within and Tor said District on the bad do of a by. We an instrument Porpor Uny to the last Winand testament of Joseph m. Valley late of Barton in said District deceased. Was presented to the court Afore and ism de by said oort to at the assigned for pro Vius said instrument and that notice thereof be dts to a persons l by Public shiny this order three Cess Evelyln the Orleans county in that cob emed. Weeks Success Lovely Monitor a newspaper Vicinity in said District previous to the the see so a a. Yoo Are hereby noun cd to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid and contest the probate of a flu. If you have canse. Given under my hand St Vrh Dayot july 30-y b. M. Spooner. Register renew your subscription promptly. Auto fires vulcanized work guaranteed hours after 5 a m. And saturday afternoons c dts Alt High Street third House on left hand Side up from Harrison ave. Barton Vermont n. H Drew. So. Skien it a Censed auctioneer satisfaction Nara need. Grain harvesters ens Ilage cutters threshing machines we have a Stock on hand. Send in your orders Early so that you May get your machines on time. If you need repairs for your old machines order now. A regular bargain in shovels the Best steel Square and pointed shovels $1.50. F. S. Whitcher Barton i. Insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont of the four Iden county. Emery a statement of Campaign sex their e3h>enses has admittedly put Windham county. These were Dis proportionate representations. It results from several candidates coming in from Large towns and running a Way with the prizes through the plural Irv provision. The Little Fellows from outside Cut Little ice when the vote is figured up this Way. Two gentlemen a in the Agan is the Only other candidate who Kas Given his expenses. What can be inferred from the refusal of these Meo to be Frank with the people Secretary of state Harry Black is a candidate for reelection to his important office and it is generally con needed that he deserves the place again. His vigorous handling of the ast Nobile License Law is one of the factors which has made him Strong Mma popular throughout Vermont. Or Leass county takes Especial Pride m the Progress of its Young men. Or. Is one of them. Trainor saw the hand writing on the Wall for himself As a wet candidate for Congress and a withdrew. It m generally reported that candidate amp son of Bratty to will inherit Trainor s a wet tend a cies and try and a on a careful Multi ration of the Nti ment in the District. He we a however that to be wet go for the wets and dry enough for the Drys is a pretty difficult in partaking. Unless All signs fail congressman Dale will be reelected to cd egress by a handsome vote. Emery stands squarely. Rutland Herald candidate Curt a s. Emery stood on two Square toed feet in Hardwick the other night and admitted that he was a a a dry candidate that his plat j form was so by that a Man could j stand on it without moistening his silk stockings. He also called on messes. Hartness and Babbitt who a were present to Tell the truth about their Campaign expenditures. Candidate Hartness attempted to justify his Large Campaign expense by arguing that his literature was for the Public and private bet terms it of Vermont and its citizens but <3an-Dite Babbitt confined himself to a set speech. Incidentally Emery told frankly hat he and Agan had spent up Quot the first of August and denounced 1 up Effing of Large sums for any Pur p036 the incident is Likely to be epochal Babbitt and Hartness do not appear to advantage in such a comparison. J08iah a. Peae0o Barton it. Oppici i it m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue telnu.44-4 Barton. It. A them stitching we hems Titek in All the popular i All mail orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 maim St. Newport. . A. Cramton m r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer meet Herd Wick. Ven f. R. Hastings m. D. Barton it. A tamed from Mediel be Renee Over fees september let by Dickens in Orance and Alfh. Office phone 3t. Orleans. Abri int c. S. Com Tser. Uce wed Sochi Albany Vermont veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario vet College a Kobe 138.11 us a a a a notice inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guertin metropolitan Ufa Tettl by with office. Newpert to Henry w. Gemerd. Dept sup Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent lanes 1 Vermont bars the Way. N. Y. Evening Globe some seventeen or eighteen be ago a new Moses arose in Vermont and proposed to Lead the people out strange reasoning that this program of Progress for Vermont on a kids Hartness is spending such vast a we to i,.-, of the House of bondage. His name was of Money not opt Percival Creme and by Bond for madness to the extent of Tellag the want the state wide prohibit Peaple How much he is spending Fox ution under which the state had been a amp estate a Good. Harmess says his suffering for More than half a Cen a tic the if a wet to Given Widuch minted in a is. Through i though he Koth that the amount is very Large at the time to a win the Golem that the motive is not so Abao worship. This May account the mutely Clear and devoid of personal a Treme bitters of his it reference to. 1 Federal Constitution m the Guber merest As one might expect. Natoria statement yest Day in which he refused to Call an extra session of Vermont crops with the Vermont legislature to act upon Uze Eption of com appear to be rather a to tvs i,.�. A a stands and is interpreted by the in average the Hay crop declares with a Fer Karve Sung More than was expected that is generally More closely Hoogh it is rather late. Grains Are connected with the eighteenth than much above the average and a Ninete Ehk amendment a the Conatta Tiomi threatens the i but a Lite be weather like referring to the recent de of the past few Days a wih do wonders Cisin of the supreme court that re or. E. H. Hills veterinary office and Hee Pital East main Street Tel 43, Newport probate courts Tel sessions of the probate court will at the office of f. W. Bald what in Barton on the second and fourth fridays of each month in the afternoon and at the office of e. A. Look. To Orleans in the afternoon of the third Friday of each month. Parties desiring to transact probate business at Barton or Orleans should not mfr the judge in Advance that he May take the a to Roba office at Newport will be open every Day. Except sundays and hoi 1 e. J. Smith. Judge. Protect your cows by spraying them with Cura bos a Fecto on it Kilker guaranteed to kill the flies or Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile Gre a Axle grease binding twine or. Lesure a and or. Lawyer s vet Inary remedies North sur woo fat Royal Gall cure harnesses whips blankets and All kinds of strap Woric for Sale at the Glover harness shop m. W. Johnson. Prop., see Omar to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont a Tike com crop. On the a whole the acreage of crops is Small Hae is every reason now to be Here the Bomont Fanner wih fare Mer for his efforts. Feren Dum provisions of state Cut Misti Tut ions cannot he applied in the rejection or acceptance of amendments to the Fedt Tal Constitution he says a this decision leaves the people at the mercy of any group of men who May lobby a proposal for a change in the Federal Constitution to Rory a Gress and then throw the Tures of tiie states the enterprising Village of Means is to have a unique co Tennial Eele ration of the form Dixie of the place my. August 26-29. The eve to will take the form of an old Home Serfi or a week end affair which will in Stade concerts parades Cam Zavala of fencing speaking and sports. The address by Edward d. Col amps pm do a of Middlebury College on Wpm Ion evening a will be of unusual in and the whole program is one win bring together a Large suffrage amendment is a whether r of people and former Resl re Ity is be this is an unfriendly Way of de scr King the process by which a state legislation to As a acted until re Ceat years. But there is nothing in cd it Vynor element s record to indicate that a concern for democracy prompts his action the result of which if it has a result a nest be to prevent american women from voting in the presidential elections. He knows As does every american who reads the papers that the Only question about people and former Resl dents for an a Joy Able occasion. Yermont census returns continue to fore the first tuesday after the first monday in november. That it will be ratified before the voters of ver re it Wyeth Lep be of that state like it or if Gremor Clement has a a Aow for his act it is to pre l show a slight m ent the registration of the woman a fact that some of vote Tom fall he is in tiie Mont get around to act on it. If gov i fee somewhat discouraging. Cly nent has his Way is As cer Sheow a slight decrease m population table be forced nne no a May Point to a loss for the but this paper itch believes 5 county win debate the fact to larger places May show a loss. Ditch to keep the a Mien of Bigton Village is har expected to a Rica in their kitchens itar a gain but the Many Large pm interest to that the terms must stay the decrease m the human race by Tive refusal 6f my nation in some of our Rural japanese diet by a three to two towns. The fact Sikat the census a was Universal suffrage Law. Token it the dead of Winter is a Gen a sni do trim to to Vermont and makes Ca Tarryl cannot be cared me Esubi Railson with the census taken with local application m the Mer pm. The season 10 year ago Sam Elbaz unfavourable. A Eros to care it a to met taks rain Foigl cat Firth car to generans conceded that Are better this year they pc been m Tike past few a h business director j m. Barton a a a letter i Rufus w. Spear j general insurance Agency 1 assistance in probate matters j eluding preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilto dental surgery Gilman Block Newport \ Complete a Ray equipment hos do a unit l. H. Mciver d. 0. S. Specialitt in optometry appointments can be made by no or a phone for the examination of m yes for glasses. Optical Supples of All kinds and i to-.i/. 332_2 Newport i resist by a Quot a a. C. Farmer veterinarian office at Newport. 1 backs feed stable Daisy White teacher of violin and express six i graduate of mount Ida schoo Newton mass studio 783 East main St new e. H. Howe successor to Howe amp Beal estate Newport Tel 175 roots Block Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair we Ork d i kinds phones j. J. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah. 18 once More we can furnish Ray ready ration the analysis is 25% to 11 the Price is $3.95 in looks Satu fact on u guaranteed Ray p. Webster it. A link in the Chain service milk Bein a Enid cannot be of Ali eat purr their put in car is Hood a milk to the Market. Back my Forth from City to cot try a from country to City they must go the skip pts of a Day would Cau Forth the Wrath of a habit bound Public and bring a Fleming to the children. Som 40,000 forty quart cans payed Tref part a. A link in the Are Rao dered by h. P. Hood k one year. Every one of them after being emf tied to be washed with boiling water a solution of washing soda and Uve steam sad re��feredb5oi Back is the country at the Apiag Star teams it Roseck Ian Sam Ptg Aad rooting both the thu Aad empty Caas Aad a see tag that the ship a pm opt Rhyl achieved by handling Many and varied matters Over period of Many years works continually for the Advt Tage of our customers. You Are invited to Avail yourself of our experience your own Benefit and that of others in whose welfare of Are interested. Barton savings Bank amp Trust co Barton Vermont Deposit boxes to rent at moderate rates. Sit

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