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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - August 4, 1920, Barton, VermontGimp Afflit amp company inc. Printers and publishers Orleans county Monitor Bartim Termont Traad every wednesday and entered it Ike Post office in Barton As second class matter hire to make himself and his impossible program known in this Little state is the Man we need for governor the latest thing is a the drive a made from inspired dispatches and a written by men paid for doing so by or. Hartness and sent at a Cost of thousands of dollars to about every Man in Vermont. It will fool some men. But the great majority of ver Worth Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield Cox will find Victory in Vermont. Poultney journal in his aspiration for Victory cry mor Cox is coming to Vermont he a will find it too. It is located in the Northeast Comer of the state and has All of 200 people nine of whom were Mont voters can not be led around by j democrats at the last election. The w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont nod every thursday and entered the Post office in North Troy As second class matter. The Newport news s. F. Humphrey. Local manager m main Street Newport Vermont inned every Friday and entered at a Post office in Newport As second Clas t matter. Subscriptions Jav paper $2.00 per year 6 months $1.00 a a Ascriptions payable in Advance and a papers discontinued when Tijare expires advertising cards of thanks 50c, resolutions film. Reading notices 15c per line insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. These rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates for any paper non application. Such a vaporous mass of words. Def governor May As Well come to the finitely just what is it Hartness pro conclusion first As last that Ess Pees of do a he were elected governor no one even those of his close political supporters has been Able to answer this very simple and practical question yet. Just Essex county for Emery. Island Pond Herald the reports circulated in various a what or. Hartness is it that you the reports circulated in Varios papa be to do to Venont Apo to amp ets Industrial hive providing you South end candidate for governor of Vermont for two years governor notwithstanding its close we have read at least a Good sized proximity to Orleans county volume of your poetical output and seem Are without found two Wyeth Oan pot Teu for the life of us. How you propose to Start and just what you propose to do. Let the answer be confined to a column please. The Story of the creation of the world is told in a few Hundred words. The Barre times Breaks into an unusually Long editorial in defense of John w. Jordon in reply to mention of or. Gordon a name in connection with labor and the democratic party in this paper. Or. Jordon himself also uses Many words to make reply. It was not realized that a casual summarization of All congressional candidates in a single sentence would up goes the Stanstead journal to $2. It appears that the Canadian cause such consternation in Barre. If pts a Lisher is As hard hit As the fellow this paper made any misstatement of this Side of the line. The paper Short facts in saying that or. Jordon is an seems to be Gro Wing worse in a closely associated with labor a and Koth Cox tries. Or. Jordon is not so associated then it is desired to make a retraction but neither the Barre Contemp it ovary nor what will Stop the practice of horse drawn vehicles travelling at or. Gordon himself make a denial a ight without Light As the Law pro or. Jordon merely says he is not tides automobile its Are held to a a too closely associated and the strict account with regard to lights times says a it is not an accurate por Asid other Road Laws but numerous Trail to infer that he was a partisan tit no a continue to travel our roads at j of the labor cause a but neither deny might without Light endangering that he is a associated with Teir own property and life As Well and suppose that or. Jordon is so is that of others. General complaints associated. Is that any crime Abler do not Stop it for the simple reason men than or. Jordon deem it an Hon that specific violations must be known i or to claim such associations. This �0 be prosecuted and the state can paper recognizes much that is Good hardly afford to keep officials on the and beneficial to everyone in a labor a ads nights to find these Law break As we have come to speak of Organ ars. The states attorney of Orleans sized labor and because it is generally Canty has recently stated that the i talked and supposed that or. Jor j owners Are As much to blame for trouble As anyone else because Aey Are not interested enough to find out who Are driving teams with out lights. He also says that not a a Ingle Case of specific complaint will pm a prosecuted. Therefore it is up to the automobile its themselves. A few eases Wiere teams without lights ase stopped the name of the Driver Spawner ascertained and complaint a hide will put a Stop to this danger mus practice. County politics takes on new in Tyrest with the Entrance into the contest two new candidates for states attorney both from Newport. States attorney Thompson is not a candidate for re election it is understood though his splendid record would give Jordon associated with labor to such done a tendencies lean More strongly to Ward labor than those of his opponents who seek the same office it is not understood Why he should object to the statement originally made. After All is said and done Are not the words of the times and of Gordon sort of a camouflage to make his candidacy appear palatable to those who oppose organized labor while it is quietly passed along among the labor leaders and most strongly organized labor influences that a a Jordon is the Man a we do not consider Jordon a one Issue Man and but for the honest belief that Dale is a much better qualified Aan because of his experience could support such a Man As Jordon. But this attempt to hedge is not particularly commendable. Is Strong support were he to seek re election. The two who seek the office Are a a. W. Farman of the Law fam of Prouty amp Farman and Hubert s. Pierce for two years principal of Newport High school. Or. Pierce has keen admitted to the Massachusetts kor and Quot will take the Vermont examinations this fall. Or. Farman has fee advantage of being a county reared Man and held the office some 20 years ago. He left the office and practice of Law to enter the lumber easiness in which he remained until a few years ago when he resumed practice in Newport or. Pierce is a Young Man whose study of Law in Massachusetts and his High Mark a when examined for admission to the Kar in that state show him to be an Able Man. His work at the head of a Newport High school and his de a by Oit to locate in Newport has found Fistor a with Many residents of the City. A degree that he is labors candidate or is he not if he is so associated is it any Dishonour to Jordon or to labor no candidate for governor has re a lived such evidence of a United Hon a it Earnest enthusiastic support As that evidenced for Emery at a county a keying of the Emery club in Newport last week when representatives from Washington Orange Caledonia Essex and Orleans counties were present. There was a certain spontaneous kind of enthusiasm which a omes from genuine men who believe from head to toe in the Man or thing they stand for. And when Emery a Ras brought in and spoke on the is Zues before the voters his stand was made so Clear and so calmly positive that even those who opposed some of Kis beliefs were moved to wild enthusiasm. After what he said no one can charge him Quot with being anything but and no doubt can remain about his conviction that Large expend matures of Money in campaigns must go in Vermont and that he will make a Issue uncomfortably warm in this a cry Campaign before Many weeks warn passed. His whole souled state Hobt with reference to agricultural is gilding was also brought out and Ike hundreds of men who went from that meeting Back to their Homes in five counties went Home with the determination that Emery must be Riec ted governor of Vermont. James Hartness or his political add Faors and spenders Are simply flood me Vermont with literature of one kind and another in a final Hope to breathe the breath of life into his Campaign. They May succeed in do my it. Jan. It be ims sible that a democrats nominate a full state ticket Fred c. Martin for governor George f. Root for Lieut. Governor. Meeting of prominent democrats from All parts of the Stote held at the sherwk5\otewn Quot rom ton tuesday july 27, it Tiras voted to put a ticket in Nomina fall primaries and a big Tion at the Ana a dig Ort to get out a big vote will 1 Ennington was elected to head the ticket As the go Bema to a candidate. The oter names that will be placed in Nomina Tion air for lieutenant governor George f. Root of Newport for state of Sharon lit Thurer Utis j. Sawyer of Sharon East but Shire for auditor of accounts Harry c. Shurtleff of Monti Pelier for attorney general James p. Ley g Leamy of Rutland for congressman from first District j. C. Durick of i air Haven for congressman from the Ond District Henry c. Witters 3f St. To Bury for United states senator h. W. Ramum of Cam Nodge. Principal matters wrought before the meeting was the proposition of a democratic newspaper. It was stated that the Swanton was spreading the gospel of Akes democracy and speakers itrg4d on the importance of getting the paper before the Public. It Vas Sug sted that the different local committees conduct an Active can ass. A committee consisting of h it. Coming Richford h. W. Witters of Sti Johnsbury and p. C. Dodge of Randolph was named to look into the Natter of securing a democratic or Tan. Or. Martin the gubernatorial Nom Nee was born in Bennington 38 ears ago. He was a Delegate to the recent convention in san Francisco ind was also a Delegate at Large to he National convention in Baltimore n 1912. He was three times presi Lent of the Village of Bennington and Vas elected to the legislate Ore in 1912. In 1�? j a. Unmarried and is connected Vith the Holden Leonard company of Woolen goods. Hayward leaves North Troy the Rev. C. E. Hayward of North Roy has accepted a Call to the purpose of injuring a congressman Dale or colonel Emery is Uncertain but there can be no uncertainty As to the fact that or. Emery has As United support As Essex county Ever gave a candidate for Ive mor. The primaries will reveal _ is fact and this Story should be discredited. Agan and Emery Are Frank. Rutland Herald Frank w. Agan candidate for governor stands squarely on his two Good feet and admits that he is a a wet candidate. Speaking the other night in Felchville he said among other things a i am the a a wet candidate and i stand Here on two feet and admit it but i am not Here advocating the open Saloon. I started out 18 years ago to do something for Temperance and the result was the local option Law the Best Temperance measure Vermont Ever wet or dry vermonters Are bound to respect a Man who stands on an Issue squarely and refuses to be moved by expediency or supposed political advantage. The other end of the proposition is candidate Emery who similarly stands squarely for prohibition local state and National As he has stood for years. The Herald does not particularly believe in prohibition but it respects or. Emery much More than a candidate who tells voters in wet territory that he has a always believed in License and that local option is the a Only Way to regulate the rum business a then when he gets into dry company declaring that the 18th amendment has a settled the rum Issue for All neither can the voters have the same respect for a candidate who evades the Issue entirely or who Ostrich like alleges that it is not an Issue despite the fact that it is the one live and potent subject of political argument and discussion every where if Vermont Back roads neglected. Stanstead journal postmaster Heath of Derby line went Over Rural route no. 1 with the Driver yesterday inspecting the Road by direction of the Post office department in Washington. He found the Brewer Road from the Derby town line to the Holland Creamery in bad condition. The High Way from the Comer of b. F. Stratton a to j. H. Smiths Comer was like Wise in bad condition As was the Section Between j. M. Pages and the Tabor Comer. From the latter place to Caswell a Mills the Road was bad practically All the Way. One Day last week the Driver found this Road impassable at one Point. To reach the boxes in the Caswell a Mills Section he had to leave his regular route at the Bis sonnet Comer retracing Over the same Road. To remedy this Marshall Ames a private citizen turned out next Day with men and teams and fixed up the worst place. It is claimed that no work has been done on Many of the roads in Holland during the past year or More the whole Effort going to the so called a trunk lines a with the result that certain sections of mail service May be discontinued by order from Washington. Postmasters at Rural delivery offices Are required to make these inspections and report upon actual conditions. Build your future in six months Start september 1-15 sessions of the pro Birte court will be held at the office of f. W. Balbwin. In Barton on the second and fourth fridays of each month in the after own and at the office of k. A. Look. To Orleans. In the afternoon of the third Friday of month. Parties desiring to transact Prol Jat business at Barton or Orleans should notify the judge in Advance that he May take the a he rate office at port will open every Day. Except sundays and holidays but those coming from a distance As far As possible should make special appointments with the court in Advance. B. J. Smith. Judge. N the school t . Auto tires vulcanized work gu2ir2�iteed Montreal a experience with the Beer Saloon. The american Issue Montreal can., is testing a policy of Dealmo with the liquor traffic similar to a policy now being strongly advocated by Brewers and their fiends for adoption in the United states. It is a plan which permits Man facture and Sale of Beer in Montreal and the province of Quebec and limited sales of whiskey Are permitted under certain strict Regn unions. Many saloons Are licensed for the Sale of Beer and so called Light wines Only. This proposition of permitting Mir factors and Sale of Beer and so called Light wines in the United states has become a leading Issue in toe congressional election campaigns. The liquor it rests have forced the question for settlement by their de Ter mation to Amend the volstead code so As to let Down the barriers of argument is that these dinks Are non intoxicating and that their sales will solve the problem because drinkers with an alcoholic thirst now resorting to the use of Utleg whiskey will satisfy that Koirat with these non intoxicants. Broft Mont Reaks experience does not Bear out this Contention of the liquor interests. Richmond a evening journal declares that to a fifteen saloons licensed j ii. He was de Fri w in Fiege of buying whiskey declared that he also bought whiskey in a Saloon Camou Fla Das a lunchroom where the pro Inetor had not taken the trouble to obtain even a Beer and wine License. He concludes that the situation in Montreal bears out the Contention of a United states Federal prohibition director Kramer who said a if the Sale of Beer and Light wine is permitted in the United states through a modification of the prohibition Law we might As Well go the whole Way and not restrict the liquor traffic at All. It 18 apparent saloons for the a o hours after 5 a m. And saturday afternoons c. O. Salt third House on left hand Side up from Harrison ave. Barton Vermont commissioners notice estate of Zaidee al. Skinner the undersigned having been a olnsted by the honorable probate oort for the District of Orleans commissioners _ of All persons against the estate of Zaidee e. Skinner late of Barton in said dust not. Deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet for the Parps be six months from a the 18th Day of june a.da8�>.lsthetlme limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to is for examination and allowance. Harry Dickens. B. O. Smith. Commissioners. Estate of Carrie al Keir state of Vermont District of . To Ato East do oort for the Dos to All persons interested in the estate of Carrie e. Kerr late of Craftsbury in said District deceased. Greeting whereas said court has assigned the a the Day of August next for examining and allowing the account of the administrator of the estate of said deceased and for a decree of the residue of a d estate to the lawful claimants of the same and ordered that Public notice thereof be Given to All persons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively previous to the Day assigned. In the Oriel county Monitor a newspaper published at Barton in said District. Therefore Yon Are hereby notified to appear at the probate office in be Wibirt in said District at 10 a m. On the Day assigned. Then and there to contest the allowance of said account if you see cause and to establish your right As heirs legatees and lawful claimants to said residue. Given under my hand this 2rd Day of july. 19s0. 80-88 b. M. Spooner. Register estate of Wiliam h. Davi. State of Vermont i tract of Orleans is. He honorable probate court for the District aforesaid persons interested in the estate of Glover. Imwald Dos oort has assigned he Izab Day of August next for examining and a no the a count of the executor of the estate of said deceased and for a Dyr of the residue of said estate m if Ful claimants of the same and or Der that a Niue not Lee thereof be Given to ail persons interested in said estate by publish this order three weeks sneeze sylvely mourned. In the Orleans Are Here by notified to a at the probate office in t o Loek p. M. On the Day Assam Thea and there to contest the allowance a a our by sue allowance to is tails a your right As heirs legatees and lawful Cla Manta to said residue. Only Law a hand this Juth Day of 80-82 b. M. Spooner. Register. Of Wium s. Mcdowell state or Vek most a.8 i vex District of Orleans is. To cd a it a to the heirs and All persons interested toe estate of William s. Mcdowell late in i Ine estate of William a. Mcdowell late Brownington in said District deceased of Bath by Umade to this court in wrung. By the executrix of the estate of said we limn s. Mcdown ii praying for License and authority to sell All of real estate of said deceased for the payment of debts and charges of adm Nistra wrap Iorli therein the amount of debts due rom said deceased the charges of administration and the amount of personal estate and the situation of the real is of commissioners notice estate of Louella l. Eldridge the undersigned having been appointed by the honorable probate court for the District of Orleans commissioners to receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of Louella l. Eldridge. Late of Albany. In said District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the residence of Henry Mcguire in toe town of Albany in said District on the 21st Day of August and 22nd Day of december next from 10 of clock a. A. Until 8 of clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six months from the 2�th Day of june a. D. In. Is the time limited by said court for said creditors to limited by said court for present their claims to us for examination and allowance.,dated at Albany this 24th Day of july a. D. 1p20. Henry Mcguire. Philip Holbrook. 80-82 commissioners. Trust estate of Tracy c. Mason state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate oort for the Dos to All persons interested in the Trust estate of Tracy o. Mason late of Craftsbury in said District deceased. Greeting whereas said court has assigned the 18th Day of August next for examining and allowing the account of the trustee of the estate of said deceased and ordered that Public notice thereof be Given to All persons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively Drevlou to the Day assigned. In the Orleans Previn county Monitor a news it Aper published at Barton in said District. Therefore you Are hereby notified to appear at f. W. Baldene a office in Barton assigned then and there to contest the _ Lowance of said account if you see cause and to establish your right As heirs legatees and lawful claimants to said residue. Given under my hand this i5th Day of Luly lao. 2v-s1 b. M. Spooner Register. Estate of Joseph m. Vaizey state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate oort for the District aforesaid. To All persons interested in the estate of Joseph m. Valley late of Barton in said District deceased. Greeting of j. By 1920 an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Joseph m. Valley late of Barton in said District deceased. Was presented to the <3ourt. Aforesaid for probate. Office in said Barton at 2 of clock p. M. Be assigned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be Given to All persons con red by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Orleans Donn to Monitor a newspaper circulating in that Vicinity. In said District previous to the time App plated. Therefore Yon Are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and probate of said will. If Yon have cause. Given under my band at Newport in said District this 28th Day of july. He. 80-82 c. S. Courser. Lice bed auctioneer a Baber estimate Etc South Albany Vermont n. H. Drew so. Walden it. Licensed auctioneer guaranteed. Or. E. H. Hill5 veterinary office and Hospital East main Street Tel. 43, Newport insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont j08iah a. Aba Isoif. Office m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44-4 Barton. It. B. M. Spooner. Is Ulster Forth. Dia to All persons interested in the estate of Annie Agnes Wallman of Glover. Insa ave bras. Application a Watt Long the 7 a of Yardlan of x>v1uk me interest of said Ward in the farm dded to James Wallman by f. H. A warranty deed dated october recorded in the land records of recorded in the land records of said Glover in Book 17, Page 481. Said land and premise situated in said Glover. Ren resenting that the Sale thereof forthe a of putting the proceeds of such 4l?t stocks or up amp a str Iraln Florka a ��4 i. Pose of. Interest Luv snug me ,./vk.b i of Toi the avails there of for the Benefit of said Ward As the Law directs would be beneficial for said Ward. F whereupon the said court appointed aught a pm Newport in said District at 10 of clock a. A. To hear and de said application and Public notice thereof to to get by of Bushini it a a a interested therein of Pudlis Nink this order three week amp St Ces sively in the Orleans county Mon a a kit he a paper published at Barton which circulates in the neighbourhood of Thwe persons interested therein All of which publications shall be previous to the time appointed for hearing a Ivr Uez Rini notified to appear a me and place Aasu a ourt. At the time and place d&riri2th%"a7ovufy�t -�1 . Register. Desertion notice notice Helena Fox. Has left my bed and Board without just can or pm a a a a a Are Here fold Glyde Fox. Comm my on Erst notice of Ethel m. Sawyer Tate. W Hereu Kin. The said court appointed the augut. 192u. At tb-1 re Bete office in exp it it it la said 1 is. Tract at 10 of clock a. A. To Henr and deride application a d petition and ordered Public notice toe Reol to be Given to therein by publish together with the time and i hearing three weeks successively a Monitor a new spa Tol or. Neighbourhood of interested in said estate. He orate Quot of Pas Only in Montreal is complicated the to to Fin Church in i Law enforcement problem. It has not that licensing of Beer and wine urn License in you see cause 80-82 Towe to fill the vacancy caused by prevented Blind pics but it has fur be resignation of tre Rev. M. E. Bad shed an excellent screen for raw a on. He will work August 1 1 keepers As i. Shield in the Sale of pro and w�o1 probably move there some habited whiskey a a he Haa a Quot Quot a a in. Duty Wizi. E. M. Pc Ken r. Register. Kochal in a re a Gnu a. Having been Ano olnsted my morn a a a i of . Gross. 29-81 twombly. . Estate of Mary s. state of Vermont District of Orieann 88. a a m. t Clay Pilare a a it a a Ald. Foi no Day that the 20ih Dav of au7�r. Office in said a Lutri tat r of Elk a Cook it ii a in a Aid do str to at 2 of clock n r a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular styles a mail orders attended to promptly misses Trudeau and Wheeler 77 main St. Newport it. R. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer Eek to Hardwick Vermont for Sale harnesses whips blankets halters strap work of All kinds Carriage lamps sponges Chamois sloans liniment tuttles elixir or. Lesure a medicines Cura Box perfection Fly killer guaranteed to kill the flies some second hand farm machinery one Cream separator nearly new. Good time to have your Haril Nesses repaired and oiled at the Glover harness shop. M. W. Johnson business director m. Rry Dickens neral insurance and Anco office phone 33-4. Reside Quot Orleans Jer mkt or Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon of Nuho phone 138-11 Davis Urey metropolitan life ins. G Branch office Newport it Henry w. Bernard. Dept. Supt Cleon w. Sea ver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes Rufus w. Spear general insurance age assistance in probate Mattel eluding preparation of pro _ accounts or. Harry f. Hamilt dental surgery Gilman Block Newport Complete a Ray equipment or unit a l. H. Mclver d. 0. S specialist in of Tometi a a ointments can he made by or plume for the examination o eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds an pairs made. A phone 33 Rem Han Block Export a. C. Farmer d. V. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermo Bucko a feed stable Daisy White teacher of violin and express graduate of mount Ida i Newton mass studio 783 East main so new successor to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont notice inside and outside painting paper hanging Bell phone 13-12. P. J. Guertin e. H. Howe successor to Howe amp real estate Newport Tel. 175 boots Block Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair soft d kinds thones j. J. Corkins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 who fills your silo we have anything you want in engines tour different kinds. Also have the famous Papec and Ross Brower ens Ilage Cut ters in the knife wheel Type and Rowell in the Cylinder Type. Can furnish you with a first class outfit coupled to run at the proper Speed at reasonable Price As you can buy anywhere and furthermore carry extras in Stock one of die most important items to be considered when purchasing an outfit. A. E. Counsell amp son St. Johnsbury Vermont Sype Mivec achieved by handling Many and varied matters period of Many years works continually for the add a Tage of our customers. You Are invited to Avail yourself of our experience your own Benefit and that of others in whose welfare you Are interested. Barton savings Bank amp Trust cd Barton. Vermont new Deposit boxes to rent at moderate rates. Call

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