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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1920, Page 1

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - April 28, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor vol49-n<k 17 a a a feed advert Nubi amp for Sale it let of big Good boxes for to Mucor a ice. Icett Quot Fok ? Alk-16m Hay Raif. A 16�f Fob a a a a up rect. To Oventin. Fibs a less to Aask coi Boj Saddle. Joba Burtos Itaf foe Sale Forf ear in Good e Ejob. Foot Good tires. L. R. La a is baits. _ foe sale�?3bt cords of Vood Ai 1� of it dry. Tel 128-12. Menjol of Riestis. Lotf pos Sale of Faro by be Fane owned by Eden a Price mo0o. 16-20 Poe Sale Feno of 385 a Cre brr paid. Mrs. Matilda a nip to it Ioe Sale i ask . Saieg. Tel 5-11 foe s aah week harnesses. Quick Sale Chas. Ode. Liar ctr. Ind. To. U-5u Itaf foe Sale eggs for hatching Kite Wascott 3lg0 for lies . We Ter. Foes Alt Fin Tom be Tor. But Wato Beatt to 3� Brooder. Hairy Maiden in. 17-18 foe Sal Kon feb eggs for Bat Diing a �1. E. M. Stone. Titt m-22. For 15 is Poe Sale coed Gie a met ked potatoes s3.50 per by tier has. G. L. Biek Foid. Or foe Sale i k perfect Pike Tel 218-3. Newpart. H Cood Tieb. Folk Poe Sale Large Beary Tom Rifle wings also Chimp ii Obaer Aad Foige. Both nearly Neo j. G. Martin South Albany. 16-lt Sera Noas had Bath in Good Kaspe. Kear Peerless and Dot in a Otas . Inquire mra. K. A Elsb Barton. 17-18 toe Sale Poir we cd Kridl Zgola Aea a a North to of of Foiw ��o3l �-s5 to toss ,.3iss�s it Xea Are Okobi be5pi�?� in Boa Fob Nad win not be in Bof internet in any of 1r8 Moning sender. At Tuisee we win Bare the a a Aadu. Pm. Or Sirit so i Hood is a Wail sen Rice in us again non by we crib not take Stock Modny May 2. W. E. Hasni. Bar ten. In nope a if Seo totes bomb -isnos.1-1 Cash paid for fore hides Olid rank. Dephone 58-11. Dnad in Bansky. Barton. Tif ass n to by Yre fab Mebs mom Caen we by monday. May a Leacey Cowa two Irmo Anolda in milk Caires by Nde tire res Yoor Oak to foe Ahen Aoa. C. A Podet of heres. Both a phones. In Baston. Vemont. Wed Broay. Aholas 1920 Shil a spin 5 cd of. Hot. I dog plans for and it a but Semcer Are made Sid Aba al a to a Savage to ego. Y. The Mew Troin schedule. Ito St a setts and Titi or of a Hor the Foo wire was the Tori of woe Reuie _ in a my too Nerer a Ink for one Nota this. We bore Hanys been a Helper to Ottar of did al we Yeold Bare been a tufted. Mow we Bare a i the Tow a a 3 of toe for a Buck conf too and trouble of �l5s Ras an trains ran one hour a beads to Fonner Stoa Dule. Except the l toy Kne Sonto which rens on its tie Only Toby to my a trains Ilter is tha toe Day air be South r Toan Bere re. A toe methodist Scop. A fran the Venont confetti was add m a nerf her. S. Olt Etor of i town who goes to East Urke. W a new an. Or. Wood ceases to in Toog Foore Enetter Een Ference. A etch mgt Cal notes the ire is out Crystal Lake. Cut to Irwin Bas been sick the p. M Lar. And Mza. St. Oage Sisi Tec toy recently. See p. J. In re Tiah card in he rectory this. Week. Into Cheslay. Who Bas been i. Thia town Bas Assn Toro Witoly and we Fiad Tost a a few he has gained toe respect and kids bib of a Large per Ceat of toe Era Aad at this tire we take of re in presenting the name of h we w Brown for Ormaas county a now to Tbs Retenia every b in the Donn to we ask Yoor help Roope Ratum to Gire of Oor Jost voters of toe town of Westmore. Weather Eon Tinnes Cool with rain Wobito is Sta Iong toe i and Jettong toe Ronda Bat foe-9� Getty by onto the land Moto is Dowly improving. Or. And mrs. Harry Lee spent to it Eek Eod in Ere Asville. Mrs. W. M. Wright returned apr Day Frem Brig look Shapital f Igess Tod Eliott neat the he. M cad Wito her parents in Newpor mrs. W. M. Writt is visiting her a sister in. Dopey at North Troy mrs. A. D. Abbott under Wen. An Hospital a Iid schedule of games and says is every prep act for a Sery team. W. Abbott of Boston. V. J. To of Lynda Rise and w. D. To of St. John Sabety were a town me by Beca Aoe toe illness of their Mot bar. Str a mis. W. E. Gsg 1 mews from of panty director m. M. A w Orleans Rega diag Tbs pre on Tois Tonto in toe Eoo aty w9l reach the quota aet for Tima Wuh a Poa Sills of one or West Charleston to Troy Are reported Orer too top already with Seetal other topic is Rod of to word their Obot Eres big was abetted $140 to this Apa Ign Bat for Soma reason was Rhoded to toe list As a rooted to this per several woos ago. Or. Talm reports a up loaded spirit and Wisbin Swiess for the Bantis i Bare tract realty Subito waa Rety that asked for of the Gol _ a lists Oxe ept that it was on a Foar year basis. Both new Toor Ehos exceeded their to Tais. West Charleston Aad Recto Troy Derby and Newport Greter Are understood to be a the Bend too orb definite reports Bare not Besa Reee ired. The baptists Toronj Toong the county r co Tom their drive mias Godys beam after Bai with bar sister �0. Mrs. Restry Tisi tog her a a Sruti has re Luis to so miss Lucilo Andeona and mba Cheney who a touted at to fear Eris Homo Toft past work a re Lolu Imd to veer Mitma. 2ss.�?~vs7�dst? a botch. That is steadily increasing. Lefa All Eomy new so Day and break a prey Ioos Raco Crft. Jooeph fit oar and miss Ethal May go Yaw of this Proea wore on bad to holy Matrimony Ltd Tox Ruday Quot to. E. Pan a few friends of my. Bordic were invited to bar i Moe Bata Xpsy night Fay miss Bernice Wheeler. After a very pleasant Ereni ire refreshments were served by mias Wheeler. The guests were invited into the dining Roo which was lighted by toe spin Mariate number of Vandlee on a Butl cake. After doing Justice to the refreshments each re timed bombs wishing mrs. Burdyk a pleasant year. She re edited Sevrean Little gifts. The United states civil service Eom a 22nd, at tha m. E. Pax Onaga. Rit w. S. Craig one total. Thaw a ire to to hog or. Haim Teaa. I Masatto Abany Lato Friday night of toe m. E. A bored. And mrs. Fisher Meh Happ Teaa. There Wib be a baseball in the base event there is poriae of Orton for Tion to be Brid at Barton on May 22, As a result of sri Ito it is my touted to make to fib a Conte to Toft position of at West a ted red fourth rials ment. Oaf Sceo unt of toe the id the meeting Orsu sol Taril win it be Adie artied to. A wednesday Day. Jlas. Cd s. Whited at toe with Ifim. Seeker Immay a \ and mra Balb base of the last fiscal year. The afternoon study dub met with mrs. Pearson on thursday 22. Sistemi mongers and three visitors were sent. A most interesting program on Quot american women writers was give. Beading Quot Wom i in american i Quot a a a Florence Vioree Reauis from the us dais a Louisa mrs. Jennie Lee Toat came a of j. P. Uris re Wal 1 a of and mrs. Charles Wister Are toe we with their Sou at auction y hoax essm a sale�?10 acres Tio age tend. F3 ses this land to Lote of one Aoe. B. Tedfor. Bar if ios Sale in mortal regi per Cherod Stai fian. Ace 10 a a Hist i sri Way. A a sad terms Rea Sookhie. Loquire a Beaton Newport. It. Boa Loyle i igbo Ford a very top and cur Tama. In Good 2��. J g. Turnbow co Sale Serend hand my mid pm change for. Orleans. Ros Saul Flay Aad Alfred Brean. Orlyana Fitt Walker Baiten. 411f f. 7�o-foot Wood at b. B. My �21 rebut Ford read a a hatching a b Hou Remato Aristi eggs 12, it la a red Tacto of Bock a a j. B. Good a elicited. A beat 18�?18 Viola it Mil 17-lsp Vahrm Tysaan of Albany i put Jereral Days with Foien. In town recently. Tea Ludiea society Ati toe czech Lorg Thorsti aftem Oma at 3 old old a ladies of toe Church it erected to Noah work Are invited. A is denied. Rev. G. A. Martin at St. Sch Tabory will be the pm wite big a Jet of a a a the it amp i a 1. A. 4�� it Hie Home Here recently. Lity Caius Bias tree Bere in insurance and Bill be Tate beat Stock and �?5�? in qty Bonds a Kinda at Thiafi Farmers notice a a been and it a to 1 i Wib a am we May it at last. Men bar the Date and plan to attend. To Tor. Mrs. A. H. Ill Toni. Want la Enby 17-i8p a absentees Wanto of anted Freto age a al Labo want a my tie in Spany 8-17 another fall a there Erfyl be a meeting of toe Wool s family. Growers of Orleans county at Barton a a a a to Quot Mai a to attend. Ode p. To Wool l to be present a there is p. We later was to Boston an i for toe Barton Ante sex last week. Four men its Rod Reland for the sex Dinge to Day in to dare Boom four Chand. Ice or bet were ca2cd Back because Saab sen of la. Aad re stating that the cars could Glover and Liber a Emilies As Timy May occur at Toat Olliee unless it shall be bedded to toe tote reate of the service to fill any vac am by reinstate the a Mare sat on of the Post at this of lace was $467 for mrs. Ead tog. Quot a song a Ouisa m. Alcott Lee Reading a the barn to life a a Kate Douglass a Ida Miles. Three Short Jim and Jelm of main and or eng. I a Host of friends. A Ziab to Thia saw Tavs or so so a Kex �?���i.sfh�rhiis it amp sons a. Anna Bow i. Or. And mrs. Alton Maynard. Or. And mrs. John Rubama. South Albany in. A w. Williams a aah Farriw unto savagely with Toen Watlam. 71 and Alvah Miller have Imasd. Williams farm for a year. Frank Grham waa to Grea on saturday to aaa mrs. Even who is m. Arthur Uria. Who Bas been to in Teoh Mich toe past Winter Haa an read by mrs. Nettie Auen a a what to a the Wilcox a a life a the Refre Durets 1 torts and a so Cial hour was enjoyed. A letter from min Sarah e. Mason a former Resi Dmit now of Minneapolis tyls us that she is about to take another mis monary journey to North Dakota. Also that min Nellie Whitney a former resident now a Mentor of the faculty of the University in minnea Dis in so a Ned a serums aeration to a Hospital there but made a rapid recovery and a Ipa Nied Ber Sistar mrs. C. E. Aus Buck to her borne in Sas Katehes min Mason splendid Bas dab team this summer. Come Aad help Alpoim tha baseball up to toe exam mkt. Meeting rest a at 8 o clock. A the Man to the Moonlit lit a a Western drama with Bossignol a French Canadian outlaw who interrupts a Wedd tog deals tha girl for a Good purpose Vaa Ber brother and sacrifices Bis life to her service is a great picture Aad May be seen at new Tim s Ball saturday evening. May f at 8.16 of clock. Admission adults 20c. Chi Wren. Toc. Adv. Bast Albany pm jeters is visiting his sister mrs. A Kraal Morley is quite ill at this writing. Utillie and min May Stewart spent sunday at Julius Blodgett a. His Sabre w few Days at her min Sylvia Switzer of Irasburg is working for mis. Julius Blodgett. Mrs. Fred twombly was taken to Orleans Hospital thursday for treatment. Or. And mrs. Harry Darlng of St. Johm Emmr have been spending a few dare Efto he toothed mrs. Anne Clark. Mrs. Fred wbk Iea of Cambridge. Mass., and John Morley of Wor Ter were called Home sunday Oft a. Count of toe serious Slnar of their Mother. Maryann sinon Bowen wife of Richard Bowen died it her Home april 19th. After an if ass of six following Brodio paen Monia. Owen had or. And mrs. C. R. Vance and ily visited at s. T. Vance a to we a Glover sunday. Mrs. A it ton Comer and son. Charlab Wrea to Barton Friday to attend lha Fonarev of toe lit a amp ugh tar of or and mrs. Fare Sadmon. Mrs. C. H. Porter who has waa keeping Boule for Alex do tha sugar season Fin bad sat Nodhy and returned to Ber Hai Brownington cent min Laura bit Ohio Bas i to her school to Charleston. Mrs. Lyman Seymour Bas been a the sick Tot the past we mrs. Chas. Gallup visited Ber pain Ente to Newpart last week. I Wib always re to of John h. Mrs. Who has his reread sick to her boat of Greer. Mra. S g. Chesley and Mav. Of Sotton recently Days at toe Home j. Amp Sawyer of Lyando Sivilie t of w restore a i a it a a Tot 1�?�?j5�2j� and Appia a la. To waa a a to Freud. Hauae of rub omm Lent a r or. A j5liti 2tv. H. Akif. It Uig so. Rom rms not be bad when esp actor. Kenjy a in was he Tofu Woumn of toe a it and win be Rem i and at ire abm a at toe Boom item hmm. W aha bad i a. A Atkins of Hardwick waa the tic Tiai of a a Way Ace tin wan for adds that one a her m in a the Man who Iam ired me with a desire for kneed Edge he was the first teacher to the new Village schoo Boase. A at first it was Onty a Village Sid kid but be Brou fat Young people a rom several towns and Tsien toe school took on toe dignified title of min Mason is toe aunt of l. E. Masai was reared on the Mason form and for Many years was a teacher to Stone Pohs and to North Dakota after teaching in the East for pm by Handy of Man sit hns pm cute Stoa a a Bostos Towk �sl����?o�2s-Tlrrffi Btu Toetie and of a a Nutter Barton he on tuesday Etc nag Orient chapter no. 13 o. E. Amp a a Mablie to Stella Tion Aad toe Fob Stog Otteen were installed by we toy to Aad Stren of w. Gatti and of St worthy grand Matooka mrs. Flora toe k. Pierce w. 0�kj2rss.�rt Ira. To my Ovren had been to foil tog health for several years. She was born in Albany february 28, 1866, the Only daughter of 11 and mrs. Jam Stor on. On february 11, 1891 she spa United in marriage to Richard Bowen of this i see and to them four children were Bora three of whom survive her and Eddit adm died at the age of 22 months. She was a devoted wife a Loving Mother and a Friend to everyone Ever ready to lend a helping hand to Jhoo m need. The funeral services were held at the b. C. Church of which she was a member and the burial was to the Catholic cemetery Hoe. She leaves to Monre her kit a her beloved husband and three Dan Tere Anna tins la nine Pound daughter was essm itly to or. And mrs. Omar f re try t Antoine Prevost is drawing Mill. While Charles lathe is doing set Toni Woric. Or. And mrs. Ernest Wright of 81. Johnsbury Are visit tog at Chariot lathes. Mrs. Peter Fleming and Dang Tere Hazel and Bertha Are recon mtg fran influenza. Albert Lacourse died of pneuma at Nathan Berry a april 18th. Fua the particulars later. Mrs. Lena Kettle who has been a Harnne for a few Days returned to her work in Orleans sunday. Mrs. Harow Heath of Orleans to bed at toe Home of her parents my and mrs. W. P. Smith last Weto. A. Evams Villa mra. L. A. Drown is Nurry a in mob. Kipps family at Orleans. Or. And mrs. Harry Lee of Baz Teai visited at George bunts sunday. Andy Smith spent the with Ralph Dutton at toe farm. Geo. C. King and family Boro were called Here i Unity of it by the in mrs. Kings Ostber. Or. And mrs. J. L. Marshb Are visit tog their Dau Ter mra Nelba Osi re of Bradford. E. E. Mcdowell and w. W. To Owril were Here last week to hate care for their father w. S. Mcdo w. S. Mcdower died at Bis be a Ere sunday after Nomi. His a Semi by Ami the funeral were conducted from the Bone at if _ _ _ _ a is Azarei. Ways id. Of Hardwick jul a a ago Williams , conn., tended notice next week. O clock tuesday eve. W. A a of pea Criam Solei atm. So a Chance to Haj it m us it is by to Means too late to j. Amp not of am Hrip a. V. Will. Orleans r. A. Ham Tom. Orleans selves by Contri Bottog to the . Isa i a a but there Are Many who to Idle a. Bartlett. Be it Rich Leader. Giever Grange a. H. Boot Craft Muy have no tag. He Anderson Glover you in. B. Lee Barton Many _ yet seat to who Pton to do so. Sre urged to hurry. Below Are toe Namaa of a too a Wpm have sent to Iaea the last be m. Porter Orhun Rrt waa Prid. Wilb Yoter mama a. E. A toe Tot next Weritz of the Lead tog Laeb Aad Omnia of the to astr Nav it Garter it 2j$ 13� to draw Pia Toat Phi by it a Tea dad to Mza. A Cahm 1 chanter of re mid Atoa members of tvs to try Miro big i my the is my Dew tiie prove a a 1 it a tall it told lotto Jeffi Plajer 3 a rehab Wisda sadly Isania gof a a to re set to a a fms fsr mls so a a a 4. In. To Melter Ftp a 1 44 Holt Zow fire Toa Mufti i to to to to Misir of it to Sam to a it an Fri for Toa i Aad Toa to Etc of of Ocean a dmm of Wofe att a Cha Anas Fop my. Odom Dave Toad. In. N. Me Nunon 0. W. Lopeka Orleans f. A 8waasop, Orleans a m. Porter Orleans or e. Ballis no to Troy v. A. Dato Dei toe Geo. P. Soot Newport a say a a a Han Orleans 3. Iofi in a l. __s5 a or Agato m to of to he. Me a a Razaa your hip must ire Tawil a a Rren West Glover we want away i a Aase Unte. 5. To in a Graa liboro �.vw�sss la to West ger gel Mcgaa cute. Is

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