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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Barton, VermontForeign immigration and ends. At depot st Montpelier. capital saving Bank nil Nih company announce that Thoy will us be a deposits in april and transact a Ken or Al banking business receiving accounts of firms and individuals subject to Check and allow interest on deposits. This company will also act As trustee or the Robin. My of Wuh Fri Libor Over the Way in a t holy out in the aun of Rin Fulcd from cur cars her looks of Gray Ami listened to hear the Robin sing. Cur grandson playing at marbles mopped and Cmel in sport a boy will be. Tossed a Stone at the Bird who hopped from both to Bough of the Apple tree. U ii i y 1 .1 Aii Avi .1 1st car Best it i eldfi1? the Ireat under Pii mucin pm. Hui middling Cotton seed 3icil l Oats and food of nil u Usu. Have just received car a Large Stock of wi1 in. Which we n in at a v i y lots p i. The purity Patent Flo the lust in Trio t la Ii i i i f ii. Ii ii i will la in i Pijl r. D. W. Brown ton i. Agent for individuals will buy and Well first Clas s securities collect coupons ant dividends for depositors tree of charge and extent to its depositors an accommodation granted by similar u inking institutions. This Bank will guarantee c it interest free from taxes to depositors which in most cases is equal to a c i r Cut. Investment where it is taxed to the individual. This company has Over 1.10 Stockhold ers and a subscribed capital of 8100,000 which will be a guarantee of $200,000 to depositors the largest of any Sav Ings Bank or Trust co. In Northern or Central Vermont. The management of the Bank is in the hands of seven Alrec tors who Are Well known men As follows Albert Johnnett a. Sibley k. K. Blakely t. Deavitt ii. N. Taplin g. F. Sibley. Alexander Cochran. V respectfully solicit the business of per sons having Money to Ilcy sit or seeking investments. A few shares of Stock is offered at .$101 per share subject to and Vance in Price. Cai Itai. Savings Bank & Iii or. Irth Westeri life. As life is Uncertain and Bank cashier Are not to Liwaj irus Tou. Any not invent Koumic of Jour pare cum inc in Jne insurance. Tiie Northwestern Mutal life is solid. And can k be you insurance that will pay you from tour to seven per cent compound interest on Ever Dollar paid us premiums aside irom carry Init the risk of your life. It pm Over fix million sir plan and pays the largest dividends of any known company and consequently it it the cd capt and gives More for your Money. Investigate before taking insurance in other companies. Address Perry Porter agent West liar acc it. And school of Short Han and Type writing Winter term begins dec. 1, is a. Write for the finest illustrated catalogue Ever published. Stoard can t obtained cheaper in this than any other City graduates aided to Pood a Vinyl positions App ii actions for admission Shuhl he made at once. I. I. Ii 1 1, is. Principal . Man sold under of Only the m of costly Nna Kulp t mate rings actual Cost 1 5s than is. 25 per Camfora Sale by ii. a inti Tiki i. 14 Young cows one two year old ill slip n Bull and three Shoat for Sale at reasonable prices. Thomas co ii Kan. C ral Asbury March 10. Uhf the Best o a a Limi x i i Why Yod will Lekve now that hear my. Inter gives & a Elicious at5 Jasom Chew. " John Finzer pros bal5am one of the Best medicines eve invented for perfect and la mediate Relief in cases of paix am ixflaji3iati0x. This excellent compound is achieving the most signal triumphs astonishing Many u to have Occa Sion to use it by the certainty u ii h which in relieves them of their Stiffe Minifri Holh externally and intern ally it is Safe and certain in its action. The Jurns Erysipelas inflammation of the eyes or Vloutis Ujj Zofness he Emu tim Lions in Side Hack or shoulders or its sore Throat croup or a bronchitis. Price 25c. And i at All druggists. E. Morgan & sons props ii. I. New pension Bill. Dependent parents widows All disabled soldiers without repair d to origin of disability whether contracted in the service or not All soldiers .1l nth .,.1 i. I.,.iiiiiu i l l i Jiuhui i Iii Lutts Unin in 11 than $12 per month Aud others entitled thereto should apply immediately to receive the benefits of the new pension Bill just passed. No matter it you have a claim pending or Are now drawing a pension you can apply under the new Law and still continue to draw under the old. You can use the proceeds of pension obtained under the new to prosecute the old claim. Pension Birins from Date of Lilier application. Proof easily obtained 1 am prepared to prosecute claims under thu w. me Forward Vouthy Necessia v Blanks to execute at once or better still come Aud fee me and i will drive your cae prompt attention whether uner old or new Law. Ii. 1$. , pension attorney. Iii House Newport it. Mil also. Hand made Orcutt s k23 fearful increase of this terrible disease. Read this and you May prevent becoming one of its victims. It is an alarming fact that paralysis is becoming More and More com tvs Xia h Mon and the medical vie of Lave disco v. Al Yjih i i cre1 it 1 it a remedy is i i Fieri l w h is almost certain7 e to i to cure tins terrible ois i j i r what started the furore for this Medicine amour physicians was the won Dereul and almost miraculous cure of Alexan of gasp der Horn of the Marine failed to heed the Asylum. Philadelphia first Semi Lojis. I enu. Thousands of physicians All Over this country Are to Day present ing the same marvellous remedy which cured him and made him Able to walk Giu when for Ticen to one years before he had been so paralysed that he had not lifted his foot from the floor. Some doctors recommend prescribe this Medicine openly others secretly. At any rate it seems unfair that sufferers should pay a fee to physicians when Tley can Purchase at any druggist s for $1.00 per bottle this wonderful remedy which is a know lodged at the present Day As the a a t paralysis cure and preventive. The remedy is or. Greene s Ner Vura and j. S. Phillips esq., the prominent notary Public of Phil Adelphia was the first to certify to or. Horn s remarkable cure and thus bring it before physicians Aud the Public in talking with the Well known John s. Sorenius esq., 283 Ellison st., Paterson x. J., he referred to the really astonishing curative Powers of or Greene s Ner Vura in the following emphatic terms miss Pauline Boe had a terrible stroke of paralysis and having myself received such great benefits from or. Greene s Ner Vura i persuaded her to use it As last resort. She did so and the change since taking this Medicine has been most remarkable. Surely through the mysterious effects of this wonderful curative remedy or. Greene s Ner Vura miss Roe has received a new lease of life. I shall be ready at any Aud All times to testify to the remarkable restoration to health of this lad and the wonderful effects of or. Greene s eur 4j-"-, i j a l afterwards miss Pauline toe of s06 7th ave., new York herself substantiated the facts. The suffering i said was unbearable. My speech was impaired my Mouth drawn to one Side and the pains in my head were . I used or. Greene s Ner Vura Ami before i had used ii bottle i Felt a marked improvement and now 1 fat myself again. It gives uie great pleasure to recommend All troubled with Ner Vous complaints to use this really wonderful med mrs. Fisher of 44 Vander built ave., Brooklyn was restored from paralysis by the same remedy in a no less wonderful Way. Now that All May recognize the approach of this treacherous disease Aud take it in time to surely prevent it the first or premonitory symptoms Are Given. Paralysis is curable and it can always prevented by or. Greene s Ner Vura if taken in time. Among the first symptoms will be noticed a Ner void Ness and restlessness with weak and tired feeling in the limbs and general sense of exhaustion any unwonted exertion will be followed by great fatigue and the ,. Weakness will be very Jive a 3marked. These symptoms i Jorr ? per will often be accompanied rjae Nik by bad feeling 111 the head Jav t to and the person often wakes pc of a i Euch morning More tired a us sri. I and languid than on retire p Fri Joti. Ing. As the Dicus pro t i f l dresses there will be a l. Iofi Hafl coldness and bad circular &4&-Ulj. Tion in the feet and limbs a a followed after a time by a slight num mls or tingling sudden stroke at first hardly noticeable but gradually becoming More marked. Among the first so Uip Tonis also Are a weakness tired feeling As trembling of the limbs with an exhausted sensation. Proofs like the above cures Are almost certain guarantee that All is Mihira effected can be cured by or. Greene s Ner Vura. Do not hesitate for a moment when perfect restoration to health is within reach. Ivy 110 Means neglect the first symptoms for they surely Lead to prostration Aud Paral Ysis. Save yourself from the Ter Rible disease while there is time by Tii use of this wonderful remedy and prevent a serious 01 fatal Issue. Or Greene s Nervi a is purely vegetable and perfectly harmless and is for Sale at druggists for $1.00 per bottle. Or. Greene of 34 Temple place Bouton massifs discoverer is the famous specialist in the cure of nervous and chronic diseases. The doctor has devoted special attention to the treatment of All forms of chronic diseases through letter correspondence and will give by mail his opinion and advice in any Case free of charge. The perfection of this system renders a Complete cure almost assured As his Success in treatment by correspondence is wonderful and unequalled. Or Send for symptom Blank to fill of out or write or. Greene Abou your Case and a carefully considered letter fully explaining your disease and giving you a perfect understanding of All its symptoms will be returned ret of charge. Jt6 entirely vegetable Mandrake and a sure the cure for c0stiveness bilious Ness dyspepsia indigestion diseases of the kidneys torpid liver rheumatism dizziness sick headache loss of appetite jaundice eruptions and skin diseases. Price 25c. Per bottle. Sold by All druggists. Henry Johnson & lord props., Burlington to. Fowle s pile and humor cure cures piles scr Fuia eczema Salt Ithem cancerous and ulcerated stores Aud All Dis eases of the skin and Liloon. 61 a bottle Artaree for o. Heidi ii info we. Boston. Consumption cough or cold Brok Chestis Throat affection scr Fula wasting of flesh or any disease to Jere the tji roat and lungs Are inflamed of strength or Here Power you can be relieved and cured by pure cod liver Oil with. . Palatable As milk. Ash for Scott s pm torsion and let no explanation or solicitation induce you to accept a substitute. Sold by All druggists. Scott & , . The n. Y. Herald remarks very sensibly As follows when we were younger we welcomed anybody and everybody. The Man who could t get a living with All the opportunities we offered in those Days was either sick or a fool. We were building railroads Mills manufactories and could use almost Auy sort of material. Good wag were paid because in spite of the Hundred of thousands who came to us yearly there was constant need for More brawn and muscle. It seemed As though the i pouring of All creation could not glut the labor Market and glad to transatlantic steamers at our docks As crowded As a hive is with bees. But things have changed during the last Twenty years. There is now on the average a round million men a vast army constantly out of work. Competition has Cut Down the wages of the labourer and employment is Uncertain. Manufacturers have become conservative and no longer take Chance As Thev did formerly. The railroads which were then in Progress of construction have been finished and the men who built them have been forced to seek other Fields. Europe however seems to think that America is a Good dumping ground for All discontented and undesirable elements. Steamships companies have scattered wild fabrications of endless wealth to be had for the asking and have reaped a Rich Harvest by the transportation of the lame the crippled the halt the Blind every one who could beg borrow or steal Money enough to pay his passage. These steamships Are owned by foreigners who have no interest in our institutions and whose whole aim is to pocket their profits. The time has come when vigorous Meas ures for our Protection should been forced. For the Sake of our own people we ought to limit immigration. If a Man has Money or brains there is room for him but if he can t add to our National Prosperity by Intelli gence Aud Enterprise we ought to Tell him plainly that he had better stay where he is. Until we do take that stand and maintain it we shall be the Asylum for the misfit humanity from every Quarter of the Globe. Rheumatism is quickly cried by using Arnica & Oil liniment. The Young husband who exclaimed half in jest and half in Earnest if we Only had a few less curtains and a few More comforts struck the keynote of unhappiness in Many a Home. It is on the basis of what others expect of us instead of what will really contribute most to the enjoyment of the family that we fur Nish our houses and spread our tables and clothe our children and entertain our friends. This Clouds our vision As to the relative value of things. We forget that a woman of a sunny temper and unruffled nerves presiding Over a table of the plainest fare gives a Charm to the meal which the most delicate viands and the Cost Liest China Ean not furnish if they be provided at the expense of worry and fatigue on the part of the nervous overtaxed mistress. Contentment repose cheerfulness Freedom from Petty anxiety these Are some of the essential elements in a Happy Home. Let us beware of sacrificing them to artificial standards As to dress and equipage. After suffering horribly for years from scr Fula in its worst form a Young son of or. It. L. Ling 706 Franklin st., richmond.va., was recently cured by the use of Ayers Sarsaparilla. No other Medicine can approach this preparation As a Cleanser of the blood. With sugar on the free list about one Hal f our imports will be absolutely free of duty a larger proportion than at any time since 1841. This does not sound much like a War or a robber Tariff either. It is True that the democrats would have retained one half the duty on sugar and re moved entirely from Wool and reduced it on some other things but such a policy in our opinion would not have been a Good one for the country at Large. Catarrhal deafness is relieved by using John son s Anodyne liniment As directed. Try it. Yard Ley i suppose that married life is really More Happy than the life of a Bachelor Wick Well yes i fancy it is. Still there s room for improvement. I believe it would be More of a Success if the wife would pay a Little More attention to what i say and not quite so much to what i the promptness and certainty of its cure have made Chamberlain s cough remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs colds croup Aud whooping cough Mill it is the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. 50 cent bottles for Sale by ii. C. Pierce. Hogs Are no As filthy in their Hab its As they Are represented while their keepers Are More so. A Well Bie d hog will prefer clean food and drink every time if he has an oppor Tunit 7. Their motto is clean if pos sible beggars Are not choosers. For a number of years i have been subject to it attacks of inflammatory rheumatism which generally lasted about two months. On the first of this Mouth i was attacked in the knee and suffered severely for two Days when i procured a bottle of Chamberlain s pain Balm and it relieved me almost instantly. I therefore most cheerfully recommend it to those who Are similarly afflicted everywhere. It. I. W Hitler Martindale n. A feb. 1838. Or. Whitley is a very prominent Man in this place and his disease was very widely known As he suffered such severe pains w. M. Houston & co., Mer chants Martindale n. C. 50 cent bottles for Sale by ii. C. Pierce Barton it. An acute observer remarked recently that according to his observation there Are in the Ordinary pasto rate three Well defined periods. In the first the pastor is idolized in the second he is criticised in the third be is cauterized. Christian Intelli Gencer. Moisten a handkerchief with Johnson s Anodyne liniment and inhale for wakefulness. One part by measure of Olive Oil and two parts of vinegar. Shake Well together and apply with a Wool in cloth after which take a dry Wool in cloth and rub vigorously. A housewife who uses this says it is a first rate reliable furniture polish always to be depended upon for giving most satisfactory results. Scientific american. The hungarian novelist Jokai is said to be a millionaire. Our spare hours Are Well named they seem the shortest of the Day. The longest name in the Bible is Marhar shall hash a z. It occurs in Isaiah 3. The thinker must write so that he that runs May read in or a to become a Light and a farm lands in the United states taking the country As a whole of Espy Only 2s9 acres in every 1,000. Linen that has become yellow from being Laid away May be whitened if soaked in Buttermilk two or three Days. The largest beekeeper in the world is or. Harbison of California who has 6,000 hives producing 20, 000 pounds of Honey yearly. Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth s full name is Emma Dorothy Eliza Euette Southworth. She is Over seventy five e years of age and very feeble. Tennyson was fifty when his idols Elaine guinevere were published and bras about sixty to o when he completed the series with Gareth and or. Talmage prides himself upon being Able to turn out an excellent ser Mon More rapidly than most men can write a letter. Spurgeon is an equally Quick composer. Water which is drank is not the Only source of danger. Many a widespread and fatal epidemic has been traced to milk from dairies where the pans had been washed in impure water or the milk itself adulterated with it. Unique ways of suicide. The shocking testimony at the state House which went to show that we Are poisoning ourselves to death with our Wall paper our paper boxes and a dozen other articles of daily use which contain arsenic has been talked about a great Deal lately even at 5 o clock teas when people generally balance their cups in the air and talk about nothing at All. There is a Broad suggestion for fiction writers in this matter. For instance the testimony at the state House showed that a lady had been dangerously poisoned by a Green paper Box that kept on a shelf in her sleeping room. Now if one wants to commit suicide quietly what better Way than to have paper of undoubtedly arsenic colors pasted upon one s Walls and leave some Green paper boxes lying carelessly about one s rooms and Wear clothes that Are dyed with arsenic or if any lady wants to murder an other for instance let her Send her a present of a handsome new Bonnet in a Green paper Box which is heavily charged with arsenic and so prepared As to Transfer its deadly elements to the atmosphere of the room at once. Of course the recipient of the Bonnet would keep the Box around for several Days and meantime the deadly work would be done. It is rather strange that this method of destruction has not been hit upon before. Murderer and novelists Are slow to utilize the resources of civilization. Boston transcript. The drummer s Little Story. I never Felt myself floored but once in my life said the drummer with the air of a Man who thinks he has some thing Worth the telling. It was Down in Maine he continued after waiting Long enough to set curiosity on an Edge. I d been living on railway sandwiches for a week find i just longed for a Square meal. Well we had to Stop at a Way station for a couple of hours on account of a hot Box or something o that sort and one of the brakeman put me on to what he said was a first class restaurant. I looked it up and ordered a Steak. The Steak came but it was a Dis appointment. I sawed away on it till my arms ached. It was out of the ques Tion to Chew the Small bits i Tore off from it though i tried hard. I gave it up finally and As i paid my score i said incidentally that s about the toughest eating i Ever experienced lie took the Money swept it into the drawer and without a quiver he coolly remarked you Don t seem to consider How much Good it la do you in the Way of exer Cise " Boston transcript. Teachers of american. Teachers of English Are plentiful in this Day and generation but teachers of american Are to be met with Only at rare intervals. In Liis City however there Are several of the latter who com Mand Good prices for their services and who find ready employment at All times. Foreigners who have been taught English in the schools of their native land find themselves completely at sea on their arrival Here and Many of them who can afford it employ teach ers to instruct them in learning the Peculiar idioms employed by the Ameri cans. The localism especially they find most perplexing to master and the teacher must be Well up on All the mannerisms and Slang expressions of the Day. The Bishop of the russian Church in this City has a Young lady employed to teach him american and he finds it a most necessary part of his education. San Francisco Call. The englishman s Ilea Fust. An american should always under stand what is meant by a breakfast in London. He will probably take break fast in his lodgings or if he lives in a hotel in the Coffee room at a fixed charge. There Are two distinct classes of breakfast the Light and the sub Stantial with prices to match. The first is one cup of Coffee one boiled egg and three slices of Toast the latter is one Small chop one egg a Penny loaf of bread a buttered muffin and Coffee. The principal dish of this lat Ter menu is varied in lodging houses from Day to Day the chop becoming sausage on tuesday Ham on wednes Day Fried sole on thursday and then the lonely chop again with the subsequent rotation kept up and Infin tum. London Cor. Chicago Herald. In relation to his scheme for a tubular railway across the Straits of Dover sir e. Reed Points out that unlike the Tunnel the tube can be destroyed if required with torpedoes or mines by the Fleet and hence could never be used by an enemy to maintain the communication of an army of invasion. Locusts As food. Diodoros sic ulus Olio lived about 60 b. A described a tribe of Locust eaters in Ethiopia who were accustomed to secure their yearly Supply of food by setting much combustible material afire in a Valley when the swarms of locusts passed Over so that they were stifled by the smoke and fell to the ground in vast numbers to be subsequently gathered in heaps with Salt and so preserved. Owing to their Peculiar diet these people never lived to grow old being eaten up by maggots which bred in their flesh. Locusts Are much used for food in Africa today. Flights of them Are considered such a Blessing by the natives in Many parts that the rain doctors Are employed to fetch them by their incantations. Washington Star. Justice is slow. It so jeans Well for the Laws of this country that eighty to o different men have been arrested within the last two years As the murderer of Snell. The Chi Cago banker. It was a Case of mistaken identity in each instance but proves that the Law is leaving no Stone in turned to find the right Man. Detroit free press. R Iline 1 jh1 it 111 w my i i i prime Cottoni r re l l me 1 1 i Mil in ii l my one priced s for Yon i i tor Trio j t. 01 st g o in to i to i. L.-. T suits Al suits Al Liu Trade on a a i u i. T i on Leih l me for 33 o xxx 11 a should kin,1, now i Hamb 3iiir i the Cooley creamers grandmother have you not heard my poor bad boy of the fiery pit and How drop by drop this merciful Bird carries the water that Inezi clips it he brings Zooi Dew in his Little Bill. And lets it fall on the souls of sin Yon can the Mark on his red breast still of fires that scorch As he drops it in. My poor Bron Rudd in my breast Burse d Bird singing so sweetly from limb to limb. Very dear to the heart of our lord is he who pities the lost like Janen Sai i i to the Beautiful myth sin Bird of Sod in my heart As Well each Pood thought is a drop wherewith to Cool and Lessen the fires of hell. Prayers of love like rain drop s fall tear of i y Are Cooling Dew and der to the heart of our lord Are All who suffer like him in the jjoo.1 they do John i. Whittier. t lure s a meddlesome somebody Point about and playing i pranks but we can t find him out he s and Down stairs from morning till right acid always in mischief but never in sight. Tie rogues i have read of in song or i tale Are caught at the in and conducted to jail hut somebody v tracks Are All covered so Well he never has seen the inside Ofa cell. Our Young folks at Home at All seasons and times Are rehearsing the Roll of somebody a crimes or fast As their feet and their tongues Ean Well run. Come to Tell the last deed the by scamp has done. Somebody has taken Ziy knife one will say somebody has carried my Pencil away somebody has gone and thrown Down All the blocks somebody ate up All the cakes in the it is somebody Breaks All the pitchers and plates and hides the boys sleds and runs off with their skates and turns on the water and tumbles the Beds and steals All the melts All the dolls Heads one right a Dull sound like the thump Ofa head Aii bounced that one youngster was out of his bed and he said half asked what it meant somebody is pushing me out of the tent now if these High crimes of somebody Don t cease we must summon in the detective police and they in their Wisdom at once will make k own the culprit belongs to no House but our own. Theu should it turn out after All to be True that our Young folks themselves Are somebody too How queer it would look if we saw them All go marched off to the st Tiou House Sis in a Row it is hard for a Man to race the world when he is Flat on his Back. There is nothing a Man is so proud of As a child that is sound asleep in bed. The Cornerstone of philosophy if you can t have what you want Don t want it. Women ate wedded to fashion and they love Honor Aud obey it cheerfully. The Man who could run a newspaper to Tuit everybody went to heaven Long talk is cheap when you can Send it through the Telephone at the rate of 10 cents an hour. Every heart Knower Hitson bitterness. Many a Man who looks Happy is wearing a shirt his wife made. Poor Etlie who has been stung first it walked about All Over Ray hand and it was so Nice but o when it sat Down Appeal of a very Young lawyer gentleman of the jury i beseech you acquit my client for my Sake for this is my first Case miss de Jinks Are you musical pro Fessor Jerkins professor Jerkins yes but. If you Are going to play Don t mind my pc clings woman May be Able to pack a trunk better than a Man but needs the Man to sit on the lid after has packed it just the same. One of the most amusing and harmless of distractions that Man is heir to is the fancying what he would do in he were somebody else. Nancy to her Cousin from the City can you climb Trees Maud first visit to the country in pained Surprise Haven t you an elevator that was a sympathetic audience i had said the lecturer. Yes i thought they All seemed sorry for each other said his bosom Friend. Look out howled the impatient victim in the Barber s chair. Do you think you Are carving in Wood no sir More like etching on brass. It is said there Are Only 203 Bones in the human body but when a Man has been hoeing potatoes All Day Long it is hard for him to believe it. Gold bags looking out at the tenements alas it must be very hard to be poor. We eau on the contrary it s confound edly easy to be poor. Tiie electric cars have come to stay said or. Walker when after enjoying the peaceful Calm of a blockade for an hour he got out Aud tramped it Home. How is your Friend doing out in Helena Mont of he s carrying everything before him. Good what business is he in he s a waiter in a restaurant. Teacher yes Russia is an Empire and the capital is in st. Petersburg. Mention a Staple article of that country Juddy. Juddy after some deliberation exiles. Jane the biscuits were like lumps of Lead this morning yes a know that but Theu i heard you say the master had to have a heavy breakfast before going to his business. Young or. De broke i want to marry 3 our daughter old Man surplus what for de broke Well i Don t know exactly but i Hope its for not less than a Hundred thousand. Amelia Darling. Yes Arthur. You know we Are soon to be married. Yes. And we should learn to be economical in Small things. Yes. Had t we better turn Down the Gas. Teacher Johnny what do you think u would like to be when a Man Pupil a schoolteacher. Teacher and Why Pupil cos dad says folks Don t need to know much for that. Your Melet would be a perfect poem dear but for one thing. What is that you have mixed at least Oue eighteenth Century Lay with the other eggs which Aie essentially modern. It s very queer in t it John that they can t find the North pole yes he replied but if they Ever do 111 bet the Telegraph companies have wires fastened All Over it in less than no time. The doctor Well Madame did the prescriptions which i ordered for your husband do its work a perfect Success i have not had the slightest difficulty with the life insurance company. Hostess Don t you think my daughter has a Fine voice or. Bronson and that i ought to Send her to Paris to have it cultivated Bronson yes if i were you i would Send her at least As far As that. I want something for my boy to work at said an anxious father to a Friend. What can he do Well replied the father with a sigh. I really Don t know. He is too Light for heavy work and too heavy for Light work. When baby we sick we Gare her Castor la. When we a child cried for cast Ria. When became miss Clung to Castori. Wisn bad children gave them Castori. Still take tin1 h adn Ifni Dairy apparatus. A imported tests and anal Sis if tin skimmed milk Sion that Are the most thu Rowh Cream Rais is ill the in tire they have the Host conveniences. Clothing dear 37,27lo23.cx to --tla.ixia.l5l Youil 3pvtxo Riff of the elevator style is most Polh Lali because it a nil the Lalor saving conveniences besides having Loose cans that Are easily removed by turning a Button Ami also has automatic ski Ineis. S?5 c5. M i j jux Oclo fax xxx oui incrcat3xxj3ll3.0s.ei to Lxvi Tyllo poop i Piccinto our 0110 Cabinet style is we have just by All who have used it to be the most Complete in All of its of any Cabinet on the Market. It has the combined patented Dass and draw of i at the Bottom of cans so that anyone can Seest a i1 Mere doing and in addition has the r a a i i Jipp Katok that works in the dark As Well As in the Call the attention of intending purchasers to the record of the i Woolcy dreamers and their products which have been awarded 22 Gold medals and inspect full your of mum and also to the Superior material used and their Superior construction. They Are made Imich heavier and More durable than any others. Compare with others and in dare for yourselves. Above All they do f Fink it i Auty than any owner Apia aids. Vermont farm machine co., Bellows Falls it. Children w clothing All new Good mints. Can invt you crucial Hiilis men s suits. All Wool Hoys All Wool mens 1 t hit 13i in 1 a r make Mork m Tseu Ami two suits now Pendi Nir in the u. S. Circuit t court in in " a i "1"1"1 " " " be Vermont farm mac1iin to. My tix Xio x of i liboro which deserve your attention Beffle buying Al t s tim Hii. V Nihil in Are notified that there Are District of Vermont against users of the a Rue mint of two patents belonging to us. Mil i Stockt s tag we Timve till kind and juice of shirts for tin m in. K lion s . We can give Vou a oth cheaper and Luthr Grade. My t am Sill i ii a Cut by los and Jio Pular juice. Fancy. K u a m an we cordially invite All to it of Cimic. And will try hard to please and Tiac Silhy a again thanking you i in i in Foi a m. Of i h we Trust that foil Sci our i Irma hip i Orcutt s Cash clothing is is the place to Tony want Texo paint Shiino. 1 uni we have now 7 0 Tulis All Sugae and butter 2 tots strictly pure Lead just x3nt French Zinc Oil turpentine Japan Pat. Duy Eli varnishes Putty Sand paper dry paints colors in Oil and Japan. 7u"jh s f1t to the Longman & Martinez absolutely pure prepared paints the Best paint there is every gallon Wair Unteal. Can show you houses that have been painted with it Here eight to ten years. Take one half Oil which makes it very cheap and will cover Mote surface than any other paint. Try them Masury paste paint takes 6 to 7 Gall Oil to the 100 lbs. We have the Best floor paint in the Market dries Quick and wears Well. We have a paint made specially for inside work in Snow Whit e and tints ground in varnish. Carriage paints Al Bastine Whiting shellac. Brushes brushes brushes in any style or kind you want. Artists supplies tube paints &c., . We arc Headquarters for painters supplies. If you Are going to use any paint at All it will do you Gool to come and me h. C. Pierce Barton it. discount Toj Aitie uni Ilin i o o Nice sugar mid hams and our own a Barron & on if on

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