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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 1

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Barton, VermontOrleans county Vermont monday Al Ril 27, 1801. Leo. Ii. . It . I Orleans county Monitor. Published weekly by Geo. H. Blake. Barton. It. Tel a a is when paid adva . Ii not paid in Advance #2 00 a i year. Subscribers living outside of Orleans or Caledonia counties �s1.75 per year. Keep subscriptions in Advance. Remit by f Post office order registered letter or draft. Watch the Label on your paper and see that i your credit is right. If not Correct Send the Ney to make it so or notify us of error by i postal card. Kates of Edvertis Iii made known on a i plication. All cuts must have Metal body. Kogian is a great nation but in surface extent Slie is Only about the size of our state Iowa. The difference in area Between the two is but 22 Square Miles. There were nearly twice the number of deaths in new York City last week that there were births. This proportion could uoti be Lorg maintained without new Yorkus losing her proud position at the head of american cities. Of course pneumonia and grip were responsible for the unusual mortality. Boston suffered a fire apr. Id which although not very extensive proved most disastrous to the fire department. More than a dozen firemen including chief Engineer Webber were seriously in juiced by a falling building and it is doubtful if All recover. The property loss was about 825,000. The presidents trip through the South has been one Long ovation. Cannons have boomed crowds have cheered bands have played flags have waved and Little girls innumerable have presented mrs. Harrison with Flowers. Surely the War is Over. The president visited Atlanta the scene of an engagement in which he bore a part some Twenty seven years ago. The enthusiasm with which he has been received is a Happy Omen of the country a future. It is humiliating to reflect that the prime cause of pauperism and crime in this country is drunkenness that this is known and admitted by All intelligent citizens and yet legislators courts the press and people Are apparently Luke warm or indifferent to this cause. The in Liticia stands in Awe before the Saloon Power and too often slavishly obeys its mandates the people Are silent passive or asleep when no agent is More Active for mischief than the Demon of drink. Society bears an immense. Financial Burden from the results of this diabolical practice still the Marvel of marvels is Only a Brave souls have the courage to stand up to their convictions of duty. Another important Extension of civil service examination rules was made recently. It will take in the entire Indian school service with the exception of Agency physicians and will include 600 or 700 persons. It had been intended to make the Extension apply to a still larger number but As Many exceptions must necessarily have been made it was thought better to wait until the Extension could be Complete. The president has also agreed that a clause of the civil service rules permitting promotions into the classified service without competitive examination after two years connection with a department be revoked. The administration is entitled to Hearty congratulation on its intelligent efforts in this direction. Vermont s sugar crop for 1891. A a Forbes of the Boston journal says the Maple sugar season of 18 Al has practically closed. It began the second week in March the first Good run of sap occurring on the 10th of that month. The season has been favourable for a Large crop of sugar and the yield of Many Maple Orchards has been considerable above the average of the past years. In some sections of the state the Farmers report that they have made four pounds and in some instances five pounds to a tree. The manufacture of sugar this year has been somewhat stimulated by the prospective payment in 1892, and for 14 years thereafter of a Bounty by the government to the producers. There has been an appreciable increase this year in the number of sugar works operated and the number of Trees tapped this season is much larger than in any previous year. From a careful estimate made by the journal correspondent it appears that fully 8500 sugar places have been carried on this season. More syrup has been this year than Ever before there being a constantly growing demand for syrup in the american Market. It is Estima Tell that fully 17,000,000 pounds of sugar and syrup has been made of which it is probable fully 40 per cent was syrup. The amount of cake and tub sugar produced is placed at 10,-000,000 Lounds. The Quality of both the syrup and sugar made is better than in any former season which result is largely due to the use of new and improved utensils and apparatus. The Market value of the crop of 1891 will doubtless exceed 81,200,000. In the Early part of the season Good cake sugar brought the producers from 10 to 12 cents per Pound and syrup sold for 81 per gallon. Farmers now realize from g to 8 cents per Pound for sugar and from co to 75 cents per gallon for syrup. Sev eral Hundred thousand Gallons of syrup have been delivered under contracts made last Winter by agents of City houses at from 50 to co cents per gallon. But these Are exceptionally Low figures. Of the 10,000,000 pounds of sugar which it is estimated was produced this season it is estimated that fully three quarters or 7,.�?~>00,000 pounds was of a Quality to have tested above 80 degrees by the Polar scope and thus to have entitled the producers to receive the government Bounty. The total amount of bounties on the above basis would approximate 81 �0, 000. The regulations and forms prepared by the commissioner of internal Revenue relative to the Bounty on sugar have just been issued. The regulations provide that All producers of sugar who intend to apply for the Bounty on sugar produced Between july 1, 1891,and july 1, 1892, in order to entitle themselves thereto must after april 1 and prior to july 1, 1891, file a notice Aud make application for a License. A Bond must be executed by every person or firm intending to manufacture and produce sugar under the Bounty provisions of this act prior to july 1 of each year. Sureties will be required in each Case. The penal sum of the Bond will be equal to at least one half the Bounty on the amount of sugar proposed to be produced during the year reckoned at 2 cents per Pound but will not in any Case be less than 8200. A How to cube All skin apply a is Wayne a ointment no internal Medicine required. Cures Tetter eczema itch All eruptions on the face hands nose &c., leaving the skin Clear White and health. Its great Healing and curative Powers a possessed by no other remedy. Ask your druggist for Swayney a ointment. Letter from North Carolina. Some months since several parties left Sutton for North Carolina where they went for the purpose of engaging in the lumber business. The following letter from or. Kastman one of the parties will be of interest we Are located at West end on the Aberdeen and West end r. R., about 70 Miles from Raleigh. This Branch of the Railroad is built throw Twenty five Miles of splendid timbered land where grows the Long leafed yellow Pine. The Timber is Large tall and of excellent Quality for Many purposes. Along the line of the new r. Thrifty villages have sprung up which Are centers of Trade for the surrounding vicinities. Some of the people farm for a living others w Ork in the Mills and Many Are engaged in the turpentine business. The operation of gathering the turpentine produced commences about the Middle of March and lasts till october. The first operation is known As a boxing a the cutting of a cup like cavity near the roots of the tree into which the turpentine gum is conducted from two slits Cut through the bark of the tree v shaped which conduct the oozing matter into the cup below. These slits Cut into the Timber a half Inch or More Are rec it and lengthened from time to time during the season. The tree is worked about six years. The drippings As the turpentine product is called Are taken from the Box about once a week. The stilling is done by putting the tip entire As it is gathered into a Large tank and water is added at intervals As a fire is kept under it Aud the steam passes off through a pipe at the top of the tank. About sixty feel of the pipe is coiled in a tub of water and the Vapours from the tank Are condensed into water and turpentine which run off into a tub the turpentine being dipped off the water. After the spirits Are steamed off the remainder is Rosin which is dipped into barrels. The turpentine business is profitable but it requires experience to run it. One Man near me has 2,000 acres of land the whole used As a turpentine he employs a Large number of hands and makes yearly about 700 barrels of turpentine and 2,400 barrels of Rosin. The turpentine Sells for about 820 a barrel the Rosin for 81.25. Labourers in the turpentine business get from fifteen to eighteen dollars a month boarding themselves. The amount of turpentine products shipped from this r. Is immense. The Timber after it has been killed by turpentine tapping is sawn into lumber and is All the better for having had the Rosin drawn off from it. It is needless to say that labor is done Here almost entirely by the Blacks and so cheap is their labor that the northerner unless he comes Here to run a business of his own will not find a paying Job. The soil is Light and Sandy and i hardly see what the people Here can resort to when the Timber is gone except it May prove that Froit growing shall support them. In another letter i May speak of the lumber business and Bow it is done. W. B. Eastman. Mothers a there arc upon the skin of every a Man being child and adult alike,2,300,000 pores. Through these pores in the form of insensible Isea cued More than one Quarter of nent taken into the system. The iia Ortance of keeping open these perspiration valves upon a child a body is second Only to that of properly digesting the food eaten. It was to open the pores of tha skin and to assimilate the food that or. Pitch what cheap sugar Means. The United states in parting with the Revenue derived from sugar which for a decade has averaged Over 850,-000,000, has taken one of the Steps which Are at once the admiration and despair of Europe. No european state could endure the loss of Revenue. No one of them having begun the customs Protection of its sugar industries would have the courage to abandon it Aud substitute Protection for Bounty in order to give its people the Benefit of cheap sugar and its industries the Benefit involved in the development of sugar production. The United states has done All three. It has parted with a Revenue from this single source larger than its entire Revenue receipts forty years ago. It has Given its people cheap sugar. By bounties it proposes to stimulate sugar production. It is High time. No better measure exists of the average Well being and Prosperity of the great mass of a people than a steady increase in the consumption of sugar and other Staples. La the per capita consumption of All other great Staples wheat Corn meat Iron Cotton Aud Wool the United Stales leads the world. It does not in sugar. The per capita consumption of sugar in great Britain in 1883 was seventy pounds annually the Gross increase was greater Here than in great Britain. Sugar Cou sumption advanced there from 1,068,-824 tons in 1883 to 1,231,828 tons in 1889, an Advance of 163,004 tons or fifteen per cent. In this country the Advance was from 1,164,926 tons in 1883 to 1,442,908 tons in 1889, or 357,079 tons an increase of thirty per cent. But while our increase in Gross consumption was twice As great As in pm gland the growth of population was so rapid that a per capita annual consumption of 48.2 pounds in 1883 Rose Only to 50.3 pounds in 1889. In the interval the consumption averaged 51 pounds. Last year 1890, it was 51 pounds but in the past seven years in which the world s production of sugar has advanced from 4,700,000 tons to 5,200,000 tons and the per capita consumption of every european country has risen the United states has increased its general without adv Aucius its individual consumption. A fact like this in a year of great Prosperity is Plain proof that the United states has not shared an increase general to All the rest of the world. Such a Check in consumption is the clearest demonstration of the evil worked by this duty. Protective tariffs have not had this effect. Our consumption of pig Iron doubled in the last eight years or grew twice As fast As population. This has been equally True of silk Cotton and Wool raw and manufactured. Protective duties in these cases did not Advance Price and hence did not restrict consumption. The a Revenue Tariff on sugar directly added to Price and did restrict consumption. This heavy tax on a prime necessity of food has now been removed. Raw sugar for the first time in our history is free. M e look to see its consumption increase by leaps and Bounds. It ought judging from English experience to double in the next decade perhaps in the next five years. Every family will feel the change. The Cost of living is sensibly lessened. It is rank nonsense to say that the refiner will absorb the reduction. The narrow margin of three eights of a cent a Pound left for the refiner is heavily reduced by the bounties on French and German sugars. Under these bounties Germany doubled her product from 1879 to 1889, and to Day exports More sugar than Cuba and Sells it More cheaply in the Market of the world. Cheap sugar is a certainty under the Mckinley Tariff. It is the Only a Mckinley Price which has come to stay. On a years expenditure in a Day Laborera a family of five the reduction is equal to a weeks wages. teed cure foe la our advertised druggist to sell or. Kings new discovery for cons Eplion. Coughs and colds upon this condition. If you Are afflicted with la Grippe and will use this remedy according to directions giving it a fair trial and experience no Benefit you May return the bottle and have your Money refunded. We make this offer because of the won Deranl Success of or. Kings new discovery during last seasons epidemic. Having heard of no Case in which it Lai cd. Try it. Trial bottles free at h. Pierces drug store. Large size 50c and $1.00. Village improvement. Ted Castoria. Loose bowels Cut fever and erupt on which Are so constant among infants and children and which Kul one third of All children before they Are five years old arise Prin Cip Auy from these two causes. It is from the won de Fol results attendant upon the use of in Rogu Layug the stomach and bowels and keeping open the pores of the skin that Castoria acquired its world wide reputation. With plenty of water for the body pure air of r the lungs and Castoria to assimilate the food there need be no unaccounted for sickness among children. Castoria is a vegetable ascription without morphine or other narcotic property. Thirty Yean extensive use has Given it a he toy never attained by another Medicine. Great Progress has been recently made in Village improvements. This movement plainly meets a Public want and has spread across the continent. The objects of these associations vary with local needs and possibilities including Public health especially sanitary conditions in Homes Aud their surroundings sidewalks roads roadsides school and Church Yards cemeteries Parks and other Public lands As Well As private estates the grounds around railway stations providing drinking troughs or fountains lighting and parking streets removing nuisances and front fences planting Trees organizing free town libraries and whatever else the exigencies of each place May suggest for its growth and betterment. In some places they serve the purpose of the Board of Trade in cities and in All they help promote Good Fellowship and co operation. The Charm of country life so dependent on neighbourly courtesies is often marred by needless wrangles and litigation on issues As trifling As that suggested by the proverb a win a cat Aud lose a it tends to fraternize a Community when All classes meet on com Mon ground and work for common objects where differences of rank wealth sect or party Are forgotten. To give an illustration in a town with a polyglot population and therefore hard to uni engaged in extensive quarrying and manufacturing a on a Given Day the Mills and quarries were All a shut Down a Stone and teams were furnished free and owners and operatives joined with the citizens in a big a Bee a where Many hands made Light work and All had a Good time. From that Day they have thought More of one another More of their town and Best of All More of their Homes which richly shared in these improvements As did the sidewalks roadsides cemeteries and other Public grounds. This Hearty co operation of All classes promoted ,. , for the political support of Good Fellowship and made the hum 8 a i ,.ahis when he desires it. Blest Workman proud of the achievements of that memorable Day. Kindred examples ought to be multiplied for such a a a been helps to counteract the tendency of Rural life to isolation and separation by classes and lifts out of the ruts of a plodding Monotony. After a Day of United work a collation served by the ladies whose co operation is always Hearty and efficient in Village improvements promotes Good cheer and Fosters social amenities. The Escutcheon of the Swiss confederacy a one for All and All for one a suggests the True motto for every Village improvement association. The Home should always be the objective Point. It has Long been m desire to help in bettering the Homes and Home life of the american people for the privilege and duty of life is the creation of tasteful Happy Christian Homes. When such is ones Ideal and his Home becomes his Pride life has Linghor significance value and sacredness. The i Orues of any people Tell their state and traits. The indians wigwam shows How Little he cares for the Rich acres around it or the Rich mines that May lie beneath it. Christianity has Ever marked its triumphs Over paganism Buji improving the Homes of its converts. The multiplied ministries of nature Providence and religion Center in them aint Nanee of Happy Homes. A the Hope of America is the Homes of the results of Village improvement already observed in this direction amply compensate for the Cost and work involved and invite More general efforts to a extend this Beneficent Agency. One Good example often makes Many others. Their manifold results in so Many states give a Force to this movement warranting the Hope that instead of hundreds there will be thousands of these societies for bettering Homes As Well As towns. Few communities can afford to continue without some organized efforts for Public improvements for they pay in Manj ways. They help to retain in town its wealthy and Public spirited citizens and attract desirable residents from abroad. A penurious policy is Penny Wise and Pound foolish. It defeats its own aim of saving and results in deterioration and loss. Men of culture shun a narrow minded Community. A Good name tends to enrich a town As Well As an individual while a bad repute May impoverish both. A Village improvement society often starts with specific plans and does its work in regard to local needs and then disbands. This is not a a fall from Grace a for its results continue for generations As ideals and object lessons to old and Young. The Active interest of an entire Community is not easily held to any single work however valuable nor is it necessary if the right sentiment and inspiration have become general for when this movement is individualized it goes of itself and the Well being of each is seen to depend on the Well doing of All. But Many of these associations Are permanent in their life and work. The patriotic sentiment which cherishes ones town is Noble Aud ennobling. The Man who cares not for his native town nor that of his adoption has no heart in his bosom. An example is found in an american railway King a millionaire taking no interest either in his adopted or his native town leaving Bis old Homestead neglected and forlorn. Such a fact suggests a selfish soul sterile in All heroic Virtues. B. G. Northrop Glinton Conn. How a this a we Ofier one Hundred dollars Reward for any Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Halls Catarrh cure. F. J. Cheney amp co.,props, Toledo o. We the undersigned have known f. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him perfectly honorable in a business transactions financially Able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West amp Truax wholesale druggists Toledo o. Halls Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c, per bottle. Sold by All druggists. Gov. Page has received assurances from the Secretary of War that the West Point cadets Are to participate in the Centennial Celebration at Bennington aug. 19, so that Vermont will have the pleasure of seeing the Best military display that this country can show. It is said that at the Centennial at new York there was nothing that elicited so much applause As these cadets. They Are perfection itself in every Point of military evolution. The state is under Many obligations to Secretary Proctor for adding this attraction to j the Bennington Centennial. 1 Washington letter. I special correspondence of the Monitor. J Washington d. C.,apr. 20, �?T91. Senator Sherman is in town and Many Are the ruses that have been tried for the purpose of getting an Anthor tive statement from him As to a his future political intention but no j one Lias yet succeeded in drawing him out. A gentleman close to him personally and political and who probably knows if anybody does said to me a emr. Sherman Isnit ready to talk yet and those acquainted with him know How useless it is for anybody to try to persuade him to do so until he is. But you May be certain that when the proper Lime comes the people of Ghio will be told whether he wishes to be re elected to the Senate John Sherman never travels under false pretences and never he i tates to ask in a Manly and and open business dire Tobt. It is the opinion of All the prominent republicans with whom i have talked among them several Ohio men that or. Sherman will be a candidate for the re election to the Senate and that also is Ray own impression. The Success of our special envoy sex minister Foster in negotiating Ith Spain a reciprocity treaty Between Cuba and the United states along the lines of the Mckinley Tariff act gives great satisfaction in official circles and most effectually disposes of All the democratic fairy tales about there being a hitch on account of the demand of Spain that we should place cuban tobacco on the free list. The Spanish government was very anxious that we should admit cubans tobacco free of duly but it was far too sensible to demand it Aud when informed that it was impossible there was no More said about it. The subject of counterfeiting i nit de states currency is assuming grave proportions and the officials of the Treasury department Are just at pres but giving considerable time to studying it in the Hope of discovering a remedy or preventive. The chief engraver of the Bureau of engraving and printing who is away up As an expert spent an hour in examining two 82 Silver certificates one genuine and the other counterfeit with a powerful magnifying Glass and his verdict was that there was not the slightest difference Between the two notes. New inventions in photo Ine he Apical processes have made it easy and clean for the counterfeiters to be prov use on a Metal plate every Hue of a note and after a Little etching it is an exact duplicate of the steel plate from which the note was originally printed and which it had taken Mouths to engrave. The color in the red seals Aud the greenbacks was once a Protection but late discoveries in photo Bromont makes it easy to reproduce the precise shades. The chief of the secret service in Bis last annual report says of this subject a the genuine government notes now a Days especially the series of 1890, Are marvels of the engraving Art aided by the wonderful Geometric lathe. One Touhl think it impossible to successfully counterfeit such work upon looking Over the Complex area of lines and patterns and yet at this moment counterfeiters Are reproducing it so perfectly that the elaborate Beauty of this paper Money May be said to offer no Protection to the Public or defense against the Only Way the expert has of detecting this skilfully executed counterfeit is by the paper and that has been so Well imitated that no one but an expert can Tell it from the genuine. So that really about the Only Protection the Public has against counterfeiting is the vigilance of the Treasury secret service. Representative Springer of Illinois is now Jock Early referred to As the a talking candidate for speaker of the House because of the number of his recent newspaper interviews. In his last after painting his own prospects a deep Roseate Hue which by the Way is not visible to any one else he sails into new York politics nominates for governor Aud elects representative Roswell p. Fowler whose a a barrel has so often been on tap to the a a boys of the democratic machine and makes him the democratic presidential nominee just As if those other two gentlemen Cleveland and Hill were not in existence. Really this speaker ship business is getting decidedly interesting and each of the would be democratic presidential candidates will soon have a candidate for speaker. Or. Mills is the Cleveland candidate or. Crisp the Hill candidate and it looks As if or. Spring tar was the of Quot lower candidate with a number of others yet to be heard from. The italian business has again simmered Down and everybody Here thinks that Rudini will find it extremely difficult to answer or. Blaines last dispatch which meets with commendation on All sides and from everybody. Good looks Are More than skin deep depending upon a healthy condition of All the vital organs. If the liver be inactive you have a i bilious look if your stomach be disordered you a have a dyspeptic look and if your kidneys be of j felted you have a pinched look. Secure Good heal the and you will have Good looks. Electric bitters is the great alter Auto and tonic acts directly on these vital organs. Core pimples blotches boils and gives a Good complexion. Sold at h. Pierces drugstore 60c. Per bottle. Akiho powder absolutely pure. A Cream of tartar baking powder. High Cal of All in Leavening v. S. Government food report. James Simonds will. La Tate of Vermont italians distr ii t As. For a 1891. In said District deceased being presented the court by Hibrain Melellan tie exe Miuor named therein Lor Pio Bau it is ordered by said court Liat All persons Roii cd Rcd therein be notified to appear at a session of said court to be held at . Baldwins Offlee in Barton on the 11th Day of Mav. A. D. D. 1891, Anil show cause if any they May live against the probate of said will for which purpose it is furl ice a Coisy of the record of this order be published three weeks successively in the printed at bar for bearing by the court attest. 1�18 o. Ii. Austin just or. Kennedy Mavorite remedy purifies the blood and is recommended by physicians when All other remedies fail As the Only positive cure for dyspepsia Cotis tiption liver and kidney Dis eases. Thousands gratefully testify that or. Kennedy a favorite remedy has saved their lives. To a others and daughters even the youngest or Kennedy a favorite remedy has proved a real Blessing. $1.00 bottle 6 for $5.00. All dealers. Quot a family jew i a a a eau Alful illustrated books How to cure All blood and kidney ulamay mailed free. Address uni Iling this paper or. David Kennedy corporation. Kondrit n. Y. Is invaluable for sighs ail Lang Olds v troubles. 35c. Anc $1 at All druggists. E. Morgan &.sons. Props Providence u. 1. Administrators Sale a u a Quot to i 0 it Tiu Rodair Aimuel 10, Ati of clock p. The farm known As the i. Ajah p. We Illey farm in the West part of Brownington Colita Inibig about 50 acres of land in Good state of cultivation Well watered and fenced. Nii a sugar place of 250 Trees. Five a Ltd Meadow Laud on Barton River Quantity of i ing tools and House Hadd furniture. Terms made known on Day of Sale. W. U. Alg a . Everyone look Here Farmers rear this Clear through. I have opened a new a is Newport and can show you a new clean line of clothing hats and Caps gents furnishing and everything usually carried i n a clot Dilg store. Meows to Otto Saow boys soils work shirts uni i White shirts Lai dered White shirts work gloves driving Tilves dress gloves. A Large line of neckwear undershirts and drawers collars and cuffs hosiery. Some one said i was out of groceries Higgins Eureka Dairy Salt. 66 Iba. To lots. Sack Excelsior or Warsaw 66 a a 60 a a Ashton Dairy Salt 66 a a �2 a a am Ricau Dairy Salt 66 a a 60 a a liven it ool cattle Salt. 180 a a 84 a a Box Tabic Salt 25 a a 20 turks Island Salt in bulk 38e a Bush. 70 lbs. Mineral or Rock Salt by the Pound be. We have a car of these goods but come Early As they wont last Long at these prices. Kerosene Oil 160 test 8c a gallon. 60c Lap. Tea 85c 25c Jap. Tea 18<s a goo j Coffee 24<- cues allspice Pepper Ginger cinnamon and cloves a Miniati a. In Kau attn. It in is i. , \ i of min to Well slim k. It a i .1. N. Wal Ikoku. 7hre,l1fe, and Accident inhuman be in agent. None but sound and ladle a Iii pairs represented. Orris Undener by mail promptly an were. Barton it. 16-1 a. Parker. At a Barton Landing i fire and Accident Iii Uraizee agent. W. G. Iian com. Auctioneer always ready to it Ai tend sales on Short Nott it e. Mere handler made a specially. Sheffield. Oct. Ii 1u6. Or. O. A. Bpm in. . . Of flee hours 7 to 0 a. M., and 6 to 0 p. J. K. Del Nell. Of and in Kur .�jliiiture.coffius. Cask cd carpets room paper Etc Glover. It. To l or. L. K. Brewster. Dentist office Ltd Ilmand a a Newport it. Hours s. up. In. To. Ii. Newland d. D. S. Newport it. Am. Dental work h i. By Warui Ileal. Offlee of Verili vol. My. To inuit Lils by mail to avoid Idelsy. In a re writ iwo by a Rilke. Pensions. Five years . Rejected claims .spe.lsuyt, ii Chhy Roill in pension st Toonet West Burke it. in till. . Giitl Ailiin two i. I ,.i<, a Sec sad it in i l c i i x i i in. A a. ,.wheeler amp Locke. In i to i i Sci Cim in Iii Ullin i car of Salt for feed butter and table use Quot null a a Lyle ill Ltd sift i let ii . I i i will la 1 Mimir Iii in to of fertilizers 1 i a till a i Ltd i i i i i \ i Williams a a Lirk Samorini Olalo and Lunio ili08plijil<�?~ also a Trade a \ liitle w ill Imit in Iii a ii i Ltd i i Quot let i .�?Tmi.i.-i. Lit k Wall paper now ready Milf ill la la in ill la Tlell Malul Itaf Utt Vii a i i h Al Al Ollil i. I a a Lii Iii it ii it my of off a Iii Ltd to Iii. I by it Iii it Vii a ill a a i. A i a to in 27. I ."9 1. Irasbur6h. It. H. T. Seavers list i tools. It Over i by a13.c3. Soo in to Xor in Yot yowl xxx oct i Clarks cutaway Harrow Spring tooth harrows. Harrow Teeth a min a Barb wire nails. Plain twisted wire. Ribbon wire of muzzles poultry netting grass Hooks. Garden trowels shovels. Forks wheelbarrows Garden rakes butter tubs butter boxes rope Crow bars. Picks. Lawn my Lawn sprinklers. Cotton Hose rubber Hgt a. H 1� cow Bells food bags Axle or. I Oil Srov. H. Wii. S. Steel whiff Letress screen doors. Step ladders sen in w t. I to be continued lies i Lilliin infants dresses it a. O. D. Owen to Day a Quarter Pound. G usually carried in the Rev. We. Stout Wiarton gut. Aute after being ineffectually treated by seventeen different doctors Fos scr Fula and blood disease i was cured by Burdock blood bitters. Write Bim for proof. A first class grocery still or7hanif. Come up on the noon train Aud go Hack on the and Lee ill make it pay you for the trip. P. Story. True amp Blanchard a Block. Farm for Sale. The farm known As the Asa i Ovela Iid place situated on a Burton Hill so called in iras Birgh it. 4 Miles from Barton Village and 2 mlle from iras Burgh Village Conkins 111 acres of land a unable divided into mowing tillage and pasturage. It has a Large Apple Orchard an Ltd sugar Orchard of of 1500 Trees and Good Tugar Ana rata. Bollal a and Fencott Are comfortable. My Thyge Cootu arc of a Lullia wave go make Giitl of. I Beautiful Stylc Auto Llie excl licit Naii incr in Whit l. Lutr new Chipeta Ami Wall i a us rare Juel in. One care of in Oumi in Rint. One it aae of to nil i my of armenian Serge by Llie . Giann Latell sugar 5 cent a a a nil Ity the bbl Fukush Nanki Ioods-l�?Teaclie., Ivity in. Green Gage set Iuar i pumpkin Damsel Long peas Hutter Heans string Ileann Llenin. A lieu it Henna Salmon in inter a a. Reason for Selling not carry on Luy Nable. Posa Etalon i Lliam b. 8tii.es, . Barton april 6, i to i. O. I it

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