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Barstow Desert Dispatch Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 4

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Barstow Desert Dispatch (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Barstow, California A4 i tuesday May 26,2015 j desert dispatch u we believe that All men Are equally endowed by the creator and not by a government with the gifts of Freedom and that it is every Man s duty to god to preserve his own Liberty and respect the Liberty of others. Freedom is self control no More no . Holie questions Steve Hunt editor 760-951-6270 0 desert dispatch editorial Board Donnie Welch publisher Steve Hunt editor is com Kris Reilly City editor Kef Iii ,1 Vav Priscilla by ice no human resources Pobric it no a it Michael Stevens Community member Cheryl Thompson Community member their View time for new Isis strategy Orange county Register a a a setback thaiss How the it i Adu minist j at Ion under St ated i he tall of Kama i the it capital it Iraq s Anbar proving of wine i lies just 70 Miles i St of Baghdad. We hardly think ii a Mere set hat k that the soc alled islamic state gained cont Rol of Kama i recently. Not when iraqi military units trained by the . Were a Basic ally laying Down then guns and running in the Lac e of the Isis onslaught act or Ding to id. To i. Tony shatter a senior fellow at the London Center Tor Bolk y reseal c b. I by when Isis militants slaughtered More Titan Soo iraqis and put to flight some 2s, civilians. I he in is it it e for t lie St tidy of War wine ii has t racked i he Isis assault on Kama i sine e january 2014, said the city�?T1, tall was a major vie tory Tor the j i la a d i s t army a this strategic gain it institutes a t in Ning Point the inst it it e declared. It out inned the ability of Isis a to set the terms cd Battle in Anbar Quot iraqis largest i ovine 1, a was Well As to project torn e in Eastern it also was a symbolic vie tory against the i is. Indeed Iii 2oob, Amene an sol Chers marines and Navy stats captured Kama i Horn a Tore runner of Isis which had dec hued the c Ity its capital. Now that Isis has raised its Lilac k Flag oven Kama did a government buildings it seems that the so . Servic Emu killed in the son ailed Hattie of Kama i nine Yeal s ago died ill vain. A setbacks Are regrettable but not line <11 no Ion in warfare a Jen. Martin i Dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said last week in .1 stat Al Lieut. A we will retake Kama i Quot said col. Steve wait a a Pentagon spokesman. Liber More impartial analysts Annot nearly As sanguine i 01 me Hama admin St 1 at Ion defense Sec 1 it Ary Robert j at is told Man Ora we the . Really done to have a St j at egy at All. We re Ila sic ally playing this one Day at a we find or. A test assessment pro Tom idly troubling. It suggest s that t he i and St i at egy president Ilia a Laid Ait in sept Embel to a degrade and 11j f 1 mat Cly destroy Isis i . Aunt 1 ikes urging the iraqis to form an a inc government raining tip iraqi in Iii Ary forces has proven an abject failure. Reasonable jux Ople can disagree As to whet Lei lie fall of Kama i i presents a Tei no >01 Ai y set i Lac k 01 an ii reversible Tail lire i list or y ultimately will lie judge of that. Hut one thing is abundantly c Lear i. Ibamar a St 1 at egy to counter the threat posed by Isis a to the people of ii a a among Cit Bel Xieo Jalcs is not working. The admin St 1 at Ion needs a plan h. First amendment Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of Speer to of if the press or the r i gift of the people Pear ably to assemble arid to petition the government for a redress of or in Are is i jitters to the editor All submissions 0 the desert dispatch must include the author s name. Address arid a phone number for verite anon. We May reject or edit arty submissions submission of letters or columns assign to us All rights title and interest in the submission my All copyrights and related moral rights. We prefer letters of Joo words or less. Loha be your let Tor published email letters another View Hanie Tou calculated Rcw Lono until Tou Pat off tour student Loans. still got 2.9 More leaps. Commentary who Are these outlaw bikers in Texas hint me among mystified Over the biker gang Melee in Waco Texas a shootout that left nine dead. Wily Are these Guys committing grown no violence Over the seemingly Adolesca of con pm of who belongs to their group and who does no to ? who aa-1 hey j or answers i c unsuited James i. Quinn a i ii liver sit y of North i six Logist who has studied i he Bandi Dos and other outlaw Bike Many tit the members ame out of the military wit to skills of War and Low i Oie Rance for ordinal y civilian life. They borrow their imagery from the lid Western outlaws having traded horses for motor cycles. Hilly the kid would be a Model biker. They engage in drug ii attic King pros it it Ion extortion and the like. Hut so do c Ait Els and other Power till organized c rum syndic ates. Cd exas Law enforcement considers the bandidos a tie 2 threat Wil ii tier j reserved for the cartels but Are these mostly White Guys on i Tai Leys your View Tongue in Cheek Jim a letter to i Loo too Industry Ltd us whatever Yoni excuse you re still wallowing in the dim past with a Amtrak derailment a May 17, obviously Tongue in Cheek Genevieve i Leatie says ars that drive themselves How at mint i rail for How fast they Are k togo.?�?� it if Conise with the most Primi live fee enology that 01 lid have in in a Empl Ssheel Many Dee acres ago. As ail a i St while inventor Fen install Eft say a Erst while to it it sounds so nine ii mole Titan Quot tonner Atil have by let Intel Vals of shallow Teeth Cut into the Tiac k so that lies enc y Cit the sound transmit led through a my Hipbone in the Lex o would signal its sexed shutting Down fuel in applying burkes. Fellas ome on now that s Early 2oth a Itury. Dale Hillman Apple Valley delusional thinking Tike i Daniel i Leavean Quot i a the i in ii Quot letters May Letb j Ain also a military Veteran we in i ser Vee in in null y f or my c limb y. I also used to in a registered Republican but am now a registered Independent pc it or. I am also Asl Raj 1 red arum i k l froma Harrop making real Money a a few people Are making a very Large sum of Money a Quinn said a and some people Are just getting some also have Day jobs. They run the Gamut. As most of us know the outlaw bikers have Little in common with the lawyer Teal her Retiree Melton y it lists dressing the part on weekends. My Only complaint on meeting Many biker couples beaded to the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis South Dakota was that they hogged the Wash my Mac Bines at Motel 6. Some reports say the riot at the twin beaks sports bar started in a Battle Over a parking space. Others an Exchange Cit words in the menus room. Yet another a a proven Ationo t entered on the wearing of a i a was Latch by members Cit the cossacks a gang rival to the bandidos. Cont turned at How tar Down our country has fallen in tile eyes of work. Or. It Avian thinks Kepi ii i lie ans audit seems anyone else who do hts not endorse i he lib a Raj progressive philosophy he has so ardently expressed is an arrogant ignorant i Hristian hating in american who Lute their country and Are evil. It never tails to amaze Mellow the Lili eral progressives always think the wealthy Are the enemy. It or c Rountr y was founded on the capitalistic system not sex , or any other totalitarian system. Ibis Means anyone an make As Miu ii Money us they want it 11 icy put Forth the Effort. Why do you flunk a Ople in the Isth in Tui flocked to Amene a in droves because it was truly the land where dreams it mild ome True where businesses could in started and Lier Ollie of migrations. Where Freedom of a Jeee 11 arum religion were a iliac tic eel. You could exceed to your highest ambitions and you c mild also in uneducated and pen if you soc Hose Todo so. But within the last 60 years America has cd ranged and not Tor the letter. Ifs not Jorj pirate America that is tile problem Liere but our j Xiii in Jai is. Lur government is now so divided it is tearing us apart. Air two party system that was once die envy of tile Quinn sees flip explosion As the result of a two year buildup of tensions bet Ween the gangs. A when one club Domi nates an area they done to want others coming through without their permission a Quinn said. A they believe the other dulls should he the bandidos fancy they run Texas from the seats of t heir harleys. A it nun ter View is that i exas is run from skyscrapers in Ila Las and i Kinston by men who drive Tex uses and Mercedes Henzes. Iii any Case men who join outlaw biker i us Are in it for More than the Money. A a lot of it is about excitement male c Amara Derie a Quinn said. A they want to live in that Mas c Uline excitement. Ifs a hyper ext Dement kind of women Are not invited. Women Are never mein Liers of a �?o1 percent dub a a reference to the tiny percentage of motorcyclists not considered Law abiding citizens. Women arc thereto serve which is wily the Waco hikers gravitated to a i looters done restaurant world is now a joke. Demo rats hate the Republic ans and vice versa. As much As it it May six k or. Deavila and his ilk when was the last time you saw .1 xxii i tilt tin they Ai it heat hats at oui , not Jorj pirate ame Rie a j tin founding rattlers never intended for them to live ago to 50 year career timing in optic e. We desperately i Ieese t i it Leal 1 House. It a Side it one six Yea term senator one six year term and Jon Glassman one six year term. No retirement and no medic Al in Ujjin leaving Cit tie e. Sounds a Little Tough does t it but when and How did they get Biset themselves Uji with a retirement and medical package so mile ii in Tutei than Standard am ans you think they re on thai Nae Are they Ai dually think they re in Tutei than you and i. It them Start their own iras and 401 k plans like the rest of us. Al Cyon starting to get my Drift ? As tar As tie it Cirise i vat ivc a wanting Todo away with sex Aal Security it was i resident Johnson what exit the funds out Cit a secure sex Ial Security Hind and transferred them to tile general fund in order to use ii a me Iney Tor c it i Lei i midgets or. Deavila it you think this views Pax a is a Kepueli can ii unit i lice to t by c digest ii in Liat t to letters were printed on the Day your Quot squirt note Quot where the waitresses Wear tops Cut Low and shorts Cut High. As for the violence in Waco Quinn believes that even t lie hikers did no to foresee the enormity of what occurred. He hesitates to spec ulate on what will happen next. An Ama. My 170 arresters arc Tat my criminal barges but not Many of them arc in jail. A a there ale going to be ii lot of funerals people Corning in from out of town a aniline said a but for the next few weeks we re going to Sec quiet Bec Ause they know they Are being what fascinates to int Side world about these outlaw likes is the extra or binary Energy they expend for a sense of belonging and ii right to bully. Many com ments following the wat o coverage ridiculed then hairy thes and panne by middles. In the end one observes All those Able bodied men looking Tor action and con eludes what a tremendous waste of till that manpower Hullo Ai Broma Illarr of on twitter a or Ama la Arr of. Apex ared. I would say it was a very Lily ral monday news Day. Jack Rednar Apple Valley addressing an insult asm avid Reader Cit the tetters to the editor i usually smile shrug 01 Roll my eyes. J Lowe Vei i Laniel de a Vilands left Al read like a personal insult. My what a Broad Brush we use to sweep All of that hate on All republicans. I Ain ii Vei y conservative Republic an. Never once have i Ever even thought that i d like to get rid of soc Ial Security medic ale medic Aid 01 veterans hospitals. I think most people that know me would say in a not arrogant uninformed evil hateful 01 ignorant of tin issues lacing the amelic an people h and yes i am indeed a it in Istian. I love Jesus my it Hun ii my family and i dearly love this great nation. I unlike you i. Deavila i do feel sen 1 y Fen you. I Low sad it must he to live with All that hate. So from me and All of my c ouse vat Ive and Liberal friends May Sod bless you and keep you a in his Nina movers Apple Valley / to i i

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