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Barstow Desert Dispatch Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 2

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Barstow Desert Dispatch (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Barstow, California A i tuesday May 26,2015 desert dispatch i weather Only onl1ns online coordinator Bryan Kawasaki tries to stump readers with a photo of a location somewhere in the High desert on the news tip group plugged in. Visit wow. to participate in this weeks edition of Bryan s neighbourhood. A Bulldozer clears away debris after a powerful Tornado swept past monday in Ciudad Acuna Northern Mexico. A Tornado raged through the City on the Border monday destroying Homes and flinging cars like matchsticks. At least 13 people were killed authorities said. The twister hit a seven Block area which Victor Zamora Interior Secretary of the Northern state of Coahuila described As of associated dress twister kills 13 in Mexico Border City 12 missing in Texas by Seth Robbins and Mark Stevenson rile associated press Ciudad a it Dan Mexico a Tornado i aged through a t Ity on tile . My Xic n Border monday destroying Homes fling my i ii s like Matt list it pc and ripping an infant from its mothers artus. At least 5 people were killed authorities said. In i exas ii people Wen reported the Val action Home they were staying in was swept away by Rushing floodwaters in a Small town popular with tourists. The baby was also miss a my after the twister that int unc lad Acuna a it it y of 125,000 Ai t Oss from i Tel Rio i exas sent its infant Carrier flying. Rescue workers began digging through the rubble of damaged Homes in a t Ai e to find vie twins. I he twister int a seven Block area Whit ii vie Tot Ainoi a Interior Sec a e tary of the Northern state of it Tamla desc j bed As a devastated a mayor i Aristo Pere. River a said Joo people were being treated of Loc Al hospitals and up to Loo Homes had been it oui Petely destroyed. Three people Wei e Lilac Olla Ltd for. Quot there a nothing stand my not Walls not 1 oops a said is Gar Don ale a spokesman for the City government desc jiving some of the destroyed Homes in a 3 sepia re Kilometre 1 Square mile St Etc h by midday i 3 people were 1 out it rued dead to adult s and tin be int ant s. I Amily member s and neighbors gathered around a pickup truck where the bodies of a woman and t Wolt Bitch in we e Laid nit in the Tine Kos bed c Over cd with Sheet s two i cd a i Ive i Ltd a lied Down to to Juc h the bodies Carver eel f heir eyes and wept. Photos from the so Erie showed cars wit b t heir hoods torn off rest my upended against single Story houses. Me e arks 11 ame was Bent around t lie Gate of a House a bus was seen flipped and it i Limpid on a Roadway. I he t i St Al struck not Long after Daybreak hound the time buses were preparing to i Ake c Hildren to so Bool Zamora said. Mexican president ism i clue Pena Nieto said he planned to travel to a Ana later in the Day with off in ills from government Agene ies. In the ., a line of St onus t hat Strep bed from the unit of Mexico to the great lakes dumped record 1 Abdali on parts of tire Plains and Midwest spawning tornadoes and causing major flooding that fore cd at least 2,000 i exam from their Homes. Witnesses reported seeing the swollen Blanc o River push the vacation House cd its foundation and smash it into a Bridge. It Only Neces cd t he Home have been found a c orc my to i lays Minifay judge Bert mob. Due person who was la be lied from the Home told a or kers that the other ii inside were All Conner. Feel to two families Cobb said. I he House was in Wimberley Valley an Aiea known Tor its Fred and breakfast inns and weekend rental c cottages. Dana Campbell a retired Engineer wild lives on a Bluff above the River said tile floodwater left behind damage that resembled t he Pat ii cd a Tornado a was tar As the Eye c an the storms were blamed Fen three deaths saturday and sunday inc hiding f worn Mahonia and one in i exas where a Many a Lindy was rec overed from a flooded area along t o Raver wine ii Rose 26 feet in ail or or and 11 e ated huge piles cd debris. I Civ. Reg Abbott flew fiver Par t s cd t he Blanc i pm monday a Day after heavy Rains pushed the 11 ver into surround my neighbor hoods. Abbott said tire storms had "1 Dent less t Suwarni Type i in urged c immunities downstream to Monitor f loud Levels and take the threat seriously. I he gov<-1 nor icicles 24 c omit ies to his disaster Clef a at Ion by my my t lie total to 17, most in the easter n halt of the state among the worst a t f in Ted communities Wei e n Hillier Ley Aud ban Marcos along the Blanco Iii the corridor Between Austin and san Antonio. About 1,000 Homes were damaged through out Hays county. L Ive police cars were washed away and the firehouse was flooded said Kristi Wyatt a spokeswoman Tor san Marc from Raga Al Barstow office and asking questions. Quot we Are working with everybody Quot Dahlstrom said. Quot we already fired the gun and we Are trying to hit the target so to Alhstrom also said he can understand the frustration Felt by customers in Barstow. He said water consumption in Barstow has been reduced by almost 50 Perc ent since 1994. He believes if Barstow customers will Dodge any extra c barges if they can reduce out Side consumption. Quot if we Tan pay attention to outside usage i think we can pull this off Quot he said. Quot we will Send out notices 30 Days in Advance if have to move into stiffer stage j Calls for rest Rte finns on outdoor irrigation to two Days per week. Addresses ending on even numbers Are allowed to water on sunday and wednesday. Addresses ending with Odd Nom hers Are allowed to water tuesday and saturday. The untie e states that failure to comply with these restrict finns May result in the installation of a flow rest Ric Tor Devic e along with Assoc 1 ated fees for installation and removal. Charges Range from $150 to $300, depending on the connection size. The notice said the flow restrict or will remain installed for a minimum of seven Days. The notice also said Golden state water company May change the number of watering Days and the specific Day of watering after first notifying its customers. The notice explains additional charges for water usage above the customer s Baseline that is established by 2013 usage data for the differ ent stages. New customer acc ounts will use Aren wide average Baseline for similar usage. The t customer s allo cation will be based on the 20t 3 Baseline less 24 Pere ent. No allocation will be set less than h ent rum cubic to it hundreds of cubic feet per monthly Billing period or 16 c c t per bimonthly Billing period All usage in excess of the c customer s allocation will be c charged at the regular rate plus a drought emergency Sui charge As follows stage 2 $2.50 per Kcf stage 3 $5 per cd stage 4 $10 c of. Dahlstrom said All c us fumes will eventually get notices showing the ii 2011 usage to establish their Baseline. Quot we Are working out the details Quot he said. Quot it s kind of Tough because our Billing system is not designed to that kind of stuff. We working on finding another Way to capture that data and Send out those kind of Hie notice sent out last week says customers who seek a variance from any of the provisions of this voluntary water conservation and mandatory rationing plan shall notify the Utility in writing explaining in detail unreason for such a variation. It says the the Utility shall respond to each sue ii request Iii writing. The appeals form is available online at is we website . Com Appeal at the Maist of Cha office at is21 i. Main St., Barstow or by calling 800 999-4033, any customer not satisfied with the Utility a response May file an Appeal with the i Bree Tor of division Cit water and audits Al Tor a Public utilities commission 505 Van Ness ave., san Francisco a 94102. Mike Lamb Cun he reached at 760 47$-8 17 or . You can also follow him on twit ter in slam dispatch re in a medical emergency every minute mutters so it burst of Community Hospital you la find faster care in the emergency Roo in we work diligently to have you initially seen by a medical professional in 30 minutes or less and with 1 team of Dedic ated medical specialists we ran provide a lot More care if you need it the 30-minutes-or-less . Service pledge Only at Barstow Community Hospital. St 1 a desert dispatch 130 Coo water Tam Quot Barstow California 92311 reach us online at de%ef1ditpatch.com flu employees of this newspaper Are rec Jar Lier to timing an indispensable source of information int entertainment Iii our Community. The desert dispatch use recycled newsprint. Publisher Dannie wekh_________76095v 5145 editor Steve Hunt .710-911-6270 advertising director Bee lint---760 256-4140 operations director Todd Bradshaw �?760-951211 do very customer service--760-256-bm9 cornmuntty/bbttuartes---------760-254125 newsroom�?__________760-254124 sports___________7ihss-m03 classified advertising-----700-241 7733 retail advertising______7io-25w140 retention a a a 700-951-0220 Mew a a rat in nun Telephone Houri. To a in spin monday i Mila 0 to a in noon saturday sunday and Holiday morn delivery Surv ricers in Barslow Ler Wood should receive their a per i Taler than s to a in weekdays/1. To a in weekends and Holiday. Mom delivery Surv fibres in outlying Amas should ret thy i hair a i a no later than 0 to am weekdays to a in weekends and holidays suss Wirrion Satis by heme delivery ser i Days a week 14 Meta Par week sunday Only $4 of Par week homa Dally by Suhr Ulbar May hi-1 barged a High rata or Holiday trillions by malt Viu pair Ink Marl do spar h delivered monday through saturday sunday paper is brass Fli Spah h single Tey rally to. Sunday la Star at retail atoms at newsreels tar ii included in Prore thanksgiving tray 1/ sushi i option and single it Opy prices Ai Sujer t to i henge tji shot dispatch Assn lotto i is is published Dally in san county in pm sunday Nefi a s Day Merom Lei my fourth of Only. I a hoi Day thanksgiving and Christmas period als postage paid at marston.1 a and additional entries mus Mas i f w Send address i ranges to desert a Span it i to Colima i Ane. Barstow to ill i Al circulation audited Fry certified audit Iii circulation sol Iii r Pitlon Lerm lengths refit i hash Sustr re Pylon tales without surcharges Doe to the sire of our Premium Idle runs such As Hie thanksgiving edition. Ihen will he a surcharge of up loll Lur to Premium Pillion surcharges will an Derat the aspiration of your Lutish re Pylon when you Ratel a delivery of a Premium t oltion i Here will he no More Han eight Premium millions pet Calendar year copyright ois All rights reserved

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