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Bar Harbor Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bar Harbor, Maine -.-.�s,--. about town in a tems. Of interest. To. Local. Readers mrs. Max Farmed s arrived for the season. J. Edwards has returned business trip to Boston. T. Kavanaugh is spending quot amp Maqua near Poland a Pthomas p. Jones of Beaton and bar Harbor spent the week end in Torii. Mrs. A Burn Brewer spent several Days with her family in Cherryfield last week. Haskell h. Cleaves is in Boston this week taking Entrance examinations for irs. Forest Havey of Bruns a Ard University. And mrs. R. P. Fairlamb arrived for the seas on last week. Or. Fairlamb has Ope neti his summer store Here. Earle Thurber arrived last week for the season and will be with or. Fairlamb at his Linen shop on main Street. Frank Mcgouldrick superintendent a a i i a mesh in to new York j of the bar Harbor schools left for Cherry Field this morning in response to an invitation to be one of the sign eakers at the annual banquet of the alumni association of Cherryfield Academy a hich will be held this evening. Mks Barbara Joy of bar Harbor was a member of this year s Kra Datini Clas from Simmons College. Mis Joy i l so kind the him Stu a with her Here. Mrs. Joy and Eric cart Joy Havn turned i Howker Hir Irish a. From Boston where they attended the Vail take us. The commencement exercise s at Simmons. If a acis work ii link i i. A. 1 v Hearen w the mild coughs or colds under any circumstances should be i removed from close proximity to outliers thinks the Maine department of health. Special attention Shousui be direct i Tov Ards tie removal of common drink Tov ois and dry with his or. And mrs. Adair. Has arrived for the opened mrs. John i. For the summer. Aito pianist at the Star a t u a. Edsa t u re am o in i n g William Lawrence York arrived Friday on the a an occupying Vest Street. Irr it k. Executive so ret airy Hii it turned to i her Par har fior it a the bar Harbor times we amp Nesa Gay jul 23, 4920 red Cross i otes close Cost to pre6i�zited by political leaders political leaders on both sides Are looking for one of the Elc to cont Sta in years in the september election in contest for representative to the legislature from bar Harbor. John h. Stal Ford is the unanimous Choice of the democrats and or. George a. Phillips is also the unanimous Choice of the republicans neither being Opp de in the primaries monday. Both men have been Active partisans and Active in Many lines of Public service. Each has a Strong personal following and some of the Wise ones say that this will be More than a test of the local strength of the parties that it will be a test of the strength of the candidates and that party lines will count for Little As each will Drav a considerable number of split tickets from the opposing Camp. One thing is certain and that is that the candidates will each make a real Campaign and that neither will sit Back and say that he would be pleased to have the Honor if it were thrust upon him. Discharged and disabled k idlers who Are in poor health As tile result of their service Are due free a cal advice in Public a the Servi it i some of the Sullivan Harbor Rigny a mls quot a Kiy. Or. Dnn Uki a Pihur Stanley mis a i Njamin a Hacke Yor Friday not r n car Nyk a k a its. By air is. The practice o Hwy i Jung should tic in All s Clio of rooms. Of fran. E , no Hureau in ine bar Harbor y. K a. Beer a a pen u t n to a i a and a Vera Riun arid boys air Aav i dec i Ltd a i he i 1 t a a it t a f if a n. In the death of mrs. A. S. Cummings which occurred at her Home Friday i afternoon in her 87th year the com s Unity has met with a great Doss. She a wa5 Alv ays lie Laiful in anything for the Good of tie Community and took a keen interest in the affairs of the Liberal i Hristian Church in dog a regular at Pendani As Long ils she Vas Able and enjoyed the Lay services at her Home on occasions. Mrs. Cummings has been an invalid for six or seven years. Her cheerfulness i and a patience through All has been an inspiration to her friends. She has been faithfully attended at timers during her invalid ism by Mae Patten mrs. Lorina Cunill and mrs. E. G. Preble. Mrs. Quot urn Kings was the Daug liter of Sullivan and Hiram Ferney. I a i., Arai As a twin of tre late Daniel s. Elk Rev. , mass. Her Nuriu Ai it ii it Iury in tiie Kvil War. So A i ii i if Ltd a dial or a. S re cd s a a it Keri Fri a late monday Fierra in june quot a 1st, conducted by asian sci to of Fango i Aid a it it i iii i trizut to or life and i k the or i a of to a it n -. A is i it Are a ii 1 a Toni i is in Orr Kiili Yit in it u let at in a f i e tki it a a i. Sec Air a earrings fond i in 111� Ano a Ove i . A Cross work coi n a 1 or a i. , a it f liar i a it quot a it. J is ror a a st. H the quot a k , I King a flirt or. Kkt i i of twin it. , e Gli. A its y r a v re int a i a Lei to a it Evn by Recer to al so a Iead Juar a r pm i re an a a re. A a ,.- la a a so a a m--., m i is. In k dear or. Kurrey l i ouf Kun Kneary \ ski e we n e begun to Igot and in Orri of the kit o . It s a e to our lev a Unks Hurt and or cd. Aft Rine Kosing to Reif of a it a Day of maj to quot i in it ii to Cui a to ine Library and a Witk it Enofk. Also Iki just a for in a k4 Isfor a quot u.-. . A ver. frn. A k.vk�-. A a a a a a a. A a a I a a f a a 1 r. J a. i Ait�iu, byway w. R,.- a Truin do v o ait i it Quot quot a a. A r. A in mrs t Riih it n iii Aith. T i car to -. A quot a. A t. In firer Ltd an a Ilii la Syhl us a a a i. quot it it of a or. A u slip a a Ai or Ami Savici quot Manin a s a. A a. I to a at r a Marit n to. To y to k j if a it a that Book. quot a t 1 1 ine w t. Are us ier of. R.�f., n ,r of i. R a ait Kif in. In apr Recial in \ inner a i Ani a 1 v of t f 1 t a a a air. L to a Mir not. I i a t or. Pair to Tuni i v it f a 1. O mrs. Mrs. \ Ery sincerely my it. J. B. a part i of j a r.c a i a a. A r. A in a i 1. A Inu Ful to l health a Kinnic for Voun Stern. 4,�. V i. A. F., t. R ,. A ii a to iii a a cart an Uki Rry an Vitri a Tuoth r. A i.,.vi of a r.t it 1 tire in Ink ii triiir.r. A tii a a divs.aliijr, t i rat. Ached until tis ine truth them pc unc tui nov. I m f Ina j Arin a iau to a very Piei uha a u j it tsi a Rich an i it itly air a Lucy a try i a Faine. H stun. Of i wish 1 a i brushed pm in youth quot ill. In. Lirih&ir., j lir Cui Rirt-��.n.t-. A of if i in Ani a a its it Una Agarun. Tia n try y to it Una Agarun. Tia n try y / re a re quot a d Tea Daum it be of do sci yet a a Khi v., Fyk the death of her Bibu toi again -. Of in Ichigo Illinois. Of itkins Weri on a visit a quot r and her death of Numie of their daughter a. , of Colfax a mph. Hex Ignias Wmk to pfc Damp Uhter to. Jen Miah work a and k amp inf he amp a web her hu6-Oaughti-r of Bod a amp Road Ore two Risters org. And mrs. Wallon a Ikon. K. V. Wro Bro a a Woofer 4 Hancock and 0 c. of Franklin. . Jent Many Kafy Sommers a a re a and will be wily mimed by ind Frie Mii Altos. Bunal Wai m. Rilke okio.- a. Ere waved a. Ii aug furn he i by mrs. Quot Erk on. To mgt a pros it it re Mahb Marie Richard Asrar Aynne mrs. Addie a wifi on or. And or. J. A. Stevens Hir. Maynard Paia a or. And mrs. Maynard paint or. Lucy Paine or and in a cd b. Faine mister Carltun paid we Lena Rich or. T. C. I Carro and or. And mrs. Charlo its f. Paine just before the Good nights were i said All Sang quot god be with you till we mit mias Gwynne then j a few fitting remarks which sex pro a cd the Good wishes of All for Many i Happy it of the Day meeting p the annul the Imp of the bar Harbor m�i3c�j amp Snead Hof Pital will be i held at the Young men s Christian Wintion on monday the tue Letb Day of july. In at eleven o Doc m the Iott Sioon. A. S. Kodick clerk. Special a Queen Quality ladies Price White Buck lace Oxford of fill 1 8 Inch enamelled Heel Welt sole in quot Quality style and finish 1pfranklin s shoe store j f. A. Harvey i Carpenter i a Fiat time a Whin Way i Csitege jobbing a specially s we prompt and s s. Or Wick s pii0ii# classified advertisements wan top Llyl to khz answered on arrival of Nuvil a Sti risk rapier and typist who typewriter to your cottage or Lionel. Social correspondence in longhand and monthly accounts arranged. Tili Ione 524. 309. Ni3tpd wanted Simmons College graduate with three years secretarial experience desires position for summer months. Address h. D., 47 Foskett strut West Somerville mas33103t wanted someone to saw five cords of Wood by machine or hand. Phone 675.______310 wanted College girls to represent firm producing exclusive line of garments. Possible to make ten to Twenty dollars per Day. Apply at once giving reference to p. F., 1143 Connecticut ave., Washington d. C. ______312-lt wanted Middle aged for general housework. Family of to o. Apply at residence of Lieut. R. A. Jontz Federal Street 312tf wanted by Young woman position As waitress or to do other Light work in first class family or As waitress or housekeeper in a summer Home. Best of Heieren it from present position. Address l. A care p. 0. Box 174, bar Harbor Maine. 306 wanted books per and stenographer. Apply by letter p. O. Box 393, bar Harbor. _305 wanted it a Cash paid for used upright piano. State name age and Price of Pisa of. Aim p. 0. Box 86, a amp a be it Rik it a Mal. 3q0-tf Waktins it a a copy new or second hand a Wim it Dmitrl Writa to in. W. A of yet by minor in co., to mag a 282-ti boys have not understood this and have paid private physician for such care. In such cases As these if he is me presented to the u. S. Public health service a reimbursement is made. The following Are instructions for same. Or. King s instructions be claim for reimbursement. 1, a make a statement in affidavit form As to the connection of the disability with your military service giving military or naval connections and places where the disability occurred. Also state whether or not you received treatment for your disability while in service your condition on discharge and the trouble which caused you to contract Bills and Why you did not ask the Public health service to assume responsibility. Make this statement Complete and Clear have it sworn to by yourself and two other people who know the , before a notary Public who must put his Seal on the paper. Send the statement with the itemized Bills to or. King. Or. King has no authority to Promise reimbursement the matter rests entirely with Washington and you will be notified from there. Ii. Note men should not expect immediate response As there is at present a congestion of such claims at the Public health office. R. C. T. The chapter Headquarters at bar Harbor will be glad to assist any men who wish to file claims through the local Oitice. A a person suffering with venereal Dis else should be accorded the same humane treatment which is Given to other suffer a a , s a s the Maine department of health. The interests of the Community demand that he be Given the Best possible care until he is cured. Eastern steamship lines inc. It. Desert and Blue Hili lines summer schedule steamers Camden and Belfast Hall or a two Rockland daily  .Xci pm mondays at 5 a. A. For bar Harbor and Way landings. Reti in leave Harbor daily except Sun at . For Rockland and landings. Pm Fehns. Line Rockland daily exec t mondays at 5 a. For i Brooklin and Way landings. On tues Days thursdays and sundays serv i ice will be extended to Blue Hili. J Ryti in leave Blue Hili mondays i tuesdays and thursdays at 1 p. For Rockland and Way landings. Link Brooklin mondays tuesdays i and thursdays at 3 p. Wednes Das fridays and saturdays at i ii. For Rockland and Way landings. A. Livai kick at. Bluegill Maine i L. , agt., bar a Arboit a Aine. Maine Central Railroad steamers leave bar Harbor for i k.�tern time a Fluda fun. I , f j 10 p in. . Ni., i a 11. P in. Ili Nerur to Ltd 45 .1. A. 1 quot it p. In. P. M., a h 0 p. A. Tto. P m. Bit to quot a in. P ii t ji� a. In. P. A. A Ltd p. T it p. 111. Litrun a. Ick a. In., 13.30 p. M., a i.00p. M., a m Ltd p. In. La a. Rah t j. 45 .1. Su., p. A. 13.3. P. M., a quot p. In. His. In. 1 to 5a. Ina . A. T3 a it p. A. A p. p. It ferry a. In., t9.4.j 5p. In. 13.40 p. In., . M., p. In. I York 15p. In. I re it Hua pm a in. I .,, in 45 a. In. In., to p a a it p. In pc 5 a it. La. _ j War v Lluc 55 a. In., p. A. In t Muiir of capt Sun stay. Niay Only. . .mon.lay. T. C. In r l.\s.s. L. 1. Amp on l Van l at. Hanc0�k county asked $144� by state chamber there has been a tendency for Many years for the Young men when they reach the busing age to leave the state of Maine and to go to other states to earn their livelihood. This is because of the Lack of development of the resources of Maine. The state chamber of Commerce and agricultural league superseding the state Board of Trade has been organized to assist in developing the agricultural manufacturing Canning Granite lumbering fishing Siun Mer resort water Power and other i sources of the state. Through a Strong organization Only can this be accomplished. Such an organization will require $40,000 per year. Of this amount Hancock county is asked to furnish $1440. The Hancock county committee can see no practical Way to secure this Money except to allot a certain portion of the amount to be raised to each of the larger business enterprises. An immediate necessity for work by the chamber of Commerce is found in the grave danger that freight rates will be increased in greater proportion in new England than in sections with which new England is in Competition. This would seriously affect almost every Enterprise in this Malm to let for rent two stores at the very Best location in town at 70-72 main Street. Bar Harbor me. Will lease one or both for any length of time. The right Price for the right party. Add Nathan Povich 77 Center Street Bath me., or s. L. Kinglsey amp co., bar Harbor. 305-Tflost found a 20-foot Flat bottomed boat painted Black. Found in Frenchman Bay near Raccoon Cove. Owner commit Cate with Chester Johnson Sal Bury Cove. 310-t h. A. Bromm co. Furm Ture and bedding Brick storage warehouse cottage Street blur Harbor Maine for Sale four Cocker Spaniel puppies. Four months old and Good ones. Chari Shand bar Harbor. 312tf for Sale one Steinway and one Draper Brothers piano. Or. C. A. Morrison.311-3t-pd for Sale House on Ash Street. Suitable for two families. Apply at cottage Street._30t-3t-pd for Sale a 22 it. Motor Dory and equipment. Good condition. Apply f. B. Hayes West Street bar Harbor. __306 for Sale screened Loam. Also eggs for hatching. H. Smith 153 Glen mar it road._306tf for Sale five passenger Ford. Newly painted and overhauled. W. B. Marshall 6 cottage Street. Maeme a quot la Sale at Sorrento nearly new 6 by 8 meat refrigerator also fish Case 3 by 5 meat Block table Scales Complete fixtures i for first class Market. All Oak finish. Can be moved or used where they Are. E. R. Connors 10 Long wharf boston___303-ti for rent room Flat downstairs furnished. Apply 25 Ash Street. _ for rent two stores at the very Best location in town at 70-72 main Street bar Harbor me. Will lease i one or both for any length of time. The right Price for the right party. Address Nathan Povich 77 Center Street Bath me., or s. L. Kingsley amp co., bar Harbor Maine. Feltl rof Alir Kyn new Market at 88 school Street where you can get a variety of fresh fish at All times. B. Barstow proprietor. Telephone 2st>w 271-Tffor Sale atm. Desert me. 11 acres of land know As Mason s Point Somerville. Delightful location for residence. Terms reasonable. Apply to Joseph c. Hannon attorney 60 Federal Street Boston mass \ mrs. C. B. Higgins Corset Ere measure taken for Spencer dress surgical and gym corsets abdominal supports 6 Locust Lane phone 292-w or. L Sherman Cleafes Feteris Mariai office and Hospital Cedar ave. Telephone connection barrels Are provided for papers and rubbish use theril keep the Village Green neat this summer for Sale Beautiful icon Nook on the Shore at Sullivan Harbor Maine Only a few minutes from it. Desert Feiry by Steamboat also for Sale a fifty foot pleasure motor boat. Private wharf with House. Can be seen any , Flowers milk and Cream from the a. Murray Young estate will be sold during the coming season. The finest of everything. Everett Liscomb Gardener phone 378-Wpackard touring car to hire for the season. Newly painted and in excellent running order apply to directory of professional men bar Harbor motor co. George attorney at Law notary Public office Hillson Block to. 212 h. attorney at Law no. S cottage Street to a 204 David o. Rodick attorney at Law notary pubic it desert Block tel. 710 Milton w. Stratton architect 67 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine i Charles attorney at Law notary Public Roberts Block 85 main Street a new England institution tha 3umptuousnes5 of its equipment the cuisine and the service Ali suggest the comforts and luxuries you expect to find in the Best Home. Single room with Bath 52.50 to s4.00. Double rooms Adah baib_5q.50 to $6.00. L. C. Prior managing director for rent Packard "48" limousine in excellent condition by month or season with or without chauffeur i reliable service. Write b. A. Williams i bar Harbor or phone 248-w\ 312ti Titi or tor Sale at Sor j Rento Maine furnished Cotta a eleven rooms two Baths. Fine location near . Apply to k. L. Viall Hancock Point Maine. 3r2-4t i Sorrento Maine furnished cottage to rent or for Sale. Elven Yoonus two Baths tine location near water. Ai ply to k. L. \ fall Hancock Point Maine.__3ll-4t i a rent c Orner store on cottage i Street 60 <20, joining mrs. Loring s dry goods store. For particulars in Juire of mrs. I. J. , or Telephone 467-w. Lei. To let rooms in a Brick Block centrally located. Suitable for offices dressmaking apartments or lodging i rooms. Apply at 64 main Street. _ iq9-tf i to let furnished rooms. 11 Newton Way. _3q9-3t-pd to let for the season. Piano in first class condition. Call at 133 ledge Lawn Avenue or phone 106-w _309-3t-pd i for rent a furnished cottage f 5r j summer season. Apply at 6 Albert j xmeadow._308-tf j for rent garage on it. Desert Street for two cars. Inquire of h. Conners._308-ti for rent by week month or season of passenger touring car with Driver. Apply to Charles Loring or Telephone 467-w. For rent�?room Fiat with Bath. Unfurnished. Inquire 25 Ash Street. ___307-ti to let rooms by Day week or season. Evans cottage Albert Meadow. 305-tf 1820 1920 come to Portland Ford owners in order to demonstrate Madison tires to the greatest number of people we offer special discounts on Ford sizes 30x3 2 and 31x4mezenen amp Reed 90 cottage Street phone 777 bar Harbor Star theatre program for week of june 24 to june 3 thursday june 24�?thomas h. Ince presents Dorothy Dalton in l Apache. A s3ory that will startle you hold you thrill you. Also the latest comedy Art and Vod a Vil movies. Friday june 25�?william Fox presents George Walsh in the beast. A powerful Story of the West and East showing the two natures of Man. The latest Sunshine comedy Fox news Mutt amp Jeff. Saturday june 26�?nazimova, the incomparable Star in a living Romance of Lime House London theatrical life and British aristocracy. Comedy news Outing Chester. Come Early for seats. This is an extra Good Price. Monday and tuesday june 28-29�?special double feature Bill dedication of mount desert Bridge. Mack Bennett s. Comedy sensation Down on the farm. Other pictures As usual. Prices adults 40c, children 20c, plus War tax. Wednesday june 30�?Charles Ray in crooked straight. A different Ray picture full of thrills suspense Tod much Humaidi element also cleaning up Paramount st. John s comedy and Paramount Magazine. Coming july 8�?playing two Days Mary pick Ordin daddy Long legs matinee daily 2m nights 7 and 8 45 price��?20c, we plus War tax 1 i l n

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