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Bar Harbor Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bar Harbor, Maine Ito a h it a if a b. Higgins co. I it a Mem in we Nam pm hmm p. E. and Potter ver Mcmo in it a Rte Damp id can new Gikkas Mno condom Eiith bar Saeboe thirty years ago Asp Loc jul my Wmma hmm Tom it. Dryer him iii of Bhut june Market Bie al amp my v Eai 1. 1 a it u i try a am a fruits \ fkorejen3ite of bar Cartwr hardware store 131, 1s3, 15 main st. Or. J. B. Ells dentist 0 of inc cry to tic bouquet millinery store main Atod cottage sis., cup. Go Fiji s i it Riff store office hours 8 a. M. To 5 p. M. Shea Bros. Masons contractors and builders den Cri in Mason i supplies Akron sewer pipe land tile and fire Cly flue lining All jobbing done promptly Eftim ates Furnley a 123 cottage Street tei. 445 Lewis l Canning painting and paper hanging the exist Grade of i it ainu and v urn in in i5u>�,k at ail time.�. A larg and carefully selected line of Wail my ice. 283 main Street phone 118-m George e Preble a Hii use Painter and paper Hanor furniture painting and enamelling dealer in paints varnishes and a tel.l09-m papers 52 Eden Street a. B. N. R. Hodgkins Soo to c a. Hodgkiss contract oils amp Byi hers cottage jobbing a specially furniture made Gad repaired Cabinet work shops 42 Greely Avenue bar Harbor me. Henry a. Lawford Fairier and paper Hanger dealer in paint and varnishes Etc. New Wall put a it or just received e. C. Webb contractor and builder jobbing a specially cottage Street bar Harbor mine rear men wanted we need several first Frade repair me Ford Par to Cuury Deti Rakle. High wages and Siy work. Location at bar Hart and Ellsworth. Address Omav Barage Mann a forty far i a liar or and Fri it for Bill sport. Tiu Chan a of line on the Maine wiil take on the to i Tielli of t Nis n month Heidi a greatly. Paiik Nieten train Servet will l e put into Elflei t. The inst i important feature of Vii it the fast to train leaving Brofton at a. Rn., port Hind at 11 a. Rn., and arriving a har Harbor at 5 o Veiock Ard the running of fait Exi refis trains each Way st. Jorn and Boston Sunda a. Quot the under reigned respectfully ref re i enl that main Street a Buldic Highway it in said town i. Of Une Jual Width Uncertain Grade and indistinct boundaries. Wherefore they respectfully request that said Street May v e widened straight Ned graded and re located i accordance with the statutes in that behalf made and the above related to a Massachusetts to in l it would a july to the condition a of bar Harhi or s main Street very a rop it Erly. Or. Iki Iley Augusta photographer Lias arrived for the of a son and is j utting in order ids place of business on Klain Street. Or. Bailey has a partnership with or. M an Ley g. Gilmore who a is in the same guinness Here last summer under the finn name of Bailey amp Gilmore. By thus combining forces messes. Bailey and Gilmore will be better Able to 5en. E their numerous patrons. At Southwest Harl or or. Gilley keeper of Mark Island Light Swient a few Days recently with friends at South test to the gift concert and Ball at Pacific Hall Wes Tremont. July 4th, Are Selling at the different hotels Are nearly All engaged for the Duck a Bland men appear from All directions in search of Gott is having his Hou amp a raised and newly underpinned. Edward l. Rand esq., of Boston whew interesting articles on the Flora and nomenclature of mount desert appearing from time to Timic in the Herald arrived at Somerville last saturday with a party of friends for a week it ten Days work on the Forth coming map and Flora of mount desert Island. Tbs party in dude or. John h. Read Field of the Philadelphia Academy of natural a denotes or. Edwin Faxon tie we know Botay left of boy ton or. Kobert b. Worl Hinton who will i by the Birds of the Island and or. H. Rand who will devotees haying. A min. Thunder Shower wednesday. Or. And in. Alonxi a it a Castro Are at to it pm Ctet. A i �ir�d3y we the hottest Day of the Raj s2.7 det frs. Tie Hon. Frank Jones is on his by mrw from Liverpool prides of Wolf oti the capture of a re Ente it n foot whale. The it in Otin Tain marriage Road �11 w it Ady for travel a kit july 1st. Visitors to the Summit of Green Mountain should keep a Sharp Lookout for the big i eary raft. The grand Central hotel will on for the on sunday i 2 trie Mah err on the 2>th the lick about july if to. The class of Ellsworth High sch co has extended an invitation to John a. Pts tir jr., esq., of bar Harbor to deliver the graduation address to the claim. Mrs. M. Bijou and two Nie Ltd a will summer at bar Harbor. Or. Ballou is to remain in Briston. Engr kist i in his Nev of travel and reseal Ali in Mexico. A r. A a j. R u re. J a it it a o f be r t is o h u n -i-d, c>�f-4-i it tie Bank of i Masten and , of tie i of Tun to Maine Railroad will visit bar Harbor next sunday coming and returning by special train. Or. Osmond f Mery requiring More room Fiji his r2. Idly increasing business has taken the Page store of or. Alonzo Ash nearly opt site his old stand on cottage san a. And remove ii his Stock of paints oils , ete., there to. The Rev. Thos. F. Butler a tor of the Catholic Church in fonts us that the Church o st. Silvia Viil be open for services or. Sunday june mass a ill let a celebrated on that Day and on All succeeding Sunda a during the Sirl on at 1 Ofuji a. M. A Frost w is re sorted at South Eai Harborne eth. In the Interior of the state a Hiya Frost report a on the morning of the 10th. At South Norridgewock lie formed one Quarter of an Inci thick and Fin fid Rable damage was done to the crop. Quot it is not a question of ice but of said president Robert Machi of the Knickerbocker Lee com Jian in new quot i Ork the Day. Quot i in Sieve that the re is a Lenty of ice in the courier to Supply All demands if it could onh i a gotten to the the Pine tree stat shoe co. At h lis Worth. La gradually increasing its Jdant i Gay the Asci Itin of Liew Macri Iner it. S veral thousand a Lars of new a a Chinery has be it i purchased and will be in in a Ujj ration a month. There Are Liow about Tift i ands employed at the factory. The storm a a Throp of thu Rev. Ork East sort and st. Jolgui line is now a Little a ver two \ ears old and is ver it fast. S in averaged Ai out Miteen knots on hour on tie trip last week and made the run from new York to bar Harbor in third one hours. Slie had the am must of int mag to Zimmey cattle Mno Flie Sud Tetter fut by chm. D. Woods imitate my agriculture exp Kimait Static an was pointed out two weeks ago in this writes the m my Afri til Tirral exp Exi not Sta tion deemed a m Ethod of indicating the am cent erf in Ibn cd iii. This m by cd upon the relation Between the be Timber of Ancey tora in any generation and the actual number in the ind to dual Case. It fumes Liat there is no relationship unless it be a known fact. This co efficient expressed numerically May have any value let tween 0 and 100. When Liere is no Breeding of , that is no inbreeding its value for each generation is 0. A the intensity of inbreeding increases the coefficient increases. In the first generation of brother and Lster Brt Kiing the Coett Adient is so in the second generation of continued brother and sister Bree it King the coefficient is 75, the third generation 87.5, and thus approaches with each continued generation of brother and sister Breeding the maximum of 100. From the analysis of american Jersey cattle club records it was found to the ninth generation that the coefficient for random samples of Jersey sires Lay la tween 43 and 63 Register Job Merit bulls in tween 37 and 78 random samples of Jersy y cows Between 47 and 63 and Register of cows let tween 39 and 62. So that american Jersey cattle at the prent time May be said to to on the average half As intensely inbred when account is taken to the ninth ancestral generation As would be the Case if continued brother and sister a a reeding had been followed. But if this inbreeding be plotted the resultant curve is very different from the curve of brother and sister inbreeding. In , Register of Merit animals Are less intensely inbred than the poi it elation of Jersey animals. Bulletin 281 of the Maine station gives an analysis of the transmitting qualities of Jersey sires for milk yield butter fat percentage and yield of butter fat. In this bulletin sires of Superior Merit Are defined As those which raise the milk and butter fat production of their daughters As compared with that of their dams. The inferior sires Are defined As those which lower the milk and butter fat i production of their daughters is compared with their dams. The analysis of the pedigrees for the relationship Between sire and dam of the individual bulls in the two groups shows that there is Little or no difference in this respect. The group of sires poorer in their transmitting qualities Are More inbred than the group of sires with Superior transmitting qualities. In though not True in each individual Cash Jersey animals of the production in milk and butter fat percentage Rev not As much inbred is those of louer production. In though not True in each individual Case Jersey sires who Are al be to increase the milk and butter fat production of their offspring Are a inbred than those that cannot. But inbreeding is not the sole measure Lay any Means. In fact until the answer being sought by the Maine station in its Cross Breeding on inline Rilance of milk and butter fat is found no Rule or rules for selection of v. Ill r e Likely to hold True. Ecial attention to topographical nomenclature for the map. Or. George William Ballou judge Granville p. Hawkes or. Moore the sei dior partner of amp Schley and other vell known Wall Street operators Bankers brokers and lawyers to the number of Twenty five came to bar Harbor last saturday in a special car to inspect the Jiro Perty of the Goulds Boro land improvement company at Winter Harbor whither they went in the quot Silver or. George Baldwin Newell a Well known summer guest at the Rodick was also with the party. A Large number of cottages Are soon to be erected on the company s property. The National editorial association of the United states will hold its sixth annual convention at Boston next week from tuesday june 24, to june 27. Opening session tuesday morning at the state House with address of Welcome by gov. Brackett. On wednesday thursday and Friday there will be meetings addresses and various excursions. The delegates from the Maine Pretiss association Are Samuel t. Pick Ard transcript Portland Joseph Wood mount desert Herald bar Harbor Samuel l. Miller news Waldoboro and George w. Drisko Union Machias. The weather at bar Harbor for the week ending june 18, 1890, with daily record of maximum and minimum temperature a thursday june 12. Cloudy wind be Max. 55 Deg. Min. 47 Deg. Diff. 8 Deg. Friday june 13. Rain wind be Max 51 Deg., min 45 Deg. Gift. 6 Deg. Saturday june 14rain, Cloudy w be Max. 50 Deg., min 48 Deg., diff. 11 Deg. Sunday june 15clear wind so Max. 72.3 d., min 51.5 d., diff 20.7 Monday june 16, Clear wind be 4 so Max 7.22 a. Min. 9.5 d., diff. 22.7 Tuesday june 17. Clear wind so Max. 79.5 d., min 58 d., diff. 21.5 Wednesday june 18, Clear Shower wind so. Max. 82.7 d., min. 56 d., Difili. D. A rain of Friday and satterday 1,28 inches Shower of wednesday afternoon 0.1 inches total precipitation for the Welc 1.69 inches. You can get Goodyear tires for that sturdy smaller car a Goodyear a notable tire making none exceeds in Mali relative value of product the res made the 30x3-, 30x3yr, and 31x4-Incli sizes be tires afford to owners of Ford Chevrolet Dort Maxwell and other cars taking these sizes the important to befits of Goodyear materials and methods employed the world s largest tire production your nearest Goodyear service station dealer offers you in these tires a degree of performance and satisfaction Only possible result of such extraordinary manufacturing advantages. To this service station dealer for these and for Goodyear heavy tourist tube has then Ink yet Towms $23 30x3v2 Goodyear double Cire fabric a weather Traxl 30 x 3v2 Goodyear single cure i 50 fabric anti skid tread Ujj a Goodyear heavy tourist tubes Are build to protect a Mai wily endanger a Good cd. With a cheap tube go Kiyear heavy tourist tub ii Cost Little More than tubes of $50 less Merit. 30x32 size in Waterproof Bug Southwest Harbor two Graves the Timis in now a a pay Tali ted amp a idt Gaioi one of the pleasantest of the Many fraternal festivities took place at the masonic Lodge rooms on tuesday june 8th, when Jephthah chapter 0. E. S., gave a reception banquet and entertainment to a Large number of Star a tests. Irene chapter of Ellsworth had 35 present and st. Mary s chapter of Northeast Harbor had 20 delegates. Other chapters represented were mount desert Tremont Hawthorne wisc Ogus Penobscot and Harmony chapters making the number of visiting delegates something More than 100. The banquet tables at 6.00 p. M. Presented a Lively appearance where the excellent menu was appreciated and the flow of wit and humor added the spice of Good cheer to the array of Good things provided by the willing helpers of the supper committee. After Many features of chapter work a pleasing program was presented. Mrs. Eva Joy Sang a Beautiful Solo and duet with mrs. m. Lawton a Solo by Doris Marshall was finely Given accompanied by the chapter pianist then several humorous readings delighted the audience quot How Angela raised her missionary Money quot was like mrs. Geneva Young s popular recitations very funny and quot the horse race quot by mrs. Hattie Hamblen was extremely amusing from Start to finish. by the visiting Star matrons and several Brethren were Apt and witty appreciative of the hospitality so happily accorded by the hostess chapter. At the close a Midnight lunch was served and with Mutual expressions of Good will the guests declared that the interchange of visits was a chief Factor in promoting the Good of the order. On Friday june 11, another notable event took place in Odd Fellows Hall when the Rowena Rebekah Lodge entertained Large delegations from Ellsworth Nokomis and bar Harbor unison lodges with visiting members from Northeast Harbor Tremont and Cranberry Isles. More than 150 guests enjoyed the excellent six o clock banquet and fully 300 were present to enjoy the Fine program which included song solos duets readings and table tix with appreciative remarks by several of the visitors. The favourable weather had a Large part in bringing quot Good delegations and in Raa dog both of these fraternal assemblies a Gid Success. The Midnight itch of ice Cream and cake proved that the hospitality of Rowena Rebekah Lodge is limited. Many Zummar visitors Are in town. All the hold 81 open and Many cottagers have arrived. I Muhm a cadent Well mrs. Arthur Somes on Friday afternoon of last week Julsen in i the stairs of her Home a he made a Mia tep and fell steal diff both he # one ankle. She contributed by or. G. A. Phillips on the Western Side of mount desert Island somewhere Back in the Woods Are two Graves. Only one or two men know of the place Back there in the Woods. Great Trees have grown Between and round about spreading huge branches As if in Protection Over these Graves. Cattle have trod the ground out of any semblance to these coverings of the dead. The wild things the foxes have dug holes the Birds have nests the squirrels have made free of the Little graveyard that lies buried in the forests on the Western Side of mount desert Island. In earlier times families lived near by but of late no one lives near or visits the Little cemetery. So the wild things have their Way and very soon no Man will know who Are buried Here. The Forest the Fox the weeds will unmolested Hood Sway. The fast rotting soils of the enclosure will have completed their task. All visible signs of the dead beneath shall be no . The big Trees now growing and spreading their protective branches if not molested will blot Here and there a Flowers these will remain. But no one except he who watches the Sparrow and notes its fall will know where lie two sons of mount desert who a half Century served their country in its need and helped to save the Union. A. E Lawrence co distributors of a whup Mobile pleasure car the mar Stewart motor truck and dealers in Goodyear Michelin Federal tires and a. A Lawrence co. Bar Harbor Telephone 24s-v the Handicap of adenoids ten per cent of american children have adenoids. These children Are handicapped seriously in attaining healthy Normal development states quot the Maine department of health. Adenoids May be both prevented and cured and parents should always see that children Are freed from them. Laboured breathing breathing through the nose protruding Teeth stoop shoulders and an unnatural dullness Are the frequent results of adenoids. Children sometimes suffer a loss of the senses of smell and hearing from this cause. Automobile Paintin subscribe for the times. Was taken by her husband after a physician Here had rendered first Aid to the bar Harbor Hospital where the Bones were set and her friends Are glad to learn that she is As comfortable As can be expected under the painful condition. Mrs. P. C. Clark and granddaughter Hilda have returned Home from a very enjoyable trip to Philadelphia where they have been visiting the Johnson family who have taken such marked inter to in miss Lena and Grade the former attending College but will return with the Johnsons whose new cottage Here is nearly completed. And curtains for your car have you noticed How shabby a car looks when its top a fended or quot shows its ribs ? and How smart is a car with a Well tailored top of Good material. Bring your car to us and Weh fit it out with a new top and suit of curtains that will make the old bus quot look like a million dollars we use never Leek top material which is thoroughly guar Aste and not Lea crack or fade. Drive in and see us. Geo. M. Tower tel 338-m

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