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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Sep 16 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - September 16, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Foj Bullins insurance broker the leading county paper und the Only i piety journal on flaunt desert Island. Init Fiir Der a the Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. It no. 34, bar Labbok Maike to Kirk to september 16, 1903. Five cents , prepaid i. Ted Xay sea pm combier. Abt Bim to car president the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Fully equipped Fob a very kind of legitimate banking. Capital surplus and profits �60,000.00 $10,000.00 directors. J. A. Sodl Elt. A. S. Newnan. Henry Chas. A Wood. Geo. H. I a Law lord rant. Nobbbs Poydence invited. To Wmk Public to desire to Call your attention to our new of Ces established in the Jellison be Whitney building Corner of main and cottage streets bar Harbor to there we will be pleased to see Yoa at any time. Our business is principally fire insurance heal estate and in our is franc department represents Twenty of the Best Stock com Nanie in ibis and foreign countries. W e will be glad to look after the baying and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be Caref my any business you May give us will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we May have a fair share of your patronage we Are very respectfully the Geo. H. Grant co. 15 k Whitney seakl8 amp Carter brokers bar Harbor. Victor a. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New York. Liberal christianity. A history of its origin and Progress in Hancock . Enfiajian established 1883. Earliest importer in the United states of persian rugs a Mech from Persia my notable collection of persian and other Oriental rugs amply comprehensive of Oriental sizes outside of so called carpet sizes is unrivalled in excellence of texture perfection of Sli pipe and purity of design in every ruin. to Knob Makk store will close Saburoji sept. 19.h. Enofia Jaim 172 main st., opposite it. Desert Street r. H. Kittredge meats groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail in order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently Fremodt led a Pait of my store thereby mailing a commodious and modern meat Market it will be fully equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with tie business. The Market will be run in connection with my business which will be of advantage to my patrons. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor me. Rep a Terry manage Virginia Springs finest Baths in America for rheumatism gout liver and nervous troubles also obesity. Delightful fall climate. The Homestead hotel open All the year. Fine a of course Tennis and Squash courts. Excellent roads for Riding and Golf tan Ament oct. 1,2 and 3 Buie Der shop come st. Bar my me. It is my task this afternoon to Deal with the history of unitarianism in Hancock county. This history involves Many events which i shall not attempt to give in chronological order. 1 shall avoid details for in presenting this history it is my purpose rather to give the spirit of the life of it. Written records Are few. Indeed in some cases what was written has been lost Siut the events in this history have been written indelibly in the lives of Many people and the lines of influence of deeds Here done have gone out to Distant parts of the Earth. Let us give a few moments of our time to considering the Quality of the people who lived in the coast towns of Maine fifty or sixty years ago. Some people Are accustomed to think of dwellers in the country towns and villages As being isolated quite Cut off from much that tends to enlarge and Widen the View of life. This is True of Marty Inland towns which for years were not reached by the Railroad and thus were not brought into Contact with the progressive life of the outside world. But this is not True of the towns on or near the coast. Fifty or sixty years ago when the Commerce of our nation was increasing sailing vessels were in great demand. They were the chief carriers of cargoes Between the United states and the Many foreign countries. The building of these vessels was at that time a Large Industry in our coast towns. This brought people to the towns while the ships were in process of building and when a ship was completed it was quite natural that Young men from the Vicinity should form part of the Crew. There were plenty in those Days who were eager for this Opportunity to see something of the world. These men returning to their native towns from voyages All Over the world brought with them new ideas and t us oms. n Man who had risen to the rank of Captain took with him his Wile his daughters or his Sisters. Thus one might find whole families which had seen much of the world. Almost every one took an occasional trip to Boston in a coasting Schooner. We al know the broadening Eichect on the mind and character of travel and Contact with the world and so can readily see hat the inhabitants of our coast towns were prepared to receive progressive ideas. This is True even of that about which xci England people Are generally most conservative their religion. Jne other thing which helped to prepare the Way for Liberal religion vas Llie Baptist ministers who were All about the country in the Early part of tiie last Century. Lii semen were not stationed in any one place but from town to town. They were sincere and honest men earnestly preaching christianity As they believed it. But they dwell far More on the torments of future punishment than on the Beauty of right living on the horror of hell rather than on the peace and Joy of heaven. One of these preachers was spending a few Days in a certain town and was being entertained in one of the Homes of that town fathered about the open fire in the evening were chd Dren and. Grown people together. The conversation turned on things spiritual and religious and the minister made this statement. He said he had studied into tie problem and that to the Best of his belief hell was a huge Gridiron with scorch iii Hames beneath. At the Entrance to this terrible satan and his assistants with pitchforks in hand ready to toss upon the Gridiron the poor unfortunates who had not merited Salvati a. Is it any wonder that the children of that household went to bed that night quaking with terror or that the awful picture was firmly impressed on their minds when they reached manhood and womanhood thy turned to a Milder and More rational religion. So it was that Many thinking and intelligent minds Rose in rebellion against teachings and welcomed gladly the More Liberal theology. One of these Baptist ministers Rev. Or. Cole deserves special mention in this paper. He was a Broad minded Man speaking with the utmost Charity of unitarians expressing his kindly regard for them but also his fears for their ultimate salvation. However As time went on and he came More into Contact with their thought he became one of them and ended his Days As a unitarian minister the earliest liberalism in Hancock county can be traced to the town of Cas Tine. The first Parish Church of Castine built in i7 is the oldest unitarian Church East of the Penobscot River. The build Fig is in use today. The first society had no Creed but was bound together by a covenant. At the time when the differences of opinion in the congregational churches of new England which resulted in the division into unitarian and trinitarian came or. William Mason was the minister of this Church. His belief developed into that held bar the unitarians of his time which caused some of the adhere hints of his Church to leave and a a paper read in the annual conference i unitarian and other Christian churches at Suluvan Harbor August 1903, by mrs. H. H. Saunderson. Join the More orthodox Church. Or. Ma-�00 during his pastorate of 36 years was a Power in the town. He was largely in strict rental in establishing a Pii Blic Library was town treasurer for 26 years and w9it a member of the school committee. Ids interesting to know that he accompanied the selectmen to the British Fleet when on september 1,1814, they went to surrender the town. We Are told too that with a salary apparently never larger than i425 a year he cared for a Large family aad gave two sons a Liberal education so he must have been a Man of great resource. Castine was for some time the county seat. The first Parish Church served As town House until 1831, and when important cases were being tried which attracted larger Cro is than the court House could contain the trials were held in the Church. At least one trial for murder was held there. There too was held the Serai Fijon the Day of Nail anal mourning Fiir Washington appointed by Congress Fel Fuary 22, Isoo and there the people ass Robled in 1s61 to bid Farewell to company b of the second Maine. In the City of Ellsworth now the county seat a unitarian society was formed about 70 years ago. Two successive ministers were installed and then the society seems to have died. The organisation of the present society in 1865, was due largely to the efforts of three progressive women. In the Spring of that year some members of the Baptist Church desiring More Liberal preaching United with a few unitarian and universalist families in establishing a Liberal Church. Accordingly a letter signed by mrs. A. F. Greely miss Fannie Otis and miss Kate Dyer the three women who were the prime movers in the matter was sent to or. Charles Carroll Everett then minister of the Church in a it angor asking his advice and assistance and also that a minister might be sent to their for a few weeks. In response to this or. W. H. Savary went to preach there to rough july. In october the present society was formed with or Savary As minister and in the tvo following years the Church was built. Havin it spoken of these two societies let us turn to the problem of the Quot summer Quot churches so called. About this Lime people began 10 discover that Eastern Maine especially the coast was a delightful place to spend tie summer. A cultured class of people sought these towns for rest and recreation in the summer months As yet Large Bote s were unknown summer visitors boarded in the Homes of the Peol be and did much to add to the pleasures of those Homes. Many professors and teachers came anal also some of our most noted unitarian ministers. It f these ministers. Rev. Henry w. I note was the to preach regularly. He with his family spent a summer some Lime in tie sixties in West a Gouldsboro. During his stay Liere he preached in the town on sunday mornings and people Tiu Lay remember his helpful sermons. The Fol Lnu in g summer he tented on an Island in Ilie Bay and continued the work he had commenced the previous summer going on sunday mornings to the main land. Al out this time too. Or Francis. I Eab by then just commencing Liis ministry spent a summer in bar Harbor and rowed across the Bay to speak on sundays in tie Hall in Sullivan. He preached his first Sermon in this town. One sunday a 1 dec idler who chanced to he slopping in Iown Over sunday was so impressed by the Sermon that he left a Dollar next morning with the Post mistress Quot fur the Young Man that preached Sulci a Good set somewhat later or. Dole established a summer Home on it. Desert Island and preached in various places. In addition to these men there were Many others who preached in the different villages through the Summers As occasion offered. Rev. Samuel Longfellow brother of the poet spent several Summers in Sullivan Harbor and preached often. He was much loved by All. Especially did he endear himself to a group of Young boys with whom he spent much time. He taught them much that was interesting about nature and they appealed to him to Settle All questions of right and wrong that arose in their relations among themselves and with others. One Day Whie or. was fishing off Tatj wharf a for flounders with the boys he was asked to decide whether or not it would be stealing for them to take for their pet Birds and squirrels the Corn that fell through the holes in the bags of Corn which came to the wharf As freight. Or. Longfellow told them that it. Woultz be quite right for them to take list a Corn which fell to the ground but warned them that it would be very wrong for them to shake the bags or in any other Way to cause More Corn to fall than would naturally fall in the handling of the bags. Too much cannot be said in Praise of these men who while enjoying Well earned vacations so generously and unselfishly gave a Large part of their time to preaching to the people among whom they were living. One has Only to talk with those people today to see How Well their work has been Remenn ered and appreciated. These ministers of whom 1 have spoken found such Grek interest manifested in Liberal Relief in Silch a desire to know and Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale. Bar Harbor Maine. Office have More of it that the plan to have students from Harvard and Meadville spend their vacations in several of the towns preaching and doing pastoral work was discussed and put into operation. This was a great Opportunity not alone for the people but for the Young men who were selected to go. These Ypung men coming among entire strangers almost with out exception won for themselves a place in the affections of the people by their tact and genuine interest in their work. They frequently did much in other ways than preach King. Several of them were deep students of literature and gave occasional lectures on literary topics or evenings of readings from their favorite authors. Often the Young minister would be the prime mover in a novel entertainment which brought the people of the town together. Some of these men returned a second summer in response to a general de Mand for their presence after they had worked one summer with the Zeal that merits and wins sti Cess. These cases were fortunate for it meant great Progress in the work when it could be taken up almost where it had been dropped the previous year. Great credit is due the students who have done summer work in Hancock county. It is not easy to go among strangers and accomplish in a few weeks what a minister commencing his pastorate would take several months to do. And in one Way this is what the student is called upon to accomplish. True there Are not so Many persons with whom he must become acquainted nor so Many Calls to be made nor Are there so Many Church activities whose Workings must be understood. Luit the Man who goes to a has before him a More difficult task. If he Only awaken activity while he is present he has failed in his work. To succeed he must leave with the people an enthusiasm and an inspiration that will carry them through the tide them Over the months when they have no minister. I need not dwell on the difficulty of this. Let us Only think How Many of us who have received mental and spiritual uplift and inspiration find that in a Little while it is All gone and we need a fresh impetus to cry us along. Then we will understand. But if it Lias meant hard work to the student it has also been to him a source of help and inspiration. I assert with Confidence that never in his life will he find More appreciative audiences or More genuine friendliness. And what Man could spend a summer in the Vicinity of this Bay. Which has been compared by so Many to the Bay of Naples or in the presence of those mountains rising from the Ocean sometimes resplendent in the surf Shine sometimes breathed in fog sometimes folded in the purple Haze of Twilight but at All times Beautiful without gaining a clearer of nature and of god which will stay with him All through his life. Now let us consider the houses of worship in which this preaching has been done and see what has been made. In Castine and in Ellsworth As we have already seen there Are unitarian Church buildings. But these Are prosperous towns and have a Large permanent population. Our problem is chiefly with the smaller conf unities around French mans Bay. In these villages there Are so few inhabitants that each denomination cannot have a Church building of its own. Cven if each denomination possessed a Church building it would i got be possible for the Little handful of adherents to support it Hyrc alien is the Way the prob Lem has been solved the people of different Denon a nations mixed in pm univ up one Church building whirl should serve v Jill Lluc l nil a .i., s. Now the time to order and a a Ait these Ofui be Niota sic a it july Lull ail september l Jih. Fetock of Uati e tree s we iia e ii Uuie varieties. A i Gro ii Trees Jill used Between a a of rare and Liuti i Okim i i list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Bar Harbor Maine Oriental rugs at great sacrifice in private. 99 per cent of the Rug Trade is clone this season 111 bar Harbor As Well As in previous years by twin Bros you Okimow our Pei Duane it Headquarters in new York at 3-7s of if pm Averlue one Block above Valdorf Astoria. A coerce l. Steb birr to Quot cottages or rent. Building lots on sea l off Loei Seal Harbor me., and los produce exch to Ltd real y

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