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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - September 2, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine U is Deoras a Fox building insurance broker vol. It. No. 82, the leading county paper and the i Quot a of society journal on flaunt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent Bab Hatbob. Main mob Long sep Timber 2� 1903. Five cents j. , or tip met a it. Tho Iiara 8bibkft,. Amt him 8. Newm Elx. Floe pics Dent the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Fun tilt a quipped Tob Bobbt kind of legit if at banking. Capital. A surplus and Profita 150,000.00 110,000,00 Street org. J. A. Bolok. A. 8.newman. Henry a x4lwford cabs. H. Wood. Geo. H. Grant. G0bbb8p0ndxncb Imit by. To the Public we desire co Call your attention to our new of faces established i the Jel Ilsoo amp Whitney building Corner of main and cottage streets bar Harbor where we will be pleased to see Yoa at and time. Our business is principally fire insurance real estate and investments. Our insurance department represents Twenty of the Best Stock com zanies in this and foreign countries. We will be glad to look after the buying a a sell log of real estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any business you give us will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we have a fair share of your patronage we Are very respectfully the conference. Why i did t do my whole Doty m Date Talner. B. E. Whitney. Searl8 amp Carter. The Geo. H. Golant co. Brokers bar Harbor. Victor n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New . Enfiajian Estable Lebied 1883. Earliest importer in the United states of persian rugs direct from Persia my notable collection of persian and other Oriental rugs amply comprehensive of Oriental sizes outside of so called carpet sizes is unrivalled in excellence of texture perfection of shape and purity of design in every Bug. Tuout bitty Staob maid to avoid carrying these rugs Over to a other season i am prepared to sell them at about wholesale prices for the rest of the season. Having two stores at my disposal the minority of the rugs i have spread out and exposed to View. Also rare precidus stones american and foreign among the first a Large number of the famous Maine is which Are justly considered the fittest and most Ella it Gant souvenirs of bar . Enfiajian 172 main st., opposite it. Desert Stree the lace store will continue Selling their Stock of real lace Anu other goods regardless of Cost. From now until we close sept. First will be the time to obtain bargains. Such real lace goods As we carry in Stock Are a Good investment at the prices you can have them . Noot amp son adjoining a collage below main Street Doe amp Gonya s drag store. Bar horses. Or. W. F. Storm formerly instructor in the Royal prussian cavalry is now at bar Harbor with first cafes Saddle horses and equipments and is stabled at his old location no. 4 High Street off cottage Street. Instruction Given to ladies and gentlemen beginners and advanced pupils. Reliable Saddle horses for hire. I Rench German and English spoken. Highest references. For terms apply to . Storm 4 High Street. Riding skirts can be rented. Telephone stable fib8t of ass bios of Sims by kind by Boito i Day week of season. Prompt Serviou Good prs i. Trim vercies intelligent Drivers. Tenas Beason fable. Jaw Lii pc Fer proper. A. Bah ibo Boob. Sailing is a Fine pastime but when you want to get somewhere a Well that is Ai other Story. I planned last week to entertain my share of the conference delegates in fact i did t mind if i entertained More than my share providing they would take me As they found me so i invited halt of bar Harbor and a Quarter of Ellsworth to put up at my House if it ser red their convenience to do so. I bound nobody to a Promise to accept and that left me free in a measure still i Felt some trifling responsibility in the matter and gladly awaited myself of an invitation from my Friend the doctor to lunch on monday with his wife his brother and himself inboard his Beautiful yawl lying in the Harbor and he would sail me Home afterwards. This meant As i figured it that i would arrive there much earlier than by my usual Way via the Sebenia. I could get on my company smile and be prepared to receive my guests in a fitting manner As i really prefer to do when i can. Therefore j purchased a pint of Creanna to make the conference breakfast More enjoyable and promptly at the appointed hour i arrived at Connors druthers wharf. I always arrive at the wharf promptly. It s a habit i be Acque red trave Lingon the Maine Central boats. The doctor and his brother were waiting for me and we joined the wife on Board the yawl where a most delicious lunch was served at 1.30. It was three when we finished. I dont usually spend so much time at my lunch at bar Harbor i assure you. Then the men smoked and i could have enjoyed the sensation of feeling Vanderbilt had not that awful conference with its guests loomed up spectre like across the Bay and the Busy record office on this Shore where faithful workers were shedding their heart s blood that i might have this Outing haunted me. No one on Board was in the least of a hurry. Of the Joy of belonging to the. Leisure class. I could net appear to be so i smiled and smiled like Shakespeare s villain. It was truly delightful lying there under the Walls of Paradise and had not the worldly Shore upbraided me with its wild uproar i could have enjoyed the peace the poet sings of. At last the falling tide warned the careful Captain to be off. The wind was blowing fresh and it was no easy matter to get under Way with yachts to the right and yachts to the left and All around us. The brother was an indifferent Sailor when asked to pull in the Jib Sheet he asked where he should put it and i must confess that when the doctor Captain talked about the Quot Jigger Quot i looked for a Dray. Still everybody Lent a hand and i Felt that it was up to me to do what i could but what in the world to do 1 did not know. On be Sebenia i m sure i should have known just How to get out the tangle with the one Bell two Bell and Jingle Bell but on a yawl a however with no help from me the Captain cleverly disentangled the yawl and got outside the Harbor with Only a few trifling mishaps like losing his hat and carrying away the flagpole of nearby yacht. The knockabout race was on and the brother wanted to see it so we Lay to. Nobody thought of the conference that is nobody but me. It was a pretty race and i very nearly forgot the conference myself watching it. Have you Ever been up the Bay and watched those 31-footers come Down be fore the wind it is certainly a pretty sight nothing but a Fleet of ice boats on Eagle Lake can equal it. We reached Sorrento at 5.30 where an Early dinner had been ordered As the brother was going to take the night train for Boston. The doctor would take him Over in the gasoline tender and put me in at Sullivan Harbor in route. As 1 stepped into the tender to be put ashore my pint of Cream slipped and half filled the tiny boat. It was the last blow but my generous hosts infilled my Jar from their own Larder that the conference guests should lose nothing we would hurry dinner and Start at once before it got dark. Of course we did t hurry the dinner very Mueh who Ever does it was too Good a dinner to hurry. Every course was served up to salad. We did sacrifice dessert and made a move to depart. The doctor had taken a ten minute Start to give the engine an extra Supply of gasoline from the yacht. The brother and i arrived at the Landing but the ten minutes were Long. We watched the Silvery thread of a new Moon slowly sink from sight we watched the Brilliant Sunset splendor fade from the Western sky what could the doctor be doing at last he came with the Story that he bad filled the Lank too Lull and had been bailing the gasoline and Cream out of the boat. Everything was All right now he said Only the Belt would not stay on if he Only had a string he could fix it. I offered my shoe string just the thing. Trifles do not disturb such a traveler As i for Havn t i been on the Sebenia when the Crank pin and valve Stem and heaven knows what All have broken and my equal Lenim has not been in the least upset even running Down Lighthouse was but an incident of a trip creating no undo excitement. The doctor laced the Belt together and vre set Forth but made Little Progress. The seaweed had clogged the propeller. The doctor took off his coat bared his Arm to the shoulder and cleared away the entanglement and we began puffing along it an encouraging Pace. Should we try the passage inside Ingalls Island ? i was for trying any route that hould get me to that conference. It was now too late to worry about guests. Long before this they must have gone to the Church disgusted with me. The incoming tide was Strong and we were making Good Olnie when a grating sound was heard. We had come to a standstill Hie h and dry on Ingalls Island bar. It was pitchy Dirk and we dared not strike a Light in the gasoline soaked boat. But Strong arms and boat Hooks after strenuous Effort set us free and with More careful guiding we again found the Channel. With no further mishap i was landed at the steam Oai wharf reaching conference in season to hear or. Van Ness s my guests were very amiable but none of them took Cream in their Coffee. H. M. S. Hospital entertainment. Society turns Masse and a goodly sums realised Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale. Office bar Harbor Maine. No lds the Laurel was awarded or. Denby by or. Bates referee. The entertainment closed with a fancy dance by ten Young ladies five in White and five in Black. The different figures were very Graceful with their deep bows and Cour tests those in the dance were misses Baxter Campbell Miller Potter ran Dolph Roosevelt Seely Smith and Taylor. A promenade or mall. The entertainment in Aid of the bar Harbor medical and surgical Hospital Given at the Casino on Friday evening was a pronounced Success and was greatly enjoyed. Every seat was taken and the boxes were occupied by the holders and their friends. The Casino was not elaborately decorated there being a few Palms at either Side of the stage and the Balcony Hung with handsome turkish rugs from twin brother s persian Palace. On either Side of the Entrance were Booths one where the programs were sold and the other filled with Flowers which were sold by Flower girls. The first part of the program was entirely musical and was accorded the closest attention. The opening number was Quot with Strephon for your foe Quot from if Ianthe rendered in a spirited manner by a chorus of sixty voices from the bar Harbor choral society under the direction of or. Maurice c. Rumsey von Weinzierz s Quot magic of Spring Quot was also Given by the choral and both numbers received Hearty applause. Following this or. And mrs. Adamowski cello and piano rendered Rubenstein s andante and finale delightfully. During All the numbers by the Adamowski the silence throughout the House was almost painful in its intensity my they responded to repeated encore. Among their other numbers were Rubenstein s exquisite Quot Melodie Quot and offer s Dainty Madame Adamowski s numbers were Chopin s Quot i Nocturne Quot and Rubenstein s Quot Berceuse Quot and the Quot Valse Caprice Quot or. Rogers too Sang to an appreciative audience. The old scotch song Quot turn be to Roe Quot Sung in his Sweet far reaching baritone Laid a spell Over the entire Assembly. His rendering of Booth s King Charles was Superb and he responded to an encore. It is a rare pleasure to hear or. Rogers. He forgets himself his listeners and surroundings and sings with such abandon such exquisite expression with no apparent Effort and so Little studied effect that it is hard to realize his voice is ruled More by Art than is the Carol of the Birds. . Wellman s numbers ton Einger Liebe be Baiser and Spring were enthusiastically received delightfully rendered in her Clear Soprano. Her duet with or. Rogers was one of the most enjoyable features of the evening the second part of the program consisted of living posters and japanese prints arranged by miss Heustis. The Rise of the curtain discovered a Bill Hoard extending across the stage. Near the Center was an open space a hic Llic Justers Weie displayed. The first was Scribner s Magazine cover for easter the three figures being misses Potter town Send and Knowlton. Miss Pearson posed As Gismonda mrs. Eugene Beales gowned in Lavender was a Dainty poster representing Patnaud s a Wolet perfume mrs. Tevis made a charming picture As the Quot Chat noir Quot poster miss Deering was very handsome As Vin Mariani. There were a number of comic posters also. Miss Dorothy Miller in dutch costume represented Uneeda biscuit and miss Charlotte Miller As the school girl writing chocolate Menier caused much laughter. Herbert Jaques jr., and Robert Potter represented the Gold dust twins and alien Wellman was the Omega Oil poster. The dance by the misses Miller and Allen Wellman in costume was extremely unique and funny. One of the girls Sang a very original tribute to the merits of Omega Oil and the dance was performed to the air. The i japanese prints were extremely Dainty pretty and looked much More like i Ai stings than flesh and blood. Those who to in pvt in them were misses Draper pee ing Mcmichael Knowlton Star gis am or. Potter. In the fencing out Between is. E. H. Denby and Carl Rey. The following letter was sent to the chief selectman b. S. Higgins and explains itself. The importance of the proposition is obvious and great. August 20, 1903. Dear or. Higgins i beg the selectmen to give their attention to a proposition by which the town of bar Harbor would secure a most important much needed and Beautiful feature. By this local values will be largely increased and handsome improvements encouraged. This project is Foi the town to accept As a gift land ten feet wide on ledge Lawn Avenue on the Shannon property sufficient to construct a wide promenade or sidewalk from it. Desert Street to Cromwell Harbor Road. As i understand that the town can appropriate four feet this would make the path fourteen feet wide and for the whole length of this most important thoroughfare. The owners of the property will deed this land to the town provided the town will construct and maintain the Footway. They also have in mind certain other improvements on the tract which will afford splendid Park like privileges for the people. This Footway would be supplemented by others on their property which will Cost them considerable Money which i can Lay before you later and the idea of a circuit walk or promenade from the Shannon Circle to the new Road which crosses the Cromwell Harbor Brook by four Bridges and passes through the Woods on the Edge of the town. Thus a greatly needed walk can be opened from near the Malvern hotel Over tie Hill through the Shannon Circle to the new Road along ledge Lawn Avenue and it. Desert Street. The great advantage of this wide promenade along ledge Lawn Avenue counts Quot in the fact that there is now not one single Broad Footway in the town Whereon two or More people can walk abreast. This would furnish an agreeable promenade shaded in the afternoon by the Woods on the West. Soon or late this Avenue will inevitably become a much used route to Seal and Northeast Harbor and also the Meadows will probably become the site of a track or Speed Way controlled by the horse show association. Certainly this Avenue and the Road in line with it will grow rapidly in importance. It is not at All necessary that the proposed Side walk should be of expensive construction. For a Long time to come it will be sufficient to have a cleared path through the Woods surfaced with a Small amount of gravel or Sand or to remain an Earth walk cleared of stones and underbrush. As it is More used it could be improved but in even a rough state would serve a much appreciated purpose. Respectfully yours j. Madison Taylor. titles now is the time to order and Plaut Evergreen Trees As these can be most successfully planted Between August 15th and september 15lb. Besides a Large Stock of native Trees we have Many rare and Beautiful varieties. Write for Price list. The mount desert nurseries. I we. Miller manager. Bar Harbor out Sale of Choice Oriental rugs at great sacrifice in private. 99 per cent of the Rug Trade is done tuls season in bar Harbor byte intros it because we have made the beet name and record in a iving our numerous patrons Here and throughout the United states utmost satisfaction in prices and goods. Vou Okimow Wiir permanent Headquarters in Kew York at 3ts of if Quot to Avenue. One Block above Waldorf Astoria ill. £3. Ilm Jolt Leubs Nejes contractor and builder co shop come st., bar Hambor in. George l. Conage for rent. Built ii lots on Sei l a h Vifor Sai Omoy a a a al Hai it or ma., and 108 product n. Y. I a a Ain Resit

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