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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - October 28, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A ,1. Y i i Jii ii leading comity paper and the Only in Quot i vol. It i Tom Bab Habbo i Siam to Javan a Init irm. Ylma Pimmit the of a rat a Lite onal ban mar Sailor me. it Qin pjs not vib Xvi fat Kino of basxih6. Capitol. ,000.00 a Arples and Pronti t0,00000 pm meters j.a.bo41�k. . Henry a Lawford it. I. Go chm. H. Wood. Colkirk spot a Simca in tits. Leo. A rant. To the Public we deity of co Call a Atrit Tonttu a to our new offices established in the Jellison it Whitney balls Long Corner of main and cottage streets bar Harbor where we will be pleased to Dpi tim at any time. Car bub Nesb is Pali Velj by Fobe insurance Beal estate and investment. A a oar insurance department represents Twenty of the Best Stock com Nanies n this and foreign countries. We will be glad to look after the baying and Selling of Beal estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any Basl Nesi Yoti Iha a was us will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we May have a far Shara of your patronage we area very respectfully on Rio unt desert Island. De Rasm Fox real estate. Cottages for rent we. Octo bbb 28, Ivoal five cents b. E. White Loti seals amp carte the ceo. H. Grant co. A i brokers bar n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New Jewett piano e x c e 1 8 1 n / ton rest of mesh Matt sub Abigil cd Mai n 11 n rii it y do i Mil a al Ioa Liy Merito Tooi. Obue ito Marie Ftp w u u Iio u n i of Milu in amp Utle fave Only to be Paeai to be appreciate Stein Way Mason amp Hamlin and 8teinertone pianos. A amp sons co new England represent Ativo Steinert Hall Boston mass. Local reprise native f. P. Pray amp sons 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine. J. in i tit p o r t e unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling Silver table China and toilet sets. B i a. H b it it r Mil Ilver. H. Kittredge a Kai lib a meats groceries and provision sat wholesale and retail id order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently remodeler a part of my store thereby making a commodious and modern meat Market it will be fully equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the business. The Market will be run in connection with my grocery business which will be of advantage to my patrons. 21 it. Desert st., Bur Harbor Ryton overcoat. If we get one Chance to furnish you a Hart Schaffner amp Marx overcoat Well get a Good Many chances at you. Once a customer Here always a customer. That s our idea. Hart Shaffner amp Marx clothes help us to carry it out and this Ryton overcoat illustrates the Way they do it. These clothes Are higher priced than some others. But the Money is in the goods. Better be As Well dressed As you co., huhs Duffner v Mam Hultai Khod r h. S. Nav on manager. Bunker Block. Bar Harbor. We give yellow trading Stan Sbar Harbor banking and Trust go mount Stert Bloos. Bar in Durbor. Otth , a ural a am a hey of a stockholder a 800,0qq.00. Pm Chilsi try Stees tm4 7 rut a p. A a a Wilh by Mirpuri. If. A we. Juhna. I Ursa l. A a Hhd Admadt eation a arbitration a Rcd al of the events lipid Long tip to tiie present Stu Aton. Last week the Anglo american adj Udu cation tribunal which has men sitting in London decided the alaskan Boundary Case in favor. Of american says the Outlook. The main Tju estion at Issue was what does the word Quot cute Quot coast mean in the Russio British treaty of 1825 ? according to that document the Boundary Between russian North America and British North Ameris a started at the head of Portland canal a deep Pacific Inlet and was a Genel al Une Quot parallel to the sinus Sites of the coast Quot at a distance of thirty Miles therefrom. For seventy three years this line was unquestioned by the British government. Meanwhile in 1867, by the Purchase of Alaska on the limits established by the Kusso British treaty of 1825, the United states of America succeeded to the russian i hts. The settlement of Quot British Columbia however brought an inquiry As Early As 1872 from the Canadian government concerning the exact Boundary line and before Gold was discovered in the Klondike the canadians had already advanced a theory which directly opposed the map making of Many years. Not until 1898, however did Canada induce the British government to take up her Contention that ice the Quot in the treaty of 1825 did not mean the a main coast but the outermost line about Twenty five Miles from the main coast line of the fringe of islands along the coast. A Boundary drawn at a distance of thirty Miles paralleling the islands outer line would Cut across several great arms of the sea leaving Southern Alaska broken into a number of Small separated sections of Mainland a few Miles wide the american cd ast line being broken through by deep inlets which would afford to great Britain an open Access to the sea especially at Lynn canal where a re convenient ports for Klondike Trade. So convinced had Many canadians become of the Justice of their theory that sir Robert Finlay in presenting their Case to the adjudication tribunal claimed that Quot the existing Boundary had been drawn in ostentatious Defiance of the treaty of 1825&Quot the replies of our counsel by be condensed under three Heads. First Russia had no intention of establishing such a Boundary As that for which the canadians contended. This is shown by a study of the correspondence leading up to the treaty in which appears the British desire to break through russian America to the coast to establish stations there of the Hudson s Bay company but there also appears the russian determination to permit no permanent peril to the monopoly then enjoyed by the Russo american fur company. Secondly Russia never did establish such a line. This is shown by the fact that great Britain did then acquire from Russia by treaty a ten years privilege to navigate certain arms of the sea a step which would not have been taken had the territory at the Heads of those sea arms been British. Finally the Canadian Contention is contrary to a Long series of Canadian and British official maps the latest being the British admiralty Chart no. 787, corrected to 1901, giving the alaskan Boundary As established in 18. America has led the Way in preaching and practising arbitration. We have submitted a Large number of cases to that method of settlement. But the alaskan was not a Case for arbitration. When to 1898, the British government finally and we believe reluctantly took up the Canadian claim and proposed arbitration after the manner of the venezuelan Case our representatives on the joint High commission of that year pertinently showed that there was no analogy Between the two disputes. Venezuela certainly had been for seventy years in peaceful Possession of her disputed territory. The canadians on the other hand had chosen to question the Validity of America s title to its own property Loq peacefully occupied and made use of our title thus having received an important con Rma tion through prescription. The Ameri. Can commissioners justly challenged their Anglo Canadian colleagues to cite any instance in history where such a Case was Ever the subject of arbitration. Instead we of ered adjudication a a very different think. We declared ourselves ready to submit the whole question to a tribunal of three judges from each country the decision if any to be Ren dered by at least four out of six. Our offer was rejected by the canadians much it is believed to the regret of the Home government but five year Slater that government persuaded Canad a to accept our plan. Accordingly a tribunal of six commissioners or judges was chosen those opposing our claim being two canadians and lord Alverstone the English lord chief Justice. As the state department officials by hoped our. Counsel were Strong enough to convert one of the British commissioners and the Case was won. A minor Point however a rms gained by the Cana Ltd count and a change in. The it la win iii departure of tiie bout Idary will be Inadi in consequence. Instead of from the Pacific along the South Arm of the Portland canal the Boundary will proceed along the narrow North Arm thus giving to Canada the exclusive use of a valuable waterway and of a couple of islands Between the two arms hjtv�zil.80 about a Hun Dye and fifty Square Miles. The reason for a is. Channel and the islands to Canada is that titis assignment might the so interpreted from Vancouver s description written in 1705. The decision to Welcome Here has been received with some bitterness by some canadians. There have even been assertions that England things More of american Friendship than she does of Protection to her own Colony. Such can a Bias May be reminded that their own diplomacy could Hai Day have accomplished for them what the Home government has 4one, for thai Ashburton treaty to the alaskan adjudication. Indeed As to the last had All the judges been canadians and presumably obdurate the american Boundary would have remained As defined in 1825, including half of the Fine Portland canal and the islands valueless to us compared with their value to Canada for the islands command port Simpson the Western terminus of the proposed new Canadian transcontinental railway but the act of adjudication itself is far More important than any territory affected. It is in our belief the most impressive proof yet chronicled of the genuine Friendship of the family feeling existing Between England and America. This feeling which of course exists also Between Canada and the United states is too enduring to be adversely influenced by disputes such As the alaskan. Welcome As is the final decision to us the Courtesy and amicable relations which have invariably marked the sittings of the tribunal Are still More Welcome. There is a special and particular inter est in this Case arising from the fast that so far As we know it is the ii st International 48pute in history settled by adjudication. But the great import of the settlement is that it affords another example of a serious dispute Between contending nations settled not by War but by the peaceful Appeal to a Legal tribunal. A missioner right on re Union. Recently at Atlantic City More than a thousand delegates were present at the Quot National conference of unitarian and other Christian churches perhaps the most interesting and impressive feature of the proceedings was the presidential address of the Hon. Carroll d. Wright United states commissioner of labor. Or. Wright justly said that though there was talk of the decadence of the Church and of Church attendance there was no decadence of a real religious spirit in the Community As a whole and added As reported the Public conscience today is More acute More sensitive than at any time in the history of Mankind. This is due to the stimulation of the Public Coubs Deuce by a religious Conception of the rights of the Community. We see the sensitiveness growing out of Public action when Public officials take the wrong Road. We have been very severe everywhere in denunciation of some of the in the Post office department. At the close of the Spanish War the Public became much excited through the Neely Case. These two indictments in Public service Are slight Faira compared to it the stain dals of the whiskey ring and the Star route cases of a generation ago but there has been More said More denunciation More Public interest in these recent affairs than there was Over the a two greatest scandals Ever connected with our government. Again crimes relating to liquor Selling did not appear in the statistics of fifty years ago. During the past Twenty years the total census for All crimes increased 70 per cent. For crimes not including liquor offences the increase was Only 20 per cent., but the sentences for drunkenness and other liquor offences increased nearly 160 per cent. Quot economic consideration now allies itself with religion Quot or. Wright aptly avowed Quot and insists that the Weli ire of the Community demands a get human body the Temple of god to remain undefiled. The influences of the economic aspects involved in the treatment of the Temperance question Are springing Forward and being comprehended by Industrial establishments and this is also due to the stimulation of the Public conscience by a religious Coq Cetica of Community rights. Again religion according to or. Wright has done away with the old forms of Charity. Quot in the slums if we Are Wise we do not toss the beggar a Coin. We treat the whole subject in a Way that Means the betterment of the Man themselves and not the Gratis cation of the finally the modern Church is reaching the people by preaching a sane doctrine Quot which comes not from a Christ dead nor even resurrected but from the living Active Christ that always was is and shall be Quot b. Mears cottages for Ren or for Sale. Office bar Harbor my ine. Be fifty conference. A stick Essuf two a s meeting at the Church. There were a Large number of people in town last week in attendance on the semiannual conference of the congregational churches of Hancock county. The meetings were held at the congregational Church and each session called out a goodly number. Tuesday afternoon the meeting of the Hancock county ministerial association took place and a supper was served in the vestry. The regular opening of the conference took place tuesday evening when the Praise and devotional service was led by Rev. George e. Kinney of it. Desert. Rev. Dean a. Walker of Southwest Harbor delivered the opening address and Rev. Angus m. Macdonald extended a cordial Welcome from the local society. Much of the evening service was devoted to the topic of resubmission. Rev. William Forsyth of Bucksport delivered an interesting speech on the Quot attitude of the Christian citizen towards Rev. S. L. Hanscom delivered a stirring speech on tie Temperance question. He gave a Brief history of Temperance legislation in Maine and showed up the weak Points in the enactment and enforcement of the prohibitory Law. All persons holding office under the state have taken oath to uphold its Laws but notwithstanding this a system of Low License has been in operation. Finding How easily the thing was done the political leaders of the dominant party have held the Temperance vote of the state by adopting a prohibitory platform and enacting prohibitory Laws and at the same time have held the rum vote by Rej Audiat ing those platforms m practice and nullifying those Laws in the process of administration. As a result of the last election in Hancock county enforcement has been More rigid and now from saloons drug stores still eries and breweries rises the cry of resubmission and License. Quot the sheriff of Hancock county issued a notice to All liquor dealers within the county that Early in december ust All must be out of business. Something is wrong when despite such a decree saloons could run All summer and the proprietors and bartenders run about court time. The Promise and pretence of enforcement is not enough. It tends to l ring the Law into contempt. We want the real thing and let me not listen to resubmission talk until we have a few years of honest enforcement. That is what the mass of the people of this state want and the men who desire office had belter publicly declare themselves As opposed to resubmission and in favor of enforcement the Early part of wed cd i session was devoted to business after u Lich Rev. A. P. Macdonald of Seal it in or gave an interesting address on Quot what can Hancock county conference do for its Island missionary churches Quot this subject was further handled by Rev. Charley Whittier who spoke in reference to Inland churches. The subject of Quot How to meter est the Young men in the work of the of urch Quot was first taken up by or. D. Wellington Bunker and discussed by Rev. Or Freeman. In the afternoon Rev. C. N. Davie of Islesford addressed the conference on Quot Church work during the summer season Quot and Rev. Dean a. Walker also spoke on the same subject. The meeting of the woman s missionary society was conducted by miss Hannah Buck of Bucksport while the communion Sermon was preached by . Bean of Bluegill the lord s supper being administered by or. Whittier and h. L. Packard of West Brooksville. The evening Scricc began with Praise service by Rev. Herbert l. Packard. Following this were reports by various committees and addresses were made by Rev. David w. Beach president of the Bangor theological Seminary and Rev. Charles Harbutt of Portland. A vote of thanks was extended to the Parish for the cordial entertainment and the following resolutions regarding resubmission were accepted and passed resolved that we the Hancock county conference of congregational churches in bar Harbor assembled reaffirm our old time allegiance to our Good prohibitory town of our state. Resolved that we record our unqualified condemnation of the present movement led by the enemies of Law and order to have the question of resubmission brought before the people. Resolved that we would urge the need of every voter that believes in righteousness to use every Means to prevent the Saloon Power from checking the present Good work of suppression of the accursed liquor traffic. No action was taken regarding the coming Campaign. Y. M. C. A. Enlarged. Work is underway at they m. C. A. Building on the enlargement which will add greatly to the size and convenience of the association s rooms. About $6000 will be expended in the work. The work is from plans drawn by Andrews Jaques amp Rantoul. Boston. There will be two additions one at the front the other at the Back. That at the front will be two stories 32x37. The first floor will be devoted to a Reading 1 for men and on the second floor Vii recreation room. I he addition at the rear of the building will tii Lyrtie and orca try improve the gymnasium. Bowling Alley will also be added to the attractions of the association. This will be made some to feet in length by an Extension at the rear. Above the Alley will be a seating capacity of two Hundred. Of e a Hardy per Hal plants. Order and Plant them now. The earlier they Are planted the better will be the result. White for pick list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Bar Harbor Maine. Repairing at Sawyer s. Of Fine. Watches French clocks Diamond a Jewelin old Jewey renovated re Gilt and made like new. Old Goli taken in Exchange for goods or Man Mumm repairs. Jewelry mfg. To order. J1 a Olaf cd successor to a n. k. P. Moore contractor and builder Quot Eye Ela i Quot shop come st. Bur Harbor me George l. 8tebbins� cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for slip Ofilos a a a i Harbor me., Anil i02 produce n. A fri

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