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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - October 21, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A Insu Nuich Isis Otier the leading county paper aii ici the Only journal on Rio unt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for a int vol. 17. Cd. 39 Bab he Boob Hame a prot october a 21, 1903. Of Tom 0e��t9 j. A. Eod Iok Frei den to. Thomai 8kabm,. Atm no al. Kiwi air Loal Swent the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Rullet equipped a of by bet kind of legitimate banking. Capital. �?�50,000.00 surplus and profits $10,000.00 by Riceton. J. A. Eod lok. A. S. Newman. Henry a Lawford Gas. H. Wood. Cobrb8pot7dbmce invited. Geo. Irant. To the Public we desire to Call your attention to our new of Cen ebtabll8�cd in the Jellson a Whitney building Corner of main and cottage streets bar Harbor where we will pleased to see Joa at any rime. Our business is principally fire insurance real estate and investments. Our insurance department represents Twenty of the Best Stock companies in this and fore Fini countries. We win be Elad to look after the buying and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any business you May give us will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we May have a fair share of your patronage we Are very respectfully Quot private grounds Elbert Hubbard s experience la a g Annec to ctr to town b. E. Whitney. Seals amp ceo. H. Grant co. Brokers bar n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar and no. I East 34th st. New Jewett piano excels to Tome Fuvich aad Dubai Liitt main al n r ii r y Dimin mesh Moally Merl Torlos while its mos Loal we Uund iii iiii1u Goa utes have Only to be heard to be appreciated8teinway, ma80n al Hamlin and 8teinertone . Steinert amp sons co., new England representative Steinert Hall a Boston mass. Local bq>r68ent�tiv�, f. P. Pray sons 44 cottage Tefet bar Harbor . a i Porter unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling Silver table China and toilet sets. Bar Harbor. Mariner. H. Kittredge Deai be i9�meats, groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail in order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently remodeler a Pait of my store thereby making a commodious and modern meat Market it will be fully equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the business. Tie Market will be run in connection with my grocery business which will be of advantage to my patrons. 21 kit. Desert stir Harbor Ryton overcoat. If we get one Chance to furnish you a Hart Schaffner amp Marx overcoat Well get a Good Many alliances at you. Once a customer Here always a customer. That s our idea. Hart Shaffner amp Marx clothes help us to carry it out and this Ryton overcoat illustrates the Way they do it. These clothes Are higher priced than some others. But the Money is in the g9ods. Better be As Well dressed As you co., h. S. Nam ii manager. Bunker Block. Bar Harbor. We sin yellow trading stamp banking and Trust co. A at Dmn it a toe. Bar Iha Lior. >io0o�oo. Tyr plea o of a Soo in my a. Trusts a a p. In a Jna pour tar Myrff for for aim Forur we. Dave or. Hubbard on a lecture tour arrives at South Beach conn., and having time to spare strolls into the country. He tells of his adventure in the Philistine. The red one was with me we arrived in the afternoon and civilisation pressing rather heavily upon us we wandered off along a winding country Road. We must have walked three Miles it was a Beautiful hazy Lazy summer Day the air was full of the hum of Bumble bees and the song of the Birds. The Cool of the country called we loaded and invited our souls. Then we walked on further. Great wide stretching elms lined the Roadway and Over the Stone Walls the vines and Flowers formed a regular running riot of Beauty. Off to the left stretched away up the Hillside a thick growth of Chestnut and Pine. We started to go through the Woods but a High Barb wire Fence blocked the Way. I Don t especially Admire a Barb wire Fence and i have no absolute love for the Man who builds one. Stevie Crane used to Tell me about the Barb wire fences around Santiago. Once in Illinois i was rounding up cattle in a Hazel Thicket and i Rode my horse on a dead run straight into a Barb wire Fence and that horse was never Worth anything afterwards. The red and i looked at this formidable Fence it challenged us. Not a word was said we just threw our Coats and hats Over and proceeded to climb the Fence. It is easy to climb a Barb wire Fence if you Are not in a hurry. We got safely Over and walked on through the Woods dense dewy silent and Beautiful Woods. We crossed a Ridge and looked Down upon a Little Lake that Lay just beyond where a great flock of wild geese and numerous ducks made merry in the e water. Reclining on the thick bed of Pine Needles we watched the waterfowl. I suppose we had rested there five minutes when a Gruff voice behind aroused us from our reveries Quot say now what Are you Fellers Doin Here Quot no answer being forthcoming the question was repeated in a louder tone and the owner of the voice tapped the trunk of a tree with a club which he carried in a suggestive Way. And i said Quot we Are enjoying ourselves Quot and the answer was Quot Dis is no place to enjoy yourselves Dis is Ernest Thompson Seton it was no use or. Seton was not at Home and even if he were he would not be bothered Quot be the likes o you Quot. And no there was All the help that was needed around the place six men were Laid off the Day before. The Man threw Bact i the Lapel of his coat and showed a badge on which were the words Quot game we would have to hike. A we walked on a Little Way and cart to a Beautiful Boulevard lined off Vith White boulders All of a size and a Gutter the Bottom of which was Laid with pebbles mathematic rally adjusted. Across the Road there scurried from time to time Bunny Cotton tails Cotton tail bunnies tail Cottons Bunny tails and tail Bunnie the big Man walked Btry iii carrying his club charge Bayonet he would conduct us to the Gate. In vain we thanked him and protested it was unnecessary. He walked close up behind and carried his club. We came to or. Seton s residence a most Beautiful House done after an original plan with wide verandas great stretching Porte Cocheres Bay windows cupolas Gables Doni icis and observatories. On the porches were swings and awnings easy chairs and hammocks a but not for us. The Road circled around the House past big Beds of cannas and a make believe Tepee where a Terra Cotta dog stood guard. The guests on the veranda looked at us and smiled audibly housemaids peered from upper windows and waved congratulations to the Man with the club a White Apro Ned Cook stood in the Kitchen door and As we went by the kennels All the dogs barked the game Warden shifted his club to shoulder arms. Quot when you have decided to Swallow your Medicine it is no longer bitter Quot said the red one to me. The red is a philosopher and some of my most original things 1 get from him. He lighted a Cigar and offered one to the Milesian game Warden. It was refused. There were signs All along the Way Quot keep off the grass Quot Quot no thoroughfare Quot Quot private grounds Quot Quot no poaching Quot Quot beware of the dog Quot Quot five dollars Fine for picking the Flowers or shrubbery Quot Quot one year s imprisonment for shooting on these premises Quot Quot sight seers not and it seemed to me that a Little More consideration tor men and less for the Antig als might be As Well be Are of More value than Many sparrows. There Are people whose lives Are Given up to negation whose rallying cry is a prohibition and who account themselves virtuous because they do nothing. Here were sign everywhere and a nugatory pretty nearly As bad As the ten com mad tents nine of which Tell you what you can t do. At sleepy hollow i storied Concord the non Coli Tabunda Kinsmen of Nat Piei Hawthorne Elf ced trip Oiiver the great Man s grave Quot do Nih pick the foliage out of respect for the Wung even if not for the if no of cared to Pluck a Leaf from the grave of Hawthorne it would be a calamity. I would rather my grave would be Bald of greenery a plucked by philistines who loved Ines Bald As a base Ball ground in August Bald As Baldini s Pate than to have airy fat relatives after the flesh decorate i a resting place with their bargain Day wit by a sign that makes you think of the station agent who puts a card in his waiting froom Quot gentlemen will not spit on the Flo re others must the Man who English fashion regards his Home As his Castle who adds to the too prevalent heart chilliness by every to hog beyond his Barb wire Fence As the cold and cruel world who disfigured his landscape with threat and warning bad better read 01 John Burroughs who posted this sign at slab sides Quot life is precious to the Birds and squirrels it is All they have Well let them keep this idea of the rights of property which is not so much to make use of the property As to prevent some one else from using it is the thing that Breeds socialists. A a the Sahd Hill Stag Quot Quot Wahob Quot and Quot the Story of Krag Quot Are great tales from the romancer s standpoint but untrue to life in that they Are saturated with sorrow and leave the Reader steeped in gloom. They give to wild animals the flyer sen Sib duties of tender and emotional women and Are built on the hypothesis that nature needs to be spiced and a improved upon before we really care for her. The wild animals have neither memory of past calamities nor brooding apprehension for the future. They live in the present and Given what they need Are supremely joyous and Content the fact that a tragic death is yawning Quot just beyond does t trouble them any More than the fact of sure death at the end of the fifth act distresses the healthy actor upon this stage of time. Death is As natural As life and often quite As desirable. A sympathy that is maudlin and a pity that is Leaky and Lacht Dympse do not make a Good Lens through which to View the goodness of god. But this sorrowful View of nature is not More tragic for the one who hugs it to his heart than for a Man to grow prosperous and smug and attempt to revive the Rule of the Barons to a sophomoric search for the Joy of life. Jess so Jess so the Barb wire Fence docs not really exclude the Public it merely shuts the owner in. It is a kind of wire trap with the Squirrel inside master of the acorns that have lured him to his doom and then for him never again is the Quot song of the open Road Quot. We followed the Beautiful Boulevard and a Bend in the Road placed us out of sight of the House. Vexing delay but no serious effect from the Marjorie s mishaps. The Steamer Matjorie met with an Accident on her monday iii orning trip. The Marjorie is a pretty Good Little Craft and tries her Best to fill Llie place of her sister Ruth during the Winter months but of Casi ouly accidents will happen. Monday morning the Marjorie started from the Coal wharf at Winter Harbor at her usual hour seven Oclock. Her passengers were fourteen in number among them being two in route for i Philadelphia one for new York four for Boston and two for bar Harbor. The Day was Bleak and cold and the Little boat seemed to feel the effects of the weather through All her Frame As she shivered and Shook and paused every now and then As if weary. As she rounded Grindstone Point there was a longer pause than usual and then came the cheering information that there was a leak in the boil which would necessitate a wait of several hours at the Grindstone wharf. This delay was not to be booked. The travellers had visions of the it. Desert leaving without them and All their cherished plans upset. Leaving several of the weaker members of the party to keep warm in the Sunshine of the Lea of the freight House the More energetic portion frantically dashed hither and thither telephoning madly around for some sort of Craft to carry them to bar Harbor. After an hour s hard work a sail boat was nine were stowed aboard. The wind which had hitherto blown steadily now came in gusts and then died away altogether making the Progress very slow. Finally about 10.30 the boat neared egg Rock and the it. Desert was seen steaming majestically on her Way. In vain were horns tooted and Coats waved she paid no heed and after watching her diminish in the distance and making emphatic remarks on the subject the sail boat with its Crew beat Back to bar Harbor arriving about noon. After feasting the inner Man the members of the party were Able to see the ludicrous Side of their adventure and even Tothi a with Equi Amity of the query propounded by the Small boy Quot Are you part of the show a six left on the 3.30 a at one Man went Back Home to count ten and make a Presb Start Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. Quite in vain were oar efforts to see the from the sea. Sun Rise i stood upon the Hills when the heavens wide Arch was glorious with the Sun s returning Anarch. And Woods were brightened and the soft gales went Forth to kiss the Sun Clad Vales. The Clouds Ware far beneath me bathed in Light they gathered Midway round the wooded height and m their fading glory shone like hosts in Battle it had Long been a much talked of subject that some Day a party of us would pay a visit to Green Mountain and like Longfellow View the beauties of the Sunrise from the Hilltop. For several months the subject was discussed intermittently. There were Many who would Quot like Quot to make the trip and thought it would be Quot great inn but Quot a younger sister settled the question for us. Quot you re a Bunch of Sticks Quot she Slan Gily remarked Quot and i believe you re All too old and stiff to climb the Mountain it takes a Young person like myself Quot and she executed a few fancy Steps. After that we went to work systematically. The Quot possibles Quot were All interviewed and finally a party of eight adventurous spirits agreed upon saturday As the most propitious evening for the attempt. With anxiety we waited for the fateful Day to arrive. Meanwhile our number had fluctuated wildly now up to ten now Down to four and when saturday came the dark Lowery sky put a Damper on our Hopes and we gave it up the fates being against us. It happened that the would be tourists Ais a Balm to their troubled spirits attended an entertainment in the evening and in route it was noticed that the stars were shining brightly the Moon was benignly beaming and there was every Prospect of fair weather. A hurried consultation was called and the majority ruled that the Start be made As planned. A Bountiful supper fortified the strength of the party and there was a Hasty donning of walking skirts and sweaters. The walk to the old Mountain Road was uneventful. The stars twinkled brightly and we were full of self congratulation. It was a very merry party that climbed the ascent pausing now and then to note the strange appearance of objects in the Semi darkness on the one Side Eagle Lake shown softly and seemed so near that one might dive into its Waters on the other the lights of the Village gleamed a had almost said Quot through the Mist and the rain Quot and the quotation would a Piave proved exceedingly api for even As we looked Long slip Down Frigeri it of fog pointed at us and presently the Mist wrapped everything in obscurity and tie rain l Egan to Lall steadily. No More Moonlight and poetry for us. Over rocks and stones pc ran Heltor see incr in a Rush for shelter. There is a Lille shanty on Mimun Tain top arid with grateful head i a c pushed beneath its roof scorning t r Idoa advanced by on9 that it was the of the notorious Bear. We were sheltered from the rain which was now pouring Down vigorously but there was no door and the cold wind blew against us and Sei our Teeth chattering. This would Luver do. Out into the darkness and rain plunged the Young men and soon at the Lea of the Shack a fire was roaring encouraging. Screened Ironi the wind and rain by a clump of Evergreen Storius and Jok ii Weru told to pass the time pleasantly. Meanwhile the rain had ceased to fall and our Hopes Rose High in expectation of the glorious Dawn. Presently there came pauses in the conversation. Eyes were rubbed furtively and yawns stifled As with spartan Resolution the watchers awaited the coming of the morning. Morpheus had taken his seat at the fireside and his Power was beginning to be Felt when a faint Quot Hallow Quot was borne to the ears of the watchers rousing them to instant wakefulness. Perhaps it was some wanderers lost on the Mountain in the darkness and answering cries were quickly Given. A party of strangers was soon among us explaining that they too had come to see the Sunrise but the fog was too thick and it was now Long past Lime. Long past time watches were quickly consulted. Six o clock blankly we looked at each other. The fire had now died away and with the vanishing of its Bright gleam we recognised in the dim Gray Light filtered through Banks of fog the Dawn that in lieu of a peaceful sleep had brought us a Steep climb Long hours of wakefulness and a drenching storm. We remembered the Max inc of the game and the Candle. Down through the Gorge path we tramped homeward not too weary to Admire the grandeur of Liis Beautiful Trail the huge overhanging rocks the Trees in their Brilliant autumn colors and the masses of Fern clustering Here and there. Down Down we clambered until presently Kebo Valley was spread before us. A Cross the Park and into the Public Road we tramped a sorry bedraggled looking crowd in the heavy Mist which was sweeping Down. But Victory was with us. We had been to the Mountain Tup at the proper moment we had looked at the proper place in the East we had allowed ample time for alli4b of contingencies and now the blame rests with old sol. The y. M. C. A s mining worx. But hardly a week passes by without bringing notice of some new. Picturesque and commendable Endeavor on the part of the Young men s Christian association to Wien its social influence. This is in contrast to years ago when its work seemed . The most recent of its endeavours has been the Stabi Sliment the Cana Nea Copper , in of a Young men s Christian association Plant at their works the company pm plus s nearly four men two fifths of this number living Knierm .11,s, and is one of the of dipl a ref u x is 1.1 .me.xico. Through the oin Paziy. I i a a Brick Budi iii cosi Milc of. F i. T m Loli irs h i Erec Teil. It ii ii i is Liams. , am a i Lou in i a two to Tousand volumes All Jcj be set apart by the company Lor Asso nation use. Kutlu More for Ali or Ani it on of this spatial Depar Meiu the com my pays part of the running exp iino. A i hoist however detracting rom thi self respect of the . The event is Partick Hiil iii testing since it is the first endorsement of the . Plant by any mining Camp in southwestern am Rica. At a Othir Lar ii giant Point on Douglas . A i it a the i Lead Well mining Cut iii any cooperated w Ith its Knipl yet a in erecting association buiuiin�4\ Lotry in Vloyce of this company is eligible to and contributes a Dollar a month Hardy Perl plants. Order and Plant them now. The earlier Thuiy ure planted the better will to the result. White Fok Willce list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Bar Harbor Maine. Gotta Ike Jurol it let Lair a 0peolalty. Contractor and builder. Shop Jiorge st. Bar Harbor me. George up 8te9biiis, coinages for rent. Main lots of sea Cliff Orlove for m of log a a a al Harbor my. And 108 produce to Dharna n. Y

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