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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - October 14, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Real estate. Cottages for rent vol. Bab Hobbs by Maib i be soda jamming october �o4, 1003. Five cents the i bar a Ariit a me. Fun tilt Kyu mix kind or licit Ikata Hak Kinq. pm no to i. J. . A a. Irwi Izui. H�u7 Alawlor Cru. B. Wood. Geo. H. Giant. Capital. A surplus and profits 110,000.00 depredation of a new of Cpl Der forced by Many. Init cd. To the Public f we desire to fall Ymir attest Toni to our new off Cea eat Ablahed in the Jellison Wjk Whitney Btl Dlf Corner of main Alid cot Caffe Streeta bar harm it a where we Sill be pleased pc see Yoa ii w a me. Oar Bosine a la Pringl by fire insurance by al e8tate and in on Rance so it represent a Twenty of the beat Stock cont Miles in this and for elite Coant Lea. We will be glad to look after the in Yang and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be oar ully a elected. Any in Sines Yea May give of will be Fally appreciated. Trusting that we May have a Fai share of your patronage we Are very reaper tally the Leo. H. Grant co Quot Victor n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Haw Bow a no two. T 34th st. New . L. In Orang week of oct. 5 at our bar Harbor store we Are showing this week our entire line of ladies children s and misses outside garments and suit silk waists and separate Northeast Harbor do not forget the dates and do not buy until you see the line department stores ills Ortii. Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbour. H. Kittredge Dubai or ii meats groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail in order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently remodeler a Pait of my store thereby making a commodious and modern meat Market it will be fully equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the business. Inc Market will be run in connection with my grocery business which will be of advantage to my patrons. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor Lee. New goods a Sherman is a Mil inc store Jot of Odd Loc pieces sold 3 for 25 cents.51 main Street. Lar Barbff backing and Trust co. % Emmet Bur la irl it or. A a a Cha 1,00 iii Miu 0 a Mok Hollm imp00�.00 Hhd a a Fra trustees the blow Lily. Bar Harbor oct. 7,1903. Editor bar Harbor record while taking a stroll along the Shore path the other Day on. Reaching the Gate at the Entrance to the grounds of Kenar den Lodge i was surprised to. Find it locked and a cons Pialtous notice inside the Gate confronted me As follows private grounds. No thoroughfare. Closed by 4he owner in consequence of parties entering the grounds a destroying plants and shrubs stealing Flowers and committing nuisance. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Kebarden Lod oct. I 1903. This notice requires no explanation. It Speaks for itself the owner gives briefly hut plainly so that every one can read and understand Why he has been at last constrained to close the Gates at the Entrance to his grounds which for the past 10 or 12 years so Many have been permitted so freely and courteously to enjoy. Mfg Kennedy we know had intimated Moi than once that if the privilege he ended to the Public was abused As it frequently had been he would be compelled to close the path and after placing the Case before the selectmen of the town they agreed during the summer season to appoint a policeman to patrol the entire path along the Shore and Endeavor to protect the owners against abuses complained of. We understand this was not carried out during the past season which May account in some measure for the vandalism that has taken place and it is certainly much to be regretted that the Public should be deprived of such a privilege and pleasure As they have heretofore enjoyed because 6f the disreputable conduct of a comparative few who Are unable to appreciate the value of the privilege that has been accorded to them and who pay no regard to the rights of private property. We do Hope that notwithstanding what has unfortunately occurred and the step or. Kennedy has been forced to take to protect his property before another season some arrangement can be made with the selectmen of the town or otherwise to extend to or. Kennedy the Protection he needs and to which he is justly entitled so that he May be induced to re open the path and the Public be permitted to have Access to his grounds As heretofore and which have afforded so much pleasure and enjoyment alike to the permanent residents of the town and to the still larger number of summer visitors. Yours respectfully subscriber. Or ii Gre the Captain in lace will be found at heft proper Post until the last doing his duty As a True Sailor not in making a a sees no sci but in protecting life and property. So Long As the United states government prescribes whistling Rales for steamers no doubt they will be heard in bar Harbor As elsewhere. , Captain Scho Odic Harbor no. 56. Winter Harbor me. Who wants it Edward b. Me ars cottages for rent or for so in. Office bar Harb ii Maine. The record has a $50 sewing Schinc for Bat Harbor s most popular dra Muker. It May be carrying coals to Newcastle to offer a sewing machine to i bar har tor dressmaker but judging from the difficulties which one of the record staff recently experienced in getting work done at bar Harbor s Busy dressmaking establishments an in a sewing machine will not come amiss at any one of them and the record proposes to give at Christmas time one of the Best in the Market. The machine will be on exhibition in the window of s. J. Clement. It is a Standard rotary and retails for #50. You will find it advertised in the record. Terms of contest. The terms of the contest for this handsome present Are similar to those of our other popular contests. Voting coupons will be found in another part of the paper. One vote will be Given for every cent paid in on subscription account and for a new subscription paid in Advance 50 extra votes will be Given. Thus every its paid in Advance on new subscriptions will Call for 200 votes. A Cash Premium of five dollars 55 will be paid the one sending in the largest number of new subscriptions and an additional Premium of five dollars will be Given Ifor every fifty new subscriptions credited to one person. A Cash prize of to will be Given to the dressmaker gaining second place in the contest and five dollars to the one having third place. The record will As usual present each contestant with 100 votes in starting. A list has been hastily made. It there is any one not in this list wishing to enter her naive will be cheerfully added. Mrs. Amin Alley miss Edna Brewer miss Coombs Quet the bridle s gifts to her attendants were handsome leather card cases. Mrs. Wright is the daughter of Deacon and mrs. William Clark and has spent most of her life m bar Harbor. She is a graduate of the High school and for a number of years was in the employ of or. Fred c. Lynam. She has a Sweet so Praco voice and has always been prominent in musical circles having Sung in the congregational choir since her fifteenth year. She is a favorite socially and her Sweet disposition has endeared her to hosts of people Here who rejoice in her happiness while they regret that her Home can no longer be among them. Or. Wright is a native of Portland but his business is in Saco and it is there that a House tastefully furnished Waits the Home coming of the Young couple where they will be at Home after november is at no. 3 Cutts Avenue. Among the Many gifts which the Bride received was a handsome pin the gift of the Groom. Or. Clark presented his daughter with a handsome piano and a Check for too. Besides this there was gom and checks to the amount of i200 from other friends. Much of the household Linen was the gift of the Bride s Mother and a dining room set and numerous handsome pieces of furniture were received from the Groom s people. Among the other presents were Cut Glass China Silver pictures and Linen. Sir Michael Herbert. British Ambau ador to the United states Parkd away in sol wetland. On the death of lord Paunce Fote he was transferred to Washington and the announcement rave Universal satisfaction in this country where he was ple Antly remembered and where his admirable judgement his High Conception of his duties and his sincere regard for this country were understood and appreciated. Fifteen years ago sir Michael married the daughter of or. R. T. Wilson of never York and during the period of his am Bassano in three american women have presided at the three Molt important embassies in Washington those of England France and Germany. Although a Young Man sir Michael had made a distinct place for himself in the diplomatic world and was equally fortunate in his skill in discharging his duties and in making friends. A notable event. The honorable Artlery company of London Roy Auy entertained. 100 100 100 in captains defence. Editor bar Harbor record. Will you have the kindness to publish a few words in reply to an article in the record of september 30th under the head of Quot noisy bar Harbor Quot evidently written by a summer resident As Captain of Scho Odic Harbor no. 56, which is a subordinate Harbor of the Quot american association of masters and pilots of steam vessels of the United states Quot i would say that the kicker for that is All his complaint amounts to anyway places the hour of his first kick at six o clock in the morning and describes in detail the whistle of the Sebenia Sappho Ruth Norembega Frank boots and Cumbria All of which carries his mind through the Day until 9 p. when per haps he May by obliged to attend some social entertainment lasting Well into the morning hours. Then it is that he would have All whistles stopped that sleep might close his weary eyes. I would refer the gentleman to the rules and regulations governing the navigation of steamboats that he May require a limited knowledge of a Captain s duty. Suppose for instance that the Sappho was ready to leave her Dock at 9 p.m., and Back out failing to sound her whistle and about that time some of the gentleman s dear friends were passing a Canoe or Row boat and did not notice the Sappho until too late and a collision takes place the Canoe is overturned and one or All of the occupants Are drowned. What would be the result doubtless a great cry would go up condemning the Captain and swearing vengeance on the Railroad company coupled with a suit for heavy damage for the loss of life caused by the negligence on the part of the commander of the company s boat. 1 believe it is the intention of the captains running to and from bar Harbor to have due consideration for those who wish to sleep mornings but at the same time i do not think the time has arrived when they feel called upon to violate their oath disregard Plain Laws made by the government of the United states for the Protection of the lives and property entrusted to their care simply that some Driy it epic May snooze in the morning. I furthermore believe that All the captains Wear their lace with Honor a credit alike to themselves and their employers not however for the purpose of faking a noise but to guide carefully the amp Cli Arges that a he valuable human cargoes May reach port in it etor. H need be in storm mrs. Geo. Gushing,.loo miss Eva Hamor,.loo mrs. U. G. ,.loo mrs. A r. mrs. Nathan s. mrs. Geo. Loring,.loo mrs. C. H. Parsons. Mrs. Carrie Porter. Mrs. J. Stevens. Mrs. C. A. Smith. Miss Gertrude Stratton miss Julia Sullivan. Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. J. A. Thompson Marcia Willey. 100 a 00 100 ice 100 100 100 miss Clark Wright nuptials. It was a wedding of More than usual interest that took place at the congregational Church last wednesday night when Charlotte May Clark and Stothart a. Wright were United in marriage. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Angus m. Macdon it ild and was witnessed try a Large of relatives and friends. The Church was beautifully decorated with Palms and hydrangeas and before the ceremony an Organ recital was Given by m. Maurice c. Rumsey. To the strains of the March from Quot Aida Quot the wedding party entered the Church the Ushers Everett Salisbury Harry m. Con ners Ralph Clark of bar Harbor and Jesse Bragg of st. Albans leading. Next walked the . Miss Ina m. Ciup till and miss Isabel Cleaves followed by the Matron of Honor mrs. G. Prescott Cleaves and lastly the Bride on the Arm of her father. Miss Clark looked exceedingly pretty. Liceri own was a Dainty White silk Muslin Over silk Cut in Traine and trimmed with heavy lace and she carried Bride s roses. The Matron of Honor was owned in White Lansdown and the bridesmaids wore White muslims and carried bouquets of carnations. At the altar the Groom and Best Man William Wright were in waiting and the double ring ceremony was performed the party having the Church to Mendelssohn s wedding March. Directly after relatives and a few inti mate Friend assembled at the Clark residence on Des Isle Avenue to extend congratulations to the Young couple refreshments were served and there was much merriment Over the gift cake. Miss Inez a Pierson obtained the ring miss Isabel Cleaves the a thimble badge of spinster Hood and miss Wright the Coin which indicates that the possessor shall never Lack for filthy among the guests irom out of town were miss Stothart and miss Wright of Portland and miss Bart Lowe Cousin of the Groom from Boston. Or. And mrs. Wright left on the nine o clock boat for a trip to st. Johns and throngs of friends congregate Dat the wharf to wish them Quot god there was the usual Shower of lice and As the boat Drew out from the wharf a few measures of the bridal chorus were Sung. Mus Ina Guptin caught the Bride s Boult the announcement of the death at Davos Platz Switzerland on september 30, of sir Michael Henry Herbert British ambassador to the United states brought with it a keen sense of loss to a Host of people on both sides of the Atlantic who had Felt the Charm of his rare personality and who knew How thorough an ambassador he was in the modern sense of the word says the Outlook. Formally accredited from the older to the younger country. Sir Michael Herbert was the interpreter of England to America conceiving of his function not simply As a guardian of British interest in the United states but As a promoter of Friendship and greater intimacy Between two countries Akin in language and blood Quot and drawn together More intimately every year by social racial and Trade connections. A member of an old English Noble family carefully educated under private tutors entering the British fore tin office in 1s77, sir Micha it in i Lerbert became an attach two years later to the Paris embassy where he remained for nine years. From that important Post he was transferred to Washington and served As Secretary of the British legation in that City for the years 1892�? 93, when v s sent to discharge similar duties at 1 a British legation at the Hague. A i later he was transferred to constantinople where he not Only acted As Secretary but also As charge d affaires in the absence of the British minister at the time of the armenian massacre and met the difficult questions of the period with great skill and judgement. Later he went to Rome and again to Paris holding in the latter cite the rank of minister plenipotentiary although still acting is first Secretary. It was a red letter Day for Boston when for the second time in history the May Flower entered. Massachusetts Bay. A wide interval of three centuries separates the coming of the first Mayflower and the arrival of her namesake and the attendant circumstances were quite As diverse. After years of Herald my the visit of the honorable artillery company of London England is an actuality. This return visit was planned several years ago but the Boer War prevented its occurrence and now that it has come to pass not Only is the visit of importance to the ancients of Boston who Are primarily the hosts but it is an event of National interest. When the Landing was made at the do Hinion Dock in Charlestown an enthusiastic reception was extended and on the March through the principal streets it was noticed that the stars and stripes and the Union Jack floated in company from Bunker Hill Monument an unprecedented occurrence. In Boston All the principal buildings were festively decorated in Honor of the visitors and the Best that the City afforded was brought Forward for their entertainment. Though every moment was filled with something for their diversion the banquet in symphony Hall was the chef d oeuvre. The entire Cost of. The entertainment was go Joo and the electrical display was the most elaborate Ever attempted. Four Hundred and fifty Miles of wire were used in the lighting and 15,oco electric 1 bes. The Cost of lit it it feels alone was $6,000 while the magnificent Floral decorations were out $3,000. Lady enl Iyih to iii wife of the of tie London compar lord Denbigh in is the Only women Ltd accompany the honorable artillery company on their trip Here and numerous functions have been Given in her Honor. Among the notable events on Vulje program of entertainment Are the trip to new York and the review of the cadets at West Point the reception at Washington by the president and the visit to mount \ Ernon other Points of interest in the tour Are Nisi Ara Falls Ottawa Montreal and the White in hot iino riu Iriti will see the return voyage commenced on the Steamer Columbus. Hardy Perl plants. Order and Plant them now. The earlier they Are printed the better will be the re sult. White Folt Pulcer list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller Mana or bar Harbor Maine co tale a Jot it let i mfr specially. Contractor and Bui Ider shop cottage st., bar Harbor me. George l. 8tebbin9f cottages for rent. Bah dig lots on Cliff drive for soil a my Harbor me., a a 108 produce n. Y

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