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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - November 28, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building. Insurance broker f a a. \. A Quot a a a the leading county paper and the Only society journal on count desert islands Der a use Fox real estate. Cottages for rent m Icv of. 14. No. 43 bar Harbor Maine evening nov. 28, 1900. Price 5 cents. Paul Hunt f. Shirley a Dodaro. Goddard Hunt architects contractoii8 and builders. Real estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor Maine. Geo. P. Billings. Paul Boston automobile co., builders of the Best two and four passenger steam carriages in the United states. Having in Tallei heavy machinery we Are now ready to do general machine and Blacksmith work. Being equipped with new and improved lathes Power drills etc., a Are prepared to fill All orders promptly pertaining to machine or Carriage Boston automobile co West Street. Bar Harbor Maine new drugs for the fall Trade. We want business in the fall and Winter. As Well As in the Spring and summer. For that reason we keep our Stock Complete in every department. We shall have a special line to announce later. M. C. Morrison co. Along the cot. The lobster fisheries at get Rea formerly Indian Sale of ladies and children Golf capes at for one week Only. A ii a i to n 10.50 8.50 6.00 children s. 6.98 5.98 1 4.98 it will pay you to Call and examine our $1.98 shoes before buying elsewhere. Remember the place. M. Perlinsky butter much depends upon the Way butter is kept. We live special refrigerators for that particular purpose. Philadelphia butter fresh supplies of the famous Sharpless Philadelphia butter always on hand at lowest Market prices. We also carry a Large line of fancy groceries and provisions. R. H. Kittredge 2imt. Desert st., bar Harbor me i like Light nine a Quot Quot a f it s a Good plan then to be iii Imp a routed against Losi by a Ither these unwelcome visitors. Look Ami let or Lala they give it surely and safely and cheaply. C if m. Of l aint wont bar i Arbor my there is no interesting drive than that which skirts the North Shore of Frenchman Bay. Every mile develop is new phases of Scenic Beauty from the time one leaves the train at Wauk Cag station till one reaches that picturesque Little fishing town of Corea. A distance of More than 20 Miles if one follows the Shore with a Long line of straggling houses contesting every few Miles into a Village of from fifty to a Hundred or More Homes mostly occupied by Thrifty Well to do people who make a Cummi Itable living and often something besides catering to the demands of the nearby summer resorts or by the fishing Industry which is assuming larger proportions each year. To this fishing Industry comprising lobsters clams sardines and smelts the of Coli proposes to devote some Little space in the next few weeks that those of our far away City readers May appreciate the delicacies that Are sent to their table from our coast. There Are Many of our Home readers too who will perhaps be glad to learn of what is going on right in their midst. The bettering of circumstances is noted All along the Way Liy new Homes building and by additions to the old Homes. The building fever which is a natural out Gro Nothof Prosperity seems to have struck this entire Section and one cannot drive a mile without seeing new budding new roofs or new windows. Corea is practically a new place although Indian Harbor the Parent town has been Long in existence. It is die most Easterly of the Many pretty harbours that make up into the coast of what was the town of Quot Gouldsboro a Winter Harbor i Rich , i respect Harbor Hunters Harbor and Indian Harbor. A few years ago some enterprising business men moved to 1 Indian Harbor and practically started a new town by establishing a Post office which they called Corea and engaged extensively in the business of shipping and lobsters. At the present time Corea is second to no place on the coast in the amount of business done in proportion to the number of people engaged. From a Slepy Hamiet of a dozen or so houses it has grown in an i creditably Short time in a thriving Village of sixty Homes which with Apos Toffice tek phone office two stores livery stable and an embryonic Church make up the Village. Its situation is Ideal. On a Day like last thursday with a fresh Southwest wind blowing and lashing the Waves into foaming fury upon the rocks with the dozen or More fishing sloops tugging impatiently at to Weir anchors it was a scene Long to be remember Eft. Around the comfortable tire in tie store of a. K. Do be were gathered a band of Jolly Hardy fishermen who take a Day of when the i jul blows a Gale. It is to these genial and uin Muni alive men the Rix okd is indebted Foi most of the facts that of to makeup plus Story. The Story loses in its left Lilious ii Ucli of the local colouring and Tich Ned phrasing that added materially to its recital. Fisli iii As a sport Anil i Shiing is a business ate file distinctive thou i by no Means ail tie Siori is eliminated Lioni the Lite of a Fisherman judging from the Jolly Gootel comradeship that exist Cal Between to lice men and the Many made Over tie statement of facts. Althous i Lishing in All its phases is on at Lorea it is lobster fish iii in which the men of the place Are chiefly engaged. At present about is men find employment there. These go to the fishing ground in the sloops before a Ludd to. I he fishing grounds lie outside the Hai Bor from two to it it eight Miles and Are subjected to the gales that Are so free Juenst on the Atlantic. In the recent Galea Large number of the traps were lost. The implements of lobster fishing ate beside the sloops traps and cars. The traps Are Small lath cages the ends made of netting through which the lobsters Are entice 1 into the trap by Means of bait one trap will sometimes have 125 lobsters. Each Fisherman has about fifty of these traps which he pulls once a Day when the weather will permit. After being taken from the traps the lobsters Are confined in big cars also made of laths. These cars will comfortably hold 6oco lobsters and they May be kept there for Days or until they Are sold. When necessary a car May be made to hold a great Many More lobsters sometimes As Many As 40,000. At Corea there Are about 25 of these cars. The sloops engaged in the business there Are from 22 to 35 feet Long and have a carrying capacity of from two to five tons. Smacks from Portland make periodical trips along the coast and gather up the lobsters from the cars for the Market. As everyone knows there is a protective Law which compels fishermen to throw Back into the water All lobsters measuring less than re 1-2 inches. Even with this precaution there is danger of the Supply growing less with the tremendous Drain that is made upon it. The Corea lobster men Are in favor of a close time during the period of shedding. Once a year every lobster Sheds his Shell when the old one drops off he comes Forth in new attire and at least two inches longer than he was before and Worth it is claimed about 30 per cent More than previous to the shedding. If they could be protected through this period it is claimed it would be a great Benefit to the business. The government does a great Deal to keep the Supply Good along the shores by the Means of its hatcheries at Gloucester. Roats Are sent out As Early As May and for several months they gather up All the Mother lol sters that can be procured along the coast. These Are taken to Gloucester. In june and july the baby lobsters i Fry att brought and distributed along the coast. These tiny k by sters from four to eight Days old Are not larger than a mosquitoes. They Are brought in jars and when put in the water soon sink to the Bottom where they grow. This lobster Industry brings from 5200 to Soo a week to the Little Village of Corea. This with the other business that naturally follows in the Wake of any Large Enterprise will make the town continue to urow and Prosper. Among the More Active of the Corea lobster men Are e. W. Bridges Arthur Young Dan Stin son. Clarence Decker a. L. Young win slow Young Austin Young Florence . Local notes. Corea Isa democratic Little town. In fact there Are Only three republicans there and one of Stinson is accused of being Quot on the at any rate he did t have the courage of his convictions sufficiently to March in the Parade but sent As his substitute his son who was scarcely Strong enough to hold the Torch hut i. M. Stinson was there and led off wit i Otis Stewart. They were followed by a lot of boys and some Quot chasers Quot among which could be recognized a few democrats who did not want to miss the fun. A drum a Cowbell a Wash boiler and a tin Horn made music wherever they went and the commotion was heard Over to Prospect three Miles away. This was to celebrate Mckinley s election. The ladies Aid society of Corea which is working for a clock gave a supper on thursday evening. Or. Walter Young and or. We. Fountain have completed their new houses. Or. S. E. Doyle has returned from a trip to Gloucester mass., in the Irit rests of his Large and growing fish business. Edward b. Mears. Cottages for rent or for Sale office Bam Harbor Maine. Leeman Crowley shot three wild geese on thursday. Cores is Sain to be the Best place on the coast for shooting of sea Birds. Learned at bar Harbor. There s a form of imperialism in this co Vintro about which something should be done. It appears to be a growing evil. Nothing has been said about it As yet in the platforms of the second Thirol and font ill parties and or. Libyan has not Nia l a speech about it coining. A i o i of see that Man As .1 famous in dig i lit tune is asked a 1 al iii. Dwyer Well on the Bench he is a . Lie. I i the Sci lor of timid Law Sci s. In his associates stand a Little in a self him he is so in binary and Absolu. List do you know us Lules that Man at Lioi if who makes him walk Chalk who cows him runs his life manages Liss Wihib establish Inri it lor him fairly imn Onins Quot Quot his wife 1 o. His curious As the truth of Titis 1 ,and having Oppio tuu ity to make inquiries i Learned that it was just so. Riu great Federal jul a was Smiter the thumb of his Butler Atul what is in Ore , so was i wife. I was at Ijar Harbor recently a summer resort of Rich men. There 1 Learned that half a dozen or More wealthy old Fel lows Are in the same fix. Their butlers Rule them with rods of Iron. They dare not Call their souls their own. Why Don t they discharge the butlers. In some cases the men Are too useful and the have into the habit of sul Mission and others Well they Daren to that s a l. At some of the swell summer resorts tradesmen have reduced to a Fine Art the business of rubbing the Rich sojourner from the cities. Their excuse is that they have to As the season is so Short at har Harbor a cottage a and a Quot cottage Quot at bar i Arbor Means a Man who lives in a Palace of fifty or sixty rooms with from a dozen to a score of servants about was about to give a fete and wanted 2�o chinese lanterns for the occasion. This is the Way the tradesman tells the Story c f he transaction Quot curious How Sharp some of these Rich Meu Are with their Money. Now there s so and so he wanted 200chinese lanterns for his fete but would you believe it he was t w Illing to buy them outright but insisted upon renting them for the night at scents Quot i Retty poor business for you renting lantern Quot Quot of 1 dont know. 1 was ready to sell them at six cents Well Man in Chicago times Herald. People of note. Stories about lord Kitchener Are always interesting relates the London daily mail. Here is one which seems to be new. The present chief of the staff in South Africa though a great Man now was Only an average boy. He showed no Peculiar cleverness and what is More surprising in View of his present tireless activity he was inclined to be Lazy. His father was a strict disciplinarian. The Story goes that on one occasion when Herbert was at a Public school and was working for a certain examination it was reported to his father that he was idling. The report did not please colonel Kitchener and he told the future conqueror of the Mahdi that unless he succeeded in passing that exan nation there would be no More Public school for him for the present for he would be taken away and sent to walk in the solemn procession of pupils of a Dame s school. It he failed there he should be apprenticed to a Hatter. In spite of these threats Young Kitchener failed and thereupon dropped out of Hir place in the Public school and was seen in the ranks that walked through the streets two and two escorted by the Good lady of whom his father had spoken. When he again went in for his examination he passed. Possibly the world lost a Good Hatter by his Success but it gained a better general. Professor a l. Arner who has made a study of Monkey language has gone to Africa where he will live for a year or More in the Jungles and establish a school for monkeys. His Headquarters will be a steel Cage in which he will place his pupils. His object is in the first place to understand As much As possible of the language spoken by the different species and then to ascertain to what extent the Monkey mind can be made to comprehend j and express color form and articulate human speech. Professor Garner has al ready found by careful observation that different species of monkeys kept in one Cage will in time get to understand each other s language each however continuing to speak his own. Professor Garner besides studying gorillas and Chim Panza son their native Heath expects when he returns to bring with him some specimens of the pygmy race encountered by Stanley in his search for Emin Pasha. Miss Clara Clemens daughter of Maik Twain has decided to become a i 1 a Lis signal Singer. She will be head m on certs and during the pres Cit son. She is a Thorou a , .1 shed pianist is veil is .1 sin it iia Vini studied with mos Kowski in Zierlin iss Helen Hope Kirk in , ind s Che Lizzy in \ . Two a of she took up singing and she a s As in r Lea heis a Ali Aiho a a. 1 me to Iasi. 1 h j i nip Ess of n i s p.11 lii it i. 1 a by loud of Aid Minu i Esting and lar a e 1 Lei Lite nol Phul or ii is. At a recent exhibition of Teui Phot it Raphers Liel l n i Emiily i i Lin under the is prot Tiomi .1 Ber of pict i to s Takui by lie 1 w t n 11 n hued 111 Thijse show n. The i is said to lie one of till most let eau Lizul of i Yulian women and Len most devoted of wives. Site is of the circassian e and was formerly a slave of the \ Kididi dowager Khe Divah at whose House the ruler of Egypt met her and was won by her Beauty. He courted and married her and raised her to the rank of al Edivani. She affects european dress has european servants and governesses for her three daughters and models her on the european fashion. She studies with her children and is said to be very intelligent. Quot a slave boy who Learned his first sons from writing on and freed ten years now a Power in his Chur ii and people Quot was the Way senator de Pew introduced hiphop Wesley i Quot Gaines of Georgia at the dinner Given in new York in Honor of . O. A. Howard s Seventieth birthday. Bishop Gaines said in part Quot i bring to Ien. Howard a Leaf of Laural from the South sent by oct oco of his fellow countrymen. No Man could have been Wiser or More faithful to his Trust than Ien. Howard. I am Here to afi firm that to him tie negroes owe the planting of the seed which has resulted in the Advance of the negroes in the South. I do not believe that the Best sentiment of the South is against tie negro it s Arl Vandement. I he negro is not seeking an enforced social Equality before the Thomas a. A Dison has just perfected a new device for heating compressed air which he asserts at the same time utilizes All the store Energy of Coal and obtain fully ninety five per cent of it. Quot my invention Quot he says Quot is a device for heat ing compressed air so that the losses in compression and utilizing As Power arc not Only made up but that it is pos Sille to get Power through the steam engine. No Energy of the heat is lost except that which passes through the engine and is utilized there As Power. I Economy will depend Only on the temperature at which the engine can be worked. The invention has already been applied to steam drills and experiments Are now being made with Street cars and Marine engines. It is a perfect solution of the problem of the heating of compressed a predates the record. Dear record a i am very much interested in the Woik of the Junior department of the v. M. C. A. And i Hope they May reach a Grade of boys that i think hitherto have been sadly Nej a tired. A .11 tide in tie Ric Oduj of no Vendit r 7, dating to this sul it Jet pleased me very Nim h i Ench be a Little clipping from the sunday st Hool Emi Iasi s in sei Tiiu . Olu s Inre rely i Ilia 1a. nil a it is. Ivr the boys i a Ali. Ii i l a i., a i 1h Liiro owl a lira. My a i nil lii i still it lii ,11 ,. Nil us i iji.iv>i., ,1 r 1. Ortii ii a i iii st Ilkiw Ifni ill ii i Imi. I 111.-, iii i a ii 1 i Kulij m a t. 111-. I 1,1 it m a a it i m ,1. 11 1. 11 1 .1 t a i Ilion .1. -,.1, in i the ,1 -i.-,i 1 a i iii i is. Lit 11 1. Ii a a i1.1 in l i iii iii till 11,11, i l lar Lirlin �?z11,1 in .,.1hill 111 the Yil air. P i i a. I. 11 la Shiv Quot i a mail ill Lull 1,>1. 1 Lull Lis til 1 1. W .1,. I 1 1 \ Ali it ill ,111 1 i 1 i a in a a \11 i 11,1 hum \ i.-,1 i ti.e let i 111 la i iii i it 1\ a 1 k a a a. 11 int. Is iii 111 i i talc spill. In it ill l la it Hilll tin ill .111,1 i n la i a ,.u tin ill till a a ii .lls let a iii lulls i iii iii the 1.1ii, c. I i la iii kit >1. The .,1 in Erik i la. Lusts iii if .11, iii i s Sill l Lulla iii l yet -111, i. I , will til a Tlly it nit l a in uii it i i i , ii a your hearts will in y. Nut id to or lii Cir Rol it iii iii i. 11 j i i i a i i. I 1 i a. The mount desert nurseries. Miller manager. We Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors. The office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have Telephone connection. M. W. Stratton architect Atid by old inc i Lupe slut Cucut. Oftle. Grant built incr tul Ephone. George l. Stebbins cottages for building lots on sea Cliff drive for Kiaie of Tolcea a y of Tolcea a Seal Harbor. Me., and 102 produce Exchange n. Ulm la tto in mjg ills amp tip. Al

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