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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - November 25, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building i. Insure Aiice broker the leading co Unity paper and the Only society journal on Blount desert Island. Der a see Fox cd to tags a for rent vol. 17. No. 44 Bab Habboba maj wednesday a a orb bbb 25, 1903. events j. To Max Rrt Titenk. Yhomas of taut ammo b. Kiwi air. Tioy am tit the fir to National Bank bar Harbor re let i quipped Rob a yet kind of Ligi Timath Bam Kinq capital. Gar plus and pro flu 150,000.00 110,000.00 do Retora. Or. A.bodlo1i, a.8. Lew Niad. Hen tau. H. Wood. Geo. H. Oobrs8pondsmcb inti Jid. Owford general insurance. Estate in investments. Ellsworth or Harbor me. Lob a distance n. Cushman real estate and insurance Bau Halboh and to. I East 34th 8t. Hew Yowk. The Jewett piano Toms finish and a a Babitt Olaf n n n r ii q v Dii Lin mob Moally Meri Tortoys. W due its maa Loal we us Uphill i Hill to allies have Only to be heard to be appreciated Steinway Mason amp Hamlin and Steiner tone . Steinert amp sons co., new England representative Steinert Hall Boston mass local representative f. P. Pray amp sons 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine. J. Mii Tom , i or Porter unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling sewer table China and toilet sets. A Raj Arbor. Special Sale of ladies Coats suit Sand furs atm. Franklin for one week a. H. Kittredge de alb i meats groceries and provisions at whole8ale and retail everything for your. Thanksgiving dinner a delicious Aroostook turkeys Sweet potatoes fresh celery Cape cod cranberries jellies fruits nuts. All kinds of meats and vegetables. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor Harbor banking and Trust co., Omsk 1>�mrt blood bar Harbor a a capital . Surplus 960,000.00 lab Lily of stockholders 900,000.00. Off be is to a Stees b. Do easy Preh Dent. Jip Wiswel Juhna. Fit Rwjr. C. Lat name st of 0ua iretus. By Jyi Var ump g. Wasgatt ass treas my. L. B. Tasy Porter w. H. Davis. Contractor builder is i syr shop c0n>6e stub it ii Hgt Boob me Oborne i. Stebbins Quot tit Tiivas fwd two. Mai lii tail ims 01 in Cliff drive for sol a we a _ my my and i pro due lion and a n. Y. Emf for is Protection. Much Good has been accomplished in a Shoft it time. Things which move slowly move surely and that ugh the landowners and lumbermen have been a Long time in Awakening to what was their Best interests any person who has studied the March of events for the past few years can easily understand that great Progress has been made in conserving the Forest interests of our state. Not until 1897 did our legislators begin to Realise the value of our big game and pass acts for the Protection of the same and though six years have passed Siote then and Many amendments have been added to the game Laws not until the adoption of the License act imposing a penalty upon visitors who came to Hunt in Maine did the Public find what everybody has been seeking for a Quarter of a Century a provision which should furnish Money for the employment of an adequate Warden service a service which shall do away with illegal killing for All time. It is hard to say with any attempt to be accurate just when the revival of an interest in practical forestry in Maine had its beginning. Or. Austin Gary made a most valuable Survey for the state during the time when or. Oak was land agent and his Little Book is still a classic. On the whole we Are inclined to Date the new interest from last Winter when commissioner ring lir ought out his report of the Survey of Squaw Mountain township in Pisca Taquis county. This report made by skilled experts irom the department of forestry in Washington was so Clear and was such a practical demonstration of what lumbermen could do with their wild lands and was so forceful an argument to induce owners to use Economy that its results were far reaching and the impetus which the Book gave to the study of practical forestry is just beginning to be Felt. 11 was no vague and suppose Vitious Case conjured up in the mind of a theoretical dreamer. There was the township on the map. There was the Timber growing just As god had planted it so Many feet of every kind to the acre so much fit to Cut now so much ready to Cut in ten or Twenty years from now and so much As Plain rubbish of no use to any one and therefore needing removal at oboe. The Price of every variety was known the cast of cutting and taking to Market was known. Right Chere in one specimen township was the problem All worked out and showing figures. And the estimates and measurements on Squaw Mountain township were gained by methods which any Lumberman May use on any other township in Maine. It was the first practical illustration which Maine people Ever saw of How to conduct lumbering operations so As to secure the most Money to the landowner. Therefore we say this report marked the beginning of a new Era of forestry in Maine. Since then the owners of Timberland have received a few very costly lessons a Forest management and though the teaching has been very expensive to Many later results have shown that the outlay was not wasted. The Forest fires of last May and june demonstrated the value and necessity of having skilled Rire wardens in the Woods during the dry season a every year. Or. Ring has Given figures of the losses entailed in his special report upon this subject. In Pisca Taquis county near Webster Lake a fire broke out on june 2, and when the High Gale of june 3 came on and fanned the embers the flames spread until fully so,000 acres of Woodland were burned Over. The standing growth of marketable Timber on this land was Worth at a lower tim ate fully an acre so in one fire alone the loss was $400,000, or More than enough to hire a full Lorce of wardens for ten years. Other losses nearly As Large run Llie aggregate up nearly into the millions. Yet if there had been a Force of trained wardens available at the time those disastrous fires started much if not All the loss could have been averted. The losses of last june would have been tenfold what they were had not or. Ring commissioned fire wardens and sent them Post Baste into the Woods where they worked with heroic Zeal saving millions of dollars Worth of property from destruction. Since then the wardens have not been Idle. During last september wardens have reported to or. Ring that they discovered and exit wished 27 serious fires which had they been permitted to spread would have run together involving most of the Timberland in Maine in the destruction. In addition to the 27 fires which were Well underway the wardens have put out uncounted Small fires which would have caused great Haan had they not been discovered in season. And All this great saving of property has been paid for by Money appropriated by the legislature for this Purdom in other words the saving effected by the legislation and the vigorous conduct of or. Ring and his wardens have rescued enough Timber from burning to pay for Wirden Aero inc for a Century to conic. And it has All been done inside of a year. In addition to rescuing so great an amount of property from fires the wardens have posted More than 20,000 notices in conspicuous places warning tourists and others As to the danger of setting Forest fires and informing them of the penalty of violating the Laws. The saving in Money through having a coins event Warden service has been wonderful the educational aspect of the work Hac been greater. Having witnessed the a amp ulness of a thorough fire patrol the owners of wild land have Given their unqualified endorsement of the practice and Are enthusiastic Over the results obtained the first year. They have done More than to give their approval of the work for nearly every May who is interested in the conservation of Maine Timberland has come Forward and offered to give freely from his private purse to make the guardianship of the Woods permanent and effective. More than this they have formed a Mutual insurance association for the Protection of Timberland which association shall employ and pay for fire wardens and patrols to be placed under the direction of , who shall say what they Are to do and whither they shall go. Though the movement is yet Young and though no general system has been outlined As yet indications Point to the fact that never again will Maine capitalists be called upon to suffer such losses As were inflicted by the fires of last june truly this a a consummation devoutly to be wished. St. Saviours. The annual Parish meeting of the Church had next to Tucklay. The annual meeting of to Saviour s Parish will be held next tuesday evening at 7.30 in the choir and sunday school room. The business to come before the meeting is set Forth in the following extracts from the Constitution article in. Vestry. Two wardens and eleven vestry men shall be elected by ballot at the annual meetings and they shall serve until the next annual meeting or until others Are elected in their Stead. The wardens and vestry men All of whom shall be baptized men and the Rector shall constitute the wifi Dof Rector wardens and vestry men. One of the wardens and not exceeding five of the vestry men May be chosen from the summer residents. Article v. Me Hershm. Any person of the age of 21 years who shall sign a declaration in writing to be kept in the Book of minutes signifying his intention of attaching himself to said Church and accepting the terms of said agreement and who has aided maintaining the Public worship therein for a period of six months immediately pre feeding any meeting at the Parish by regular attendance on such Public worship and by pecuniary Aid therefor shall be considered a member of the Parish and entitled to vote in its affairs. No person who disclaims 01 refuses Coli Oriu ity to the authority of the protestant episcopal Church shall be eligible to office in the i Arish or entitled to Vole in its affairs. Artici a i. My Kings. The annual meeting shall be held on the first tuesday after Advent sunday in such place As the vestry May appoint. The Rector especially invites All members of to get Parish As far As it May be possible to be present at the Parish meeting on tuesday december 1, at 7.30 p. After the business meeting which need not be protracted there will be an in formal social gathering. The sewing school was opened again last week and will meet each week on saturday. This school is open free of charge to All children and Young people who will attend regularly work diligently. Prizes will be Given for Progress perfect work and careful deportment. Through the kindness of messes. David Ouiden and we. Jay Schieffelin or. And mrs. Gardiner Sherman miss Saunders mrs. Jackson and mrs. Elliott Shepard the Rector supplying some of the articles from his own Home the rectory has been very comfortably furnished. The Parish House through the generous provision of the donor mrs. John Harrison has been thoroughly furnished and put in Beautiful order shrubs planted around it and a Cross affixed to the Gable. \ a Small Cabinet Organ two Complete sets of altar Linen a Chancel chair Glass and brass vases for the altar the to five sets three to it books in each set of music books for the choir a brass ewer with which to fill the font at baptisms a Chest of drawers for the altar Linen a processional Cross of brass for the choir a chalice and Paten for the Chapel a prayer desk and Many other gifts have been made since january i 1903. No one will Ever know the extent of the donations privately Trade during the Rector ship of or. Left Newell Aimi or. Baker. Ai sunday november a Thia the first sunday in Advent therefore a he lat in Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale office Bimi Harbor Maine. The Quot Christian year Quot there will be a Celebration of the holy communion at 7.30 and 10.30 on that Day and the Lojo communion december 6, will be omitted. On thanksgiving Day the holy communion will be celebrated at 7.30 a. M., and morning prayer Willie said at 10.00 a. The offering will be for the Quot aged and infirm clergy contributed to the record they stay put. The uncertainties of human nature make any kind of business precarious that depends upon it. "1 can fit people s bodies easy enough Quot said a Wise tailor Quot but it takes pretty close trimming some times to fit their the old Man in a familiar Story of it. Desert was also aware of the Ruth expressed in this saying. He was asked by a summer visitor Quot How in the world do you manage to get a living Here Quot Quot Waal Quot said the native Quot there aint anything much to make round Here now that s a fact but be see in the Winter i haul logs and in the Sun mer i haul meal ers and twixt them two i manage to scrape along Quot dealers Quot said the visitor Quot what Are they Quot Quot Why dealers is folks that live in cottages and Saint got strength enough to walk a Rod and have to be ferried to the hotels for Quot of and which do you like the better hauling logs or hauling dealers Quot Quot Waal i Dunno logs is harder to Hist there Akit no two ways about that but when you get i pm histed there they be. I guess i d a Beetle Ruther haul logs o the saints and sinners. Men who preach by the Yard usually practice by the Inch. What an awful change it must be for the ice Man when he Dies. The milk of human kindness is not very heavily enamelled with Cream. When a tramp asks for Brad do not give him a Stone set the dog on him. Questions bearing upon Quot cymbeline Quot Shakespeare s play which the class Are studying and find very interesting. At a recent meeting of the k. S. I. L. It was voted to Purchase covers for the magazines. These covers will not Only protect the magazines but a will add much to the appearance of the Reading table. The advanced class in Short hand have commenced taking court dictation. The following program has been arranged for the k. S. I. L. Which meets Friday afternoon a Reading miss Long debate Quot resolved that a lie is sometimes justifiable. Affirmative Bernice Brewer Ralph Wooster. Negative Louise Leland Albert Farrell piano Solo. Hazel Foster recitation Marion Stevens recitation Rosa Richards. Home and abroad. High school notes. Query what about the Junior entertainment. How Long will it continue As visionary As at present. Miss peach was unavoidably detained from school Friday afternoon. She has the sympathy of her Many friends. The outside windows have been put on and All the pupils dread to see the storm doors which forcibly speak of Winter replaced. The class in physics is becoming very interested in their work and the numerous experiments which they try m be it unusually instructive. The preparations for l Are s Day Are rapidly nearing completion the re ports of various committees bespeak an enjoyable time. The Sophomore class took written lessons in English French and geometry recently. The lesson in English contained by a rising vote of 335 to 21 the cuban reciprocity Bill passed the House. The dissenting votes were about equally divided Between republicans Efini and democrats. Up to the Dill i Issca. Last no moment the democrats sought to secure amendments but were Defeated. At the last it was endeavoured that the Bill be recommended to the ways and Means committee with instructions to Amend but the motion was ruled out of order and the Bill passed. A a new decision has been arrived at by the Board of classification of the United states general appraisers in regard to Wood pulp from Canada wind p2id that a countervailing duty must be put on Wood pulp imported from the province of Quebec in accordance with a Tariff provision that there shall be an additional duty when the country of origin imposes Export duty. In the Case which brought up the matter the pulp from the province of Nova Scotia and the importer protested against the duty and his protest has now been sustained. It was shown that the pulp was made from Wood grown on private land and also that neither the Dominion of Canada nor the province of Nova Scotia. Imposed any charge upon the pulp. The Hay Hunana Irilla Isthmian c anal treaty we iii was signed last week consists of Between and5 Arti les the first containing tie main Points. The keynote Ltd the treaty is the Provis it n in one of the very first articles ity shich Panama cedes to the United states whatever land Rhrou Eliout the Republic of i Anama this government shall find desirable in connection with the building or the operation and maintenance of the canal in addition the treaty gives to the United states absolute sovereignty Over the canal strip which Between eight and ten Miles on each Side of the canal. Vii thin this one the Power of the United states is As absolute Asli the were part of this country. Treat signed. Hardy perennial plants. N order and Plant them now. Tie earlier they inc Plantell the better will be the result Wuite for kick list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller r. Bar Harbor Maine. Repairing at Sawyer s. F on Fine watches French clocks Diamond jewelry. Old jewel if a moated re gift and Wadt like new. Old Ell to Kelisek Haase Fot goods or Ripi irs. Jewr iry we the Erie j11 Saufl by successor to. A n. Laww tally f. P. Moor

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