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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - November 18, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine a vim inst. Jim Ami tim iils cd paper and the a tily so itty journal on Rio unt desert Island. D�0ras5e Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 17. A to. Bab us Job. A Mem is 1903. Five cents 3. A. Book. Toomat a Babu qii�i1m. 4mm 8. Kiwi of. . The first National Bank bar Harbor me. Fax tilt equip Fiji i vibe kind of it Limiti Ziats ban1un0. Capital Gorp los and profits $50,000.00 $10,000.00 in Mcthom . A.8.r�innaii. Henry ohm. H. Wood. A of. B. Q alar word rant. a noted. General lits Urance. Real Estale aad investments. Ellsworth or Harbor me. Lord distance n. Cushman real a state and insurance Baw Haw by ii and no. I East to a4th it new Yowk. The Jewett piano tone Fivish and b17babik.itt a a mar n n lord ii d v i i in a mob Meally Mert Torlos while its musical a 11c vow u u ll.0 Una Imiru a Aall les have Only to be heu a to be Apple toted Steinway Mason amp Hamlin and Steiner tone . Steinert amp sons co., new Elf land representative Steinert Hall Boston mass. Local representative f. P. Pray amp sons two games. 44 cottage Street bar Harbor . Ali Noim in i m Porter unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling Silver table China and toilet sets. M sae of ladies Coats suit Sand furs atm. Franklin for one week a. H. Kittredge do Ayiku i meats groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail everything for your. Thanksgiving dinner delicious. Aroostook turkeys Sweet potatoes fresh celery Cape cod cranberries jellies fruits nuts. All kinds of meats and vegetables. The bar Harbor football player take a trip Down bait. A Large numb air a i people went from Here last week with the football team to witness the Gaimes at Calais and Milltown. The trip was a very enjoyable one. The Calais game was one of the Best Ever played at that place and was won by bar Harbor 6 to Bar Harbor kicked off to Calais. Smith got the Ball and ran ten Yards when he was downed. Calais of ced the Ball to Sheffe bar Harbor held for Downs. On the first Down Roberts was Given the Ball and gained 15 Yards on skin tackle play and then by Short gains bar Harbor brought the Ball to 6 Yard line where Calais braced up and held for Downs. On the first Down Flewelling was Given the bail and made a Brilliant run of 50 Yards. Alter Calais made some 15 Yards More bar Harbor held for Downs. Bar Harbor got just one Down before time was called the Ball being in the Middle of the Field. Score o to At the beginning of the second half Smith kicked tio bar Harbor Jellison gel ting the Ball and gaining i Yards. After this they forced the Ball to the Center of the Field by line bucking and a run of 25 Yards by the quarterback. Here Calais braced and compelled bar Harbor to punt. Calais held the Ball for about three minutes when again it was bar Harbor s Ball on the 35 Yard line from Here it Pound and Pound Clear up to the goal and Conners was pushed Over the line for a touchdown just As the amp whistle was blown for time up. The line up was As follows. A a. A. Bar Harbor. G. Young Flewelling h. Tuell Itrat Small h. Young Girg Evans Burbank cd Garfink Hunt Young Stuart Bernadini c. Tuell Rele Ingalls Smith Jellis ii Conners w. Flewelling Ihbe Gehb Alley Mccathern Roberts Boyd Carter score 6-0. Referee Ryan. Umpire Joy. Linesmen Eaton and Ross. Timekeepers Trimble and Fernald. The game with Milltown was played Friday and neither Side scored. The play was very rough at times and there were several Lively scraps Milltown kicked off and bar Harbor got the Ball and by a succession of gains carried it 30 Yards and lost it on a fun ble Over which there was some dispute. After Small gains Milltown was set Back 13 Yards for an offside play and bar Harbor got the Ball when Only ten Yards had been recovered. When time was called bar Harbor was at Mill oven s45 Yard line. In the second half bar Harbor kicked off to Milltown Mcintosh got the Ball and advanced it 15 Yards. Been then got the Ball and headed for a touchdown but went outside of Bounds and the play was not allowed. Bar Harbor got the Ball on Downs and advanced it to within 6 Yards of Milltown s line. Green carried the Ball 25 Yards towards bar Harbor s line. In the next two Downs no gains were made. The Ball was punted to bar Harbor s 35 Yard line and caught by Carter who advanced it five Yards. By a mass play the Ball was carried to bar Harbor s line. Milltown made a Small gain on the next play and Riar Harbor got the Ball on a Fumble. Bar Harbor punted to Milltown s 45 Yard line and the latter obtained the Ball but time elapsed before another play could be made neither Side scoring. Sir Thomas Upton. And give hint the Chance he so evidently keenly desired a course of action Hichar i am sure All my friends in America will it will be a great race. It May even be that the owners of the yachts some of them will jail in their own boats. And Thomas and William with hands clasped in Friendship will cheer the Victor. 21 int. Desert st., bar. Harbor Harbor banking and Trust co., Lvov it Dmn it Bioko bar Harbor. So capital 950,000.00. Liability of stockholders Sto office a a. By a a. Dia president. P Jan a. Peers or. J and c. A Nam Sec y Aua areas. Fred c. Lynam l. B. A task _ it rms g. Was Natl a is t treat a no. Biddle Porter. W. H. Davis. Surplus 850,000.00 000.00. Trustees contractor and shop gone st. But a Hab Bobbie. George l. Stub boils for rim building lots off a a Cliff drive for Sal oooo death of \ or. Seely. Another of our prominent summer visitors passes away. Edward b. Mear cottages for rent or for Sale it office bar Harbor Maine. Courteously yields challenging to emperor Wiliam. It is pleasant to have the courteous compliments of Royalty revealed for our admiration. That is Why All the world Over men will find happiness and profit in studying the cablegram that have recently been exchanged Between sir Thomas Lipton Tea King and yacht King and William of Prussia German emperor. It appears that some time ago the same idea popped simultaneously into the Heads of the two potentates. Each made up his mind that he would offer a cup to the Winner of a Transl Antic yacht race the contest to be Between real yachts sailed in real weather across the . Hut As it happened sir Thomas Lipton who reigns in a court less hedged about with etiquette was Able to make his announcement tothe world. Emperor William was deeply grieved but out of respect for his Royal brother held his own plan a deep secret till it reached the world through a Quot diplomatic then began the cablegram. Quot after you my dear William Quot said the first one. Quot permit me my dear Thomas Quot said the next. Quot never never my dear William Quot was the response. Thomas won in magnanimity and William has accepted the privilege of offering the cup. Hear sir Thomas s gracious words Ais he announces the fact Quot knowing the emperor took such a great interest in an Ocean race and seemed to have set bin heart on giving a cup for 1904,&Quot he says Quot i could scarcely do less than retire in the death of or. W. W. Seely bar Harbor loses one of its most Active participants of the summer life of the place. Few men among our summer contingent would be More universally missed. He was an energetic worker in All the general social functions and contributed generously to All subscription entertainments. Or. Seely and his family were generous patrons of music and Art and lavish entertainers at their Beautiful summer residence Here. They have made Many trips abroad and last year a tour of Japan was made by the family. The following from a Cincinnati paper shows in what esteem he was held in his native state or. William Wallace Seely one of the most prominent and eminent physicians in the state of Ohio died at his Home at the Southeast Corner of fourth Street and Broadway Cincinnati saturday afternoon november 17, at 2 o clock or. Seely had been ailing for two Days but he showed no symptoms of being seriously ill and his death is supposed to have been caused but an attack of apoplexy. W. W. Seely was born in Cedar run Muski Ngum county o., in 1838. He came of colonial and revolutionary Stock. Alter graduating from the schools of his native town he was sent to the Andover mass., preparatory school and Aiter passing through that school with honors he went to Yale and at that institution he also carried off All the honors open to students. He then went abroad and studied Medicine at Paris Munich and Vienna. At the latter place he perfected himself in the special to of Oculi st. Or. Seely then returned to America and for a time located in Boston where he married miss Simpson a member of one of the oldest families in new England. In the late 6o s he came to Cincinnati and by his skill he immediately established a practice which yielded him a Large income which he enjoyed up to the time of his death. Or. And mrs. Seely have been leaders in Cincinnati s most exclusive set living in one of the most striking residences in the most fashionable part of the City. Or. Seely was Dean of the Ohio medical col lege until its absorption by tie University of Cincinnati. Widow and three diughter.�., misses Khz Beth a race and Helen survive him. Miss Elizabeth was to he ice ii married 10 Arthur Espy on november 19. This wedding was looked Foi Ward to by society As the wedding of the season. The Cere irony was to have taken place at the second presbyterian Church and a number of Brilliant affairs were planned lor the event. Cuban reciprocity. Proposed Tariff Laws Between the Little Republic and her big sister. On thursday a Bill was Inoru dated into the House by or. Payne making effective the cuban reciprocity treaty. It was referred to the ways and Means committee. The main provisions were Quot that whenever the president of the i United states shall receive satisfactory evidence that the Republic of Cuba has made provision to give full effect to the articles of the convention Between the United state and Cuba signed december ii 1902, he is hereby authorised to Issue his proclamation declaring that he has received such evidence and thereupon on the tenth Day after Exchange of ratifications of such convention Between the United states and the Republic of Cuba and so Long As the said convention shall remain in Force All articles of merchandise being the product of the soil or Industry of the Republic of Cuba which Are now imported into the United states free of duty shall continue to be so admitted free of duty and Ali other articles of merchandise being the product of the soil or Industry of Cuba jul imported into the United set Shi Lujo admitted at a reduction of 20 per centum of the rates of duty there on As provided by the Tariff act of the United states of july i8<7, uras May be provided by any Tariff Law of the United states subsequently Quot the rates of duty herein granted by the United states to the Republic of Cuba Are and shall continue during the term of said convention preferential in respect to All like imports from other provided that while said convention is in Force no sugar imported from the re pub lie of Cuba and being the product of the soil or Industry of the Republic of Cuba shall be and gritted into the United states at a reduction of duty greater than 20 per centum of the rates of duty thereon As provided by the Riff act of the United states approved july 24, 1897, and no sugar the product of any other foreign country shall be admitted by treaty or convention into the United states while this convention is in Force at a lower rate of duty than that provided by the Tariff act of the United states approved july 24� 1897, and provided further that nothing herein contained shall be held or construed As an admission on the part of the House of representatives that customs duties can be changed otherwise than by an act of Congress originating in said a second Section provides that efforts to prevent fraud in declarations that goods Are the product of Cuba shall impose no additional charge on the articles imported that the consular fees shall not be higher than those charged on similar merchandise from other nations that articles from Cuba shall receive treatment equal to that which similar articles from the United states shall receive when imported into Cuba and that charges on cuban goods held in Bond in the United states be imposed without discrimination when so Ever imported. We therefore answer that the Coal teamsters Are not justly entitled Toga wage of thirty five dollars per month while the teamsters in other lines of business Are paid but thirty dollars per month and that the present wage of the Coal teamsters which is thirty dollars per month and Board be continued until May is 1904. Nothing in this decision is to be Niider stood As expressing or implying an opinion As to whether the present wage of teamsters in bar Harbor is More or less than it should be. Very sincerely yours s. L. Hanscom a. M. Macdonald h. W. Foss. Committee on arbitration. Home and abroad. Against them. Is the arbitrators reply to the Coal team Drivers demands. On thursday evening at g. A. R. Hall a hearing was held of the disagreement Between the Coal companies and their Drivers. Rev. Angus m. Macdonald Rev. S. L. Hanscom and prof. Foss were chosen arbitrators. Fletcher t. Wood represented the Clark Coal company and Eugene Brann waking Dele Gate represented the Drivers. The question up for discussion was whether the Drivers of the Coal and Wood teams deserved More pay than Drivers of other teams. The Drivers now get $1050 payable each saturday night which they claim is less than is Jaid in Joston. Other teamsters get $30 per month and Board. The Coal companies claim that the Drivers Are now getting As mucin As paid in dockland and Bangor. The men Are not obliged to harness to Weir horses until seven o clock while other Drivers Are on their Job at that hour which necessitates much earlier rising. The meeting was a Long one and the pro and con of the matter tii roughly discussed. The arbitrate is port is As bar Harbor nov. In 10. To Kuene i Joann. Frank 1. Leolden Ami f Letcher t. Wood representatives of the Coal teamsters and Coal dealers of har Harbor a gentleman you sul Hii 1 Tettl to us tile simple question a it the Coal Tea ii sters in har Harbor justly entitled to a wage of thirty five dollars per month while the teamsters in other lines of business ave paid but to dirty dollars per Nui at a hearing Given in tie it \. K. Hall in this Village on the Evenin. 1 novem Berli i / 3, we listened to testimony which to our mind seemed to prove is. That the Cost of living in Harbor is not necessarily More to teamsters than to teamsters in other of business. Ind. That iii la the work of Coal teamsters has certain hard and disagreeable features that of other teamsters has certain other hard and disagreeable features which seems to keep the scale on about an even balance. Through ambassador Porter Secretary Hay has received a letter asking iii to accept in behalf of the government of the United states a Marble of Washington to re place the one presented which was burned it a the fire which destroyed the Library of Congress december 24, 1851. The bust now offered is modelled upon an original plaster cast by David de angers the great French sculptor. The would be donors Are citizens of France who Are bound to this country by ties of Friendship or historical connection which they wish to strengthen. $ the president s message transmitted to Congress last week was Brief but clearly outlined the cuban situation. With the of the by c i Joa the Coal lines acceptance pics Ldene s amendment Liess aae. United in a unique relate been air a Protection of her own and american interest its and these Are a proof of Good Faith. Cuba has advanced steadily in every Way since Independence was declared and is loyally obligations to the i United. Treat ratified i tates. I he rec Ijiro by the Senate must now be a. Tive by the legislation of com Ress. 1 United states gave Cuha Irei Iloni and now must help Lier upward ail Onward. M. I Hill pc \ ii , Uit envoy my in to Matt i pc nil Ortetie Ary of i loth i Lutcz males has lie i lot re Civ cd. 1 la recep Luin i the Ninis it Nitro it i the Hirisi t the new Republic of i into tie of nations and paves the sly lor negotiations he tween the i and the infant Nai it As Leiueen ids two Sovereign minister received. The aces hints Trum Shu j us Quot have ice i in in the maidu Wood is go Oil a Maine guide i iii us an Accident week which .11 , .1 of us Loa men into the sso.n-. Luu \ Ance Horo. The paily Sipat gtd. Uhi Une of tie Liston men i s Leet for a Deer lived. The Bullet Ciao it the leg severing a Large artery ail tie Bone or. leaves .1 widow and four children. Hardy Perl plants. Order and Plant them now. The earlier they arc planted the better will be the result. Write h of Pollick list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miiller manager. Bar Harbor Maine repairing at Sawyer s. On Fine watches French clocks Diamond jewelry old Jewely renovated re Gilt and made like new. Old Gold Takei in Exchange for goods or repairs. Jewelry mfg. To onto j u Saufl by successor to m Wim f. P. Moor .1 finer a a

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