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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - November 11, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A amp my Mem a a mini tip. Is w journal on Flou it desert Island. A i iii is a a a a a a Quot a a in m m of Bau Hibib Babi Matsoi Hill a Iliili l i in Milli j. I ii i i of i Hill 11 Degrasse Fox it real estate. Cottages for rent morning november a 1903, five cents,1ar a so tit f capital Sarolas Etna i al tip a butt Lea i of item ii to baking. A do r in Timon. Tlam Flahn . Henri a Lawford fio,009.09 �?z1j Norm a. Wood. Leo. H. Grant. A nov Rcd. Tue Gimilla mus Range. Real Stitt . Ellswoth by Harbor me. Lost di8tan0b to la Phi no. N. Cushman rear a sol the and insurance ill Liioi i Bast 84th st. New Yolk. The 4ew1tt piano Job Neil finish and a the woo Boblit palio to Merit Orlouis while its in algal a lattes i aft Only to be Beard to let a appreciated Stern Way Mason amp Hamlin and Steiner tone pianos. A. Steiher amp sous co. New in it land representative Steinert Hall Boston mass. Load be a tentative of p. Pray amp sons 44 cottage to treat bar Harbor Maine. J. , i m Porter unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling so very table China and toilet sets. M a.ii<rx3special Sale of ladies Coats suits and furs a. Franklin for one week Ziph Holg saturday 14th r. H. Kittredge a i Salieb lit meats groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail id order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently remodeler a Pait of nor store thereby faking a commodious and modern meat Market it will be full equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the Biu Inesa. The Market will be run in connection with my grocery business which win be of advantage to my patrons. 21 it. Desert st. Bar Harbor. Harbor banking and Trust co. Moa it do Mart Blois bar Harbor. Cash Cadatal s00,000.00. Surplus 860,000.00 liability of stockholders 850,000.00. Officers trl Stees a. P Lvisa a Mana. Put Raj. Fr$4 c�l9ti% ?fm7ria$. Fred a Nam l. B. A task is mim a fvasg0/, ass terms. No. Porter w. H. Davis. Contactor and Btu ii Der or Monr i Lullaby Sweet and kit a Sweet and Low wind of the Western sea Low Low breathe and blow. Wind of the Western sea i Uver the Rolliff warm feb come from the dying by we blow him again to me while my Little one while my pretty one sleeps. I sleep Aud rest sleep and rest father will come to thee soon rest rest on mothers breast. Father 11 come to the soon. Father will come to his babe in the nest Silver sails All out of the West under the Silver Moon slew my Little Onti sleep my pretty one Steep. A Tennyson. Can talk with him about it and the books Taftt were Mother s when she was a Little gift Are never handled quite As the child s own. Ive the child books lots of books. Let them revel in Mother Goose and fairy Jove help them drink their fill of nature stories and teach them to glory in the deeds of the great both of ancient and Mern times. After All is said perhaps the True stories sink deepest in the child s mind and what a Blessing it is to find on every hand if we but look carefully stories that Are Noble Brave Bright and True. Choral meeting. The child and what he reads. Paper read at a recent mothers meeting by mrs. Emily d. Chandler. The Day a child is Able to read understandingly is one of the great Days of his life. From that time on All knowledge is within his reach. He need no longer be lonely for hundreds of Little playmates Are ready to make his acquaintance. Fairyland stretches tit before him and All that is Best and most Beautiful in life is within his grasp but in the world of literature As in the world of men All playmates Are not Good playmates so from the very begin Fig the child must be of guided in his Dionice of Book friends for Many of them Are to be friends for life and How very real they Are d4d someone somewhere say show me what a Man reads and i will teu you what he is Quot it certainly is True and from the time a child first chooses what he yell Siead he is unconsciously choosing what be will be. How Many people there arc Olio use the utmost care in choosing their children s playmates and the places to a which they mayor May not go Bat who Neve rior a Mourat inquire As to what the child is Reading. A Book is a boric to them and no More. The child who prefers his mothers Choice of books who not go far wrong in his choke of friends. The habit of choosing Ebest has been unconsciously formed. If mothers would Only be As careful a about what a child reads As about what a ii eats there would be less ear of the dark and bad dreams and Many other evils. When tiie wrong thing gets into the stomach Mother nature finds some Way of getting rid of it nor rests until it is All gone but when the wrong thing gets into the child s mind More Likely than not the Mother knows tithing about it and if she did might not know How to better the matter. With All the wealth of Good literature at our command there is no excuse for not giving the children the very Best there is to read. And what exquisite pleasure it is to place in the hands of our children the Story friends of our own childhood and to live it All Over again with them All the Way from Mother Coose up. Every hour of a child s Reading should be carefully used for there in so much that is Good for him to read that he will not have time to finish try Bard As he May. In a child develops a taste for Reading too much care can not be taken in the selection of his books. He will read any Way and be influenced to a great extent by his Reading. Give your boy books that show High ideals and have them Well sprinkled with brightness and fun. A Book that is Prim and gloomy be its moral Ever so Good hair a depressing influence on a child. If a boy has to choose Between an old fashioned Quot Goody Goody Quot Book and a yellow covered Quot blood and Thunder Quot Story,.th� results easily guessed. The whole Book should ring True and thus save the writer the extra trouble of summing up at the end of each chapter just what Good impression one May be expected to have retained. Of the hurtful books for Little children perhaps the most common Are those which Over excite the child whose glaring pictures portray some horror. One can Only guess at the result when a sensitive child possesses a Book of this kind. I Here is a fascination in the very horror of it. He can not keep away from it and yet he knows that through the darkness and in every lonely place the Book monster will keep him company and when the Lear gets too great to be borne alone and we hear a frightened cry for Quot Mamma Quot Bow easy it is to say go right to sleep Quot and to wonder whatever can make the chill so restless. Then there is that class of Story in which rudeness and unkindness Are considered a children covet the Honor of being , but very few have a right knowledge of its meaning. The so called Quot smart boy Quot is Likely to be ill bred instead of being Brave enough to be a anly. There is one other class of books a those Virtues Are negative. They have a number of pages covered with ads but they say very Little after All. This kind of Book usually has an attractive cover. If the child has presents of books whenever it it possible it is beat for the Mother to read the Book first. To a child a Book doubles in value if Mother has read it and Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale. Bar Harb oiin 1maine. Office while it is the purpose of the members of the club who have bought Isle a Haut Quot to preserve the natural beauties of the Island to which end the cutting of Trees or other growth except for Clearing paths or roadways is trashy hymns. A tiresome caller anon Frances Morai anyone will do anon Gertrude Soper. A deed of heroism anon Howard Hamor catching a Grasshopper h. W. Beecher Harley Suminsby. The first meeting of the bar Harbor choral society was held at the High school room last thursday evening with a Good number in attendance. The first of the evening was spent in practice of the Quot holy City Quot and later business was discussed. Seven names were presented voted upon and accepted As members of the society. Or Rumsey spoke to the society upon several things which he thought should be brought before them several of which involved a change in the Constitution of the organisation. He proposed that the music which now is the property of the society be owned by the members individually and that the sum of hefty cents or some such amount be paid yearly Ivy each member to cover other incidental expenses. This would seem advisable owing to the difficulty of handling the music by the present system and As it is the method pursued by other societies. It was also suggested that the Date of the annual meeting be changed. There is a clause in the Constitution Ipa King it a Law that the voices of applicants be tested and the advisability of putting this in practice was mentioned As Well As testing the voices of each member in the organisation at stated intervals. It was voted that the executive committee draw up amendments to the Constitution and present them to the society at the next meeting. Another matter up for discussion was the night of the meeting. It had been proposed that the rehearsals be held wednesday instead of thursday evening and the question was left open. The question of concerts was taken up and a suggestion was made that two should be Given this year one in the Winter say january or february and the other in the summer later than the annual concert has been Given. No action was taken on the subject. The next meeting will be held at the High school room tomorrow evening at 7-45 p Home and abroad. At last some one High in musical circles has had the courage to utter his protest against the average hymns which each sunday Are gone through with in our churches. Musically most of them Are on a level with Quot Annie or Dolly Gray Quot written in that cheaply sing Songy Rythma which Marks our cheapest Street whistled compositions. There is nothing in the least High or inspiring about the Melody. Then too the words Are oftentimes questionable and almost uniformly unlit Crary while the meaning is either no Clear or else is sadly wrong. That favorite one that goes Quot of to be nothing Quot and expresses the desire to become Quot a broken and empty vessel Quot is a lofty Ideal in t it if we must have yearnings in our hymns let us yearn that we May amount to something that we May be intact and full of Wisdom and Honor. The wording of our Church songs should Deal with High things and should be written in the noblest form of verse. Imagine a cultured refined and literary congregation expressing such a sentiment in such perfectly fearful verse thousands stand today in sorrow. Waiting at the Pool saying they will Wash tomorrow. Waiting at the Pool others step in left and right. Wash their stained garments White leaving you in sorrow s night waiting at the Pool. How can we expect that our Young people will acquire an appreciation of the choicest expressions of literature and music when every Sabbath we feed them on such trash a Cambridge press. Panama revolution. Catholic Church. Since the very beginning of the Enterprise subscriptions for to c new Catholic Church have been received rapidly and recently Rev. D. O Brien made a payment of $7,000, which is half the amount that the lot will Cost. As is Well known the lot in question is at the Corner of cot Tisi and Hilt in streets and is 155x185. Mrs Henry w. Cray of new York has a three years lease of the cottage and grounds and at the expiration of that time the erection of the Natiw Church will commence. The Church property on Kebo Street where the Catholic worship is now conducted has been purchased by or. Be Grasse Fox with the understanding that it shall be used by the society until such Lime As the new Church shall be completed. It is of course an undertaking of some magnitude to obtain by subscription enough Money for a lot and Church but father o Brien has Laboured earnestly and his Success has been very flattering. Maine islands. The Waters of the coast of Maine from Kittery to Quaddy head Are As full of Beautiful islands As the Northern counties of the state Are of charming lakes. These islands like the Interior lakes Are being rapidly bought up by wealthy citizens of other states. A set of men or the members of a club who have a fondness for the Canoe the Rod or the Rifle Purchase a Section of the Woods in which is a big Lake while those of another who Are fond of yachting and like the smell of old Ocean buy an Island or two or three of them. The town of Isle a Haut is a town of islands. It was incorporated by the legis lature in 1874 and comprises besides the Large Island which gives the name to the town the following smaller islands York s , Fox Island Burnt Island merchant s Island Kimball s Island the two spoon islands and Quot All other islands South of merchant s these islands lie South of great Deer Isle and bet the Island of Vinalhaven to the West and Burnt coast Island in Frenchman Bay to. The East. It is stated that by recent purchases nearly the whole of isl eau Haut is now controlled by the Point Lookout club the members of which Are wealthy people from Bostoc new York and Philadelphia. On a nearby Island a wealthy new York artist is to build a residence next summer High school notes. At the meeting of the Board of editors for the High school paper the Searchlight the following officers were elected a Bert Young chief editor Gertrude Soper Harold Whitmore Arthur Stanley literary committee Alice Young Malcolm Brewer p rank Richards for Quot Why wants and wherefores Quot Fifie Morgan and Walter Guthrie designers. The follow info program was carried out ill the k. S. I. L. Friday a music school debate. Resolved that tie study of a reek and latin is a needless waste of time affirmative Julia Worcester tii Urlow Workman. Negative Marjorie Alley Daryl Hardy recitation Waller silk music. The following program was a Igried out at the first meeting of Toh h jul for rhetorical a a Napolean Koi i i. Inger Soll Walter k. Gut lit if c drowns prayer Sam Walter Foss a tic a. Mor iian tie rough riders Henry Cabot Lodge Malcolm Brewer first lir cum Veri gation of the Earth John Fiske Arthur l. Stanley Pomona s bridal trip Frank r. Stockton Louise a. Peach formal announcement has been received that the state of Panama has proclaimed its Independence and recognition for the new government has been granted the United states. The cause of the revolution May be briefly sums de up As being the result of the action of the Congress of Columbia at Bogota in re i eating the Hay Herran canal treaty. The Panama ans Are in favor of the construction of the canal by the United states and it had repeatedly been prophesied before and after the meeting of Congress that Panama would secede if the treaty was rejected and would come to terms with the United states for the building of the great Isthmian water Way. China has asked Aid of the United states to drive the russians from Manchuria but the administration has refused to interfere unless american commercial in Nanc Nuria. A a j a Teress Are injured. According to statements of the condition of affairs the russians have ejected chinese officials from Mukden the capital of Manchuria barricaded the Gates taken poses Sion of the official buildings and Gani soned them with 1500 troops. This Means that the City to All intents and purposes i has ceased to be chinese. $ the 58th Congress convened in extraordinary session at noon monday in accor4> Ance with the proclamation of pre diet Roosevelt for the Parpos of enacting Legi Lagoa necessary to make Active the cuban reciprocity treaty. In the sea ate seventy senators responded to the Roll Call and the House assembled the largest membership in its history. Joseph a Cannon of Illinois was elected speak Eros the House As was expected. On monday several Hundred Bills were introduced in the House but of course interest will be entered upon the cuban question although other important matters will i introduced. Congress in session a King Edward of it Lan Ltd Cal tinted his sixty second i Irth tay al sight Lii he on monday. It is worthy of note that concern info celebrations to Valv Quot England during the year. The of the late Queen May 4, had become so As a National Holiday and Day of it juicing that the custom Lias Jan onto sued aad then is the Observance Hole al Natal Day be inti observed by Royalty Only. Emperor Wiiiiam of it Many he submitted to an operation for the removal of a polyps irom his Larny. The opera tion was very successful and it is thought that the growth is uni Kelv to re turn. Hardy Perl plants. Order and Plant them now. The earlier they Are piano de the better will be the result. Write for Price list. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller Manai or. Bar Harbor Maine. Repairing at Sawyer Oil Fine watches French i oils Diamond jewelry old Jewely renovated re fit and made like new. Old Goh taken in Exchange for goods w repairs. Jewelry mfg to Ofik. J. H. Sawyer successor to f. P. Moore George l. Stebbins cottages for rent. Building lots on sen Cliff drive for so Mio a Seal Harbor me., and Loa Rodu Oie Ivoti Ariffe n. A a m

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