Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
7 Nov 1900

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Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
7 Nov 1900

Read an issue on 7 Nov 1900 in Bar-Harbor, Maine and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bar Harbor Record.

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - November 7, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Bab his of tob Bop obd wed Kesdy Titov. 7, 19� besieged Mafeking. Life under Boer bombardment described by lady Wilson. 90 shells fixed of Biji Bat. Telb Obarr mien of to Attr Provedbichias to Trio to rum Gar Ruong is kill to Krona Tito to women a Cali a it Dora 1� to Slev. Cattle Ramly Why that Moet dramatic of All the features of the War the siege of Mafeking continues to occupy the first place in the attention of the British people and every scrap of information that comes from the beleaguered Little Garrison is welcomed. There Are Strong expectations in official a Well As general circles at this time of writing april 6 that news of Relief by i Luquer s or Louie other Force will come soon. It in certain that no disaster in South Africa would cause such Dot p und widespread disappointment ail grief in England As the failure to Suvo bade i Owen s Brave band. A by diet of interesting details of the siege Ali iii some flow has found its Way tier Hiigli the cordon of Boers around the town and then through Rhodesia ii uil Overland to the sea. Has at length Tiu lied Loudon. It brings Down the Biry of the siege to Jan. 20, two Long months ago. Later news has come by a ill i but it is the Bahl scan i y in Tell a circe. The writers of these co Numi cations Are Sarah Wilson and the i in spun deut of the London times. Lady Sarah s letter appears in the Louif Iluigi mail of april to Aud from it the Paraf graphs Are Talien a feature of the town a it in resent is its l Onil i to l s or shelters from Sileli tire. Sioui run h hoi its Lias tily dug ail Euvi red Over w Atli Deal boards and Earth which i were at first Eon bit acted at the arrival of tie monster a i rus of liver i in. Vicli tires u pro i lie if pounds these re Fiji is iia a lii 11 iii Roveil upon till Uliey Are now luxurious Chambers Roi fed Oei with in Stih l rails and Sand hairs ventilated and by round windows and lame Drain i Lpes. Quot mine for instance measures is by Teet and is a feet his with Iniard de Fluor Roveri d wit i Mattin it and Pant led Wood Walls painted White. Wotli Aliice Tarjie portholes for windows it Imirie resembles the Cabin of a yacht and its has been Thorou Day taste in As it is i think the Only shelter in the town on the top of which a <j4 i mud Shell actually exploded without even making the glasses Jingle or disturbing various War trophies Hung on tie wails inside. As an example of the curious effects of these shells and the marvelous escapes recorded 1 May leu ton that a fragment of this one went through a room of or. Weil s adjacent House taking a Canary and Cage with it through the window and leaving them at some distance while another piece went into a House across the Street making mince meat of a sewing machine and a new dress a Young lady was making and which she had left but three minutes before. Except this misfortune and the death of the Canary no harm was done but alas the same tale cannot always be told a scarcely a Day passes without some White Man or native being added to the already sadly Long list of those in this tiny Community who have been martyrs to this one sided Boinnard Lieut. Women Aud children have not escaped Scot free. Only this morning a Shell exploded in the women s Laager the locality of which the Boers knew perfectly Well killing curiously enough a Little dutch girl of 12 years of age holding a baby the latter was uninjured besides fatally injuring a Kafir girl. Quot and thus it is most Days. Apart from our losses among the soldiers h. S. A. P. British South african police and Cape police in the various and Gallant sorties which have been ail duly recorded in the papers civilians Aud innocent individuals Are struck Down Aud terribly mutilated suddenly and almost without warning. I say almost for when the big gun is loaded the Lookout at Headquarters from whence All Ber movements can be accurately watched gives the alarm by bound inf a deep toned Bell and when the gunners go to fire her this is supplemented by the shrill tinkle of a smaller belly not much louder than our Ordinary muffin Bell but which can be distinctly Beard in this Clear atmosphere. After this second warning about three seconds elapse before the explosion. Quot apropos of this Wise measure which has been the Means of saving Many lives the town dogs have now fully grasped its meaning and whenever the hell rings begin to bark loudly in All quarters so that if by Chance one fails to Bur the Hasty shrill tone of our trusty tutto Friend the dogs voices in unison cannot fail to warn one to take shelter. The dogs. Indeed ply a great part id this Pilege. One belonging to the base commandant has been wounded no less than three times another a rough Irish terrier has accompanied the protectorate regiment in All it in Kage Imite a third amuses itself by Runn log after the tau Maxim shells bar Kloff loudly and trying Bard to re a Rete the Reav it com Mlat Liim a dog 1� a prudent animal. A plot foil if 0t�r. A it a rat Man to by Tea in Minim a poisonous Little 1 Pounder Stalm shells which seem to come everywhere and Are generally fired in threes or foun. the latter whistle overhead tie to iid resembles a tit of a very Long cattle whip sharply Tatung the air cracked and manipulated by a master hand. Very different is the so Chen ing Whir of a big ally followed by the Dull thud and crash denoting where it has dealt death and destruction. At least 700 of the 94 Pounder shells have been fired into this undaunted Little town and it is computed in All certainly 6,000 missiles of different kinds of destructive Power from the Boer Artuh Lery have found their Birueta Here. There is something very cowardly in the fairly regular evening Shell from the big gun which is usually loaded and aimed at Sundown and fired off Between 8 and 9 p. M., or even later Over a partially sleeping town very Early hours being kept Here when the Boers must know men and women May be killed indiscriminately. Quot a or this last shot wearied women and children generally wait before leaving their Bho tors and seeking their Beds in their various houses. But sometimes As a refinement of cruelty. It is not fired at All and those evenings the poor things creep to bed at last with Many h Soho Lings Quot a curious phase of the Boer Cliar Niter is the a mob vaunted Observance of the Sabbath Aud on this Day by a sort of Mutual agreement neither Side fires a shot i ale women and cd Lodi in emerge from the Laager dressed in their sunday Best tie shops Are open and do a Lively Trade services go on in the Little English Clu Icli still almost uninjured and every one is aide safely to ride Aud walk about the town Aud outside outline Veldt within our lines. So different is the aspect of every Tilini that use could hardly Brili veil is the same town. In the afternoon under tie auspices of tie to Quot. Spoils Are organized the band Days and every ii thoroughly enjoys i Nisei f. Quot outlier sundays ii us Licurs of the Garrison engage in a Polo in Atli and use Tea to tic i Friend it Aud Ai most tie elude town turns i on tin Polo ground fairly a i Linig in tie frt Sli air and Sunshine. I ii Ere is no Doi Ibl that to every one bal More i s i chaily to tie Woi lii u and clip Edmi Liis hair by one Day in tie is ecu is an inc Xart a i id lion and dial it ii Quot spirits Niv a l up Aud their tical Ali Imin Ovi d by living in Antl ii it alion of this tie London times Torii Simon Dent do scribes tie i Occas Liy we iii tie be Sieg it l Sonu Timi s get in pixies of Fresoli beef at the i oers to Lack and White alike take a Art in sniping but to the native Here siege brought the Means and Opportunity of indulging in a pastime of quite a different character. If snip King be the Rule by Day cattle raiding by night gives to the natives some profitable employment. During night the birr Alouys secured by a successful raid some 24 head of cattle Aud in the course of last week another raiding detachment looted some 18 oxen. The native enjoys himself when he is Able to participate in some cattle raiding excursion to the enemy s lines and although the local tribe May not have proved of much value As a unit of defense their Success at lifting the Boer cattle confers upon them a jul it due value in the Garrison. We were deploring the poor Ness of the cattle which remained at our disposal Only a few Hayti ago but the Rich capture which these natives have made has Given us a Welcome change fro iii let one and Sui ii to Juicy beef. Quot Thise Wisht excursions Are eagerly Antic i ated by the tril get. almost daily is the cons Emir of col inel Haden i Widl sought in Lela iii to such an object. During tiie Day the natives who have been deputed to take part in the raid api coach As near to the grazing cattle As discretion permits marking Down when Twilight Ai it pears the Posi ton of those beasts that can be most readily detached from the mob. Then when darkness is Complete they creep up. Do vested of their clothes crawling upon hands and Knees until they have completely Surro tided their prey. Then quietly Aud As rapidly As Clr Cuni stances will alow them each Mau gets a move of his particular beast so that in a very Short space of time some 10 or 20 cattle Are leaving the main Herd. When the raiders have drawn out of earshot of the Boer lines they urge on their captures running behind them and on either Side of them but without making any noise whatsoever. As they reach their Staadt their approach having been watched by detached bodies of natives who lying concealed in the Veldt had taken up positions by which to secure the Safe return of their friends the tribes go Forth to Welcome them and when the prizes have been inspected and report duly made to the colonel they celebrate the event with no Little feasting and dancing. Us on the follow Rig Day merriment reigns supreme and for the time the siege is tides of this kind is very Blob. And this with the Price of the i none. Increased the value of the pint bottle to $1200. A a boil a first. Lioa talk it. Hat la year of study or the loan of standing in the class compared to sound health Quot asks a physician writing tat the woman s Home companion of Quot the Handicap of in health Quot and further declares that Quot during the period of the child s growth the Parent s authority should be supreme and the child s health should outweigh a l other matters. When the child begins its studies a new Factor is introduced into its Little ufos. Nature takes on an additional Burden. The Mlod is awakened and the nerves begin an activity that must be kept within certain Well defined limits. Let the child show the first serious symptoms of nervous disorder or Over study and the duty of the Parent suddenly overtop that of the instructor. There is Only one Safe course to pursue. The child should be taken from tie school but ii the physical balance a been recovered. It is better to let him grow up without a systematic education than to continue in his sickly course acquiring All the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages. Let the child reach maturity without a breakdown and with but few Days of sickness scored against him and he will attack the problem of life with a zest Aud earnestness that will half win the Battle. Hoar him in sickness and indifferent health and he will stand fearfully handicapped in the Din Nibondh made at Home. How very Nice it will be when Evora Omati can make her own diamonds and not be obliged to save ont of Trio Market Money to buy Plieni or tease her indulgent father or husband to buy them for Lier. Tie Blissful Era of Dia Mobil at Home is promised us by a i n Neil ciu minist named Moisson. Ii it has Hail diamonds that were Indis Dinguis Lindbl it from Tho of made by . Sugar and electricity were Ali it ingredients lie Tomii Doyed. La Iorns on heat and trend Udo us press it ure Are a Rouglin to linear upon tie sugar and Resto one Lias As Many diamonds As one wi�.lle�?�. I lie dues not hold out Eleonra Geinert of an i Niue Diate fall in Llie Price of jew ids As a result of his discovery. But list Ali incs it possible now that Ibe Well it or Eru Cibu a in lii i tie diatoms a Quot were formed a ill he disco cred. Till now these diamonds have Only l Een found in alluvial deposits but somewhere Liere is a Stock of Liri giants and if we c in possess Oil souls in in a Tiei ice Long enough every woman May boast her and her Cit Iser. De in Galesburg ills., and at Obrun Rouege. President Lincoln appointed her husband to United states Justice for Idaho. While her husband was travelling in Europe from 18�6 to 1867 mrs. Walte took the course in the Union College of Law and waa admitted to the bar. For several years the edited the Law times. Re Akia a cd a or. A Prophet indeed has no Honor in Bla own country. An English gentleman who bad gone to Brantwood on an Outing tour finding hot self in heed of books in order to beguile a heavy hour or two. Stepped into a Bookstore it of Buskin s Village and asked the lady attendant if she had any of the thinker s books. Quot yes Quot she reputed. Quot there were some but they were not often asked having obtained the Book he desired be asked her a lat she thought of the great critic and teacher. Her ideas of in skin s personality were very vague however and she excused her ignorance on the ground that the people about there did not seem to trouble much about him. As for herself she Only knew him As Quot the old gentleman who Only had a clean Collar once a there is More danger of part Stams in top so ring time than during All the other seasons put together. When fresh such disfiguring stains May be removed by the use of alcohol or turpentine but chloroform is the Best of agents for doing the work. Dry paint especially dry White is very obstinate As far As outlier cleansing agents Are concerned but it yields readily enough to lilo Reform. The Boyul red Crons. Nearly 20 years ago Queen Victoria instituted a decoration the Royal rid Cross to be conferred on any woman foreign or English recommended by the Secretary of state for War for special work in caring for sick and wounded soldiers says the Chicago news. The decoration is a Cross of red enamel Gold edged one Inch wide tied in a Bow and worn on the left shoulder. Of course the Queen is at the head of the order other Royal members being the dowager Empress Frederick of Cier Muy i re Ness Christian Princtiss Henry of Battenberg Duchess of con naught the marchioness of lome the Queen and Crown Princess of Greece and the Duchess of Sparta. Lady Wantage and lady Roberts Are the Only wearers of the Cross among the 80 no Royal menders who have titles. Many Nevins Wear the order. In the army list the Royal red Crosa find a place Between the companions of tiie distinguished service order and of slicers holding rank in the army permitted to Wear foreign decorations. Moit desert society foil the pre Khoii of cruelty to animals min. Perkins state agent is once of a i Werni u. I. ,it. It Bieck Iceni 1. In10 to 12 a. A. Aii ii tit a. Or. Jerkin in ready at ill limes to listen to any complaint la in Mav be made and consider to Lien Comiti dentine. Of tribute ions for the Puppori of the society Nuiya be Sujit to h. K. Tel Kirk. Treasurer it. Do Sert Block bar Harbor. valuable pint of perfume. Manufacturers of perfume Ries from Many cities will attend an auction Sale Wloch was recently ordered to be held in Baltimore on May 7, when a bottle of the strongest Violet extract valued at $1,200, will be sold by the Federal toll class says the Nei York times. It was seized for undervaluation by customs officers. The liquid is a Coal tar product called Quot i none Quot generally Cau de Violet water Bec fuse its odor is similar to that emitted by preparations sold under that name. When the i none arrived it valuation o 150 was Plum pah it by the importers but Ihu Batt More appraisers Oveirt gated and Leamy a that the article was valued at id England where it was placed aboard tie item. The do on a Quot woman a Century mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt in Coni lug Lier Quot won in s Century Calendar Quot has done much to spread in foreign a knowledge of the american movement la behalf of dec Quai rights for women. A Mohammedan lady la constantinople has translated the Calendar into turkish Aud now Prince Hwang Chung Luel son of tie governor of i Klug announces his intention of translating it into chinese. Prince Hwang has Long been an opponent of foot binding and an advocate of education for chinese women. This is a noteworthy instance of Liberal views in the highest court circles for Prince Hwang is entitled to Wear the Quot Orange Button Quot indicating a rank even above that of the red Button. This decoration was greeted with the most marked of respect when the Prince passed through the chinese Quarter of Boston during his recent visit to this City. Prince Hwang is chinese Consul to Peru and is soon to return there. T. Kavanagh upholsterer. Furniture recovered mattresses remade brass Beds. It. Desert Street bar Harbor. H. Q. Robinson Carriage Painter. Vest Street. Car Harbor. Very bet work. Do Vou know or did t it Ever occur to you that it is of great importance to have attractive signs at your place of i siness we can furnish you v ith which attract Atten on a i draw Trade. Ernest Graham co. House a Aln Teth Tiiu a ter lar Uoo oratory Cotta i Street. Bak Harbor Nickerson. Spratt greedy Baucm i Hay Strai grail feel Kobo since Oil and flour. new club. There were 30 new clubs added to the Ohio state organization during the Hist year. Oue of the rather Peculiar features in connection with tie Eji Roll ment of new clubs is the Dusapin Ai a Uduc of others. One of the Ullh cuties t ii countered by the Coli Nettee was Elf organization of a club and its in inf Diate federation to l e followed quickly by dissolution and dlkinte., nation t i such an extent that tie state braid could not tend even a Trace of Theiu. For that reason the state Board very much prefers receiving the older clubs into the ran iii of tiie federation. Brie Straw always a Stock. Choice clip ted oits a specially. West Street bar Harbor Maine Telephone Ood Deoglou House lots 8100 to 8200. Husband wife. Lawyer. At the ago of 71 a Lri. Catharine v. Walte is about to form a Law partnership in Denver with her husband former judge Charles b. Walte. The firm will be c. B. C. V. Walte. Mrs. Walte was bom in Canada and educate speculators look at this House lots in the Sci a o Hull s Cove High dry sightly. Tsagli Lake water electric lights streets Sprik kled. This is bar Harbor s most thru Viii suburb. This property will double itself shortly. Of ply to t. F. Moran. An and in the record will add to your trouble. It will make you sell More goods but it will also add to your direct All rail route Brif i Boston Sandbar Harbor it to tur Boston t Maine r. R. Co Simouma Rummy Witk the . Fast vat louled Dally train Witk a Urmia Pwu maa Rawlw aah a a a place oars. The lowest rates. New England Points and the West set lowest and Kort Iwest mum Tartte Linig to a this line to Monteal Toronto. Detroit Ohio st. St. Paul us min Neapolen. And All Neatem Point avoid All tra Naters it a ton a tonne option is now made in tie a it Union . J. Flanders. Oen l Pisa enter agent. For Portland. I Oscott Mott Irene All Points Easi and West. In and after october st a so. Trains run As follows. I a k. Bar Harbor so Tento. Sii Altvan. A. P. Will p. 4.00 i a k. Bar Harbor so Tento. Sii Altvan. 4.00 it. t. K 4.5.% Ells Worllie. 11.5 r3i r. By ii or. Or. .1.1 1. .11.1.- por Timi. A i i. 1 boat ii k .il.c,, 1. A a. A. Lka \ k a R. A. Boston. In i r. I Oral nil. »1. 11 a a 12.10 \ Aby iii a. .1. 1 1. A i. 4 of Llu Vogtli. 7 1.1 1 it. I e.-, t. F Quot Quot kii. Sni 1 i Villi. Iii sorrel it. Aid Altir Harbor it ill. .ij.lh.7 a Lea e i Oston it 7.1 u r. Liko. F. Tkv , vice i r Len. I. I. Kwh Keiit i iii i. I. Kwh Keiit i iii Steamer Cumbria will leave a liar Ali Arbor lor Liui Iki r i \ try a monday u a it lius Ltd in and or Lav la 7 ii. In., iii iii Landi Rifi hat Seul Jia Rhor Sor Llu us Ila Roor Harbor Yasm Ali Zibor is in Gulck Deer Islea nov Lluc Lognon is a. Boro Jami ii All Rovt r lambing to arriving in Bangor at of a p. In. Return link Vave Bangor every tuesday thurst Lay Aud saturday at . Ni., a Topping at the above a Auml Lodi pigs Arr Vitigo at bar Harbor at about 6 p. In. Connect Lonh Macie with str. Silver Star to and from bad fast until Sij get. . Meals served on Tiuan. Kare to Bangor $1.60. Geo. H. Bai Boult. Barbour president. Mataj or. August 27. Iwo Boston and Bangor Steak ship rate great reduction in fares.13. Bar Harbor to Boston the Ratch of fare for through tickets Between i reduced from to bar Harbor and Bohton iit4. K a ii Seal Harbor and Bohton a a i norther al Harbor and a a it Southwest Harbor Anil Bod Lon i.7.i7.% Stonington and Bohton a. the Price of room at t a o ult i Hona each will be rec Luci a Iron i i-2.i u and i i to a 50 iii id f 1 one Ali. Steamer Quot it. Debert Quot Lei Ivor har Klaibor mondays and a Uiman no l i a. .m., for heal Harbor North eat Harbor so iii Harbor in Ltd s on Langton count Clinti Koi la iii with a Leniu for . Kkt Ksi from Ijo Mion Montuya , at Ifrom Kocklin Tinl Volti. Vii it , lies it Bim and h l id i it w it i Bouti Iki a. A. K. . Morse a fill Kai Hiu Hor. Calvin alas i /.\, ii. Sup Isis Toni h. Mill a ii l Mem. , mount dese t Mac Liias Comra a v. Steamer Quot Frank Jones i it a ave , Weurth it i ii in lilting to Moi Dayh ail Thiart Dayn it 4 it in Utu bar hark r at tao a. For sort in Harbor Southwest Harbor Brooklyn glue Hill stage from Sedge us sedges Lack. Deer Isle Jastine Isle Hbl to Rockland Portland. Arr Long Portland at la o p m., in season to connect with Pullman morning trains fur Boston. Leaves Portland tue it lays and fridays at 11 00 p. Or after arrival of Trdin leaving Boston at 7.00 p. Arriving at in r Harbor so As to leaven wed Mlays and saturdays at 12.50 p. For Mill Ridge Jonesport Machiasport. Uko. K. Evans Uene ial manager. K. K. Lux they gen l i a�8 a tic Ket at. General Oft Ces Portland. Maine. 10-8teamerpauline. Winter Harbor. Leave 7 00 a.00 p. Arrive let i 43 a. M-4. W p. South Gouldsboro. A save 7.40 . Arrive .�.hop. A Lamoine. a. A i. 2.4.-4 p. A leave bar Harbor. Leave lor Winter Harbor via so. Gouldsboro a Quot Quot Lamoine arrive from Winto it Harbor a Quot a a Ramolae 9.06 a. i. �?�j.50 p. 10.00 a. p. A 8.15 . 8.00 p. . �?�.��?�a.1i. . Afternoon arrival from la molar Quot Tom Daya and a Aldaya Quot flu Beman la to a tau above Tine. A toe Adaya and Pirl Daya until further Pouoa a Iusi

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