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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 7 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - November 7, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building insurance broker j. Record. The leading county paper and the Only society journal on Blount desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent Tivoli. 14. No. 40.bar Habboba mantis wednesday evening nov. 7, 1900. Price 5 cents Paul Hunt to Hunt architects contractors and estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor Maine. Leo. P. Billings. Paul Hunt. The Boston automobile co., builders of the Best two and four passenger steam carriages in the United states. Having installed heavy machinery we Are now ready to general machine and Blacksmith work. Being equipped with new and improved lathe Power drills etc., we Are prepared to fill All orders promptly pertaining to machine or Carriage work. The Boston automobile co., West Street. Bar Harbor Maine. Special Sale what Vii is is Best. The Clouds which Rise with Thunder slake our thirsty Muis with rain the blow most dreaded Falls to break from off our limbs a Chain. And wrongs of Man to Man but make the love of god More Plain As through the shadowy Lens of even the Eye looks farthest into heaven on go same it of Star and depth of Bhiru the glaring Sunshine never knew. Lost to sight yet to memory dear is the old Delapi dated Wau Keag House. Of. Ladies Ami Cui Ilnia Golf gapes atm Man for one week Only. One lot s13.50 capes now $8.98 Quot Quot 10.50 Quot Quot 6.98 Quot 8.50 Quot Quot 5.98 Quot 6.00 children a Quot 4.98 tit will pay you to Call and examine our $1.98 shoes before buying the . Perlinsky s. Creamery butter much depends upon the Way butter is kept. U c have special refrigerators for that parti Cihir butter fresh supp hes of tie famous Sharpless i hut ter always on hand at lowest Market prices. We also carry a Large line of fancy groceries and provisions. R. H. Kittredge,21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor me a i new drugs for the fall Trade. Vve a ant business in the fall and ainu Ras Well As in the Spring and summer. For that reason we keep our Stock Complete in every department. We shall have a special line to announce . C. Morrison , like lightning or to Jpn 0 be fairy protected aga lost lost by either of these unwelcome visitors. Look 0 our prompt Lei or this prot Tion they give it surely and safely and cheaply the c. H. Grant co bar Arbor me in the autumn of the year 1s76, just after the great Centennial Celebration at Philadelphia when the whole country was feeling its Oats to quite an extent messes. White Brothers of Sullivan began to put into execution a scheme which had been slowly formulating in their brain through the in mpr. The Whites Asa d., Newton and still Man had been born and bred in Sullivan or rather Wau Keag Point Sorrento for that was Sullivan then and had the fondness for and Confidence in the town that every right minded citizen should have in his own native place. They had been in business in Massachusetts and had there accumulated some Money which they resolved with More patriotism than Wisdom perhaps to expend in Sullivan confident of the ultimate Success of their scheme. It was the prevalent idea at that time that there was Money in a summer hotel and where was there a fairer spot or one More sightly on which to erect on than on Beacon Hill Sullivan Harbor in View of the Beautiful mount desert Hills this is How the Wau Keag House became to be built and it was an imposing edifice. It was built on land belonging to Watson White another brother but his death occurred before the House was built therefore he was never associated with the White Brothers. The Winter that gave birth to this Enterprise will Long be Reemt it ered. The Whites brought a Crew of a dozen men from Massachusetts to build the House a sort of family party who in some ways were different from the general run of carpenters and builders. For one thing they were intensely religious and at once instituted Semi weekly prayer meetings no new thing in most towns but something which this one Haci thuss far work Neil Alon without its tender Tyves being decidedly More in favor of secular amusements Leing some Litof a Novelty these prayer meetings were Well Altein led and afi oiled not a Little entertainment for the Long Dull Winter evenings. W Lille not a Shadow i this respect was Ever shown t Ward the worthy leaders it must l e acknowledge i that their influence in a religious Way was Felt but Little. Those who remember the Winter of 70 77 will recall the ext Renie severity of the weather and the heavy Falls of Snow that greatly impeded foot travel. This would occasionally prevent Moody and san key Quot As the older leaders were caller from attending the meeting. For some economical reason the Clia Delier was not lighted by the janitor until these More. Important personages appeared. This caused a waggish Tinoi to strike up one night in the waiting interval Quot let the lower lights a Yurii iii Send a n Mani across the Hall. Mixxie s very Lati Torii kit. And not Toine at All there were a few hymns in no. I the Only one of Liat series we had then seen that were not paraphrased that Winter to tit the local conditions. I he younger knights of the saw Ami plane in tie interim Between their application to their work and their Devotion to their Reli ion could not restrain their you Laiful ies Fiu a Quot lightly Torii aug to thoughts of l As Lav every when ill tax in a i ii it in in not Reilert wholly to the credit of the Young ladies of Sullivan a Quarter of a Century ago that this feeling was not reciprocated As it would have been had their Genu Tietti ans been More of the i Erps Chorean order. No greater proof of the deep inc Ision Maile by Cuiji s Flatt Coukis have been shown than when during one week of in most Snow and wind Stoi ins one to get these Admi iii swains Ai Ose at the cheerless Dawn of tii Ose wintry morning s hours be fire his arduous Day s work began and hovered die wide paths through the hard White Snow All about the Home of tiie object of this uni aral led chivalry. Quot Sill it Nitti died hands and 1 in Diu n Luu i his Nei k and Niin meow lie Cut the s did iii tenets Ohio ugly Brothers. That Veteran hotel Man a a Veteran even then though he is still in the business Quot Lien Quot tinker was engaged As clerk and general factotum and he stayed by it through All its Vicissitudes even it remaining As care taker after it was closed to the Public. How he would Scurry round m the neighbourhood after chickens milk and eggs when he sighted a yacht sailing up the Bay. Ten to one too it would sail away without making a Landing but Hen was always prepared. The opening Day. June 21, 1877, i am sure is still remembered by every person of 40 years and Over within the radius of 40 Miles. More than 150 people put their names on the Register that Day and the number who a incited the House and did not Register were legion. The elegance of that great build Ilg the luxury of the immense parlor with its red tapestry carpet its open fire and piano the acres of Piazza floors the entrancing cupola on the roof the mysteries of the billiard and Pool room the Savory scent of the viands was All Nice a visit to fairy land to most of the visitors that Day. But by no Means All were verdant rustics for on the Register we find the names of or. And mrs. Eugene Hale or. And mrs. A. P. Wis Well or. And mrs. L. A. Emery from Ellsworth and in like manner were Cherry Field Milbridge bar Harbor Franklin a cd Gouldsboro represented by a part 6f their leading residents. Or. And mrs. Joseph h. West and child arc registered rom Franklin. That Quot child Quot you an Ottow her is now filling an important Edward b. Mears. Cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. The Bright and Happy hours charitably drawing a veil Over the Shady chapters of its existence. His Only Reward and this f la ii ii knew was to be made the subject of the Follo Wing. What a Friend 1 have in Kola it my Niy p its to shovel clean a Privily ii when it snows 1 o think that he will soon lie seen. Ii Ive 1 trials and Teini it nations i their trouble anywhere 1 will never in Clis Coura edit Niy paths Are shovelled baie. Mall 1 Tipul a Friend so Faith Vil who will always shovel ine out i Robert knows Iny greatest weakness How i love to Gad about. Thou Jyh All other friends forsake Nie Kolii t will be sure to api a with his shovel hell defend if and will acc my pathway Clear. The hotel was finished in All due season and christened the Wau Keag out of compliment of the Birthplace of the White Gove foment office in Washington. Howard Davis was there but he says he was roped in. The Rockland quadrille band was in attendance with a Large party from there to furnish music for the dancing. That opening was such a social Success that on the 4th of july nearly everybody came again and brought their friends to dance to the music of a band from Cherryfield. By this time the Wau Keag House was Well launched on the sea of Success. Its rooms rapidly filled with summer visitors who raved Over the beauties of the place. It was a great attraction for the Young sports of bar Harbor of that Day who made frequent trips across the Bay in the Rodick among these were f. And s. I. Kodick Quot Lith Quot Higgins Quot Rich Quot Kittredge Quot Steph Quot Leland Lon if Ayward Quot Ike Quot Ijes Isle k. 15. Richards and Quot Jam Quot Clement. I red Lynann was too Young to be allowed in such Gay company and Deasy was helping father Quot Hay Quot Way Down to i Rossei t liar Bor. Lie could t in trusted so Toni Home. Albion Alley would usually come with or without , and my did t his dark eyes make the Sullivan girls hearts go i . Albion was a sly dog even in those Days. He first found out where each girl lived and made in a Point to be extra attentive to the one who lived nearest just across the Way. But the others would often find themselves in veiled into a tire mile walk to Quot Sec Home Quot a girl with an unusually pretty face. Quot Jimmy Quot Ijarvis Quot Johnny Whitney and Henry Whiting were among who came Fie quintly from Lull Woith. Sullivan in those Days was in direct communication with Rockland and the people of the two places were on Friendly terms. Among the visitors at the Wau Keag House from there was a certain mayor who made occasional visits to the place and made . In a social Way. I hat he Appi dec to e place in All its moods iii tenses l e gathered by his Asse Tiou upon one of that there was Quot an Oriental voluptuousness about this fog Pei Lei la e u tile Wau Keag not wholly i n up to pleasure. Its spacious u the Iown open for religiou.-. So thu e 1 11 Uhi Naii it Piea Cheis Oliou spoken there incl Utleg Rev. lying yellow Rev. Chai ies c Ari Oll l pc i Cut. Rev i t Ancis 11. I Peabody and i \. Ii l i e Collier. I he m st Siu Essid Ever held by the Korosis Given by the generous Courtesy of thu . White in the big dining Hall. The Lece jus Rimi lied into the hundreds of doll.11 s u he h was ultimately used in building the Chun h. I he a Aukea House has its \ u is sit Udes like other Maine Liuti is .111,1 the Fate of Many iii tour. The Whites lid not it is nun h of .1 suss financially As it was soc 1,Illy. It Lell into the i ails of .1 kind i and thrice into Frank Jones Possession who letting it go slow to , when the in Ilmis purchased i iii Toie it Low n. If 1 could Tell the various uses to huh the dismembered House is Heim put of al Luciuse being built to til tie Wir-.ss taken intact from the Root of Lle Balustrade of the ii Ier ,i/./,i in utilized in some final District As .1 a Yard Fenc and of the Hundred .111 1 one additions in the Waywot and Bay windows being constructed it would indeed make Quot an outlier Stoi so far As its tame went in Days of Yore so far Are its a material parts scattered now thus has it become immortal in fact As Well As in name. There is nothing left now of the original Wau Keag House but a memory. Let us keep that memory Green by cherishing All people of note. The Queen of Holland has finally issued an official proclamation announcing her engagement to marry. The Man of her Choice is Duke Henry of Mecklen Burg Schwerin one of the orman states. The Duke was born in 1876, and is tall and dignified in his bearing. He is a lieutenant in the Chasseur battalion of the prussian guard stationed at Potsdam and makes a Fine figure on Hui Suback. The reigning family of the Mecklenberg Schwerin claims to be the oldest in Europe dating Back to the twelfth Century. It possesses within its duchy More absolute Power than any other reigning family save that of Russia. The Young Duke is a brother to the reigning Duke Frederick Franz iii. Wilhelmina has selected him because she preferred him to All the other princes with whom an Alliance had been proposed. She was so situated that she could make her own Choice. No diplomatic reasons made it necessary for her to accept a husband for the Sake of preserving her kingdom. And no financial reasons compelled her to seek a Rich this band that his Fortune might be used in supporting her court. She is certainly a fortunate Queen and Henry is a fortunate Duke in that he is to be the husband of a Young woman of pleasing presence and Good health who evidently loves him. There is so rarely love in Royal marriages that when it does exist it is worthy of note. Of course All the courts of Europe will have to Oiler their felicitations but they will be More sincere than usual. And outside of Europe there will be considerable satisfaction that the Young girl who by Accident of birth sits on a throne is not deprived of the happiness which comes to others in less conspicuous and trying positions. Over since lie atty Lla Lestier brought suit against his brother . Rudyard Kipling for alleged Quot a persecution did false the great i highs i Lut Lior spent Little time at i a lace in i Ratier Boro. \ t. Lie has. In it ,.w.in done metical an abiding , Siul will his Home at a Rei to i English not lion Lori Hon and tie crumbling Clil sol Dover. The place which or. Kipling Otle red Ler Sale he in u uhte Fly intended to in Ike his permanent Honie. The country not unfamiliar to him when he built his Home there three years ago. He had visited Brattleboro with his Wile s people ill had picked on thirteen acres of tolling country which reminded him of the Hill country in , so he made the House a a Long shingled Testa on with wide veranda atone end a As nearly like an Indian Bungalow As climate and building would Ermit and gave in an name this House or. Kipling has left just As he lived in it. A Roni this one May assume in did Luu t to leave it tor Good when he went .iv\.i>.1 few months after the a Iles Tiei , Many of his i itunes ii on tie Een his children s Tov. Be Mic wii Eliout the Nursery to or. I i is .111 Ines n .111 look 111 Nui Seiy this loom in when Limi. Kip Hill s i Hildi Ell 111 lie Lilii psehes li. , iil.i\t.i. It lii oks m is i Thiol sind la Urselie la oel a 1 i Quot land with a japanese picture screen set upside Down tin horns and toy animals on the floor and a picture of the Madonna and her child Over the mantelpiece. In this House in the big study looking Down a Rocky Vimont pasture Hill or. Kipling did considerable of his later work. While he was living there his Quot Conj stains courageous Quot and Quot the Day s work Quot were published. Professor h. V. Hilprecht after a sojourn of eleven years at Nippon in Asia minor has returned to Philadelphia to report to the officials of the University of Pennsylvania the details of his marvelous discoveries. For several years past professor Hilprecht has been engaged upon his archaeological investigations. Until May last when his work was completed the scientist continued in charge of the extensive excavations at Nippur. His discoveries have been heralded throughout the civilized world As among the most important contributions to history. He unearthed 23,000 tablets bearing inscriptions giving insight into history thous Kis of years ago in other words from Faaoo to 7000 years b. C. On his return Toumey professor Hilprecht has been tendered honors by the scientific men of every country through which he passed. Many German universities extended him offers of professorships but he declined them All. The Sultan of Turkey conferred a decoration upon him and emperor William of Germany honoured him with a special reception. While in his far away Field bringing to Light records of a bygone time professor Hilprecht has not been Idle with his pen. The pages of Many journals have been enriched by his contributions recounting the various finds he has made which have been greatly enjoyed by thousands of readers. Y. M. C. A. Notes. Forty boys were the a tests of to in Jun lor Deli Arment saturday c ening. The entertainment i ulcer tin Din i lion of the tim it in Mittee thu Ether with the follow �11 on Millee from the 1 a i a Jilin . 1 al sis Ilis hut. Willie Neuman Harold Whitni Ore f i Hai land Wiki Ucli \ Ileal be u is ii Liy Misse i iir ind Rii heirs of the 1\ Nuh re Ute. .111 1 by mis. Doe miss Ami .v�i.,. the bos Thoi highly to oyed Ihen Isek is i Petresh merits it served. The Servile was addressed Rev., Wen wednesday o Velmier 7 at 7. 50 pm a Servit will be held tor Young men. Short st r iii Julie sets will be Given a Jast Listii the churches subject Quot Quot the Young of today Quot Ood heart singiii., livery Young Man in town is invited. The religion is work will conduit t the men s meeting sunday afternoon. Meeting of it Tineri iii ten sted in the Ssofi nation did its work will be held i i Day alter noon of this week i t j.-,0. So Tooms. The advisability of Loi iii in .1 women s ill h considered. I onli.or. is to ill Lin senior Oasis Tell of thins \ Oil i men w ill 1 be 11 a a c Jpe ii 1 n a Liui -.iv Iaci ill of Emiil i i i iii it n o lot k t i ,1 11n is i iii i .111111 Vissio 11 m 11 u. 1, \ 11, o a 11 a Oil i i 0 toll begin a se.itili-, in be Bil of Lull the Fol out desert nurseries Miller Maria or. We Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind and carried out. The nurseries Are open to a Pitois. The office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have Telephone connection. M. W. Stratton architect and build inn my . Office. Grant build nor j j be Thonh. . George l. Stebbins cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for Sale a Fries Seal Harbor. Me., and i02 produce exch Nice a y my to tip a a my al Rufi

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