Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
4 Nov 1903

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Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
4 Nov 1903

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - November 4, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Bab to Lexutt it wednesday november 4, 1903. Lueie. Oer Oro. Us All promos of on come his Bride. Quot the greatest sorrow Graustark has Ever known grows out of that decision. She is deter glued to save for us what ber father s Folly lost. To do this she becomes the Bride of i vile wretch a Nan who soils her pure nature when he thinks of her. Of we sought to dissuade Here we begged we entreated but without Avail. She will not sacrifice on foot of Graustark to save herself. See the triumphant smiles on their faces the brutes Quot she pointed maliciously to the chattering visitors in the Hall. Quot already they think the Castle theirs. The Union of Graustark and a Phaing just what they most desired but we could not make her see it so Quot Quot is the Day set Quot asked lorry bravely after a moment s silent inspection of the dark bowed victors. Quot yes and there is to be no Dela. The marriage contract ims already been Sig Fml. The Date is nov. 20, the Day on which we Are to account to Bolanoz for our War debt the old Prince s wedding gift to Graustark is to be a document favouring us with a ten years Extension Quot she said scornfully. Quot and whore is she to live Quot Quot Here of course. She is Graustark s ruler and Here she insists on abiding. Just contemplate our court overrun with those a Phain dogs a she has a a Oun clod Gnu Stark More than she has helped there was nothing More to be said or done so after a few moments the americans took their departure. The countess bade them Farewell saying that she must return to the Princess. Quot ill see you tomorrow Quot said anguish with rare Assurance and the air of an old and indispensable Friend. Quot and you or. Lorry Quot she said curiously. Quot i am very much occupied Quot he mumbled. Quot you do wrong in seeking to deceive me Quot she whispered As anguish passed through the door ahead of them. Quot i know Why you do not Quot has she told you Quot Quot i have guessed. Would that it could have been you and not the other Quot Quot one cannot be a Man and a Prince at the same time i fancy Quot he said bitterly. Quot mor can one be a Princess and a lorry recalled the conversation in the sickroom two weeks before and smiled ironically. The Friendly girl left them at the door and they passed out of the Castle. Quot i shall leave edelweiss Tomon of Quot Bald one More to himself than to his a a it Lii till it i c i is a a cd Urpanil a is Lluy a a is cd tin inn do. Tilt Kiln r ave a Stai t and did not look Elfast d. Rik i 111&Quot Gla Iund toward Trio Astle. Quot thu prii Icuss is at thu window 1&Quot lie Quot raid . sarm and Point in l Ai. Luit tin Ollir it to turn walking Quot ii a blindly. A Vou of lit not Lolia Acu j Liki Liat. said an Nisi i Lew nun Unis later a slip Haw Nic Lall or a to her and a lit Yogt i r. I list ill look t a it i. L Don t to iii vol Sli onid have Liburt h , did not in mind. And turc was no ici Wev n thu i until they Wen tic a Slit Kati a Quot ii May i a. Loi Norrow. Lorry if you iii. But i m to stay awhile Quot Bald Harry a to Milf confusedly. Quot lla to t you had to ouch of the place "1 Don t care a a lion for the place. You see it s tins Way i i just As hard us you. I iii it la not a Pri cuss that i have to contend Quot you mean that you Are in love with the countess Quot Quot i m sorry for Quot think Shell turn me Down Quot Quot unless you buy a title of one of these miserable counts or Quot of i m not to sure about that. These counts and Dukes come Over and marry our american girls. I Don t see Why i can t step in and pick out a Nice utile countess if i want Quot she is not As avaricious As the Lounta and Dukes i la Wager. Blk eares nothing for your Quot Well she s As poor As a Church mouse Quot Eald the other Dearie Day. Quot tie countess poor How do you know Quot Quot i asked her one Day and she told me All about it Quot said anguish. Cha Pobu Xvi. A class and its ftps Jet. Eel like bread Long the rest of my Days in that monastery u ? there Quot said lorry after dinner that a of a olog. They we re stroll a it a about Tom Lawn on win Date mined to leave a City the other for no in his resolve to stay. The latter won Quot the Day wheat he shrewdly if Coji Loslie by reminded the former that it was their duty As men to stay Ami Pouci. The Princess from the Nanc Hinato s of Gabriel that in Ive of . Lorry at last it Cost i inc the hop of his suit was o thu v. W a Nus his arms and al Aulon tie ild to Superior Odds. His in aspiring for the hand of a princ Caa began to touch his sense of humor and he laughed not very merrily it is True but Long and to fully at Liis Folly. At Firat he cursed the world and every one in it giving up in despair but late he cursed Only himself. Yet As he despaired and scoffed he Felt within himself an Ever present Hope that Luck might turn the tide of Battle. This puny Ray grew perceptibly when anguish brought him to feel that she needed his Protection from the Man who had once sought to despoil and who might reasonably be expected to persevere. He agreed to linger in edelweiss knowing that each Day would add pain to the torture he was already suffering his sole object being he convinced himself to frustrate Gabriel s evil plans. Returning late in the evening from their stroll Ulicy ente Reil a cafe celebrated in edelweiss. In All his life lorry had never known the loneliness that makes death Welcome. The cafe was crowded with men and women. In a far Corner sat a party of a Phain Nobles their Prince a most democratic fellow at the head of a Long table. There were songs jests and boisterous laughter. The Celebration grew Wilder and Quot lorry and anguish crossed the room and taking seats at a table ordered wine and cigars both eager for n closer View of the Prince. How lorry loathed him Lorenz was a Good looking Youm fellow Little More than a boy. His Ooth face was flushed and there was at it out him an air of dissipation that suggested depravity in its advanced stage. The face that might have been handsome was the reflection of a roue dashing Devilish. He was fair haired and tall taller thu ii his companions by half a head. With reckless abandon he drank and Sang and tested arrogant in his flighty Meliment. His cohorts were not far behind him in riotous wit. At length one of the revellers sign eak ing in German called on Lorenz for a Toast to the Princess Yetive his promised Bride. Without a moment s hesitation the Prince sprang to his feet held his Glass aloft and cried Quot Here s to the fairest of the fair Sweet Yetive so hard to win too Good to lose. She loves me Fod lilies Iier heart and i love her god bless my heart too for each kiss from her wondrous lips 1 shall credit myself with 1,000 Savvos. That is the Price of a Quot ill give 2.uo0&Quot roared one of the Nobles and Tipiere was a laugh in which h the Prince joined. Quot nay i la not sell them now. In after years when she has grown old and her lips Are i arched and dry from the sipping i have Iliad i la Seii them All at a bargain. Alus she has not yet kissed Niel Quot lorry s Liepart bounded with Joy Ali ouch ills viands were Fine Lii in Rar. "8lie will kiss me Tomor Rcw. I of Morrow 1 shall taste what no Ollir Man Inis Toucan a what All men have coveted. And i la we of enc Rous. Nlle men. She is so fair that Jour i Oul in Olhs would l la it Wilh one Cai ass Jion i it i incr lips and it you shall not in in pried of Lii a. 1 shall her Linle for Cacho Sou. I., me commit the cd eleven is thirty 1 Aye thirty three e sled Lor the Sli it la Dous i Lii in v lib to by and the three shall i Frincu Prini Quot i Iao Quot crud he ulcers. Glasses a Ere i raised to ii. A Clair w is Cru ii Ned. I he l Orni of a Man suddenly at tio Nide of the Prince and a in h Lia Iid d shed the lass Riund his Lin i is the contents Illint of immaculate a Enin ii dress. Dijon t you dare to drink that Toast Quot cried a \ Vicc in his astonished ear a voice , in Jerman. Lie whirled and a scowling face he Side his own a Jirair of Ray eyes that Las Liitt lire. Quot what do you mean Quot Quot lie demanded anger n Jda cing amazed Jet. The Oiler Mem bits of his party stood As if spellbound. Quot i mean that you speak of the i a in Cess of Grah Sharii. Ijo you understand that you a iseral it be curve Quot Quot of Quot screamed the Prince convulsed with rage starting Back and instinctively rec hint for the sword he did cot carry. Quot you shall pay for this i will teach you to interfere Quot a Quot ill insult you More decidedly just to avoid misapprehension Quot snarled lorry swinging his big fist sci arely upon the Mouth of the Prince. His Royal highness landed under a table ten feet away. Instantly the cafe was in an uproar. The stupefied Asp Hallana regained their senses and a general assault was made upon the hotheaded american. He knocked another Douai Harry anguish coming to his assistance with several Savage blows after which the Graustark site stators and the waiters interfered. It was All Over in a instant yet a sensation that would live in the gossip of generations had been created. A Prince of the realm had been brutally assaulted holding his jaw Lorenz picked himself from the floor Eeve Rul of his friends running to his Aid. There was blood on his lips and Chin it trickled to his shirt front. For some moments he stood panting glaring at i Orry s mocking face. Quot i urn Lorenz of a Phain sir Quot he said at last his voice quivering with a upper Imd Tnger. Quot it shall l e a pleasure to kill you Lorenz Quot observed his adversary. Displaying his ignorance of Leze majesty. Anguish Pale and very much concerned dragged him away the Prince leaving the cafe ahead of them followed by his chattering cursing companions. Prince Gabriel was standing near the door As they passed out. He looked at the americans sharply and anguish detected something like u Lum Phant Joy in his eyes. Quot Good lord lorry this Means a Duel Don t you know that Quot cried he a they starle<1 upstairs. Quot of course 1 do and i m Goiner to kill that villain too Quot exclaimed lorry loud enough to be Lizard from one end of the room to tile outlier. Quot this is horrible horrible let me Square it up some Way if Quot a began the alarmed anguish. Quot sti Are it up look Here Harry anguish. I am tiie one who will do the squaring. If lie wants a Duel he can have it at any old time and la buy style he Quot to May kill you Quot Quot not while a just god rules Over our destinies. I la take my chances with pistols and now let me Tell you one thing my boy hell never live to touch his lips to hers nor will then be a Royal wed iii. 8lie cannot marry a dead he was beside himself with excitement and it was fully half an hour before anguish could bring iii to a sensible discussion of the affair. A Rad rally he became Cool and the fever once gone to did not lose his head again. Quot choose i pistols it ten paces and at 8 he said nonchalantly As a rap at the door of their apartment announced the arrival of the Prince s Friend. Anguish admitted Veo Well dressed Black bearded men both of whom had sat at the Prince s table in the cafe. They introduced themselves As tiie Duke of my prox and colonel Atto Bawn. Their visit was Brief formal and conclusive. Quot we understand that you Are persons of rank in your own America Quot said the Duke of my prox after a few moments. Quot we Are sons of business responded or. Anguish. Quot of Well. I hardly know. But Hia highness is very willing to waive his rank and to Grant you a Quot i m delighted by his highness condescension. Which i perfectly understand Quot observed or. Anguish. Quot now what have we to Settle gentlemen Quot Quot the detail of when anguish announced that his principal chose pistols a strange gleam crept into the eyes of the and they seemed satisfied. Colonel Atto Bawn acted As interpreter during this Short but very important interview which was carried on in the a Phain language. Lorry sat on the window Sill steadfastly Kii lug into tie night. The visitors departed soon and it was understood to limit trainee would condescend to meet or. Lony at 8 o clock on the next morning in the Valley beyond tie Castle two Miles from town. 1 Here was no Law prohibiting duels in Graustark. Quot Well you re in for it. Old Man Quot said Ati Irish a Loon by. His Chin in his As he fastened melancholy eyes Ixia Liis Friend. Quot Don t sorry about me Harry. There s Only one Way for this thin to Bat and a Carriage was to be in waiting for there in a Side Street at 7 o clock. Before leaving their room Tivey heard evidences of a it motion in the hotel and were apprehensive lest the inmates had year died of the Duel and were making ready to follow the fighters to the appointed spot. There was a confusion of voices the sound of Rushing feet the banging of Toors the noise increasing As the women stepped into the open Hall. They were amazed to see half dressed men and women standing or running about the balls intense it in their faces and in their actions. White uniformed policemen w eight time icing into the corridors. Soldiers Eoa less and hatless fresh from their Beds came Das Liing upon the scene. There were excited cries angry shouts and More mystifying than All horrified looks and what has happened Quot asked lorry stopping i near the door. A Quot it can t be a lire. I ook the door to that room Down there seems to be the Center of attraction. Hold on Don t go Over there. Lorry. There May be bom Thini to unnerve you and that must not happen now. Lot us go Down this stairway it leads to a Side Entrance i Ulicy were half Way Down the stairs when the Thunder of Rushing Leet in the Hall above came to their ears causing them to hesitate Between curiosity and Ood judgment. Quot they Are coming this Quot hear Vliem howl what the Devil can be the cause of All this rumpus Quot cried tie other. At that iii stint a half dozen police guards appeared at the head of the stairs. Upon seeing the americans they 8topi de and turned As if to oppose a foe approaching from the opposite direction. I5aron Dan gloss separated himself from the White cd a ats above and called to the men below. In alarm they started for the Street door. He wus with them in an instant his usually red face changing from White to purple his anxious eyes darting first toward the group above and then toward the bewildered americans. Quot what s the matter Quot demanded lorry. A Quot there see Quot cried Dan gloss and even As he spoke a conflict began at the head of the stairs the police augmented by a few soldiers struggling against a howling enraged mass of Axiph allans. Dan gloss dragged his reluctant charges through a Small door and they found themselves in the baggage room of the hotel. Despite their queries he offered no explanation but rushed them along passing out of the opposite door Down a Short stairway and into a Side Street. A half dozen police guards were awaiting them and before they could catch the faintest idea of what it ail meant they were running with the of cers through an Alley As if pursued by demons. Quot now what in Thunder does this mean Quot panted lorry attempting to Blacken the Pace. He and annuls la were just beginning to regain their senses. Quot do not Stop i of not Stop Quot wheezed Dan gloss. Quot you must i it to a i it lace of safety. We cannot prevent something dreadful hip ening if you Are caught Quot Quot if we Are caught Quot cried anguish a. Quot Why what have Quot Quot i Niland me. I Ai on l an loss. This is an Onti an housed lorry. Quot a or Ilea v Eil s Sal a he Cahn e Are in friendii., to i. When we Rem it in Tower alien Exi lain Quot p i in police. Few n n ii the Tient Fali ii it l. Quot is this a i an to i even tin it Ime i a Quot Mand. D 1 i Eier Wim 1 i Clair aii i a i he a child Luid her. 1 la n a i r Well Lave Ali feel. A a tie iii he 1 al i l is dead Quot a dead Quot Quot i oud to the heart Quot Hae Saed Quot ion / Yuu Dure to drink that Toast Quot end. His Royal Elk Ness is lorry spoke with tie earnestness and conviction of one who is permitted to see into the future. Calmly he prepared to write some letters not to say Farewell but to explain to certain persons the cause of the Duel and to say that he gloried in the Good Fortune which had presented itself. One of these letters was addressed to his in other another to the father of Prince Lorenz and the last to the Princess of Graustark. To the latter he wrote much that did not appear in the epistles directed to the others. Anguish had chm in his room More than an How find had Frei gently called to his Friend and begged him to secure what rest he could la order that their nerves night be steady in the morning. But it was not until after Midnight that the dualist sealed the Ruvelo is. Directed them and knocked at his second s door to say Quot i shall entrust these letters to you Harry. You must see that they Start in their Way then he went to bed and to sleep. At 0 o clock his second who had slept but Little called him. They dressed Hurrl Odly a i prepared for the ride to the Valley. Quot their own new English bulldog revolvers were to serve As Wear Ous in the coming com u w ill he Sale 1 s the Pai Lii Erie , r in y no mlis an sin 1 i even tin it i i of i i. 1.1-Mvn. W it Lalii tall Ell. In so. A irl i a. I a Lomeli Quot. I Edth i ill i Ela ill my from his . Tenien but i must say 1-at you Are still in a Tiht lie then Lelileila to to Lien Llie whole Story lust he i o clock had gone to the Prince s room to prepare Hijii for tie Duel. I he door was closed but unlocked As he found alter Reid eat de know Kin a. Loin. Was lying on the bed undressed and covered with l Loo Ltd. The Hobari iced Duke made a Hasly and found that he was Dea i a Dagger had been driven to ills heart As he sle t. The hotel was aroused the police were called and the was at its Lii Hest pitch when the two friends came from to Weir room a few minutes after u. Quot but what have we to do with this dreadful affair / Why Are we rushed off Here like criminals Quot asked Law Rry a feeling of cruel gladness growing out of the knowledge that Lorenz was dead and Liat the Princess was freed from her compact. Quot my Friend Quot said Dan gloss slowly Quot you Are accused of the lorry was too much stunned to be Ingry too weak to protest. For some moments after the blow fell he and anguish were speeches. Then came the protestations the rage and the threats throw All of which Dan gloss sat Cal sly. Finally he so Tiht to quiet them partially succeed Long. Quot or. Lorry the evidence is very Strong against you. But you shall not be unjustly treated. You Are not a prisoner As yet in Graustark a Man who is accused of murder and who Wai not seen by any Oue to commit i a crime cannot be legally arrested until an accuser shall go before the Princess who is also High priestess and swear a it a his life that he know the guilty num. The Man who so accuses agrees of a forfeit his own life in Case the other is proved innocent if you Are to be charged with the murder of the Prince some one must go before the Princess and take oath his life against yours. I am holding you Here sir because it is the Only place in which you Are Safe. Lorenz s friends would have torn you to pieces had we not found you first. You Are not prisoners and you May depart if you think it Quot but How can they accuse me 1 knew not Long of the murder until a reached this place Quot cried lorry stopping Short in his refuse us walk before the Little Zaron. Quot so you say but Quot a Quot if you accuse me i la kill you whispered i.,Orry, holding himself tense. An Amish aug it and yield him. Quot be Calm sir Quot cautioned Dan gloss. Quot i May have my views 1 am not willing to Tak it oath before her Royal highness. Listen you were heard to say you would kill him. You began the fit. You were the aggressor and there is no one else on , it is said who could have wished to murder film. The Man who did the stabbing entered the room the Vujih the Hall dmar and left by the same. There Are drops of blood in the carpet leading direct to your door. On your Knob Are the prints of bloody lingers Liere you or some one else placed his band in opening tie door. It was this discovery made Lay me and Niy men that fully Sonvi Neche the enraged friends of tie dead Prince Liat you were guilty. When we opened the door you were gone. Then came the s it Arch the tight at the Lead of the stairs and tie race to the prison. The reason 1 saved you from that mob should be Plain to you. I love my Princess and i do not forget that you risked your life cach of you to protect her. I have done All that i can gentlemen to protect you in return. It Means death to you if you fall into the hands of his followers just now. A few hours will Cool them off no doubt but now now it would be madness to face them. I know not what they have done to my men at the hotel perhaps butchered there was anxiety la Dan gloss voice and there was honesty in his keen old eyes. His charges now a the situation clearly and apologized warmly for the words they had uttered under the pressure of somewhat extenuating circumstances. They sex Pri used a willingness to remain in the prison until the excitement abated or until some one swore his life against the snip Iosco a murderer. They were virtually prisoners and Uliey knew it Well. I Urther Riore they Ovd Ltd see that Baron danc Oss heh eved lorry Truilly of the . Rny be it fat inns of innocence had Heen politely received and politely str Star Deli. Quot do Mill e Ai one of iii friends to take the oath Quot is , i y. Quot yes it is sure Loei a Quot Quot limit you will rot a it i of Yogi Asefr Quot "1 Tai to it i. A iii for l see Liat you a Quot Venir Quot i do iii a v Yon Nimy. Renieri ber in 1 will \ ii ii a i \ a �1 Ron Der i Lince i .<�?�1 yet i l a \ 1,. I. 1 people of or a. a j i a m to in Nis i t i he i to. Inner i he one a l of i. A i i to the .1.� Quot in ii ecu cd Quot san . F. . F. L. Catt k can m or in i a / \ v i n present ii iii uni �1 111 fill 11 ii it ii. I ii pm 1 \ i 1 \ a. New i Salt. lib lil for in �, iii Liis. 1.1 i a 11. 11. I Maine min e Nir it Jonii n. Ii Niu list it As the i. Hull est Lii Pic ii iii in Ila. . A ten cent Cuil makes two Large pies a Liflet ii to i us can miked coupons for gifts. If your grocer has t it write us und ask for special Coupon gift offer with every Cau. Valuable free. Cut out the Odd Coin Wilh ludic a cud of each Label. I ack ii Only by # Thorndike a h x. Rock tid ice co. Established 1875. We beg leave to announce that we have stored to much larger Quant ii �>1 pure Eagle Lake ice Ilian usual this year and Are Lull prepared to Supply the to it amet Ltd our customers in any Quantity desired at Modera tii rate. Office 128 cottage st. Telephone coins l. Brewer manager. Green amp Reynold a furnaces stoves ranges tii Ware and Kuchen a few Miuhing goods. Car Job work promptly attended to. Maik st vat. Bak Habboba amp cart upholsterers . Window shades Ajo a awnings. House and furniture a Intel Pater hangers. Etc. Agent for Joseph p. Mall Noih s imported Wau pm pm is ivc to York cottage Street bar Chaffard pure Olive Oil full half pints. In honest . S. Pierce co. Boston and Brookline. For Sale by r. H. Kittredge b. 8. Higgins t. C. Higgins j. Andrew Rohlck. Standa rotary shuttle sewing machine , a a a ci1ai\ inn. To o a l la a v e. W in -.ito. R 1 a r Ijo r. iat a a As urn other for Sale by s a a. I men. N a fid pm a Haig is 0313 re conc. A a f i sci m i. I tic ii i iii. D Ului Mic. T Croc Eines Tilix ill i. Imam i la in. I r Well i Jinil in to my a my i a shh Milf 11 l i in Tuil Inci i the m ii it nil n i f i Jim in a. La Nur Swoik will Lif i u i. Teas . Spices Ete from tik will Lii now ii Lio Utic of i Akk amp till o i i it new v Akk. We raise our own l poultry und vegt a a tuble8, and know thu a arc it the and . E. Soper amp Soi co it a e �t1jkei bar Iiah boh Street veterinary Hospital All Domestic animals treated by the Day or week Alonzo w. Cleaves. Bop Ruchok. /

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