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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Nov 4 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - November 4, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrass Fox building. Insurance broker the leading county paper and the on society journal on flaunt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 17. No 41. Bab Harbor. Mat pub wednesday morning do Ober 4� 1903. Five cents j. , pret Oman by my Oastler. Aby bub 8. A swam. Vice president the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Fully a quipped Job Isvet kind of banking. Capital surplus and profits $50,000.00 $10,000.00 directory. J. A. Boy lok. A. S. Newman. Henry Chaa. E. Wood. Geo. H. I a Lawford rant. Correspondence invited. To the Public we desire to Call your attention to our new offices established in the Jellison amp Wunej baud Long Corner of main and cottage streets bar Harbor where we will be pleased to see j of at any time. Our business is principally Fink insurance Beal estate and investments. Our insurance department represents Twenty of the Best Stock com pan Leshi this and foreign countries. In a we win be glad to look after the buying and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any business you May give us will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we May have a fair share of your patronage we Are very respectfully the ceo. H. Grant co. Cater brokers bar Harbor a log Cabin win be Maine s building at Lotsis exposition. The n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New Jewett piano excels in to tvs finish Nike let Unabia Iirth the Woodbury piano is mechanically meritorious while us snub local qualities Bave Only to be heard to be appreciate Steinway Mason Hamlin and Steiner tone . Steinert amp sons co.,new England represent Atik Steinert Hall a Boston representative of p. Pray amp sons 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine. J. Milf him a i m Porter unique novelties in porcelain Faience Glass bronzes Sterling Silver table China and toilet sets. O in r h a. R b a it 11 mainer. H. Kittredge to it a Aier i meats groceries and provisions at wholesale and retail in order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have rec a Navy remodeler a Pait of nay store thereby making a commodious and Mode meat Market it will be fully equipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the business. The Market will lie run in connection with Niy grocery business which will be of advantage to my patrons. 21 wit. Desert or bar Harbor Wie. The building to be erected by the state of Maine at the st. Louis exhibition will cover an area of fifty three Hundred Square feet exclusive of the piazzas which surround the building. Including piazzas the building will occupy a length of one Hundred and forty feet and a Width of sixty eight feet. The Entrance is in the Centre of the building and opens into a Large and spacious Hall finished through two stones in height and exposing the roof construe Quot tion this Central hallway will be Twenty four feet wide and forty tour feet Long. Directly opposite the Entrance is a huge fireplace built of Stone flanked on either Side by a comfortable seat. A gallery Over the Entrance doorway connects the two wings in the second Story. On the right of this Central hallway on the first floor is located a staircase Hall the staircase to be constructed of logs and poles giving a very picturesque and attractive effect. Opposite this staircase will be a private office for the commission ers and a Public office where visitors May obtain information and will receive every attention from the attendant in charge. Beyond this Section is a Large room Twenty two feet by forty nine feet provided with a Stone fireplace and this room will be devoted to exhibits of the various industries and natural resources of the stale. On the left of the main Hall in first Story corresponding to the space just described will be provided the men s smoking room and toilet rooms with a Large and ample hallway connecting the main Hall with a room Twenty two feet by forty two feet this room to be fitted up As a comfortable Reading room or living room while Here will be also provided exhibits illustrating the resources of Maine As a vacation state. The Walls will be Hung with Fine photographs of the picturesque bits of Forest and Shore Peculiar to Maine. The second Story will take in both wings of the building and will be provided on one Side with a Large room to be used As a ladles silting room and connected with which will be ample toil i facilities. Off this room is a pleasant log to the level of the first Story Piazza being in the main building one uni Oken length of roof. The two smaller Gables a hich project one on either end Are varied in detail while yet symmetrical in form the deep Shadow of the Loggia in one giving a pleasing contrast to the glitter of the Glass in the windows of the other. The extreme ends of the by gilding show the Stone chimneys with slightly projecting Bay in second Story and although the projecting Bay May seem rather out of keeping with log construction yet so cleverly has the architect devised this that it seems to be entirely logical and consistent. Or. Charles d. Reeves Secretary of the committee on state and territorial exp Hibits in a letter to or. Goodall Wiilus Quot during or. Swett s stay Here he selected what i consider one of the most eligible Sites on the Quot plateau of states Quot for the Maine state building. The plans drawn by or. Stevens of Portland who is not unknown to us As an architect have been approved by the director of works and the permit was issued this morning for the erection of the Maine building. The design is not Only unique and Beautiful but is different from that of any other building on the grounds and i believe that it will bring Maine into special prominence before the millions of visitors who will be in st Louis next year. The metropolitan press always Alert for something new and interesting has Given con. Sid Erable space to the Maine building and seemed to be particularly impressed with the location selected. Nothing could be More appropriate in my judgment for a building such As your commission has decided to erect As the cite has the double advantage of being located on the main Avenue from the plateau of Stales leading to the United states government buildings is in almost the Center of the plateau of states and is surrounded by a dense Wood in one of the prettiest pieces of Park land in the United Edward b. Ivi ears cottages for rent or for Sale. Office bar Harbor Maine. The town of which he is a Legal voter a declaration in writing and signed by himself. A new enrolment May be made at any time but the person making such new enrolment shall not vote in any political caucus within six months thereafter if he designates a different political party from that named by him the preceding enrolment. Sec. 3 the clerk of the town where the enrolment is made As above provided shall receive and file the same endorsing thereon the Date of filing. A routine for living. Routine for living is All very Well on paper or in a speech but in practice it is i Ryton overcoat. If we get line cd Nice to you a h Art Schaf incr a i overcoat Well get a Good Nany chances at Yon. Once a Cust Otner Here always a Dustonw. That s our idea. Hart Shaffner amp Marx clothes Kielp us to nary it out ail his Rynott overcoat a Llu Horates the thy do it. These clothes Are higher priced thai some others. But the Money is in the goods. Bet ter be As Well or cased As you is we. Robinson Blake co., h. S. Na5on, manager. Bunker Block. Bar Harbor. Tutol i it of in rte Baff nar Marx we give yellow trading Stani bar Harbor banking and Trust desert Bionci bar Harbor. Ca8h capital s99,. Surplus �50,0q0c0 lab Lily of stockholders 850000.00. Officers j a prof ident. Red c. Lynart so a areas. A Rumi Ivo inuit ass trial trustees a. P. Wis Vijeh . Fred c. Lye am l. B. A Tajo a no Biddy Porter w. A Duvis. View of the grounds. The remainder of the second Story is devoted to storage rooms and apartments a for the use of the commissioners. The building will be unique in character and its Quot motor is the log Cabin and to amp a Walls will be constructed of logs the roofs Wilh shaved shingles. It is Boot to be however a simple parallelogram but will 6e broken in plan with a Centra Pavillion and with projecting pavilions at either end. The logs for the building Are to be grown in the Maine forests. The can moneys which Are All exposed air to be Tault of Stone picked up in the and pasture of Maine. The shingles a sed upon the roof have been made in Aroostook county and in tact All parts of the building Are to be of material grow and manufactured in the stale of Maine. To la a jogs wi41 be by Oulu to to Ltd al it i minor site Wuh the Haik on hut As the Huil Dini is orc ted i Ike l us will be remove and the ii Shiy peeled logs will torni the Walls of live building and tie Interior Titioka. The t Jeci of ilor wit i the Ray so Vijil id roof a ill represent As i Poss Ikje til Quot inca Uliuli Juiet. Color Eli it Els to l e to Piid ill the Lori Camps in the forests. Tie Woi k of iii Ilie Hui iii will be id Ricly done by Jet axe Lien brought from Maine w of have been a customer to building tiie is Orting Camps so Lilje rally scattered throuj4h tiie Mauie Woods and the axe in the principal tool Vilich will be employed by the workmen upon the building. The Interior of the building is to be car Rod out in the same simple manner ail with the same simple materials. Wiiilie the main partitions in to be of the logs exposed to View the minor partitions will be of planed Spruce boards battened. The various seats and Many pieces of furniture will be of the same character and in fact in every detail throughout the Interior it is the intention to make Quot consistency Quot the watchword. It is proposed to stain the Interior Walls and thus obtain it farming effects of color As the natural Grain of the Wood will not be obscured but brought out in All its Beauty. The architect of the building Vir. John Calvin Stevens of Portland is a Man of More than local Fame for his work known tin. Country and i building he has shown his Fine feeling for form and proportion. He has Consi Elered the nature of his building ma-lv.1 lal and Ciiab adapted his design to the legitimate and logical use of such material relying upon the of the building with proper spacing of voids and solids for artistic effect rather than upon ornamental detail. The Central front shows a wide Gable supported by heavy logs in the form of columns making in general mass the effect of a two storied portico and this Central Gable rises above the main roof As on every other Side the roof is brought Down passing of the it. Desert. After years of Servi the Steamer gives Way to a new boat. Monday morning witnessed the Depar lure of the Steamer it. Desert of the Eastern steamship line on her last trip Gia from which will be obtained a Finuff a or place will retaken for the Winter by the Steamer Catherine. And with this last trip of the it. Desert is closed a career unparalleled in the history of the coast of Maine steamship lines. For Twenty four years the it. Desert has ploughed the Waters of Penobscot and Frenchman Bays each summer carrying to and fro thousands of sojourners at the various resorts and tons upon tons a of freight and to her credit be it said without the loss of a single life or a serious Accident of any kind whatever. I n former years the it. Desert after touching at mar Harbor continued on to Sullivan and Lamoine but the business of liar Harbor increased so rapidly that the latter ports have Long since ceased to be included in her running schedule. Capt. David Robinson was her first commander and he was followed by capt w m. C. Sawtelle and capt Maik Ingra Ham All if whom Aie pleasantly Rem iii hered by the older members Ottlie sum mtr Uin it for a in Index a of past capt. I Quot. 1. W Lantei Tilliam has c of Mati ded the my. 1 Seit Lia in Riseri inti a minor Ijo Ilion in the serv n a and he Loo Liv kind ail Cut air thou it treatment won tiie esteem of All. The number d years Oil r Odices of the it. Desi it been 111 sex Vicc a peaks Well Foi tin Eldir Iatan ill which they Are held Bot i by the Public and the company. Or. C. H. Allen chief , has been on the Steamer almost All the time she has been on the route. Charles t. Mason Purser has served Twenty years and John Hosmer mate fifteen years. Or. Shute Pilot has been with her seven years Quot Maggie Quot Higgins has been stewardess for a number of years and from Iier savings has been Able to give her two children an education. The withdrawal of the it. Desert from the Rockland route but Marks a Forward step in the Eastern steamship company s plans. There is building now at East Boston mass., a larger faster and More up to Date boat to take her place and this will be added to the company s Fleet of steamships Early next Spring making the trip by water from Toston quicker and More comfortable than Ever. President Kliot Pierrepont Morgan senator Depew and other successful men Are continually sending Forth speeches Magazine and newspaper articles on what routine what system what general plan is Best by which to regulate your lives. What does it All amount to 1 thought when i read president Eliot s idea of Quot a Day s work Quot How utterly unpractical it All was. Who of us would t he to spend from 6 in the morning until 9 Quot eating breakfast exercising and planning the Day s who would t like to work strenuously from 9 to i and then take two hours without As much As a thought of work and spend from 2 to 4 with some Light labor who would t like to round out such a Day with out door exercise from 4 to 6, dinner from 6 to 8 and amusement till 10, which ordinarily is Quot the suitable hour for is there one person out of every 50 who could possibly live his life in any such harmonious and regular routine president Eliot says this is the great essential method for the student and the professional Man. Even so fat a Are the students indeed who have the Power to so arrange their existences. They have to Cut oat All those hours for meals exercise and recreation and fill them in with hard work to earn Money to pay the whole or part of their College Bills. Professional men surely can t do it doctors have not an hour they Are sure Uliey can Call their own and. Lawyers Are dependent upon court hours and their clients convenient. Ministers might fall in with it but Ding or a funeral might then Conie most Ino port nunely. Of course i Don t for an instant Imp Agine that president Kliot included newspaper men and women within the Quot professional Quot boundaries but if perchance he did then Quot the Day s work Quot would More truly read Rise at a breakfast 8.20 at office 8.45 Hustle till 1.20 luncheon on a Stool in the nearest lunch room till i .50 Hustle till 5.p dinner till 6-01 Hustle till Midnight or i or 2. Exercise eternally recreation in a perpetual study of human nature brain relaxation a never. Everyone s Liley that is every one s Olio amounts to anything for the Leisure class is not Vav Ortley of being Curi up in is living a is made up of some 1other of activity business or Pri i act ii which in i in lev i. to ii i Alu i la the can k. Seal Harbor Hall has put out its Shingle and is ready for business. Though a prosperous Little Community Seal Harbor has never had within its limits a place suitable for Public assemblies and entertainments and that the new Hall will be liberally patronised is a foregone conclusion. The building is 36.x70 feet three stories in height with a Gambrel Root and Piazza. The foundation is of Granite. Tie first floor is Given to a store and live room tel ement. Above this is the Hall to which Entrance is had by Steps at the Side of the building. The floor is of Beech and the sides have a four foot wainscoting of North Carolina Pine. The ceiling and sides Are of corrugated steel. At one end of the Hall is the stage which extends the Width of the Hall and is 20 feet deep. On the third floor is a Hall 24x36 fitted for a Lodge room and occupied by the american mechanics. The designs for the building were made by or. A f. Callahan and the owner or. Whittaker has had charge of the work. The building is lighted by electricity and has Furnace heat. A High school notes. Enrolment Law. 11. Siri a or. I Eik has received a Supply of l books and Blanks Lor tie enrolment of voters in Accord me Willi the new caucus Law. This Law requires the enrolment with the Tov a clerk of All voters who wish to take part in any political caucus and was by the legislature last Winter. Following Are extracts from the Law Section i. In person shall take part or vote in any caucus of any political party unless qualified therefor by enrolment As hereinafter provided. Sec. 2. Any person who is a Legal voter May enrol himself As a member of any poh Cical party by filing with the clerk of Many of the leading magazines of the and several newspapers. If the in the work continues the no to see much More done of the year of Bookcase thursday and Friday of last week the is no school As or. Foss and miss Hutchinson attended the teachers convention at Augusta. The school league was held monday afternoon and a a not entertaining program was c Igried out. The Reading table is now supplied wit Day interest Myers Hope a fore the close is even the Long talked iii become a reality. 1 he s Jug preparing for parents --.rtv, which will be held some time next month. An occasion of this Kii a was observed last year with Success and it is. Hoped that it win be a Success iii year. Miss Hutchinsion a talking in French to the soph Mixi Hiene. Quot Oug All look Wise and All laugh a the proper time about the Only answer. Come in the form Quot oui Quot Whu h does Lor All occasions. A French club is being formed by the members of the senior and Junior French classes. The object is to it practice in French con vet station. The first no was held thursday evening. The Mem by a of the sii s Pun Hametl Noie books in War. Ii they keep their different exp rime. I. I hese will be of use to Liliose w hot to College. The seniors and Lunn r u Lio did not take in t be k i ii Pio, spoke 1-1 Imp lilt Lam Hardy Peri al order and Plant i hem now. Thi Tai Lior Ihry Ai c j Antt l the better will he i lie i Milt. Wiiri i Oil Imi ici list. The Ivio unt desert nurseries. Pm. Miller manager. Bar Harbor Maine repairing at Sawyer s. On Fine watches French clocks i Virond Jewery old Jewey renova tji in Gili and made like new. Old gild taken in Exchange for goods or repairs. Jewelry m g to order. Jul Caia Ivind successor to a n. Of Mew 1 uni k. Moore <321 w oot taire a it it let let Lii a a. Pc pm Lully. Contractor and builder shop Conroe st. Jar it Roca me George l. Stebbins cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for Sili Oit Loes Seal Harbor me., and i08 produce exo Bartyl a n. Y.

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