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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives May 13 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - May 13, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A a i nil,7.a to in Polh so or to Quot county paper a Ltd tiie Ozity a i. Vol. It. A i Quot.iiiiy.imi.,ii,, Gilill Iliili Bab Habboba. Haum we bks al Esi # Jim i Quot a via t if la non go May 13, 19�3. It a Lbw j. A. Bodziok pm a mint the full a bail Ouw. Lai capital. A surplus and Pronta 1501000.00 $10,000.00 a la Vine Yim Peml Dot by Mcd i Imp a to a. . . Henri a Law lord com. H. Won a. Quo. H. A not. Ilfra Vituld. Several Nice cottages for rent at Uati cock Point. Also a few very Deel Rabie Byord lots for Bale. I sa8b Addeb Sythe Geo. H. Grant co., general insurance agents bar Harbor or Geo. H. Grant co. General insurance real estate investments Ellsworth bar Harbor me Long distance to la phone. Searls i Carter at first Nat l Bank brokers for bar Harbor. Mgt it put Munzio Tomc 0� hat my. Imp sum a a i my a mtg 0 him met Raul a Wiitam of a Morton Pymm. Tax i am own a a Covinea of Mir it us a i tax Tom Oppong Biff 0� mine your up to tfx in tia air tfx i 7� Tatt wit Jet la am. Kunins a Rioh a i iia Aaroa Watt a Muey mid rat Primm Miloa 4mu�1m a my act Paioa or no u mat of Lamn amt i Yow of your a Homo u a Ulta. Am Mai Yew to a Caia tto am Ruom of i in a am. Vara very , pianola and aeolian for amp ale a. And to rent and other fint Glass pianos to Bent at seasonable Price Steinert a sons company the most reliable piano mid Minlu House in the world. 44 Cotta re Street bar Harbor Maine with messes. F. P. Pat a , boarding a Quot a Sale stable first class big of very kind by the hour Dat in Jabek of season. Prohibitory Law. Ili eff Cli upon Lotan Ponce a lava Btl of myth Ryfa pro Pond prompt services Good horses. Trim vehicles intelligent Drivers. Terms e. Foster proper. West Street bar move for the better. We Are 80911 to make our third move another big stride no the business ladder. This time we go into a building of our own the Franklin building formerly owned by r. A. Sproul where we will have quarters twice As Large As at prese it and a most convenient location. Now in order to effect a Quot Rush Quot reduction of our big Stock of dry goods and carpets and especially our line of ladies suits skirts and jackets we shall inaugurated sweeping closing out Sale beginning thursday May 7, and continuing about two weeks or until we move into our new quarters. All our immense Stock is seasonable and just in style yet we Cut prices right and left in order to work off the great bulk of the goods before moving Day comes. This Eale there Tore Means a genuinely tremendous sacrifice. Don t miss having a hand in the values. There s big Money saving Here for All who will buy ,bar . H. Kittredge beai4br i meats groceries and provisions. At Whol Talak and retail. In order to meet the Rennirt ends of the times and to accommodate my numerous Patron i have recently remodeler a / part of my store thereby making a commodious and Modem meat Market it win itty a upped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the Bumma. The Market will be ran in connection with a grocery Biu Ineas which will be of advantage to my patrois.2 st., bar Harbor. Me. It a a its the Outlook has Dia caused the prohibition question quite fully in the past few weeks and the following is its editorial summing up of its position on the que tion a position that to tit record seems fraught with much Good sense and Good logic. There is no question Between the prohibitionist and the anti prohibitionist As to the evils of intemperance. It is hardly possible to overstate them. The question is How can they Best be counteracted Mohammed believed that the Best Way to counteract them was by prohibiting to his followers All use of wine. Prohibition is one of the Cardinal Laws of mohammedanism total abstinence is not Only com. Mended As a virtue but commanded As a duty. Christ pursued a different method. He condemned drunkenness but he did not forbid the use of wine. On the contrary he drank it himself made it on one occasion by a Miracle and commended it to his followers in the sacred supper by which he asked them to commemorate him after he had died. This could not have been because he was indifferent to the evils of intemperance. 11 was because he thought there was a better Way to counteract those evils than the Way of prohibition. That better Way is the development of the whole Man such a development that the Man will bring All his appetites passions and Powers under the control of his higher nature. It is by in it parting to the individual the Power of self control of the appetite but no less of the temper of the palate but no less of the Tongue. It is by teaching the individual to see that the body is made to be the servant of the spirit and by endowing the spirit with such Power As will icee the body in subjection. Mohammedanism seeks to keep Man innocent by shutting him off from temptation christianity seeks to make Man virtuous by inspiring in him Power to overcome temptation. Prohibition does not prohibit very Well in Turkey but it is probably More effectual in constantinople than in Portland it is certainly More effectual than in Bangor. And yet after centuries of prohibition required by religion and enforced by Law the Turk is More sensual than the Christian. There Are More liquor shops in London and Paris than in constantinople but constantinople is a far More animal City than either London or Paris. The Outlook believes in the Christian method of dealing with intemperance it does not believe in the Mohammedan method. Or. Stewart asks Why not prohibit the Sale of liquor As we prohibit stealing the answer is that All stealing is a crime and All Sale of liquor is not a crime. Stealing violates the right of property and that is one of those primary rights which government is instituted to protect. Selling wine or Beer to a Man who wishes to Purchase wine or Beer does not violate a primary right which government is instituted to protect. It is a right of the citizen not to have his property taken from him by violence or fraud it is not his right not to have a bottle of wine or Beer offered to him if he wishes it. We do not doubt the right of the Community to regulate and restrict the liquor traffic. Ith Suie right to regulate and restrict any traffic that is extra hazardous to the Community and the liquor traffic is extra hazardous. There is the same justification for putting restraint upon the Sale of liquor that there is for putting restraint upon the Sale of Gunpowder dynamite and the More deadly poisons. We do not doubt that the Community has a personal character and a quasi personal will of its own and that it has a right in the exercise of that will to decide that it will have no open saloons. But the local Community the one which the Saloon is by some supposed to Benefit and by others supposed to injure is the Community to exercise this right of decision. The Saloon in new York City neither benefits nor injures except very indirectly the people of Buffalo therefore the people of Buffalo Are not to decide whether the people of new York City shall have saloons. For new York City and Buffalo substitute bar Harbor and Houlton it May not be altogether easy to define with exactitude what Are the boundaries of a local Community. But it is any to state the principle and it is a principle not impossible to apply. State is the act of one Community imposing its will on another Community. It cannot been forced because it ought not to be enforced local option is the act of the Comy Unity in the exercise of its own will. 11 is a corporate act of self control. Where there is a will there is a Way but when a Law prohibiting the Sale of liquor in the cities is carried by the votes of the Rural districts there is no will in the cities against the Saloon and therefore there is no Way to close them. It we bad the influence we would persuade All men to remain out of the saloons but if we had the Power we would not compel any Man to Rem tin out just As we would persuade All men to go to a Church but would not compel any. So if we had the influence we would persuade every local Community to close its saloons but if we iid the Power we would not e saloons in any Community against in. The intelligent Reader hardly to be told that Quot we speak of sane met Rittof mature age and in Normal com misites. We affirm the right and duty of Fiche is in Many Cash is to prohibit win and cigars to help pupils and to re quirk the attendance of their pupils at Church services. He who is inclined to believe in prohibition May reasonably ask us what alternative remedy we have to propose. Our answer shall not be wanting. The liquor traffic imposes heavy financial burdens on the Community. We would by a tax Transfer As much of these burdens As possible from the Community which now bears them to the liquor traffic which produces them. This is the basis of the demand for High License. It is not a contrivance for making the Community share the profits of the liquor traffic it is a contrivance for making the liquor traffic share the losses which it inflicts on the Community. We would give to every township and in the largest cities to every election District a right to vote on the question. Saloon or no Saloon. In some states perhaps eventually in All we would have the state assume the exclusive right to manufacture and sell liquor and so take away the incentive of private profit to push the Sale. We would prohibit the sunday Sale in some communities and restrict it in others. But we place no great Reliance on these or any other Legal restrictions. The most that Law can do is to make vice difficult and virtue easy. Vice must be overcome and virtue promoted by other Means. We would depend less upon Force and More upon persuasion less upon Law and More upon influence less upon restrictions and prohibitions of the traffic and More upon the moral and spiritual development of the Community. We would rather make one Man temperate by influence than ten men total abstainers by compulsion we would rather develop in one Man the Power of self control than control a dozen who could not or would not control themselves. It is to the moral and spiritual development of the individual that the Temperance Progress made during the nineteenth Century is chiefly due. The Progress is far More a result of changes in men than of changes in legislation. No Man who reads Lecky s account of the drunkenness which prevailed in England in the eighteenth Century or the incidental pictures of the social habits of new England in the same Century afforded by american biography can doubt that such Progress has been made. Drinking is More common in America than it was Century ago but drunkenness is less common. One ultimate remedy for the evils of intemperance then is making temperate men. And men Are temperate not when either their food or their drink is regarded for them by Law but when they have acquired the intelligence and the Power to regulate both for themselves. Edwart b. Mearis Cotta go a for a rent Orff a Sal a a aii Harbol Maince Ornce Praise and consecration service by Rev. Or. Kinney. The rest of the evening was filled with an address by Rev. H. H. Hayes of Dover me., president of the Pisca Taquis Union. A Large number were present in the evening and or. Hayes held the attention of All. He spoke in ter Estir Gly of Christian Endeavor work in general and addressed Many of his remarks to the younger members. He urged them to be More ready to put their shoulders to the wheel. Not to let the fear of non preparation for the work intervene. The younger ones had become accustomed to have the older members take the Active parts now it was time that they should step Forward. Soon they would be called upon to fill these same places. And nobody else wishes to set thereto unselfish sophomores have kindly tee red to occupy them. Another report from the fishermen to. Number of boys went fishing last web and brought Back a Large bundles Are High school notes. Endeavor ers meet. A Large gathering at the congregational Church the freshmen have finished greek history and will then begin roman history. Miss Delia Higgins of the freshman class has been obliged to drop her studies on account of illness. The scholars Are now preparing exercises appropriate for memorial Day. Those who did not take part in the Arbor Day exercises will have recitations suitable for this Day and it is expected that Rev. S. L. Hanscom will make an address to the school. The chemistry class is getting along finely in its work. The class has begun quantitative analysis and their interest the subject is kept up perhaps by their natural curiosity to see what will happen when two solutions Are mixed. If so this trait serves them a Good turn. Or. Howard Hamor went fishing a few Days ago and returned with a string of smoked herring. Or. James Marcyes and or. Claude Graham of the freshman class have left school. Or. Marcyes is working in the Western Union Telegraph office and or. Graham was obliged to leave on account of 111 health. They Hope to resume their studies with their class again next fall. The thermometer Register which is regularly kept by the freshmen is very useful to the entire Sci tool especially is they see indications of warm Days in this rather Chilly Spring. As the front seats must be kept in use new quarters s. J. Clement the Well known dealer has moved into new and s9 better quarters that his Only regret Tom Tolu he had not done it years ago. His my ent Ware rooms in the Porcupine face it. Desert Street. Walking or driving Down that fast nov Able thoroughfare one cannot fail Tegt serve the Fine show window we to it a gun and sewing machines on exhibit Iowa arts one is tempted to enter the Spacio it Nab where is found everything in the Irsic it a musical instruments and the late Sci vices in sewing machines. Or. Clement s new music store Psi formally opened on tuesday May 19th, when the Casino Oral will be in attendance. Other Nix Aiby features will be introduced during Quot evening. All lovers of music Are a dually invited to be or. Clement has been a cons taste Vertise in the re coed Eveo-1 those Winter months when closed warn store and went to Colorado he a space. With his increased quartet or air has an increased space on the eighth in Vijh t which should by carefully read Learned s latest girl it May be justly said that Tifis a Jar the which or. Learned has drawn and Mimi feb have been published in the Boston Day Herald represent a higher Tepee is girl than do the of or. A and de s contemporaries. These beast fit faces refined and Chast Are so Mansa Aoh Lyall that parents Del it Chi Wornas Quot that boys Admire in their Sist is and tjg0 is Young men seek in wives that the Lant achieved a great popularity a Torwig Dettt Quot people of new Engi Aad in te4k a few Day Herald of May Tegt or. La Nab amp Quot masterpiece Quot a breath of Stvil Quot. Appeared on the first Paga of to a iii Igil Zine Section. In ski a a Eka iwo in a Ilju. Rhe 22nd annual meeting of the it. Esert Island local Union of Christian in Cavor societies and Epworth leagues was held at the congregational Church last wednesday. More than fifty delegates from the various societies on the Island were present and the entire Day was devoted to the exercises. A picnic dinner and supper were served in the vestry. The meeting was opened in the morn iii i at 10 o clock with Praise service by or. . The devotional exercises were led by or. Mitchell of Northeast Harbor and or. H. A. Brown made an address Welcome a All those present. Rev. A. P. Richardson spoke interestingly in response. At about eleven o clock the business of the societies was transacted and the officers elected were the same As for the proceeding year cd. G. Hall i resident Clarence Emery vice Prei i Jent mrs. Ida Leland Secretary mrs. Heman Richards treasurer Lona a. Rich super or intendant of juniors. The afternoon service opened with a Praise service led by . Sadie Richards followed by prayer. Or. Dean Walker had prepared an excellent discourse on a the sower the seed and the soil Quot in relation to Christian Endeavor and As he was unable to be present the paper was red by Rev. A. M. Mcdonald. Rev. J. E. Kinney then gave a fifteen minute address on Quot the tap Root of Christian Endeavor Quot or. Grindle presented a very interesting paper on Quot the local society in civic life Quot and the discussion was opened by or. Mitchell. The nourishment for the hidden life was then discussed in two five minute papers one Quot Bible study Quot by mrs. Annie Carter the other Quot the quiet hour Quot by William Clark. The question Box proved very interesting and Many doubtful Points were satisfactorily explained by Rev. A. M. Mcdonald. One of the most interesting papers of the Day was that of Rev. Clarence Emery who gave an excellent report of the new England Christian Endeavor convention. The evening session was opened with the mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. Canada hard Wood ashes and Swift Lowel ground Bone for lawn3 and crass lands. Wood ashes of a a iod Quality contain the greater part of the essential Beleiu. N of Plant food in their Best form and in Large Quantity besides increasing markedly the Moi ture holding capacity of soils. Valuable when used alone they form with Bone meal a Complete and excellent manure for lawns and grabs lands which besides the Rich growth it fives. Baa the great advantages of being wholly free from Weed seeds easily Ipp led and free Ira it moult in ive odor. Our Wood ashes Are unleash i a sen Rind Ai d the Best to be of talked. Prices upon apply a Titan. The office and greenhouses Aie upon Schooner Road and have Telephone connections. Kab a mom my e place to buy a we Contr Whitco. 9 i ,i8ifranklinst.,Boston. Repairing at our optical department is up to Date and the proper fitting and adjustment of glasses is our specially. We optical graduates at Are Telephone on Fine watches French toe Ift Diamond jewelry. Old jewelry renovated rrb Giaimi and made like new. M amp a taken in Exchange or goods v repairs. Jewelry mfg. To Tiibi. J. H. Sawyer successor to k. P. In looked contractor and shop come st Butr Hurb Butk George l. Stebbin. Cottages for rent. Boll blog lots of sea Lin. He for offi Oei x a a al Harbor me., and 108 prot Kluge Exchange

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