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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives May 5 1887, Page 4

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - May 5, 1887, Bar Harbor, Maine I p a 3 i red Acorn. By John m Eliot of quot anger Sonville Eze. by National Tribune publishing co., and published by arrangement with them my a i that quot a awful quot said Han a with a Lisins about his heart As excitement bes a Sabs dins. Quot plenty Good cuff fur scoundrels who Rob Poorten of All they Hev quot Sai j Fortner a amp rely As he reloaded his Rifle. Quot hit s not bad Eirno Fui Ali moves Lui quot hit s g al i Judi ment on wicked an oppress to quot a Aid aunt Debby with solemn pit is sucks. Quot had t we better try to get Down there and help fee men out quot suggested Harry. Quot per hips try Oro not dead yet. Quot quot audit i it Ibby thet thar Boss thet s Raisin Bis head an win Yin quot said Fortner with a Uddo a interest quot to Joel Spriggs Roan Geldi fico s to i Ebo he pointed to when a shapely hea4 was raised and almost Humar agony looked out of great liquid eyes. Quot thet Wiz finest Sioss in Laurel county an they a stole in from Joel. Hit la bout break his heart fur he set a pave Raul sight o store on Theli Ere beast. Poro Critter me sick ter see in suffer thet a Way. I be a mind ter quot put Outcen his misery but i m Afeei de i can t shoot in so longer he looks at me with them big pitiful eyes o his n. They go right ter my heart quot quot you d better shoot him quot urged aunt del by. Quot hit s a Sia quot ter let an inner cent Critter suffer Zahei a Way. Quot Fortner raid his Rifle and sent a Bullet through mangled brute s brain. Aunt do by s eyes became Vised on a Point where a mile away Down Mountain a Bend in Road was visible through an opening in Trees. Quot look out quot she said As echoes of shot died away quot thar comes a Hau lot on they looked and saw plainly a Large squad of cavalry with a Wagon behind. Quot we Mist get Outen Heah an thet Quick quot said Fortner decisive 3 he caught one of a rises. And shortened a stir up to make Saddle answer for a Side Saddle. Quot Heah aunt Deb Blet me help be up Honey. Now and Edwards i la help be on these Ere other Critser now skeet out Fez fast Fez hoses legs will tote be. Don t spar pm a mite. Them Fellers la Gin be Devil s own Chase Fez soon Fez they git Heah an see what s bin Dona Glen and me la go across mounting an head eni or on t other Side. Don t come Back Eye Heah shooting but keep straight on fur we Kin take Keer o this crowd without Enny help. Glen you sashay up Mot ting thar Fez fast Fez lord la let be. I la be Artar be right Spry. Quot All sped away As dire to it al. Fortner jihad been loading his gun we ii speaking. He now rammed Bullet Home and withdrawing his Ramst walked Over to cuff l>e3ide which teamster was cowering. Of mister Fortner Don t kill me please Don to quot whined luckless Man getting awkwardly upon his Knees and raising his hands imploringly. Quot i Swar to god i la never raise a hand agin a Union mail agin Eye in Only spar my quot kill be Pete Hoskins quot said Fritner with Unrath Camble contempt. Quot Inhat Cosete be Hev ter think yer Wuth powder an Lead. I Hain bullets ter waste on Carr on he st uck abject few Lov a couple of stinging blows on quot he face with ramrod replaced it in thimbles and sprang up rocks just As head of Cavafy appeared. Aro Imd Bend or Road a few rods away. Overt Altug Harry Shoi Tolbe heard about same time confederates on Road below strike into a trot. Quot they know hit All now quot he said quot an Hev started in Chase. Let s jog on Uvelyn an get ter whar we Kin head pm off. Night had fallen in meantime but full Moon had risen immediately making it almost As Light As Day. After half an Houi s fast walking two unionists had Cut across Long Horseshoe around which confederates were travelling and bad come Down much ahead of them on other Side of Mountain and just where Road led up Steep accent of another Mountain. There was a loneliness about . Spot that was terrible. Over it Huig quot thought and deadly feel of Solitude. Quot Only break for Miles in primeval Foi est was that made for narrow Road. House or Cabin there was none in All gloomy reaches of i Ocks and gnarled Trees. It was too inhospitable a i Region to tempt even wildest squatter. The fuck al of Moonlight made desolation More oppressive than Ever by making Alpa ble and Fig festive inky abysses under tiie ties and in thickets. Fortner Lokeil i it Road to has right and listen ii intently. A Waterfall mumbled somewhere in neighbourhood. The Ines and Hedloi lis near Surajit sighed drearily. A Gray Fox which had probably just supped off a pheasant sat on a log and barked out his gluttonous satisfaction. A Wildcat As yet supper less screamed its Euvy from a Cliff half a mile away. "1 can t Heah anything of aunt Debby an Othi quot said Fortner at length quot so 1 reckon they re clean Over mounting an bout Safe by this tima them beasts Are purty Good Traveles i Una Giue an they Hain t let no grass grow in under r quot but confederates Are coming hand Over hand quot said hairy. Who had been watching to left and listening. Quot i hear them now Quito plainly. Yes there they Are quot be cont med As two or three galloped around a turn in Road followed at a Hittle interval by others. Quot metallic Clang of rapid Hoof beats on rocks Rig through somber aisles of Forest. Noisy Fox and antiphonal Wildcat stopped to listen to this invasion of sound. Quot Quick let s get in cover quot said Fortner. Quot be make fur thet Rock up thar quot said Fortner to Harry poin. Ing to a spot several Hundred Yai is above them quot and stay there Teu i come. close in Shadder so s they won t see quot it seems to me that i ought to stay with you said Harry i decisively. Quot no go. Be can t do no Good Heah. One s better nor two. I la be up thar soon. Go there was no time for debate and Hasty did As Bidden. Fortner Steppell into inky Shadow of a Large Rock against which he leaned. The great Broad face of Rock Gray from its covering of minute Ash coloured lichens was toward Pui users and shone White As Marble in flood of Moonlight. The darkness seemed banked up around him but within his s length it was As Light As Day. The Long Rifle barrel reached from darkness into Light past Corner of Rock against which it i ested. Tho Bright Ray made Little quot Bead quot near mix Zola gleam Lille a Diamond to a id lighted up Slit As find As a hair in Hindsight. Three Little Clicks As if of twigs breaking under a Rabbit s foot told that triggers had been set ted Hammer raised horsemen much scattered by Pursuit clattered inward. In ones and twos with wide Intel Vals Between they reached al cog a half mile of Road. Two Best mounted i ode together at head. Two hindi de Yards below great White Rock which shone As ii moment and kindly As a Fleecy summer Cloud a Broad Rivulet wound its Way toward neighbouring Creek. The blown horses rented grateful water and checked Down to drink of it. The right hand rider Loo raied his bridle that lus Steed might gratify himself. The other tightened his rein and Butnick with hib spurs. His Hoise quot gathered quot and leaped across Stream. A armed hoofs struck res from smooth Stone Ltd opposite Side rider of to amp a drinking base saw burst out of White Rock above to a Gray Cloud with a Central Tongue of a ame and his Comrade fall to ground. His Ixo mediate reply with both barrels of. Is Shotgun showed that he did not mistake this for any natural phenomenon. The six cd of shots brought rest up at a Gou Opi and a rapid fire was opened on end of Rock. Boi tiie i Distant Fortner fired be sprang Back behind Rock and i ran under its Civ a Little distance up moan Tail Side to a dense Lowel Thicket in which he Lay Down Lidia Ltd in log and reloaded lus Rifie he listened. The i inst bad ceased and a half Doans Luea Wen carefully Appe jb<ih1ng i exit Wence a had sent fatal tol he Beard Captain we i to nitty up to Vagon Eiby a Mem maa i glut by ipad six it. A lewd Niin Blind up de to Tibe Captain. My a a a a Liim a stiff got any distance away and i u have Hini dead w alive Lefoi of i leave this pot. The whole gang of Lincol Nite hello and Are treed right up there and not. One of them shall get away he Puta Bone Bistle to his lips and sounded a shrill a horseman trotted up from i in response to Call leading a hound with a Leash. Quot take dog up to that Rock there Bill quot said Captain quot and set him on that Devil s Tiad. Ave More of you dismount and deploy there on other Side of Road. All of you move Forward cautiously watch ing dog and make sme you save a he whelp when to is run men loft their saddles and moved Fot warts with a if st reluctance. They had highly emotional nature usual in poor White of South and this was deeply by wierd loneliness that brooded Over every thing and bloodshed they had witnessed. Their Shii st for vengeance was let eing tempered rapidly by a go owing suffer Stit ious fear. There something Sui or natural ii these mysterious killings. Each Man therefore Only moved Forward As heft it capt s Eye on him or Liis Comrado a lanced. The dog after some false starts got scent and Start it al to follow Fortner s footsteps. Quot he s done tuck Trail Cap a quot called Back one of men. Quot All right quot officer Don t take your eyes off of Linin for a second till he to was game but h is and topics and Inch be table dark Ittis in Salt a Jade i impossible to follow movements of hound every moment. Only Fortner was Able to do this. He could see great greenish-3 Yelloweyes Burn in tic pitchy Deli and steadily draw nearer to him. They entered Laurel Thicket and beast Growle Ltd As he Felt nearness of his i by. A Wolf must in a Gittin dose ter said one of men. Fortner Laid his Rixie across log and Drew from his Belt a Long keen knife. La stirred slightly in doing this and in tui in g to confront dog. The bound sprang Lor Wai d with a growl that was abruptly ended for Fortner s left hand shot out like an Arrow and caught kit Ose folds of skin on brute s neck and instant Liis right armed with knife descended and Laid tie animal s shoulder and neck open with a Long deep Cut. But Stark less made Fortner mistake his distance. He neither caught dog securely nor sent knife to his heart As he intend Eil and hound tearing away ran out into Moonlight bleeding and yelping. Before he i reached his human allies Foi Toner had silently sped Back Luo Yards to a Junore secure shelter so that voile which was poured into Thicket Only endangere.1 lives of Chip Nikiks Deniz ened Riziere. The mounted men Rode Forward acid joined those on foot i raking copse with of Buckshot. Away above Foi Toner and Harry yells and Clatter of galloping hoj ses. 3efoi-e they could imagine what Titis meant in Little cavalcade swept let a at k Ina Ltd Gallop Yelling at tops of their Oices and charging directly at confederates below in front Ere aunt Debby and Eduards Riding abreast and behind them three men in Homespun. The confederates Seei Felt i totally us Inervell by this startling apparition. The dismounted ones Hung themselves on their horses and All flail away at a Gallop Rattei Spring to make a stand and without taking thought of their Wagon. As they scurried along opposite Mountain Side Fortner and Harry tired at them but wit but a ing Abl to Tell whether their shots took a feet. The Pui suit wins carried but a Little distance. The Wagon was set cured and taken up Mountain. A Little alter Midnight Summit was passed and Fortney led wa3 into an of it ening to right Whilt h eventually brought up at a Little level Spiot in front of a Large Cave. The horses were a hitched and uns addled a fire built Cedar quot boughs gathered to make a bed on i Ocky floor of Cave and they threw themselves upon this to sleep Sie Eji of utter weariness. In tie meantime Harry had Leanie that new Cornel s were Zonsius of. Fortner a who being out on a i quot ii scouting expedition had been encountered by aunt Debty and others near Summit of Mountain and had quot started Back wit ii it hem to assistance of Fortner. The Pound of al Reg had so ext item them that suggestion of a i Harge by Kent Edwards was eagerly acce led to. A it must be near o clock quot said Kent Loroli up at stars As he came Back stealthily from Laj ing tiie Saddle Blanket which was Only Cove Reg he Ai d a be had upon sleep Hig form of aunt Debby and Niy downy Couch still Waits for me. My life Long habits of it it Tad have l Yeti greatly shaken l Abe Gio Aneil Iler sively. In bijection next morning of Wagon s Load showed it to be Masily made up of hams shoulders and sides plunder try from visited. With these were number of guns including several line rifles and All ammunition that could be found along route. A breakfast was made of Sli les of Ham broiled on ends of Sticks and then a consultation was held As to plans for Day s Oil rations. Tho i result of this was a decision that aunt Debby and Cue of newcomers should go Back and inform neighbourhood of what had taken place gather a party to remove dead from Creek and Bury them to keep water from being poisoned and recover what i property might be found with first Wagon. Kent Edwards Abe and two of new Comers would scout Down Towai d London to ascertain truth of Rumor that Zoll Icola or bad evacuated that place and retired to Laurel Bridge nine Miles South of it. Fortner and Harry Glen would take Wagon to Wildcat Gap report what had been done and explain to their commander absence of enlisted men. Quot Shade of King Iso Louish quot said Kent to Abe after their party had Ridden for two or three hours through mountains toward London. Quot i wonder if there is any other kind of worldly knowledge that 1 know As Little about As i did of scouting when we started out r my eyes have been. Opened to my own ignorance. I used to have conceit Liat to two Coluci play a fair hand at any game of they could get up for or entertainment. But these kentuckians give me Points every Hundred Yards that i never so much As Dix med of. Theirs is Wisdom of serpents Blun compared with our Dove be quot i like love like i Imocencio quot interrupted ale. Quot Lut Cid you Ever see anybody that could go 1 i Ough country As these Fellows can it s just Mai Velous. They know every Short Cut to every Point and they know just where to to every time to see away ahead without bring seen themselves. It Oxild a a Uzzolo Viiar Post Confederate Bushwhacker to get drop on quot i Don t know a i want to learn their Way of dog quot Sai it i Abe Cinis tily. Quot it looks like sneaking on a big scale that s All. And i m a Shanetl of this laying round behind a log or a Rock to pop a Man Over. It Ain t try style at All. I ii Lieve in open and above braid fighting give mid Talie and May Best Man win quot so do i though i Sui pose All s fair in . But when we scout to give them same Chance to Knock us Over that they give us when they scout. I la admit it looks like murder to shoot men Down that Way for it does not help either Side along a Partida but these kentuckians have a great Many private injuries to avenge and they can t do it any a ther All i it eople of Region were intensely Union so it was not diff let to get exact information of movements of confederates and As scouts Drew near London they became a ured a that not Only of Zouicoffer s infantry but his Smau parties of cavalry had retreated beyond town. Our scouts therefore putting Edwajd Sand to front that their Blue uniforms might Tell character of party spurred into a Gallop and dashed into London to be received with boundless enthusiasm. Quot somebody of get to ride Back to Wildcat immediately quot said Kent after they had enjoyed their reception a Little while quot and re Poi to this to general quot a. All assented to this Pilot position. Quot it is ideally duty of myself and Comrade Hei to do it quot said Kent shifting uneasily in his chair to oud a Comfort be place to sit upon quot but As we have been for two Days Riding la dest backed Bonies Over roads that were simply awful and As previous to Liat time we Iliad Sot taken any Eque Trion a Ami Iso for mrm i a my to Tara Arobbie time Pitt la ii Ai inti Juipi Ilert i a ghee a pm to do another or airs Covacic Riding to time has had an Opportunity to exer Mdse Healing hence so to speak. Al get ,1 believe i have stated tie Case with my usual Happy compilation of Gice and delicacy quot quot you havoc As usual quebed a Tail race of big in Short quot Kent went on. Quot Ali thank you. That delicious. The Best i Ever drank. Your Nisi Intalan stills make tiie finest Applejack in tiny world. There must be something in Tae Antei a that you Don t put in. It s a a Siu Ooth As new made butter. Well Heie s to Banner of Beauty and glory Short i was saying when jul i it erupted me we Ai e will big to do anything for cause but unless thei a is some other Way of Riding most painful Effort i could make for our beloved Eoa try would be to mount that Hoise again and ride another Hundred Yards. To be messenger of this Good news Wohlbo Bliss what l r6vents it is a crowd laughed boisterously. Quot mixer said one. Of kentuckians who Mccomi it anted them with that i it Peculiar drawling inflection of word that it were hopeless to attempt to represent in print quot Eye vant ter Send some one in yer places me an is Heah will in powerful glad ter go. Jes git a not ter a neral at Wildcat ready whue we Saddle fresh i Earls an we a Hev hit in his hands Afore Midnight quot proportion was immediately accepted and in a Little while kentuckians were speeding their Way Back to Gen. Schoepf Vith a letter giving news and signed quot Kent Edwards chief of that evening a party of Young men who had followed Confederate Reti eat som i distance brought in a Wagon which Aad been concealed in an out of Vay place and left there. It was loaded mainly with taken from houses and was evidently th.? Privatt collection of. Some free booting sul it ordinate who did not intend that South pm conf Leracy should be enriched by proper a. Hence probably hesitation about taking it along with main train. It was Handeli Over to Kent As i eos Esen to tive of United states who was alone authorized to take charge of it. Assisted by al he started to make an inventory of its contents. A portly Jug of Applejack was kept at hand that there might not be any suffering from undue thins during Tae Couise of Oigt ration which As Kent Providenty remarked was liable to make a Man As dry As an Arizona Plain. The danger of such aridity seemed to grow More imminent continually judge by of their applications to Jug. It soon became More us gent than completion of inventory. Frequent visits of Loyal kentuckians with other jugs and bottles to drink to renewed supremacy of Banner of Beauty and glory did not diminish Kent s and Abe s of Multi Wiatte thirst. Their Clay seemed like some other kinds which have to Beni absorptive Jagt were Sti lengthened by More they take up. The by longed to a not unusual class of men it join it takes about As Loi a to get thoroughly Crunk As it does to heat up an Iron Furnace but condition that they achieve then makes intoxication of other and Ordinary men seem a very mild and. Tame exhilaration. By noon next Day this process was nearing its completion. A messenger galloped into town with information that Union forces were coming and would arrive in he course of an hour or two. Quot Shirish so Ken straightening himself us with a crushing dignity that always formed a Sun c Guage of extent to which inebriation had . Quot if hash so troops she United states bout to enter Shis love Mutio Olis wish All nip and Bhiru Mullance i a asserted Hority. Pc Ilion Ishin event wonderful "ca.ion. 2\Ever Hai it opened fore probably never la lmp2�n again. Ought to be Propri Tely celebrated Abe quot that Gentie Nian made a Strong Eibrt to control joints which seemed unmanageable and succeeded in Assn Ming a tolerable erect Ness while a blinked at companion with stolid Gravit -. Quot Abe Shis ish great Casion. Greatest in a she am Walsh of she . We re Only representatives government in she town. Burden Ciicle Shing Lallish on us. L uder stand wac Muslim do every Shing. Under stand Counti a sects every Man to do his duty. Undo Rush tand quot Abo Sank Down on a Bench Leazie i his head against and looked at Hli companion with one Eye closed Wearth quot. Quot y shh a ice it resumed summoning up a new of oratorical Energy and an offi Cial Avicy beneath which his legs trembled. �?��?�2>an.e Shis town s icon Dan. Shane name s town quot Cros i Ocean. Lots Listor c Nec cd wish ii Auie. A Hacks an quot cords of it old times Oliea King wanted t Conie t s own gain lord iia or went out t meet him wish Ethyl. Piled on bigger n a Hay hta k. Fact. Clothes liner n a a a Eacock. Tencer etl him keys free it i in cii3. Ail Shat Short Shing. univ Slive Sli it Ectal everybody Felt better Lor sight. In Fershtand Well 1 0 Long nia3 or and train for Shis London. To i in i in out Rigi t Here. On Trousseau i Hie hair quot Sii Lail we get anything t i int inquired avg a Ina nig u temporary collection of his wits a violent Eil Oit. Quot al quot quot like ii a Ching scat i ity of quot Kent s tone manner \ oud a i e a ten Hosti Lossl fatal to Earl vegetables. Quot Abe you be Many g of l it Piali i so More or pm Shan any Man i knov.-. Siut a degrading Lur Strong drink is Riniti you. I m your a she Fren an Shay it wish teai so m Eyt. Peninie beg o 3 0u t Reform Ere it ish too late. Beware of it my Fren beware of it. It sting eth like a Serpent an Bitch like a multiplier a i mean an adder. You Haven t got my Superb self control an so yer Oaly safety lies in total abstinence. Cheese it my Fren it on she seductive but fatal quot Are we join out t meet she Boysh quot inquired Alki. Quot Sherpa indy we Are. Yes Shir. An we re Goin out i proposed. Yer r. Splendid Feller continued Kent with lofty patronage. Quot a splendid. Feller an do great credit t yer port unities. But y Laven t had my vantages of mingling constantly in Puite s piety y know. Roug a Diamond 1 know Nail that Short o Shing it Lack polish a easy Grace. So i la be lord mayor an y la be train. Under standi quot he lurched Forward and came near falling Over chair but recovering he stiffened up and gazed at that useful Ai Ticle of furniture with a sternness that implied his belief that it was a rascally Blackleg trying to insinuate itself into Circle of refinement and caste elegant re of which he was particular ornament. Quot come quot he resumed quot be s Bendizen oui selves be s assume splendor propitiate t when troops marched in in after noon they encountered at head of crowd that met them at i of sing of Cju Elk just outside of town a Man who seemed filled with deep emotion and clothed with strange fancies. He wore a tall silk hat of antique pattern carefully brushed which he protect etl from rays of Sun with a huge Blue Cotton a Obrella. A glue Broadcloth coat with Gilt buttons sat jauntily Over a Black sat Vest and Nan keen trousers. A pair of Gold 8i ecta cles in magisterial dignity al it out half Way Down his nose and a Large Silver healed Cane in left hand balanced umbrella in right. By Side of Man with i Are vestments stood another figure of even More Limp Ness of general Bem ing whose garb consisted of a Soldier s uniform Pantalons and Woolen shirt a Nedlie too Clea in net off by a Black dres coat and White Linen Vest. air to Deom to iyiib�4mmlipclte��l�ami pm of mph m a we Limo Kotb Sim off a of a Imp Aal ,. 8ixicr.�k , in i maj eur u>8pwkk quot allow me Shir to Welcome Yott with hospitable hands to a bloody a it Lei my tender you Shur Berties of Oor Day a re ice Shat she old Banner a web he to Avdi a he Battle Haas a a topped and opt in commanding it Vanoe was listening patiently to what he supposed was addle of an Entla spastic but eccentric old in Dian when one of Sharp eyed ones inthe comic aug shouted quot out quot i Dechev it s Kent Edw mils and Abe i yell of laughter ai3d applause at ludic Ous masque Arle. Shook tie his. The colonel l ode up to see what occasioned it. He recon idled his two men and Hia face darkened with anger. Quot you infernal radicals quot he shouted quot you have been off plundering houses have you in place of being with your company. I la Stop this sort of thing mighty sudden. This regiment shall not degrade itself by plundering and robbing if i have to shoot every Man in it. Captain Arre st those men and keep them ill close Conlen Emerit until i can have them tried and pro Erly chapter xvii. on a bed of pain going into wards one morning Kochel found that Lieut. Joseph Pancake had been brought in suffering from what surgeon pro noticed to be quot feb rib symptoms of a mild Type from which he will no doubt reaver in a few da3 a with l est quiet and proper it is Ike Sibly Worth while to note coincidence that 1 hese symptoms develop ii with a nor it Este Ltd Sud Lenness in midst of Earnest preparations by army of Cutter land for a terrible grapple at Perryville with Confederate army of Tennessee. Pancake recon need Rachel at once much to her embarrassment for her Pride winced at playing role of Nui be before an acquaintance especially when that acquaintance was her father s hired Man whom she knew too Weli to esteem highly. Quot of miss Rachel quot he groaned As she came to his cot in response to his Earnest Cali quot i m so glad to see 3-ou, for i m sickest Man that Ever came into this Hospital. Koth a but o care la carry me through and i know you la give it to me for Sake of old times quot and Joseph s face expressed to his comrades idea that there had let een a time when his relations with Lier had been excee<lingl3 tender. Rachel s face Liu sned at impudent Assumption but she overcame temptation to make a snubbing answer and replied quietly quot no Joseph you Are not so sick As 3 of think 3-ou she Calls him Joseph audibly commented some of those near As if this was a Conil ration of Joe s insinuation quot surgeons say quot she continue tel quot that your symptoms Are not at All Bat and that 3-ou in be up again in a few quot of them doctors always talk that Way. They re Llin Tiest hearted set i Ever seen in All my born Days. The re a Days pretending that they Don t believe there is nothing matter with a Feller. I really believe Ulicy d a Little Liefer a Mai d die than not. They Don t seem to take no sort of interest in Savin soldiers that country needs so badl3 quot Rachel Felt As if it would sweeten much hard service it she could Tell Pancake outright her opinion that he was acting very cal Fishlyn quot but other comiss is prevail tel and she l in Coli agin Gly quot you Are tidy discouraged Joseph that s All. A. Few Days rest Here will restore 3 our health and 3-our spirits quot no i la never be Well quot ism Siste Ltd Joe quot unless i have Best o care but 1 feel much better now since i find you Here for i m sure j full take As much interest in Moas a sister one shuddered a Litte at Prospect or even tent Porry sisterly relations to fellow but Rei lied guardedl3- quot of Couise Ril do what i can for you Joseph quot and Starte Ltd to move away but he caught her and Whitni ered quot of Don t go. Miss Rachel Don t go and leave me All alone. Stay at a Way till i m fixed somehow "1 half believe Looby will have hysterics quot thought Rachel with Curling lip. Quot is this Man y praised so for his heroism does All his manhood do end upon his health now he has t Sph it of a sick dreading a scene however she took her seat at head of cot and gave some directions for its arrangements. A symptoms grew Woi be Raj Biilly for he Bent All his Cratty energies to that end. Lei Uge in Hospital from a pleas it contingencies attending Sluty in Field was a Good thing and it lie came super excellent when his condition made him object of care and sympathy of so line a Young lady As miss Rachel Bond. This he Felt something like compensation for All that he had endured for country and he would get As much of it of . His mind busied itself in recalling and Imit Thig lae signs of Suo Cring he Hall seen in others. He breathed Stert crossly groan etl and sighed �nini�deratel3-, and even had Little lots of Well feigned delirium in which he babbled of Home Imd friends a did and suck other things As had come within limited scope of has mental horizon. A Don t leave me miss Rachel Don t leave me quot to said in one of is minuted xxv sins clutching at Tae same time Witti mov Meiu singularly Well directed for a delirious Man one of her delicate it Han is in his great coarse and it Over clean fing Cis. She strove to release her fingers to Dietly. But at this Pancake s paroxysm became intense. He Clung tighter to her and knead it i 1 for fingers in a Way that was Jil most maddening never in All her life had a Man press Iund to take such familiarity with her. But her woman s wit did not her. With her disengaged hand she Felt for and took out a Large pin that fa.stene4 a bit of lace to her oat with Denpei ate intent to give her Tormentor a sly Stab that would change current of Lils thought just at moment of carrying this Intel text something caused her to look up and she saw or. Denslow standing l before her with an amused look ii his kindly Hazel Eyet. She desisted from her i purpose and restored pin to its place in obedience to a quot a i from him Whiet told her that he thoroughly under stood Case and Hall a More Ett dec Tiff Way of dealing with it than thrust 01 a pin Point. Quot i m Verj much afraid this is a danger it i s Case we have Here. Miss Bond quot he said in a stage whisk a Ras if very anxious that patient should not overhear. Quot yes a a i a dangerous Case Joe grew Pale released Rachel s , turned Over on his Side and groaned. Quot do 3 of really think so ?" said Rachel in same tone. Quot yes really. It s is Clear a Case of be Noil Disputant us As i Ever saw in my to a Lordie Hev i got All of thatt Aske it i Joe us to sat Bolt upright Withey Star tag. Quot it is my unpleasant duty to Tell you that j of certainly have quot said doctor gravely. indicated As i Ever saw in. Furthermore it is seriously complicate Ltd with Flat rat Calum with Strong hints of presence i m Media t it Assimus quot great Scott can i Ever get Well quot groaned poor Jik quot. Rachel s Strain on ner risible and to make her face Only sympnth3 and concern. Quot and quot continued remorseless surgeon m a tone of tue kind Liest Tommis Eratico. Quot in absence of least Esprit de corps and Dulce it decorum est pro Pati a Mori feeling i you it Taat Uon of your meet it processes Are going jul properly which tie ranges every thing. Quot can t i be sent Home to die quot whimpered wretch Ltd Joe. Quot not in your present condition i notice in addition to what i live told you that your heart is not rights its action is depraved so to this with a Glan e at Rachel i Vicli by a ugh Crimson to that Damsel s Cleek. Quot of doctor please try to do something for me right off before i get any worse quot pleaded Joe with tears starting in his eyes. Rachel took this opportune us to a lip away to where she could laugh i observed. Tiie Sui Geon s facial Muscles were to Well trained to feel any Strain. He continued in raise tone of gentle consideration quot i have already ordered preparations of some remedies. The Steward will be herein a few minutes with Barber a Jim will shave your Bead that we May Appie a of Irple of Fly busters behind yer Eunk tit of a a also spreading a big Mustard plus or a i Tibe dispensary you which will cower Jour whole Treast and . Tow a a of a st tag dose of a Oil it Bce so Java it Xinia Smekta a a a to fat a Chas. G. Burlini general insurance agent. Branch office mer blk Lucli 0pp. Mil House Harbor me. Lugenie b. Ricks a office 16 state Street Ellsworth Maine. Correspondence solicited and altho i am Stock is not As yet Complete still we Are ready to deliver All kinds of Good i to grocery line. We Are be ulnar quot Garden of Eden quot flour our own bra a at �5.50 per barrel which we claim is Best flour for Money la town and when you order a barrel of floor order also a Pound of our 50& 50c and be convinced that in these two articled if no More we Are giving you honest dealings. Partial list of companies represented. Issue Barce co. Of Hartford Conn. Pii Fekix Itsu Maxce co. Of Ilar Ford Conn. Home insurance co. Of new York. N. Y. Hanover firs insurance co. Of new York. N. Y. German american insurance co. Of 0 new York n. Y. Insurance co. Of North America of p i Ladelphia a. Spirngfield fire amp Marine co. Of Springfield mais. Liverpool amp London amp Globe la Durance co. Of London eng. Imperial fire in Skance cd of i London eng. New Hampshire fire insurance co. Of Man Diester n. H. Granite state insurance co. Of Portsmouth n. H. Union Mutual life insurance co. Of Portland me. Travellers life amp Accident insurance co. Of Hartford represented at this Agency Over we also have a Good line of tapestry carpets Oil Clollis Matt lis amp a. The famous 36 Inch Lockwood Cotton we Are Selling by web at t 1--�� per cd. A Large Stock of Wall papers and Borders shades &c., at lowest prices our Stock of paints and oils Kals Omine paint and Kals Omine brushes is As Complete As and in to in. We have just received a Large and Complete line of flare a enters tools a Ifil a materials of All Knila and invite your inspection before purchasing elsewhere. A special Agency at our store for Lan Dreth s celebrated Garden seeds. The Whitsey baby Cirrus amp a am Dardi amp ton Butterbur Harbor Tea Compaq a paints oils amp colors floor ready led paints. Brushes al Bastine etc.,t. L. Roberts East Side of main Street la Artie Oil coffins caskets$6,6000,000.00 off a a attention you can get Best clothes Fzli least Money at ani.1 a full lieu o burial goods which Arf second to reasonable Telephone with . W. Cushman amp co. Ellsworth to. A. W. Cu3uman, a k Polidan new York store where Vou can Fiul Best ill Eastern Maine. I prices wll sent . Gent s furnishing goods div goods wat cries and be wkly -al>0 a Silver plate walk. I Call at new York store Ami ii you do of we Are sure that will not Call and there Goldman. The mount desert Islain it i real estate company. Organized oct. I it. , under Law of state of it in it tor e , Mortori Gink. Uii Ying Ami so air flt Kea , together with i ruins a if. In 01 mount . The incr Ashi la Briand n estate on this la al a to Ethe i a Clitie of company in it i ii an ill Best Avi Zantair. Make on of Proll Taille Compa uii in n l w Winil for invest Nijiu. Capita Stock re get it a \ a e per Hare i quot for further , Uli of i w. >r001hp re Kiili it. Harbor me. H advertisements apr Fri Ateiya in heels wanted lost found stolen. Sc., not emcee Rinji thirty wants will ice in Erie l in Llie re cold Oliree for 1 Ift cent f u r n i t u r e wholesale and retail. 63 and 65 main st., Bangor me. Painted chamber sets Ash chamber sets Attento u called to our larg Stock of medium and tine furniture u c o3 or at lowest prices for Cash and on Liberal terms on inst ill ments. Make your Homes comfortable and attractive. §15 to 824 i Cherry and mahogany ets 82 to Iio 622 to i Walnut Marble Tot set.-, to i parlor suit to 820j. Hair cloth parlor suits easy chairs Rattan chairs of al kinds carpet rockers , lied lounges Camp chairs folding Beds Marble top , Walnut Centre tables Extension tables of lace tables stands Library chair of face chairs dining Claira Book Ca ses. Library desks office desks and Side Board looking glasses Mantle mirrors i ier Rora. Mattry in Sef feathers Coro Forter and Spring Beds. A a it in Shing summer cottages a specially and al ordered work promptly it tended to. Edt Hinatea made and photogt4?.pba sent on application. Our Long experience in furnishing cottages enables us to pre enl a line of go oils that cannot fail , while we Guarani use Best of workmanship. All correspondence promptly quot in Sweetl. G. W. Ivi Errill furniture co., opon every i Venh it of n. J. Chr sri cold blast refrigerators ,7 air freezing rooms and refrigerators for private residences on Liand in Standra. Sikhs and made to of der to a tit tie ie-<iulrera�nt8 of a i it eclat Casow. There refrigerators Are 1 681 in work. The principle upon which they Are made is tie Only True principle of refrigeration. Tie ice is motive Power and when placed in receptacle air in Contact with it w ill be immediately reduced in temperature moisture will be rung out of atmosphere Ami i posited upon cold surface of ice a obedience to same Laws that Dew upon grass in a Coli right following a warm Day. The internal circulation of air is caused by increased weight of cold condensed air falling from Iee it flow3 into provision chamber it becomes Eleva Teti in temperature and Cape Liv of ab8ori tion greatly increased it will then suck up moisture like a dry i Pon be and thus saturated with it As it sweeps along Over cold surface of ice us particles Are it impressed together with cold and it nest give up its like tji same 8m>i if a quo ezed in hand. They Are air tight and maintain a Low tem to it erasure with and internal circulation of dry air which is constantly Over ice at rate of from three to seven Miles per hour. We build to of Deb for al to purposes. Design and construct could blast markets Soughter houses cold storage warehouses freezers for poultry and All other work pertaining to scientific Bemine gators. A a ajesm. Itok Trimi Tuffli a a a a Iliia. Tide. Moran bros., merchant tailors All Umoru done in tie i teat a Aklona let a al re to clan a to Rumen. A Large .�5upply of Freaky make clothing always on furnishing goods of every do script lon of t web a st Quality and at nid ilmenite prices. Call and see u at our store on main Street . S. I Oglw Sucec Susor to itis gins Brothers Maine Emral of Mua in or april 1�, is to Nufer will ran my Tuow. Letb . 3.107.x. It. Dewert ferry.9.ao quot . A jul quot laisvrorlh.9ji5 2.�� quot. 5.30 quot Bangor,.aril a a quot 4.x5 quot. Quot ii.35 p. M. 7.45 quot ,.ar 3.45 quot 1.50a.m. Boston,.ar 9.30 quot 4j� quot Etc Kilna oof a. Ift fio a. M 11.15 quot 1.28 f. At Bangov 5.45a. M. 8.43 quot quot . quot klliworth.�.s.25 quot la j50 quot gift. Desert ,.9.�> quot 11.4.5 quot quot Sikir Harbor 9-� quot . A.45 quot quot freight. Pm Nim loan Desen Aid Lacitas st Saitofi Caimi. Front and after March inst Antl Uati j further notice Chi str. City of Rich wit. W. K. Dennison win make ref it Ronny Trinis or week Between i Orliam Harn r and Machi Duport via a Ual Lanai 3iai-l2ia.sport a a. Harbor a. M. Tiver monday and thursday connecting sit p _ it Laius with night Jiuu Stirly Giorni Traviis for , and Vinji port Huid ii m. Every tuesday and Friday or on Ai Rev i Orr a a Vang Lina t n at l. M. This Hue with tage a ounce tons Ori a Niy re Ite a it Lwee i Lor Ai in Catnip Obezo. A sox to , manager r. K. No Thuv of a quot i Lu-.-. And ticket Axt. Cirei. It. Patton al. Harbor april 10, Init. Retail in Choice family groceries and provisions Darlington butter a Ani it Maine creameries. A full and Complete Stock of cd Ockey gla.<5vv.\rk, wooden Ake. Kit c f in n 1- r to m t r u a Spring , Mattel ses. Etc. Iivari Wai e. Cart Irv Fine Mechanic --5 j it jobs it . I quot a Gla its. Paints oh.-, \ . Ivc., lie. I c it twin Kvit i him Hini Ojo. I it t a bots it i Ca Petin of school i Bui it is. U j tape. I pc. I a Irlond Delin Ere l t"r.,>e f charge titi in i three i Niles of Vil huge. Quot a Iain Street if Tabor. Elaine. I i of Grant Lynam amp co., , to w. I quot. agents Liucc in Lou it deceit in of. Harbor Maine. A first class restaurant Vii h. 1 i it Ltd i it it i. Of. A main a Ai or May 15th. Kiihnl Jueil Toonis i o to a Muli Liv or Tair. Air. R to it a i. Xor lie aisle Roii. A i in mmi�i.-. George m. Towel. Of Arriage Paintin g a \ n . Ill j l a a a i a ind Chi c it total. K. . I a a Frank p. Moo he w at inks it it a and it v. Is Kytai and f a i. L.A--. Anil 1 al it eve Friio of a Puiri a t a a work with rented 14 5 main Sti t it. A a i Law k. Harbor it Maine. Higgins amp Jellison s fish Market wet Street oppo Ite eat ils. Market. Cod Haddock halibut lobsters clams and oysters. , exp Salmon in season. delivery. Rufic Pilune and upholstery special attention Given to cottages at Harbor. Of de slip amps and Kostl Matzeit sent to ail Murts of coi try. A a a All enquiries quot rom cottage owners or occupants promptly answer cal either from Bur Harbor or . A Pei at Bab Harbor All year. Stetson Foster 436 Wabbington st., and my tfx a. Boston and Bangor steamship compant. 3iouiit and free Liufau Lay lines. april a is to sufi users will if her Tou Liin at sgt it toui.>ii., Arill Ilar Hof tut in of . I Siva. Shirb it kit Van it , . Iia ural North h Ive in Rie it it nil xxv c i in Hiu d Fri Maya to n .1. I. Ryti. Kunc. Frio s Oston. Mon Fla is. of Rishi i. M. Fro u , a , .r-Tbiys it Lauri May i u arrival quot i Irani i. K. J. . . Harbor. Cha. K. W-.-fk.-, a a a . in. , j u., it. M lir . George w. Austin House Painter Oiin i. Whit Nini in t la at a ii. atre Niin. a it a it i a fun i. Loans a quot 1. Vol Raj genre. Main st. spat a w Ali. Jap by i Fik Richfield news to in leading water Nii Piave society journal get Ilu cite nary. F. D. Foster. Stationer. Fancy goods. Books toys and Lawn Tennis Good.= Wall paper amp ceiling decorations a it it i 1 a. 1 a i it. 1 r 1�z. Of Micil Liin p Intilli i .1. In x a n \ i. N. It \ \ 1 i 1 a re t it 1 i 11 i quot i r t Ltd i x t it 1. It i jilt in in 1 i no. Treven amp Marsha truck men moving Planos a \ i \ let a Llarin it Hual his lil i oin let pm a i in a a it a hum a leu pen ill in . E. K e l l a r. A a a i a quot marriages u backboards Bah ilm i Noi i. It pts a no tiv quot i or meet l a of business men st liar i d tale Industrial journal it Celily Pill it la a us Dut , quot Maine. -1>4\�ite l to my Iulai Turin t oni Nii a Cini a rioutiin4 i lii in a Atwil st anti big a hotel an Ltd sunnier re Ort. Ami t an it Wiinie Newt. a a Tain for a it Ainzie copy. Green a Reynolds furnaces stoves ranges tinware and Jyi Tckett Gooda or Job w<m3c pomp by to. M7 my 1 i a. R. I 4 i r i
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