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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives May 5 1887, Page 2

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - May 5, 1887, Bar Harbor, Maine A bar Harbor record �?pdsu8hbd Btu Gibblr Harbor press , May 5, t88t, subscription Price two dollars per year in Advance. Bates advertising famished upon application. Correspondence solicited. Entered at tue Post office at bar Harbor As second class . R a National uprising the socialists is predicted for 1889. The red International the International workmen s association an organization socialists along the Pacific coast proposes it and has promulgated the program through the medium one their organs. Without dreading too much the result such a contest were it to come it be miss to study the situation As it now is. The popular mind is Apt to think too lightly the matter. It is supposed by Many that the instigators this a Ujj movement foreigners and their followers the uneducated masses. This is a mistake. The leaders for the most part native Bora and Well educated and it is their education principally which gives Rise to their communistic Aims and ideas. Our political system teaches them that one Man is As Good As another. They have been educated to tiling that they fitted for something better than the workshop. The Reading matter Avrich they patronize is filled with glowing descriptions the wealthy self made Man very Seldom does the steady contented Mechanic figure As a hero in the novel the present Day. When they see a Man whose education is no better than theirs Rise above them in wealth by some Lucky strike they conclude that something must be radically wrong in the social system. Without stopping to consider that there is Only room for a certain number the educated class they grow discontented with their station. This i using after the unattainable is a sure sign the Progress civilization but it leads to deplorable results. These men form the most dangerous class our society As in order to account for the unequal balance wealth they greedily drink quot in All the absurd notions the tyranny capital and ready to grasp any Means to overthrow it. Their grievances Many but few them can be reached by legislative Means. Large fortunes an insult to them and they would willingly destroy them and distribute them Limong the poor. They feel sure that in the distribution profits capital gets the lion s share. But what remedy can they suggest there is none that seems speedy enough in its action to be satisfactory to themselves. In order to accomplish their object they stimulate labor agitations and think that outbreaks in that direction will Shock society and draw attention to labor Reform. In the program for 1889 it is presupposed that the labor troubles will reach a Climax at that time and that a season poverty and starvation will make the masses Ripe for revolt. It remains to be seen whether their opinion the average Workingman is Correct. We think not but labor organizations should be very careful How they Foster any such idea among the socialists give them any Opportunity which May enable them to accomplish their end. But the other hand some Means ought to be devised to prevent any such catastrophe. There is some Justice is the cry the working Man that the fruits his labor not equally divided with capital. People should recognize the fact that there some grave questions connected with the labor question that yet to be solved and statesman should enter heart and soul into any legislation which May tend to the amelioration the working classes. The Gravity the situation is not As fully understood As it ought to be. The mutterings the Volcano in Cincinnati during the Railroad and later in Chicago were ominous warnings the eruption which May some Day break Forth and overwhelm the coi try in ruin and bloodshed and these warnings should not be slighted. Filled theoflice during the eight a cars Munroe s a administration. He was elected % ice president in 1s25 and held that position for More than six years when owing to the instrumentality Van Btu rent he was forced to retire. He became a senator in the legislature South Carolina served his term there and then retired to private life. In 1843 he was called to the Cabinet president Tyler As Secretary state and in the Texas annexation question found a Means revenge his old enemy Van Buren. In 1844 Clay and Van Buren were candidates for the presidency and were both opposed to annexation. Van Buren relied for his Electon the democracy the South. Calhoun believed implicitly in annexation As he feared if european influences prevailed in Texas abolition slavery would be the result and the Southern states would be injured irreparably. He arrayed the Southern delegates against Van Buren and making use the two thirds Rule he was Defeated in a nomination. Calhoun died at Washington the 31st March 1850. As a statesman few men Ever wielded a i eater control Over he people the South. He was honest and sincere in his support he rights state sovereignty though his teachings May have produced deplorable results later. His Honor and integrity were never questioned and his life was pure and beyond the reach calumny. He supported slavery it is True but his opinions in that respect differed but Little from those All the other great Public men his time and that his loss was deplored by the Northern party As Well As the South is indicated in the words Robert c. Wint Sirop Massachusetts who seconded the resolutions regret in the House representatives. Quot let us find fresh Bonds brotherhood and Union in the cherished memories those who have gone before us and let us resolve that so far As in us lies the Day shall never come when new England men May not speak the South Wilether among tie dead among the living As americans and port starboard a a Iiorio Iju a. Man s inhumanity to c. , the 26th april memorial Day in the South was commemorated at Charleston by the unveiling the statue John c. Calhoun South. Carolina s most consistent and most popular stat Sinen. Daniel Webster said him Init he Senate quot we shall hereafter i am sure indulge in it a grateful recollection that we have been his contemporaries that we have seen him and heard him and known John c. Calhoun was Horn in Abbeville District South Carolina the 18th March 1782. His father was an irishman his Mother a virginian lady he tired Yale As a badent in -1802 and won the respect and. Love his masters. After a a Viig Couie fit died Law at Litchfield com. And Ihen entered upon its prac i if m us Oilive District. In 18 he was fil#cte4 . The. Legislature his. �3id. In ill in twas to too i press Rbee ixe som was Oxtra i Foag the War . Honroe War an investigation the Workings the insane Asylum Lias been instituted at Buffalo n. During the past week and the disclosures elicited horrible in the extreme. In this enlightened age people Apt to turn with a sigh from the perusal a Book detailing the perpetration some Gross iniquity in a private mad House and thank heaven that these Days past. Are they past it would seem not. But a very be w years ago asylums were considered a be y Safe place for. The Dis Rosal persons who were burdens obstruction is to their friends ?. If a Man s aged relation stood in the Way a legacy he could be easily removed to an Asylum after a certificate lunacy had been procured. A few dollars judiciously invested we uld secure the signatures necessary Abr this purpose. The Laws regulating asylums now very stringent and no private houses allowed unless licensed by the commissioners lunacy. But in this investigation at Buffalo it has come to Light that the patients have been horribly treated As much so in fact As they could possibly have been in the private bedlam fifty years ago. Three the attendants who forced a patient into a Bathtub where he died charged with manslaughter. A patient who has been released As cured gives a detailed account his treatment. On one occasion when he had no appetite he was thrown the floor and a funnel jammed into his Mouth cutting his lips badly. Down this they poured milk and then filled his Mouth with bread until it gagged him. At another time one the attendants stamped him and broke two his ribs. This Man must surely have been cured by heroic treatment. And this was in an Asylum authorized and supported by the state. Of All cruelty expressive quot Man s inhumanity to Man quot the ill treatment those poor creatures who have lost their reason is the most vile. In some countries the unfortunates reverenced As god stricken among nearly All Savage nations they enjoy a reputation for Sanctity but in this country at the first symptom insanity let it be in Ever so mild a form they bundled off to an insane Asylum and confined to the c4re strangers. Their friends and relatives treat them As though they were lepers consider it a disgrace to the family in fact regard them As dead Only they omit the quot mourning. There is some apology for the keepers an Asylum. There some very hard cases which come under their charge and have to be treated by brute Force and As a Rule they men whose hearts hardened to human misery and brutalized by their associations quot there is no excuse for the persons who troist their relatives to the tender mercies such a class without a thorough insight into the Workings the institution and a positive Assuras that it is absolutely nectar that they should be sent there. A Man weak intellect has no Chance for redress. His testimony will not be admitted in court and Hie complaints Tarcen for the wild ravings Faia fancy. Olte Bufia to Asylum Woi ild be a Good place to a those who Ander the Lea inset Nitya Ami rum Jitu Matthi v i iii ii Hijji i. 7 there is an old game the motto which is when i say hold you let the Board supervising inspectors steam vessels seen to have had that in mind when Ulicy issued the following regulation Section 24, Rule a a a aters and Pilot steamers lakes and Seaboard require Ltd to have their wheet chains Rove so that the wheel and Helm Sha move in the. Same direction to that when the wheel is put to starboard the vessel s head shall go to port and when the wheel is put to port the vessel i head Shau go to starboard. Of course it May be supposed that this regulation is made for the Par Jose having an uniform system steering in All Coastwise Stunm vessels but Why adopt the More unnatural a id exceptional method. Almost All sailors accustomed to put the wheel the same Way As they wish he vessel s head to go. You May accustom a Raan by degrees to use his knife and Fork left handed but it would be advisable to let him practice for sole time with Blunt implements before trying it with a Sharp knife. There is no time allowed for practice in this Case. The order is peremptory and the wheel chains must be Rove at once As required by it. A Man puts our to sea with a valuable cargo and a freight still More valuable human lives. He probably has studied his lesson and in Plain sailing gets along very Ell but let him get into a. Tight fix let him suddenly come upon another vessel in a fog find himself near the Breakers and instinctively his wheel is handled in the manner he has been accustomed to during All his seafaring life and the result is collision a wreck. This is no exaggerated Conception. We know some captains steam vessels who afraid since this Law came into effect to Trust the meshes outside Harbor. It is one thing for men some whom probably have never been to sea in their lives to make a Law governing steering it is an entirely different thing to change the habits a lifetime. There certainly quite a number Coastwise steamers which have their steering gear Rove As required but there As Many More that steer the other Way and All nearly All sailing vessels and Ocean steamers follow the direction the wheel s movement. We Hae never heart any Accident resulting from the latter method then Why run so great a risk to life and property by such an absurd and useless innovation wha fun there would be in our streets if can Gross was to decree that driving reins should be Rove so that when you pulled one line the horse s head Vii ukr be turned the other the new sewers a re it the streets tie Tiu age Pixa ent a Busy scene just now nearly lao men at work an the new sewers and at meal hours the crowds remind one fun Bly a factory town. The boarding houses uii Mapous and situated in All quarters the Village in fact it is marvelous that so Many men ean be accommodated at All. The portion the sewer system which attracts most attention at present is in the neighbourhood the Mario Koch hotel. Here the ledge is predominant Aud in consequence a great Deal blasting has to be done. Work was begun the main Street end cottage opposite the Longstreth cottage but unfortunately the old sewer was struck and the Trench had to be filled again. The cutting 3iaiu Street at the end cottage Hais been Brit led Over so that teams can Cross. From this Point the sewer passes Down the South Side the Marlborough to Alpheus Hardy s cottage. Nearly opposite the hotel the sewer has to be Laid to a depth nearly Twenty feet and at this Point the ledge is Only a few feet below the surface. By Means steam drills and dynamite the Trench is now about fourteen feet deep and fortunately As . Hardy s cottage is neared the Rock runs deeper so that not the we Usk. A no War 0f to news from april �7tk tom�y4tb. Wcpnc8l>itt, a Ril 37.�?ihe at atae John c. Calhoun was unveiled at Barleston s. Q., yesterday by a in quot children descendants the at states Man. The militia in Paulding county Ohio have been called out. A gang three Hundred men overpowered the guards at the Paulding Reservoir near Antwerp and blew up the locks the reason for the action is that the Reservoir is practically in disuse and covers a Large area Fine farming country besides being a cause ill health in the neighbourhood. Reports say that one Soldier has been shot. During a free fight at a marriage near Merida Yucatan seven the guests Wei a killed including the Jeroom. The wife a mexican Winchman recently Eloi ted with a neighbor. The husband followed the pair overtook them at a hotel shot them and then stabbed himself. Caleb Foster a negro living in Texas suddenly became crazed a few Days ago and dashed his three year old child against a tree training it. When found he was tearing the Lesli from its Bones with Bis Teeth. A fall Coal and escape Gas in one the mines the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron company at Ash a quot f quot iii �?z1 i. .1,. A ponied tite tramp and captured him after Dimill him wit i Buckshot. The ship Ilarij l. Cashing Newburyport Afasa. From new York for Siina went ashore Block Island this Momtag. Be ship will probably be a total wreck the vessel and cargo said to be Worth �200,000. Miss Mabel Barton it Rew Vork aged forty five years committed suicide yesterday by walking off the wharf at the foot Orchard Street in Astoria. A court martial at Athens has sentenced three officers to death for cowardice in having surrendered to the turks in Frontier fighting. A Brooklyn elevated Railroad car fell from the track at the Junction Fulton Street Aud Alabama Avenue into the Sti get and narrowly escaped Chi shrug into a Saloon which was filled with customers the West bound Pacific express the Northern Pacific jumped the track about twelve Miles from Steele dak., and precipitated five its seven coaches into a ditch. Two the cars were occupied by two companies the seventh United states cavalry and the other three were filled with emigrants. One Man was killed and eight wounded. The escape so Many was miraculous. So much blasting is required. The steam and penn., resulted in the death five miners. An investigation into the affairs the Pacific railroads has begun at new York before the u. S. Pacific railway commission appointed by president Cleveland. The investigation is for the purpose discovering the destination some $2.000,000 which have been charged Tole al expenses quot and were clearly used for unlawful ends. A boy named Thomas Dalton Nineteen years age made the jump from the Brooklyn Bridge to Day. His intention became known to the police and one them caught him by the leg while in the act jumping. The policeman s foot slipped and the boy fell Over turning twice in his fall but striking the water head first. He was picked up unhurt and was sent to the Oak Street police station new Yoi a a charge disorderly . Spring meeting the Hancock co. Educational association to be Holden at it aspect Hathor Friday and saturday Lay 13 and 14. A Motiram. Fkidav�?9 clock a. I. Opening a slug Long conducted by e. W. Cleaves. 2. Prayer. Paper elocution .1. C. Chilco t. Kills Worth 9j0. 4. Disease Sion a. H. Wood Wesit Gobi us . Recess�?10 30 to. Teaching a Xeric is in he Siologa miss ii Titch , 0 .4 7. Teaching exercise a fractions Richard Perkins Lai Noine 11 30. 8. Adjournment 12 m. . 9. Paper importance teaching music in our common schools Bev. Jim Mes p. Sowlan Prospect Harbor 2 00. 10. Discussion a. W. King Ellsworth. Ii. Teaching exercise in primary Geo Graphy miss m. H. Black 3 k. 12. Recess 3.-30. 13. Paper thorough work l f. Giles Waltham 3 45. 14. Discussion a had East bar Harbor. 15. Query Box 4 to. Evening 7 30, lecture importance and advantages High schools Hon. N. A. Lee state supt Autista. Sax Day 9 clock a. 1. Singing. 2. Paper duties Aad obligations the teacher. Miss Phosie Higgins. 3. Discussion by members. 4. Query Box. 6. Adjournment. Free entertainment c. C like b. E. Tract sex. Com. H. Black e. W. Cli yes chairman. Conveyance a the a Teamer Creed Moor will leave Lamoine at 7 a. M., and bar Harbor at 10 1 m. Or arrival train boat Friday the 13th inst., arriving at Prospect Harbor about 12 clock returning will leave Prospect Harbor at 1 30 p. 5. Saturday arriving at bar Harbor in time to connect with afternoon train. Fare each Way 50 cents. If a storm Shoul i prevent Creedmoor from making this trip parties can go Friday morning from bar Harbor to South Gouldsboro and thence by team to Prospect Harbor. Parties arriving at bar Harbor thursday afternoon and wishing to be present Friday morning can go it a steamers Rockland Electa i thursday afternoon to South Gouldsboro and thence by team. Steaben. _ Charles Gay Massachusetts who was in Iown last week left sunday taking with him his father whom he will leave at the instant Asylum in Augusta. We think capt. Atwater s Schooner the Sadie amp Lillie will beat the Steamboat line. He went from Steuben to Rockland discharged cargo and Buck in three Days Edgar Perry who has taken charge the to in poor for the ensuing year is Home from bar Harbor making Ange ments to remove them to the Perry farm at no.7. William Dutton. Started with his log Drivers wednesday the 2rtl. For no.10, but found his logs Frozen fast in the ice. He had to discharge his men and return Home. . Baker House Carpenter has bad an application to build four cottages at Sorrento. George Kay Milbridge and Angle b. Tracy this place were married at the a Dence j. C. Googins monday evening. There is to in a dance at Noyes Hall tuesday evening and saturday afternoon it May party and picnic supper for uie Youmg Foltis. Tuesday morning while William ferry and is Lisbury a Lacefield were out Hanoi tog. Uteri lobster drape . A amp Erteld fee bog tired and i quot be to Perry Moold get the boat to i by Ringk mkt Tami quot in drills a mechanical wonder. They Cut through the Hai dest Rock in an incredible Short time. Hules drilled to a depth seven eight feet and a dynamite Cartridge varying in size from two to twelve inches according to circa instances is inserted in this Hole. The charge is touched off by a Battery and rends the Rock the whole depth and the entire Width the Trench. A steam Derrick has been erected to hoist out the Rock and soil and a gang forty men under the supervision n. A Mepherson at work the Section. The pipe Here is eighteen inches in diameter and is already Laid from the lower Side the hotel to the Southwest Corner Alpheus Hardy s lot. Here the sewer turns running Easterly along . Hardy s line to the Back the Weld and Minot lots and following a southerly course from thence below the Linzee and John Higgins cottage to Albert Avenue where it crosses the Shore Side the Farnum cottage. In the Field a a Udall Blacksmith s shop where e. C. Parker presides sharpening drills and tools for the workmen. The Trench has been ened from the Hardy i cottage to opposite John iii it ring House. There is a Good Deal ledge Here but As the sewer will not have to be Laid deeper than seven feet the delay will not be very great. Pipe is place along the course the sewers. Y s will be set about every Twenty rive feet ? 0 that the sewers can be entered from any direction without tapping the main Pii get and , built Brick with i Roa covers All along the line. Tie Avih supervise the it trance and laying the Naiu sewer so that everything will be in first class sanitary condition. Fat Albert Avenue the line extends sout Mierly across the old Dove lots East the Long Streuli cottage passes through . Derby s Lawn about 200 feet from his House quot ind reaches Douglas Avenue just at it foot. It crosses Hancock Street let tween the Deas and Salisbury cottages j. Biddle Porter s House the South Side the Street Aud thence to Ian Eane which it Antei a a Little Way Ca st the prov cottage. On work has been commenced. A gang about thu to italians distributed along the line from the Crow cottage to the Corner 3iain Street and Vayman Lane. On the Lane the sewer will have to be Laid at a depth ten to t feet. Consid Rable Progris has been made Here the Trench being it Ray the required depth in some pm a stages Slung at about half the a he i and the dirt is shovelled to the i my thence to the surface. Seme blasting will have to be done opposite the Crow cottage where the ledge crops out. An engine is already the spot which will be used to operate the steam drills As soon As required. Main Street from was Inan Lane to Cromwell s Harbor Brook is closed to travel. Teams coming from Otter Creek Long Pond have to take the Strawberry Hill Road in order to reach the Village. The pipe has been Laid from the Corner Way Man i it Ane to Squaw hollow and a Large gang men at work Between that Point and the Brook. The heavy Rains the past week did great damage to the work especially this portion it. The Low lands in this neighbourhood were flooded and the trenches were filled with water causing the caving in the Banks and putting the work Yery much behind. Some parts had to be excavated All Over again. Ditches have been Cut across the Road to let the water off from the Flat land the Squaw hollow Side. At a depth five feet the diggers strike a layer sea gravel through which the water filters very rapidly and Force pumps have to be kept at work continually to keep the water Down. Work has also been commenced the Southern Side to it the Bridge. When the Pii get is Laid close to the Bridge either Side As possible the course the Brook will be clanged and the sewerage carried Belovs the bed the Stream in Iron Pilles. This will not be done however until later when the water is not so High. At Ogden s Point thursday. April 28.�?the bound train due at Tucson ar., last evening at 10 30, was stopped and robbed by a gang armed men about eighteen Miles cast that place. The routers got about so,000 from the mail and express cars and then killed the engine. Thomas a. Edison and a party friends seven in number were nearly drowned tamil a by the collapsing a pier at Kissimmee Springs i la. George j. Gobi list has been elected president the railroads who h Jay Gould Latel purchased. Mrs. Joseph Farnsworth acc Porf n. Y., aged Twenty five years eloped with her husband s father Nathan Farnsworth aged sixty years. no. 3,217. K. Of 1., Denver co have adopted a Resolution censuring president Cleveland for his action in ordering troops to Dakota to evict settlers the Crow and Winnebago agencies. Or. W. T. Northup a prominent physician Haverhill o., was brutally murdered yesterday by Thomas Mccoy a Saloon keeper Aud his brother Alfred the postmaster Haverhill. The Mccoy whiskey a Hai pions and . Xor roup was a prohibitionist. The murderers have been captured and the excitement is so Strong that fears Lynching entertained. The Rev. C. F. Stiver Grenada miss., was shot and killed by capt. W. P. Fowler a leading member his Church. It is said Chat the reverent gentleman insulted the Captain s wife. A Large quadruple building canal Street new York Vas burned last night with All its . Loss 8250,000. A Crew about thirty men at work. The line the sewer leaves the main Road al it ont 100 Yards beyond the Entrance to . Cole s place and follows a wire Fence across the yield to the Alder swamp. Here it strikes the right Way belonging to . Ogden and proceeds from thence the Southern Side tie Ogden property to the extremity the Point. A considerable Quantity pipe a Alp Elidy been Laid Here and As the ground is comparatively free from rocks the Junction with main Street May be soon accomplished. Before reselling the Ove however there is a his Elevation which will necessitate quite a deep but taxi pc and to lug rocks Loti Tike cd Tore will Tacq Zifke a Good Deal Balatti. The pop by a a is Twenty Nacim in i in Bueter. A in a ii be Eft my a Latnus Tozy ii so to a Tift we Loai Alstine a Friday. Aruil 2 a a use 3 Kapiolani Hawaii and her retinue arrived a san Francisco yes Gerdav. She will proceed to Washington. A Hurricane swept the Northeast coast Australia the 22d, inst. The Pearl fishing Fleet numbering forty boats was destroyed and 550 persons w re drow Ned. The Steamer Benton Singapore was i sunk in a collision with a bark Oil quot the Island Formosa and 150 persons were drowned. A mob incited by some the most prominent citizens have the jail at Louisville ky., two coi ored men Albert Turner and Bill Paterson confined there for assaulting and beating a girl named Jennie Bowman. She is dying and the mob want to Lynch the prisoners. The mayor has called out the militia and they guarding the jail with a Gatling gun. The situation is critical. 28,600 cases crude Petroleum took fire and exploded in the hold the British Steamer be Hope while sixty Miles Southeast Tybee Light. Itie Crew numbered Twenty tive and they fought the flames till the decks were blown up under them. They then took to their boats and were rescued by a Pilot boat and carried to Savannah. Tie emperor William Germany has signed a order for the unconditional release Schnh Bele. Six tramps became engaged in a fight at the natural Gas Well near Anderson lad., yesterday. Two them were pushed into the flame the burning Gas one inhaled the flames and died instantly and the other is burned beyond recognition. A destructive Cyclone struck Farmville a. night and a roofed a number houses. Saturday april 30.�?a Coal and freight train came in collision the Ini Ladelphia and Reading raq Road two Miles West Tania to a. The fireman and brakeman were killed. Llie Fitchburg Railroad has Purchase the Boston and Hoosac Tannel and the Western railway and will take Possession the first Ttoe. George Cowles a Farmer Wethers Field conn., discovered a tramp try ing to set Sre to Lita barn last cd tit. He ordered the Man oat Bat be Atta trod with a Pitchfork and kept . Gowl at t�7 Taitl lire we be Road Totoro a Timon my a a i Job Sta be. Suicide. Sunday May 1.�?a very destructive Hail storm passed Over st. Paul 3iinn., to Day. Some the stones were thirteen inches in Chou Ference and weighed from four to five ounces. every Public building sufi ered and the damage will aggregate about 850,000. A Standard Oil company s tank at Lima o., was set fire by lightning to Day. Cannon balls were fired at it to let the contents out and dams Earth were made to confine the burning Oil. Advices from Cairo say that there been a Battle Between the italians and abyss inns at Kerens. The result is not yet Kuo in. Six Hundred waiters in Chicago expected to strike. They Denia Nii a leu per cent increase in wages. Two churches Aud ten dwellings were destroyed by fire to Day at Kankakee 111. I is 850,000. District attorney Thos. F. 3ic Uwan Long Island is a Ile Faulter for . He is supposed to have gone to Canada. Two woman and a Man Bt-long4ng to Putnam conn., while rowing in a boat after a hat yesterday were carried Over Cargill Falls and drowned. During the past week �z.g1s Enid Gravits left Queenstown for America. Thi total for the month april is an explosion occurred yesterday at the Paducah co. 3lils Padiou a. Ky., by which four workmen were shahied two them fatally. It Ionti a May 2.�?a Young widow. Mrs. Perrine was caught in rhe helping at Lorillard s to Baleo factory. Jersey City saturday evening and before the machinery could let estoppel he w a it mangled so fearful ii hat he Dit a in a minutes. Miss Childers. Of Trenton. R. Nii., a fused a Young Man s Advance Anict he circulated damaging Rei orts her character. She heard about then and followed him into a store satyr his. U hero she compelled him to rear Doc his statements at the muzzle a double barrelled shot gun. Tavvo Sharp earthquake shocks were Felt at Spokane Falls w. To. On sat in Day. The riot at Louisville. Ky., has it us it sided but the streets ire still i to Wiley. Probably there will be no Lyviu Hing. The spay May i.�?,Tohn Snyder Bushnell township Iowa in a tit insanity chopped his wife to piece with an axe. The Schooner Louie Neill has been sunk by collision Lake Kyle and All hands lost. A double murder was Ron Nitrel at Elkhorn. Wis., last night. John Carbell and his wife were returning from the Ost Ottine to their farm when some one from behind fired tiie contents a double barrel shot gun directly at their Heads. Steve Brodie. The new York Bridge a Uiti leaped from tie quot in Einnatz and Covington suspension Bridge at Cincinnati yesterday afternoon into the River a Ustance eighty two feet. He escaped unhurt but will probably be arrested. Fearful excitement was created in rat City Hall Park new York yesterday by a Man running with his Throat Cut and a bloody knife in his hand. He con Tinius to Hack at his Throat Asho ran leaving a Trail blood behind him. He a tinally captured by the i olice and conveyed to the Chambers Street Hospital where it was found that his wot ids w Ere serious though not necessarily fatal. A fire at , ky., yesterday morning rhe warehouse Brown Johnson amp co., containing an immense amount Hay and Grain and a nine Story Grain elevate belonging to strater Bros. Fourteen loaded freight cars and a cottage two Stora Frame House and two st Isles were also burned. The loss the warehouse and elevator will be 8180,000 the cars a quot to k 0.vario.aft happening s gathered from All sources. The Maple sugar Supply this season to very Large. The grand Lodge sons Temperance held its Semi Axon jul session in vat Ernie last week. Early 90,000 barrels apples were shipped from this state by the engus steamers last Winter. The fish commissioners will Lily it rate 750,000 landlocked Salmon m Sebago like this Star and 300,000 sea a Salmon in the st. Croix. The executive Council has confirmed i the nomination Charles b. Bounds is municipal judge Calais by a Vot it four to three. The governor has appointed Henry l. Mitchell Bangor general the first brigade a v. Geu. Go it it. A. . Norn a. Inspector quot rentral. Me governor Aud Council have granted a Pardon to James a. Carey Portia id who has served Alx it it four j ears a five years sentence in state prison for forgery. The Corn Falt Ltd a at s Centre was burned Lay morning. Los Between ten and fifteen Tho Sanil dollars. The factory was owned by a. F. Webb amp co., Portland. The Telegram a new sunday paper to be published in Portland will be is suet by c. B. Anderson a co. Sunday. The editors mess. George h. Bagley. W. H. Get Fine. And h. Fax. The exec Ive committee i it the suite Grange contemplate holding the next Annua session in Farwell Hall Kock land. The Date the session is let be. �?�20, and four Days is the usual length. The president has award ii a Glt old Meil al to Captain Marco Antonio muzo the italian quot express Genoa for rescuing rhe master and Crew Sev Enmen the Schooner Carrie a. 15 ick Man Bucksport last Lanuard. The Soekland Board to calf de Friday night by Cik co the Holmu ing i filers colonel Frank c. Iii Griir. President Hon. Samuel Bryant Vic president Eugene m. Subs secret Irv capt. Edward a. Butler. Treasurer. Schooner Monticell new York for bos Roii with i Orn was towed into Edgartown sunday with main rigging Carriell away l 0 its stove and mainmast sprung. She had been in Cul Tsiou the Nantucket the iii it to i april 30rh. Vol. Mckee a i a i.,-t.n. Has contract to Hilll rii Lull it it the. i Zeanier to take the Phu / the i Morrison i the Blue ill Ami Kluun Morrii line. She v. Ill i 14 i it Long. If to 1 beam. 7 Feetihn-panti4 a t draft it he i will be a first Ciu it it b to in eve try i ular. I Oil Iain Murphy . I Twenty two years uld ii i Ginev he Holt no Quirine u-t-,1 the water works Arbath. Lippi i f in Between Ali Houtie gear Ami Ina. I winery to Silay i Sioon. Rec Ivinia 1 juries from which h. in riite.-. Invite. I he main i a. I a Large a Load for Between i Airor and dry to Lio si.50. The former Price. It i tha rhe Raih-.i i. A Ai i Johrent in at rhe a. i a a dec fits haveii.-. I i rot a Hijra a i change in late. Pajatin at i now i in Portac than iia. Bali Owin. 1 fac thar flu Liow Rioin cow a. Vicar in the a get two Ince to it i coi.rrst.-. The a Winch i. To re i a in to ii Var a Guin thu 1 will be made us. A follows l. B. \ Ney >7. Take i. Itate.-, quote. Or Unn quot Inibig r i re i Giai it in a. I iii cd i w Lum Lifavi a age to till Pinili it Ane. A Portland girl her life and her . Miss Alice Cobb a girl Twenty four daughter Arvin Cobb Portland committed suicide saturday morning by shooting herself. It is stated that for some time past the girl has shown signs insanity accompanied by violent tits temper and Othi r strange actions. She was much agitated account having been accused t f stealing a pair Gold sign ecta cles and spoke revenge fully her accusers. Early this morning the girl s father heard a pistol shot and upon forcing an Entrance to the girl s room found hot r dead the floor with a Ball through her heart. The following note was fastened to tie Wall with a knife. I am not crazy but my health a broken. A dead woman s curse All who have a a roused me. Father wants me to die. 1 will mgt. But if my spirit can come Back x will haunt him until he Dies. Take my letter to maj Irot for Ber to bum. I am Wear it Livius . Father has driven me to this. Sign to . Or. Johb said his daughter was unquestionably urbane and had been so some time. He knew be possessed a revolver Azul deeply regretted Attiat tie bad never taken it from . It is believed there u Home tag More sensation a i a Boot the Aurthar and thai m Lorn urine i. C. .jacks.n. To. A Frank quot Sil. To Altai i. it i. Tii new Man and a quot a it Ivov a a. O i i Nikii in the i.r. The. Ori r were in Enid ier it in \ ii t Sorou Nellie made tin am a a l u record i n a a i iii the in sinal record a i i. I i i a \ the i 1. >01>.s 1. A Avet time for the prohibition state. I be heavy rain. Urivi the Kari last week a i Olun re in a Iueli an exr it it that l een lion to i Roji Erry Ami Tinius i anti hour hav. He n the j in Rhi in Niou Riter at a nor Liwa that it ror Matiy year. Niev s Lorii it e at i \ Ilau a Oarr away and rave tear Ufra i j i the Union Liin . Arh i iii icon to. Sol Ineil i re Eon tined i Shooni Aboe tiie City a re in Imu iii i Dat it rol quot Heimus ept i a Eata to a Lif. Aioli rii River Banar iian Rich. I i Lik it a Mill Rai and lam i and Briti u e. Ere carried the. Kennebec a. Luck m than it in. It it a a been Siree tie in a blood . were swed it do in and nearly .-Cxx were carried out to sea. To twin Fiill 2,0<>o.ikio lot a l Roke log get. Bro n s Island Boom one mile above Garti Iner. Gave Way saturday Aifiti Nio to the Loir for lined by it away. The wharf it mitc All covered by water. Tui puny the cellars quot Svart a it tree wer flooded. Some to a Deith six Feigt to. Arm i a i blood ii Friday and sat Uday iii e Briti it its Wero swept away f i Fay Nigist. The Harmon Bridine at Oldro i was car Mictl away Sunila. And i i were at Nork All Day loading the Liri Niue at Stillwater. On the Maine ventral line Between Ells Ortli and baii2or lii re were fifteen Wash-ont.-. So that no train arrived it bar Harbor fron. The urt from Fri Lay till monday. The tracks a d Over the state Wen in a terrible condition. The water in Stream fell saturday night so that All anxiety there is Over but the warm weather monday Anil t tuesday a jilt aug the Snow in the unix it a Jimart the state h i3 had the Cut act keeping most the Rivers in a Floo led condition. B. A. Atkinson amp go., House furnishes la Pett Uley eau the site Naioti quot All tic Reader id quot the i a out their great Iaci Viries to furnishing cottages and hotels from one the sto<.-k3 carried in the i United states. And Lurther Hano iii c that is Hall open a store i main st., a Hamor Block. Bar Harbor Whert we hair hav it. On a Verv handsome line a chamber sets in Pine. Ash. It Rry. Quot a Ali Rit All the hire Pat in if Jiu Zhuni Iron for i it tales which u c shall Oak a a remarkably Low prices we quot Hall a us a bit u Ricc lit ii it it parlor furniture hair i i -. A quot it no plan a. Rattan and Vienna goods lounges easy chairs window shades drapery curtains poles pc. Carpets i st go. Under a Law by the last every town shall appoint a truant flyer who shall in addition to other duties see that every child Between get and fifteen years attends school at least six months in tie year. Int actions regarding this matter to be seat oot trom the Mil Mola Avitee i Sci i ----------.xm,Straw matting suitable for cottages ii i n k 1 it a i w. A h w a a i a h 1 a a r. U a i i i ,. A quot. I. U a e nil Xor Oil to. A. It it tier War ilarii.-. I a h the Sra. I quot mahi.-. i l i. V Viiu al tin Viii it a ii Arik i it t to tuk t Oue. In a re Lut at it it iii a Llari quot quot us i a re nth Day Hugh is a id Hau hire is h ah.,. Re. 1 a i i f . Or a v Ash a plan sure a i _ a \ Rhi a j i l i ii Lif-.-. Vij do uth wry a Nufi l in it \ re. To quot. Of into i a it the a a it i i a Iri iii a be it quot time i it to twin iii. T in Eltes int i hair i i a ii a in Chart he inv Ever had. I air iii hat our eff it it in ion a Lian a a apus Esia Eil we liar h. I to it a ter. It a Willi whoa we i Cali. We the s i it edit. It ,-.b. A. Atkinson Cor. Pearl and Middle sts., portly old me. A a a Braucht Tjie great n ask ii i. Hall hoa3� furn Slung store 827 Walii Ngou streets so Aton. Mass. Isae e. My Ami
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