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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives May 5 1887, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - May 5, 1887, Bar Harbor, Maine Mem a h i we a a i bar Harbor nik., thursday May 5, 1887. To. 13 Albert w. Bee st Tiki Eit rules Fok whist. 1<39 Tremont Street Boston a tass. Writ iii papers. 1 quire boxes to old length i Page War ring paper Flat in the new fashionable Way iii a ancient handmade thread finish Monte cloth and crepe Duchene j papers 60,Ca Box postage paid. I rotation note paper 1 quire in a Box 4 tints and 4r gift erect quota Iionia on 60 Pound superfine paper 35c a Box postage paid. Filst a Pepsi 2oc to soc a Pound to which add 16c Pound postage. Iii ordering paper by the Pound it is Safe to allow tie same amount of Money for a Over opes to Natch. Not less than 1 Pound sold at Pound prices. Shopping address. I.e1ter Register engagement and calling books in quot american Russia or persian Seal with Pencil 65c each. Birthday cards. See. From of to $2 and state the kind of person it is intended flt a ind i will select it. Nev birthday card and Send it carefully packed to you. Prang s american cards Are the finest. I the Modera Oare in a Lime. J if you the modern to am of what would Kivow from this great principle its precepts flow i treat your own Hunt As to j our partner s joine<1. And play not one alone but both combined. Your or Stead makes 3 on partner Understahl what is the chief Voni Poncet of your hand and hence there is necessity strongest that your first Lead be from your suit that s longest. In Unis with Ace and King Lead King then Ace with King and Queen King also aaa first place with Ace Queen Knave Lead Ace and then the Queen with Ace four Small ones Ace should first be seen with Queen Knave ten you let the Queen precede in other cases you let the lowest Lead. Ere you return your Friend s your own suit play. But Trumps you must return without delay. When you return your partner s Lead take pains to Lead lii i Back the Best your Lintl contains. If not More than three at first if Yon hold Tore you May i return the worst. But if you hold the master eard you re bound to play it iii most cases second round. Whene re you want a Lead tis Seldom wrong to Lead up to the weak or through the Strong. In second hand j our lowest Shodd be played unless you mean quot Tomt Shinar to remade or if Vou be King and Queen or Ace and King then one Oij these will be the proper thing. Mind it in the Rule Lor Trumps Yon to often need them or if the Lead won t come in time to you then signal to your partner so to do. Watch also for j our partner s Trump request. Best. To which with less than four play out your to Lead through honors turned up is bad play unless you want the Trump suit cd Uway. When second hand a doubtful trick you see Don t Trump if you hold More Trumps than three. But having three or Jess Trump fearlessly. When weak in Trumps yourself Don t Force your Friend but always Force the Adverse Strong Trump hand. For Stern custom has decreed tie lowest you must play i you Don t Lead when you discard Wiik suits you ought to choose. For Stronin ones Are too value lii to Loose. Playing cards. A pack of Dougherty s Gilt edged playing cards f or 30c postage . Other qualities Loc to $1.00. Sensible card counters Loc pair. Wedding cards calling cards weddin ii invitations in coi acct styles both engraved and printed. In a diag for samples Send tic for each Sample desired. I rides i detail famished ii he each Sample ordered. plate in scroll to and 50 visiting cards printed from iii be sent for $1.8o, postage paid. If you Liae a plate Send it to me and i w 1�o print 50 cards from it for 8oc and or he them to you postage paid. V a siting cards w Ritten or Prii ired in a the styles for 73c h pack 50 Cimini a pack t n written a postage of Loc additional will be charged. Baskets and will Indian baskets. I have a Eood variety of the Indian Sweetra nor prior Isi to anyone sending stamp for it. To sendin Money use a postal note Money order or Check. No order can re a a Ive Atte Nifon unless accompanied with the amount including when to i shall open my stores at bar Harbor with my usual line of Siim Cru a goods Early in a june and at Southwest Harbor july 1st. Albert w. Bee. Bar Harbor Post office. Ark tver at 7.00 a. M., and 9 5o a.m., i. Miall Points South and West. Mails 7.46 a.,m. And a Jio a.m., r it till Point ii South and West. Island mails from Long Pond and Otter j. Trek arrive it a m. Close at . oui Southwest Harbor and All outlier r. Mount Deweert Isimal arrive at �.00 p. M., i a at 7.30 a. Totice hours from 7.0o a. To 8.00 p. Ueral delivery window open sunday from in he m. To p. Money order and registry business from in i a m. To p. K. K blk wee . K. J. Skewer .\.ssistant. Miss Belle iii gins clerk. Church services. It. Saviour s inc Ken episcopal Rev. C. I in Newell Rector. Sundays. orning ervice. 10 30 a. Sunday school 2 00 p. Tkv Tiiu service 7 0 a. Wednesday and h rid ii evening service 7 00 p. memorial methodist Rev. Win fun l Baldwin pastor. Sundays. Preaching at in 3c a. And 7.00 p. Sundai school at w m. Class no. 1 directly iter the class no. 2, directly it of it gee Gatke al Kev. d. A past a. Sunday services at 10 30 a. U. And i k f m. Sunday school at 2 a a p. Prayer . Tuesday at 7 p. Orig a a Ooi lie s society of Christian Endeavor Satur a at 6 30 p. A. Ladies Friday at 2 00 p. M., Taniai a time. Association fat. Bar Harbor Lodge f. Amp m. Njamin l. Hadley w. Bryant Bradley scr Start. Stated meetings third thursday in a amp cd month at masonic Ian mount desert Block main Street. Caimp no. 9, p. O. S. Of a., e. C. Eveleth. U. S. Martin Loid r. S. Monday evenings. Humor Block main Street. E.4 8teen Stab division no. To Sony of quot tem penance a. E. Conners w. P. E. C. Eveleth r. Wednesday evenings at a. O. S. Of a. Hall Hamor Block main Street. Mount desert Lodge so. 53, Asci to or Deb of United workmen a. Crts m. W. B. E. Tracy. Recorder Wulliam i Nelly financier . J. Morse to Eider. First and third fridays of each month at p. O. S. Of a. Hall Hamer Block main Street. 1.ndt7btet a8semblt, k. Of l. To. 56. J. S. Ooi Glass a. 8. Tuesday evening a at p. O. B. Of a. Liall Hamor Block. Bae Harbok Public Librat. Mount Dea Ert Street miss lir Zie w Wasgatt. Librarian. Tuesday and saturday of each week from 2 to Village Reading Boom cottage Street f. 4,. Harrl toan janitor. To a. To 10. P. M., everyday. 1 mount desert society for the Prev i Tiok of cruelty to animal,8. Presiden Rev. Joseph Torrey treasurer George m. Grant lie Cretaro Arthur m. Fo8sagei, William Ken Nelly. Annual meeting first Llie Day of August. Business meetings. First tuesdays of March and october. Directors meetings last wednesday of each month. Meir of a e. Win to Irene Hall first to Engineer. Meetings at essay of each month. Roman s Chi Wytias tem Buak my. C k. Soit Liard. President mrs. C. H. Korris Secretary. Fir Friday of each month . Jde Ora be real estate agent. I Vemi filed Cotta Gei i to if it office Aoi vol the let la st. _ _ . F. I g. W. Richards Tott i a Hoei avg Carriage work and general jobbing. Horse shoeing a specially. Cottage st., Harbor me. St or. Rovers. Rei Tidence Cor. Jit. Street and Holland Avenue. Office after May 1, new Bield Iufer Cor. Main Street and Albert Avenue. Of Osmond Emery House Painter and paper Hanger. Have in my employ a first class paper Hanger. Jivu Worl. Exec Ste it i neat Ness Fand it Iesu Pipit it Ili. Shop cok. Of Tot take and Bridge streets. Itier. J. S. Moore residence cottage Street. Mojing Block. Office 10 to 12 a. M., 4 to g and 7.30 to 9 p. Ufa. G. Curtis fir Xiggis and a Decary if a st bet Bab Harbor Deasy amp Oins attorneys at Law room 2, Moujir Dessot Block bar Harbor Maine. Notary of deeds. -_1-52 or. C. C. Moh Bison homeopathic physician Wev std Sturg Sojit. Of face in Sadler Block bae Harbok. References a we. To Ltd helmet the Rev York and i. C. Grosvenor m. D., amp Richards real estate agents Busker Block bar Harbor Goodwin sir pressing rooms where firat.cla88 workmen -�111 be found. I Grani Budul Niru 3��lii Street opposite tuk maiu.bobd0oho a a proprietor of the Hal dressing parlor in Theeo Diek. 2ti . C. in Bunker Block Batto Abbot Mausby. It or hot to by a Etui with Bun cd a emm Musj. T. Hinch d. of Philadelphia dental College. Mark Street Opp Ltd Ite the Bodik. 3tfp�� Job Piri Ntina st the lows it prices mount desert. Its earlier history and Settie mint. Part in. On the arrival of this Veitsel in France she was ? by the of pour Trine ourt and her Louii fated. He he self \v"a?4 it i Zool Antl Chr it Vul into , where he fell Siik. 31adani it be Guerth Eville in the uie Antinie. With the Aid of her Coupe so ors the jesuits equipped Alioth i Exi edition. And on the a Atli of Mari i lilo a a Hundred with forty eight colonists and a jailor and two Jesuit priests. Fathers Quentin and do j let set sail for t in coast of Maine. She was con Naud a by a Frenchi courtier a annul saus Saj e. On the Leith of May they touched at la Ilene. And Llin passing on to port Royal they lok tui Board Jirard Nad Tasse and started Foi quot the Penobscot. Oil quot the a outliers Sci a Cost of the Island of Meuan they were overtaken by a thick fog so that for forty eight hours Thoy were entirely at fault As to the ship s position. T u the evening of the second Day it cleared a a so that they could see the Star it and when in Ornig dawned they found lieu selves near the Cliffs of mount desert an Island which the natives called Peni Etic. With a fair wind the ship entered Frenchman s Bay and anchored in a Harbor on the East Side of the Island liy sonic historians this Harbor is thought to have been Northeast a Arbor while outliers claim that it May have been Schooner head. However this May be All agree Liat it was at least somewhat South of bar Harbor. Here they landed and in Gra Titu it in for their Deli try finn the fog they a wanted a Cross and tia Nied the lace st. Sauveur. A Mutiny broke out among the sailors. The agreement on their joining the expedition w As Liat they should stay three Mouths after their arrival in any i Ort in Acadia and they claimed that the three months Datil from their touch King at la Heve the Pilot Flory. Took their part. La Saussaye maintained the con i tray and said that to Weir engagement should be dated from their Landing on mount desert. While engaged in this dispute Ulicy disco Ltd eur at a distance the invoke from an Indian Encampment. Buaril set out to visit them and found that they belonged to a Village about about three leagues Distant on the Shore. The indians who were always Friendly to the French desired them to visit their wigwams stat hug that their chief Asticou was very sick and that he wished to be baptized. They praised their settlement saying that it so healthy and a it Leus ant that natives who were sick Eise Wiere were brought Liere to be cured. Biard embarked in a Cuoc and they paddled to the spot. Lie found the chief with a bad cold in tie head and As baptism was not the surest cure for that ailment he postponed the ceremony. He described the settlement As being located on a Beautiful Hill sloping gently from the sea Shorck and supplied with water by a Spring on each Side. The Hill covered a it thirty acres overgrown with tall grass. It looked Southeast on a Harbor navigable for the largest ships. The soil was Rich and Fertile. The Harbor was shut in by tie Large Island of mount desert besides being surrounded by certain Small Islin ids which broke the Force of the winds and wives. Biard no doubt crossed the Sheet of water which forms the Entrance to Somes sound and is enclosed by the Cranberry islands and Sutton Island in the manner described by in Nar-1 native. It Issup it used that theatt Lemener must have been on the Western Side of the Entrance of the sound on the Fernald farm As this answers almost exactly to Biard s description even to the two Springs. The ship was brought round to this spot and the colonists disembarked. Here they began quarrelling again. La saus Saj in was desirous of attending to agriculture and the others wished to build Duke slings and fortifications. In the paean Ighile an enemy was approaching who would Settle their disputes in peremptory manner. Samuel Argall the English governor of South Arginia fitted ont an armed vessel and sailed in May fair tie coast of Maine to fish for cod. Encountering heavy fogs he at last found himself near Penobscot Bay. Here he was boarded by indians who by signs g the to understand that there we a French Colony Sou where in the to m Man of stamp nothing in the Way of Booty Caine Aiu iss und he would just As soon catch fre Dimen As cod. He Learned the number and Stren Irth of the Colony from the indians and keeping one of them As a Pilot steered for mount desert. Biard s narrative excuses he perfidy of the Indiah by paying that they mistook the English for friends of the frenchmen who were in search of them. Be this As it May the French Farrison were greatly surprised one morning in the midst of their disputes to see a Stringe vessel heading in towards the Shore under a Cloud of Canvas with a blood red Flag at her Mast head and a Row of frowning Cannon on each Side. Juji Motte u thet with a few of the bravest of the band hastened aboard their vessel but had no time to get then Anchor up. A Gull bore Down on them firing a broadside As he came along. The Jesuit do thet himself applied the match to a Cannon but As he was no Artill Erist shot flew wide of the Mark. A Volley of musketry from the English and do thet was shot Down. Argall tired into tie French vessel and again uu<5 then Lov erg a Boasi boarded her to find the a Tew dead or severely wounded. La 3iotte showed right to the last. The English landed and pillaged the settlement. La had tied to rhe Woods. Argall broke Ope ii Chest took thence commissions and Royal letters and closed it again. The next Day la Saussaye presented himself in Camp. The English Captain demanded commission. Saus Saye could not find it and w As immediately bonded As a imposter and robber and the Sui iving Frerich were All made prisoners. Fifteen of them including Saussaye and father Masse were turned adrift in an open boat but fortunately for them the Pilot and Crew who had made their escape during the attack joined them among the islands and after Many severe hardships Uliey were picked up on the coast of Nova Scotia by two trading vessels and carried to st. Malo. Father Biard and thirteen others were carried prisoners to Virginia where sir Thomas Dale the governor threatened to hang the for this invasion of what he Onsi Dervid English Terri tar and in order to save their lives Argall had to confess that he had stolen their commissions and that they were there by order of the French King. A second expedition was fitted out in vhf Ginia and sailed under Samuel Argall to destroy the settlement at foot Royal. The Jesuit Biard . Unit Colony being Deli polished they touched at mount desert and Burnt Tjie French fortifications and crosses and erected a Eross with the name of the icing Isle King on it to a sign Liat the were taking Possession in name. On their waa Back to Virginia a storm was encountered in hich line vessel was lot but the other with father Binal in Board was driven to the azores from whence they sailed for England. Such was the end of the Jesuit Rule on or unt desert Island. 1. To b e Cost ii al it a Bak Habbord Eric. Retribution in store for Henry a a a Nageb with a be naval Hospital. Sec. Whitney has issued a advertisement inviting proposals for building the present season a naval to Pital on nid of s Island near Lockland. Maine in accordance with the quot provision which congressman Qiugley secured in the naval appropriation Bill at the recent session of Congress. Sealed a proposals addressed to the Secretary of the Navy will be received at the Navy Dei Arment Ashington until Saturn May when they will be publicly opened. Specific Atiim ind All necessary Inforno tied can be obtained by addressing Hon. A. I Whitney. Secretary of Navy Navy Dei Ortmei t. Wishington or on application to passed assistant surgeon a. C. Lefi Enger. U. S. N., dockland me., on april 28th. Widow s i Smaikl is a Small and Beautiful Island of about ten acre in Penobscot Bay off dockland and near Vinal Haven. Government i several years ago for a Light House but not needing it for this purpose it has been turned Over to the Navy department for a naval Hospital and sanitarium. Two years ago an Artesian Well was bored on the Island by the government and an abundant Supply of Yater obtained. It is proposed to use the Island and Hospital deep water being around it As a station to which 1. S. Naval vessels May be sent after service in Southern Waters to recruit the men and treat such As May be ill andr Novatt the vessels. Its location in Northern Waters some distance from the main land will make it peculiarly valuable As a sanitarium and us it will be the Only sanitarium in Northern Waters for naval use it will be largely used by our War vessels in the summer. Sec. Whitney Hopes to Complete the Hospital and wharf the present season. $50,000 was appropriated by Congress. Pensions for Maine people. The following pension have been granted to Maine people George g. Snell original. East Howes Mayo jr., original Belfast Lewis l. , Trenton vim. H. Huntress original Kittery am. Dan Forth decease ii original Oldtown Chas. F. Glidden reissue Gardiner Abiather Sleeper original Damariscotta John h. Ward original Belfast George h. Robinson increase dockland. Way up. Land ail Over mount desert Island is taking a great Boom. A gentleman Froan mount desert who was Here this week says that even in Tremont the most a frequented place on the Island lots have gone up in the proportion of 20 to $100 and there Are prospects of even a greater Rise. It is is a great movement in the land comr Aereal. A Point in ski filing. A Workman at the Carson mint has discovered that Drill Points heated to amp Cherry red and the tapered by being driven into a bar of Lead will bore through the hardest steel or plate Glass we about perceptibly Herald. A bar Harl apr mail Carrier s a quot a thirty five years agro. Or. James e. Berry while looking through the Aga Mont , found an interesting old document of which the following is a copy so Ecija. Maii. Kouts. Beo lived thi�.12 a Lay of oct. 1852. From to baft ,po8tmai3ter at bar Harbor in the state of Maine two dollars eighty Taro cent Belas the amount it tue me for tie Quarter enl in me 30th Ilay of sept. 1852. Moschis Day. Quot Uncle Steve quot tells us that the mail Only ran Between Eden and bar i Arbor in those Days once a week. For a Long ii Rae the Driver was paid by private subscription individuals subscribing from 12 -2 cents to 25 cents apiece. The Post office which was kept by j Oblas l. Roberts father of t. And w. Hobertf was situated on West Street on the Shore w Here Pendleton amp Stevens by tuft wharf now is. The House next Eaton a Market on West Street is the a ame old it building though an addition has lately in made to it. As the in Yliria Bitant of Bur Harbor in tht�5�e Days were prick Pally seafaring men their friends during their Abs Eure being anxious to hear from them would not wait a week for news and some one would be deputed to ride to Eden for tie mail. Moises Day the. Driver whose signature is appended to the above document was a Grandfather of Jolt Higgins wife. Itie last Bear in this neighbourhood was found on the ii keep Porcupine and attacked by a crowd from the Village arum de with whatever weapons they could get hold of. Lie was driven into the water and slam glittered and the mail River used Liis skin for a Carriage Robe. There Ere no Posti Ige Stamps used in th1 be Days and government was Jaid on the quot Long haul and Short haul quot principle the further a letter had to go the greater the charge for it. Is the mail Carrier during the summer of 1s52 was paid according to the number of letters he carried we can have some idea from the amount of three months quot pay w hat the business was. It might do very Well for the Driver but it would t pay the government very Well to work on that principle in. The bar Harbor of to Day. Chestnuts. To fool with a Bee Calls Forth a it ting ing rebuke. A full choir in a Church is a Good thing. It increases the chants for salvation. A it is the Little things that Tell quot says an old adage. Ves especially the Little Brothers. What character of Dickens dots the new method of doing the hair resemble . The business like Hen should see about getting More i a for her useful in duct. Large quantities of it Are Rai it idly being egg Saust ted in boarding houses. First class in geography new Vork school which is the highest Mountain in our state quot Bing in by quot went up a year ago and has t come Down Sitter in position for Pho Tograi h a quot by the Way what ilo you charge for photograph quot Phot Graj her. A quot nine dollars the half dozen. Now let your Eye a rest naturally on that sign. Terms Cash and look Little , can j Ger married to Dick when i grow up quot Mamma. A quot Why i Supi Osc so. I get. If you want quot i Fink it will lie a Good quot cause we can get All our ii Marrelin quot Over while we s quot it is an ill wind that blows n it one Nebraska Man was Forry Miles l y a Cyclone and dropped into a widow s front Yard. He n l inked the widow and returned Home Worth about 620,000 More than when he Start it l. wish to impress Union you Bridget most emphatically that 1 allow no followers quot it s Juite right be Are a am. Tin y re a ilec4ireful lot. If i catch Anny followers Stoakin round Yema am quot specially Mil Lingary followers i la follow the n wid the Kitchen travelling state ire we in now quot quot Kansas Kansas my gracious this is a l prohibition state in l it quot "ye.-, been a prohibition state for a Long quot let me Oil quot at the first important quot Are you a Temperance lecturer quot quot no to Selling a remedy for Jim jams quot they were standing at the from Gate quot won t you come in the parlor and sit a Little while George dear quot nuo i guess not quot replied George Hestia higly. Quot i you would quot the girl w ent on. Quot it s awfully lonesome. Mother is gone out and father is up stairs groaning with rheumatism in quot both legs quot asked George. Quot yes both quot then i la come in a Little a few weeks ago a gentleman entered the office of a Well known quot insurance agent and tossing a paper on the counter said to the clerk quot that s run out and i want to get it the clerk unfolded the document and smile inquired quot vre you sure that this has in out quot quot of yes quot said the gentleman quot my wife told me it run out quot Well i iii sorry Fogt a you but we Are not taking that kind of risks now quot responded the clerk As he handed it Back to . It was marriage Certis Cate. Quot Pat quot said reverence quot i shall be very Busy this afternoon and if any one Calls 1 do not wish to be quot All right Sor will i Tell them you re not in quot quot no Pat that would be a quot an Phat la i say yer River enc quot of just put them Oft quot w ith an evasive ans at supper time i at wits asked if any one had called. Quot Faix there did a quot and what did you Tell quot said the priest. Quot so arc an quot i give an evasive quot How was that quot queried reverence. Quot he axed me was yer Honor in and see to hint see i. Was yer Gran Mother a Hoot owl a a can t allow Liat my dear sir quot said a brakeman on one of the Wabash lines the other Day Ratiner sharply to a passenger who was trying to crack a Pecan on the end of a car seat. The offender a Small Man of quiet Demeanour looked up and remarked that he was not hurting the seat he was hammering on cast Iron. Quot i can t help that sir quot Saki the Brake Man. Quot suppose we let everybody crack nuts on the car seats Don t you see it would deface them i Tell you it won t do. You la have to Stop it quot quot ill pay for All the damage i do quot said the Little Man bringing knife handle Down on the nut again. Quot you la get out of the car if you Don t quit. That s what you la do quot quoth the exasperated brakeman. Quot of no i think no quot said the Little Man quot ill try to put up with the injury to the car i can stand it quot and he handed the brakeman a card inscribe Ltd thus . New York. Quot i beg your Pardon or. Gould quot exclaimed the employee humbly lifting Cap and turning red and Pale by turns. Quot Iti Atis right a Good Man. You were Only doing j Sjur duty. No need to ask my Pardon. I have no better right to the property of the Road than any other passenger would have. Always do your duty regardless of persons. I la keep an by. Out for you. An hour later the great railway magnate left the train. Quot do you see that Little fellow quot said the brakeman to an acquaintance. T hat s Jan Gould. I m solid with and my Fortune s quot that Jay Gould quot was the reply. Quot not much. That s Henry Smith of Bushnell ill he looks like Jay Gould and whenever he travels he carries a pocketful of cards with Jay Gould s name on them. Been giving you one has he oho aha quot a wild it yed brakeman on one of the Wabash lines travels Back and Forth on run performing allotted duties in a mechanical Way and possessed of one absorbing consuming desire. He wants to meet or. Smith of Bushnell once More before in Chicago Tribune. Quot who b1i." one afternoon a half Drunken fellow it t on one of the in it uis Ville Ami Nashville sleeping cars bound North. When the conductor showed to i i seat he found a clean Well dressed gentlemanly looking coloured Man to iwo partner in that Section and occupying the seat facing . Lie at once began in a Drunken fashion to abuse the negro accusing of trying to quot set up for White folks quot doing the dude act in charcoal &c.,and finally got up from seat declaring that he d quot bed a if he d set tharand get outdone by a blasted Nigger in a High the conductor to keep the peace and prevent any disturbance in car led the indignant Patron of old Kentucky Bourbon to a seat in another part of the car. Next morning the Drunken Man who was not a bad fellow at heart had sobered up considerably and with some Reuie Labrance of previous misconduct to the coloured Nam s seat and commenced to apologize by saying he had been quot a Little of bad quot the evening before and did not mean any harm by and thing he Ini Glit have said that he had t anything against the quot niggers quot and was Altaj s their Frieml when they behaved themselves so he hoped the stranger would see that in anything that had meant no personal offence to . Quot that is All right sir quot Suid the Colonni Man with politeness. Quot i saw your condition at once and of , Nuder tie circumstances did not consider you responsible for your acts at that Riih quot. Your apology this morning make relic honorable. Allow me quot a at thu Annie rime offering card to former i a is Luor. The Drunken fellow Drew Buck is if h a had been shot. Quot look ,.mr. Nair re quot he cried in great excite Mcner. A a hair made up my mind to stand the iii Nav coat and the stove pipe hat. But i la he denied if i stand a n Atli a Kyard quot a Harper s. Sixty years ago in was the custom to sell the Ullic lands on credit to actual settlers who agree Ltd to pay a stipulated sum at designated times. If the purchaser failed to make a i ment at the appointed time the land w As forfeit Ltd to the govern men even if a partly paid for. The enforcement of contract by the government sometimes caused great distress to the set Tilers when through the failure of their Crotis they had Bec Ouie unable to meet thi in a big nations. Gen. James Findlay at one time the receiver of tie distr t land Ohice in a endeared himself to the Farmers by tie Way in which i he c inducted the sales of forfeited lands. Or. Poore who Teks in a a i feminist ence quot in anecdote illustrate a of Genera i it genial solicit resents As i gentleman of the eld self it of. With a Blu a quot manner and a corpulent person which he dressed in the aristocratic Blue at d but quot. R using one sca.-. I i of hard times. farms in Ohio to it it artly paid for were forfeit cd to the Givi in intent and advertised for Sale. It ii. Findlay. In the discharge of of a Ocial duty attended the place of Sale and Learned that sei re a a resent j r pared to these lauds. Met Hunting a stump the a tineral opened the Sale by designating the forfeit Eil lands and that they would be sold to the High st bid it Ler. Ilie original . He said were honest men who Fileri to meet the or engagements by Nason of the Hanl times. It As Liana for them to be thus forced from Homes they had partly Paitl for. Tut the Law was Imp native and the lands must be Otle red. A and he continued. A Trust that there is no it no. I will not say that i Hope there is no Rascal Here so mean As to buy neighbor s Home Over heart a a Tlemcen i Over this lot for .s.ile. Who bids quot there no forfeited land sold that youth quot a companion. A scene at Sedan. It la proposed to erect a Monument to Robert Snow founder of the first sunday school is Brooklyn. Thee timoted coat cos to be raised by we scrap tiros to Ltd Naday school a Bolani. At Sedan there was a truce before the final surrender general Wimpffen who was in command of the French troops wanted favourable terms but like general Grant at fort , the germans insisted upon an unconditional surrender. Quot then we will resume the Battle quot was the reply. Quot very Good sir quot said von Moltke quietly. Quot we have 240,000 men you about 80,<x 0, and 500 Cannon Are in position to open on your de Wimpffen hesitated a few moments and decided to surrender. Quot is it the sword of France quot said von Moltke nor of Napoleon hi., which of Are delivering up quot quot the sword of the mix Iron sir quot v. Us the san Francisco Call. A cod place for tax dodgers. A a lace on Earth has been found where taxes Are unknown. It is a territory bordering on the Northern line of Lincoln county me., called Hibbard s it contains 34 acres of land my ten. Nourishing families. It is bodied by the tines of three counties Knox Lincoln and Waldo but is not claimed by either. The inhabitants do not maintain a mull Cipiti organization and cannot vote for president governor member of the legislature or to in officers but they Are contented with their lot have Fine farms and goo Ltd roads their pork barrels and potato bins Are open to each other and they do not care a snap about politics. Liis Community comes a near a Viii a Utopia �8 Community Ever did a 3lttle nearer than the slow loan colonists name to Jamaal 31oori.sli in Florilla. There came to st. Augu-tin.-. Fla few years ago anti r it ars Sjo but a i �.1--eign countries a Lemier a Milci Nannt cd. Gray haired Man who. Talt or Timu i there the material and in it i it or birr mind Ings for its sex Crisc. Frouz it Iel ifs the most elaborate details of the Siam a bra and other Morisli i it Alai in >.ain. Tangiers and Algiers he t it it. To a Dence that is Enid Matiea by i Wick of a it fined Oriental Art. Riih tia a ii i Beautiful Concrete of a Light t rayiili.t-, durable a. ii Neil it a a h and Small shells and i unit ii. Tin of ingredients were Mixi in it. Wair in a mass in hods and Mirt do Chr matrix of the raising Wall. Above the in Rearic it i if i Cri tion quot a la Ghalib in Allah quot no Conr juror Bur \ i i Zorayda is the name of this unique cart Arion and so Graceful airy and Elega if is it it has l een called the must beaut if us quot is. Dence in Amer ii a. It Tefr Juil in a in the same style arc in Progress i or they a do not seem like inno it ions a w i do they u iii tin nit allow tout of that spi Missli Linin Iduix. It narrow in cars. And its it tier al in Haiut a it i Eai Anri. Most to notable of these it u creation is a Sci i a table Spanish Palai of. W big h it sown a designs for i hotel. The. V. I it re of Aring completion. It to in ii quot Lart one the i once de . -. Irmi the Alcazar and the a am Nii a by i met a Nail Vianit iia. Taronce tie is the main build Nir. Mca using 50 by 4f left with a Doninio Dati nis for six he Drc Ltd g lit and i Pac ious dining Hall will Ai Ronin Daff seven Hundred. The Arr Hitti in i purely moorish from the tall town and of hanging tile roof to Ilic it it a r and in -.nle-. The Interior is Rich with Titra it it i i a a rna intents niches figure. aps Ami balustrades while in thi a i ourt Ijo feet Sij Are is c it nip left i a n by an Arcade of Onart it Olu Nind a Chr a stretching from Wing to Init. The a Cade of the Alcazar Dir Fri a ipod a n ill be reproduced from i and will be Oei pied Rhi. By w Iriina Zahars restaurants raiding and i rooms Etc wit i i pen ii al ii thu in above for use in Case of an a. Urilov from the Ponce de Leone it i do a it to will be the Asa a rhe House Mother of the to. I Ruskin Aio elegant in its de Pirn. Thi entire group of buildings v. In he us equated in any country As a it us of Ful Ini t Ilion of a foreign Archit Cutura 1 i. a. Boston trans Crizit. Cie3is of thought. Dying is the Best part. F life a who knows How to live worthily. J for a Man to be Vinci car. Like arable car he must t lose grip. Tears Are no Moi a sacred than Niilus. Laughing is As Dit inc As crying. Zeal without Edge Mcner i ilk Ornu powder in the hands of a child. The cockroach is wrong it attempts to argue with a Chicken he that is Choice of time w ill also be Choice of company ind choir of actions. The heart of the Ungrath fun is Lik the desert which absorb s the rain and pro j ducks nothing. To one who is living aright no death can be sudden and no lace unfavourable. One step and All roads meet. J if you do Only what your master wants j you you will stand still if you do less i you will go Back if you to it More you will get on i there is no greater a stake that j made by the Man w to is selfishly seek j ing any kind of happiness at the expense of others. If he search for it through whole life he will never find it. To diminish the welfare of neighbors will add no mite to own store. On the contrary happiness increases As it is shared and diminishes As it is selfishly grasped. A Bald Eagle killed recently near Santa Kosa cal., measured seventy eight inches from tip to tip of Wing and its talons when copied measured seven and a Goa ruler ii mis. Transient topics the French Crown a a Twell will be Aoltia by auction on Ilay i2th. It in estimated that s.>0,000,000 Are invested in Ratunil Gas plants in pen Wyl Vania. Five bodies on a average Are taken to the morgue in new y Ork cite every 3-ear. Leyden University in Holland is the richest in the world. Its real estate is said to be Worth 84,000,000. Thomas Keene the first White child Jorn in Montina died recently aged Twenty Vears and three months. The owner of a Vineyard near liver More. Cal., has thirty four who keep the and gophers in some sort of subjection. Lulu Wiliiams a child of eleven years is an applicant for divorce in a Omaha court on the ground of Crue to and failure to support. Piste indians la Cyada name their cd Illren after White people in the expectation that the latter will Rake an interest in the Little folks is Thev usual la do. It a i Stamps to tie value of �10,000,000 i Sterling Are a w ays be t in the custody of one of the officials al Somerset House. The yearly to get Stam s us Maljers about 2.wxxxx ,0<f<,. The prohibitionists in Mic i gun charge that they Wen beaten at the recent elec Fiou by frauds it tin. Count and by illegal voting. The majority against the prohibitory amendment is apparently Airout it is stated in French military quarters that a new mitral lease of remarkable Power is being Rich in the austrian . It is said to tire Loime bullets in a. .�n�7>nre and a half and w eight Only 4ulbs. The Price of this 1 new inn i . The i tinted stuff s supreme court has Afi Irmell the tic vision of. The court below hat the National Banks of new York City Are liable to under the la a. The decision i Idil about .s2. O .0.i i yearly t it the Eity s i Evenue. An in resting revival of mormonism is going on at Kirkland. >., the Plai a a Vohen this curious Faith w is Tirsch per it nil Gatei. Tie of i re Nile is unite going repairs and a new a Omni Unity of latter Day saints i grow ing Upa Hout it. They do idiot Heidi ave in n it a i.u-Actis-. A polygamy. Put it Uliar i a ree Eniy Eanie be tire i Nairi irate of Mari duet in the Liepart Irenr of ire. It Franr. Two women Ere a a resp a tor ii Jinn in Bones Lurnig Iceni ii d using the ashes in Ove put in on it. they old toa cred Ous Axil i who w i hed to recover her i o. E r. Tile Kineris an it on i a at Panayia warns Vii Erica iii re nor to iro to the Isth uni to work of i Airai. He says that there Are a is Eal 1 Lany Anneni Doyed men m lii Lenni. To at the to Pital Aco a in ovations Are Insull Fien did that labourer who fall Iek Are i nursed by be Coni a priors Ltd Benir cared for free in to pitau. Rhi it Hospital charge for Marieni i two in it i armaday. Latsil rin -. In i Alifornia an in Erio is a Ruthie. A he Syreni of fraudulent a acres of valuable red t nil it or Laniis have been aji Propri item by a alien corporation it Rok it n no by land it Nanussi once spark while whirr it Wirht it persons have Bei n indicted for i audient surveys and cons piracy in Defratis the government. And seven ire Likely t it be it Unish he a tic deserve. Tile in pos a ion of that it i in it shows that Ham and Frami Lent sir f is a e been carried on on a Ery great s ale in several quot of Tiff territories involving for nearly two mullions of dollars. 3iailo women. Friend just blk from sick tells me that from curiosity he went round the hotels to see wha unchain a to properties wet lying in their Bure Atis. To be Able to inspect them , lie pretended to have something to claim. The show of jewelry want smal. U Hen caskets were not carried Oit in the to Light they were claimed by teb Graj it a. But aids to Beauty and evidence it abounded of How when nature fail a tips in to set totter Jig Mouths right to it Over Diu died Heads and i o iii out i Trine i Chest. Friend had no idea a it whar # Tenc contrivance had been pushed i tie Mann i cure of a up Plein enral busts and .s. Of the former he w As Able to Bear away a few specimens which be has directed not with the Scal Pei. L it with the scissors. They Are Beautiful la Iju Mility derived from the Fine Wirf sri Yiirs inside. These Springs Are in a layer of horse , and have an Ouer c Jaring of soft Aud Tough silk into w hich eiderdown is quilted. It Ovit of Iglus and ouch ave thing harsh Aud metallic. The artfully contrived bust resists the Tigler tailor made Corsage just like natural roundness Anc is sufficiently yielding nor to Start the sei tuis. Wotila take in the most practice Eye. A to Nylon truth. By siness Ani gone is. Scene in a newspaper of ice time Apil in a Ianiro id agent quot i have news of importance for you. The plump town rail a u rapid e standing its lines Westward. Three carloads of ties have ref Nutly been sent to the Vestern editor quot you will please see the is manager. He the Only one who has anything to do with Nii Road matters now. It you Only 2.3 cents a Railroad agent quot but this is not an . It is a matter of . Editor quot just so. So the notice of arrival of a Stock of new goods Ora particular drive in fhe Price of any kind of goods. I would be glad to accommodate you but under the inter state Commerce Bill quot agent taking departure a do the inter state Commerce Bill. Filitor whistling Down the tube of the business office a say you understand the Long haul and the Short haul Don t you quot business manager quot yes editor quot there will be a Railroad Roan itt to see you. Make a Long a quot 1,1"
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