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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives May 2 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - May 2, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Iii Titi Degrasse Fox it a a /. The leading county paper and the Only society journal on flaunt desert Island. Dec iras a Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 14. To. 13. A a Habboba make wbb Kasday May 2, 1900. A Bike a cents f. Shirliey Goddard. Paul Huntrod dad Hunt architect8, contractors and estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor . Four acres formerly occupied by the late John rent for the season or for a term of years the House has recently been remodeler and equipped with Mew plumbing throughout. Apply to Goddard amp Hunt bar Harbor or de gra88e Fox Philadelphia. W. 15. I Ark amp co. Olt washing top. Cor. It. Desert and main sts., and in the Grant bloc la main Street below it desert Street. Las opened for season of 1900 with a most Complete Stock of Rattan Makria India and f tent turn sigh the Japan by junk and turkish rugs curtains and materials of All kinds. Very things suitable for furnishing a room or a cottage in an artistic was at a Low Cost. Inexpensive furniture coverings Down cushions Etc. Orders for re and covering old furniture laying hat tings hanging curtains making cushions bedding will be Given prompt attention by the most careful and competent Salein lots . The parcel of land comprising one and one half acres formerly occupied by Des Isle hotel has been subdivided into Twenty eight House lots a Bah will be sold on easy terms. Since the late acceptance in last town meeting of new Des Isle Avenue these lots have become very desirable. Price $400 to $l.600. For full particulars and plat of land apply to Goddard amp Hunt to rent for the coming season. New and attractive Hump the poplars quot of tel by i. A. Roberti of Boston to by Tiivi Heidi april Irth actual cd of the Cor it a of it. A Sirl and High streets. J his House is equipped with every modern Eon Veniene hot actively furnished and suitable for family Comfort at Lorae and entertainment. It includes Seyen mater mid four for ants rooms four Isth rooms and a Roomy English basement. Full particulars a incl Udine it 1hu of House of application. To Rio House commands us unobstructed View of the mountains and is in a very desirable location. We Aveai of Large lit of Jot Tuff of of varied sies and in desirable a ovations. Full particulars on wish to Call attention to the fact that the following Are thoroughly equipped to Bobbi ii business no gift tto a How urge or liow 8uiau the join and at Buch thai it will buy to get our a a a a Uriate before going elsewhere. We can Supply men from any of the following Liepart Zients a an hour d notice and can do the work at prices whirl will compete with the lowest to lure. Carpenter department. First class carpenters Cabinet a Bukera and lathers for repaid or new co Naruc lion. Mason department. Milling department. Our Wood working Macii inky is running 10 hours a Day the year round and we can do your band sawing plan ing and milling while you wait. In Ouk Kiln i it by will be found a Good Supply of Ria Ilard Pine flooring Ulirch and Maple flooring quartered Oak flooring White Wuol 111 boards Plu ulc and set i Are Stock. Also one Inch and two Inch quartered Oak and Pine. Clear Spruce and . Bricks Portland and Host Ndal cd intent Lime Adamant hair and Cal Tineil plaster. Masons constantly on hand for of blog and fireplace work. Painting department. Full Astor Tenient of paints. Leads and out. Also being agents for a prominent Wall paper Hourie we oan Well decorative Pup i Ahlow As the write straight fire insurance and also wish to Call your attention to the fact that we insure the recovery of rents in Case of Are. This 1.� of special value to parties depending on regular rentals. We bepbe8ent the follow Ike comi Anis the Continental and the american fire insurance co s of new York the scottish Union and National insurance co. Of Edinburgh Scotland and the Union Assurance society of new York. Kohl to to Loah on Good Solo Rill in amounts not Lesa Thau $500. Att Moti a flah8 us Spadini cation for hones from $650 up a Goddard pc Hunt. Co contractor and builder. Shop come st or Harbor me. Hes never h a of flip a us to a my a my or by i Nam al to mme new a a hip min. Bur Harbor. A balls up How property when Are hta Deti Royed the old. But incur Hbeo Faey Are Moat needed Lias set him up in business Sgan. Ellsworth and som into. From the Bookman the sea is awake and i hear the Joy of his Wawner where the Waves break in Tumble of lyrics and shaking of Earth chorus that mix in the Musk they make. And the wind the invisible rider with invisible whip Guider misguided of Cloud and of wave ind of ship Maui Hine consider of morning red Dawn at her lip Over thu glint Noring floor hither to Nie where it Falls Jasper heaps on the Shore the White dust of the sea is visit. Its anniversary. Island Lodge gives an enjoyable entertainment to commemorate this event. The most enjoyable entertainments Given Here during the months a atm bar Harbor people can indulge themselves in a Little pleasure and recreation Are those held under the auspices of some one of the flourishing secret societies. Last thursday evening at the g. A. R. Hall the Odd Fellows with their ladies and a few of their friends from outside the order enjoyed a feast of reason viands and music. The Day was the Sis Taumi Ersary of the establish intents of Odd Fellowship in America. A Large number were present and the occasion was enlivened by local orators whose talents it was said had been developed in the lode room. Or. E. N. Lien son was the presiding Genius of the occasion and he wielded the Gavel unmercifully in calling upon gentlemen present for contribution of speeches and stories. He himself was filled with the lore of Odd Fellowship an the wit and Wisdom of an attorney at Law. Fred c. Lynam spoke wisely and Well upon the benefits of the order and its Beautiful precepts the fact that he was a backslider by his own admission in his attendance upon the regular meetings of the Lodge was overlooked in i steam to the of his new born Zeal and admiration for the teachings of Odd Fellowship. Or. Rogers discoursed upon the advantage of membership in a Lodge of Odd Fellowship. Every Tuan he said who can afford it should not Only join the Odd Fellows but the masons and the knights of pythias especially if he is a married Man. Ladies Are always contented when they think their husbands Are spending their evenings at the Lodge room. My. Whitney and or. Wasgatt each made very Brigit and witty speeches in making their excuses for their unprepared Ness in quot talking in not tie least interesting and enjoyable feature of tie evening was the Nii Isic Fovini Ishell by uie male a Pailet. Or. Pies Colt Cleaves i rank Anthony f. L. Koli erts 1. 1. W Hiti Noie and the soloists or. I. A. Dver and or. Fithony or. Who Limey a resided a the piano ail Alai by Drew afforded the oni Pany a lire at Deal of pc Amine ill playing a Solo Tipon the Cullu Miusiu. After acid exer i is. Followed a Lucli of Lee , cake and Coffee then trip iii the Light fantastic to it e to the music of Joy s orchestra. Tik whole Ai air irom to end was a most pronounce ii Success iii Island Lodge is to be congratulated upon iii visits members and its friends whom it quot did not pass by on the other Side quot a most delightful evening. Bound to say Good by. I or Many Bias the general Pulilli taken pleasure in that rail rail men Are discount sons and Dis obliging prone to irritation Over very Small tries. Down at the i Nion station the other a 1 saw an illustration of this fact. The Bangor i Ullian getting Sialei Way its great engine Stentor ugly some monster of the deep and Luibil proceeded about to Yards or so when two very pretty and equally swagger girls dashed through the Gate wildly waving their hands at the receding train and Stac Cavoly shrieking Stop Stop quot in a moment a Basso chorus from oae end of the train to the other had joined in the refrain for the girls were Young and Beautiful. In Obe Diegue the conductor halted the train and stood on the rear platform smilingly awaiting the approaching Maidens. Suddenly from the rear car appeared a rather Nice looking youth who received the feminine brigade As he stood of the lower step a rapturously and unitedly they Flung themselves upon him and the atmosphere was filled with kisses More explosive than a Luddite Shell. Quot of Charley quot they cooed in chorus quot we were terribly afraid we d miss calmly Charley disentangled himself and returned to the car while the girls with never a glance to right or left leisurely retraced their Steps. In speechless Wrath the conductor gazed for a minute or so and then seized the Bell Cord with a convulsive ferocity that snapped it in Twain. The brakeman said things never printed in the Christian Herald and threw an old maid into terrible excitement by brutally casting her harmless Skye terrier into the baggage car. Half the run to Bangor was completed before the conductor regained his wonted amiability. Yes the Public is right. Railroad men Are very crotchety. Portland sunday Telegram i. O. O. F. Address. Monday evening at the unitarian Church Rev. E. P. I ember of Bangor gave a most interesting and insert Ortive under the auspices of Island Lodge i. F. Trie speaker dwelt upon the advantages of membership in the order and announced criticisms that Are sometimes made by clergymen and others who know nothing of its benefits. Continuing he said that people frequently ask Why is the society a secret organization ? if it teachings and its influence Are so Good Why not make it Public in reply the reverend gentleman said Why do you not make the affairs of your Homes Public another idea beautifully presented was the fatherhood of god and the brother Hood of Man. In the lord s prayer we Are taught to say quot our father who Art in heaven quot 11 the lord is oui father certainly All men Are Brothers. Many of the Good Points made by the speaker were illustrated by timely stories. Everyone agreed the address was one of the most interesting Vei Given under the auspice s of Island Lodge. Mrk n. Benson presided at the meeting and gracefully introduced the lecturer to the Large audience present. The male quartet kindly rendered excellent music for the occasion and the following anniversary ode was Sung by the audience. All glorious mighty lord to thee our grateful song we raise Blest source of our Prosperity thy guardian care we Praise. Lest source of our pros Verity thy guardian care we Praise. Our order once a Little band Iti weakness and in fear Besought the guidance of thy hand its the tiny Joath to cheer Besought the guidance of thy hand its thorny path to cheer. The few thro i by preserving ran re now a a mighty hosta d thou who hearkened to our prayer a Shalt be our constant Liast and thou who to our prayer shall be our l on tacit it mid Dusi it ii Tiitu v ind u Iris it or weary Ift Hiiva to iii it. Lilt thou to iii it ii i 1.111 i a Nihil Mmi-., Llast Suk in iii i "11 Lut thou tit ii Hli it in i Sci Illus >c.u-. Hast i. In then Joi Ull it i nil h mini. To ii 11 in i lit ii i i t Hii i Dilu Ili Luli a. o my mini in ii nun Hall Lumli iii j. .1. 1 o i Lis \tma.l,f. R. In it wedded in Philadelphia. Mica Bergi Ici the Bride is Well known in he re r. Nong tie Hean Liliie w a a iii it strip in i. Says the 1 lii incl i ii i iii tui i of i liar san w As thai us m is Uhei ine Pristine Lier Sci. Nimr and mrs. Charles Willi to lii Nii to or. I Koosis lii iii in at noon in st lines Church h. A want Sci Puiul ind w al luit streets tie Kev. I 1 a is listed by the be. I l. swirl iii of st Thomas Chut lii Wiite m Irsh i .i., Uhic Watcil. The Luin 11 u is a fitly decorated Willii Sou Tiutin stint lax i Astei lilies and Palms my Ilic Lien dark was lar4er than at any pm Din quot so this Fuji. The Bride was Ivan a say is Hei r and was attended he miss Knight Annear As maid us Honor ind the following bridesmaids Idith Lyell. Of new York miss iii us . Of new \ of k a Jet iii re.iici-, Liss Foulke .1 Ici to. Might a ii Ilda Shapley and miss Elitc Spenuer re Best Man was ii Llenis Ltd. Haytol and the Ushers Wim or i a Letsou Kobli a or. J. I Percival arc or. 1. Ill limit a a surly Andrews jr., or. \. M. L Itlen or. Kalward l. Cheynie or -. W. Lier ner or Clarence ii Phani Ulrici and or. Louis 1. Matthew a. Chu Sisters preceded the party up llu , singing the wedding March from Lohengrin. The Bride wore a magnificent gown of Point Dangleterre Over Duchesse Satin. Around her Throat was a Diamond necklace and she also wore a Beautiful Diamond and Pearl brooch a gift from the Groom. She carried an old sixteenth Cen Tury copy of the English prayer Book and also a Small Boquet of orate go Blos sonts. The maid of Honor appeared in a gown of Pink silk trimmed with White lace and Chiffon with a hat of Pink Straw trimmed with Pink hydrangeas. She carried Pink hydrangeas. The bridesmaids wore White Muslin with Valenciennes lace and Pink Satin ribbon lats of White tuscan Straw trimmed with Pink roses and carried bridesmaid roses. A breakfast followed at the residence of the Brida s parents. 1527 Walnut Street. The decorations were of White orchids and lilies. Edward b. Mears. A cottages for Reni or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. A costly dog. When William r. Chapman was in Bangor a kit Elk ago says the Bangor commercial he was telling friends about the handsome dog he had purchased for his wife paying $200 in Good Cash for the animal now the dog is lost. Clairvoyants detectives and the Promise of Liberal rewards have failed to restore to mrs. Chapman her pet Jessie which has been missing More than a week. I consequence mrs Chapman is now ill in her apartments in the Waldorf Astoria and under a doctor s care. Jessie was bought three weeks ago after a month s negotiation Aud she Cost $200. She is a Brindle Bull and has been taught Many wonderful tricks mrs. Chapman became greatly attached to the animal. Or. Chapman engaged one of the hotel messengers to take Jessie out for a daily walk at a Cost of 50 cents an hour. It was while taking one of these jaunts that Jessie disappeared one week ago last Friday. The boy declared she Slipp etl her Chain and ran away. Search for the dog revealed the fact that Jessie returned to the hotel but could not get in through the storm doors and was driven away several times. During the last week More than �250 has been spent in advertising for the dog. The result has been a constant Stream of letters and callers at the Waldorf with lost dogs of All descriptions. Finally detectives were sent out to look for Jessie. They have worked on the Case since but without Sucre s. Mrs. Chapman says that clairvoyants have called on her and offered their services declaring that the lost will eventually return to the owner. They have been engaged to apply their methods to bring about a More speedy return. Or. Chapman says he will give 1p500 and ask no questions if Jessie Lis returned. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding Plant. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors the office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner a each Road and have tei Rohone connection. Wanted cottages to rent. We have some desirable cottages to rent. Of will sell your pc panty. Will rent your property. W e w ill Lonk in i r our j to cry. Call or ii Dreps Clark merchant j. E. Clark big bar Harbor me real estate Brol cers m. W. Stratton Marshall s express a. Bird cough architect and building Puri . Office. Grant Buitt Lin amp 1 i Chi . a k in in m Arnov. It Iak sii All., . Baggage and freight a i Luigi Billy Tilitz Siuy. Piano Movi Nii a spi Ciai re or uni i 1 to Ciuc will ii i tivi in of incl Riihl Viiu lii Utu ii ii office on main Street next a loor to ainu Rio aii i Xii Ress. I t it iii iii Oruc Tiki Duy Hihi ?� Lulu til teams at All w. Marshall proprietor. M am it i first class groceries. Best Creamery butter Ani it fresh eggs always on Alanl a. Bird cough cot we Street. George l. Stebbins Seal Harbor real estate. Coinages for rent. Build iii lots of sea Cliff drive for Safe of Flom Teal Harbor m�., and 108 produce Exchange n. A r4

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