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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jun 20 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - June 20, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Perasse Fox building. Insurance broker bar Harbor Recroft the leading county paper and the Only society journal on count desert Island. De Grasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 14, no. 20. Bar Harbor Maike wednesday evening june to 1900. Price 5 cents Paul Hunt p Shirley Goddard. Goddard a Hunt architects contractors and builders. Real estate a mortgages. And insurance office bar Harbor co7 l it it a. It. I3eert mid Vlmiiisti-., and ill tie or int i lock Alnio Stix of l Ella a it Hei ert str to 11 tor sri tin it it i lii ii with ii it st join lot Kat tax m al a. Ixl i a Hiki r 1 i i Kex Tiki to. Jatari Isi Irti Ana Erk kiss a to a ctr tails in it i m at Dkl .<1 11 ukr. I -. iii Tahr tor i u r. I 1 u 11 i or i i a a a x i. a u unit i re v. N �?�., i c t. 0 1 or cover Oki a in it nor in Emu int i i in main Malc iii . To a 111 i Ivy i Pitt a Tom Liv thu 111.-sta. j o n h t c. T a it. I quot k i u for Sale in lots to suit. The Parrel of land one and one half acres formerli4 occupied by Des Isle hotel has been subdivided into Twenty eight House lots which will be sold on easy terms. Since quot the late acceptance in last town meeting of new Des Isle Avenue these lots have become very desirable. Price $400 to $1,600. For full particulars and plat of land apply to co Pard al Hunt to rent for the coming season new and attractive House owned t y i. A. Roberie it i of Boston situated on tit Cor it r of mount it Sert ii incl lii a streets to be finished i i ready for occult sin a june 1st. Liis House . Iji7ipped with every modern convenience and elaborately and tastefully i coated and furnished. It includes h Sartre Entrance Liall. Handso Saely tin i hed in flemish Oak a dining room with like Tonish. A drawing room smok iii r a of and Hall reception Runi seven master and four so a vans a a Edro onis tour l bathrooms also a Roomy English basement with Kitchen laundry Larder and servants dining room. Full particular including pm an of House on Ali location. I he commands an Uno a ii a card vii w of thi mountains iii i in a very Ilesi Rable location. Of Viive also a Sartje list of cottages of varied Siz and a desirable locations. Full i Artic liars in it indication. We wish to Call Anent on to the fact lir to tic following a Pattii ifsits arc to line min Lily lor a july Linti big Inoh. How a Kike or How st Quill Ilic Ion Siml la Rich girl cd -. Thai it will i iii to a. T our. l .-1or. Goi it cd Owlick. W k t a n it i Niks innit Linvol my follow Ink i iii fit it in iii a Ioir. In Quimio vhf work ii Iurii a i Sliu will Corii pct w ill if his isl la Gimp. Carpente Depha men t ii to cd iii Culjis gift Ini Iki i i Lichtm it lor or new Wason department. La ii kit l or Hind and Kox Kiilau quot quot int Icil la iii Ami Cal imil i masons Fri Isamii i v on lor Joh Bisig acid lure Price work. Quot milling department. Of ii Wood Wolc Kini. u1nkiiv h Sinnine let i Hiir n Iliin tic year Roth cd Anil we Cellilo your bund a Twink. Pm iii i h mail 11 la half you Wii it. of k will l c Moinul a Sooil iii imply of kill giant l ine Klo Oiin Liili int Maple i Loopuit unit Erbil Onk t loor info White Wiki in Bourini Phiiip uni a a ii Are i Ock. Alro. in it to Ami in Eli Luis Ferneil Oak Ami l ine ,l4 or Spruce i ii it i painting department. Full ask Orl Ideiil of i Liing i. Leads uni Oln al of Lient ii i iii lor a Primi Lidumil Wall taper Home we can sell Debora ii. L in it r Ahlow a tiik lows car. We write straight fire insurance and ii so Wlsh to Call your Allenton to tie Tacl thai we in a rely it ii of Errol n it in cite of la re. To iii of special value to Partle to depending on l Yentun. We Uki the c pm t a n 1 the Continental Ani the american fire insurance co of new York the scottish Union and National insurance co. Of Edinburg Scotland ind the Union Assurance society of new York. Money to loan on Gooij Security in amounts not Leaa than boo. Attractive plans and specifications for houses from $650 up Goddard pc Hunt. Now open tmh2 nov cottage Street live if ceo. J. Stafford proprietor. Vinesl equipped stable in the . Stratton p architect and building . Office. Grant buil diner tei Phonh. Bar fire like lightning e Lully protected Aga lost loss by either of theae uii Welcome Virt Itoh. Look air companies for this Protection they give it surely find safely and cheaply. Neg. H. Grant co a f bar Harbor me. Board of Trade. A Larghe m. Ling and the Horr hastily endorsed. Show there i very Lari a al lie i Oard of Traditi in a iii last Over in. Whirl was made All the Nore or raise of the Nui Vilier of non resident lii sent and it tin part Liry took in the discussions that were carried on. A interest Elentere in the report no the it onion Pittee on Wihlie tons who Hae Shari a of Armani in for the Jiki Pust a Heise and fair and nest in the Tinc was taken no in Roi Isider in the sas i slim h a Sui i u in an uni Cotta i past it i i was my. The Nin p it ii i h a 1. Or 1 w. 1. 1. N a i a i la i i t win to e m c . in a a was m till imi p inti \ to st 1 11k i m Lin w. Incl a t iii h i a 1111 w a i d. E i i l lor a i Pim t i 1 1 ii iii Iti i a till Laid . My ,.,. Ild l i n a a. 1h 1 w. 1 i 1 111 w m. Nodi d Ham i i ind an edit 1 11 1. Quot .1 re in a i in till a a i Nie it in .1 e Lead i cd a of portion to i i Lair ind n i d a 11 e. A d i lit r my i be Lai k of Sui Aira a. 1 i Mill i if i Ade r \ h in n i n 111 111 their st. Lek tin. A ten in a u ii l to Antline the tia k in mph i he Leonti Icid with or. K. I ii eel. Who went to the my a in Ink. I vey or reel v had six. Sted hew st Sidi of the Ark the most suitable place lor the f ask i vii his reasons t Leefor and sex Plain in. How it would lie Arr iii a l. C of. Morresi said the tiros sets were Liri it for a successful show. The time Selea ted for holding the was Between the ct1i and r5th of August not to cont lib t with the fairs to be held in Oulu see Lions of the stale Lieuween tie races there would be an of Dri iii. Saddle and farm horses. I la iian of Herbert a i Jues and j. 1. I ass were artied la the Toni Toillee. Or a. S. said the Jue lion of incorporate i the fail Lead b n i indic on sidereal iii. There Weie iii aficial reasons Wiy Sudi a Ste should be taken. The Hoard of Trade Linder wikis auspices the Tair a to be held not an inc Oija ate i body. 1 n it ise Olai i dents it would be better to be i h u Krotec t de. Or. Laik introduced toll Wii quot Resolution was adopted de that tie i on to Piot eed to or air quot . The propose show and in a Kindred Pui pos. S. And to Butani sub Sci inti oils lor stoc k to sin i i a . My. Howard 11ml asked about the amount of Stoi k to be in and the a be of s and it. J. Soke in Lavor of the Resolution. 1 r. Kol Eri Aiu Ory ested that iii lieu of the proper buildings tents might be used this year to which c of. Mosiell said the sub i i had Bei ii considered. Head ctn feared with or. W. M. Rel Cardinl the Slung w hich held Eai h year at i Den and ested i Imit Iliin the Twu a in an of Calile poultry and Larm product. I i i his a n be in on _ i a Bimi the committee ,.ht obtain tie use of the l Eden tent. The Yale info t esi Wondem e allow. At tills sta eol tie Mertin the pies Dent said one l poi 1 i l a special Lon Init tee had Bien o \ al h liked t a on e .1 Phi ii led i Imite tie hit Isle to visit i Ai i . I r. I Midison d Aylor i Hai Man Lead a Lemur bom Admiral i de Ltd iii which Allie the loin Pittee Loi tin Nui Laloli. He he in add luit come bet re septic Niimi and Ingild Nul i of ise to co Nee e i 1 Lien. I lor spoke iii oui in by lit tin i Onte plated Tair and said he t oin Millee would it Ocoine la i est ions and he t old of the ident i to be Deli cd Infin it i m. Moi y sul vesled i a i the Price of stot k in tile 1 Orpia Tiomi in made Low possible loll to the chair made a iii Jestion the Lioard of Traile c of Ninitta Ditsch to the undertaking it would Call lor the Coop Dialion of All its Mem hers. Or. A Erndl asked it any provision Lead been i Uuie for events on the water and Sun sled thai the committee be a Quested to see what Arrau iii Clits can be made lor a series of yacht races Liavine them in so to be Loim Lar some of the residents own vessels now and others May be Attr Peteti Here. U was voted that the committee he be vesled to Arran e lor an of ii sailing regatta to be held Here Elliis summer and for this purpose the committee were in Struc cd to Adit to their Numier such names Alliey see tit. The chair stated that the next meeting was the Samuial meeting and suggested that a committee be appointed to Nomi Nate offices. On motion of or. L in j the chair vii instructed to appoint a committee of three Chi h he did follows i quot. N. I Enson m. W. Stratton and , 15. Dorr. I. A. Howard Hinkle spoke of the difficulties re Ardenti transportation those who come and stay late in the sea son , and he presented a resold lion to al the Ioni Mittee on Tiaris Poulalion be instructed to see if better Armani i ments cannot be . I Hinkle a tor Stock in thi after w the meet iii ii journey. A apr Ofiu 111. O. Beau tili i Ile. i Ira Ziec t Hiudt in i most e a . .1. 111.ins 411 Linely Laii a be mils Shoi e. Beaudesert. M ulc Fole sup a a a Home i i or. Jurnee. I ten Picu Ous of the i a .11, iii t be in Liioi e a Miguel Liml Lle of i 1 k. 1 lie Innis w a a a t time tic i tins ,. 11 i Woll iii h Alan the n i itto tin a w in Hmidi. And the Aid Minn i ,1 v the Este n e i l new no Nen a. I quot a a 1, m ier the 1 f dec i ii 11 i re i i. 11 -1 in k 1 n i \ u 11. It 1.a. .11 in 1 i a Enie iils on l a a a a a .11 id -1 Mol 1 he estate l i 1 Anion these a wind ii covered a it or , about to the. I Ion a \ n 11 oni a to jit it Steps who h k a e be i in i h i t Ile i Ostli Jor it a 1 in it in the pre Mise the i11 1 a 11 iii 111 Lis. W h h 11 suppl ii i tile Rool ii p White. 11,Ili Wiy do vii tie . I l i a clip and Overlook i a the w Itei a picture que summer House Fuyii Ishad w ill Comtoi table seals making in .1 most in iting Nook tor .1 siesta or Reading on .1 hoi summer afternoon. Nother addition the Sun parlor on the sea Iron Ottlie House. Here a firtion of the , Widich Ems the entire Len i of the been enc used with lass a Vei y attractive room which be Rea y enjoyed in Cool or Stormy weather. This apart rent Kwh tet and commands a tine View of the water. On he Sou h Side at the Entrance of , a new c i ered Porte i 01 Here i5> i Teel has Benui built. Over the servants a Luary Eis in the rear .111 at tue roof Arden do been added to the establishment in Easum 50 get. 1 i Tea lure Soni ethic anti Rock new to ii 11.11 Bor houses. Ii the set Ond Stoi a Dir out Troni die a .11 tin Eliis of or Justus i or iii.1 Ennis in m v be 1 lii Rawn out wlm i idols .1 to tie ,ittr.icti\ Enes iii con Viii pm e i in in. A i in of the reside e. .\11 these Ai d 1 quot oin besides till e \ u 11 Loi in ind the Les Lynnl in Liquie been mide sin in the d 1111 a Lin of the Entile e season. .1 Dilli 1 Ilist iii e a hot a Muse 1 .1 sin ill building the it a i i Pei 1. Edward b. Me Arr. Cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. Over tie courses several times has also a i Hinkle. D he Alfeis Homie ind expect that some new to har Harbor will be Here this summer. We file Liis yet very Early several cups have i read in ii promised tor a nigh ii tion. h ankle of c Ini inn Ali ill of ice i i up in years i isl thus iii Erin the Hini e Fuji a ii h come to be tie iii. A it Whir Hail the i st weekly i w ill be i be t my 1a a n 1 a 11 n 1 i1 a so i i Iid Dav in -.�?�-nber. I o tie w i Mill 1 of i a be it a it or 11 t in. Int lies i 1 up w a men i v d it it. Inion. 1 up �111 1 v. A m iss i Lisp. I .1,1,1 All i1, a a Hill Lort e Imti i a �.�.1 ,1 uii i i l,,.s. Bar Harbor hotels. I quot. W. Nobumi formerly proprietor of the House he Wurtlin and toi Eihl proprietor of the Snell j Louse Houlton c,i>d the Llovid at 11.ir fill .1 term ote . Lie. House has been Thorold y i nov i a newly twin relied. A Iid in ,111,1 1-Nen my h improved in ii. D l in him i 11 i be pie d h id .11. .11 e ,11 i Luie ii tel 01 e first 1 it i 1 l,.il ii till 1, 1 Abii re a a h in st 1 \ per c by i 111 1.01 Lote i .1 id 111 l a i e i be i Ajili or get re a a m. 1., 1 i. Ii i i 1 i. 1. I 1, i 1tei e i of -.1 i i in ,1.1 in a a e ,i 111 r t 1. A 11 v "11 a t it on the i of iii lii iii the main Buddi be a id led Ash in the Melon House w Hii i ire 1x50, and its iii i w ill l e used for Raisin do kinds of melons Liege inthe spacious ind i 11 i puppet Iee houses Are ill thi Truikis iii a tables used by the duri Ipi tie sii i Meion ii inns m this in door on Hinl lie the peat h Nul Apricot times 1 , v i y e a j u i n 111of t lies Lus i mus i uits Widich be 1 ast Ippi Hina Pele i Kell to Ether i real lid Sei t ,111 be i Lem e. In ind i i u 1 e do 1 e in Dune to in Ike i i 1 1,11 11 1 p 1.1 e e one a 11 111 e 11 m i l e. 1111 1 1 i Golf a l Kobo. W lii ii i in her till ii t will it Ikimis 1 ii ils it tei Ilion .11 ,.11 11.11 i ,01 i 11 a it n 1 in 1 w ill be the ,11 in 1 i n a. An i d 1 lie a i 1 ameii\. I list i list Heidi Ali to a i n .11 be 11. I 1 a. It i y Liei Junt Pla isl a d Lei Eskdale new i i Hull i one 111 1 i i c Solls to Prol a a la iii 1 erection of Lin m it m Lus h do less had it Ellei t 111 i ii Lees 11 the 111 l i ship list Slih Imp . I to iii Idore and in my Idi litmus a m. \ luring the . D la coins at Kiddo been lengthened some 150 Yards in i boil three strokes . The greens Hae been very much improved and the putting greens Are now acc Ord iii to the Tesla Mony of the , without exec Ilion the Best in the count Ltd. Tie Lub House now practically completed and a ill be iii normally opened july p with .1 to Wolik h invitations will be issued by the Board of governors to those of the sum people who Are already Here. I he w la be in charge of Harles a a Iiley of i Hila Delphiia who has so Loie catered at Kebo. 1 he course Yijen now and t Jui of the Best players of the club Arderi Kobbins i Lerbert a Ciucio Waldron lib tes and t. I. Quot Odon Are already ii Ere playing daily. Mrs. Condon one of the finest of tie lady players of tie country has been the mount desert a nurseries we Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors the office and greenhouses Are upon the Scho oct head Road and have Telephone connection. I or. John a Abbott \ i i Shepard. Norwell amp co. Of Boston i n \. A \ our i Spei t in of Ina a 1i \ e line o i a i Apik it 111 n i a i upholstery department \ 1hotel Beli Vioiet. R. \ 1 11.\ 1 in in june 25 for two to fint. We have some desirable Cut Tiu to rent. W e w in Side your i Noel i \. W e w ill i al i a 1 p 1 p 1 i a i a i 1, link i i i \ i a part Pel t v. Cialini id i e Clark $ merchant j. big bar Hathor. Nile real estate broker Manor inn a x i it Swiss chalet Sullivan Harbor me. This Alt Utle it a be will 1 get ii 1 in. 1 a 1 u 1sol \ e till.liiil \ Pic i Ulof tar Nooi fill which it lie Paiik so , 1i or terms tii Ilici Latici Liis a lists miss f. K. Smith Sullivan Harbor maidu George l. Stebbins Seal Harbor real estate. Cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for m offices Seal Harbor me., and 102 produce Exchange n. Y

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