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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - June 17, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Deoras eff a v a r a Quot. Insu Ranby a >1it. I i<1 t the Lead infer co Tinty paper and the Ety journal Rio it desert Island. Der ass Fox a v a a. I a a 1 it Ltd a real a state. F stages for it vol. It. Bat Harby to a Manga Eyb ning. June 17� 1903. File cd its to Vohar sea but Gashler. Amthor s. New May. Vloe president j a. To pack it Swent the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Fully equipped for event kind legitimate banking. Capital. A �50,000.00 Sar Plua and profits $10,000.00 Nir Cotter. . Bodziok. A. 9. Newman. Henry Chaa. H. Woo amp. Geo. H. I a Lawford Irant. invited. Step up higher. Twenty seven boys and cd tvs leave the grammar school to the Public be. We desire to Call your Tenton to our new faces Stubl laced in the Jelu amp Whitney building Corner main and cottage streets bar Harbor where we will be pleased to see Yoa at Ivy rinse. Or b.i5�lne89 is principally fire insurance real estate and in a it it m b n to. Our insurance department represents Twenty the Best Stock com Naples in this and cd reign countries. We will be a lad to look after the buying and Selling real estate our securities a ill be carefully a fleeced. Any bulness you May give As will be fully appreciated. Trusting that we May have a fair share y our it Jpn age. We Are very respectfully the Geo. Grant co. Bar n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and new York. The new Harrlson cottage Eagle Lake Road completed and furnished occupancy. 15 rooms and 3 Bath laundry. Apply to Milton w. Strattoni bar armr for rent rooms lavatory al Saddle horses. Or. W. F. Storm late the Park Riding school Boston mass., formerly instructor in the Royal prussian cavalry will return to bar Harbor by june 15th with first class Saddle horses and equipments and will be stabled at his old location no. 4 High Street oif cottage Street. Instruction Given to ladies and and advanced Saddle horses for hire French German and English spoken. Highest references. For terms apply to w. F. Storm,4 High 9treet. Riding skirts can be enter. Telephone connection. Livery boarding Quot a Sale stable fir to class rigs every kind by the hour Day Weem season. I to input services Good horses. Trim Velini Clos Intelli let it Drivers. Terms e. Foster proper. West Street bar Harpor. We Olit a for Sale six Hundred shares Par a hic too Earl the cumulative five per Ceil. Preferred Stock the bar Harbor and Union River Power company at Par one share common Stock to he Given with each two shares preferred Stock. This preferred Stock is preferred As to principal and interest and has equal voting Power with the common Stock. Dividends payable april is and october is each Yeai. The company reserving the right to redeem this preferred Stock the first Day april and october in any year at Par and five 5 per centum Premium together with any Arr rued and unpaid dividends. The company is a consolidation the bar Harbor electric Light company the Ellsworth illuminating and Ellsworth water companies under a charter authorized by a special act the legislature Maine. This trea sury Stock is offered for Sale to pay for the new lines this company now being constructed to Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor which Extension will Supply double the number a Sumers we server mount desert Island. In recommending this Stock As a Safe and conservative investment we Call Atten tion to the f Olio Wing facts that the earnings a get steadily increased each year that it earned last year Over double the dividend its preferred Stock and has an earning Over treble the dividend upon this Stock that the charter and franchises owned by this company were granted by a special act the legislature and Are per Peteuil that the population is Large and steadily increasing and that the policy this company is directed by some the most prominent and conservative Busine is men in the Community the direct management the company being in tie hands exp Rien ced and successful men in this kind business. This company is now wnmg�570,948 78 �?zexpenses$29,400 fixed charges22,500 common Stock 3 per cent.15.00� 00 surplus account>4.048 78 we offer for Sale two Hundred Par value ii too and >500 each the first mortgage five per cent thirty year a bid Bonds the Andersen Coal mining company new Jersey at Par and accrued interest. Interest payable april is and october 1st each year at the i International Trust pro Spany. 45 milk Street Boston mass., the company reserving the right to redeem Quot Jtj vim Cal com we us a the tight inne Bonds at the end five Vears at Par and five per centum Premium with All paid interest charges. J f Ink t ? company has created a sinking fund 2 1-2 cents a ton All Coal mined Sulci but to retire the Bonds maturity. . In a consolidation the Andersen Coal mining company pen is Vivama and c. P. Andersen s wholesale business in Boston mass. No a.1 a Pany has earned and is now earning the following amounts As per monthly statement ston who Esau business net profit55.280 58 mines net profit-6,216 76 to net Jpijr-mbnth$11,497 34 �37.968.08 net profiteer i a. Sqq a am it isomer fee Mes the interest charge the bonded debt the sides the Bonds that houses tipples sidings Ift. Fiat they earned last year Over treble the opera Oto that there is an equity paid in �200,000 besi is a a a Pany and control acres Poal lands cars hous that tiie Money from these Bonds is going to pay for fur wer improvement and development the property. Suf iii ii controlled and directed and operated to Gay conservative and business men the Community and men who Are experienced m the Coal the Geo. H. Grant co., ���?�uriiric0pi�liiu 4�tate and investments Ali Aioli la Whitney Suil inc Hathor Maine. Standing room at the Baptist Church Friday night was at a Premium when the graduating exercises the grammar school were held. The Chancel was beautifully decorated with tall Palms and pot ted plants with White blossoms until its outlines were completely Biddi. Suspended in the Center the Arch was a Banner in the class colors Blue and White bearing the motto Quot labor conquers everything Quot b. H. G. S. 03. Preceded by the teachers . Herbert Poole miss Lillian Spratt miss Elizabeth Smith miss Marietta Nickerson and miss Ennie Grant the class Twenty seven led by their marshal Albert Farrell were ushered to their seats. Truly it was a goodly sight to see the eager expectant faces the Dainty gowns and neat suits and one was led to wish that the High school might graduate the same class with to break in its members. A Short prayer was offered by Rev. A. M. Mac Donald after which came the Salut Atory delivered by Harold Whitmore. In Well chosen words he extended a Welcome to the superintendent and members the school Board speaking them As progressive men not afraid to try new ideas. To teachers classmates and schoolmates words Welcome were also spoken his essay was entitled Quot one unwavering aim Quot and was full sound reason and delivered with clearness and Force. He said that the Sun s rays scattered did not accomplish much but concentrated could melt a Diamond. This world is full Donkey engines that whistle and puff but go nowhere. It is the men one idea that have made their Mark such As Napolean who burned a Hole wherever he went. The favorite actor is the one who plays the same part year after year. One drop water has not much effect but a continuous dropping will Wear away the largest Stone. Quot the history our class bows Quot was the title Samuel Hillson s essay we lbs was a very unique one. He Gav i an interesting sketch the Way in which silk is made saying that it took longer to make a Yard silk than a locomotive. China claims t in discovery the Piess and carefully guarded the secret a bit an american disguised As a celestial managed to steal a few the silk Worms and made the secret his own. He told a quaint legend the silk worm showing where the first one came from. It caused great disturbance in China he said when the Large order was received for the ribbon to make the bows which were worn by every member the class. Seth Emery had a very interesting essay entitled Quot choosing an me told a funny Little anecdote . Watts who had such a remarkable gift for rhyming. His father was much opposed to his son s exercising Bis gift and gave frequent floggings in punishment. One Day Youna Watts while being severely punished with tears streaming Over his face sex. Claimed Quot dear father do some pity take and 1 will no More verses he gave other examples people who had found their natural Bent Early in life. These were exceptions however. Many men did not find their True position until late in life As was the Way with a s. Grant. Hut whichever is the Case a smooth read never leads to Success. Under the title Quot the autobiography Green Frances Emery gave a very Bright Little essay which Savoured her personality in every line. Beginning with the formation the Earth she traced the origin and growth the Mountain As if a child the human race using the first person throughout. She told the trials and tribulations its Early Days How it was called Green be. Cause its freshness and Beauty and spoke the Lovely Lake at its foot giving a pretty Story How the name Quot Eagle Quot had been obtained. She also told the coming the French the first settlement at Somes sound and the growth bar Harbor in which we Are All so interested. The history and prophecy were Given by Carl Cleaves who treated both subjects in a very characteristic manner. He said when first Given the subject which was soon destined to be in everyone s ear it was a mystery How he could find time to develop it wha with foot Ball base Ball Basket Ball school gymnasium practice choir rehearsal Etc. But he finally found a Way put the Dif Mculty and then presented the class annals in a very entertaining Way. In the prophecy he said he had received much help from Madame Frances a noted Fortune Teller who boarded at his Home last summer. She left him a magic Globe which he proceeded to uncover. Upon polishing the top it glowed with a Bright Light and upon ii were the pictures his climates in their future life. The class hits were All remarkably Good and caused much laughter and applause. Quot the truly great Man Quot was the a subject miss Marjorie Alley s essay. She said that while every Young citizen could not. Be president the United states he could at least be a Man. She mentioned the names several men who had made their Mark calling attention to the Quali theft to at had made them great. Great men and women she said Are to be found in every cd Unity and in the daily walks life As Well As connected with the great epochs the world s history. Some Good rules for Young men to follow were Given with the advice that if they did their duty they would do something worthy being remembered. Edward Linscott had prepared a very interesting speech upon the subject Quot self control Quot he spoke it As one the chief distinctive Marks Between Man and beast. There is need constant watchfulness because loss self Conti is caused by a very Small thing. Almost All great men have possessed the Power self control to a marked decree. He also spoke various ways in which self control May be exercised. Miss Rosa Richards was valedictorian and in addition had an essay upon Quot life s the graduation from the intermediate school was the first Milestone in the history her class and now their evea were fixed the Milestone at the end the High school. The years ahead had no terrors for them because the far me who has his ground Well tilled his crop Well planted and watered does not fear for the Harvest. She spoke several people whose lives bad become mile stones from their courage and the Good they had done. Among them were Clara Barton and Frances Willard whose lives she gave interesting sketches. In closing she addressed superintendent Heald said Farewell to teachers and schoolmates and said to her classmates that she hoped they would always be True to their colors. The music during the evening was Gre try enjoyed and consisted three selections by a quartet composed messes. Cleaves Mehan Kidder and Whitmore Aad a piano duet by miss Guptill and . Rumsey. The diplomas were presented by . Heald superintendent schools. Or. Heald said that the intrinsic value the diplomas was Little if thrown into to waste Basket they represented Only a few cents but it was what they represented that gave them value. In that they Are like the Star and the Garter the decorations for which knights have fought and bled. Standing As the class did connected with the past by memory with the ,.iiy Hope and expectation he wished to offer them some advice. Have respect for any kind labor strive for insight rather than information not for the fact but for the meaning the fact. Enclosing he gave his congratulations upon the graduation. And Well they deserved congratulation both teachers and members the class. The essays All showed care and thought in preparation and were delivered with Clear annunciation and emphasis which Brou Glit out i hair proper meaning. Most the inc ers the class will enter the his in the b. Mears cottages for rent for bar Harbor Maine. Pleasure. Even the showers tuesday i did not Dampen the Arddra he fraternities though they moistened the garments the guests As they went from chapter House to chapter House through the Campus. The Hancock county boys were in evidence the receiving committee at these receptions. The festivities ended with a Ball at the gymnasium wednesday evening where Sisters were swapped about till their Heads were turned showered with compliments for themselves As Well As their Brothers and Given the time their lives. Shall be continue the Hergarten kin to the a Tsidonis 0/bar Harbor. The bar Harbor kindergarten association announces that the summer kindergarten session will commence july first under the direction miss Laura Blair assisted by miss Hawley. It will be a great pleasure to Welcome miss Blair Back to bar Hart air As she was the director the kindergarten during the first three Winters its organisation. The annual meeting the association takes place july 2nd and a Large attendance those interested in its welfare is hoped for As the matter the continuance the kindergarten in bar Harbor must then be decided. The attendance at the kindergarten has not been such this past Winter As to justify its continuance unless forty eight children Are promised before at the annual meeting. Miss Alice Eastman Well known to the bar Harbor residents has consented to take the directorship next Winter if the association decides continue the Kir Hergarten. An expression opinion asked a to whether it would be Weh open the kindergarten m sept irber s usual but to omit the months Uteta ber and january february and Ilitch Anne Pierrepont la Quick an open letter the labor unions reply to the Btty do id Assod Atlon. By Luther Leach Secretary builders association bar Hathor my dear sir we believe that we Are at the preset t time facing a problem which seems impossible to Settle Between the Liu Ilder association and the labor unions which unless settled at once must necessarily cause difficulty Between the two Partie which would be disastrous to the building interest the place at the presen time and which we Are desirous to prevent. In your circular letter to the press and Public you admit you Are willing to con cede the eight hour Day but that other matters a More serious nature Are a stake and Appeal to the business men and non residents to assist you to fight the issues. Now we ask you Why not sub these other issues to the Public for Aib traction ? we Are willing to abide by this decision whether for against our close trusting you will arrange this at once we retrain respectfully yours. Per order trades unions Eik Jene Brann mount desert . My Lbw. hard Wood Lowell ground Bonefort lawns and crass lands. Wood ashes Good Quality contain the greater part the essential elements Plant food in their Best form and in Large Quantity besides increasing markedly the Luoi Sture hol Diing capacity soils. Valuable when used alone they form with Bone meal a Complete and excellent mature tor lawns and grass lands which besides the Rich growth it gives bus the great advantages being wholly tree hmm Weed seeds easily a applied and free my often live odor. Our Wood Ashe Are unleashed Thor Niy Friy a ctr end and the Best to be obtained. Lvii it iii ii i i Lii Filion. Leave u. Of m. Five Hancock county boys become alumni. Five our Hancock co my ads were graduated from the University Mainc last week and took a Happy and sorrowful Farewell their Alma mater. All five acquitted themselves with credit but some were special honors bestowed. Fred Collins bar Harbor one the most Brilliant members the class was prominent in the class Day exercises having been chosen class orator and covering himself with glory in the execution his part. He served the executive committee and was class treasurer. The i f Ord Speaks for All bar Harbor when it extends congratulations to Collins. Paul Dyer Simpson Sullivan was made president his class and a member the executive committee. His name was one the eight that appeared the commencement program and his theme the making an Engineer was Replete with originality and Well delivered Simpson was also in the list seven the students to whom general honors were Given. He was consequently made a member that alumni society to which Only those receiving honors Are eligible the Phi Kappa Phi. At the dinner which Foi towed the commencement exercises Simpson was called upon by the Toast master Hon. W. T. Haines sex attorney general to respond to the Toast the class Nineteen naught three which he did in a Bright speech that was enthusiastically received. The other. Hancock county boys take degrees were Shrley Preston Graves Northeast Harbor Leroy Brown Crabtree Hancock and Isaac Treworgy Surry All boys that Tach town and the whole county May Well be proud . Each these entertained some members his family during commencement week. Mrs. Frank Collins went up from bar Harbor mrs. Benjamin Graves from Northeast Harbor and her sister miss Caddie Blaisdell from Franklin were there to see their son and Nephew take his degree. Or. Tre Woi and . Crabtree entertained their parents while Simpson had in Addison to father and Mother Sisters cousins and aunts to see him through. The Whsle week was one unalloyed the office and greenhouses ate upon Schooner Hycz it Road and have Telephone Bros importers. Wholesalers. Retailers. Maruss Ami carpets every description size and Price. We have opened our store for the summer with a larger and better Stock than in former years. We sell the choicest Oriental rugs and carpets and furnish cottages hotels and yachts at wholesale prices. Main Street bar York 376 fifth ave., one Block above , o., 270 Euclid ave. _ West end Long Branch n. J. Contractor and builder shop cottage st. Bar Harbor in cottage a Tobbi Nir a. Isle Olally. George l. Stebbin % cottages for rent. A building lots see i Liti Tiu Fer six floss. Seal Harbor me., and 108 produce exo Hanns a a i

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